Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sheriff briefs Supervisors (Video)

Here is the video of the emergency meeting of the Hinds County Board of Supervisors yesterday. Sheriff Tyrone Lewis briefed the supes and county officials on the latest information about the riot. The discussion grew lively at times as the board wrestled with the problem of what to do with incoming prisoners since the capacity was reduced by nearly 200 spaces in the detention center.

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Sheriff: C-pod looks like "Katrina came through it"

Inmates took over and completely destroyed the "C Pod" at the Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond yesterday. The pod contains four housing units holding 183 inmates. The riot started around 3:00 AM yesterday when an inmate escaped during a cell transfer and turned on a fire-fighting water house. He was able to flood the pod very quickly. Once prisoners obtained control of the control panel, they were able to start releasing other inmates. Sheriff Tyrone Lewis said law enforcement regained control of the pod at 12:30 PM yesterday.

This correspondent toured the pod last night and took several pictures available at this link (I apologize for their poor quality. They were taken with a Blackberry and there was no lighting in the pod. The picture posted to the left is a perfect example of how extensive the damage is. This room was the control room for the pod, replete with monitors and computers.  The room is now destroyed. Ceilings are ripped out. All the hi-tech equipment destroyed. All wiring ripped out. Water and mud are the new flooring as the floor was still flooded over twelve hours later. There was no object that escaped the wrath of the inmates Compare the photo to the left and others in the album to the video recorded less than two months ago. Needless to say, the room is nearly a complete loss. Sheriff Lewis said the pod looked like "Katrina came through it."

Sheriff Lewis told the Hinds County Board of Supervisors at an emergency meeting yesterday there were 183 inmates in C-Pod that have to be housed elsewhere Inmates were transferred to MDOC and jails in Madison and Rankin counties. However, the Sheriff said the pod would be closed indefinitely and it would be a long time before it could be repaired. The Sheriff said the facility can not take suspects arrested by JPD. The Sheriff, Supervisors, and Judge Tomie Green said they would look at placing those held for nonviolent crimes on house arrest. The supervisors went to the facility to view the damage after the meeting adjourned. Supervisor Stokes repeatedly said throughout the meeting the city of Jackson needed to build its own jail. There was no estimate given for what it will cost to house the prisoners in other facilities nor has any formal announcement been made about what will be done with suspects arrested in Hinds County.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Emergency meeting

Emergency meeting of Hinds Board of Supervisors over Raymond Detention Center riot right now. See twitter at kingfish1935 for updates.
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Brilliant writer or malcontent?

A bunch of you sent me this essay from Gawker.com written by a former Millsaps student. It's pretty long, but is a rather um, interesting and colorful read.

"I've had guns pulled on me by four people under Central Mississippi skies — once by a white undercover cop, once by a young brother trying to rob me for the leftovers of a weak work-study check, once by my mother and twice by myself. Not sure how or if I've helped many folks say yes to life but I've definitely aided in few folks dying slowly in America, all without the aid of a gun. ....

A partner of mine hooks me up with a partner of his who lets me hold something. I get the gun not only to defend myself from goofy brothers in red Corollas trying to rob folks for work-study money. I guess I'm working on becoming a black writer in Mississippi and some folks around Millsaps College don't like the essays I'm writing in the school newspaper.

A few weeks earlier, George Harmon, the President of Millsaps, shuts down the campus paper in response to a satirical essay I wrote on communal masturbation and sends a letter to over 12,000 overwhelmingly white Millsaps students, friends and alumnae. The letter states that the "Key Essay in question was written by Kiese Laymon, a controversial writer who consistently editorializes on race issues."

After the President's letter goes out, my life kinda hurts....

I enroll at Jackson State University in the Spring semester, where my mother teaches Political Science. Even though, I'm not really living at home, everyday Mama and I fight over my job at Cutco and her staying with her boyfriend and her not letting me use the car to get to my second job at an HIV hospice since my license is suspended. Really, we're fighting because she raised me to never ever forget I was on parole, which means no black hoodies in wrong neighborhoods, no jogging at night, hands in plain sight at all times in public, no intimate relationships with white women, never driving over the speed limit or doing those rolling stops at stop signs, always speaking the king's English in the presence of white folks, never being outperformed in school or in public by white students and most importantly, always remembering that no matter what, white folks will do anything to get you.

Mama's antidote to being born a black boy on parole in Central Mississippi is not for us to seek freedom; it's to insist on excellence at all times. Mama takes it personal when she realizes that I realize she is wrong. There ain't no antidote to life, I tell her. How free can you be if you really accept that white folks are the traffic cops of your life? Mama tells me that she is not talking about freedom. She says that she is talking about survival....

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Jail update

Spoke to HCSO this morning. The disturbance is in only one pod. SWAT team is in the pod. Older female jail employee was taken to the hospital but not for injuries suffered in disturbance.
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Change is a comin'.

We are giving Jackson Jambalaya a facelift. We rolled out new logos last week. What you see below is the new cover for the JJ Facebook page and the Flavicon used for the Twitter page (Kingfish1935). These were created by Stacy Putnam and her team at Crave Branding. If you look up at your tab in the browser window, you should notice the new Kingfish flavicon. If you don't see it, clear your browsing history and refresh. There is a new logo at the top of this page but we are still playing with it as we have to deal with both Blogger and the template JJ currently uses. There are more changes coming to this website so stay tuned. If you open this post, you can see the different concepts and artwork we looked at before settling on the final design. I thought it would be fun for y'all to see how it evolved. Thanks.

From oldest to newest, top to bottom. If you are on an Iphone or Ipad and don't see anything, it because I am using flash. Sorry.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

They never learn

One would think local residents might be happy about a new, top-quality project by Jackson State University given the exodus of residents and businesses away from West Jackson. Unfortunately, you would be wrong for thinking such is the case. The Jackson Free Press reported a representative of Chartre Development caught major grief from area residents at Koinonia Coffee House's Friday Forum last week:

"Many west Jackson citizens and community leaders let Chartre Consulting know this morning that they are not happy with the developer's plan for a mixed-income development near Jackson State University.

#David Kelly, a public relations consultant for Chartre, spoke at Koinonia Coffee House's Friday Forum about a plan to build more than 150 mixed-income townhouses along Dr. Robert Smith Sr. Parkway. Dozens of citizens, most of whom do not like the Oxford-based developer's plans, grilled Kelly with questions for more than an hour.....

Chartre proposes building the development on the land across Pearl Street from Koinonia, just west of Union Station. The Jackson State University Development Foundation currently owns the land. JSU Development Foundation sought out Chartre to buy the land to create the development.

Several citizens voiced concerns about the housing development not being what the people of west Jackson want as their gateway to downtown.

deborah Rae Wright, who does not capitalize her first name, started Best FOR* West, a community group specifically aimed at getting what the people want in the area of the proposed development. She said west Jackson needs more retail and economic growth. Specifically, she said the area needs a high-quality grocery store.

The city, county, state and agencies like the Jackson Redevelopment Authority should be creative and innovative with new development ideas, Wright said.

They (should not) just say, 'This is right and wrong', (but) 'This is how it can (be)," Wright said. "Jackson should not be happy about getting a new thing, be it a hotel (or) a building. It needs to be excellent and innovative. We've settled too often for getting a new something that is not innovative, that is not excellent, that doesn't make anybody want to come see it. We need to be making stuff that people get off the highway to see, because it's lit up at night. We need to have things that are made to where people from Madison are even going to come and say, 'I've got to see this.' We don't think that way."... Article

What does one say? That area has been going downhill for decades. A developer comes in to construct residential housing that will be affordable to people who can't otherwise get a mortgage but can make a housing payment every month. However, this bunch doesn't think its good enough for them. No, they instead want a Nordstrum or Maison Weiss. So where will the customers come from? Oh, that's right, if you build the high-end retail whatever it is, they will come from Minister Farrakhan's spaceship in the sky or somewhere similar.

They must have missed the part about businesses and demographics or how housetops bring retail. The more residents they get, the more likely they are to attract the retail they so desire but no, they just want to make life miserable for those who want to invest in their community. Kind of like a starving person complaining he got a ribeye instead of a filet. Of course there is one solution for these "community leaders" (Read malcontents): Go get your own investment and develop your own projects. Then you can have exactly what you want.

Some people are never happy.

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The ethanol mandate and its consquences

The CEO of Smithfield Foods* penned a column in the Wall Street Journal about how much the ethanol mandate has hurt the production of food. That's right. food. We've had it easy here in America for so long we thought we could take 40% of corn production away from the food chain and think there would be no consequences. Here is a report from the front lines in his words:

"This has been a cruel season for America's agricultural economy. It was partly unavoidable, as our nation's farmers are being devastated by this summer's brutal and worsening drought. The farm economy has withered along with the crops, and the American consumer, once again, will pay for it with higher food prices. ....

But aggravating the problem and adding to the crisis is the U.S. government's Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which requires that a certain volume of ethanol (15.2 billion gallons in 2012, mainly derived from corn) be blended into gasoline. This is an arbitrary figure, set irrespective of market supplies, demands or price. It applies to corn that's desperately needed for livestock feed and food for consumers.

The RFS has diverted so much corn as a questionable substitute for gasoline that in the face of this drought-depleted harvest, major food-producing companies such as Smithfield are being forced to seek alternative markets for grain to meet the demands of their livestock and at more affordable prices. Ironically, if the ethanol mandate did not exist, even this year's drought-depleted corn crop would have been more than enough to meet the requirements for livestock feed and food production at decent prices.

To give you some idea of the magnitude of the problem, look at Smithfield. We're the world's largest pork producer. We purchase roughly 128 million bushels of corn and corn equivalents a year from U.S. farmers to feed our 16 million pigs on farms across 12 states. This makes us one of the largest consumers of corn in the country. In addition, we contract with about 2,135 U.S. hog producers.

This year, the double whammy of a drought that's ravaging crops and ethanol demand has pushed corn prices to what are now record-high levels of over $8 per bushel, a quadrupling of prices in less than a decade. This has compelled food producers like Smithfield to find ways to control skyrocketing feed costs. For the first time in memory, corn is cheaper when it's delivered to the U.S. from abroad than if it's purchased from domestic suppliers. Smithfield was forced to take the unfortunate but absolutely necessary step of buying corn from Brazil—spending money that under normal circumstances would have gone to U.S. farmers.

This is what happens when the corn market, which already has to count on the whims of Mother Nature and is governed by the laws of supply and demand, is victimized by the whims of Washington and the unintended consequences of the diversion of food to fuel.

Ethanol now consumes more corn than animal agriculture does. According to a study recently released by the Center for Global Food Issues, ethanol production currently uses more than 40% of the U.S. annual corn supply, representing a 300% increase from 2005 to 2011. The resulting impact on corn prices is stunning: Per-bushel prices jumped to a record high last week of $8.24 from $2 in 2005, the year the ethanol mandate was put in place.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also reported that a record-low 26% of the corn crop is rated to be in "good" or "excellent" condition—down 40% from a year ago. And 45% of the corn crop is in "poor" or "very poor" condition. The USDA has declared nearly 1,400 counties in 31 states disaster areas as a result of the drought.

The current corn-price crisis demands that lawmakers and regulators immediately consider how to amend the RFS to help ease the pressure it is placing on the supply of corn for food, and to help reduce the cost to consumers...

Simple solution. End the ethanol mandate. Period.

*Smithfield produces Armour, John Morrell, and other brands.

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Farewell to Banjo

Marshall Ramsey and his family said goodbye to Banjo last night. He was a special dog who brought a lot of love to the Ramsey family. Banjo suffered from diabetes, then pancreatitis and arthritis in his back began to take its toll. The little guy was a trooper and persevered for the last few months but last night he was time as the brave little bundle of love said goodbye to this world.    You can read the poignant eulogy here.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics are upon us (NSFW)

And in honor of the Olympics here is one of the Olympians


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Kim Wade challenges the GOP establishment

Local radio talk show host KIM Waaaaaaaaaaaaade sent out this email today with the title "Open letter to Gov.Bryant,Chaney, Super Talk Ins Ind and Hosp Assc". Needless to say, he's been on a tear lately accusing them of Supertalk, the Governor, and Chaney selling out to the insurance companies on Obamacare although I must confess, I don't see it. Here is the email.

How States Can Reject and Replace Obamacare
By Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski 27 Jul 2012

Here’s the blueprint for how the states can eviscerate three central pillars of Obamacare, crippling it, and set the stage for replacing it if Mitt Romney takes the White House and the GOP takes the Senate this November.

Many are focusing on whether Congress will refuse to fund all the provisions of Obamacare that require federal money. While very important, this is only one barrel of what must be a double-barreled approach. The other is what states can do to dismantle Obamacare. And if we pursue both of these simultaneously, we can defeat Obamacare and safeguard the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known.

Two reasons compel dismantling Obamacare. First is restoring individual liberty by empowering states against the national government and citizens against both. Second is recognizing that free markets outperform centrally-planned markets, so private-sector healthcare will better serve Americans than government-controlled Obamacare ever could.

However disappointing the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare’s individual mandate in a 5–4 decision, by a separate 7–2 vote the justices opened the door for the states to assert their sovereignty in an equally-unprecedented opportunity. The Court has declared for decades that it’s theoretically possible for federal spending to exceed Congress’ power under the Spending Clause of the Constitution, thereby violating the Tenth Amendment. That possibility became reality on June 28.

Medicaid is nominally a federal-state “partnership” consuming 20% of state budgets. Obamacare grows Medicaid by an additional $434 billion per decade to cover all Americans up to 138% of the poverty line. The feds promise to pay for 90% of this expansion (though they cannot be held to that), leaving states to pay at least another $50 billion.

If any state declines to participate in the expansion, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could strip that state of 100% of its Medicaid dollars. Every voter in that state would continue funding Medicaid through payroll taxes twice a month, but now would be subsidizing the other 49 states. Rejecting the expansion would thus be a political death wish for any governor or legislature.

This coercion is an unconstitutional violation of state sovereignty, so the Court struck down that part of Obamacare’s massive Medicaid expansion. The four justices against the individual mandate would have invalidated this entire expansion. While Chief Justice Roberts wouldn’t go that far, he was willing to strike down the provision authorizing stripping all Medicaid funds. So now states can refuse to expand Medicaid by foregoing the additional funding.

So first, states must reject the Medicaid expansion. This will leave millions of people subject to the individual mandate unable to get coverage from this government entitlement. Many of those people are exempt from the penalty (tax?) anyway, but others are not. Those people vote heavily Democratic, and they’ll surely demand the mandate be amended to exempt them.

Second, states must refuse to create state-based exchanges, which provide heavily-subsidized insurance policies to middle-income Americans not provided healthcare by employers. Because it would violate the Tenth Amendment’s anti-commandeering principle to require states to create or run the exchanges, if a state doesn’t do it, HHS will directly create and run it.

But there are no tax subsidies if HHS runs an exchange, so there is no incentive for people to flock to the exchanges; they’d pay full price. While many high-risk individuals would do so, it would still be vastly more expensive. Many will instead choose to pay the penalty (tax?) for violating the individual mandate.

Third, if employers with 50+ employees do not provide federally-approved healthcare, Obamacare imposes a $2,000 penalty per employee, per year. (Minimum penalty $100,000.) However, that penalty is triggered when those employees receive tax subsidies from a state-based exchange.

Since HHS-run exchanges have no subsidies, for states refusing to create exchanges, no employer in that state will be subject to that penalty. Kim's comments,(this is where Chaney, the Governor, the Hospital Association and the the Insurance industry is throwing every body else under the bus)This means business owners will band together to lobby their state not to set up exchanges.

More than half the states sued to have Obamacare struck down. Presumably, most will now pursue their options to decline the Medicaid expansion, not create exchanges, and thereby also save their companies from federal penalties. Medicaid, the exchanges, and the employer mandate are three of the central pillars of the Obamacare system.

This will create an unworkable patchwork nationwide, between states with semi-socialized medicine and healthcare costs spiraling out of control, versus those with private-sector medicine. Expect doctors, insurers, and providers to flock to these friendlier states, creating an increasingly unbalanced system. Then Obamacare will start coming apart at the seams, and momentum will build to repeal and replace.

Breitbart News legal contributor Ken Klukowski and former Ohio Treasurer Ken Blackwell are on faculty at Liberty University, and explain these issues in Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America.

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Large party just busted up in Ridgeland

Second update. MCSO told other media there was one arrest for minor with alcohol, were not 37 cars, and no guns, etc. I didn't write the post but I'm going to stand by the source as he was there. What I THINK probably happened was what he said took place did indeed happen but before the police arrived. There are several posts on twitter testifying to the fights. Anyway, decide for yourself. I've posted everything law enforcement said to e and others.

Update. Address appears to be in the county, not the city of Ridgeland. Law enforcement sources told me the crowd was around 1,000 people and at that point the police just wanted to get the crowd out of there in a semi-orderly fashion. If they saw something though, they made the arrests. Attempts to contact Sheriff Randy Tucker and Chief Jimmy Houston have been unsuccessful. KF.

Officers from Ridgeland, Jackson, Madison and the Madison County Sheriff's office (about 37 cars altogether) came together to bust up a large party of teens and young adults at a gathering of several hundred in Ridgeland on Hickory Road, just a few hours ago.  It was the "Project LJ" party (Project X type). Many fights broke out, and when guns were shown, things got out of hand. 

From what I can gather from 3 at the party, no shots were fired.  However, the party was so large, the officers started telling those there to "leave-there's too many of you to arrest".  More information when and if available.  I did see one video of the officer's cars, but so far, nothing else.

Canton's own "2 Gutta" and Leto boys were spotted. 

If you have information, please feel free to share in the comments. Pictures from the party are below. Check out Twitter. Use projectlj hashtag.

Must credit JJ. No posting photos without permission from JJ.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Mississippi Supreme Court stops Green. Again.

The Mississippi Supreme Court just issued a stay of Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green's plan to reassign the criminal and civil dockets between the four circuit judges. Earlier post. The plan would have assigned all criminal cases to Judges Tomie Green and Bill Gowan and the civil cases to Judges Jeff Weill and Winston Kidd. Bill Gowan would have still kept all civil cases for the first judicial district. Chief Justice Waller did not participate.

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Adding things up

Time to set the record straight.  The JFP reported yesterday one of its reporters noticed a discrepancy in the votes from a precinct:

"The precinct, located in the Jackson Medical Mall, reported only 33 total votes, according to the official numbers from the Hinds County Election Commission. When this reporter and JFP intern Aaron Cooper stopped by the precinct around 2:30 p.m. on Election Day, though, 67 voters had already signed the roll.

Joyce Jackson said Tuesday night that one of her poll watchers saw more than 100 voter signatures at the Precinct 11 around the polls’ 7 p.m. closing time. Cooper-Stokes defeated Jackson by 163 votes..."

The reporter (who I consider to be a good one) couldn't seem to get a straight answer from any one in the county or city governments. Then of course Her Laddness had to chime in:

"We don't know. And we find it infinitely disturbing that no one in a position of election seems able to answer these questions and take responsibility. It doesn't add up, literally and figuratively."

Well, I seemed to have no problem getting answers this morning as there was a very logical explanation for the difference between signatures and votes. Hinds County Election Commissioner Connie Cochran and a source at city hall (don't want to get anyone in trouble for not having permission to speak to media) said there were two electronic voting machines for the precinct. The poll worker clicked on "export" too soon and the votes did not download. As it was approximately 80 votes, it appeared there were many more signatures than votes. When the second box was properly downloaded, the discrepancy disappeared.

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HCSO rolls out new cars today (Video)

Here is the video of the announcement.

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Gas tanks or stomachs?

I can think of few problems that illustrate what is wrong with America today more than that of ethanol. Bad for engines. Less mpg and horsepower than regular gas. Uses more energy to produce. Yet the political class in both parties intentionally ignore the problems caused by the ethanol mandate, as they are slaves to the ethanol lobby. Another damn good reason to bump the Iowa caucuses to later in the year. It doesn't matter what the American people think or what is actually good science. Nope, the Republicans carry their water in Congress while the environmentalist whackos over at EPA try to ram down our throats a new 15% mandate. Meanwhile corn prices skyrocket and food shortages develop. Investors Business Daily had something to say about the fact 40% of our corn production now goes into "gas tanks instead of stomachs":

As drought destroys the U.S. corn crop and drives prices skyward, the U.S. now buys corn from Brazil and faces the end of its prized role as the world's top food supplier. It's time to scrap the ethanol mandate.

There's a whiff of foreboding about an already-economically enfeebled U.S. now losing its crown as the nation whose corn harvest could feed the world.

The worst drought since 1956 has hit 88% of the U.S. corn crop and is driving corn prices sharply higher.

For the first time, U.S. agricultural companies are importing corn from Brazil — the equivalent of Saudi Arabia importing oil, as the Financial Times noted....

There's nothing wrong with importing from Brazil, but it's a strange dynamic, because our country is so big and has so much in reserve it shouldn't have to import.

The problem here is the man-made element exacerbating the U.S. drought. There should be plenty of corn from U.S. reserves after recent record harvests for exports — 61 million metric tons in 2008 — were it not for the 2007 law that forces U.S. corn producers to turn ever greater percentages of U.S. corn into ethanol.

"As biofuel production develops and expands, it will continue to put pressure on U.S. corn and other feed grain production, exports, livestock feeding, and other domestic uses," the Agriculture Department says.

Today, 40% of our corn is consumed by ethanol making — the filling of gas tanks instead of stomachs. And another 20% is being destroyed by drought this year. Article

Thank you Bush, Congress, and Obama. Here is what will happen. Food prices will continue to rise thanks to this insanity. Our best customers will go elsewhere to purchase corn. Then in a few years when prices fall because of increased competition from overseas, the same farmers who are sticking it to us because of their lobbying for the ethanol mandate will be back demanding some form of subsidy or price support.

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Total loss. I'm going to go shoot myself.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

SOS: "Report is purposely inaccurate and is misleading"

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann issued the following statement on voter ID:

“The Brennan Center ‘Report’ is purposely inaccurate and is misleading in its statements about Mississippi.

Mississippi is cited as having 746, 316 voting age citizens more than ten (10) miles from the nearest ID-issuing office. The ‘Report’ counts only Public Safety offices open more than two (2) days per week. Yet the ‘Report’ acknowledges ‘Mississippi Law requires county offices to provide ID.’ There are ninety-two (92) of these offices located in all eighty-two (82) counties which are open five (5) days a week from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. By purposely excluding these offices, the ‘Report’ exaggerates the population number, then multiplies it by the ‘estimated’ number of people without transportation, to provide a totally fraudulent number of 48,329 voting citizens without a vehicle more than ten (10) miles from a state ID issuing office. This statement is false and the Brennan Center had knowledge to the contrary when the ‘Report’ was issued.

Further, it claims the cost of a birth certificate, if one were necessary, is $15, and there is a Mississippi ‘Catch-22’ which is ‘particularly perverse.’ It states Mississippi requires a photo-ID to obtain a birth certificate. What they do not say is each Circuit Clerk will be able to access the National Association for Public Health Statistics to verify available birth certificate data across the country at no cost to the applicant by simply obtaining basic information from the applicant.

Our State takes seriously its obligations to qualified voters. We are working to identify all citizens who may not have an ID, to assist with transportation to a local courthouse, and to provide a completely free voter ID. Sixty-six (66) individuals have contacted our Office thus far indicating a need for a voter ID.

The author claims to be a ‘long-time organizer, lobbyist, and an experienced trial attorney’ but, obviously, is not a statistician.”

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The hearing for Thomas McClinton was continued to August 23 today. Judge Dwayne Thomas scheduled a hearing to determine if Mr. McClinton was guilty of contempt of court for embezzling from his son's guardianship. De Mon McClinton, inherited $3.5 million when he was sixteen years-old after his mother died in 2001. He is the grandson of Aaron Henry.

Attorney Mike Brown is currently a resident of the Rankin County jail. Judge Thomas threw Mr. Brown in jail for embezzling over $1 million from the estate as well after he was found in contempt. Rankin County Chancellor imprisoned him after he found him in contempt of court after he failed to repay $37,000 to another estate. Sources inform this correspondent Mr. Brown and Jason Zebert are cellmates.

Editorial note: Judge Thomas finds Brown and Shackelford in contempt of court for withdrawing money from the McClinton estate without the court's permission and allows them to bail out of jail. Rankin County Chancellors John Grand and Dan Fairly find Vann Leonard, Jason Zebert, and Mike Brown in contempt of court for the same crime on different estates and throw them in jail without bond until they purge the contempt. See a pattern?

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The end for copper draws near

Looks like the reasons for AT&T pushing its deregulation bill in the legislature becomes clear. BroadbandDSLreports.com reports:

"The FCC's Connect America Fund gives phone companies significant subsidies if they agree to expand their broadband services into under-served areas, though hopefullly the FCC can dole out the funds without forgetting to track how the money is spent -- something that has historically been a problem for the agency. Yesterday was the deadline for telcos to sign up for the subsidies, and while companies like Frontier have agreed to take $72 million to wire an additional 92,000 homes, Telecompetitor directs our attention to the fact that AT&T and Verizon have declned participating. Both companies only vaguely stated they wouldn't be participating in the plan because the money wasn't substantial enough and they already have plans for these areas:

Two of those carriers – AT&T and Verizon – yesterday declined all of the funding they had been offered. In a letter to the FCC shared with Telecompetitor, AT&T — which was offered $47.8 million — said it is “optimistic” about its ability to get more broadband into rural areas, “particularly as the technology continues to advance.” But the company said it could not commit to participate in the program until it finalizes that strategy. Verizon, which operates largely in the densely populated Northeast, was offered $19.7 million. The company’s letter to the FCC did not cite a specific reason for the decision, other than noting that the amount of money involved was “relatively small.”

Of course as we've been exploring, Verizon and AT&T don't want subsidies to wire rural markets -- because they are retreating rapidly from wires. Both companies have made it very clear they're willing to watch most of their DSL users flee to cable so they can focus on more profitable LTE. While LTE is expected to cover a lot of rural America, there is expected to be more than a few areas where copper is eliminated but LTE still won't reach -- actually creating more connectivity gaps in 2012 as we try to create fewer
." Article

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When the trucks stop rolling

This 2006 report by the American Truckers' Association gives one a rather chilling picture of what will happen if for whatever reason, the trucks stopped rolling. Read the last page. :

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bibbs in trouble again.

Jeremy Bibbs in trouble again. The Rankin County jail docket states:

"Jeremy Jamaal Bibbs, 7/8/1986, 252 Heather Road, Florence, assault-simple assault including threats (x2); disturbing the family peace"

Sigh. Another wasted talent. Here is is profile on Scout.

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The local creative class manifesto

New Orleans writer Ingrid Norton published a novelette (my term) about Jackson under Frank Melton and its recovery. Hint: Frank is bad, Kaze and Ladd are the heroes, and Ben Allen is slowly reforming himself. Enjoy.

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Goodbye Sherman. Thanks for the laughs.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fear the Hat!

Larita Cooper -Stokes wins. 52.8 percent to 47.1 percent for Joyce Jackson. LCS got 1503 votes, Joyce Jackson 1340. 2843 total votes cast. 38 absentees to be counted.
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She's at it again.

Larita goes for overkill.

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And now for my list

Y'all Politics recently published a list of "up and coming" Republicans. It included notables such as Phillip Gunn, Chris McDaniel, and Quentin Whitwell. It was a nice attempt at providing some pr for the GOP but well, I didn't think it was too particularly well-informed. I thought I would put my money where my mouth is and come up with my own list. These are not ranked so don't read too much into their position.

1. Lynn Fitch. Used family money to beat the money of the bond cartel. The Treasurer is the first Republican woman to aggressively court Republican women on a statewide level. She reaches out to them and they know it. She's holding fund-raisers and making it clear she has future plans and will not be a one-and-done politician.

2. Chris McDaniel. Lugar and Bennett went down and Hatch had to work hard to keep his Senate seat even though he won by a comfortable margin. Cruz stands a good chance of beating the Texas Lieutenant Governor. Its no secret many conservatives are fed up with deficits and pork barrel spending. Throw in the fact Senator Thad Cochran replaced Ted Stephens as the king of GOP pork, and there is a sentiment among the Tea Party and other conservatives to challenge the first Republican Senator from Mississippi. McDaniel is playing to all the conservative groups and making his name known around the state. The question will be funding. If McDaniel can nationalize the race and bring in money from conservatives nationwide (See Niki Haley in S. Carolina), he could obtain the funding to make a serious run while other Republican office-holders refuse to run out of deference to Thad.

3. Phil Fisher. He has made a name for himself on the Hinds County Board of Supervisors as someone who is a fiscal conservative and not afraid to stand up to the Democrats on the board. He is running for Mayor of Clinton and retires from military service Thursday with the rank of Brigadier General. He is still relatively young and would be the Mayor of a GOP stronghold if he wins. Much more of an up and comer than a certain Clarke Reed Republican that sits on the Jackson City Council.

4. Anthony Lawrence. The District Attorney for the Greene, George, and Jackson counties. Although from the coast, he is the current president of the state prosecutors' association. As Y'all stated, he is tough on cybercrime and showed dogged determination in prosecuting the Shaeffer case, the only case in the Catch a Predator sting operation in Byram that sent someone to jail. Well-respected by his peers and politicians alike, he must be considered to be a serious candidate for Attorney General if he decides to run.

5. Arthur Johnston. The Madison County Chancery Clerk is known for his intelligence and integrity. He is regarded by many as the best chancery clerk in Mississippi. He led the way in bringing technology to his office and chancery clerks statewide. He helped create the electronic court filing system that is being implemented statewide. If either Delbert or Lynn runs for another office, look for Mr. Johnston to announce his candidacy.

6. Mark Baker. An influx of new leadership in the House allowed the Rankin County attorney to assume a strong presence this year. He and Senator Josh Harkins did the heavy lifting in winning passage of several bills pertaining to the Reservoir area. He makes the Republican rounds, he's holding fund-raisers, and he's looking at running for Attorney General. He carries a more aggressive style than past GOP contenders for Jim Hood's spot but doesn't have the mule-headed nature of a certain past GOP candidate.

7. Rebekah Staples. Not an elected official but policy analyst for Governor Barbour and then Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. She recently moved to the Governmental section at Butler Snow. Known as a highly intelligent operator, she will be someone to watch in future administrations. One of those people who may never make the newspapers but is always at the top as she is usually smarter than those around her.

8. Parks McNabb. No relation to Donovan and when not performing national security functions at Fenians, is Tate's right-hand man. He and the Lieutenant Governor are fast becoming known as a team more and more every month. Another Haley lieutenant who is advancing in the ranks. He will probably be like Rebekah, never elected to office but someone who can not be ignored.

9. Greg Snowden. There has to be a bulldog in the House and Greg Snowden is that man. Although he has been in the legislature for years, the ascension to power by Republicans allowed him to move into the spotlight and show what he can do. He worked under a speaker who was new to the job, showed his mastery of rules and procedure, something needed if one is to battle the Cecil Browns of the legislature. Fair but firm is the perfect description for the man from Meridian. Mr. Snowden is also not afraid to use social media and the regular media to fight Democrats and promote his message. He will be a true power in the legislature for some time to come.

10. Wow. Who should be tenth? Get ready: Billy Hewes. Yup. Billy Hewes. No longer working under someone else in the legislature, Billy Hewes now gets to be his own man in running for Mayor of Gulport. Its a job that fits him perfectly. He loves the coast and his business background will be an asset to Gulfport. He is still fairly young and with kids still in school, he will likely hold that job for at least two terms if he wins next year. He will be one of the leading GOP Mayors in Mississippi.

Honorable mention: Becky Currie, Michael Guest, Andy Gipson, Pamela Weaver, Amile Wilson, Scott Delano

There you have it. Fire away and tell me who I ignored.

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And now for the rest of the Nittany Lion story

This ESPN video from 2008 about Penn State will make much more sense now. >

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Save this mutt

Pure-bred Boxer. Shoot me an email if interested at kingfish1935@gmail.com.

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GW: DR. Smith has a bad month

Charlie Smith reported in the Greenwood Commonwealth Dr. Arnold Smith has a bad month. First the medical board suspended his license. The Mississippi Supreme Court denies his appeal for bond last week. Then attorney Lee Abraham sues him for changes to his "lifestyle" due to the alleged murder for hire plot".

"Lee Abraham is suing Dr. Arnold Smith for civil conspiracy, saying he’s had to alter his daily actions and lost enjoyment of his normal life as a result of a plot to murder him.

The three-page lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Leflore County Circuit Court.

It provides little detail but does give a glimpse into Abraham’s reaction to the attempt on his life, which culminated with a shootout between hit men and agents from the state Attorney General’s Office on April 28 at his Market Street law office.

Defendants in the suit are:

• Smith

• The North Central Mississippi Regional Cancer Center, a Greenwood clinic owned by Smith

• Unknown other conspirators

The lawsuit states that the defendants reached a “meeting of the minds” and entered into a conspiracy to kill Abraham, which included hiring hit men Keaira Byrd and Derrick Lacy.

Evidence of that conspiracy includes a video, recorded by Smith himself inside the Cancer Center, of him telling a man identified by police as Byrd to “take a (expletive) picture with a hole between his eyes” after the assassin shoots Abraham.

According to investigators, Byrd arranged to meet with Abraham at the attorney’s office with a guise of selling Abraham some evidence in an ongoing investigation against Smith being conducted by the Attorney General’s Office. Abraham arranged with Attorney General Jim Hood for three agents to be present at the exchange.

But Byrd arrived wearing a ski mask and carrying an assault weapon, and shots began flying just inside the law office doors. Byrd died, and Lacy was critically wounded. One agent was grazed by a bullet, but Abraham wasn’t harmed.

“Defendants’ actions were defeated, but not without causing Plaintiff Abraham substantial harm including but not limited to mental and emotional distress. Defendants’ actions were so heinous as to cause outrage and revulsion,” the lawsuit states.

As a result of the conspiracy, Abraham “has been and is altering normal daily actions and, therefore, has suffered the loss of enjoyment of his normal life,” it said.

Abraham is seeking compensatory and punitive damages as well as court expenses. No specific amount is being requested.

He’s represented by attorneys Scot Spragins of Oxford and Ralph Chapman of Clarksdale.

Circuit Judge Ashley Hines of Greenville has been assigned to hear the case.

It’s the latest blow in what has been a bad July for Smith.

On July 10, the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure prohibited the oncologist from practicing medicine pending an independent mental exam. Dr. Vann Craig, the board’s executive director, could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

But Smith, 70, hasn’t been able to see patients since April 29 because he’s been held without bond at the Leflore County Jail. On Thursday, the state Supreme Court denied the oncologist’s petition to have bail set.

He’s awaiting the action of a grand jury, which convenes in August, on charges of the capital murder of Byrd and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder against Abraham, against whom Smith has long held a grudge and accused of holding strong economic and political power.....

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NCAA body-slams Penn State

-$60 million fine. Equivalent to one year's revenue for the football program.
-Reduction from 25 to 15 scholarships per year. Penn State will eventually only have 65 total scholarships- the level for Div I-AA.
-All wins since 1998 vacated. Bobby wins.
-Players and recruits can transfer to other schools and play immediately. Players can stay and quit team as long as they make academic progress.
-Five-year probation
-No bowls or postseason play for five years
-Emmert blames the culture and leadership at Penn State.
-Emmert says these sanctions were in the form of a consent decree and Penn State signed it.

Copy of consent decree

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Medicaid Melee

Let the Medicaid melee begin. Obamacare offers an expansion of Medicaid up to 133% of the poverty level. The federal government pays for the increase for several years before the state pays 10% of the new coverage each year. Needless to say, the offer has sparked a battle royale between Mississippi Republicans and Democrats as the Republicans say the state can not afford to pay $160 million when its time for Mississippi to start paying the piper.

Cottonchicken is quoting the usual Democratic Party line and using reports published by the Mississippi Economic Policy Center. MEPC claims the expansion will expand the state economy:

"As we saw in an earlier post, over 270,000 working individuals who are currently without health insurance would be eligible for coverage in Mississippi. As more people receive coverage, they will demand health care services. As more people demand services, Mississippi will need workers to fill the jobs associated with providing additional services. These jobs not only include doctors and nurses, they also include medical billers and coders and other occupations that pay family supporting wages....

After three years, the federal match will slowly decrease to 90 percent of the expansion costs in 2019. With Mississippi only paying 10 cents for every dollar on the population covered through the expansion, the policy will remain an incredibly good deal.

Just one problem. Paul Volker's State Budget Crisis Task Force issued its own report on Medicaid spending. Summary,full report Although the report only covered six large states. It presented a different picture of Medicaid:

"Medicaid, the single largest spending category in most state budgets, is growing faster than the economy and faster than state tax revenues. This trend will continue as long as health care costs grow faster than the overall economy and Medicaid caseloads continue to increase.

According to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), total Medicaid costs are likely to grow at an average annual rate of 8.1 percent between 2012 and 2020 if the health care reforms in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are implemented and at a rate of 6.6 percent if they are not.If state Medicaid spending and state tax revenues continue their trends of the past decade, with a 7.2 percent average annual growth for Medicaid and a 3.9 percent growth rate for revenues, the gap between Medicaid and state tax revenue growth will increase by at least $22 billion annually within five years and will grow even larger thereafter.

Medicaid will face further pressure with the growth of its medically expensive elderly population. The elderly population in the nation increased by an annual average of 13 percent in each of the last two decades but is projected by the Social Security Administration to increase by 30 to 35 percent in this decade and the next.....

Medicaid recently surpassed K-12 education as the largest area of state spending when all funds, including federal funds, are considered; and Medicaid appears likely to continue to claim a growing share of state resources. (See Figure 9.) During the deepest part of the recent fiscal crisis, states cut education aid, adjusted for inflation and enrollment growth, while Medicaid spending continued to grow...

States with currently low eligibility levels and high uninsured populations, like Texas, Virginia, and Illinois, could have a substantial increase in their Medicaid caseloads if they participate, putting great pressure on provider capacity - already strained in these states - and increasing pressure for increased rates of payment to providers....

Federal health care reform, as upheld by the Supreme Court, will not change the fundamental imbalance between rising Medicaid costs and state revenues. The longer term cost pressures resulting from dramatic increases in the elderly population and the inexorable growth in health care costs continue to build. As the CMS Actuary puts it, “The increased Medicaid costs associated with growing caseloads and the pressures on government revenues are likely to add to the financial stress of States’ Medicaid programs...

Who you going to believe? Cottonchicken and MECP or Paul Volker?

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Madison Supes won't take no for an answer

Ridgeland Alderman and former Madison Supervisor D.I. Smith wrote on his website:

"The Madison County Board of Supervisors voted Monday night in closed session to appeal the Permit Board decision on the NCL Landfill.

The vote was 3-2. Karl Banks, Paul Griffin, and John Bell Crosby voted to appeal the decision. Ronnie Lott and Gerald Steen voted against it.

This is insane. Madison County taxpayers are footing the bill for lawyers to fight the battle for the developer! Basically, this is the same as the Madison County Taxpayers paying the developers legal fees. Where is the logic in this decision? SIXTY FOUR Counties don't have any landfills; why does Madison County need 3!? Follow the money! Garbage is dirty more than one way!

So there will be an "evidentiary" hearing by the State Permit Board. I don't know when this will take place, but we will need to get the foot soldiers out one more time to opposed the appeal and support DEQ/Permit Board. Are you willing to stand up for your property values?"

The Department of Environmental Quality rejected last week the application filed by North County Line Landfill, LLC for a 250 foot setback instead of the 500 foot one recommended by MDEQ.

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MDE sticks it to the legislature

The Board of Education gave a big _____ you to the legislature Friday. The Associated Press's Jeff Amy reports:

"Mississippi school districts and high schools won't have to worry about whether this year's graduation rates will affect state ratings.

The state Board of Education voted 6-1 Friday to drop for one year the requirements that at least 80 percent of students must graduate for schools to earn the top "star" rating, or that at least 75 percent of students must graduate from schools for them to earn the second-highest rank of "high performing."

Under the state's new A-to-F grading system, star schools will get A ratings and high performing schools will get Bs.

Mississippi high schools have one of the nation's lowest graduation rates. One recent measure found that nearly 30 percent of high school students drop out...

The old system bumped high schools and districts down a ratings tier if they didn't meet graduation standards.

Last year, four of what were then 152 districts won star ratings and 28 were rated high performing. State officials said another 12 districts and 47 high schools were bumped out of one of those two tiers last year for failing to meet graduation standards. Officials were unable to produce a list of those districts and schools late Friday
...." Article

Make no mistake, this is nothing short of the Department of Education sticking a finger in the eye of the legislature. The legislature simplified the ratings system so it would be easier to understand the grades given to a school district. Under the new system, a school that only graduates 3/4 of its students will be considered "high performing" or "B". The ratings were Star, High Performing, Successful, Academic Watch, Low Performing, At Risk of Failing, and Failing. Very convoluted and a slew of labels that have the effect of allowing a really bad school to avoid being classified as "Failing". Obfuscation and a refusal to accept responsibility are all too often common traits in the public school lobby and this action by the board is no exception. This action will allow the state to give false ratings of Star and High Performing to districts that are not graduating even 80% of their students. Peace is war. 2+2=5. Freedom is slavery.

And you wonder why Mississippi is last in education?

Note: No comment from legislators in Desoto County.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's a far, far better thing.....

Saw The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon. Awesome movie, but in case you wonder where they got the lines of poetry at the end, here it is.

I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, though long to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.
It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

From the end of A Tale of Two Cities

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Nine-year old thug beats and kicks toddler (video)

Busy as hell news day. Just when you think there is nothing else to post out comes the video from the day care center in Vicksburg where a man slapped a nine-year old kid and was arrested. Turns out the baby savage was kicking and beating a one-year old baby. Here is the video of baby savage. Warning: Graphic and disturbing.

Mama Savage naturally pressed charges against the father who dared to lay a hand on her little animal. My folks would've beat me to a pulp just to teach me what it felt like if they saw this video. Don't worry Mama Savage, in ten years when your little animal is in jail and knocked up five girls, we'll be taking care of him for you. WLBT report on father The day-care center operator has been arrested. Too bad we can't arrest the mother just for existing.

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Dr. Smith update

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The Illuminati takes over MDCC

This is the latest anonymous letter that is floating around the Delta right now. Needless to say, its tied in to the Doctor and the Lawyer. I've removed all names except for the actual presidents. The reason for publishing it is to show you what type of unsubstantiated trash is being spread in the Delta because that is exactly what this stuff is. Read at your own risk.

__________ Community College
(Formerly Known as Mississippi Delta Community College)

Followup to the Document of Concern-2

Since the previous A Document of Concern was circulated in April regarding recorded conversations among MDCC Board of Trustee members ____ of _____ County and ______ of ______ County, ______ with _____ and ______ member _____ of _______, little has changed with these people. In fact, they have all continued to engage in further conspiracy and subterfuge. And now with thee assistance of _______, who's being paid $3,000 a month, the take-over agenda of MDCC led by ____ continues. More on all this later.

We had previously published in "A Document of Concern" that the above people resign from their board of trustee positions or staff positions at MDCC. That has not happened. In fact, this gang of conspirators has been even bolder in taking over control of both the board of trustees as well as the college. The board may as well change the name to ___________ Community College because that's what's been happening since Dr. Larry Bailey announced his resignation as president in April, and the appointment of Dr. Steele as Interim President at MDCC.

Many have been waiting for the release on Youtube and the Internet of the recordings of these people as we stated we would do after May 25 which was part of the basis of "A Document of Concern". But legal counsel has advised us that doing so would create an electronic trail that can be tracked back to our group. And given what happened last month in the law offices of Lee Abraham, ________, where two alleged hit men were set up by Lee Abraham and agents with the Mississippi Attorney General's office. And with a "shoot to kill order" by agents with the Mississippi Attorney General's office, we are confident, a is our legal counsel, that the _____ would track us down and have us killed within 24 hour or less. What's another three dead black students to theem? And with the ____ "mob" connections inside and outside of Mississippi, two black guys and a black woman wouldn't have a prayer against this thuggery in order to get what they want. And we certainly can't trust the Attorney General who conducted the investigation of the incident himself into the Lee Abraham/Dr. Smith incident. And with the "shoot to kill" order from the AG's office, that doesn't give much ope for black residents when the AG's office and personnel are hooked up with the likes of _____ and _____. And why should it given the considerable campaign contributions to Jim Hood over the years. The _____ and ____ along with attorney ____ have already shown their contempt in board meetings to blacks, maintenance workers at MDCC, representatives of the NAACP, black students involved in thee PBI national education grants and blacks in general, a well as others they don't like or don't go along with the subterfuge.

So under the advice of legal counsel the recordings previously mentioned that were not reported in "A Document of Concern" will now be presented in written transcript form- printed- and will be distributed to selected MDCC Board of Trustee members, all board of trustee members at all 15 Mississippi community and community colleges, selected MDCC staff, all members of the boards of supervisors in the MDCC service area, selected elected officials, national NAACP and like organizations, media sources outside MIssissippi, national media sources who already have expressed interest in this followup information, the FBI in Washington, DC (Not in Mississippi as ________ already has his tentacles into that organization too) and as many black churches as possible served by MDCC, and others who have expressed outrage at the antics and hateful actions by this group of people.

By way of reminder, as previously stated in "A Document of Concern" ____ and ____ and _____ have their "hit list" of people they want out or demoted or punished. And they have continued to implement the hit list. They got ________ of ______ off of the board. ____ in particular coerced ____ into retirement by blackmail and engaging in threats to expose him on trumped up scenarious ___ created (much like ____ doing to others in ____ County. Can you say _________ _________. And now ___ wants to get others out at the June Board of Trustees meeting using _____ to do ___ dirty work. ____ has decided who stays and who goes and who gets demoted and who gets promoted with new responsibilities within their tight group of people.

SO where is the rest of the MDCC Board of Trustees in all this? Where are the black board members as the white board members (next line is unreadable)? And why is it that ______ send (Next line unreadable) that she knows when she goes to a board meeting she has the votes already lined up. Just a further example of contempt by _____ to black board members and blacks in general. And why does MDCC even need either an interim president or a permanent president when _____ calling the shots and then informing only selected board members of ___ actions This shows outright contempt of the process and the board of trustees as a group.

Since "A Document of Concern" was distributed many have been able to verify much of what was recorded there. Many have verified facts and details that they knew to be true and have passed that information along. SO while many have heard the recordings but only read some of the selected printed comments from the transcripts of the above people, actions speak louder than words. And in the case of "A Document of Concern" almost all they talked about doing has come to pass. So who's lying now?

Thank goodness for some MDCC department heads and faculty who just couldn't wait to brag about what's been going on since "A Document of Concern" was distributed and since Dr. Steele arrived on the scene to do what ____ has outlined for her to do. Bless their hearts for being so stupid in commenting so publicly as we are almost everywhere listening, recording, and documenting. Just sit and listen and takes notes and a clearer picture emerges as to just what has been going on since the ______ regime took over. To these people its all about power, punishment, revenge, and control.

Now once again thanks to loose lipped department heads, faculty and staff aligned with the above people let us pass along some other interesting information that has come to light and then ask the questions where is the rest of the MDCC Board of Trustees in running thee college?

1) _______ has allowed certain MDCC board members and some staff at MDCC to have direct access to personnel files of MDCC employees. ___ has allowed others to have access to files in the president's office when Dr. Bailey was out of the office or off campus. For what purpose we wonder? This was a topic of conversations over lunch in the MDCC cafeteria before school was out. Confidential personnel and financial information contained in certain MDCC employee files have been compromised in clear violation of state confidentiality laws and regulations. Every MDCC employee should check his/her employee files to make sure something hasn't been added to or deleted from those filed by unauthorized people. In the private sector, this kind of behavior and activity would be grounds for immediate dismissal and disciplinary action. An investigation should be launched into this shameless and unprofessional behavior.

2) ______ has seriously violated MDCC policies by not reporting or taking appropriate disciplinary action in August 2011 against ______________. ______ engaged in actions of inappropriate sexual behavior with females on the _____ campus and touching them in a most inappropriate way. _____ was aware of the serious nature of these actions/charges but took no disciplinary action other than moving _____ from ______. No firing. No disciplinary action. No reduction in pay. In the private sector, _____ would have been fired and even taken to court. ____ has shown his/her lack of integrity to hold his position.

3)______________ was aware of these incidents and also did nothing. ____ did not report the incidents as one would expect such an person would and should do. ___ would have further been aware of the transfer and the nature of such a transfer. His/her incompetence in this matter shows further a lack of a sense of duty and should be grounds for immediate dismissal. (By way of reminder, (KF note: Inappropriate reference to children of people mentioned)).

4. ______ engages in selective documentation of "favorite" employees when it comes to leave time, sick time, absences, a administrative leave and so forth. He/she does not dock certain employees for sick time when they are sick or personal leave when certain employees need more time, or always follow the signed documentation of vice president, department heads or other supervisory personnel when it comes to such persons keeping track of the various elements of time accountability. So when a department head says publicly that "I'll just tell ___ to give me a break and it'll be OK", then something is wrong. ____ determining who gets docked and who doesn't based on his/her favorite scale or who calls to save give me a break on my time. More examples of unprofessional behavior that should be investigated.

5. ____ has told Dr. Bailey "hours" before the May MDCC Board of Trustees meeting that the MDCC 2012-2013 budget was not ready for presentation to the board. That was not true. At that time, and prior to thee board meetings, _____ already had a copy of the preliminary budget which he/she then shared with ____ following the May board of trustees meeting. So who directed _____ to hold up the budget for thee May meeting when that is the normal meeting to make such a presentation? ____'s actions in this regard shows further unfitness for position as he/she did this upon instruction of ____ to prevent Dr. Bailey from presenting his rehire list- one which ____ wanted to stall so they could continue with their "hit list". You got to just love a certain department head for laughing about this action.

6. Responsible members of the MDCC Board of Trustees need to meet with Dr. Bailey in private without the presence of thee _______ and ____'s in order to find out just what _____ threatened Dr. Bailey with, the clabkmail scheme he/she was up to, and the other hateful things he/she has been engaged in for the last six months.

7. From Greenwood and Indianola sources it has come to light that it is the intention of _____, the ____ and _____ to keep Dr. Steele in as the permanent president of MDCC despite her being appointed by the board as only the interim president. A bogus presidential search committee with carefully selected and aligned board members has been set up to get the process going of selecting a permanent president. However, it is fully the intention of this committee to interrupt th process in a month or so- but before September - to stop the process and say that Dr. Steele is doing such a wonderful job that she should just be appointment as permanent president which was the intention all along. This despite a printed and distributed news release to the media that the person appointed as interim president would not be a candidate for president. The presidential search process has been short-circuited from the start by ________. And further ____ contacted Dr. Steele as soon as Dr. Bailey announced that he was going to "retire." A simple check of phone records of ____ and Dr. Steele would verify this fact. SO where is the rest of the boar of trustees on this matter? Are they going to roll over and play dead on this issue, too?

8. The MDCC Board needs to talk with the MDCC CHief of Police about what ___ and ___ has said to him and members of his department. They need to talk to each MDCC maintenance worker about the racist attitude and comments ____ has made since he assumed thee position as ____. Case in point. ____ told Dr. Steele to direct ___ to tell ____ that he was being demoted back to just a maintenance worker. He/she has been supportive of Dr. Bailey so no one black or white is safe from these people. They need to talk to individual students involved in the education grants through the U.S. Department of Education and see just how meaningful, helpful, and hands- on Dr. Bailey and others have been to make sure these students succeed. This is the program ____ want to take control of along with its $3.6 million in funding. And that appears to be what is going to happen. We will be asking elected officials to contact officials with thee U.S. Department of Education to pull funding from these grants and stop further programming if the ________s take control. These two PBI grants should be stopped immediately or at least until an investigation is conducted.

9. Dr. Steele was selected to implement a wholesale takeover of MDCC led by ___. It will become very clear in the near future- just as "A Document of Concern" pointed out- that Dr. Bailey supporters and those loyal to Dr. Bailey will be demoted, pushed out, reassigned, and other wise punished at _____'s direction. Just watch what is presented at the June Board of Trustees meeting by Dr. Steele under the direction of ____. The actions will speak for themselves on this administrative restructuring ___. ____ - who does not have a terminal degree and limited education experience but only a political background- plans on restructuring the administrations to he/she and Dr. Steele's liking and hire their friends and punish others so that when a new president is selected, that person will be locked in with a structure that he/she may not like. But wait. Not to worry as Dr. Steele will be staying so whats the issue? Right? So where is the rest of the MDCC board of trustees in all this? Are they going to roll over and play dead, too, on this fundamental shift in administrative structure where those who have been loyal and supportive of Dr. Bailey will now be punished while those who have supported ____ and the _____s will be rewarded? Just watch and see what is presented. The facts will bear out this statement.

10. And MDCC isn't the only power grab the _____s are engaged in. Just ask Dr. Donna Oliver, president at Mississippi Valley State University. Dr. Oliver has locked horns with ___ and ____ a number of times over the past year. ____ has directly both challenged and threatened Dr. Oliver and vowed to get her out as president. Dirst Dr. Larry Bailey at MDCC and now Dr. Oliver at MVSU. In this regard please see the following recorded comments by ____ was so recorded and referenced in A Document of Concern:

"Who does that bitch thinks she is (DR. Oliver)? And that mayor (Former Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson). Who the hell does she think she's dealing with? We run Greenwood. I run the ____ foundation.. I"ll screw both of them if they move those games to Greenville.... Well you know they want a second building at GHEC. I'll f--- them over on that... I'll make sure the (MDCC Board of Trustees) board doesn't support the project... We can screw Greenville in Jackson.. I don't give shit who they are. Willie Bailey, John, Hines... give me a break... Greenville ain't got no respect in Jackson... Yeah I'll screw that mayor... Weill if (Current Greenville Mayor Chuck Jordon) wins... I'll deal with him... yeah, he won't play with us unless there's something in it for him..______________________. You know he had to have known what was going on m, yeah well he'd better play ball 'cause I ain't going let no God d___ building go up over there... screw with the ____'s and we'll screw right back (laughter) yeah just intimate people and they'll back off or play ball (more laughter)... I do it with the ____ board of supervisors all the time. Stupid thats what they are."

Where does it end? Where is the MDCC Board of Trustees in all this Some investigative body needs to check into the various contracts, leases, and real estate deals that the ___ are involved with when it comes to MDCC and MVSU. And while you are at it, check and see ___ and ___ financial interests in a hospital company wanting to buy the Greenwood Leflore Hospital urged on by ___. Conflict of interest? And even better why does the MDCC Board of Trustees allow ___ to be the ___ over MDCC's Greenwood Center when its also ___ who owns thee proeprty and get over $90,000 in annual lease payments? Its all public records. Just more conflict of interest with these people. An investigative agency needs to check into this matter as they are making money off MDCC by hook and crook and intimidating people along the way.

11. And the following recorded phone conversation by ________ tells the real story about just what their ultimate agenda is for MDCC:

"(Laughter)... oh power is great. I have it here (______ County) and no one screws with me... Well the board screwed me over with Dr. Honeycutt and put Bailey in so his ass was grass from then.... Oh you can just stack the board (MDCC Board of Trustees) with your friends.. ones that you have something on... Yeah like "the Sopranos"..(laughter)... Anyone gets in my way they are dead meat... Well I'll get Bailey out any way I can... yeah even lies who will know... you just do your part.. you know what to do... (laughter).. I got your back _____ and give you what you want... yeah we'll get them all out..."

MDCC has over 72% black student enrollment but a majority white board of trustees and a white board chair who has already shown her contempt in board meetings to blacks and issues they present. Race was never an issue when Dr. Bailey was president. So why are black board members silent about what is going on? Why are black board members not challenging _____ or the _____s? When are black board members going to remember that phrase spoken by Fannie Lou Hamer right here in Sunflower County when she said "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!" The board can't let this wholesale slaughter go forwared by Dr. Steele and ____.

We will be asking the boards of supervisors in MDCC's service area to withhold funding until either these people resign from the board of trustees or as staff at MDCC or until a thorough investigation has been undertaken to expose the actions of these people.

And when we say we are in fear for our lives form these people you can rest assured that from what we know about this alliance of _________ and ____ no one is safe. If they go after a white president and vice presidents and staff people like they are now then no black person is safe. And you white folks at MDCC who have stood up to these people or supported Dr. Bailey and his progressive efforts to educate black students and move MDCC to one of the Top 100 community colleges in the nation, you better watch out too. The longer these people stay in power and the rest of you say little or noting and remain silent then it will be mockingly known as ____-____ Community College as it was sneeringly dubbed last week at a restaurant in Greenwood.

There will also be a Follow up 3 Document in two weeks after we see what happens at the June MDCC Board of Trustees meeting. By then their true colors will be exposed and more information will be released. Only by exposing the darkness with a beacon of light will these hateful people be stopped. And maybe the black board of trustee members and thoughtful white board members who aren't afraid of ____ or the ______'s will join together to stop this madness before it goes much further.

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Never let a good.......

And the JFP just can not wait to take a shot at gun owners after the massacre in Colorado. Here is an editorial written by an intern who is from Aurora:

"Already this act of violence has sparked up the gun debate yet again. Getting a gun is fairly easy in Colorado; it's easy to get a gun most anywhere in America today. Everything about our culture seems centered on war and guns. Gun proponents say we need more guns to protect ourselves, but would more people with guns have changed what happened last night?

#The massacre would have likely turned into a massive shootout, with even more dead and injured, because gun owners aren't some sort of heroes. We have a romanticized image of a citizen with a gun saving the day and ending the violence by taking out a criminal by surprise. But in a real firefight, your average Joe is not going to be able to keep his cool. There's a reason it takes extensive training for our police and soldiers to do what they do; there's a reason we trust them with our fighting, and there's a reason shootings like this happen so often in America.

#James Holmes, if he is truly the gunman, was a deeply troubled individual. He is obviously mentally ill and should never have been able to obtain a handgun, let alone an assault rifle and explosives. The ease at which this man was able to obtain all the weaponry he needed for a massacre is unprecedented, and the fact that our system failed to raise any red flags along the way is a testament to how insane our lack of gun control is
." Article

Oh really Mr. Irby? Maybe if you tried to learn something instead of using a tragedy to fit your agenda, you might have known about Pearl High School. Since you were a sniveling little punk in grade school when that shooting took place, I'll learn you some history. Luke Woodham went on the rampage. It was already illegal for him to have a gun as he was a minor. He stabbed his mother to death. Oh, knives are legal. He then killed several kids at Pearl High School with a rifle. Want to know how he was stopped? When he went to reload at his car, the assistant principal got his pistol out of his car and stopped him. It kept the massacre from getting worse. Then to confuse your already-confused mind with some more facts, here is something that happened this week:

nuff said.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New York fashion in Jackson

Ladies, get ready for fall with Worth. Worth brings New York fashion to Mississippi as Sheramie Shore begins her private trunk shows at River Hills Club July 9-23. Can't make the trunk show but want to see the latest line of women's apparel from Worth? Sheramie can bring her trunk show to your home or office. Contact Sheramie Shore at sheramie@nysouthernstyle.com to make your appointment.

Click on flyer to see larger version. 

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WLBT off the air

We're currently off the air due to a possible lightning strike at the station. We're working to get back on air as soon as possible. Barbie will have the weather when we are back on air.

KF note: They are streaming on their website.

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Mike takes on the NAACP

Just like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going....

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Morgan Freeman gives Obama campaign $1 million

The Wall Street Journal reports Mississippi native Morgan Freeman donated $1 million to the Obama campaign:

"Actor Morgan Freeman donated $1 million last month to the super PAC backing President Barack Obama, the group announced Thursday morning.

That accounts for a solid chunk of the $6.1 million Priorities USA Action raised in June. The group, co-founded by former White House aide Bill Burton, has showed some gains in recent months convincing more wealthy donors to support their cause. Democrats, in general, have been less willing than Republicans to fund super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations. The groups are expected to allow Republicans to outspend the party holding the White House this year – no small feat.

“President Obama has done a remarkable job in historically difficult circumstances,” he says. “He ended combat operations in Iraq, put in place sensible reforms of Wall Street, saved the auto industry and protected the health care of every American. He has led our nation to be more tolerant and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court. In return, he is the target of hundreds of millions of dollars from right-wing sources. I am proud to lend my voice – and support – to those who defend him. “

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Remembering Rubel

Rubel Phillips left this world a year ago, remembered and missed by many but forgotten by the media. Mr. Phillips deserved much better treatment from a media that couldn't seem to take a break from the scandal of the day. He was a true pioneer in Mississippi politics as he and Wirt Yerger built the Mississippi Republican Party literally from nothing and bucked the segregationist Democratic Party. I hate to admit this but I never heard of Mr. Phillips until I read Nash and Taggart's Mississippi Politics. I learned more about this trail-blazer from friends that knew him well and decided JJ would make an effort to show Mr. Phillips the respect he deserved upon his passing.* Former Ambassador John Palmer was one of his closest friends and provided JJ with a copy of a speech he gave in memorial of Rubel Phillips several years ago as his health began to fail. It is posted below.

Rubel Philips was born in Alcorn County and I was born in Alcorn County. The difference is: Rubel was raised on a farm in Kossuth; and I was raised in downtown Corinth. Rubel once called me something that no one else has ever called me. I suppose as someone from Corinth, ONLY someone from Kossuth could rightfully do so. He called me a “city slicker.”

But Rubel moved out of Kossuth and we were neighbors for several years. I don’t know all the Philips brothers very well, but I knew Rubel and I knew his brother Hal and I am convinced they are two of the brightest and most intellectual people to ever come out of Alcorn County.

Rubel started his career by winning an election to be circuit court clerk. What many of you might not know is, back then you could get married in 30 minutes in Mississippi. And people from Indiana and Illinois and Kentucky and Tennessee would drive to Alcorn County – because we were on the Tennessee line – to get married. And Rubel as clerk paid by fees, would sit there and issue out a marriage license for $25 dollars. So, he’d give five dollars to the county and he’d keep twenty for himself and he built up an impressive fund in preparation for his next campaign, which was for Public Service Commissioner.

Rubel was an outstanding Northern District Public Service Commissioner and a well respected chairman of the commission. Oh, if only we had Rubel as one of those commissioners today. He did so much for the state and had such understanding of what was good policy for both citizens and industry in Mississippi. He was a progressive leader focused on economic development and jobs for everyone. And that’s not true for all the public service commissioners today.

Well, Rubel had made a long journey from hoeing cotton in Kossuth, then circuit clerk, then public service commissioner, and now he was going to run for governor. And it was the sixties and the sixties were bad. Many of us lived through it and lived in the segregated society before then; others here may not have even been born.

Governor Faubus was screaming in Arkansas and George Wallace was screaming he would never be out segregated again after his loss in Alabama. And we had Ross Barnett who represented our state in such a poor way and did so much to damage our reputation nationally. Barnett gave us such a bad image. Mississippi and much of the South had such bad leadership from the Democratic Party. And then we had Paul Johnson, Jr. who vowed to carry on the Ross Barnett legacy.

But along came Rubel. It was 1963 and Wirt and others convinced Rubel he should run against Johnson as a Republican. He kicked off his campaign in Corinth with Grand Ole Opry member Roy Acuff. Roy Acuff had run as a Republican for governor in Tennessee and lost. Well, Rubel also lost, but he did win about forty percent of the vote and put a stamp on Mississippi as a two-party state. Afterward, Democrats even tried to legislate what they called “Republicanism” away. But they failed. The GOP was here to stay, thanks to people like Wirt and Rubel.

Four years later, in 1967, Rubel ran again, this time against John Bell Williams. John Bell had just returned from Congress where he had been voted the least influential congressman in the country. And John Bell Williams continued the same rabble rousing populist campaign the previous politicians had given us. But Rubel said something different. Rubel had true leadership.

I remember seeing him on television saying that ‘Congressman Williams is telling you we’re never going to integrate schools. I’m not going to tell you that, because we ARE going to integrate schools.’ Rubel said, and I’m paraphrasing this, that, ‘You know, when you reach down and help someone – you help the poor and underprivileged– when you do that, you help yourself. And that is what we must do to give a fair and equal education, to create an equal opportunity to work and make a living, to ensure justice and respect in the courts of law. That helps everyone, but it starts with those of us who can lend a hand to help out those who need a hand.’

It made quite a stir on television in Mississippi and across the country when Rubel kicked off that campaign. He said, “We have got to be willing to remove the barriers to economic advancement, and we have got to be willing to make an investment in future productivity.” That was Rubel’s theme for all Mississippians, blacks and whites alike. He said something that the voters of Mississippi had never heard from a mainstream candidate.

Some said when he was marked with the label “racial moderate” that it was the death nail to his political career. But that didn’t matter to him, because he believed in standing for what was right. Maybe it was Providence that put him in the position where he could say something new without fear of political ramifications. So he said it.

Wirt Yerger gave the party its birth; and Rubel Philips first gave the growth and scope statewide that the Republican Party was different from that other party that many of us were once members of. Rubel showed Mississippi that the Republican Party is the party of ideas, the party of opportunity, the party of leadership, the party of progress for a better Mississippi for all citizens regardless of race or economic standing.

On the morning after he was defeated, our pastor at Northminster Baptist Church called and said ‘we need to go give Rubel a little comfort; make sure he’s ok. Let’s get a golf game together.’ So we did. We went and played golf and Rubel was fine. He was disappointed I’m sure, but he handled it like he handled everything, with measured grace.

And we came in after we finished and the pastor said, ‘Rubel, you know, you lost that election. But in losing, you won. You were the first to tell the public the truth. You were the first to adopt a fair and progressive policy, and to get the public thinking about change, about changing their ways. So yes, you lost that election Rubel, but really you won.’

Rubel was able to make a difference in the private sector as well.

As a lawyer, he handled everything from divorces to serving as counsel for our company. I noticed that in several of the divorce cases Rubel handled, no one ever ended up divorced. Rubel was different from most attorneys. He wanted those spouses to settle their differences and get back together. Maybe he thought that as he had married half the country in Alcorn County, they might start wanting their money back. But seriously, Rubel didn’t want families going through a long term battle that drove up lawyer fees; he wanted to do what was right. And I observed what he was doing and observed how he could reconcile people and issues.

That was important to our company, so he represented us in acquisitions of small companies and large companies. He always had the respect of those he negotiated with be it in a small town like Longview, Texas or a big city like Chicago or Los Angeles. Everyone respected him because of his straightforwardness and his tremendous skills. One of his skills was to keep a transaction alive when others would have watched the deal fall through. He was always working on solutions and then closing the deal – not everyone can do that. There are too many legal standoffs that prevent a partnership from being sealed, but Rubel wouldn’t let that happen. Our company completed many, many transactions and acquisitions and without Rubel those successes wouldn’t have happened.

It was providential he became our in-house counsel at a critical time when we were in constant negotiations with big markets and the FCC and dealing with cellular licenses and applications that had to go through court processes and legal maneuvers. Rubel was invaluable and built up great value for our company and our stockholders.

I don’t know how best to explain what he did except: shortly after he put all our deals together, we sold the company to Bell South for an amount in excess of one billion dollars…So Rubel…thank-ya, buddy!

You know, Rubel was not elected governor, but he did nurture a solid Republican party -- not to take anything away from you, Wirt.

For the first time, people in this state were thinking differently. We realized the hurt and pain and damage our bad leaders had done. Since then, we have progressed in extraordinary and unimaginable ways. Today we are blessed with the exceptional leadership of Governor Haley Barbour, Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, and other Republican elected officials.

Last week I heard Tom Brokaw say in a private conversation that Mississippi had come further than any state in progress in our race relations. Just think where we might have been today if Rubel had been elected our leader, our governor back then. Good leadership matters. Makes you wonder how much further, how much more progressed Mississippi might be today had we done the right thing and he had been elected.

Rubel was a public servant in Alcorn County and North Mississippi. He was a candidate that changed politics and people in Mississippi. He was a brilliant lawyer, a skillful businessman, and a wonderful father and husband. Rubel also helped start Northminster Baptist Church here in Jackson that forged a unique partnership with the Jewish community in Mississippi through Temple Beth Israel. Northminster continues today to be a positive force in the community for the poor and needy.

A family man, a business man, a man of vision, a man of faith.

Rubel, tonight we recognize you and honor you as our gubernatorial and Republican pioneer.

We admire you, and we thank you, Rubel Phillips.

*Brett Kitteridge published a post about Mr. Phillips when he died.

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