Sunday, July 25, 2021

Bill Crawford: Brainwashed Mississippians Put Others at Risk

 “They brainwashed my great uncle/Brainwashed my cousin Bob/They even got my grandma/When she was working for the mob,” goes his song Brainwashed, released a year after his death in 2001.

The notion of “brainwashing” comes from claims in the 1950s that communist China used mind-bending techniques on captured soldiers in Korea. But nowadays the phrase “You’re being brainwashed” is commonly used to “discredit opposition viewpoints,” Scott Selisker, author of Human Programming: Brainwashing, Automatons and American Unfreedom, told He links the increased usage “with the phenomenon of social media ‘bubbles’ where users often see largely the views of those who agree with them ideologically,”

Harrison was not aware of modern social media when he wrote his song. Blogging had yet to have much impact. Facebook wasn’t created until February 2004 nor Twitter until March 2006. Yet, he seemed to see the future.

“Brainwashed by computer/Brainwashed by mobile phones/Brainwashed by the satellite/Brainwashed to the bone.”

Social media has taken the phenomenon of groupthink, characterized by irrational and dysfunctional decision-making, to stratospheric levels. Researchers have demonstrated how easily social media can be used to manipulate ideas, especially with the use of “bots” – automatic response algorithms.

Relentless bias and falsehoods pushed on social media have turned Americans against each other, often with great fervor, often splitting families. And, with our borders wide open to digital infiltration, foreign enemies have weaponized social media to exacerbate these divisions.

The FBI has documented efforts to sow disinformation on social media to “confuse, trick, or upset the public” by operatives in Russian, China, North Korea and Iran.The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence revealed Russian actions to “polarize Americans” based on societal, ideological, and racial differences. “Masquerading as Americans, these operatives used targeted advertisements, intentionally falsified news articles, self-generated content, and social media platform tools to interact with and attempt to deceive tens of millions of social media users in the United States.

“The primary objective is not to create a particular version of the truth but rather cloud the truth and erode our ability to find it, creating a sentiment that no narrative or news source can be trusted at all,” David Porter, an assistant section chief with the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, told the Associated Press.

Nowhere is the impact of disinformation and groupthink more dangerous to our nation than in the current COVID crisis. Even in Mississippi.

“We’re going to watch people needlessly die over the next month of two for no good reason,” state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said last week. “There is a mountain of lies and disinformation being promulgated by a relatively small number of misinformed, disillusioned people.” He attributed this to “anti-science Nazis on social media,” reported Mississippi Today.

“I don’t believe anything coming out of government and the news media anymore. They are all lying when their lips are moving,” said one vaccine skeptic.

Harrison’s only hope to deter brainwashing and thought manipulation was for God to intercede.

“God, God, God/Won't You lead us through this mess.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding” – Proverbs 3:5.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.



Anonymous said...

A left leaning “columnist” lecturing about people he disagrees with as being brainwashed. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

One of Mississippi’s greatest dividers himself, Bill Crawford, lectures the rest of us that “relentless bias and falsehoods pushed on social media have turned Americans against each other, often with great fervor, often splitting families.”

A more accurate statement: “Relentless bias and falsehoods pushed BY THE MEDIA have turned Americans against each other, often with great fervor, often splitting families.”

And there’s not many in Mississippi that deserve more credit for stirring the pot of divisions than Bill Crawford, with his race baiting articles about events that haven’t happened in Mississippi for ½ a century – just in time for Mississippi’s state wide elections of course.

But writing about all of Mississippi’s race relations PROGRESS while also pointing out the hell and fear poor Black families deal with daily in leftist DEMOCRAT controlled Jackson, MS (including innocent Black children dying from stray bullets (2 in a matter of days)) – well now, that would not have increased DEMOCRAT Jim Hood’s chances of becoming Gov - would it?

I’m a mask wearing proponent and will likely be vaccinated this week – but it certainly will not have anything to do with what race hustler propogandist pretending to be journalist say.

“If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves” – Galatians 6:3

Anonymous said...

And he refers to “him” and “Harrison “ but never tells us who sang the song. Too busy labeling folks, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Well that’s interesting Bill and to a certain degree true. The four years of the Trump administration taught America that the news media lies their asses off. And the top of the lie leaders were democrat FBI members who spied on the incoming President in an attempt to overthrow and push the lie that he was a Russian operative. The with the aid of democrats in the justice department they and the FBI pushed the fake Steel document filled with so much bullshit a high school grad could have written it. So Bill before you start chastising the corrupt media you should first talk about our corrupt government agencies and the lies they spread every day that lead to this shit hole were in right now!!!

Anonymous said...

99% of hospitalized covid patients are unvaccinated

60% of Mississippians won’t get a vaccine

They’ve been brainwashed by the mean stream media - but wait!

Now all Rs say they have been vaccinated…Trump and pence and Scalia and hannity and dooshy and kilmeade and…..tucker

What are the slow people to do now? The slow people have been lied to and are hospital bound….lots of them…..but what about the vaccine not working????? Why did Rs cave and get medicine?????

Mississippi - last in everything except stupid.

Anonymous said...

For me a revolving door of vaccines will not happen, let the chips fall.

Anonymous said...

8:58 - people dying of covid who didn't have to. That is funny. Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, the groupthink “brainwashed” folks are already here.

Anonymous said...

I've been brainwashed into believing one shouldnt trust pharmaceutical companies, while subject to criminal and civil liability, who have consistently engaged in a pattern and practice of fraud, dishonesty and deceit regarding the safety and efficacy of their products..losing cases at trail, pleading guilty, and proven to be liars and murderers based on their own internal documents. This leads me to believe we should expect nothing less, especially since they have PREP act immunity this time. By what mental process does one summarily just disregard these facts, this relevant information? Fear. Fear of a pathogen with a .26% Infection Fatality Rate as of this date with 24/7/365 "fear porn"...MK-Ultra trauma-based mind control writ large.

Anonymous said...

Bill Crawford, that name should be all you need to know. Ole Bill should maybe hang his keyboard up. He must be slipping pretty bad not to catch that typo in the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

The Trump speech last night was absolute pure, weapons-grade horseshit in a slurry mendacious monologue .

And millions of Americans are shoveling it down like ice cream on a hot day. That’s Brainwashing .

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bill ever had a job where that required work or sweat. He had no choice but become an expert!
And, THAT is the problem...too many experts.

Anonymous said...

Governors who support Trump, like DeSantis and even Hannity, got the vaccine.

The Delta variant is a mutation and it's worse. It's no more deadly but you'll have those hospital bills. And, if you can get referred by a doctor in time, get an infusion that may save your life.

But, now we have dead people under age 60 and we have more children dying of the Delta strain.

We also have millions all over the world vaccinated with none of the dire side effects anti-vax people fear. Indeed, no more allergic reactions than you could have with any medication. And, unlike this virus an allergic reaction is easily treated with a shot.

Some of you believe your home remedies are working. But, the fact is the first strain of covid was less contagious and in States like MS, where fewer live in close proximity( it's called population density), you may have just been lucky.

I don't mind you betting your life on being right, but now you will be betting the lives of innocent children under age 12.

And, if you haven't read it elsewhere, athletes at the Olympics are testing positive. Here they have worked for years for this moment and were careful but some unvaccinated person ruined their hopes and dreams.

And, someone who was unvaccinated just cost 10 of my vaccinated friends medical costs to get infusions ( 4 early enough to keep their symptoms mild, the other 6 weren't so lucky but avoided the hospital other than for the hours of drips for dehydration)and they'd planned and daily pleasures.

I know it's hard to admit you were wrong, but the evidence is overwhelming now. So, do be prepared to no longer be respected or trusted or on anyone's social list if you continue this denial. And, if anyone dies and they know it was you, be prepared to be blamed and lose friends, customers, clients and patients who no longer trust your judgment or see you as not valuing them.

Anonymous said...

What 11:57 said

Anonymous said...

I’m so brainwashed that I don’t even consider liberals to be Americans. They are traitors and less than humans. I respect cockroaches more than a liberal democrat. The state of Jackson alone is enough to tell you how worthless and destructive a democrat is.

Anonymous said...

In response to 9:43: I can say with certainty that Antonin Scalia has not received a COVID vaccination.

Anonymous said...

What you really mean is, others are not brainwashed by the government you are brainwashed by and worship. There is ample reason to doubt our government. To follow Washington DC is to follow evil. You and DC spouts of things you have never understood and never will! Just in case you are wondering, I am vaccinated, but dang tired of you and your ilk denigrating those who don't allow you to control their lives. If only you and government understood you have NO credibility.

Anonymous said...

KF, pleeease drop this dufus!

Anonymous said...

More Gardner, less Crawford.

Anonymous said...

@11:57am - Thank you.

@12:35pm - They’re all around you. Your only escape is death.

Anonymous said...

I know you think like you are smearing Cletus and Krystal in the trailer park. However, the largest demographic of unvaxxed are African Americans. In that context, your rant sounds pretty racist

Anonymous said...

12:35 Your first sentence indicates you are not hopeless. But if you consider American citizens who you identify as "liberal" to be traitors and therefore your mortal enemies then you have gone off the deep end. Many of these humans have interests in common with you and may someday defend your life as you might defend theirs. We still have a country with the mechanism for political and social disagreement and it's not dead yet. I know many, many, people who were once liberal dopes in their younger years who have become conservative as they gain experience. Have a little faith.

Kingfish said...

There are brainwashed on both sides. Crawford betrays his whiteness with his column because that is all he reads. Try discussing news or politics with someone who only reads the Root and Atlanta Black Star and only pays attention to Shaun King. I could read the same column he wrote but in reverse.... but I don't. You know why? Because there will always be the brainwashed on both sides.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a RINO and therefore just as much of a traitor.
The treatment of Justice Kavenaugh was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.
These people are not trying to coexist.
They simply want to dominate, destroy, and transform.

Anonymous said...

11:36, I'll go further than that. Crawford and his buddy Bill Scaggs both made a good living off of the state.

Anonymous said...

11:57, I have been hearing that liberal spiel, about the children, for so long, I immediately tune out anything to do with what the speaker, or writer, has to say. Good grief, can't you people come up with anything new? As your fearless leader, or is it feckless leader, would say, come on man.

Anonymous said...

And, if you haven't read it elsewhere, athletes at the Olympics are testing positive. Here they have worked for years for this moment and were careful but some unvaccinated person ruined their hopes and dreams.

Given that vaccinated people continue to contract and spread COVID, it appears that @11:57 is “brainwashed.”

@KF- You are absolutely correct! The “scientific data and facts” being shouted by both sides can be debunked in seconds.

Anonymous said...

“Betrays his whiteness”

Wonder what that means?

Let that sink in folks….the moderator of this farm thinks that a guy “betrays his whiteness”
When he disagrees with that person.

How do you “betray your whiteness?”

What can one do to achieve that?

Boy howdy

Better Than Ever said...

Bubbles and confirmation bias are a deadly combination.

Anonymous said...

Blame the unvaccinated. It's all their fault now. Somebody has to be blamed and bear the brunt of the outrage.

Delta, Beta, Gamma, Lambda, Greek letter after Greek letter

Booster(s)of gene therapy - just wait

Please vote for
1.) Great idea
2.) I am Legend

(sarcasm, please do not vilify with outrage in comments)

Anonymous said...

Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.

Anonymous said...

You know what really leads this shit show is the fact that the communists in China haven’t had to pay a damn cent for this plague they’ve unleashed on the world!

Anonymous said...

Trump is destroying his own legacy, without him there is no vaccine. Now to prove he controls his base, he tells them no to take it and they don’t and they will get sick, many will die. “They Listened, They got Sick, and Many Died.” That will be his legacy, they should write it on his tombstone.

Anonymous said...

Nearly my entire family has had Covid-19 and recovered without hospitalization. Even my 73 year old grandmother survived without hospitalization. Therefore, we haven’t been vaccinated. Why would you blame us?

This Post Won't See Light Of Day said...

Kingfish 'betrays his whiteness' fifteen times a day when he censors posts. What if there were a totally neutral blog owner who acted as a simple moderator rather than a damned control freak? Imagine.

Better Than Ever said...


It appears the efforts to move forward are hampered by bubbles, confirmation bias, and a failure of reading comprehension.

KF posted brainwashed on both sides. This does not equate to each side's research being equally invalidated. Maybe you imposed your wishes onto what was written.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. It is just a vaccine. Masks are just cloth.

There is no grand cabal, secret society, or den of devil worshipers trying to dupe you or edit your genes.

The big bad federal government isn’t organized enough to pull off half the garbage some of y’all think it can.

This is real life, and I hate to tell y’all, it just isn’t that interesting.

Anonymous said...

The "Hold my beer and watch this" crew now thinks they are competent in virology and epidemiology. Jeebus take the wheel!

Anonymous said...

Just get vaccinated so we can get over this. Please. You're not special.

Anonymous said...


If your entire family has had it, chances are they have spread it to others. I'm glad you and your family haven't gotten very sick, but you're being selfish and you're part of the problem. The people your family have infected might not be so lucky. This is a pandemic and we all need to do what we can to beat it. Stop being selfish. Listen to the people that actually know what they are talking about. Just get vaccinated. You don't have to believe me, but please just listen to actual scientists and not dumbasses on youtube or cable news.

Anonymous said...

Glad Grandma and her younger kin survived the covid lottery, @7:41. Any pride in America and AMERICANS? Not everyone has your personal or familial health or immune system they can rely on. It's the same reason we all were given the battery of vaccines on childhood. It's not just about YOU but ALL AMERICANS.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! People believed the internet over their doctors! Literally 96% of American doctora are vaccinated. That should be enough for anyone who believes in Western medicine.

Anonymous said...

In response to @July 25, 2021 at 2:17 PM

It must be easy to anonymously sit on the sideline and besmirch a dead man’s character. Bill Scaggs was an excellent steward of state resources and put others before himself daily. He turned down pay increases during lean years, and there have been lots of lean years,when his educators and staff would not receive salary increases. Bill worked tirelessly to promote others, rarely taking credit for innovative ideas and community service that behooved all Mississippians.
I happen to know he would have laughed at this misinformed and uneducated remark and as the gentle soul I knew him to be he would have turned the other cheek. Well, sir or madame, I am no Bill Scaggs. So from me a big fuck you.
Kim Monroe Scaggs

Kingfish said...

Maybe one day I should publish a post that has all the rejected comments. I seriously doubt much explanation would be needed. One dude made a nice comment until the very last sentence - when he started bashing Jews. One guy on the Dr. Bryan post wrote a long screed about law enforcement. Um, ok. Had nothing to do with the post. One guy told another to "shut the **** up and everyone was tried of his b***s***". Another comment on this post referred to Jews. Another comment on JPD moving to batte made a remark about blacks and midnight basketball. One guy tries to inject trannies into every comment thread as if that has anything to do with the subject posted. One commenter, probably one of the whiners, tried to promote The Daily Stormer yesterday on this post. Then there are the left wing clowns who post they will be glad when the virus kills Trump supporters. Um, yeah. One crybaby made a remark about a local urban university and "tribal behavior". One guy took potshots at a man's wife.

Starting to get the idea?

Anonymous said...

Yet no one is calling for China to be held responsible. Brainwashed or not, my opinion is this was intentional and not one world leader is calling for China's ass. China just told the WHO to F-off the other day when wanting to do some more investigations into the origins of COVID. That right there should tell you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Agenda: Grinding America Down.

When Idaho Legislator Curtis Bowers wrote a "letter to the editor" about the drastic changes in America's culture, it became the feature story on the evening news, people protested at the Capitol, and for weeks the local newspapers were filled with responses. He realized then... he'd hit on something. Ask almost anyone and you'll hear, "Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down." Thought the word communism isn't used anymore, this film will show the ideas behind it are alive and well. Join Bowers for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America's morality and freedom in their effort to grind America down. It's a well documented AGENDA.

Anonymous said...

@8:13 - Thanks for your opinion.

Let me refer you back to an astute comment previous posted in this thread:

“Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.”

Anonymous said...

@12:47am - Actually, they are pretty special, lol

Anonymous said...

Here ...let me fix this for you

“I don’t believe anything coming out of government and the news media anymore. They are all lying when their lips are moving,” said one CITIZEN"

Maybe the author (and Dobbs) should reflect on WHY there has been such a loss of trust in institutions/govt in America.

Why would I trust the FBI ( after its handling of HC servers, Comey, targeting, et c) ?

Why would I trust the NSA/ CIA after....what Snowden revealed ( what we all knew but didnt want to know) ?

Why would I trust the Jackson courts after Tommie Greene's performance ?

Why would I trust pretty much ANY politician ?

Why would I trust FB, Google, Twitter, media and their biases ?

Why would I trust IRS after Lois Lerner ?

Why would I trust Fauci after the flip flops and lying? it any wonder...really? ... why people don't trust the election results ....or vaccines?

The answer is simple: The public's trust has been abused thoroughly over the last decade by our leaders. One would have to be an idiot to trust any of the above.

So...please stop with the " look! this dumb redneck doesnt trust xyz "...

Just stop it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kingfish.
Sounds like you spend an awful lot of time and energy protecting Jews.

You are a very good shabbos goy!

Anonymous said...

@12:55 & 12:56

There was not yet a vaccine when my family was infected and recovered from Covid-19.

Anonymous said...

Somebody must have hit a nerve.

Anonymous said...

8:53 stated my thoughts more concisely than I could have.

I think the real low intelligence is demonstrated in the people who blindly think any news source or politician is still deemed trustworthy.

It makes me incredibly sad that so many doctors have betrayed our trust but I guess those impressive salaries can always be improved by they right interest group.

Unbiased facts are almost extinct, but I don't see any PETA-like campaigns to save them.

Anonymous said...

Sadly there, sure are a lot of vaccinated people getting sick.

Polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella... those were vaccines.

Lunacy, like this story

If they were vaccinated and got sick, how could one deduce that it was a unvaccinated individual that caused it? Wouldn't it be more likely one of the sick passed it to the others since they are probably in close contact?

Anonymous said...

@Better than Ever- My reading comprehension is just fine. I am fully aware he said folks are brainwashed on both sides. I wasn't attempting to restate his words. I was adding another point to his perspective. And I am not imposing anything... but your judgement seems to be.

As I stated, each side’s "scientific data and facts" can be debunked in some fashion in seconds. Neither side is considering or disclosing all the information, which allows the other side to ravage their words.

Look at @12:55a and @12:56a, the very science they claim insists on vaccinations says this family has immunities against the virus. There is currently not a true consensus on how long immunities last from either the virus or the vaccine.

The government and its scientists continue to move the goal posts, but not all medical professionals agree with them. Anyone who doesn't play along is labeled a conspiracist or a nut job. THIS is why all people aren't blindly following along. Not to mention, this same government once used a certain race as guinea pigs. Do we really have to ask ourselves why they aren't trusting of this rushed "science?" Not to mention, the FDA just REVOKED the test that diagnosed millions of COVID cases. I guess they finally realized it was peculiar the flu disappeared in 2020. The FDA is now instructing the labs to create tests that differentiate between COVID and the flu. (Do yourself a favor and research who just bought (literally days ago) the largest testing lab.) I could go on for days with the “not to mentions” but we all already know what they are. Further, we have medical professionals who post misinformation as facts, then follow up with an "oops... wrong number(s) or oops, we were wrong!" It's no wonder people don't trust ANYTHING anymore!!

Anonymous said...

My body my choice. The media has been in your face with lies since coverage of the Gulf WAR. GOING AS FAR TO COVERING UP what our troops were breathing in the air. The media has stocks in energy as well people. Reality is in the numbers and if you are to stupid to see it then oh well. Stay on the teet.

Anonymous said...

If the experimental gene therapy is so safe, why do the manufacturers need total immunity from any legal repercussions?

Anonymous said...

1:13 am I think it's you who has a color problem. You seem to think there are no Black Trump supporters or that only whites are influenced or hear what elected officials in their States are saying.

The vaccinated people I know who have gotten the virus were exposed by someone unvaccinated and unmasked. That some unvaccinated will get Covid is 1) it's not 100% effective 2) we don't know how LONG it's effective and 3) The virus has mutated .

A vaccinated person who is made sick by the unvaccinated can pass along the virus while sick but it's less likely unless there is repeated and long contact without masks in close quarters.

A booster may be required for reasons 2 and 3.

I sometimes can't believe that any adult human has, just by being alive and seeing bad colds run through a family, get that the amount of exposure matters. Some of this is what should be common sense. And, if you've visited others in a hospital for the last decade, you should have notice MERSA signs. Why do you think they are there? What happened? Or do you totally lack curiosity?

Anonymous said...

Most people today through the educational system we have are taught what to think, not how to think. I see the results in various job interviews. I'm too old to handhold, cater to and spoonfeed these grown children. Solo contracting is the way to go if you have a name in your selected industry. Remember this graduates, you must pay your dues. You are owed nothing and must make your own opportunities.

Challenged viewpoints are met with emotional responses as a result of our system (both sides of this issue by the way). The "argument" is lost there. If de-evolution is your goal, you are well on your way.

Rare that a Bill Crawford column gets this many visceral responses. I guess kudos are in order. Also to you Kingfish for tending to this playground.

Get back to work or gaming (likely gaming for most of the commentariat).

Anonymous said...

(from the CDC website) Studies show that fully vaccinated people can be less likely to spread the virus to others, even if they do get COVID-19.

@11:22a- I am going to assume this is the language from which you are basing your opinion of who is spreading COVID. Do you comprehend what this says? It states "can be less likely." That's a round about way of saying that vaccinated people ARE still spreading the virus but they are using language to try to downplay it. The word choice is BEYOND weak.

You shouldn't be so quick to assume that ONLY unvaccinated people are spreading the virus. Even the professionals aren't making that assertation.

@11:21a- Thank you!!! If the government and the manufacturer's were TRULY convinced these vaccines were safe and necessary, they'd remove their legal protections to improve trust in their products.

Better Than Ever said...


Facts are not up for refutation... that's why they are called facts. So yeah, your reading and logic are certainly in question.

And I'm not even reading that wad of word salad beyond that. Learn to write in a more readable manner.

Anonymous said...

i have some questions. since the vaccinated are also getting the 'rona, wouldn't it be safe to say that they could also be spreading it? how do those of you that are vaccinated know you are getting it from the unvaccinated? and how does anybody know where anybody caught it from?

maybe the vaccinated are spreading it amongst themselves just as much as the unvaccinated are. maybe the vaccinated are getting the new 'rona variant because their immune systems have been somewhat compromised by the "vaccine?" maybe this "vaccine" is causing the virus to mutate more quickly and aggressively than naturally created antibodies would?

these are all legitimate questions we should be asking ourselves, but instead of asking legitimate questions the vaccinated are blaming the unvaccinated. if i get the 'rona, i'm not gonna blame the vaccinated or unvaccinated. i'm blaming the chinese communist government. this is their fault; not my neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, or strangers i may pass somewhere while i'm out trying to live my life as normally as possible.

Anonymous said...

@Better Than Ever
We are all laughing at you. The people who know you IRL are laughing too.
And we have been laughing at you since you started your chicken little nonsense last year.
Keep posting your asinine fear mongering.
Laughter is the best medicine.

Better Than Ever said...


Your questions are legit, yes. They already have answers that are easy to find.

Paragraph1: Boils down to numbers. A breakthrough infection generates far fewer viral particles that an unvaccinated person's infection. So generally speaking, unvaccinated people are doing the vast majority of infecting others.

Paragraph2: With drastically lower viral load and a vaccinated 'target' there can only be minimal vaccinated to vaccinated transfer. In addition, Immune systems are not compromised from vaccines... they are bolstered.

Paragraph3: You are misdirecting the source of mine and your woes. Until it's proven (if possible) that this thing came from China's fauna then it's not. And I guarantee you that your unvaccinated friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc are doing FAR more to prolong the physical, mental, & economic suffering than China is.

Anonymous said...

@11:21 - The vaccines aren’t what REPUTABLE doctors or scientists call gene therapy.

Shock jocks and cable news pundits with history degrees may call it gene therapy (and they’re wrong), but I’d rather take advice from a licensed medical doctor over some rando guy that may or may not have slept in a Holiday Inn last night.

Anonymous said...

@Better than Ever- Besides your inability to read things you don’t like, your facts are “shrinking” in truth daily.

1.Every single breakthrough infection rate currently roaming is not accurate. And when pushed, the data collectors have to admit it. They DON’T KNOW an accurate breakthrough number because of the folks who aren’t being tested. They openly admit the situation is fluid and changing. You cannot claim skewed numbers as truth.

2. The Delta variant has a viral load 1000% more potent than COVID-19. The vaccine is much weaker against Delta. Want to know who’s currently contagious and spreading? Both unvaccinated and vaccinated people.

3. If you cannot comprehend the major players in this pandemic and understand how and where this virus originated, then you are in flat out denial. Do you HONESTLY think America will go after China? We are so indebted to them that we are standing on two broken legs. Those of us who can think for ourselves have no intentions of waiting for the government to admit (in 50 years) that, yeah, it did originate in the Wuhan lab… and Gates and Fauci knew all along.

Better Than Ever said...


Sorry everyone for 2:24's lack of reading comprehension and critical thinking.

1. If a large percent of vaccinated people do NOT get delta variant (pretty much only variant of concern at this time) and those that do express a MUCH smaller viral load then it doesn't take a diffential equation to show that vaccinate people are much less of a problem than unvaccinated.

2. Sorry. You fail math. Please go back to school. Delta viral load is approx 1000X prior versions, which is 100,000% more. I never said vaxxed can't catch or spread it, simply that the vast problem is unvaxxed. It's not that hard... just high school math and basic logic.

3. Origin is moot, regardless of who owes who money. Pandemics are the rule, not the exception. There have been many more than most people can recite.

Anonymous said...


The so-called vaccines you reference are listed on the CDC website as "experimental gene therapies". Actually, mRNA therapies. Only the Johnson and Johnson shot contains a live vaccine.

The gene therapies will remain experimental until approved by the FDA in November.

Your licensed medical doctor actually told you that the shots are not gene therapies?

Anonymous said...

Get a shot, cheat death and live forever.

Anonymous said...

That dude has more straw men than can be counted.

The liberals have become an open cult of this Covid issue. Their leaders are flawless, the information is beyond reproach, and there is secret information only known and understood by the initiated. That sure sounds like a cult to me.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:27 Since you bring up the CDC, show us where on the CDC they say that the vaccines are gene therapy.

The CDC admits that it uses the same mechanism as cancer treatments that are considered gene therapy, but they go on to explain that the vaccine never enters your cells’ nucleus and never edits your DNA. They can use the same vector and concept to do different things.

CDC: “They do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way. The genetic material delivered by the viral vector does not integrate into a person’s DNA.” -

What’s wrong with taking a doctor’s word?

Anonymous said...

@Better than Ever

Sorry everyone for BTE's lack of reading comprehension and critical thinking.

1. BUT a large number of vaccinated people ARE GETTING the Delta variant AND if the viral load is exponentially higher and the efficacy of the vaccine against Delta is lessened by double-digits (averaged), then yes, vaccinated people ARE also the problem... more than you are obviously willing to recognize.

My medical acquaintances have gone from "every inpatient admission due to COVID in Jackson is unvaccinated" to "well, in THIS one hospital, all ICU are unvaccinated." What do we know about these unvaccinated admissions? Are there comorbidities? Did they previously contract COVID-19 and now have the DELTA variant? All of the current admissions I know of personally are immuno-compromised. If MS was properly tracking this data, as well as doing contact tracing, we'd have a much truer picture.

2. I agree Delta has a 1000X higher viral load. I knew that, and yes, I used a percent sign incorrectly sending a comment through my phone. I won't make that mistake again. That doesn't mean I "fail math." Are you always a jerk?

3. Good grief... how many pandemics have been manipulated by man in a lab funded by the very people claiming to be the "saviors" of us all? Just because YOU choose to stick your head in the sand, doesn't mean we have to do the same.

Your statement declaring pandemics the "rule, not the exception" is ridiculous. According to the CDC itself, there have been FIVE pandemics since 1900. So, 5 in 121 years makes pandemics the rule?? WHAT?!?

To further argue against your "rule" theory, here are the total US deaths during these 5 pandemics per the CDC website:
1. 1918- 675,000
2. 1957-58- 116,000
3. 1968- 100,000
4. 2009- 12,469
5. COVID (ongoing) 608,528 (well, they post this number, but their own report says that there were 377,883 COVID deaths in 2020. I'm curious to see how they document over 230,000 people died in early 2021 after months and months of quarantine and masks AND distributing their vaccine... we shall see.)

For a loss comparison, since you declared pandemics "the rule", do you know how many people died of cancer in the US in 2020 alone? The answer is 598,000, with the largest percentage being from lung and bronchus cancers. Want to know how many Americans died from heart disease in 2020 alone? Per the CDC, it's 690,000.

My point is that the death toll from COVID is not overly alarming considering the comorbidity factors. I can already hear your keys clacking about cancer and heart disease not being airborne. I AM NOT CONFUSED ABOUT THAT! I'm confused about the rally cry to act like COVID is killing more of us than anything we face on a normal daily basis. We coddle and enable overweight and unhealthy people, yet you want to persecute (and BLAME) people who wish to protect themselves from something not even fully-approved by the FDA.

I am not saying that COVID has not caused some tragedy, but your "pandemic rule" logic seems overshadowed by what we accept as "the rule" EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Anonymous said...

@3:27pm - Where can I get one of them vaccines that contains a live vaccine?

Anonymous said...

I'm vaccinated and I have been willing to listen to Better-Than-Ever's info with a grain of salt.

I try to keep an open mind and respectfully listen to all.

But you lost me if you don't think this originated in Chinese labs.

There may not be links that we can post to prove it, and I am no conspiracy theorist but I feel like Stevie Wonder could see that is the source.

Anonymous said...

Last month, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons conducted a survey among physicians which returned some rather controversial findings. According to the survey, nearly 60 percent of physicians said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID.

Anonymous said...

Bad news for the instant gratification crowd, who want this over right now. It would not matter if the whole country was 100% vaccinated-- it would not be over.

Anonymous said...

How quickly we’ve forgotten it’s not the rednecks and ignorant southerners that put us in this precarious situation. Delta variant or not. China anyone?

Should everyone that’s already had chickenpox now run out and get the chickenpox vaccine? The truth is nobody is talking about natural immunity here, and it’s a real thing. Vaccinated or not.

When did we let this fear and paranoia invade all common sense? Bodies pilled up faster than they could manage them in Philadelphia during the 1918 Flu epidemic. We don’t have bodies piled up on the street, and young people dying in droves with COVID. We have extremely bias and opinionated people on both sides of the political spectrum that need to just stop with the crazy. Yes, it kills. So does the regular flu. Yes, it’s contagious. So take precautions (Vaccination, exercise and lose weight, stay home, etc.) to protect yourself and your family or not.

This state has serious issues providing access to care for the most vulnerable and poorest citizens. Why would we think the % of those vaccinated would not be low in these areas? Not everyone has a Walgreens right around the corner from their home. Nor has the collective memory of a portion of our population forgotten about the Tuskegee experiment. Yes, many people have lost loved ones and friends prior to the Delta variant and still are on the fence on whether or not to get the vaccine. It’s not because people think they are invincible. They don’t see the upside for whatever reason.

There has been so much politicization over this issue - people don’t know what to think or who to believe. Including very smart and sensible people. My problem is that it’s being forced without any consideration of natural immunity. If this is the new normal than we should all be forced to get titers pulled to ensue nobody is carrying a potentially hazardous and highly contagious disease/virus. Exception being all of the new non-citizens coming in through the southern border, and being dispersed for settlement throughout the US. They don’t have to follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

@6:06PM I just Googled what you posted and found this link:

and these quotes:

This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated.

The AAPS survey also showed that 54 percent of physician respondents were aware of patients suffering a "significant adverse reaction." Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80 percent said "I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease," and 30% said "I already had COVID."

Somebody please tell me this is a hoax as I am scheduled to be vaccinated tomorrow but will be cancelling if it is not!

@5:21, leftist companies like Apple and Nike along with leftist athlete thugs are making fortunes from Chinese cheap (some child) labor so the majority of leftists will never admit to what is so obvious to even left wing nut lunatic John Stewart; because it’s all about the $$$ to leftists.

Anonymous said...

July 26, 2021 at 12:24 PM posted and asked some reasonable questions. Here are some general, broad-scope answers and none are medical advice, but merely a starting point for your own fact-finding:

"i have some questions. since the vaccinated are also getting the 'rona, wouldn't it be safe to say that they could also be spreading it? how do those of you that are vaccinated know you are getting it from the unvaccinated? and how does anybody know where anybody caught it from?

First, a vaccine is not an instant immunity nor is it like a disinfectant that "kills" any virus it is in contact with for 30-60-90 seconds. These vaccines simply teach your immune system that the particular "wrapper" (itself not a pathogen) of this virus is an "invader" and that your immune system should fight it off. Your immune system has learned that many other pathogens are "bad" and it fights those, too. So yes, because it simply gives your immune system instructions, those who have been vaccinated against this or any virus can be a carrier of that virus and infect others in the period prior to their immune system "killing" whatever viral load they had. However, because the vaccinated person's immune system is attacking whatever specific virus, they are much less likely to be a Petri dish for that virus, and therefore, less likely to shed as much of it and infect others. Think of it like iced tea - you can pour a lot of sugar into ice-cold tea, but it simply sinks to the bottom of the glass without sweetening the entire glass.

"maybe the vaccinated are spreading it amongst themselves just as much as the unvaccinated are. maybe the vaccinated are getting the new 'rona variant because their immune systems have been somewhat compromised by the "vaccine?" maybe this "vaccine" is causing the virus to mutate more quickly and aggressively than naturally created antibodies would?"

Yes, a vaccinated person could shed a small amount of the virus, which would then transmit to another vaccinated person. However, the amount shed by the first person would be much less, plus the second person's "trained" immune system would be better able to fight the smaller viral load. As to the second part, no. Being vaccinated in this case cannot compromise your immune system, nor can it protect you against anything else. All vaccines do is teach your immune system that a very specific thing is something to fight. That's why a polio vaccine is useless against SARS-CoV-2 and a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is useless against polio. This isn't like antibiotics and resistance - two completely different pathogens and pathological systems.

"these are all legitimate questions we should be asking ourselves, but instead of asking legitimate questions the vaccinated are blaming the unvaccinated. if i get the 'rona, i'm not gonna blame the vaccinated or unvaccinated. i'm blaming the chinese communist government. this is their fault; not my neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, or strangers i may pass somewhere while i'm out trying to live my life as normally as possible."

They are legitimate questions for the average person, at least until the part about the Chinese (see below,) but from a medical and scientific standpoint, they have easy, straightforward, long-established answers. It is perfectly reasonable that a layperson would have such questions. As to the part about blaming the Chinese communist government, that is a personal choice I suppose, but whoever is to blame and the best way for society to address the situation are two different things. I do not believe this was a weaponized virus simply because it was a piss-poor weapon, easily countered by the merest of proactive and prophylactic measures. The fact that many failed to do so does not make it better as a weapon.

Anonymous said...

"The AAPS survey..."

Kingfish, I'll choose to believe you want to be a responsible person and while you certainly have a business to run and consider, why in the highholyfuck do you allow comments citing non-medical, agenda-driven organizations as anything remotely associated with reasonable and responsible doctors? Just because someone put "Physician" in the name of an organization doesn't make it a voice for even a single doctor much less the medical profession. This is a fringe group that does not represent even a fraction of medical professionals or their knowledge, experience, education, or personal beliefs. It is to the vast majority of doctors what Sydney Powell and her Kraken crapola is to the legal profession: an embarrassment to be disavowed.

Even from a purely factual standpoint, when this "survey" was taken, many MDs (non-practicing, consulting, elective specialty, etc.) hadn't been eligible for vaccination for very long so the alleged "newsflash" that some hadn't yet received their, AHEM - second shot, i.e., "fully vaccinated" - is like claiming it to be a shocking revelation today that tomorrow hasn't come yet. The fact that the surveyed doctors had gotten their first shot, i.e., they had been "partially vaccinated," ought to tell any reasonable person all they need to know.

Anonymous said...

@11:12PM, thank you so much for the very thorough explanation.

A few questions.

Prior to the COVID delta variant a business associate and I had decided not to be vaccinated. We were talking yesterday and changed our minds. He was able to get by Walgreens and receive his first shot. I was to get my first today.

Last night @6:06 above posted that nearly 60 percent of physicians said they were not fully vaccinated against COVID according to an Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) survey; and the AAPS site does state this. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) sites states that their survey indicated 96% of doctors are fully vaccinated against COCID-19. So, is it possible for one of the surveys to be so inaccurate, or is one of the medical associations bogus?

I’m not sure what percentage of “average” people and “laypersons” believe the Chinese communist government created the COVID-19 as a “weaponized virus” designed to wipe out a large percentage of America’s or the world’s population, but do feel pretty certain said percentage would have to be extremely small; do you agree or disagree?

I do believe many “average” people and “laypersons” and even smart people too, believe it is possible that the virus was leaked from a lab in communist China? Do you believe that IT IS possible that the virus was leaked from a lab in communist China? Or do you believe that it IS NOT possible that the virus was leaked from a lab in communist China?

Lastly, while it is highly likely that most Americans (average people, laypersons and smart people too) would agree with you that the virus was not “a weaponized virus (designed to wipe out a large percentage of America’s or the world’s population) simply because it was a piss-poor weapon,” do you believe it DID create enough chaos to disrupt America’s booming economy and possibly DID have had an effect on the Presidential election outcome? Or, do you believe it DID NOT create enough chaos to disrupt America’s booming economy and it DID NOT possibly have an effect on the Presidential election outcome?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It is growing more and more evidently clear that the overall vast majority of misinformation and outright lies is coming from the political laced part of the medical/science community and not the “anti-vaxxers.”

AAPS - “ Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine.

So, the poster above thinks that @kingfish should not allow comments relative to an actual organization that represents the supposed “experts” and then flatly lies about the subject matter to support his/her cancel culture. The survey was conducted last month, according to that website.

This goes to a larger narrative. We have a virus that used questionable testing to validate (tests which the CDC has admitted were using too many cycles to detect the virus AND tests that are being banned because of their inaccuracies) and the media was utilized to scare everyone using these big infection numbers, that are not remotely accurate.

We then produced relatively untested vaccines that most likely benefit the vulnerable part of the population (elderly who make up 80% of the deaths associated) who coincidentally no longer died from the leading causes anymore, they were all listed as Covid deaths…. But then we are forcing said vaccine down the throats of everyone when this rushed, new technology, untested vaccine has an adverse incident rate 1000s times higher than any vaccine or drug released. We now have variants and are claiming infections using the flawed tests are from a specific variant when there is no test for variants for someone who supposedly tested positive.

We destroyed livelihoods with lockdowns that did not slow the spread and supposedly to flatten the curve while telling hospitals to not use known protocols to reduce ICU needs. We do not test for and try to use antibodies unless those antibodies are fake ones.

The story in all of this is the willful ignorance of an entire healthcare industry and the fear of many to speak out about the flaws, lies, missteps and collusion all along this pandemic path.

Anonymous said...


A few questions."

Here are my thoughts on this virus being "leaked" by anyone. First, as a weapon, this is a rusty old H&R .22 revolver that you have to remove the cylinder pin and cylinder to load, and loaded with CB caps scrounged from the floor of old hunting truck that has been sitting in a junkyard since at least 1979. In other words, yeah, it might beat a stick...if it were a particularly small stick. On the other hand, if this is the weapon the Chinese could and would develop and release, they suck at this, so that's a very good thing.

Do I think it is possible that this virus, in its original form, was a collected-from-nature virus which "innocently"/accidentally escaped from a containment? Yes. That is possible. Do I think that if that were the case, a totalitarian communist government would lie about it and cover it up? Yes. Not only "possible," but likely.

As to its effects on the US, "the West," and the rest of the world, those are largely at the feet of the individual countries and populations therein. Whether this virus went from animals to humans (zoonosis for anyone who wants to look it up) or from animals to a lab to humans really doesn't matter as far as any particular society's (of whatever political sub-set(s)) handling of the situation. The US, from a scientific, technical, and medical standpoint could have stopped this in a few weeks with some minor inconveniences to the population and only a relative handful of deaths. But it did not. Some is certainly the fault of "leaders" (yes, that includes Trump), but a large amount of fault lies with the population itself for failing to listen to those who were providing plain old-fashioned medical information. And now, here we - the US and the world - are. Again.

Get vaccinated, wear an actual mask (i.e., not a bandana or neck gaiter) over your mouth and nose when out and about in public, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, quit taking medical advice from talk show hosts and idiots on social media, etc. The same things that would have stopped the "original version" - plus vaccinations - are the things that can stop or at least stem the Delta variant as well as stop or at least stem any further variant-related surge(s). If we - the citizens of the US and the world - don't start getting it together, there will almost certainly be more and worse to come.

And you are welcome.

Kingfish said...

The "whiteness" comment was made in sarcasm. If you peruse various websites and twitter feeds, you will see a common defense among certain people when challenged is the person challenging is showing his or her whiteness and all that goes with it. Mr. Crawford's criticisms lately tend to be focused on one side when they could be applied to both sides equally.

Anonymous said...

There we have it, racism is now viewed as sarcasm. The rest of us didn’t get the memo kingfish so thanks for putting that out there.

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