Friday, May 30, 2008

You have got to be kidding. Obama's true colors starting to show

1. cut investments in "unproven missile defense systems." Unproven? Oh really? An Iran with missiles seeking nuclear weapons and he wants to junk the only real defense we would have against them?

2. "Not weaponize space."

Nice. Naive but nice. The Chinese and Russians will be VERY VERY glad to hear that one.

3. "Slow our development of future combat systems".

F-15 is 30 years old. Air Force is aging and needs new generation of planes. The Chinese are currently modernizing their military and are backed by a growing economy. More than a few countries liked hearing this one. By the way Barak, the next time you slam Bush for not giving troops the equipment they need I hope someone points out to you that "future combat systems" are part of that support for the troops. You do support the troops, dont' you?

4. "Set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons."

Maybe there is some truth to the rumors about his his past um, recreations. Not going to happen. The Chinese, Russians, Israelis, French, India, and Pakistan are NOT going to give up nukes. If there is one thing history teaches its that technology can't be put back in the bottle. Like it or not, we are stuck with nukes.

5. "Won't develop any new nuclear weapons".


6. "Negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off Hair trigger alert."

Frickin idiot. Does the dumbass know that the Chinese DO have nuclear missile and that Chinese Generals have stated that they could use them to keep us from defending Taiwan? Or how vulnerable we would be to a few well-placed nuclear subs off our coasts? Or placing us more at risk against a rogue state with missiles and nuclear technology.

Has there been a serious Democrat Presidential candidate in the last twenty years that has held such extreme positions on national security? Bill? Hillary? Kerry? Gore?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's the Futures, Stupid!

Interesting read on the rise in gas prices. No one has really raised the point about the huge amounts of money investors are pouring into the oil FUTURES markets, thus driving up the price of oil. The author addresses the arguments of the weak dollar, higher demand, and other usual reasons given for the high price of oil.

"I am here to expose a fast-growing yet virtually unnoticed factor, and one that presents a problem that can be expediently corrected through legislative policy action.
What we are experiencing is a demand shock coming from a new category of participant in the commodities futures markets: Institutional Investors. Specifically, these are Corporate and Government Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, University Endowments and other Institutional Investors. Collectively, these investors now account on average for a larger share of outstanding commodities futures contracts than any other market participant.
These parties, who I call Index Speculators, allocate a portion of their portfolios to “investments” in the commodities futures market, and behave very differently from the traditional speculators that have always existed in this marketplace. I refer to them as “Index” Speculators because of their investing strategy: they distribute their allocation of dollars across the 25 key commodities futures according to the popular indices – the Standard & Poors - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index and the Dow Jones - AIG Commodity Index...."

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye-bye Ty

Won't be blogging today. Had to put my dog to sleep this morning and not just up to it. His name was Ty and he was 15/12 years old. Got home last night and his legs were finally gone. Just could not stand up anymore. He was a dynamo. Ran non-stop and indestructible. Couldn't stand other dogs but loved cats, go figure. Probably the best well-behaved dog I've ever had. I could take him walking without a leash and in the car he was perfect. One thing he loved to do was chase the geese and ducks when I took him to the reservoir. We'd get near a herd of them on land, he'd see them, then I'd release him and off he went, creating a ruckus. I knew it would happen at some point in the next few months but its always too soon. That dog was so spoiled. When my Grandfather was alive, Ty would sit in his lap while Grandad spoonfed him ice cream. Rest in peace Ty, you are missed already.

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First time I've come close to laughing all day.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Republican Leadership STILL doesn't get it.

The Wall Street Journal interviews House Republican Minority Whip John Boehner for its weekend edition.

"Elected two years ago because of his reputation as a reformer, Mr. Boehner and his team recently unrolled its election-year agenda, entitled "Change You Deserve." It will attempt to show voters that the GOP is again ready to lead on everything from health care to energy to taxes.
Yet Mr. Boehner knows he's pushing a big rock up a steep hill. Asked how he might "win" back a majority, he cuts me off: "Earn. Earn back the majority. . . . we have to show the American people that we learned our lesson from the '06 election. That we hear what they are saying. And that means things like getting earmarks under control . . . balancing the budget, being willing to take on the tough job of entitlement reform, or the really tough job of a health-care system that insures all Americans and allows them control over who their doctor is."
Says Mr. Boehner: "My job is to lead the 200 of us on the Republican side into being real agents of change." He adds, "Some are more open to that than others

What is the fundamental flaw in his approach?

Note: From Novak's column, more proof on how clueless even Boehner is:

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Ed Peters Served.

Fourcef tell Kingfifh that apparently former Hindf County District Attorney Ed Peterf waf ferved paperf outfide of hif home thif morning. Mr. Peterf refufed fervice, putting hif handf over hif earf, and went infide hif home. Hif wife threw the paperf down on the ground and faid he wafn't home but apparently Mr. Peterf is confidered to have been ferved under the law. The cafe involved was Eaton Aerofpace. No confirmation of the rumor that Mr. Peterf waf finging Roxanne as he covered hif earf.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Explain this to me

How come the same people who claim IQ tests are invalid and inherently racist can't wait to use them and accept their validity when opposing the death penalty?

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I want Sean Hannity's radio gig

I could do this.

"Wow. great show planned today. Going to talk about Reverend Wright. Don't forget, the radical left is trying to destroy this country. Here's our next caller, Fred. Hang on a second Fred. You're a great American. Let's go to a commercial break. Sorry Fred, it's a hard break. You're a great American. Coming back, we'll talk to Newt. "

How hard can this gig be?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anyone see a problem here?

Obama said this in regards to his expected loss in Kentucky:

"What it says is that I'm not very well known in that part of the country," Obama said. "Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it's not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle."

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DWF: Cougar Transformation Alert

That's right, I'm no Cougar this week. A 50-something male from California is flying in today for 2 nights to see me. We haven't seen each other in 3 years. We met at a conference in San Francisco and had a great 2 evenings of dinner, wine, talk, and "other stuff". We've stayed in touch by phone and email off and on since then.

If you've read my previous posts, you know I usually get all hot and sweaty just talking about my 26-year old hottie. All he has to do is text me and I'm there! We still stay in touch and get together when we can. OMG Yes!

Then you read how the old college boyfriend went weird and proposed and gave me a ring after seeing me ONCE after a 20 year absence. He is still trying to get me to change my mind and marry him. What is the definition of obsession? It is HIM. Geesh.

The California guy and I spoke a few weeks ago and he is coming to town to see me. He is very attractive, smart, successful and takes very good care of himself. I'm picking him up at the airport this evening and we're going to dinner and catch up on the last three years. Am I nervous? Heck Yes I Am! This could be fun.

Stay tuned for the update on our rendezvous........

Email me:

See previous posts on the right scrollbard.

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Guidos? And you thought Rednecks were bad.

Is there a spray for them? Like Raid or something?

Cajun living in New York's take on them:

Still don't know what they are? Here is one in action:

(warning: Language)

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Monday, May 19, 2008


Surprise, Donna Ladd is going at it with someone else, this time Wyatt Emmerich of the Northside Sun. Enjoy.

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WHAT? So JPD has received over $21 MILLION in grant money and spent less than ONE FRIGGIN PERCENT OF IT??? What is going on over there? Beats are uncovered. Police OT is almost nonexistent. Long 12 hour shifts are now the norm for cops. Yet, the Clarion-Ledger this morning reports:
"More than $21 million in grants is currently allotted to JPD. The money is earmarked for equipment, such as computers, crime lab microscopes, digital cameras and hiring more officers.
But so far, city finance officials have been able to determine that less than 1 percent, or $136,000, of all the grants has been used.
Two of the grants already have expired, and all but one of the rest will expire by the end of this year.
Paperwork on the largest grant, a $14.8 million COPS Universal Hire Grant awarded to the city in 1995, shows no attempt by the city to spend it. The money is designed to recruit and hire police officers

How badly is JPD understaffed? Where is Safecity on this? One would think that this would be something for them to address when they are not working on plans for a downtown Green Zone. Where is DJP? Our Congressmen? Why is no one giving Melton and his administration grief for this incompetence?

One further thought. For years the Hinds County Sheriff's office has been plagued by budget problems. I, like many others, blamed them on Doug Anderson and his little cabal of Supes on the Board. It was an easy thing to do and Peggy Hobson is showing just how badly Doug Anderson ran things. However, Mac has been in this job since November and the budget problems seem to get worse. Is this a case of Mac being a helluva cop but weak on fiscal matters? Not taking a cheap shot at Mac, just thinking out loud. Is there anyone in JPD that does understand how budgets are supposed to work?

Thanks Melton, for you and your cronies screwing Jackson once again. This incompetence is a great example of why the legislature will not allow Jackson to raise taxes. Why should it do so? I can hear some legislator now saying "see, they can't even spend the money they already have for JPD. Why should we give them any more?" Couple this with the mismanagement of the JPS bond issue, and its pretty clear that the Melton administration is the worst one that Jackson has ever seen. Some heads need to roll for this one. Starting with the carpetbagger from Tyler, Texas.

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Mississippi Drug War Blues

This video is from, the website for the leading Libertarian Magazine. Drew Carey is the narrator.

"Mississippi Drug War Blues" is a story about the intersection of race (Maye is black and Jones was white); the war on drugs; the disturbing increase in the militarization of police tactics; and systemic flaws in the criminal justice and expert-testimony systems."

Additional Reason articles on the Maye case:

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Always like this video

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Never thought I would see castration and food fight in the same post unless mountain oysters were involved. Last week, Donna Ladd, editor of The Jackson Free Press, wrote the following post on the JFP website regarding the murder of JPD officer Robert Washington:
"Washington’s murder has never been solved, and has been the source of many whispers over the years because the police officer was found with his pants down and castrated, and without his squad car and other belongings. The car was found later in West Jackson where Hickman says Moore left it..."

What aroused my interest was the mention of a possible castration as it has never been mentioned before in any news coverage of the murder or in the wild rumors that have surrounded the case. No source or evidence was offered, it was stated as fact. A couple of posters (and I on this blog) asked what her source was, which is understandable given the serious and sensational nature of the charge. If nothing else, the family has been through enough hell and does not need something this lurid published in the print media if its false.

Well, apparently former Chief of JPD, Robert Johnson, had a few words to say about this supposed castration:
"Ladd: "On the one hand, I have several good sources saying he was".This is an absolutely false claim. Anyone present at the scene and who viewed Washington's body will tell you that he was not castrated. You need to do more verification of this claim before continually repeating it as fact.
posted by Robert Johnson on 05/16/08 at 03:03 PM"

Now the man who was a highly-respected and honorable Chief of Police at the time has gone on the record saying it did not happen. What is funny is that Othor Cain (disclosure, I appear on his radio show on Fridays even though we disagree on everything), news director over at WJSU, called her out on her supposed castration. Funny in that Othor apparently has been banned from the JFP website.

Nice. If this had been The Clarion-Ledger making these claims without showing any sources or proof, she would have blasted them for the next five years on their shoddy journalism and personally attacked the editors and the reporter involved. She constantly preaches on her website about the ethics of journalism and how much she adheres to them and how much the CL's shoddy reporting disgust her. Factchecking is her mantra and supposed creed. However, its funny how her response to the one poster that calls her out on this is to ban him from her website. Once again, she can dish it out but she can't take it. One would think she would have apologized to the family in that same thread for possibly upsetting and embarrassing them but then, that would have required something called class.

See previous post on this subject:

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ugly Cougar alert

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I don't feel sorry for the Republicans one damn bit.

Wall Street Journal editorial page nails it today: "This is the lesson Republicans should have learned in 2006, but the Members preferred to blame their failure on President Bush and Iraq. House Republicans pooh-poohed their own earmarking scandals, spending excesses and overall wallowing in the Beltway status quo. Rather than rethink their habits, they re-elected the same party leaders and even kept Jerry Lewis as their chief Appropriator. Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona is right when he says that "Since the 2006 elections, Republicans have done absolutely nothing to redefine themselves. We can't even get behind an earmark moratorium bill." They've also been content to replay their same losing political attack strategy. In 2006, they thought they could save their majority by donning a Nancy Pelosi fright wig and shouting "liberal, liberal, liberal." This year they're wearing a Barack Obama mask, and that isn't working either...."

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The Jackson Free Press reports on Officer Washington's 1995 murder:
"Washington’s murder has never been solved, and has been the source of many whispers over the years because the police officer was found with his pants down and castrated, and without his squad car and other belongings. The car was found later in West Jackson where Hickman says Moore left it..."

Castrated? First I've heard of that one. Source?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walter Wood's law license only suspended for 6 months

Want some more proof of how out of touch the Mississippi Bar is?

Ridgeland attorney Walter Wood was arrested in 2006 for having his client perform um, sexual favors (use your imagination) while at the Madison County Jail in the room provided for attorney-client conferences. It should be noted that Mr. Wood is married. Mr. Wood pleaded nolo contendre to two charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and was fined $500 for each offense and sentenced to serve thirty days in jail concurrently.

The Mississippi Bar then suspended Mr. Wood for...........drum roll...... 180 days and fined him $214 for the costs of the investigation. That's it: 6 months. Mr. Wood forces a client to perform oral sex on him while at the county jail and the Bar only suspends him for six months. Mr. Wood's crimes, and that is what they are: crimes, are worse than a lawyer who steals money from his clients. Mr. Wood's actions were disgusting as he humiliated and abused someone who was in no position to defend herself, and perpetuated EVERY single stereotype about lawyers. This was pretty close to rape (The story I heard was she wanted cigarettes...use your imagination) as she was in very little position to refuse Mr. Wood's demands. Mr. Wood is nothing but a scumbag in every sense of the word and the Bar has no business allowing him to resume his practice of law in only six months. One must wonder what the hell the Bar was thinking in giving Mr. Wood a slap on the wrist.

Walter Wood should have been disbarred or suspended at a minimum at least five years. The fact that the Bar only suspended him for 180 days is further evidence that its time to take away from it is self regulating function and place it more under the control of the executive branch. Remember, the Bar elects its own commissioners and officers, writes its own by-laws, and disciplines itself. It is created by statute and ultimate authority is delegated to the Mississippi Supreme Court but the Bar is still self-created and self-regulating for all intents and purposes.

Mr. Wood's so-called punishment is a disgrace and a slap in the face of Mississippians everywhere who expect the Bar to actually discipline and punish such perverts. It makes one wonder how widespread the couch fee payment system really is.

See suspension (Walter Wood document)at

See earlier post on Mississippi Bar at

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Where are they now question.

Whatever happened to the prosecution against Walter Wood, local attorney? If you remember, he was arrested for having engaging in some sexual relations with one of his clients at the Madison County jail in one of the um, consultation rooms. Whatever happened to his case?

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Congrats to FOLO.

Big shout out goes to FOLO, winner of Jackson Jambalaya's latest poll: "What is your favorite blog?" The choices were: Clarion-Ledger Blogs, FOLO, Y'all Politics, Jackson Free Press blogs, Othor Cain Report, The Butterknife, Magnolia Report, Will Bardwell, Cottonmouth, and Moi. Wasn't even close. FOLO received 31 votes (52%) out of 59 votes cast. Second place went to Y'all Politics, 8 votes (13%), Clarion-Ledger & Jackson Free Press blogs, 6% each (10%), Me at 5 votes (8%), and the Butterknife, 2 votes (3%).

Congrats to NMC and Lotus, who have worked their gluteus Minimi building up their site.

Who did Kingfish vote for? You think I voted for this crappy blog? Hell no. I voted for....... FOLO.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Criminals Rarely Change Their Spots, Including Hotshot Quarterbacks

(Warning: strong language)

Surprise, surprise. Jared Foster was indicted recently:

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So Melton is going to hang out with homeless people

He must not plan on paying his property taxes.

See Frank, this is what happens when all of your posse is under 18. Most guys have a male friend that will let them crash at his place when they lose their homes. Maybe you should get a friend that is over the age of 18 or maybe even 21. You never know when you might need that couch.

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I just love anonymous little birds.....

especially ones who tell me the Commission on Judicial Performance is going to recommend Judge Houston Patton be disciplined by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Too bad this scumbag judge can't spend a few weeks in jail as James Jennings did thanks to him.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

How juvenile.

Well, Madame DeLadd, fresh from bragging about being nearly 50 years old and screaming at an award-winning filmmaker in the middle of the town square in Philadelphia, now plays the "my candidate is cooler than your candidate" game:
"Imagine Bush or McCain Playing Taboo!?!
The Associated Press
has a fun story about Barack Obama playing Taboo on his campaign plane with young journalists..."

Maybe I should post "Imagine Obama flying an F-14". It would be about as juvenile and just as stupid.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shop local?

I haven't picked on the Northside Sun since I've started this blog. As I don't want anyone to think I discriminate, I found another gem in a recent issue I want to discuss.

Mr. Wyatt Emmerich, the publisher, penned an editorial where he strongly urged people to "shop local":
"Independent, privately-owned shops and businesses are the lifeblood of our country. This is where our employment growth is generated. The big corporate chains reduce people. The small companies hire people.Yet we flock like lemmings to the big box stores, falling for their feel-good TV ads while they trick us with loss-leader pricing.
I don’t eat at chains. Every restaurant I go to is locally owned. They’re better. They’re unique. They have heart and soul....

So don’t be so sure you are automatically getting the best price just because you walk into a cavernous store. Over time, the big chains naturally take on corporate overhead and become less efficient...."

Mr. Emmerich is very wrong if he thinks many of us shop at the "chains" because of price. McDade's is one example of why I shop at the dreaded "chains". There is a McDades exactly 200 yards from where I live. It is convenient. Unfortunately, there are a few things about it that force me to shop at Kroger. First of all, the prices are MUCH higher than at Kroger (I will keep it fair by not even comparing them to Wal-Mart). Second, the product selection at McDades is VERY poor. Most of the items I buy are not available at McDades. Angel hair whole wheat pasta? Dannon smoothies? Oatmeal raisin cookie dough (yeah, I like to bake cookies on a semi-regular basis)? Large size Bush's Chili? Oscar Myer Roast Beef sammich meat? Sun Maid Tropical Trio dried fruit? Lite & Low Sugar Eggo Syrup? Go to Kroger. Saturday I wanted to bake some chicken breasts. I was expecting the Sanderson Farms' packs I find at the chains. Instead of the large chicken breasts produced by Sanderson Farms, McDade's had some "family pack" of generic chicken that looked like it was that scrawny boxing chicken in Looney Toons. My newest addiction has been those Tyson whole chickens (already cooked) at Kroger. Yes, McDade's sells a whole chicken from their deli. A chicken that is bland and as dry as parts of Rankin County. Their ribs taste like shoe leather with some seasoning sprinkled on top of where the stitches are. They would be better off if they just copied Kroger and sold some Tyson and Sanderson Farms products. However, who am I to quibble with shopping local?

My gripe with shopping local does not stop at McDades. When I need something hardware related, I go to Ace Hardware in Maywood Mart first. Unfortunately, that usually means a second trip to Home Depot or Lowes because surprise, the local hardware store rarely has what I need. Or they are closed. Needed some hardware today. Were they open? Nope. Went to a chain. Price had nothing to do with it. I was looking for Weber gas grills two weeks ago. Home Depot had them already assembled. Ace told me they could order it for me and it would be in in a few days. Anyone want to bet I would have to go back up there and get it instead of their delivering it to my door?

Then there is the owner of LeMuria. Since the early 90's, I have read his incessant whining in the newspaper over how much he has been hurt by the "chains". Well Mr. Lemuria, I am your ideal customer. I rarely buy best-sellers. When I purchase a book, price is almost never a factor to me. I have 30 boxes of books in in library, mostly hardback. Want to know why I rarely purchased a book at your store? For years Lemuria kept bankers hours. Unfortunately some of us can't buy a book until 7:00PM or later, sometimes much later. The main reason I've gone to Barnes and Noble or Borders over the years has been the fact that their store hours fit perfectly into my schedule AND they had a very large inventory.

For years, Lemuria was not open on Sundays and for only a few hours on Saturday. If you wanted to go book-shopping after dinner, sorry, you were out of luck. Fortunately Lemuria has changed its ways and has hours that are much more convenient. Wanted an expresso to drink while you read a novel? For a long time, you had to go to a chain as they were the first in Jackson to place cafes in bookstores while Lemuria did not do so. After awhile, buying local is harder to do when the convenience and other factors besides price are titled heavily in favor of the hated chains. However, it must be noted that now Lemuria is much more competitive and convenient than it used to be (And by the way, I've been a VERY good customer of Choctaw Books for years in case anyone thinks I have a bias towards chains).

The point of all of this personal griping is that there are many other reasons why many of us shop at the chains and avoid shopping "local" and most of the time, price is rarely a factor. If local stores want our business, then perhaps they should be open when it is convenient for us, not for them. Perhaps they should have websites where we can actually check inventory and compare items. It would help if they had inventory that actually fit our needs. Sorry, but why should I order an item and wait a whole week for it when I drive a few miles and take it home that same day? At some point we get tired of coming to your "local" store and then going to a chain because once again you didn't have something we need. If you don't have convenient store hours, offer good service and support, and have what we need when we actually need it, don't complain when the so-called chains get our business.

Kingfish note: Don't even get me started on Cowboy Maloney's and why I don't shop there anymore. The last two times I bought something there they couldn't do ANYTHING right.

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So Wyatt Emmerich......

Since you think we should abolish the sales tax exemption for internet sales:
"Another awful policy is the exemption of the sales tax for out-of-state online purchases. Sales tax is one of the biggest funding mechanisms of our state and local government. Our small retailers help pay a huge portion of this. Yet our state lawmakers give out-of-state Internet retailers a free ride at the expense of our local stores. That’s a downright shame...",

when will you lead by example and call for the abolishment of the sales tax exemption for newspapers that currently exists in Mississippi? Obviously Hinds County and Jackson, as well as the rest of the state, could use the revenue so should not those who are calling for the closing of the sales tax loopholes put their money where their mouth is?

Just wondering.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something to ponder.

I was at a friend's house the other night where I was given a copy of a court case. This case is apparently being circulated among certain circles in Jackson for the sole purpose of giving everyone a good laugh. The case is a divorce and the ruling of the court spells out details that are lurid to say the least. Names are named and actions are described in ways which leave little to the imagination. It's pretty clear to see why it is being passed around as most people love to see other people's dirty laundry aired in public. Sort of the high class version of people who go to Daytona hoping to see a big wreck in turn one as they cheer the mayhem while drinking their Bud lites.

Any regular reader of this blog knows I am a strong supporter of making government records available to the public. However, when it comes to divorce cases, especially where there are children involved, is the public good served by making the details available to the public? In this case, the parties had children. There were no issues of custody as the couple had no children together. However, times and technology have changed. When I mentioned the case to a close friend who knows how to be discreet, the first thing she said was, "Oh, that is so and so's parent." While everyone at Bravo and Char are having a great time emailing and faxing the case to their buddies and laughing about it over drinks, there are kids who will probably suffer from the titillation of the gossips. It doesn't take much for a 14 year old classmate to access a court document on the internet, read the details, then put it on his Myspace or Facebook bulletins or email it to everyone around the school.

Yes, the parents made serious mistakes and acted in ways that harmed their families. However, is there any real purpose served by making such cases available to the public? Are we really any better off for knowing such facts when there is no crime involved? Because of the internet, perhaps it is time we started examining how much information is available to the public in such cases. Do we really want kids being harmed at school or humiliated by a sick peer? How strong is the public's right to know what goes on in court proceedings in such a case?

Something to think about.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hoodlums and Hoodwinks

Great. So in addition to all of the craziness associated with Frank Melton since he became Mayor, now a supposed witness to the Washington murder is claiming Melton is a drug kingpin:
"In a statement given to Smith and police investigators last month, accused killer Stephan Hickman, 28, said he saw Sharrod Ray Moore, 30, shoot Washington. He said Melton had talked to Moore earlier in the day and encouraged Moore to show he was loyal to him, not Washington.
Hickman also alleged Melton used his influence and money to control the destinies of local drug dealers, setting some up in power while setting others up to be killed. Melton denies knowing Hickman or Moore, both of whom have long criminal histories

Obviously the word of a known hoodlum is suspect as its not backed up by any other evidence. Mr. Melton's positions regarding drugs are-well known and unambiguous.

If a drug kingpin were to become Mayor of Jackson, what exactly would he do? Would he do the following:
1. Keep the police mobile command center around him at all times, including parked at his home. Great way to monitor police communications.
2. Allow the police department to suffer from a severe shortage of police officers.
3. Appoint a very weak Chief who has no experience whatsoever as a Chief or Assistant Chief of Police.
4. Immediately abolish the drug task force upon assuming office.
5. Personally go out and direct police raids on a frequent basis.
6. Overrule a Chief who tried to fire two officers who beat a suspect in handcuffs.
7. Loudly proclaim to the public a new camera system that isn't so new and then not equip said cameras with videotape so that any surveillance can not be used as evidence.
8. Appoint his personal bodyguards to senior management positions in JPD even though grossly underqualified for the new positions and not requiring them to take the mandated tests for said positions.
9. Run a candidate against the one law enforcement official who has disagreed with him and is probably in the best position to stop any illegal activiy on the part of the Mayor.
10. Not arrest anyone for drug dealing according to The Jackson Free Press: "The same numbers showed not a single JPD arrest for the sale or manufacture of drugs in all of 2006..."

Just a few thoughts on Melton's actions since he became Mayor. As of now there is no proof whatsoever to Mr. Hickman's accusations and until corroborated in some fashion, they should be listened to with a very healthy dose of skepticism.

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McCain: Man of Steel and Honor

Read today's letter about John McCain written by one of his cellmates:

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The verdict is in: We Suck!!!

"your website is an excellent example of everything that is wrong with MS today.."

Over on FOLO, liberal poster Zen Master gives an honest appraisal of Jackson Jambalaya.

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He's a thug but he's OUR thug!!! Let the Ryan Perilloux circus begin!

Uh-oh. Please tell me this is not so. The Clarion-Ledger reports this morning that Coach Comegy at Jackson State is interested in getting former LSU QB Ryan Perilloux on his football team. This is a bad idea for several reasons. Ryan Perilloux is a thug. Period.

Let's review his history since he became a member of the LSU football team. He was hauled into a federal counterfeit investigation that involved a close family member. Shortly afterwards, he was arrested for trying to enter a Baton Rouge Casino with his older brother's ID. Later in the summer, he was involved in an incident with Derek Odom (former Calloway star who was later kicked off the football team and charged with a crime after the incident at the Varsity, which will be discussed later in this post) where Derek Odom had an argument with some guys at an apartment complex, left, and returned with several players, including Perilloux. Odom damaged the victim's car, threatened his 50-year-old father, and knocked down the door to his apartment.

Then there is the incident at the Varsity which resulted in Perilloux's suspension for the Alabama game. According to the police report, a concert was over and it was closing time at the club. The lights were on and Perilloux and his party were asked to leave. They refused and got into a fight with the bouncers. There was an incident later where Perilloux was accused of returning with a handgun looking for the bouncers involved in the incident. The information from the police report is posted below. The couple involved dropped the charges after um, numerous meetings were held between the Varsity, LSU, and Perilloux's lawyer. It should also be noted that one of the bouncers involved was Mickey Loomis's son. Mickey Loomis, General Manager of the Saints (From what I understand, Perilloux is going to be blackballed in the NFL as Loomis's vehicle was trashed by this crew. Comegy might want to think twice about angering a prominent NFL GM, if you get my drift.). Then Perilloux was in trouble again this year, missing practices and team meetings. He was finally kicked off the team last week because he supposedly (this is a rumor that several credible sources have told me is true) flunked a drug test and the drug was cocaine.

This is what Comegy wants to bring to his team. Perilloux is not some ghetto street thug who doesn't know right from wrong. He grew up in a stable home with two good parents. His mom is a nurse and his dad (recently deceased) was a plant operator. His family was a regular middle class family. He is to put it simply, a bad kid.

If Comegy wants to endanger his team, that is his choice, but Perilloux will be a cancer and I predict JSU supporters will rue the day they signed Ryan Perilloux. Unfortunately, the "win at all costs" theme is already apparent in comments made by JSU fans. I can hear it now, he's a thug but he is OUR thug. Um, yeah.

Here is the text of the third and fourth police reports from the Varsity incident last November:





Coach Comegy: "To land a guy like that, you can't go wrong."

Note: From LSU Daily Reveille:

"Former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux's college career, which has seen more time linked to disciplinary issues than playing time, came to an end Friday morning when he was dismissed from the team for failing a drug test, a team member told The Daily Reveille.The team member also said players were not told what drug resulted in the failed test..."

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Nothing is a sure thing

The American Spectator, a Conservative publication, has been pretty accurate in its predictions on how the race for the Democratic presidential nomination would evolve. Once again, it takes a position contrary to the media and says, "not so fast, my friend":

"As everyone who follows politics closely knows by now, neither candidate can reach a delegate majority with pledged delegates alone. Obama currently enjoys a pledged delegate lead of roughly 160, and because of the Democrats' embrace of proportional representation, that number won't change much in the remaining contests. Factoring in superdelegates who have endorsed a candidate, Obama's lead is somewhere in the neighborhood of 150. The Democratic National Committee's Rules & Bylaws Committee will meet on May 31st to discuss the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations, and if those delegations are seated -- which is quite possible, given the make-up of the committee -- Obama's lead shrinks to around 100.
As of this writing 267.5 superdelegates remain undecided (the .5 comes from the Democrats Abroad delegation, which is only allotted half a vote per delegate). So Team Clinton needs to persuade about 184 of these politicians and party hacks to hand her the nomination. Is that really so inconceivable?..."

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Supreme Court Fight Ahead: Paul Gallo

Here we go again! Late yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Charles “Chuck” Easley qualified a second time to run in the fall elections. The deadline is this Friday at 5pm, so who knows what other additions or deletions may transpire.

The “Shawn O’Hara” law doesn’t become effective until July 1, 2008, so the ultimate decision will most likely rest with the Election Commission. Judge Easley is listed as running against David Chandler from Ackerman for District 3, Place 2, AND he’s also running against Judge Ann Hannaford Lamar of Senatobia in District 3, Place 1. On the SOS website, the judge lists his address in the Place 2 race against Chandler as Columbus and his address in Place 1 against Judge Lamar as Caledonia.

Can the judge be “Grand Fathered” in since he qualified prior to the activation of the law? Stand by.
Paul Gallo
SuperTalk Network
6am to 9am-

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Real smart.

"Prostitutes, call girls and johns will be the targets of an upcoming sting by the Jackson Police Department’s vice and narcotics unit.
Dubbed “Operation Cupid,” the sting will begin Thursday night and focus on arrests of street-level prostitutes, escorts and their clients, Cmdr. L.C. Russell said during today’s command staff meeting

Just one question: WHY am I reading about this in the paper BEFORE it happens? Who thought of this bright idea? Gee, lets tell the criminals where we are going to go looking for them before we actually look for them.

Anyone want to defend this one?

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Safecity Update

Safecity placed in charge of Green Zone.

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Terrorists gain two small victories. Where are the dupes?

Two items of interest concerning terrorism and our efforts to stop it.

Once again, another detainee released from Gitmo makes his way to the battlefield over in Iraq where he carried out a suicide bombing:
"DUBAI (Reuters) - A Kuwaiti man released from the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay in 2005 has carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq, his cousin told Al Arabiya television on Thursday. A friend of Abdullah Saleh al-Ajmi in Iraq informed his family that Abdullah carried out the attack in Mosul, his cousin Salem told the Dubai-based television channel. ..."

This is not the first time that a detainee (most of which were captured on the field of battle in Afghanistan) has been released only to fight against us after returning home. I'd love for our friends over at Folo to explain this one away while they are whining about Gitmo. I would ask what Tom Head thought about this one, but since he is now a self-proclaimed member of the CAIR fan club, he has lost credibility since CAIR engages in blatant propaganda and can not be believed any more than the old Pravda correspondents were in the days of the cold war.

So much for catch and release programs.

Meanwhile, over in Yemen, The Washington Post reports the mastermind of the plot to blow up the U.S.S. Cole and his accomplices have been released by the government:
"ADEN, Yemen -- Almost eight years after al-Qaeda nearly sank the USS Cole with an explosives-stuffed motorboat, killing 17 sailors, all the defendants convicted in the attack have escaped from prison or been freed by Yemeni officials.
Jamal al-Badawi, a Yemeni who helped organize the plot to bomb the Cole as it refueled in this Yemeni port on Oct. 12, 2000, has broken out of prison twice. He was recaptured both times, but then secretly released by the government last fall

This is a great justification for the death penalty. Badawi was sentenced to death. However, the government commuted his sentenced after he promised to help them find other Al Qaida operatives. Now he has been released. If he had been executed, we would not have to worry about him planning more attacks against Americans at home or abroad. Although I can understand the arguments against the death penalty made by its opponents here at home, I think that if nothing else, the death penalty should remain for cases of national security and times of war (including war crimes). When terrorists such as Badawi or Abu Nidal are merely imprisoned, there is always the chance they will either escape, be released, or be the objects of future "swaps". There is also the possibility that future acts of terror will be committed with the demand that said terrorists will be released after hostages are taken. Remember, the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Liberal blog added to list

Left-wing, bomb-throwing radical anarchist blog "The Thorn Papers" has been added to the blogroll on under "local links". The Thorn Papers is the creation of "Mitch Cohen, a writer, strategic communications consultant and media analyst working out of Mississippi."

My first take on his blog: He uses the name of "G. Gordon Liddy" as if that is a bad word.

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My take on Rev. Wright

He's a loose cannon with his own canon.

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Place your bets

"Jackson's decentralized, disorganized approach to managing millions in state and federal grants over the years has created a system where top city administrators are unable to track spending or hold anyone responsible for poor accounting....
When a grant manager leaves for another job, often no one knows which grants are active, where the files are located or what the passwords are on the federal grant Web sites, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Valerie Nevels told City Council members Monday.
"The city stopped doing financial audits some time ago," Nevels said. "Everybody knows that nobody is minding the store."

Anyone want to bet how long it is until Melton either fires her, calls her a liar, or says she doesn't know what she is talking about?

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Kim Wade on the Entergy Bill

Open letter to Paul "Bubbles" Gallo and ardent supporters of the SB 2793:

Usually, you can depend on the self-absorbed Paul "Bubbles" Gallo to dissect a piece of legislation on the air, particularly if it screws the taxpayer. He normally has both sides appear to discuss the pros and cons of the legislation at issue. Unfortunately, it appears the self-proclaimed number-one talk show host has put on the lipstick and spandex for a corporate sponsor.

Looks like they have my boy out on the stroll.

Yep, Bubbles is in the the tank for "Big Utilities".
That's why I call him Bubbles! I have even deciphered the ultra-secret meaning behind the network's odd call letters. It stands for "Water For Money Network".
Little did anyone realize that this vile cabal of politicians, media stuntmen and party hacks would contrive a scheme having 45 of the poorest counties in Mississippi subsidizing a 22 billion dollar a year corporation to the tune of 6-9 billion dollars. A corporation paying its C.E.O. $30 million plus a year in salary bonuses and stock options.

Supposedly the genesis of this bill was Wall Street would not invest in the nuclear industry since it was too risky. Oddly, when the utility companies were lobbying Congress to repeal the Public Utilities Holding Company Act of 1935 over the last 20 years. Congress was told but for this act, investors would invest their money. Congress recently repealed the act in 2005.

Then they come down to Mississippi and reverse themselves 180 degrees and tell us Wall Street won't invest in new technologies. However, if we ratepayers agree to pay for the plant up front and abandon the consumer regulatory protections enacted over the last 73 years, then risk would be decreased and investors would come.

Now we're in a position where federal regulations protecting ratepayers were erased by the repeal of the PUCHA act of 1935 as regulatory responsibilties no longer with the S.E.C. now belong to the state Public Service Commission. What is even more unfortunate is in the bill on the governor's desk, the utilities companies couldn't say with any certainty what any of these new technologies would cost, although they were dead certain how much money should be spent on audits. Hmmmm!

It takes the federal government 12 years to audit a utility company for just one year of operations with all the resources the feds have. As poor as Mississppi is there is no way the PSC could have the resources to monitor the loopholes in this bill effectively on behalf of the ratepayers.

Do you realize audits would have to be conducted in addition to legislatively mandated prudency reviews on the ongoing work on the new plants every 90 days as outlined in SB2793?
Now you see why supporters of this bill are quick to extoll the PSC's oversight role. They know if you just snow the commission with enough paper as they will eventually just sign whatever is put in front of them.
This to the continual financial detriment of ratepayers in the 45 counties. Guys and girls make no mistake about it. This is legislative condoned "graft" in its unadulterated form. This is the Enron scandal Mississippi-style.

Also, there is no interest savings for the ratepayer as sugested by proponents. In this bill ratepayers pay a rate of return and interest on monies we give "big utilities". We also pay a rate of return and interest on any money that "big utility"may borrow. Yep we even get the privilege to pick up the note on that, too. While we pay them a rate of return and interest on money that's an outright gift.

But wait, it gets worse, contrary to what proponents of this bill says. The federal government also stepped in (2005) and provided the full backing and blessings of the United States governmentt to facilitate the construction of new nuclear power plants.
So while "big utility" puts no skin in the game, we lucky Mississippians will ante up our hard-earned money, thanks to our legislature, Phil Bryant, the Water For Money Network and soon to be Gov. Barbour. We will get the distinct privilege to pay twice (fed & state) to ensure the stockholders of a $22 billion dollar a year corporation never miss a dividend payment. This feels so patriotic! Ooh baby! Ooh baby!

Way to go Bubbles!
Kim Wade

Kingfish note: Any rebuttal or comment from Paul Gallo or representatives of Entergy or WFMN will be printed in its entirety and given its own post, not just a burial in the comments section.

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Ole Blue Eyes is Back

Took last week off. Went fishing. Don't get comfortable. We are going to have some fun on here this week and make some people REALLY mad. I've got a full slate planned and you guys are in for a helluva ride. Check out the recent videos posted. Number Six. Damn. and then the Brits. Funny as hell and dead on in their analysis. Enjoy the week.

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Funny but true

British humor. The Brits can tell a story like no one else can and in this sketch explain the current market and mortgage mess in a way that is pretty damn funny.
and true.

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Who cares?

Why are we reading about a new post office in Oak-friggin-Grove in the newspaper? Who cares? Are the editors at The Clarion-Ledger that hard up for news or reporters?

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not bad for a Cylon

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Late, late, late....

So Melton STILL has not paid his taxes on his homes in Jackson or Texas? What is it about Melton and deadlines? Jackson misses the application deadline for the Civil Rights Museum. The budgets are constantly late. Jackson has to repay grants because deadlines are missed. Firefighters saw their certification exams not recognized because we couldn't seem to follow the procedures. Jackson runs constant multi-million dollar budget deficits since Melton assumed office. Melton's home goes into foreclosure and two years ago a property of his in Texas was foreclosed on and sold at Sheriff's sale.

Anyone see a problem?

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See a resemblance?

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The reason the Celtics lost

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