Monday, July 26, 2021

Speeder Crashes During Chase

 A Crown Vic crashed into another vehicle as it fled a pursuing state trooper at Northside Drive yesterday.  A reader sent this message to JJ right after it happened: 

I was headed south on I-55 around 4:40 today and a black guy passed me going 100+ before I got to County Line Road exit.  Then, as I got up to where I could see the North Side Dr exit , a Jax cop had blue lights on him and was pursuing.  The fool took the Northside exit at the last second and the cop had to slow way down to cut across the grass right past the exit.  As I drove over the overpass I looked back west down NS Drive and the fool absolutely nailed a car which appeared to be at the stop light and facing East.   The fool's car was sitting at the gas station on the south side of NS Drive.

I bet he was going 105-110 mph when he passed me on I-55. 

The drive and a passenger escaped but a female passenger was taken into custody. 

WAPT's Ross Adams interviewed witnesses and a MHP Trooper at the crash scene.  However, Mr. Adams just couldn't understand why the Highway Patrol would chase a speeder, even one going over 100 mph.  Speeding over 100 mph will result in arrest in most jurisdictions and the chances are high the speeder committed a crime.  

However, the unfortunate truth is Jackson was losing control of the streets and highways this year.   People will be killed if the crazy speeding and drag racing is not stopped and that my friends, is the bottom line. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to help Ross Adams out. If you want to have a civilized society in which people can enjoy their freedom, you can't permit people to violate the law with impunity. And that is precisely what is wrong with Jackson. Criminals do as they please enjoying their freedom and preventing law abiding citizens from enjoying theirs. There is risk involved in chasing down criminals. That risk is not nearly as great as just letting them do as they please.

Anonymous said...

Thank u to JPD and MHP for stopping this clown.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, please read the editorial in today's Wall Street Journal by Warren Kozak titled "Social Breakdown Starts With Skipping a Stop Sign." Unfortunately drivers in Jackson have progressed far beyond the stop sign offense.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is going to have to implement serious traffic control measures in a number of places.

Almost going to have to have check points to check for insurance and licenses and registrations.

MHP will be super busy in this area for a long time

Anonymous said...

When Mr. Adams' ___________ is shot/stolen/kidnapped/destroyed, he'll know the answer

Anonymous said...

If they know they can go "too fast to be chased", there is a perverse incentive to go too fast to be chased and caught.

These things have a way of getting around.

Anonymous said...

True, KF! If the City of Jackson doesn't want to be tough on crime, it's time to let the adults take over.

There is virtually nothing apparent about the current administration that gives the impression they're capable of, or interested in, maintaining an orderly society. Furthermore, being that there's no outrage from their constituency (at least about crime), it gives the impression their culture doesn't value law and order.....which is demonstrably true of every other democrat-run city.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ross, I seem to recall that the Governor authorized more resources to help tame the Jackson crime problem. One of those problems is people treating I-55 as a drag strip.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love it that JPD now has help from state police. In my neighborhood, which is in the District, I see a state officer patrolling just about every day.

Criminals go to places where the police presence is low. Property values are soaring in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The perps always seek to escape into the environs of Jackson. Why is that?

Adams is a Lumumba bootlicker. He'll always parrot the approved narrative.

Anonymous said...

Just do like they do in the Middle East put speed bumps everywhere.

Broken Window Theory said...

Adams and Chowke need to read up on the "broken window theory."

Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago a coworker mentioned to me that Mississippi was missing out on tons of revenue by not having interstate tolls. If placed on the main arteries this could help alleviate what is taking place.

A comment up thread stated that criminals go where there is little police presence. It’s more simplistic than that, criminals simply go where the opportunity presents itself. There are places in this state that a criminal would have to have common knowledge of, and you can go weeks without seeing the police around.

Anonymous said...

@10:04am - So you’re saying we should have to pay (more) to use the interstates in order to keep the criminal element away… Look, I already pay more in ad valorum and school taxes by moving to Madison County to get away from the criminal element. I’d rather not pay more on top of that.

Anonymous said...

@9:42. Mexico has speed bumps, too. A high speed chase consists of racing to the bump, slamming on the brakes to go over it, and then hitting the gas till they reach the next bump. Pretty funny, actually.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday afternoon I was going north on 49 then I-55 from the coast. On 49, I had dozens of cars pass me going over 80. When I got to downtown Jackson on I-55 at about 5:30, I had 6 or 8 cars go past following each other that had to be going 90, then just past Northside a car going at least 100 went by weaving across all lanes and almost caused a wreck as another car tried to merge left with a blinker on. Never saw any police, but I HAVE seen JPD on I55 at 9:00 in the morning the past few weeks stopping people many of whom are going to or from a job. Tells you everything you need to know about JPD priorities.

Anonymous said...

@9:42 Jackson has already tried that. They are called potholes.

Anonymous said...

1004, there are no longer toll booths. And, folks with no license plate or registration, if, in fact, they aren't just driving stolen cars, are completely unconcerned with photo radar or photo tolls. BTW, those roads are STILL charging tolls long after the bonds are paid off. No thank you. It costs 36 bucks a day to commute into New Yawk every day, and I'll skip that, thank you very much.

I will agree with you that there are counties in Mississippi with a SINGLE deputy patrolling at night, and the folks answering the phone at the Sheriff's office are prisoner trusties. And that's why our rural areas have become Mad Max and meth zombie lands.

What causes this? Dope. Lawlessness. A war on normal People. And one more common factor: Dems and RINOs.

Hollyweird loves this destruction of America. It's Breaking Bad and all the weed shows come to life! Or, death, actually. The war on normal people continues.

Anonymous said...

I don't want criminals to get away, but I don't want my loved ones killed by some guy with an expired tag who doesn't want to stop. The myth that someone who is fleeing law enforcement must be wanted for something else more serious is just that, a myth. Not every law enforcement pursuit is worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago a coworker mentioned to me that Mississippi was missing out on tons of revenue by not having interstate tolls.

There are extremely few interstates with tolls in the United States. Your former co-worker is misguided, at best.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, that’s one helluva LE presence. Bring it back n.

Anonymous said...

same @9:25 I was glad to see JPD on my street yesterday! That was a first!
And I am glad to see the troopers and JPD patrolling I-55 at Highland Village!
It's been a danger zone for many years!

Layin' Odds said...

"A Crown Vic...." Nuff said. What are the chances the windows are blacked out and a plastic chain around the tag sporting a Nascar number?

Krusatyr said...

Broken Window Theory says:
"Stop small infractions to prevent major crimes."

A Jackson/Hinds youth court judge living across the street for three years ran a corner stop sign regularly, I saw it often.

Anonymous said...

July 26, 2021 at 10:46 AM; no one knows if every law enforcement pursuit is worth the risk until the pursuit ends. the fleeing car could have drugs, guns, or both, someone's child, or family member in the trunk. the person fleeing could have just shot someone. the accident a fleeing driver causes is the fleeing driver's fault, not the pursuing officer's fault. you sound like someone that would get mad at the person that got mad at you for doing something to them. if one of my family members gets injured or killed because of a high speed pursuit, i'm blaming the piece of shit that caused the pursuit, and not the officer.

Anonymous said...

I-55 between Jackson and Canton is like the Autobahn, minus Zee Germans and vehicles worth over $5000. Most vehicles I see on this stretch don't look safe over about 45mph, much less the 100+ they are doing.

Anonymous said...

@1:14 - There are a lot of cowboy cops that seem to get off on how far they can push the line. They know they aren’t accountable to the law and these renegade cops place us all in danger by their recklessness. There’s a reason so many wives of officers get beaten. It’s not like you are getting the best and brightest signing up to be officers, these are typical meathead jocks who’s only joy in life is power tripping on the working public.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, you would like to sign up and improve the law enforcement community?

Anonymous said...

July 26, 2021 at 2:26 PM; i don't doubt that is sometimes the case, as i am also sure you are aware that plenty of wives are beaten whose husbands are not LEO. however, you didn't address anything i said regarding why police need to pursue in the first place. how an officer treats his wife has nothing to do with any scenario i brought up. but go ahead and use my statement about why police need to chase those that flee, as an excuse to denigrate a group of people that go to work every day knowing they may not make it home. mainly because they have to deal with the pieces of shit like those that flee in the first place. nearly all that flee are career criminals, oftentimes with outstanding warrants, and most likely illegally in possession of a firearm. they aren't chasing grandma on the way to church. they are chasing criminals doing criminal activity.

Anonymous said...


I’m sorry you didn’t pass the background.

Anonymous said...

"WAPT's Ross Adams"

Ross ... bless his heart.
I'm surprised that guy is still even in the Jackson media market.

Nothing against Mister Adam's journalistic credentials.

But the guy should be behind the scenes.

He's not as bad as others, but he's so boring.

Maggie Wade interviewing Choke-a-way at kindergarten ice cream
party is much more entertaining.

( Not counting a Sunday afternoon Stokes' presser)

Anonymous said...

@1:14 pm, sad to hear that your loved ones mean so little to you that you are willing to sacrifice their lives so willingly. Have you told them how little they mean to you? For me, my wife, son, 5 year old granddaughter or 1 year old grandson; their lives are worth far more than the apprehension of a single criminal.

Anonymous said...

July 26, 2021 at 8:50 PM; not sure where you got the impression that i'm willing to sacrifice my wife or daughter in order to apprehend a criminal, but that is one hell of a mental gymnastics routine you just performed.

i'm not willing to sacrifice any of my loved ones to apprehend a criminal. i merely stated, and you must have been too obtuse to understand, that i wouldn't blame the LEO, i would blame the fleeing criminal that caused the pursuit in the first place.

you sound as if you are in favor of the "no pursuit policy." if one of your loved ones is assaulted, robbed, beaten, or car-jacked, will you be OK with the police not chasing the perpetrators? or can the police chase the criminal only if your family were the victim?

the problem for LEOs, as i stated in my original post, is they don't know if the pursuit was worth the risk until the criminal has been caught. the police have no idea what or who they are dealing with until they've caught them. and if the criminal is fleeing from the police, then it's a very safe bet they aren't fleeing due to some unpaid parking tickets. there is most likely an open warrant, caused by many previous wrong decisions, or possible felonies due to what's in the car, ie... drugs, illegal gun or both.

the fleeing criminal could be a wanted murder suspect, rapist, pedophile, or who knows what else. it could be one of the many pieces of shit we read about on this very blog that have been the recipient of one of the wonderful blessings of judge green, enjoying the revolving door of the hinds county justice system, out causing more mayhem, death and destruction after previously causing mayhem, death, and destruction.

but according to you, police shouldn't chase criminals because the apprehension of their criminal may not be worth the danger to the general public caused by the pursuit. whereas, i think police should chase the criminals because the apprehension of the criminal is more important than the danger to the general public, because the criminal themselves is already a danger to the general public.

Anonymous said...

@10:24, “the apprehension of the criminal is more important than the danger to the general public “. You just proved what I said. Having spent over 30 years in law enforcement, having been in pursuits, some that ended in innocent civilians being injured, I can say from experience that in most cases, not all, the danger to the public far outweighs the apprehension. I’m not blaming the LEO, but the officer as to weigh the risk to the general public and himself before engaging then continuing a high speed pursuit. Again, if you feel the loss of your loved ones is worth the apprehension of a criminal then nothing I say will change your mind.

Anonymous said...

More importantly...Where's the follow-up on this story?

Anonymous said...

That is a mercury grand marquis, not a crown vic.

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