Friday, July 23, 2021

Dr. Bryan Stands up For Docs

 A frustrated former Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees for the Mississippi Medical Association vented her spleen about the Covid-19 fight.  Dr. Jennifer Bryan posted on Facebook:

Haven’t posted one of these in awhile but staring the Delta variant of COVID-19 in the face, and watching my colleagues be smeared has led me to write again this morning. Thanks for reading on to hear some of the frustration and pain in medicine these days. 
The “heroes” are tired. Public health laws have been in existence since the 1700s, and this is not a personal liberty argument no matter how much the television tells us it is. Our healthcare system is once again facing the reality that we cannot take care of all the sick people and moreover we are all now physically exhausted and mentally drained with the rhetoric and the undermining of science. The vaccines are SAFE, effective, free and widely available. Period. If you really want to freak yourself out, read the list of anything that can happen when you take ANY prescription you pick up at the pharmacy. There is a small risk in all we do! Fly, drive, get struck by lightning, etc. 
The argument is really between what is a reasonable risk and what is an unacceptable risk like when others walk around with a virus that kills people and they breathe all over other vulnerable people who then potentially go and die. As physicians, we wear surgical masks for literally hours on end in the operating room. All of us have done this in our training. They do not hurt you. They are an inconvenience to some to save the lives of others. Are we really this spoiled that we shake our hands at the sky over this and DEMAND our rights for our kids to go unmasked? There is no mandate but no one has to make me send my kids to school masked this year. That’s my JOB as their MOM to keep them safe from harm. 
People are quitting healthcare due to how crazy all of this is. As physicians we have taken care of your family and advised you how to keep them safe for many years. What’s different now? People want to enjoy our right to make others sick?? Limited government is not NO government. We also have speed limits, food safety laws, infectious disease laws. We have streets, roads, schools, law enforcement etc. 
People are hateful to our clinical staffs these days, to us, make fun of physicians and demonize an amazing and highly intelligent physician, Dr. Dobbs. Honestly, a lot of us are just over it. We’ve seen more death and dying and long term effects than we ever should have. We miss our families and our normal too. It is our daily existence now, and we don’t even know how to feel about all of the animosity or lack of trust in our expertise. We don’t understand how the people let a virus become politicized to them, but especially we don’t know HOW we will get through another surge of taking care of all the sick with so many believing we do not understand the basics of medicine or that we are power or money hungry, unethical people and not medical experts. 
This is about protecting yourself and your family from a global plague. It’s also about not taking physicians, nurses and healthcare workers for granted. We know exactly what we speak of. Honestly I wish it was just about “you” and personal liberties. That would be so easy for everyone. You do you, and I’ll do me. That’s just not it though and the whole reason for the existence of public health officials. The people “you” are killing and who “you” are endangering is who “we’re” most focused on and the children who are staring a deadly foe in the face with no armor on. They deserve the right to live freely in a world not threatening their daily lives with the virus “you” spread. 
Make sure you get your medical information from trusted sources and above all else, please stop the spread of disinformation and disrespect. I personally have a four year degree in microbiology followed by intense study of same throughout medical school and residency for a decade. Following that, I have been chasing viruses and bacteria in my family practice for 15 years now. You may have an opinion, but physicians can bring you straight facts and have been from the beginning. 
Medical disinformation is more deadly than COVID itself which we could easily get a handle on through vaccines. If not for you, do it for the kids, and let’s get our acts together. While we argue and fuss, the virus spreads.
Kingfish note: Dr. Bryan, I understand where you are coming from but frankly, Mississippi healthcare jobs have performed abysmally when it comes to telling the public how to fight the Covid-19 virus.  We are 18 months into this pandemic.  We know the virus loves the obese.  Look at the deaths in Mississippi. 77% of the Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi have obesity and its related conditions (diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease) as underlying conditions.  Yet there has been no public campaign at all to tell people to lose weight and improve their diets if they want to prevent an infection or have milder symptoms.  I asked Dr. Dobbs last year why the state didn't have a public campaign to fight obesity during the pandemic.  Dr. Dobbs said it would take too long.  Um, we are 18 months into this pandemic? Is 18 months long enough for such a campaign? 

Studies show 80% of Covid-19 patients are deficient in Vitamin D yet Dr. Dobbs, Governor Reeves, and the State Medical Association (yes, you, Dr. Bryan) have done virtually nothing instead of telling Mississippians how to improve their immune systems to fight Covid-19.  There are other supplements such as Zinc and Vitamin C that can boost the immune system as well.  One of the follies of their shutdowns last year was the prohibition against outdoor activity (Right, Chokwe?).   Sunlight stimulates Vitamin D production yet the medical and political geniuses told us to avoid activities that would do what? Strengthen our immune systems. 

If Dr. Bryan and her crew want to help instead of blame, perhaps they should start telling the public how to strengthen their immune systems and diets so they can make Covid-19 just another bug.  What Mississippi needs is a public campaign that promotes improving our bodies so we can avoid a Covid-19 visit to the hospital. 

Having written all that, this knucklehead will agree with most of what Dr. Bryan wrote.  I got the vaccine in January and there have been no problems but then again, my DNA is already toxic. Some people have problems with the vaccine but that is true for every vaccine.  I take Vitamin D and Zinc every day as well as eating oranges.  In other words, I've done my part to try to avoid going to the hospital if I get this Wuhan bug.  

As for what Dr. Dobbs said last week, he lost his temper and apologized for it.  It's not as if there's a pattern of such statements. 

Note about commenting: Ok clowns.  I've been letting it ride on the covid comments but y'all have gotten way out of hand lately.  No more freedumbs, covidiots, or just plain insults.  Deal with the subject of the post.  Refute it all day long.  You can even call a policy or statement dumb. 



Anonymous said...

How does Univ.. med center rank among teaching hospitals nationally?

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to let go of the ideas, arguments, and recriminations of last year (which was not-coincidentally a campaign year in a toxic election cycle), and face what is currently in front of us, which is the Delta variant of COVID.

This is a new threat, and calls for new thinking by the public. Would we rather be right, or healthy? For many I think the choice is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Bryant. I'm sure you're a lone voice in the wilderness but many of us do hear you and agree with you.

To the naysayers - go do whatever you want. The rest of us who are smart enough to be vaccinated and to wear masks are going to do exactly what we did last year. We are not going to eat in your restaurants, visit your bars or sporting or social events, and YOU are going to suffer financially because YOU won't take responsibility for YOUR actions.

I doubt there will be yet another round of stimulus checks, but if there is, I hope that THIS TIME, the government will vet who should be recipients. People living on social security and retirement funds who never lost a penny due to Covid should NOT receive any more money.

Anonymous said...

Just diagnosed with covid today. I got the shot and it even put me in the bed for two days afterwards. I’m symptomatic. The vaccine did not stop me from getting the virus.

All of that said, my doctor told me today that there have been a lot of breakthrough cases locally, but on the whole those vaccinated are experiencing milder symptoms (or none at all). Here’s hoping I’m in the group. Right now it’s just a head cold. I was prescribed Zyrtec, Pepcid, a z pack, and a bunch on vitamins.

I take issue with the CDC telling us that if you’re vaccinated you do not have to quarantine if you come in close contact. Yes, you should and I’m exhibit A. But politically they can’t say that because the masses will say what’s the point of the vaccine if I still have to quarantine and I can still get the virus?

The answer is hopefully you don’t have to go to the hospital and/or die. But you’ll never hear the good doctor here, the government, the vaccine manufacturers or experts admit that publicly.

Anonymous said...

I have very little respect for doctors who do not push their patients to lose weight via nutrition and exercise. Obesity and it's related conditions are preventable for the vast majority of people. At 18 months in, there's been plenty of time to lose weight. God forbid we ask anyone to take personal responsibility for their own health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But the prevention doesn't make the pharmaceutical industry or the health care field any money :)

As someone who lives a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a diet of mostly whole foods, I resent being told that I'm responsible for others' health who don't do the same. Why is it okay to shame people for choosing not to get a vaccine (or wear a mask) because their risk is lower but not okay to tell the people who line up at Hamil's like it's a feeding trough that they need to take better care of themselves? Oh right. It's "fat shaming" and not PC.

Anonymous said...

Go run rabbits Dr Bryan, no dont do that! You might catch Tuluremia….

Anonymous said...

Remember when Sigmund and the PRVWSD "Police" posted that Easter picture while saying we cant access the Reservoir? That was rich. They wont do that again. People have learned by now their liberties trump those roided up guys who cant work for a real police dept.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sure. Why would I believe a doctor when my QANON facebook friends tell me I'll be magnetized?

You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

To blogger comment: Yeah, because literally all the mentally competent human beings on the planet aren’t already 1000% inherently aware that being obese makes every single medical condition harder to treat.

Anonymous said...

Current vaccines have lost the race for THE VARIANTS that will keep mutating. Man made and now of the leash. Are some of you to sheep blind to see this ?

Anonymous said...

Those happy healthy Mississippi jingle commercials are totally ineffective? Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - No matter how much “campaigning” and spending money is done to get Mississippians to lose weight, it ain’t gonna happen. There is nothing else to do in this shit hole state besides eat and be ignorant. Neither one of those problems are going to be solved by politicians or public health officials. So, it’s much more effective and cost efficient to promote the “easy way” out of this: just go get the damn shot. You’ll be able to keep eating your shit diet and continue being ignorant, but at least you won’t infect others or create another variant. You’ll die of heart disease and/or cancer due to your poor diet, but at least those aren’t contagious.

Anonymous said...

@Kingfish- Thank you for standing up on the subject of diet and health.

It's bizarre to me that everyone is a expert (professionals and common folks) about a vaccine, but cannot even comprehend why they are at risk to this virus (almost every single disease plaguing MS is consumption related.)

I wish more people understood that doctors typically study very, very little about nutrition while in medical school and that we shouldn't depend solely on our doctors' opinions. Their working dietary advice comes from large associations (American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, etc.) funded by the corporations producing the very foods killing people. When I hear a fat and/or sick person claim they are following their doctors advice and I can visibly see that after years they are still fat and sick and taking Rx drugs, I just shake my head. Is it really so hard to educate yourself? Is it really so hard to realize doctors are just people and they are not always right?

I had a FB friend share a post written by a close friend of hers (a virologist/expert) rallying for the vaccine. As soon as he stated "I haven't heard of a single person that has died from the vaccine," he lost me. Dude... READ! READ! READ! There are documented cases of people dying from the vaccine. How can medical professionals take themselves seriously when they spend so much time with their heads stuck in the sand?

For the record, over a dozen people I know personally in the state of MS that were diagnosed with COVID in the last two weeks were fully vaccinated. Everyone I talk to says the same thing. It's hard to continue to push a vaccine on people when the only people we know getting sick are the vaccinated.

We don’t understand how the people let a virus become politicized to them, but especially we don’t know HOW we will get through another surge of taking care of all the sick with so many believing we do not understand the basics of medicine or that we are power or money hungry, unethical people and not medical experts.

... "people let a virus become politicized?" Lady, please. Are you even serious? This LAB-CREATED virus is political in nature by its very creation. Your demigod FAUCI is a snake who knows the truth and is trying to play the hero in his own stage drama. I am sorry you are tired. If medical professionals had stood up to the powers dictating how you could and could not treat people in the beginning, less people would likely have died. Money hungry? LOL!!

Whether you like it or not, the distrust is warranted. Whether you want to admit it or not, your state is the sickest and most pathetic when it comes to health and nutrition in the nation, and you will lose MANY MORE patients to food-related diseases over your career than you will ever lose solely due to COVID.

Anonymous said...

vaccines work but don’t protect you from inhaling and expelling covid19 viruses.

i agree that any physician worth their salt tells obese people to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

@1:08pm - A vaccine doesn’t prevent a diagnosis. It prevents the virus from overwhelming your immune system. Therefore, vaccinated people can and will be infected. It has nothing to do with the vaccine’s efficacy. It’s unfortunate how many people are ignorant of this, and the ones pushing the anti-vaccine narrative know this (and are cashing in on this ignorance).

And yes, your last paragraph is correct, so what? You can’t infect me with your fatness.

Anonymous said...


If people didn’t listen when they were told they should take the five minutes to go get a shot, then why would they listen to the exact same people telling them to make the life changes necessary to lose weight or to diligently take supplements to enhance their immune system. The vaccine deniers don’t give a damn about what Dr. Dobbs says. Why would that change if the message were changed to lose weight.

And literally every one knows that obesity isn’t healthy, although I’m sure the fake news peddlers would love to make that a political issue as well. I’m not sure a public relations campaign or whatever you’re advocating would move the needle much.

I get that breakthrough cases exist, but the benefit of the vaccine is that your chances of catching the virus in the first place goes down (even if it’s not a zero percent chance), and if you do catch the virus, the potential you will end up with a bank busting bill from the hospital becomes minimal. Much more importantly, your chances of getting someone else sick (possibly killed) drops significantly since vaccinated people appear to be less contagious if they catch covid. Taking the five minutes to take the shot gives you all those benefits. Devoting the same five minutes to diet or exercise does not.

Anonymous said...

@1:20p- I am fully aware that this vaccine doesn’t prevent the virus. I’m not completely sold on its effectiveness against symptoms, since every vaccinated person I know that now has COVID has symptoms. Oh, but they’re milder you say… how do you know? How do you know these people would have tolerated COVID any differently without a vaccine? Most disease-free people are asymptomatic or display mild symptoms anyway. That’s exactly what happened to me when I had COVID. How am I “cashing in” on these facts?

I’m glad your true colors are showing. The well-being of people is of no concern to you, so long as it’s not contagious? If you’re not fat and unhealthy, what are you so worried about? Have you studied the effects of COVID on relatively healthy people? Do you even realize your risks, assuming your not fat and diseased, are beyond minuscule??

Anonymous said...

@1:34p- That sounds noble and all, but what about the people who develop issues or die from the actual vaccine? What about the women who become sterile from the vaccine? What about those who developed blood clots? What about those with severe allergic reactions that trigger other issues they’ll deal with for the rest of their lives? What about all the unknowns we face with a rushed vaccine because the public is acting as what would traditionally be clinical trials? I bet they’d like those “5 minutes” back…

Anonymous said...

KF - you are short sighted, to say the least, if you think a "campaign" telling people to lose weight, eat well, and exercise is going to have any impact in Mississippi in the short run or the long run. Obesity and its related maladies have been responsible most of the deaths each year in Mississippi for decades. As a general rule, poor, uneducated people do not eat well and do not exercise. The solution for obesity is not found in public service commercials imploring people to eat less.

Anonymous said...

So, am I supposed to ignore world leading virologists that say that these mRNA therapies (they are not vaccines) are great for the elderly but will create more harm as we force them onto the healthy? 400k of the 480k deaths in the US claimed to be from Covid19 were of people 65yo or older and a large percentage of them were in long term care facilities.

Using mRNA therapy on healthy, young individuals is going to keep Covid variants around indefinitely because no area can reach herd immunity due to these therapies. More virulent copies of the virus will mutate and defeat the monoclonal antibodies created by the mRNA therapies. Boosters will be required and will have to updated frequently and will become hit or miss like the influenza vaccines. There was and understanding at one point during the pandemic that herd immunity was desirable and isolation and quarantine to slow the spread was to help hospitals cope with overloads. Now “science” is ignoring this firm understanding of pandemic viruses and is rushing towards worse and worse versions. The downright lies dismissing Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as appropriate and effective treatments last year underscores the general mistrust that intelligent individuals have with regards to the politicized “science” such that is noted in this post.

mRNA therapies are not vaccines and the number of negative events associated with their use is too high compared to anything else we, as humans, have implemented, ever. If they were dog food, they would be removed from use long ago just due to the number of adverse events associated with their use. Lastly, true vaccines are getting ready for the market that are likely not to diminish our quest for herd immunity. Healthy individuals who develop natural immunities should be applauded, much less discussed, but they, along with unhealthy individuals who receive a true vaccine that we do not have yet is the path out of this pandemic.

Anonymous said...

@1:39pm - 1:20pm here. First of all: *you’re

I care about other people that care about others and themselves. Obesity is a choice, for the most part. Covid is not a choice at this point, you will be exposed. And fat people know that being fat is unhealthy. Most of them don’t care. They have the freedom to be fat and unhealthy. There’s many fat people in my family that I care about, and there’s nothing I can say or do to stop them from going to Barry’s buffet. They will live shorter lives because of it. However, what they won’t do is cause me to be infected by their choice to be fat.

And let me add my anecdotal experience since you seem to base you our knowledge of the subject on your experience with Covid and the “dozen people you know in Mississippi.” - My spouse chose to be like you and not get the vaccine when it was available. I chose to get the vaccine in March (Pfizer). My spouse had a bad case of Covid for two weeks, and the first week we slept in the same bed together. I was exposed for days, yet I did not experience any symptoms. I took multiple rapid tests and PCR tests over the course of those two weeks and they were all negative. I was not knowingly exposed to Covid any time prior to this. Because of the vaccine, my body was able to quickly deal with the virus when it was encountered, well enough so that it could not be picked up on a PCR test.

Add this to your “dozens of people you know in Mississippi” anecdotes.

I’m sure the 4,000,000+ people around the world that have died care about your experience.

Go get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

Masks are very, very effective against the spread of Covid. In fact, the efficacy is so great that the CDC - yes the CDC - published a study of mask mandates in March that proved that efficacy. Masks reduce CASES by a whopping 1.8%. Wow.

"During March 1–December 31, 2020, state-issued mask mandates applied in 2,313 (73.6%) of the 3,142 U.S. counties. Mask mandates were associated with a 0.5 percentage point decrease (p = 0.02) in daily COVID-19 case growth rates 1–20 days after implementation and decreases of 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8 percentage points 21–40, 41–60, 61–80, and 81–100 days, respectively, after implementation (p<0.01 for all) (Table 1) (Figure)."

No idea what the vaccines were even created for with such an effective, cheap tool widely available.

Anonymous said...

Three Jackson MDs informed me back in '02 , two while I was in a hospital bed, that their insurance companies informed them that they would no longer be able to treat me because I had been involved in pharmaceutical litigation...pharmaceutical litigation that resulted in massive nationwide settlements due to lying, hiding injuries and damages, all from their own internal documents. Any of you guys remember that period? Grant dependent research universities and hospitals are THE worst. Those with the dolla candy call all the shots. Period. Sadly, that's just the way this world works folks. I havent forgotten this and never will. My "vaccine hesitancy"...pharma earned it. Let's just hope "past performance is no guarantee of future results, not something I have to worry about at this particular time.

Anonymous said...

“Honestly, a lot of us are just over it.”

Dr Bryan then goes on for another four paragraphs unloading on anyone that disagrees with her. So, apparently she’s NOT “over it”.

If you got the vaccination (as I have) then great. If not, then you may be at (a probably very, very low) risk of getting and having to battle this virus. I do t see the problem here.

I was told that if I got the vaccine then no more masks would be needed. I got the shots and not I won’t wear a mask. It’s that simple.

If you are fat, diabetic, have COPD, well you better get the vaccine.

Do your job Dr Bryan, just like cashiers, waiters, cops, EMS and others have done. You get paid very well and I am sure you do a great job, but your public complaining is cringeworthy.

Krusatyr said...

I dodge 300 and 400 pound people at grocery stores without feeling hate or pity. Just wish they knew that healthy food can taste great, can be prepared in a healthful way and wish they benefitted from a nutrition/physique conscience.

I got that mind-set growing up, so I don't struggle as much as those who were taught slothful, sedentary, junk food habits.

Exercise takes a minimal but daily commitment. A little bit of a physical home work-out every day and occasional running in the park will deliver a decent BMI without a gym or spin class.

Nutrition, exercise, less social contact and a couple shots of the Pfizer vaccine have kept me virus free.

Anonymous said...

Underneath all the ranting and raving, I keep hearing that unstated belief, so common among victims: "It won't happen to me."

Anonymous said...

Fat people are only one category of people vulnerable to Covid. Smokers are another category.

Yet another category includes people with auto-immune diseases, compromised immune systems, and other medical problems that make them vulnerable to Covid. Those syndromes and diseases are often inherited. People who have them are blameless for their Covid vulnerability, unlike the obese and the smokers. But I guess you don't care about them, either. Some of the posters here sound like they love eugenics.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bryan and the medical establishment in the state did huge damage to their credibility by fighting medical marijuana tooth and nail, despite its overwhelming popularity.

Anonymous said...

232, how about we treat grown adults like grown adult and tell them the ugly truth some times? Obesity will kill you with or without Covid. Losing weight improves outcomes either way.

Instead we bullied healthy people down an odd path last year.

Anonymous said...

Well, time will tell on the safety of the vaccines/gene therapies or what you wish to call it. However, with the many vaccines out there globally(Sputnik, Astra-Zeneca, Chinese.., keep in mind how the use of antibiotics has led to antibiotic resistant bacteria. I doubt viruses are that different in that respect, so it will be a continuous game of cat and mouse.

Everyone stay safe as possible.

Anonymous said...

“Two weeks to flatten the curve….”

Anonymous said...

2:12, I won’t deny that there may have been some exceedingly isolated instances of vaccine-related deaths or complications.

However, for the last year and a half, I sat here and watched half of the people on here crowing about how good they felt about their 99 percent chances of surviving COVID (as if those are odds you’re supposed to feel good about). If you like those 99 percent odds of survival, then imagine how much you would like the immensely better odds of surviving the vaccine (without a hospital bill and without infecting others). The two odds are incredibly far from each other.

And, as for the concerns about the “unknowns,” I would love to know the last time the average person raising that argument ate fast food, or any other processed food, the last time they used chemicals, such as round up, in or around their house, etc. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people making that same argument smoke.

Personally, I think at least some of these people drumming up excuses (notice, I did not say all or most) are doing this in some poorly executed attempt to “own the libs.” Unfortunately, you could be killing someone else in the process.

Anonymous said...

Still say this shit will go on until at least 2024/25 in one form or another. So much for the live forever shots they sold to many.

Anonymous said...

The reason obesity and a healthy lifestyle isnt pushed by more physicans is two-fold. One is a lot of physicians are unhealthy themselves. Another is Obesity and the diseases and health issues that come with it are cash cows for hospitals and clinics. If they were to tell you the truth, they would lose a lot of revenue if the majority of Mississippi lived an active/healthy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

@2:41p- Sigh... you do realize your personal experience does not create an absolute truth... right?? Besides the fact that I know more than a dozen people (those were just the positive cases in the last two weeks, and I CLEARLY stated that), I know MULTIPLE couples that have experienced EXACTLY what you just described. One partner, obviously exposed, never "tests" positive or shows symptoms, while the other tests positive with symptoms. I saw this occur multiple times WELL BEFORE any emergency vaccine was available. This even happened multiple times within my own extended family.

@3:36p, 2:12p here- I eat a mostly plant-based diet and refrain from inserting any chemicals into my body. Who still uses Roundup?? LOL! I don't eat fast food and I don't smoke or drink. AND, I don't want an emergency vaccine when I've already had COVID and had no problems. I don't care about owning libs... I don't care for either party. And, I'm not "killing" anyone protecting myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "own the libs" theory. That's the only way the grass-roots troll farm makes any sense to me. Unless there are actually paid trolls pushing the narrative. In that case, I guess everyone needs to make a living, however slimy.

Anonymous said...

Don’t keep dwelling on this COVID! Tell them to don’t take it and they will do the opposite!

This is America, you can’t make a person do anything regarding their health and well being. Again, I’m vaccinated!!!

Anonymous said...

I get my health care and financial advice from social media. I dont like to read or study. Thats probably why I got a D in high school cemistry

Anonymous said...

"That's probably why I got a D in high school chemistry" Just remember D is in degree.

Anonymous said...

I feel certain none of the people making comments are obese.

Anonymous said...

"How does Univ.. med center rank among teaching hospitals nationally?"

Looks like no one answer this, so I will. The last time I looked (about 4 years ago), UMMC was rated around #163, out of 163 med schools in the country.

Anonymous said...

Please google “ Geert vanden Bossche” - virologist


“Luc Montagnier” - nobel prize winning virologist

Anonymous said...

If only we had spent some of that time and money we spent developing a vaccine on gym memberships, tanning beds, and Weight Watchers for everybody instead! Was going to eat healthier and exercise, but Dr. Dobbs never told me to so here I am 18 months later without a clue. I don’t want the government telling me to put something in my body!!! But that only applies if it is something that is injected and is proven to work. I’m just fine, though, if they tell me what to eat and when to exercise outdoors, and will follow their advice on that without any hesitation. I’m 18 months behind thanks to Dr. Dobbs but I’ll get started now. I might end up in the morgue from a preventable disease, but I’ll be the skinniest, tannest, sumbitch in there and they won’t be able to track me anymore either!

Geeez, Kingfish. How you read what she said and came up with that take as a rebuttal is beyond me. Every syllable of what she wrote is true and beyond criticism. Period. Hard stop. No absurd hot take required thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Close to 50,000 deaths from the vaccines alone, in the US. 50,000. Based on the CDCs own numbers, of which they just got cold busted trying to delete.
You doctors and that quack Dobbs should be reporting that.

Anonymous said...

Of course those like Dobbs aren't calling out the obese, because note how many that are wearing scrubs are overweight. Nature is taking its course via survival of the fittest.

Anonymous said...

The nurse practitioners are the one's on the front line and who we should be thanking.
Too many doctors are hiding at their homes doing tele-health while dogging nurses on the front line. Pathetic

Anonymous said...

6:44, If you have a citation for the figures in your comment, please post it. That sound like important information.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bryan, re your point “We don’t understand how the people let a virus become politicized to them.”

The answer is evil leftism Dr. Bryan. And people are sick and F’ing tired of it. While there are many, just one example would include the innocent Black children that are dying from stray bullets, sometimes while doing nothing but living inside of their own homes; and except for the family, nobody else, literally nobody else, including the medical community, gives a flying F___ about these innocent Black lives - while BLM and Democrats turn thugs resisting arrest into their martyrs. It is insane! So again, evil leftism i.e. today’s Democrat party is why everything is so “politicized.”

Thank you so much for your post. I believe in and have worn masks from the start of the pandemic last year and have decided to start wearing a mask again due to this delta variant. Knowing for certain that absolutely nothing anyone in government says can be trusted, I have been against being vaccinated until the last few days. This delta variant is causing me to move towards being vaccinated and if I do decide to do so, your post will be factor in my decision.

Micah Gober said...

This is what happens when a pandemic is made into a political game.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you are a plumber listening to a bunch of attorneys arguing about whether shit runs uphill or sideways, or an attorney listening to a bunch of plumbers arguing that, "A judge can't do that!" versus "Yes, they can because they are all crooks!" Well, now imagine you are a doctor, "scientist," viral researcher, etc. and see all the completely wrong, uninformed nonsense that people actually write, say, and think, even anonymously. This is shaping up to be a really bad situation, at least equal to last winter and early spring, and a damned good chance there will be at least one or two "variants" (mutations) after Delta.

Also, keep in mind that no vaccines are "instant immunity" and none are treatments for COVID. It takes a couple of weeks or so after either the single dose or the second dose of the two shot vaccines to reach the full level of immunity and you will have no appreciable immunity for at least a few days after the first shot (one or two shots). If you wish the more-effective two-shot vaccines, you are about 5-6 weeks away from max immunity. If you are on the fence about it, the best time was a month ago and the next best time is today. If you are determined not to get vaccinated, there really isn't anything to say except good luck, you'll need all you can get.

Anonymous said...

I see why 95% of the people at the grocery store were maskless.
Google how may people died from the vaccine before you believe some of the stuff you read on hear and anything else someone says, facts are easy to verify.

Anonymous said...

I Googled “COVID deaths” and here is what I found:

More than 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.,COVID%2D19%20vaccine.

-8:00 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Arguing with people who have already politicized vaccines is pointless.

It gives special pleasure to the uneducated to “own the libs” by declaring they won’t take a vaccine.

It’s comical to watch in a way….then you see them again in the ER and you feel bad for them….because they were easily conned by their “side” but the stakes were higher than they were able to calculate. Then they want a vaccine and it’s too late. Most live but have horrible side effects and some die miserable deaths.

Now you see the puppet masters begging for the ones they duped to take a vaccine…..R governors and senators and talk radio hosts…..I guess the puppet masters realized….they are killing / maiming their listeners.

You can’t make this up….you just can’t

Anonymous said...

Thank you @10:42.

Anonymous said...

@7:41 that’s hilarious. The front lines are the hospitals. Telemedicine is rarely utilized there and there sure isn’t any NPs wondering around. They are too busy giving anything with a pulse rocephin and decadron at an urgent care.

Anonymous said...

I was meeting a friend at a local take-out deli yesterday (I had already eaten my tomato sandwich at home) and he was about 30 minutes late; so I just sat in a vacant chair at the deli and watched a steady stream of folks buying fried chicken, potatoes with gravy, some greens, cornbread, etc. I'd say at least 80% of them were grossly overweight---most would easily go over 250 lbs and they were not very tall.

Only one thing will ever make Mississippians skinny again: Hard times. If/when the US dollar and the US economy tank, and the government can no longer "print" and buy votes with free money, folks will get hungry. Take a look at photos from the Great Depression era for example. You'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

one of the most ignorant anti-vax arguments i’ve heard is that “people back in the day didn’t get vaccines”

yeah. although technically true, they also died in their 30s which was considered having lived a full life…

Anonymous said...

I'm 67 years old. When I was growing up here, the only place I ever saw a morbidly obese person was at the freak show at the state fair billed as "the fat lady". Nowadays, I get to see many fat ladies, men and children at Walmart, riding scooters with 10 gallon buckets of ice cream in their cart. Viewing for free at Walmart! No need for the circus side show.

Anonymous said...

@12:17 #2 - re the stimulus, I’m with you except be 100% assured, no matter how many claiming to be conservative (i.e. claims to believe in free market conservatism) and how many claiming to be socialists (claiming they don’t want government helping millionaires and billionaires) tell you otherwise, the people living on social security and retirement funds receiving stimulus wasn’t the big sin/scam, the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) was.

The PPP (Payroll Protection Program) was likely the biggest single waste of government money over such a short period of time in the history of our country. While restaurants, landlords and other business suffered tremendously and faced financial ruin, companies with booming businesses, some with businesses booming due to Covid-19, had their payrolls made at tax payer/federal government debt/expense and are now banking those additional profits, buying land, luxury items including planes that cost millions, etc.

If the general public knew how many businesses owners were given 100’s of thousands and even millions of dollars that they did not need or deserve, the outrage would likely be equal to the outrage seen when the big banks that created the 2008 meltdown were bailed out by their bought and paid for congressional white collar thugs in Washington, DC.

And if anybody tells you what written above is not factual, tell them to put their money where their mouth is because business names that received 100’s of thousands of dollars and even got rich (millions) that they didn’t not need and deserve can easily be validated.

P.S. the fact that this is not being reported proves just how corrupt so-called journalism is today.

Anonymous said...

I snatched this quote from July 23, 2021 at 1:08 PM above:

"For the record, over a dozen people I know personally in the state of MS that were diagnosed with COVID in the last two weeks were fully vaccinated. Everyone I talk to says the same thing. It's hard to continue to push a vaccine on people when the only people we know getting sick are the vaccinated."

Meanwhile: All day long on the hour and half hour, Supertalk news tells us the great majority of those being diagnosed positive and ALL the deaths are people who HAVE NOT been vaccinated.

Somebody be lyin'...

Anonymous said...

@4:52..... Thanks doctor 🤣🤣🙄🙄🙄
It's all about y'all huh? Not the pharmacists, not the physician assistants, not the nurses, not the store clerks, not the Emergency response teams, juuuusssttt the docs. Lol... Get a grip on reality, doc

Anonymous said...

Some physicians are a little full of themselves, you think? Come down from that cloud... It's not all about you and the almighty ego

Anonymous said...

@8:58 is correct and although I am younger by a decade or so, it was pretty much the same way while I was growing up as the obese were in an extreme minority.

Look back at pics from the 70’s and it’s hard to find one with an obese person it.

But just like with cigarettes, Americans are extremely gullible and a large percentage of our population consists of consumption addicted tools.

After years of progress with tobacco watch cigarettes make a comeback as Hollywood/Netflix will take those cigarette company bribes then produce films that make smoking look cool.

No morals whatsoever.

Cadet said...

Thank you Doctor. If herd immunity through vaccines doesn’t remain our goal, then we are headed to the herd stupidity of th unvaccinated.

Anonymous said...

The NRA lobbied the GOP and won resulting in a fight to trash the CDC's efforts to delve into the national problem of gun violence/deaths. It's just all too obvious that the battle against vaccines and masks.

Anonymous said...

The pfizer and moderna vaccines do not provide immunity. They are not vaccines. Herd immunity is being negatively affected by the use of these in healthy individuals.

Anonymous said...

No, I'll tell you what's pointless: Arguing over 'how many have died from the vaccine', when there's no way in hell to know that. If medical folks cannot definitively know or report how many 'died from Wuhan' how could they know how many died from a vaccine?

How many Mississippians died last year after having eaten fried catfish and chicken within the previous six months? Most of them? All of them? None of them?

What to believe??? said...

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy here is that the general public feels that elected officials, journalists and even medical doctors are no longer reliable sources for accurate information.

But nobody wants to talk about that.

Whether that loss of trust is founded in rational, justifiable concern or unfounded paranoia...I'd argue the blame for this nightmare is probably shared by both political persuasions.

Anonymous said...

@9:06a- I do not have any reason to believe my family, friends, and acquaintances and their family, friends, and acquaintances would lie about being diagnosed with COVID after being vaccinated. HOWEVER, I do have reason to pause at ANY information from ANY media source. Data can be and is constantly manipulated to fit multiple agendas.

I'll stick with the data collected from the people in my network.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with information is that those with false information seem to be the ones most motivated to share it.

Anonymous said...

12:50, The link you provided contains the following information:

"Of Singapore's 1,096 locally transmitted infections in the last 28 days, 484, or about 44%, were in fully vaccinated people, while 30% were partially vaccinated and just over 25% were unvaccinated, Thursday's data showed.

"While seven cases of serious illness required oxygen, and another was in critical condition in intensive care, none of the eight had been fully vaccinated, the health ministry said. . . . all the fully vaccinated and infected people had shown no symptoms, or only mild ones."

"Singapore has already inoculated nearly 75% of its 5.7 million people, the world's second highest after the United Arab Emirates, a Reuters tracker shows, and half its population is fully vaccinated."

So Singapore, with 2.7 million more people than Mississippi, has 28-day case numbers numbers that are around 300 less than Mississippi's reported cases for yesterday. I'm not sure the point you were making by titling your comment "What to believe???"

Anonymous said...

Has UMMC hired back the 250 employees they laid off in May 2020? In 2018, MSDH annual CON report said MS had too many beds.... CON stands for certificate of need and all beds, equipment has to be approved by MSDH!! The MSDH has too much power over our healthcare. We need competition to make our hospitals better. In October 2020, MSDH sent letter threatening doctors to stick to approved protocol (vents and remdesivir) we want treatment to be between patients and our doctors. Senate bill 3049 gives immunity during the pandemic to state agencies and doctors/hospitals. This needs to repealed! Patients have a right to determine their own treatment.

Anonymous said...

As a physician, I constantly counsel obese patients to lose weight and all patients to avoid smoking and tobacco use, get regular physical exercise, moderate alcohol use and eat healthy. Falls on deaf ears, been doing it for more than 25 years! We consistently are amongst the leaders in obesity. What good is Dr Dobbs advising obese people to lose weight add to what we all know is unhealthy?
I am noting a big spike in cancer diagnosis this year from deferred and postponed care. Hospitals filling up again (needlessly, mostly with the unvaccinated) are again going to lead to cancellation of surgical procedures. Nurses have quit in droves, tired of all the stress. Yes, personal freedom but not at a cost to others.

Patiently Waiting said...

Still waiting on proof that anybody has 'died FROM the vaccine'? Died after taking it, perhaps. But, show us the proof, the evidence, that a vaccine caused death and is on a death certificate.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but the person, or persons, that caused this poor lady to work in the medical field should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Where are all the nurses going to work, that have quit, as the poster above claims? Did these mavens of mercy, called to serve humanity, suddenly realize they weren't called?

If we should heed this plea for support, why haven't we heeded the plea of the law enforcement community? There have been similar appeals from the law enforcement community, yet all across this great land there is a cry to defund the police. The animosity, by some, towards the law enforcement community is open, and encouraged by some "leaders".

It seems to be quite the double standard.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never seen a physician with a constant attention seeking need as I have with this woman. Who signs their Facebook posts with their title & positions held? I know many people with credentials, but they don’t have to remind everyone. We have mutual fb friends and one shares her posts. I’ve read her say 100 times how tired she is being on the front lines fighting this disease. She works in a clinic, NOT in a hospital caring for Covid patients. With age comes maturity, so let’s hope she finds humility and maturity soon. I was told she pouted because RCSD wouldn’t follow her recommendations, so she pulled her kids out. I have 2 in private schools and I did not appreciate her negative comments about how our leaders tried to give our kids as normal of a year as possible. I’ve never seen a family physician with such an attention seeking personality in my life.
She’s insulted the true heroes who treated those fighting for their lives while she treated colds, blood pressure issues, etc through telemedicine from home. Yes, she is chairman or this and that but like my physician friends say, they practice medicine without political or personal agendas.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Excerpt of email From MS Dept of Health:

I couldn’t get the font to increase when I tried to copy/poste. Unforunately, it was illegible. The email was a “High-Alert Notice”, signed by our state Epidemiologist.

Some points:
- The overwhelming majority of cases are Delta variant;
- The Delta variant is at least 4x more contagious than the initial outbreak, and more virulent.
- The overwhelming majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in MS are unvaccinated individuals of all ages.
- The MS Dept of Health is advising that MS clinicians consider advising a booster or 3rd dose of vaccine for certain high-risk groups with immunocompromising conditions.

For more detailed information on the "state of the State", "Google" MS Dept of Health Paul Byers, MD and his latest "Health Alert Notice". We live in interesting times.
The issue regarding obesity, well I'll have to comment after I get back from my 20-mile bike ride...

Anonymous said...

8:21 am We live in a time when misinformation on this virus and vaccine is delivered by Hannity ( who has zero credibility on anything medical) on national televison as well as people of Facebook who didn't even graduate from high school urging others not to vaccinate.

I appreciate knowing her credentials rather than having to seek them out myself. The source of information is key to credibility. And, I suspect she has more than you.

Would you like to share your educational and job experience background with us? It'd give me some hint of how well you are able to comprehend this issue.

Anonymous said...

@8:21 - I speak for many physicians and I (we) couldn't agree with you more. Becoming the laughing stock of the physician community

Anonymous said...

12:07, you may as well have signed your name on your reply. We all know who you are

Anonymous said...

I am truly blessed to be living at this time. It was an end of mankind event last year, with the pandemic. We liked that so much, we decided to do it again this year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@ 8:21 ,

I have said the exact same things as you. Most of what she says is correct, but good Lord, the ego.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Whenever Dr. Bryan starts on her bullhorn, since the pandemic began, you can be assured that she is speaking from home, or her safe room out in Rankin County, FAR from the dangers of having to face the hospital or clinic patients or staff. Some say, she has been an exemplary model of avoiding face-to-face contact with patients and even her staff. Hospital privileges??...nope she doesn't/hasn't had such in several years, no need for that as the Hospitalists manage that very well.
Her "pronouncements", whether regarding her opinions on medicine or about her neighborhood (a whole chapter on that awaits), are consistently met with rolling of eyes and "please, not again". But of course, those folks may be mis-interpreting her, because she's a woman in medicine, tying to be a mom/wife/neighborhood organizer/politician.
For those of us who have had to deal with her abrasive and almighty sense of self-importance, it is a lesson to remind oneself "patience is a virtue, this temporary storm shall pass".
Unfortunately, despite her affiliation first with CHA/Merit, then UMMC, now St Dom/FMOLHS, it appears she may have somehow failed to learn how to deal with others (especially physicians in specialties and not actively involved in the MSMA circles) despite many years of opportunities to show that she can learn to be diplomatic and respectful. She has had multiple opportunities and ample time to mature and find humility.
The message is essentially correct, but it appears to get lost in abrasive, egotistic, unyielding vernacular and "blast" emails or FB posts. Most of us "on the frontlines" in the clinic/OR/hospital are too busy practicing medicine to be involved in the nonsense of local medical politics...after 20-plus years of watching those that get involved, have too much time on their hands, and it's a "mutual admiration society", IMO, but I may be wrong, and it is only my opinion...and that of a few others...but we may all be mistaken and may perhaps have mis-interpreted Dr. Bryan's fervor especially when it comes to medicine and the management of their neighborhood.
Lord, have mercy and help us all.

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