Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monica steps up her game

Watch the end. Monica Hernandez, now at WWL-TV, takes it to David Vitter. Hehe.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Election weekend thread.

Hmmm.....lets take a whack at the congressional races first. I think Taylor wins by 3. I know its starting to trend Palazzo's way but I think some of it is noise I hear from conservative websites. The polls are showing a shift but it still comes down to GOTV effort. North Mississippi? Nunalee by 5. Childers is no wild-eyed liberal but he's in a somewhat red district in a red year. Nunalee is not the best candidate but he's been running hard for a long time and its paying off. District 2? Bennie by 10. I know what that poll circulating around the web shows but I'm skeptical of it. Bennie's running hard and given the demographics of the district, I don't see Bennie losing this one. JFP had a story tonight questioning the poll and truth be told, I'd had similar thoughts myself. Harper gets 60%.

Judicial races? Weill wins by 15. Farmer and Priester make the runoff. Gowan wins his race (don't know enough about that one to predict the margin). Houston Patton's race? Who knows. He should be in jail but true to form in Mississippi, he probably returns to office by a comfortable margin. I predict Emfinger wins his race for circuit judge. Madison County Court? Longwitz 48% Bluntson 23% (I think Bennie turnout helps up in the northern precincts) Ratcliffe 25% Whatshisname 4%.

Interesting Congressional races nationally? Buck by 4 in Colorado. Rubio wins 52% of the vote in Florida. Fiorna by 1 in California. O'Donnell loses by 6 in Delaware. Dems screwed up with that Gawker crap as I warned and is now creating a backlash. Toomey by 3 over Sleastack. Feingold goes down. WV Governor pulls it out. Reid loses to Angle. Miller beats back Murkoswki. Paul-are you kidding? He kicks Conway's ass as the polls currently show. Scott wins governorship of Florida and Patrick goes down in Massachussetts. And yes, I think Barney Frank will win. Should be fun Tuesday night.

Weill, Marcy, and Longwitz all purchased advertising on this site, something all candidates are welcome to do, regardless of party, even "The License Plates Are Too Damn High Party".

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Latest crime stats

Jackson crime reports for week ending October 24, 2010.

Jackson major crimes overview for week ending October 24, 2010.

City of Madison crime reports through October 27, 2010.

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Is Tea Party candidate on coast actually a Democrat?

Apparently the race on the coast is now a tossup between Gene Taylor and Steve Palazzo. There is also a third tea-party" candidate who apparently just endorsed Taylor:

"Tea party candidate Joe Tegerdine of Hattiesburg, who lost the Republican primary for South Mississippi's congressional seat to state Rep. Steven Palazzo, has endorsed incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor in Tuesday's general election." AP story

Weird? There may be a possible explanation. The American Spectator reported today:

"Yet the Democrats have other tricks up their sleeves this year. In many close races, third-party "independent" candidates appear to be running primarily as spoilers against Republicans, hoping to drain off enough anti-incumbent votes to enable Democrats to survive by narrow margins. In Nevada, for example, Scott Ashjian's is running as the "Tea Party" candidate for Harry Reid's Senate seat, although actual Tea Party activists there have denounced Ashjian as a phony, and Republicans suspect the Ashjian campaign is actually a Reid stalking horse. In other races, as Politico reported this week, Democrats appear to be "attacking" minor third-party candidates as a way to draw away conservative voters from the Republican challenger.

Here in Virginia's 9th District, businessman Jeremiah Heaton is on the ballot as an independent candidate. As Virginia conservative blogger Jerry Furhman notes, Heaton doesn't seem to be running against the incumbent Boucher, but instead "has chosen to devote his every energy to attacking the Republican in this race." With Boucher and Griffith in a dead heat, votes for Heaton might be enough to keep the Democrat from paying the price for supporting Obama's agenda in a district where the president is deeply unpopular." Article

Things are not always what they seem to be.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tim Johnson to Pickering: "You lack the authority to mandate"

Here is a copy of the State Auditor's report on Madison County. 75 pages long. Read the letter to Tim Johnson and then the Executive Summary. Tim and his gang of five have a press conference scheduled for later this afternoon. There is some interesting reading in the report. Have fun. See Tim Johnson's response at the end if the report.

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Pickering releases Audit Report on Madison County

Update: See this post for copy of report.

Note: Have copy of report but am having trouble uploading it. If you want a copy NOW, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you.

State Auditor Stacy Pickering released the following report on Madison County's employment of Rudy Warnock as County Engineer. If you read the earlier post reporting on the preliminary report, there is apparently one statement removed by Mr. Pickering's office such as: "Contracts are geared to protect engineer's interests instead of Madison County taxpayers." Read the press release for yourself.

"(Jackson, Miss.) - State Auditor Stacey Pickering released the Performance Review of Madison County Contracts with Rudy Warnock. Based on the limited review done by the State Auditor’s Performance Audit Division, it is OSA’s recommendation to Madison County to improve its oversight and management controls.

“This report includes a review that can be helpful to many counties and cities across Mississippi to ensure the taxpayers are protected against potential loss as a result of weak contracts,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering. “Contracts are an important part of management and operations for local governments but it is critical that all of the necessary precautions are taken by elected officials and management when entering into and executing contracts.”

The following issues were identified that create control weaknesses and could lead to potential losses to the County:

  • The Board not requiring sufficient documentation supporting payment claims
  • Seemingly poor contract construction approved by the Board
  • Poor oversight and monitoring of contracts by the Board in light of voiced concerns by individual supervisors
  • Potentially duplicative payment terms allowed in contracts
Of the contracts reviewed:
  • 22 were properly spread upon the Board minutes
  • 8 lacked an effective date
  • 9 included titles and/or headings that did not correspond with the actual work described or the effective dates of the contract.
  • 10 included, for multiple services, flat rate/lump sum payments in addition to percentage payments and additional reimbursable payments which, when added together, resulted in more than 14$% of the total estimated construction costs per project
  • 18 provided reimbursement for expenses that might normally be considered overhead expenses covered in lump sum payments.
  • 15 contained inapplicable terms and contract sections.
  • 6 lacked estimated construction cost totals, even though this amount is the basis of the percentage payments and even though there is a place in the contract designated specifically for such an amount.
The State Auditor’s Office received several requests for a review of contractual issues specifically relating to Madison County and the contracts with the County Engineer, Rudy Warnock and the effectiveness of the contract management by the County in March 2010. The review began in April looking into road construction contracts with Rudy Warnock of Warnock and Associates. The review was divided into two parts – a contractual analysis and a financial analysis. The contractual analysis is provided in this report. The financial analysis will be released at a later time."

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is this the future of flood control in Jackson?

Update: What a surprise. No mention of this in the JFP coverage of the meeting yesterday. Also notice how Ms. Ladd takes issue in the comments with Mr. McGowan addressing the Board. How dare private citizens petition the government.

Fort Worth and other entities created the Trinity River Vision Project to solve its flood control problems. This project was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and can be studied in further detail on its website. The Levee Board met today and discussed the similarities between the challenges faced by both Fort Worth and Jackson. The board will travel to Texas to learn more about Trinity. More videos as well as a white paper on the project are available below. Well worth watching.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Only thing missing is a jive translater

From the director of Airplane.

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Is the Evans case fight becoming a war?

For a collection of all posts on the Evans case, see Evans page under Special Coverage section on right side of page.

Audio recording of hearing. Click on arrow to listen.

-Compromise settlement between G&B and Trustee approved
-limited protective order approved
-G&B and Mississippi Valley Title files notices to depose each other
-Trial is set for February, discovery due by December.

Another hearing in the Evans case took place last Thursday in Judge Neal Olack's courtroom. Mississippi Valley Title filed a motion for a protective order on October 4 seeking to seal all discovery in the lawsuits filed against it by G&B Investments, Bank of Forest, and Merchants & Farmers Bank. Copy of proposed protective order.

G&B filed suit against the Evans brothers, various Evans-owned companies, Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Company, and MVT's parent company, Old Republic. G&B owned 105 acres of land on Hwy 463 in Madison. G&B sold the land to the Evans brothers in 2008 for $16 million. The Evans brothers made a $5 million down payment and G&B provided owner financing for the rest of the land. What G&B did not know is that the week before the closing, the Evans brothers obtained the down payment through mortgage fraud. The Evans brothers represented to M&F, Bank of Forest, and Heritage Bank using phony title certificates it indeed owned the land and borrowed $5 million on land they did not even own. The brothers then turned around and used the money as the down payment. See earlier post. The brothers used 77 acres of the land as collateral for the deed of trust they issued to G&B. G&B argues since Mississippi Valley Title allegedly insured a portion of the 105 acre tract for 200%, it should have known wrongdoing was taking place. G&B asked for punitive damages as well as other forms of relief. G&B had foreclosed on the 77 acres used as collateral but the foreclosure was put on hold by the bankruptcy trustee.

G&B (posted below), Bank of Forest, and M&F objected to the proposed sealing of discovery and instead proposed a limited protective order to protect proprietary and confidential financial information. G&B argued Mississippi Valley Title had not even specified which records were should be kept confidential- the title insurance company wanted to keep all records under seal (page 7 of objection posted below). Judge Olack issued (see order posted below) a limited protected order allowing the parties to designate information as confidential but giving them the right to object to such a designation by another party. Judge Olack also reiterated the case was going to trial in February and gave the parties until December 12 to complete all discovery. Judge Olack then approved a compromise settlement between G&B and the trustee. G&B thus regained its 77 acres but retained the right to take action against Mississippi Valley Title and Old Republic on any claims or injuries involving the remaining land which is the source of contention between all of the parties.

Another bombshell was dropped in the proceedings when Attorney Kristina Johnson, representing Bank of Forest, announced that two attorneys, Lawrence Deas and William "Sonny" Liston III, would be pursuing her client's claims against the insurance companies for damages. Sources in the legal community informed JJ both lawyers are good plaintiff's attorneys. The close of the hearing didn't end the skirmishing either as G&B and Mississippi Valley Title both served notices to depose on each other. Copy of G&B notice, Copy of MVT notice.

It is no surprise the legal battle came to this point. If there has been one consistent theme in this whole mess besides the greed of Charles and Chris Evans, it has been the hardball tactics used by Mississippi Valley Title and Old Republic. When Mississippi Valley Title first took action against the Evans brothers in Madison County Chancery Court, it filed an affidavit by its investigator explaining how the fraud took place under seal. A crossclaim filed by the Bank of Forest alleges the bank made repeated inquiries to Mississippi Valley Title on what the "problem" with its loan was only to run into a stone wall (see p. 25). It was not until the case was finally heard over five weeks after the lawsuit was filed any explanation of the mechanics of the fraud itself were presented. Mississippi Valley Title finally filed an exhibit in bankruptcy court in November that was an affidavit of its investigator that is an likelihood, a duplicate of the affidavit presented in chancery court.

Mississippi Valley Title then threatened at least one bank attempting to assert its rights in bankruptcy court with action stating the bank was acting adversely to its claim. Mississippi Valley Title then fought all requests for a 2004 exam despite the fact the bankruptcy code allows for any party to examine any other party in a bankruptcy. Mississippi Valley Title then fought the attempts by the banks to obtain their policy manuals, claiming it was proprietary information that would aid their competitors. The banks desire the manuals so they can examine what MVT's underwriting standards are and if they deviated from them on the Evans' loans. Mississippi Valley Title then played games with the Court in drafting an order requested by the Judge to the point where Judge Olack threatened in writing to impose sanctions (on all parties) if such conduct continued. It should be noted throughout this ordeal Mississippi Valley Title has not paid a substantial number of claims and didn't pay other claims until several months had passed.

The protective orders sought by Mississippi Valley Title are merely a continuation of the strategy it has followed from day one in the Evans case. Given the speed in which the deposition notices were issued, the disagreements over the protective orders, and the retaining of additional counsel to pursue claims against Mississippi Valley and Old Republic, its clear this fight is now becoming a war.

Stay tuned.

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CAIR spokesman denies Iran is a problem

Bill O'Reilly had a representative from CAIR on his show last night. The mouthpiece for the terrorist-sympathizing organization claimed Iran has not attacked anyone in the last thirty years. Watch for yourself at 3:40:

Now I can understand why some dislike O'Reilly. Is the subject of the "Muslim extremist threat" one for debate? Absolutely. However, saying Iran has not attacked anyone and playing word games to avoid questions on that issue shows his Mr. Rehab's true sympathies. Iran has funded, trained, and supported Hezbollah for decades. Hezbollah does not run a major operation without Iran's direct orders. Remember the marines in Beirut? That was a Hezbollah operation. The Washington Examiner reported yesterday Iran is training the Taliban in the use of surface to air missiles. Iran's Quds forces assisted Al Qaida and other insurgents in Iraq and has been listed as a terrorism sponsor (this is a good story to read on the subject) for over twenty years. The Times reported hundreds of Hamas fighters have traveled to Iran for advanced military training to wage war against Israel.

Do I need to continue? Keep in mind CAIR has been named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a terrorism case and a federal court just rejected arguments to remove that designation and instead chastised the government for releasing a sealed document. Debates on possible threats to national security are healthy and necessary but listening to CAIR hacks actively defending Iran reminds one of Pravda whenever the Soviets when invaded a county. CAIR is nothing more than a PR operation for Muslim terrorists and should be treated as such.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking: Kuebler bond $250,000

Judge Kidd set bond for Charles Louis Kuebler at $250,000.

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Ivy/David Moore Bonding Company spat continued.

The hearing scheduled last week on a motion to dissolve a temporary restraining order obtained by David Moore Bonding Company against former employee Mike Ivy was canceled last week. David Moore Bonding Company obtained a TRO enforcing a non-compete agreement against Mr. Ivy on September 3, 2010 after he began working for American National Bonding Company. Mr. Ivy filed a counter-claim on September 14 and a motion to dissolve the TRO on September 23. The administrator told this correspondent both parties desired a half-day for trial and they are waiting to get a date on the Chancellor's docket (which she said was pretty backed up.).

Mr. Ivy, a former police officer with JPD and the Hinds County Sheriff's office, signed a non-compete agreement on March 8, 2010 with DMBC (See page 3 in documents below). The agreement states Mr. Ivy is prohibited "directly or indirectly from competing with the company within a 120 mile radius of Jackson, Mississippi for a period of two years from the date of termination voluntarily or involuntarily."

Mr. Ivy was fired by DMBC on August 6, 2010. Mr. Ivy alleges in his counter-claim he was returning from transporting a prisoner to a "facility in South Mississippi". Mr. Ivy returned to Jackson later that day and became "involved in the search and rescue" of Officer Agee. Mr. Ivy then claims he gave CPR to the officer and thus ignored his cellphone as it was ringing. Mr. Ivy finally answers his phone several minutes later, was cussed out by DBMC co-owner Mark Culberson, and that Mr. Culberson then told him he was fired. Mr. Culberson allegedly left a voice-mail stating he was fired. Mr. Ivy then accuses DBMC of threatening and harassing him via cellphone.

The Clarion-Ledger reported Mr. Ivy said at the September 16 hearing: "He told me I wasn't a cop any longer and when he calls I should answer the phone," Ivy said. "I told him if he thought I'd stop doing CPR on anybody, much less a police officer, and answer the phone he was wrong." The newspaper article reports Mr. Moore claimed at a September 16 hearing he tried to work with Mr. Ivy and Mr. Ivy was absent from work frequently.

Mr. Ivy ends his counter-claim by asking the court to award him $6,000 in commissions he claims are due him by his former employer. Mr. Ivy also took issue with the claim he was an employee as he states he was an independent contractor responsible for his own taxes, insurance, and that no withholding by DBMC took place.

Interesting case. The non-compete agreement is time and geographic specific. Mr. Ivy argues he was an independent contractor but courts can enforce such an agreement even if he was not an employee. The issue will probably be whether the rest of the agreement is so vague it is unreasonable and if the issue of termination voids the agreement. One curious part of this litigation is Mr. Ivy states Mr. Culberson owns 50% of David Moore Bonding Company yet the Secretary of State's website states Mr. Moore is the only owner of the company. Another example of why Delbert wants to reform the LLC registration laws. While this seems as a dispute between an employee and his employer, one hopes Mr. Ivy was not fired because he did indeed stop to aid a fallen officer.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christie on teachers' unions last week.

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Daily Kos in 2008. Enjoy.

"Republicans lament 2008, but they profess hope for 2010:

'One indication of the Republicans’ mood: They’re already looking past this grim election season.
“2010 looks pretty good for us to pick up three or four or five seats pretty easily,” the McCain official said.'

Boy, delusional to the end. As I've written before, the 2010 map looks even better for us, on paper, than this one did earlier this cycle.... "

"So off the bat, we have 13 potentially competitive GOP-held seats, and few Democratic takeovers. So no, 2010 won't give Republicans 5-6 "easy" pickups. That's ludicrous.

Things will be much different in 2012 and 2016 when we're slated to play HUGE defense (defending our gains from 2006 and this year). Republicans can brag about the gains they'll make those years because chances are they will. But 2010? Heck no. At this pace, we're headed toward a 65-70-seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010.

Yup, those are gaudy numbers, and it's never wise to count your chickens before they hatch -- political winds can change quickly as Republicans just found out. But assuming the current trends remain and Obama is even half-competent in the White House, we'll have little to worry about in 2010. Our majorities should be safe for some time." Read the rest of the analysis

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Geaux to hell Auburn!!!

Postgame: I don't know what I hate the most: the soft D scheme used by Chavis that let Newton have a field day, the decision not to attack one of the worst secondaries in college football, the decision to use Jefferson over and over, the Les Miles confusion at the end of the game that is typical for him, Crowton's insistence on sitting in the booth with his assistants with all their charts spread out in front of them v. an Auburn OC who is on the sidelines and has his playbook memorized, or the fact that in a few weeks Saban will probably give a lesson on how to stop Newton. Auburn won fair and square and unfortunately my post about Miles from 2007 proves true once again.

Time for the Tigers to beat the hell out of Auburn. And the Valley Shook has two good blog posts discussing the best ways to attack Auburn's offense and defense. They are both lengthy but should be good reading for the serious fan. Meanwhile, the New York Times of all newspapers published a pretty good story about Drake Nevis. Let me see, Mississippi State plays UAB, should win that one. Ole Miss and Arkansas? Sooie. Consider this an open thread for college football.

Then there is this gem of a screw job by the refs in 2006 at Auburn:

Replay official's daughter was on athletic scholarship at Auburn at the time. Auburn, not a damn thing I like about that school in Alabama. Nothing but inbreds and trash. Cheatin' and chop-blockin' are a way of life at Auburn. Yeah, I know, Tuberville is gone so we can be nice to them. To hell with that. Auburn can go straight to hell and stay there.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Judge Kidd yet to rule on bond for Kuebler

Judge Winston Kidd held a bond hearing today in Hinds County Circuit Court on a motion to deny bail filed by the Hinds County District Attorney against Charles Louis Kuebler. A Hinds County grand jury indicted the twenty-six year old Mr. Kuebler on September 28, 2010 for the crime of Deliberate Design Murder in the death of Tamra Stuckey on June 30, 2010. A Jackson municipal court judge had set his bond at $100,000 when first arrested. Judge Kidd revoked his bond on October 18 and decreed he would settle the matter of bond for Mr. Kuebler today.

Scott Rogillio represented the state while local criminal defense master Tom Royals appeared on behalf of the defendant. The state called Jackson Police Homicide Detective Maurice Kendrick to the stand. The seven-year veteran is the investigating officer for the case. He testified he arrived at the scene between 2:00 and 3:00 AM after other police officers were already present. He testified Mr. Kuebler was "yelling and screaming". He went inside the Morningside apartment and found Ms. Stuckey lying on the couch with a gunshot wound to the head.

Mr. Kendrick then testified on the results of the investigation. Mr. Kuebler had residue caused by the discharge of a firearm on his right hand. The state crime lab conducted a "drop test" on the gun. The gun did not fire when dropped and the detective stated "the only way to discharge is to pull the trigger." Mr. Kendrick also stated the gunshot wound showed the shot was straightforward and firearm could not have been fired from an upward or downward angle. He said there were "a large amount of beer cans" as well as traces of marijuana and cocaine. Mr. Kendrick testified the defendant was "intoxicated" although he admitted there was no BAC test taken at the time. Sadly, the detective further testified the toxicology results on the deceased showed she had drugs in her system.

Mr. Royals then went on the attack as he asked the detective if he was "passing judgment on him for yelling and screaming" in reference to some of the racial slurs Mr. Kuebler directed at the police. Mr. Kendrick repeatedly said he does not "pass judgment" on such comments, as befitting someone his experience and training. Mr. Royals finally gave up with this line of questioning and moved on to his next line of attack.

Mr. Royals then postulated through his questions Mr. Kuebler killed her by accident and claimed Mr. Kuebler reported shooting to his neighbors, asked for help as well as for someone to call an ambulance, made no attempt to escape or destroy evidence, and the gun was dropped. The exchanges between the attorney and police officer revealed several statements made by Kuebler that horrific night: "I think it was an accident", Me and Tammy had been fooling around and the gun went off, and "no, I think you have the whole story". Mr. Royals repeatedly argued the defendant never actually said he dropped the gun. They sparred further over the actual statements before Mr. Royals closed by arguing there were no witnesses, no confession, and it was a circumstantial case. The noted attorney claimed Mr. Keubler was "hysterical" and didn't act like someone who committed "premeditated murder."

The prosecutor responded in a manner worthy of Voltaire by stating "people lie, circumstances don't" and the defendant did indeed tell one of the neighbors it fell to the ground. At this point testimony revealed a text message was sent by Ms. Stuckey to a friend between 1:30 and 1:50 AM stating "wake up, I need your help". Friends of Ms. Stuckey told this correspondent it actually said "wake up, save my life".

Mr. Royals then called Laura Kuebler, the mother of the defendant, to the stand. Several friends and family of the defendant were in attendance. She testified he had been in the Common Bond Treatment Center. The prosecutor got her to admit her son had alternated between school and various jobs since he graduated from high school but never actually got a degree, not even one of the Associate's variety.

The two sides made their closing arguments with Mr. Rogillio stating "this man killed that young lady". Charles Louis Kuebler sat impassively through the entire ordeal, staring straight ahead as he appeared to be in a fog. Mr. Kidd ruled he would decide the matter this afternoon but a few minutes ago, sources said he had taken the motion under advisement and would decide in his own time.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

JJ readers favorite LSU Tiger: Billy Cannon.

JJ readers picked Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon Sr. of Halloween Fame as their favorite LSU Tiger. I voted for Rohan Davey but Billy was your choice. Here's to Billy Cannon.

Jamarcus Russell
2 (0%)
Art Cantrell
8 (2%)
10 (3%)
Bert Jones
27 (10%)
Y.A. Tittle
21 (7%)
Tommy Hodson
5 (1%)
Kevin Faulk
6 (2%)
Dalton Hilliard
11 (4%)
Chad Lavalais
0 (0%)
Rohan Davey
5 (1%)
Josh Reed
1 (0%)
Matt Mauck
4 (1%)
LaRon Landry
2 (0%)
Booger McFarland
9 (3%)
Joseph Addai
9 (3%)
Andrew Whitworth
1 (0%)
Eric Martin
1 (0%)
Matt Flynn
6 (2%)
Billy Cannon
44 (16%)
6 (2%)
Jerry Stovall
3 (1%)
Alan Faneca
1 (0%)
Cholly Mac
8 (2%)
Coach Dietzel
6 (2%)
Coach Saban
35 (13%)
Coah Miles
38 (14%)

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Upset brewing on the coast?

Majority in Mississippi reports a Tarrance poll showing Palazzo up by two points over Taylor. Huge upset if this poll is true. I'm still predicting Taylor to win with 52% of the vote but Palazzo can take this seat. Also seeing some astroturfing operations taking place. Wonder if its Sam Hall's work. Time will tell.

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Latest crime stats

Jackson crime stats for week ending October 10, 2010

Major crimes overview for Jackson in week ending October 10, 2010.

City of Madison crime reports through October 20, 2010.

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Tonight: Blues by Starlight

The third annual Blues by Starlight will be held on October 21, 2010 at Highland Village. The night will be filled with food & beverages, a silent auction, and music by Jesse Robinson and his 500 Pounds of Blues Band, Hunter Gibson and the Gators. Our newest addition to the event is the "Beer Garden" that is sponsored by the Phoenix Club of Jackson and Southern Beverage. There will be a big screen television to watch the football game , cigars provided for purchase by Renegade Cigar Company, and music by Bubba Wingfield. For more information, visit the website.

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Jackson's "Investment Advisor" decides to finally register

Porter Bingham and his Malachi Financial Products are finally registering with the SEC as a "municipal advisor". Guess he wants to make another $80,000 while advising a city to refinance their bonds on a deal that will cost an additional $8 million. Mr. Bingham and Malachi have both been suspended and disciplined by the NASD.. Mr. Bingham's Form MA-T he is filing an initial temporary municipal advisor registration with the SEC. Guess he found himself some municipal gravy trains.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PEER report on Levee Board & local flood control

Don't have time to read this right now but PEER just released its report on the Levee Board. Copy of report

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Kuebler indicted & arrested

Louie Kuebler has been indicted for Deliberate Design Murder and taken into custody by the Hinds County Sheriff. A call to the Circuit Clerk's office a few minutes ago revealed no indictment has yet been filed but the Sheriff's website reveals he is in custody. A bond hearing is scheduled for Friday in Judge Kidd's courtroom. The District Attorney will request that the court deny Mr. Kuebler bond.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Help

Consider this an open thread about who you think is represented in The Help. This should be fun.

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Melton blast from the past

While digging through old issues of the Jackson Advocate, I came across this blast from the past involving Frank. He was always good for a headline. Enjoy.

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New York Southern Style offers private trunk shows for winter

Hate going to the mall? Do you ladies wish there was another way to buy clothes? Sheramie Shore makes buying clothes for women much easier with her private trunk shows. Sheramie carries the Worth line. Worth is New York fashion and quality shown on her website. Call Sheramie for an appointment as she presents the Worth winter fashion line in the next two weeks.

Suppose you are a female professional who needs clothes and can't squeeze in the time between work, kids, and soccer. No problem. Call Sheramie. She can bring her trunk show to your office. Perfect for the female attorneys at Watkins Ludlam and Butler Snow. Live out of town or sales rep on the road? Simple solution: Sheramie has virtual appointments available online. Fashion. Quality. Convenience.

paid advertisement.

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Fred Barnes: GOP team winning despite the coach.

Fred Barnes, Editor of the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard, writes in the Wall Street Journal this week about the increasing irrelevance of the RNC despite the expected success the GOP expects at the polls in two weeks:

"Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is the missing person of the midterm election. Instead of cable news appearances and debates with Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine, Mr. Steele has spent the past month leading a "Fire Pelosi" bus tour across the country.

His small role in the campaign, highly unusual for a party chairman, is matched by the scaled back effort the RNC has mounted in 2010

Nature abhors a vacuum and politics is no different. What is interesting is the poor job Steele and his cronies have done in picking candidates and raising money:

"Since Mr. Steele was elected chairman last year, the RNC has raised almost $153.7 million, roughly $90 million less than in 2006. It has aired only a few TV ads and its get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drive is considerably less ambitious than in previous midterm elections...

"The need to bail out the RNC arose last year after it quickly ran through $22.8 million and had trouble replenishing its war chest. Reliable donors were turned off by Mr. Steele's overexposure in the media, his insistence on making paid speeches as chairman, and statements that put him at odds with other Republican leaders.

The RNC brought in $9.7 million in September, $4 million short of its goal. This compares with $11.2 million raised last month by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which supports House candidates. And the RGA, led by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, raised $31 million in July, August and September.

Many congressional Republicans and governors no longer trust Mr. Steele as their spokesman. They tend to work around the RNC rather than engage Mr. Steele."

It seems the only question after November should be whether to send Mr. Steele back to where he belongs: in front of a camera because he has been a disaster in terms of running the RNC and raising money. If Republicans have success in two weeks, it will be because the grassroots conservatives and other organizations such as the RGA combined to pull the GOP out of the electoral fires of 2006 and 2008. Kind of like when a group of Caeser's veterans got tired of watching an admiral lose a sea battle, commandeered some boats, rode out to the ships at battle, took them over, and thrashed the enemy. Mr. Steele should remember the troops will suffer failure for only so long. Send him back to Fox.

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More Lost Rabbit woes

JJ reported back in August a contractor obtained a garnishment against the Lost Rabbit development $585,017. Lost Rabbit filed a motion to set aside the judgment in July stating yes, we failed to pay BUT we've been talking to the creditor and he promised to be nice to us and let us work something out so its not really fair he is trying to make us pay in this venue. The Court took the motion under consideration and said sorry, but you still have to pay up in this order denying the motion to set aside the garnishment.

A subcontractor filed suit last week against Lost Rabbit as well seeking damages. Site Technologies claims it did landscaping work on the development and was not paid for its services. Vision Landscapes hired Site but did not pay Site. Site sued both companies in Madison County Circuit Court on October 15 seeking $296,738 in damages as well as interest costs at 8% since November 2009 and attorney's fees. Copy of complaint. Stay tuned.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Farewell to Monica Hernandez

Well, she is gone. I'm supposed to think of something eloquent to say but I can't. I just helped Monica Hernandez finish packing, loading up the truck as she left for New Orleans where she will now work at WWL. Its a great move up for her to a great station. There is no doubt she will shine and become a little star in the Crescent City.

All good things come to an end and having Monica Hernandez in Jackson is one of them. She simply brightened the day just by being herself. She's been my best friend for the last two years. Road trips to New Orleans, lunch or dinner several times a week, endless conversations, talking about journalism and Led Zeppelin for hours on end, she was truly a delight to be around. We'd go to Guadalupe just so she could speak Spanish with the owners. I'd have to literally drag her out of museums as she would become totally enamored with the art on display. It was always amusing to walk into a soiree with her and watch the jaws hit the ground when people saw her. Culture and class define Monica in the way it does women of past eras yet she is a free spirit, always ready for a new adventure.

Often we covered the same topics and it was always alot of fun to bounce what we thought of them off each other. I remember when she covered the Heather Spencer police reports. I got the reports, called her at 6:00 PM on a Friday, told her I had them. She came right over and read them while I cooked dinner. I'll never forget how horrified she was or the anger that appeared on her face. This was a reporter who really does care about the victims and thinks of them as something more than a headline. It didn't matter she wasn't on the clock or would not get paid overtime; what mattered to her was telling the story and helping someone who was no longer in this world. People meant something to Monica and in her opinion, they all had a story to tell.

Well, wish Monica luck as she makes her splash in the Big Easy. She will never have a shortage of stories to cover in that town. Best of wishes to you Monica and thank you for all the memories and times spent here in Jackson. You will be missed.

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Jerry Mitchell found himself a Nazi? Not so fast, my friend.

Jerry Mitchell, the award-winning reporter for the Clarion-Ledger, reported on a Nazi wannabe running for Congress: "Turns out a congressional candidate in Ohio likes to dress up like a Nazi." Mr. Mitchell then takes a few select quotes to give the impression this guy really likes the Nazis. One can almost picture Mr. Mitchell's glee as he writes his post: "Hot diggity damn, we got ourselves a Nazi. Got a Nazi Got a Nazi Got a Nazi Its my birthday got the check Got a Nazi Got my car fixed Its my birthday" Well not so fast. See the picture below from a Toledo newspaper:

That is a picture of Mr. Lott in his son in Union battle dress. You do remember the Union army don't you? In case you forgot, the Union army fought to abolish slavery and that is a good thing. Hmmm, I hardly think someone who sympathizes with the Nazis is going to fight against slavery in another battle reenactment. It is understandable why military experts find the Wermacht's and Waffen SS's (battlefield component of the SS) interesting in the same way they study Lee and Forrest. An army rises from the ashes within 20 years, starts a war heavily outnumbered but due to superior tactics, generals, technology, quickly overruns Europe, North Africa, and much of Russia. As Mr. Lott asserted, it took the combined efforts of Russia, America, and England to defeat the Nazis. Its a subject that has fascinated more than a few military historians of serious repute as does the subject of the Confederate army's performance in the Civil War or the Colonials in the American Revolution.

However, Mr. Mitchell didn't show this picture nor mention with any specificity the other reenactments in which he participates. Did I mention Mr. Lott is a Tea Party candidate running for office as a Republican candidate? If Mr. Mitchell is going to go down this path, then perhaps he should start writing about actors who play bad guys in movies. Does that mean if Mac ever played a Mafia type at New Stage Mr. Mitchell is going to write a blog post wondering if Mac is in the Mafia? If Mr. Lott is a secret Nazi wannabe, then of course he should be condemned and ostracized. However, Mr. Mitchell's post is very misleading and doesn't tell the whole story. Its clearly designed to get one reaction and interpretation out of the reader as evidenced by the very slanted nature of the post.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Save this mutt.

Meet Buddy, a yellow Labrador Retriever at the Jackson Friends of Animal Shelter. He is currently in obedience training and is a year old. For more information on Buddy, visit his web page.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Football thread

No surprise. Les starts JJ. We suck. Puts in Lee, touchdown. Les was even cussing out Crowton on the headset. State up by ten right now and Ole Miss gets to take its lumps tonight. OSU is looking like what I thought they were right now: a pretender. Wisconsin is flat out overpowering THE Ohio State University.

Now if the 24 can just win tonight he'll be back in the Chase.

Fire away with comments.

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Karen Irby's mother retains Judy Barnett

See "Special Coverage" section on right side of page for collection of all posts on Karen Irby case.

Gaye Lang, the mother of Karen Irby, received permission from Hinds County Chancellor Singletary to file an amended complaint in her lawsuit against Stuart Irby. Ms. Lang seeks custody of Graham Irby, the five-year old son of Stuart and Karen Irby.

Ms. Lang also filed a notice with the court on October 7 stating Judy Barnett is currently representing her in the case.

Kingfish note: This just became a farce.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tomorrow night: Heather's Tree

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You thought Jackson City Council meetings were bad.

Check out Lumberton's, especially the last thirty seconds. The bj references are not made about the Mayor. Apparently a blogger who covers all things Lumberton, had a comment on his blog that accused a city employee of conducting said you know what with a couple of aldermen. The two people at the end of the video who stood up and mentioned it were accusing him (he was at the meeting) of approving of the accusation. Apparently the blogger practices comment moderation so it doesn't appear on his website unless he ok's it. The video is still pretty entertaining.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kim Wade show is cancelled.

WJNT cancelled the Kim Wade show. The local talk radio show was a fixture in Jackson for over ten years, as Kim gave hell to liberals on a daily basis. Mr. Wade sent me a press release to post on this site. It's sad this disagreement came to this point. I know some of the guys over at WJNT and they've always been pretty nice to me. I understand the dispute, but think sending out a press release is pouring fuel on the fire to some degree and can be counterproductive. However, Kim does have a right to be heard and many will wonder why he is no longer on the air, so his press release is presented in this forum. It's a shame his show will no longer be on the air, but these things do happen. Kim has always been a man of principle and not the kind to back down when he thinks he is right, as he makes clear in his press release.

"Effective immediately The Kim Wade radio show broadcast on WJNT NEWSTALK 1180 am has been canceled. Kim Wade was informed of the cancellation @ 9:20 am this morning by Stan Carter operations manager for WJNT on the instructions of station manager Kevin Webb.

Kim Wade’s firing centers around a real estate commercial which aired on the Kim Wade’s Wednesdays afternoon show promoting a competing multiple listing service for real estate agents. “It was over the top”, Stan Carter’s voice mail said…….what exactly was over the top was not explained.

Wade was informed by Stan Carter Wednesday morning that a competing multiple listing service ran by the Association of Realtors informed the station they objected to my paid interview with Larry Mayall on Wade’s Tuesday broadcast that promoted the independent Mid South Real Estate Board’s multiple listing service.

Larry Mayall, a broker with First National Realty( with licenses in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, is offering a independent multiple listing service that will make a seller’s property available to a 100% of licensed real estate agents and the public at $100 dollars a year cost to agents.

This is in contrast to the existing multiple listing service operated by the Association of Realtors which is reported to charges agents several hundreds a dollars a year in dues fees and penalties to be a member. In further contrast to the Mid South Real Estate Board, the Association of Realtors including their multiple listing service places restrictions on public access to their website’s listings and can and does restrict viewing of their listings by non members of their small group. This is, in Wade’s opinion a potential breach of an agent’s fiduciary responsibility to their seller

Thus, their members pay through the nose for a service, that in Wade’s opinion, fails to deliver to the seller services for which sellers believes they’ve contracted and agree to pay commission.

The new competitive business model of Mid South Real Estate Board gives the home seller more of what they are paying an agent for….exposure of their home to a greater number of potential home buyers and 100% of licensed agents.

The reason why access this should be of importance to you is the Associations of Realtors does not have to, and often times does not allow non-Realtors to receive commission for selling you home if it is listed with a Realtor. Consequently, your home could be just right for a purchaser who is represented by a non-Realtor real estate professional, who happens to make up over 50% of the real estate professional in America today. This can effectively keep a lot of people from seeing your home, especially when a real estate professional who represents a potential buyer will not be paid a commission.

The Association of Realtor’s multiple listing service closed and dated approach to marketing a property owner’s property. The Association of Realtors multiple listing service is, by it’s very make up in, Wade’s opinion an obstacle to the timely selling and effective marketing of your property. Hence, a unnecessary obstacle to fully fulfilling an agent’s state mandated fiduciary responsibility.

Wade noted the objection from this source had grown more pronounced after recent radio broadcasts highlighted what he believed were inefficiencies in the delivery of real estate services that borders on corruption, fraud if not out right racketeering perpetrated against the seller’s of real property and other who are parties to the real estate transaction.

Wade expressed disappointment in WJNT’s management decision to reject the free market principles of open competition and fair play. Principles that WJNT and it’s stable of urban stations themselves employ in the local radio market. Wade also asserts these free market principles has long been the hallmark conservative talk radio. Wade will continue to stand for those principles whether they are popular or it cost him the opportunity to come before you daily.

Wade acknowledges the Association of Realtors right to exercise it muscle to attempt restrain competition in this area. Wade remains confident that they will fail in their attempt to prevent the public from receiving the benefit of superior services and lower prices offered by Mid South Real Estate Board and First National Realty.

Wade noted the Association of Realtor is replaying the failed tactics the travel agencies employed 15-20 years ago before and crushed them like grapes in the market place.

Wade contends, consumers looking for a better deal and superior services will not be denied those services. “At Mid South Real Estate Board and First National Realty we have that in spades”, Wade noted!

“We’ll beat em like drum in the marketplace”, Wade exclaimed confidently.

You can contact Kim Wade at his website for further development to this story

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Even better

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This seemed appropriate

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JJ now on Twitter.

Jackson Jambalaya is now on Twitter. Monica H had been on me for months to get one but I waited until the day after she left town to get an account. Now you can follow this site on Twitter at kingfish1935.

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The Ali Shamsid-Deen Chronicles: The JFP Rehab Tour begins

Well, I must have gotten someone's attention with the Ali Shamsid-Deen Chronicles. Our good friend Adam Lynch over at the JFP interviewed Mr. Shamsid-Deen. Want to guess what the first topic was? His old Jackson Advocate columns. Mr. Lynch asked "As a Jackson Advocate editor, you made statements some might describe as anti-white, such as saying that then-Mayor Kane Ditto had a “slave-owner mentality.”

How did the learned jurist respond? Mr. Shamsid-Deen replied:
"Well, keep in mind that those articles were published almost 20 years ago. What may have been true then may not necessarily be true now. All of us who have any amount of intelligence have the power to adapt to the times and the situations we’re living in. You have to take into account the context of things that were happening at that time. It was a different world then. My attitude toward Kane Ditto then, for example, may not be the attitude I have toward him and his policies now. I haven’t spoken to Mr. Ditto in ages."

Well, let us post some of what he wrote because it wasn't just about Mr. Ditto:

"He is one of the "Spooks who sat by the door Ne****s". We know the one's. "I'm Black and I made it. My race didn't keep me back." (On Clarence Thomas)

Sister Souljah knows just like the rest of us know that African American gang members know how to stay on the side of the law enforcement and that is by victimizing the African American community."

Mayor Kane Ditto's attitude is typical of that slave-owner mentality. He is smart enough to realize that his political future in Jackson and indeed Hinds County depends upon how well he is perceived in the African American community. He is like the old slave owner who put African American overseer over the rest of the slaves because he thought that this would make the slaves work better for him."

"In his political thinking and this solution to this situation is to simply fire a xxxxxxx and hire another xxxxxxx. His thinking is that all we see is skin color anyway and not result. Well, we intend to prove Mayor Ditto's thinking wrong."

"Once again the Clarion-Ledger quoted their trusted Negro intellectuals to add support to their deceitfulness. These Nexxxxxs are used to try and convince the rest of us that white is always right. These intellectuals are supposed to be experts in using reason, yet they stare facts in the face and come up with totally illogical conclusions to aid the white folks cause."

On Grace Simmons, current Editor of the Clarion-Ledger, when she was a reporter at the newspaper:
"It is absolutely shameful that we as African-Americans have to endure this type of attitude from the caucasian media and it is pitiful of an African-American such as Ms. Simmons to be so caught up in imitating the 'white folks' that they are of no use to us. They act as if everything that we as African-Americans do is wrong and that everything that the 'white folks' believe is right. They really believe that they are different from the rest of us just because 'white folks' say so....

Wake up Grace, you are chasing the dream of being excepted by the 'white folks' too hard. This will cause you to lose credibility with everybody, including the white folks that you are in awe of."

There is plenty more of where this came from in Mr. Shamsid-Deen's columns, which I've made available on this website. Mr. Shamsid-Deen has no business whatsoever being a Circuit Judge. What Mr. Lynch should've asked him is if he thought Grace Simmons was still an Uncle Tom or if the newspaper still uses "trusted Nexxx intellectuals". He might have asked him if he thought Harvey was a tool of "caucasians" or asked him why he used the N word.

I write this post as a supporter of Jeff Weill. Make no bones about it. I think out of all the candidates, he is the best one for the job by far. However, there is a difference between a the typical opponent who simply holds different positions than Mr. Weill and a racial bomb-thrower such as Mr. Shamsid-Deen. Reading those columns gives one the sense that not only would whites not get a fair hearing in his courtroom but neither would blacks that he thought weren't "black enough".

Judicial races are boring for the most part as the candidates are handcuffed in what positions they can take. However, few, if any, candidates in recent memory have written things on the same level as Mr. Shamsid-Deen. Any regular reader of this site knows he would be called out for his columns regardless of whom I support. Someone should put his columns in front of him and ask him point blank if he still agrees with all of these quotes posted above. There is a place for Mr. Shamsid-Deen in our society but it is not on the bench, despite all the whitewashing (pun intended) by certain publications

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The RCSD Ipads: The REST of the story.

The Clarion-Ledger reported a few weeks ago something that stirred up quite a few people in Rankin County:

"Rankin County School District officials have spent at least $25,000 in federal funds to buy about 50 iPads for principals and district department heads, as well as school board members.

District officials say the gadget, with a price tag starting at about $500, helps educators stay mobile and abreast of new technology....

The district had received about $116,000 in federal E-rate money, a grant used to improve Internet connections and related infrastructure for districts. About $25,000 of that was used to buy iPads for principals who didn't have enough money at their schools to buy the devices, Delaney said...."

Well, it being the Clarion-Ledger, I just knew there was more to the story so I..... longtime JJ readers know what is coming........ submitted a public records request to the Rankin County School District for the federal grant application, the federal grant guidelines, and any applicable user agreements for the ipad users.

Well, it turns out there was no federal grant as reported by the newspaper. Universal Service Administrative Company is a federal agency "that oversees an E-Rate program with the FCC" according to a letter provided to JJ by the District (page 1 of documents below). The District is eligible for discounts on telecommunications plans. It can receive the discount in the form of lower monthly bills or pay the full amount each month and then receive a lump sum rebate at the end of the year from the telecommunications provider. It should be noted that a district has to apply for the rebate in order to receive it. The Department of Education is very aggressive in making sure all Mississippi school districts apply for the discounts.

The District chose the second option and received a rebate of $116,343 (see pages 17 & 19). Amanda Harris, the Technology Coordinator for the District, said $100,000 was spent on network switches for the schools. While the Clarion-Ledger reported over $25,000 was spent on Ipads, the District only spent $16,740. Ms. Harris also informed me the District spoke to the reporter for several hours. Unfortunately for the readers, the newspaper still got it wrong in that there was no federal grant used and the amount was overstated by approximately $10,000. Ms. Harris told this correspondent USAC prefers that any money from said rebates should be spent on technology.

Ms. Harris said the main purpose of the Ipad was to get the principals out of the office and into rest of the school. Principals too often are chained to their desks because so many tasks now require the use of a computer. The Ipads allow the principals to "get out into the field" while staying connected to duties normally handled in the office. If a principal has to stop by a classroom, he can access a student's records on his Ipad. A principal can now take notes while observing a class or handling a problem. That is the logic behind providing the principals with Ipads. Some will wonder why the principals do not instead use laptops. Ms. Harris explained the Ipads have a battery life double that of the laptops, handle most of the tasks required of a laptop, and costs much less than a laptop.

Ms. Harris also said the users do not use 3G networks. Ipads are equipped with either wi-fi or 3G capability. The Districts Ipads are of the wi-fi variety so there are no extra data usage charges since all schools have wi-fi networks. The same technology use policies apply to the Ipads as other District assets.

The District also did not purchase over 50 units as reported by the Clarion-Ledger. Ms. Harris stated in an email to this correspondent today the District purchased 30 Ipads at an average cost of $558 each. The cheapest versions, 16GB, were purchased in ten-packs to reduce the cost even further and warranties were purchased.

It is quite clear the decision to purchase Ipads is a controversial one for many people. Equipping the administrators with new tools if it will help them do their job while freeing them from the office is a respectable goal and should be pursued. However, while it is clear these are tools for principals and other employees, one hopes one man's tool is not a school board member's toy and there are good reasons for providing school board members with Ipads as well. Hope this post clarifies the story somewhat as there were more than a few comments made when I mentioned this a few weeks ago. Time will tell if this was the correct decision.

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Latest crime stats

Jackson crime reports for week ending October 3, 2010.

Jackson major crimes overview for week ending October 3, 2010.

City of Madison crime reports through October 11, 2010.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Ali Shamsid-Deen Chronicles: Possible threat?

This is one of the last installments of the Ali Shamsid-Deen Chronicles. Hope you've enjoyed them. The candidate for Hinds County Circuit Judge wrote a few things after a suspect died while in police custody. There was a huge controversy back in the early 1990's after a series of jailhouse suicides took place. Mr. Shamsid-Deen wrote:

"The message is clear to us in the African American communities around this state and this country. If we can not get justice from this system that we have, then other actions will be taken. I don't intend to be vague here. Whatever response that we bring forth due to the pain and suffering that this system impose upon us is justified by the fact that it could have been avoided by insuring justice for us in same mannter as it is given to caucasians."

Threat? I report, you decide.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

New poll: Favorite LSU Tiger

Sorry if I left anyone off. I voted for Rohan Davey. Was so much fun to watch. Could make a pass almost anywhere on the field while throwing off a linebacker. My second favorite was Lavalais, then Hodson, then Michael Brooks. Vote early and often.

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Auditor: Contracts geared to protect engineer's interests instead of taxpayers.

The MC Herald reported last week:

"Madison County officials can soon expect the results of a state audit that looked at the county's contracts for services. "We will have a final draft in a week for the Board of Supervisors and a final report a week after that," said Laney Grantham, a spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Audit.The final report in two weeks will be made public, she said."

The Madison County spin machine went into action:

"Board of Supervisors president Tim Johnson said last week he expected state auditors to finish the report, which began in April, fairly quickly."We've been communicating and working with the auditor's office to finalize the report," Johnson said."

The chumminess of Mr. Johnson's comments continued as he explained to the reporter there was nothing at all to worry about:

"Johnson said he was told by auditors that the state's inquiry had "a narrow focus" by looking at county contracts. The state's action is looking at the county's paperwork and its contracts, he said. "We gave the auditors all the information they needed so it will be a fair assessment and we can continue with the county's business."There isn't any criminal liability," Johnson said. "They are not looking to make any supervisor liable."

Rudy even went so far as to tell his favorite mouthpiece, boy blunder Steve Watson at The Madison County Journal, "I am looking forward to being vindicated," Warnock said. "We're excited about it."

JJ has obtained some information about the audit and it paints a somewhat different picture than what is seen on the Tim & Rudy show. Several sources informed JJ some facts about the audit:

  • 22 contracts were examined. 116 projects, $6.5 million in payments
  • 8 contracts lacked an effective date.
  • 10 had both a vehicle use fee and daily mileage rate fee
  • 2005 contract expired on December 31, 2005. Engineer worked for 2006 and 2007 without a contract. Law says no penalty for expired contract but penalty for working without a contract. Catch 22.
  • 2008 contract had no length of term for contract. Translation: No ending date. This was corrected last week at the BOS meeting.
  • OSA states many of the contracts examined had terms that were incomplete, incorrect, missing, duplicative, or contradictory.
  • OSA was concerned about a memo from Warnock to Houston asking the County Administrator to hold some invoices for oversight until the next year.
  • OSA determined there were deficiencies in most contracts examined. No valid contracts existed for some years where work was done and payments made.
  • Board failed to improve oversight of invoice payments in June 2005. A motion to improve said oversight failed 3-2. Majority of board thus intentionally failed to uphold this responsibility.
  • Board should be in control of contracts and not controlled by them.
  • Many of the reimbursable expenses are normally considered overhead but were paid anyway in 10 contracts.
  • 9 contracts had titles that did not match the work described or the effective date.
  • Ten contracts had flat rate/lump sum payments in addition to percentage payments and additional reimbursement payments for various services, which resulted in far more than 14% of the estimated costs of the entire project.
  • 15 contracts lacked detailed construction costs totals.
  • 14 had incomplete, ambiguous, or missing scope of service terms.
  • 19 allowed potentially duplicative costs for service.
  • Standardized contracts, while used, may not have been customized to adequately protect Madison County.
  • Some contracts lacked effective dates, signatures, or sunset dates, creating a large liability for Madison County.
  • Here is the money quote: Contracts are geared to protect engineer's interests instead of Madison County taxpayers.

Tim Johnson knows very well the Auditor can not impose criminal liability on the County. If he makes findings he thinks are criminal in nature, he can only refer it to the Attorney General for prosecution. The Auditor issued a draft containing the preliminary findings of the audit. County officials were allowed to review the draft. Under state law, they are allowed to offer corrections and explanations. It will not be surprising if many of these problems are suddenly "corrected" after being pointed out by the Auditor, hence the sudden spin by certain individuals in Madison County. I was not going to post this information as I wanted to show some respect for the "process" and the Auditor's office but if certain "individuals" are obviously going to start selectively leaking parts of the report to the media, there is nothing wrong with clarifying things a little bit. Stay tuned folks, this is just getting started.

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