Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freeh report on Penn State: Leaders concealed Sandusky's activities

Warning: Mature subject matter and much of it is downright disgusting and graphic in nature.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh just released his report on Penn State and Jerry Sandusky. Mr. Freeh stated the leaders of the university actively concealed Sandusky's wrongdoing from the board of trustees, authorities and the public. The report damns them in this passage:

"Four of the most powerful people at The Pennsylvania State University- President Graham Spanier, Senior Vice-President and Business Gary C. Schultz, Athletic Director Timonty M. Curley, and Head Football Coach Joe Paterno- failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade. These men concealed Sandusky's activities from the Board of Trustees, the University community, and authorities."

Mr. Freeh states they chose not to find out who the child was and "exposed the child to additional harm by alerting Sandusky, who was the only one who knew of the child's identity, of what McQueary saw in the shower on thee night of February 9, 2001."

However, Mr. Freeh does not excuse the board either. He charges the trustees with failing to investigate or demand information from Mr. Spanier after the board learned senior university officials testified before the grand jury. Mr. Freeh states on page 16 the excuses given by the four men, but dismisses them as he states they were more concerned with avoiding "the consequences of bad publicity" and thus "repeatedly concealed critical facts.."

There is a very-detailed timeline on pages 19-30 of the report. Page 39 lists the key findings. Chapter 4 on p.62 lists the key findings of the response of university officials to the sexual abuse allegations in 2001. Pages 64-66 state the janitors observed Sandusky and another young boy in the showers but did not report it as they were scared the university would fire all of them. Chapter 5 on p.80 states the response (or lack of response) by university officials to grand jury investigations. Again the findings are disgusting to read. The emails start on p.167.

If you are so inclined, read the rest of the report as it tells the entire story. A story of pedophilia, sexual abuse, a coach more concerned with protecting his program, a university that slavishly followed the coach regardless of the consequences, and leaders that repeatedly forgot their charge was to lead and protect children, not victimize them.

This would be funny if It weren't so disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how many other schools have covered up things like this?

Shadowfax said...

I've never been aware of this going on in 'boys sports' and was involved in sports all my life. Girls sports was another matter and we always assumed lesbians were in charge. The Boy Scouts was/is another organization that was fraught with homosexual leadership as were bands throughout our school years. I wasn't a member of scouts or bands but had many friends who were and their tales were graphic. I don't know why adults allowed that to happen. Don't tell me none of them knew.

I guess my question re Sandusky is 'WHY'? Why wasn't he fired early on or beaten within an inch of his life or castrated? Was he that damned good of a coach, thus valuable to the program?

Anonymous said...

Boy Shadow - even for you that is a broad brush! You were in men's sports, and there was no problem there. But you weren't in Girls sports, the band, or Boy Scouts, but they were rife with problems - or so you heard.

But, since 'your' experience in men's sports was ok, I guess the Sandusky experience was a once in a million result. But those girls sports, my God how they were filled with lesbians! And those boy scout leaders - they were all fags.

Message according to Shadowfax.

Anderson said...

Well, we know more now about SFX's fantasy life than we did previously.

Anonymous said...

Confession time. In the past, I've actually thought that Shadowfag has made an occasional good point. But after reading that last comment, I'm worried about myself. Can a good point possibly come from the same source as that comment? Obviously not. I plan to be evaluated before the week is out. BTW Shadowfag, flogging the dolphin is not a "sport."

Kingfish said...

Anyone actually reading the report?

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten very far into the report, but it keeps taking me back to one thought -- we take college sports WAY too seriously.

I love college football as much as the next born-and-bred Southerner. But we've put SO much emphasis on the sanctity and security of our sports programs that we create atmospheres where sh*t like this can happen. I really do not believe that Penn State is the only place this could happen -- or HAS happened. What sins are our univerisities willing to ignore or hide to keep even a marginally successful program free of scandal? What are they willing to let players and coaches get away with in the name of success?

As a fan, I can't read that report without wondering how I would react if it had been MY school, not Penn State.

I hope that the schools I follow and the ONE I LOVE see this report as a guide to how NOT to act. I am not naive enough to think things will change much, but I hope my university knows that there are alumni out there who would prefer they do the RIGHT thing, even if it compromises reputation and winning.

Shadowfax said...

Are there any among you who can state with certain knowledge that there were homosexual or pedophile coaches on your high school football team? My guess is NO. I never knew of one and never later heard of one.

Are there any among you who did not speculate or do not now speculate that many of the girls' coaches were lesbians? My guess is No.

Hundreds of scout leaders (one this week in Hernando) have been arrested for abusing boys in their charge. Are there any among you who doubt this fact? Just how ignorant can you be. Or are you denying it for some odd reason?

I don't even think we really knew what queers were in our early high school years much less that we had association with them on the coaching squads. But, we later learned there were many in administration, band leadership and girl's basketball programs. Yet I never heard of one in a boys' sports program. Have any of you?

Are there any among you who can relate this kind of crap to any other mens' college program in America. I suspect NOT.

Maybe it's a Catholic thing. Who knows.

Anderson said...

Sorry, KF - I thought "Mature subject matter and much of it is downright disgusting and graphic in nature" applied to this comment thread!

... I've been halfway following the subject, so aside from not having time to read the report right now, the conclusions I'm hearing about seem to bear out what we'd strongly suspected.

Anonymous said...

" Message according to Shadowfax"

10:31 & 10:59 are correct.

Anyone using Harry Potter's Horse as a name is a prime target for the Sandusky monsters. But even based on Shadow's comment, I bet he still trys to fit into his Webelos uniform.

Shadowfax said...

Sounds as if Tom Head and the Intern Corps have flooded the response board. I'm surprised there are so many deviants on the board.

Anonymous said...

It is a shocking read. I am more angry and disgusted by the cover up than by Sandusky. You expect a pedophile to behave like a pedophile, but you don't expect those who are not to become accomplices!

Already, the lawyers of Curley et al are betting on most people not reading it as they have suggested the report didn't interview everyone and thus is biased.

Just the facts contained make it obvious this cover up was far worse than anyone could have imagined.

I hope the victims, particularly those in the years after the administration first knew get every dime these guys have and that the NCAA ends this program.

Football and more likely the money and power it brought is all that mattered to these people.

They are as sick as Sandusky!

And, Shadowfax, it's very rare for women to engage in pedophilia and when they do, it's most often an adult woman and a young boy.

You guys win when it comes to child molestation. And,sorry to pop your fantasy bubble, Shadow, as I do understand it is a common male fantasy to imagine women together but you are watching way too much porn, buddy, if you imagine women's locker rooms as a place of lesbian frolic.

The main thing that everyone should understand is that pedophilia is not so much to do with sex. It , like rape, is about power, control and dominance over a vulnerable victim or a victim made vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

I have a report-based question. It's clear that Penn State is going to end up having to sell Paterno's statue for scrap in order to pay for the lawsuits they'll get from victims. I am wondering, though, if the Paterno estate could be the target of any actions?

Since so much of the blame for decisions not to act on Sandusky seems to be focused on Paterno (or the others acting on what appeared to be Paterno's preferences), could victims sue his estate in lieu of him personally?

It just appears that Curley and Schultz have better personal cover from civil litigation by arguing their lack of action was because of the University's direction. Spanier probably has less cover, but I also imagine he has fewer assets that the Paterno estate must have (I am basing my estimation of the value of the Paterno estate on the value of the gifts they have given Penn State over the years).

Just want to know what the attys think.

Anonymous said...

"Hundreds of scout leaders (one this week in Hernando) have been arrested for abusing boys in their charge. "

Lying again, eh SF? The DA up there took pains to correct erroneous newspaper reports - NONE of the victims were in Scouting.

The scouting district (I think it was Memphis) fired the guy, and criminal charges are being pursued, but, again (and I'll tpe slowly for your benefit) NONE of his alleged victims were Scouts.

Shadowfax said...

The man upon whom the warrant was served, according to Supertalk radio news, was a high level scouting executive in a four or five county area surrounding Hernando, Mississippi.....not Memphis. I have no clue who his victims were (nor do you), only that he was/is a scouting executive who has been in that role for three years according to his supervisor in the scouting organization. His supervisor went so far as to say he is now on leave and "I am sure this is not typical of his conduct and I feel he will be exhonerated". But, I'm sure his being a pedophile or lecher or child rapist, or whatever he is discovered to be would have had nothing whatever to do with his being attracted to the organization. You don't read much do you?

And for the fellow who actually thinks lesbianism doesn't exist in girls' sports at the high school and college levels, on the part of female coaches, ignorance must be bliss. You're utterly ignorant if you don't realize lesbians pursue, apply for and get those jobs in many cases. These are lesbians, not pedophiles. You'll probably also doubt the level of pedophilia that exists among Catholic priests as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you get your news from Supertalk your ignorance is understandable.

I do read a lot, which is how I saw this:
Sheriff: Victims not associated with Scouts
Published 08:10 a.m., Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SENATOBIA, Miss. (AP) — Authorities say sexual battery charges against a Boy Scouts leader in north Mississippi are not related to his work with the organization.

Forty-one-year-old William Todd Brewer is being held in Tate County without bond on three charges of sexual battery and one count of child pornography after being arrested at his Senatobia home last week.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said Wednesday that Brewer's alleged victims are not associated with Brewer's job with the Scouts.

Woody Woodward, CEO of the Memphis-based Chickasaw Council, said Wednesday that Brewer has been fired as the executive director of the Northwest Mississippi Chickasaw Council.

Woodward said Brewer worked as a fundraiser and had little contact with children.

It wasn't clear if Brewer had a lawyer. A preliminary hearing is July 26.

FWIW the San Francisco Chronicle is just a little more credible to most people in the USA than JT and Dave or Paul Gallo.......

Shadowfax said...

Alert, Ignoramus: Dave has been gone for almost a year. You conveniently left out the part of the story that stated part of this man's job is interracting with and planning events for scouts. You also failed to explain your earlier suggestion that this occurred in Memphis.

It matters not (at least to me) that the children who appeared in the child pornography pictures were not actually boy scouts under his charge. Are you really hanging your hat on that? What matters is he's a pedophile and three years ago managed to get himself a job working with thousands of Mississippi children.

The paid newsreader at Supertalk only read the wire story out loud. It had nothing to do with Gallo. This is simply another example of how child predators worm their way into organizations populated by children.

bill said...

Shadowfax is Gandalf's horse, not Harry Potter's.

bill said...

This report is finally going to bring into the light the disturbing amount of power that a single person can wield over a football program, a university and an entire state. Think Bear couldn't have gotten this covered up in Alabama? Woody Hayes at The Ohio State University? Ara Parseghian at Notre Dame? I realize those are coaches of my generation, but the same thing applies to Stoops, Saban, Miles, Meyer, Brown, Spurrier, Carroll while he was at SC, and who knows how many others. All them have the power to successfully force their will on their university presidents because of the money and prestige that top tier football programs can bring to the school. I don't have a problem with the exorbitant salaries they command, but their power to act with impunity needs to be reined in right now.

Shadowfax said...

This is the exact news coverage that Supertalk's newsreader read that I referred to. Also note that one of the man's duties "Includes mentoring young boys".

Also note that "We are early into the investigation".

He is far from disassociated with scouts and is far from only involved in fund raising. Read the damned article.

Tersus Nomen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Shadowfax, I'm not a " fellow".

Are there lesbians in women's sports? Yes. There are lesbians in law, teaching, etc. as well.

Is being a lesbian the same as being a pedophile? NO

Has a lesbian ever made an unwanted approach to me or any of the other heterosexual female ( the majority)in my experience? NO...not in the sports I participated in nor at the all girls school I attended. I was good in sports throughout, also a cheerleader who's now been married over 45 years and who has 2 grown daughters.

Shadow, most women have never had an unwelcomed sexual advance from another woman. Just ask the women you know.

You , of course, could also read ACADEMIC books on sex, but that isn't as entertaining as fiction.

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