Friday, August 31, 2007

Back From Starkpatch

I think this summed up the whole game:

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From the Field in Iraq

Got back from Starkpatch at 1:30 this morning. Sorry but I'm mailing it in today although a long conference call later today will probably provide a nice posting opportunity. Here is Michael Yon's latest dispatch from the field in Iraa. Mr. Yon is a former soldier in Special Forces and a writer. He has been living with the troops in the field for months, not hiding in the green zone for a weekend and then coming back home as other reporters do. From the field:

"Over the past several years, while working into a strategic fatigue, our military has made an amazing transformation in how it conducts this war. Gone, for instance, are heavy-handed tactics, replaced by multi-dimensional counterinsurgency strategy rolled out simultaneously with targeted kinetic battles, like those recently with the 3/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Baqubah.
Arrowhead Ripper was merely the latest experience that underlines the Army’s rapidly-growing expertise. Yet the Marines have adapted faster and seem poised to win the war in their battle space. In fact, it’s been Army officers who have told me repeatedly over the past several years that nobody is successfully morphing to meet this war faster than the Marines. Of course, Army officers who compliment Marines always say, “But that didn’t come from me.....

On the command level, there are other indicators. In counterinsurgency, as our Vietnam veterans will vouch, press has both strategic and tactical influence. Commanders who are afraid of the press or who cannot handle it cannot win this fight. They are often the same people who alienate Iraqis. I remember one captain who had allowed his men to ransack an Iraqi home, much later shouting in my face while his lip quivered with anger, “You are a piece of shit!” He could not handle having press around, and resented the very air they breathed, and he made sure they knew it. Of course anyone whose idea of winning is to bully Iraqis would not want media around. I watched him for months as a study in how not to do certain things. Tactically, he was competent and knew how to win the gun battles, but he was incompetent and inadequate for counterinsurgency....

Marines and Soldiers are far outnumbered by Iraqi forces in many areas around Iraq. Many people have protested this, saying the teams could be kidnapped or killed. This is true. But this is war, and it’s a chance we need to take. In fact, some Soldiers had just been kidnapped and were missing in action in another province. (They had been taken in combat, not as part of a MiTT.)
The men of MiTT 8 are living along with their Iraqi protégées in filthy shipping containers on a highway. Several months ago they were attacked by a car bomb. But at about 0900, while I was traveling to their location with Marines in a Humvee (with sparkling glass) some Falahat villagers went to the new police station to report the presence of a culprit they knew to emplace bombs on the road.

It happened that quickly.

Within mere days of opening the station, people spoke up. The Iraqi Police (some of whom freely admitted to having been recent insurgents) called the tip into the Iraqi Army who were living with the Marines of MiTT 8. The Iraqi Army in turn told Marine Captain Koury, whose Command Operations Center is conjoined with the Iraqi Army unit there. Finally, CPT Koury told Staff Sergeant Rakene Lee to take care of the developing situation........"

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

DWF Introduces Wacko Woman

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my co-workers tend to act more like high school students than as adults. A recent incident just reaffirmed that to me.

I was on a conference call with 2 prospective customers, when a female co-worker opened my door and stood there talking about another call for me. I was quite embarassed, knowing the 2 people on the phone with me could hear the commotion. I quickly put the phone on mute and asked her to please tell them I would call back or take a message. She continued to talk and I began to ignore her to continue my conversation on the call.

She finally walked away, and sent snippy little IM's to me, with the final straw being the line that said "if your call is so important why were you talking to me". I got up and went straight to her office and asked her to please not interrupt me again as it was very rude.

Her eyes went straight to psycho, with a litany of "I'm going to whip your a**, you skinny b***", etc., with her index finger stuck in my face the entire time. I asked her to please get her hand out of my face. She became even more enraged, and I walked out.

Management was out of town, and no one in charge was there, only a male employee who did nothing. Having a first cousin shot and killed at her workplace several years ago, I was afraid for my safety. I stayed on my side of the office until I reached management by phone and kept my door locked.

The resolution of this incident was the sum total of having a phone meeting with she and I and a male who missed the incident while out for lunch, with management on speaker phone. She was not fired for threatening me and only warned.

It was more like being in the principal's office and having someone sent to detention. With all the workplace violence, murders and school shootings, you would think someone in company management would take this seriously.

Why do men treat these type incidents as "cat fights" between women and not as valid workplace problems? I would bet money if it were between two men, the end result would be a totally different resolution, more like firings and/or an arrest. This just goes along with my last post:

The only positive point in the whole episode was I was called a skinny b****, not a fat b****. :-)

P.S. - This is my therapy post to get past this . I'll lighten up in my next and return to Cougar-esque activities.............

I'm available for further conversation:

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Its ON tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night will be in Starkpatch to see my Tigers beat up on the MSU Bulldogs. Its going to be ugly. The Milagro Silver Tequila is already packed and chilled. No margaritas for me. I drink the stuff straight. Its going to be war and no prisoners will be taken. In honor of tomorrow night here are my tailgating pics from the last few years. Enjoy. Tomorrow night its time to take care of the rednecks. November we take care of the NJamer's up in Oxford. Later.

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Make this Soljah a Prisoner of War, the War Against Crime

Just got a tip that Yerger is going to be letting Melton's young soljah, Michael Taylor out of jail. Young Michael Taylor, once seen on Myspace showing off his guns to get some street cred, has been sitting in jail on a $250,000 bond while his scumbag mother slandered a middle-aged woman he carjacked. Oops, I meant allegedly carjacked. We do have to observe the legalities here. On the Jackson Free Press site this week it was reported that Melton was seen leaving Yerger's office (by itself, no big deal). However, this hoodlum has been involved in numerous episodes of violent crime and is not even 18.

IF you don't want this thug, and I DO mean thug, getting out to terrorize Jackson again, make your feelings known to Yerger's office as well as Faye Peterson AND Robert Smith.

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Some food for post-election thought.

Some websites, locally and nationally, have a hard time dealing with defeat when their candidates lose. One common trait, especially among the liberal ones, is that it was due to trickery, fraud, and smear tactics. This piece from the Wall Street Journal discusses how the netroots crowd doesn't pack the punch they think they do. Does any of this sound familiar?

"Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar is today fond of quoting a famous Lyndon Johnson line: "You know the difference between cannibals and liberals? Cannibals only eat their enemies."
Mr. Cuellar would know, having found himself the main course on liberals' election menu just last year. A centrist Democrat who is pro-business, free-trade and strong on law enforcement, the congressman was designated an apostate by the left-wing Netroots crowd. They decamped to his district and bankrolled a liberal primary challenger. Mr. Cuellar triumphed, though Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas would later swagger on his blog: "So we didn't kill off Cuellar. But we gave him a whooping where none was expected and made him sweat."

Which is the point. If the liberal blogging phenomenon deserves to be known for anything, it is the strategy to intimidate or silence anyone who disagrees with its own out-of-the-mainstream views. That muzzling has been on full display in recent weeks as Mr. Moulitsas and fellow online speech police have launched a campaign against the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. DLC Chairman Harold Ford, Jr. was even thwacked last week for daring to speak to this editorial page (my sincere apologies, Mr. Ford)--the clear goal to discourage him from making such a free-speech mistake again. ......

Despite all the blogger bravado that they now run the show, Mr. Cuellar's experience has been more the norm than the exception. The press may adore them, but the Netroots simply haven't notched many concrete victories. "Every time I see [Sen.] Joe Lieberman in the hall, we like to say 'we're still here, aren't we?'" says Mr. Cuellar, a spunky tone in his voice. California's Jane Harman, reviled as a "warmonger," last year whipped antiwar activist Marcy Winograd in a primary, 62%-38%. Ellen Tauscher, who heads the New Democrat Coalition in Congress, was savaged by left-wing blogs for her votes authorizing Iraq and free trade, and in particular for her warning to her party not to "go off the left cliff." She walked away from her re-election with 66% of the vote.
Mr. Cuellar goes so far as to argue that instead of cowing Democratic moderates, the left-wing attacks have united them. More middle-of-the-roaders now believe that if the bloggers were to win a high-profile primary, it would only energize them to go after others. "This has brought us together to say, 'this is us, and we've got to stick together,'" he says. ...

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Iranian Economy Starting to Come Apart Due to Gas Rationing

In late June 2007, the Iranian government launched a comprehensive gasoline rationing policy, necessitated, in part, by the growing demand for gasoline in Iran's domestic market that could not be met by its oil production infrastructure.
Although Iran is among the world's major exporters of crude oil, it has limited processing and refining facilities, and thus must import most of its refined oil for domestic use. There has been no significant investment in developing its oil refining facilities since the Shah's era, and Iran depends entirely on imported gasoline. .......

Iran has recently extended the duration of the rationing. Originally, a monthly ration of 100 liters per private vehicle was imposed, for a period of four months. However, in July 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's advisor Ali Akbar Mehrabian, the newly appointed minister of industries and mines who is in charge of implementing the rationing, announced that the new policy would remain in effect until March 2008. [4] In late August, 2007, Mehrabian announced that the monthly gasoline ration would be increased to 200 liters until the end of summer.[5] ......

The decision to ration gasoline sparked riots in Tehran, resulting in the arrest of 80 individuals. According to reports, over 40 gasoline pumps were torched, public facilities were severely damaged, and shops were looted. The conservative new agency Fars posted a video showing a mob looting a supermarket following the authorities' announcement of the rationing program ( ). [9] There were also unconfirmed reports that a number of people had been killed during the riots. [10]

By order of the authorities, the Iranian media is not permitted to cover the negative effects of the gasoline rationing, or to publish analyses or criticism on this issue. In a July 5, 2007 article in the reformist daily Rooz, dissident journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi condemned the government censorship, saying that "the restrictions have increased to such an extent that it is no longer possible to write or to publish [articles] on any issue that affects [life] in Iran. These days... in addition to the prohibition against [publishing] reports or op-eds on the nuclear crisis [or] on the possibility of an American [military] attack... there is a prohibition against writing [anything] serious about the gasoline rationing, about Ahmadinejad's visits [to the provinces], about the inflation - or, in short, about any important issue that affects the fate of our society..."

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just got word inmate stabbed to death at Parchman on U32 today. I think that is death row which would be maximum security.

Update: Now reported by all media outlets. Leaving this post up due to good comment. see below.

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The 2007-2008 LSU Golden Girls

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More Truthwatch by Kingfish

Over at the JFP, there is currently a headline accusing Robert Smith supporters of vandalizing the JFP racks. Ms. Ladd writes:
"Smith Supporters Vandalize JFP Racks (headline)
OK, Robert Smith told me repeatedly that he is not "Melton's candidate," but some overnight actions are not exactly helping convince me. This morning, we found an "Elect Robert Shuler Smith" flyer duct-taped to our JFP rack in front of Cups with red duct tape. This little action is suspiciously similar to flyers duct-taped to our racks and boxes the day after the Melton acquittal for the Ridgeway duplex massacre. That one read "The Bottom Line: NOT GUILTY!" and was taped on with purple duct tape. When the tape was removed, it ripped off lettering from our property.
Here we go again. Beyond juvenile and destructive, why is Robert Smith aligned with such people who play these kinds of games with other people's property? And the vindictive part against the JFP is pure Melton. I get more and more afraid as this day goes on about what lies ahead should he win.
Please, everyone, vote for Faye Peterson and against the forces that are working so hard to get Smith into office. Like the Melton election two years ago, this is a pivotal point in our history—and we have the chance to make a smarter choice this time."

First of all, the headline states there were "racks" vandalized but when you read the story it reports only one rack was vandalized. One. not several or many. One.

Second, MOST news organizations that follow the best practices of journalism refrain from publishing so-called scoops or stories on election day so that they are not set up to report a false story in order to influence an election. This story should have been published tomorrow, if it all. Ms. Ladd doesn't know who exactly did it. Since she did not report the particular Cups location, assume it is the one in Fondren. Some knucklehead slaps a Robert Smith flyer on their newsrack. It could have been a Robert Smith supporter, someone that just hates Ms. Peterson, OR someone who just REALLY wanted to irritate Ms. Ladd. However, she uses such juvenile behavior as an opportunity to smear Mr. Smith's supporters as a mob of vandals engaged in seek and destroy missions against the JFP. One would think that she is above such tactics in support of her candidate, Ms. Peterson. I understand why she supports Ms. Peterson and have no problem with her reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, this crap I'm seeing on their website should not even be an issue and should be dealt with after the election, not while it is taking place.

Best practices of journalism? I report. You decide.

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Kingfish's Truthwatch

1. Peggy Hobson CALHOUN, wife of CREDELL CALHOUN, endorsed Ms. Peterson for D.A. in Hinds County.

OF COURSE she would endorse Ms. Peterson. It was Ms Calhoun's NEPHEW through her husband who took a stolen sanitized gun onto the Jackson State University Campus and shot another student. It was Ms. Peterson who DID NOT call the victim or the arresting officer to testify before the grand jury nor did she charge with him possession of a gun on a school campus.

This thug was in his early 30's and had a prior FELONY conviction related to cocaine. Ms. Calhoun even went so far as to write a letter, along with her husband, to the judge involved in the case pleading for leniency for the former coke-using shooter who apparently still has some connections (remember the stolen sanitized gun?).

After her nephew got off the hook in Hinds County due to a prosecution that looks awfully like it was tanked, it is no surprise at all that Ms. Hobson-CALHOUN endorsed Ms. Peterson.

2. The JFP claims that Mr. Patton (, featured in one of Robert Smith's ads, recants his statements used in the ads and accused Mr. Smith of lying. Without getting into the veracity of the ad, it is interesting to note that Mr. Patton's lawyer is Precious Martin, a strong Faye Peterson supporter. Very interesting. Considering Mr. Smith is an eperienced trial lawyer but a political novice with no real experienced campaign managers, it probably would not be hard at all to pull a trick like that if one was so inclined.

3. The JFP also hit Smith with the charge in the same story that he was trolling for critics of Ms. Peterson. As if that publication has not been digging through all of his clients and posting the names of the most daming cases. He is a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY!!! That means he will have more than a few unsavory cases and defendants. Choose ANY such attorney: Kirksey, Merrida Coxwell (OH MY GOSH, he defended a RACIST!!!), Vic Carmody (He gets drunken child killing drivers off of the hook, can't have that), et al, and you could make a similar case. What is next? Digging through the lists of patients seen by a doctor the next time one runs for office?

That lead sentence is nothing but a smear as that is plain old fashioned hardball politics. Ms. Peterson has engaged in such tactics as well as just about any other serious candidate for most offices. Of course, never mind he is defending the kind of clients championed by most of their readers.

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The Faye Peterson Chronicles

Here are a list of posts regarding the D.A.'s race today:

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Latest from the Field in Iraq

Michael Yon, providing the best coverage of Iraq from the field, sends another dispatch. He does not work for any organization. He is a former member of Special Forces and has been living out in the field with the troops, eschewing the hit and run style of our media, which typically sends in a reporter for a few days or weeks who usually stays in the Green Zone, then brings him home. :

"Part One: The Paradox of Counterinsurgency
The principles and imperatives discussed above reveal that COIN presents a complex and often unfamiliar set of missions and considerations for a military commander. In many ways, the conduct of counterinsurgency is counterintuitive to the traditional American view of war—although it has actually formed a substantial part of America’s actual experience....

Any premature history of this war will be as simplistic as a woven carpet, but some patterns are clear even today: crushing Fallujah backfired. If only because the timing assured a near total Sunni boycott of the first and most important national election, the start of nation-building politics, the same process that is now so widely acknowledged as the only path to a secure and self-sufficient Iraq.....

Ironically, in Anbar Al Qaeda has become our best ally for killing al Qaeda. They’ve managed to do this directly, just by being al Qaeda. Despite the promised carrots, what Al Qaeda consistently delivered here was mostly stick, and with a special kind of hypocritical contempt that no sensible person would believe possible. (Not unlike the notion of baking the children of resistant parents or ordering shepards to diaper the corrupting genitals of goats.)
Al Qaeda has a management style—doing drugs, laying up sloppy drunk, raping women and boys, and cutting off heads, all while imposing strict morality laws on the locals—that makes it clear that they have one set of principles for themselves, and another for every one else.
In that kind of scheme, it didn’t take long before people in Anbar realized that any benefits from Al Qaeda having control would not be distributed equally. Once that realization spread, the tribal sheiks—almost all Sunni—had to consider the alternatives.

The sheiks of Anbar turned against al Qaeda because the sheiks are businessmen, and al Qaeda is bad for business. But they didn’t suddenly trust Americans just because they no longer trusted al Qaeda. They are not suddenly blood allies. This is business, and that’s fine, because if there is one thing America is good at, it’s business.
Reframed thus from a position of strength, this stage of the Anbar-war is more a sort of business transaction, where alliances beneficial to all sides—except Al Qaeda—are formed. From this perspective, there is now a moment of genuine ground-floor opportunity in Anbar, if the people here can see that by doing business with the Coalition, everyone benefits—except Al Qaeda—an exclusion that most can live with...."

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(LSU Golden Girls)

OK. Its that time of the year. Gameday is coming to Starkpatch. I'm an LSU season-ticket holder which means from time to time you are going to get a dose of LSU-football. The blog IS called jambalaya you know. I will be in Starkpatch Thursday night after drinking Milagro Silver Tequila all day. Don't worry, I'm not driving. Our friend's 13 year old stepson knows how to drive and he is ready to go if called into action. Anyway, here is some LSU stuff:

Story on Early Doucet:

Story on starting QB Matt Flynn:

Good In-depth story on the team from Buddy Songy:

LSU Fan Websites (free)

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny....

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Melton: No Friggin' Clue

The Jackson Free Press is reporting that the budget deficit for Jackson has ballooned from approximately $4 million dollars to $13 million dollars. As Adam Lynch reported:
"The city administration updated an earlier estimation of a $3.9 million budget deficit today at the 3 p.m. budget meeting. “The city is currently out of budget about $13.1 million,” said city Director of Administration Rick Hill...."

So how did this happen? The budget deficit TRIPLED in only a few months? In April the administration was stating it was only a $4.1 million deficit. Now four months later it is $13 million dollars? What the hell happened in four months? Did he put his flag football expert Melvin in charge of the finances? To their credit, some of the City Council members pressed for further details and were given short shrift by the administration. The Mayor will not even provide them with detailed budgets, as Mr. Lynch reported:
"The council had been expecting a phone book-sized collection of numbers, including itemized salaries and annual pay for each city employee, among other things. What they got was a 30-page budget summary."

The City Council has been unable to look at solutions to the deficit as the Mayor has refused to provide them with an itemized budget along with the appropriate explanations. Before a problem can be solved, it first has to be identified. The Mayor works for us, the citizens of Jackson. It his his job, no, his duty, to provide us and our representatives with a detailed budget, which is certainly more than 30 pages (Hell, audited financial statements for a medium-sized business can run 50 pages easily), so that it can be determined what needs to be done. Promises, accusations, and talking point memos aren't going to come up with $13 million dollars. What we need is a damned budget that is itemized that tells us EXACTLY what the projected revenues and expenditures are.

However, there is apparently a reason for the deficit. In typical fashion, Melton blamed someone else, this time the Johnson Administration. He claimed that "his internal auditors have discovered the city has run a deficit for years. He passed around a sheet composed by his staff that showed his first budget, fiscal 2006-07, inherited a $5.6 million revenue shortfall" (The Clarion-Ledger, August 21, 2007). Incidentally, his proposed solution is to raid the City's $7 million dollar rainy day fund, leaving Jackson with no reserves should an emergency like Katrina or one of Melton's so-called state of emergencies face Jackson again.

Even if one takes Melton's claims at face value, which experience shows is foolish, that still does not explain why the deficit is $13 million. If there was mismanagement by the prior administration Mayor, why don't you call in the state auditor's office? They are pretty good at finding corruption you know. Hmmm...I wonder if that is why they have not been called. An independent audit of the city finances could be done, which would show the public how bad they were when Melton assumed office. Sorry Mayor, but considering how you have repeatedly blamed everyone else and were found guilty of lying under oath in court, some of your citizens aren't so quick to take your claims at face value, especially when Mayor Johnson was required by law not to have a budget that was at a deficit.

Of course, Melton's blaming Mayor Johnson follows the pattern he set with reporting crime. He first refused to release any crime statistics, then junked the reporting system the city used. The media had to go to court in order to get any information at first on the crime problem while he accused the Johnson administration of providing false crime statistics, something that was never proved. Meanwhile, the FBI investigates and the budget spirals out of control.

The more this mayor is in office, the more apparent it is he has no friggin clue and is running this city by the seat of his pants.

related story:

Update: hmmm...just had a thought. Ongoing FBI investigation, Mayor refuses to release an itemized budget, huge deficit, Mayor blames everyone else............

Update: Got some clarification. The JFP wasn't clear on one thing. There is a 13 million dollar deficit. However it is for NEXT year's budget (called the intentions), not the current budget. However, that is STILL a disaster.

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If you think Barbour is so bad, check out Blanco

For those of you who think Barbour has totally botched Mississippi's recovery from Katrina, there is always Blanco. From The Times-Picayune:

"Gov. Kathleen Blanco's administration had valid reasons to complain when Louisiana didn't get its fair share of federal money for alternative housing such as the so-called Katrina Cottages.
After all, the 2005 hurricanes laid waste to more than 200,000 homes in Louisiana, almost three times as many as in Mississippi. Yet FEMA gave Mississippi almost four times more money for alternative housing than Louisiana. To this day, the federal agency has stubbornly refused to correct the inequity.
But now Gov. Blanco's administration is shooting itself in the foot -- and hurting families who need housing -- by moving too slowly in launching the program

Eight months after FEMA distributed the federal allocation, our state doesn't even have a deal with contractors to spend the $74.5 million it received. By contrast, 108 Mississippi families are already living in alternative housing units, with almost 700 other families identified as potential recipients....."

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Truthwatch, Eh?

OK, I have taken off the gloves. I have been watching the Faye-fest over at The Jackson Free Press for several days. It started with their so called "Truthwatch", publishing stories such as "Is Robert Smith in Bed with Criminals?", "Does Faye Peterson Try Cases?", "Did Faye Peterson Create Court Facilitator System?" Some of the headlines currently on the website:

JFP Truthwatch: Factcheck of DA Candidate Claims (Audio below) more...
Posted on Aug 22, 07 10:40 pm [1] read story/comments (256 views) +
Aug 22, 07 12:17 pm
JUST IN: Faye Peterson's New TV Ads (64)
Aug 21, 07 5:45 pm
Cases DA Peterson Has Tried (43)
Aug 21, 07 11:57 am
BREAKING: Sheriff McMillin Endorses D.A. Faye Peterson (88)
Aug 20, 07 5:38 pm
Council Delays Budget Band-Aid (14)
Aug 20, 07 2:36 pm
BREAKING: Michele Purvis Endorses D.A. Faye Peterson (36)
So-called Truthwatch headlines:

The bias in favor of Faye Peterson is quite evident. The writers at that publication have all taken basic psychology courses and know these headlines for what they are. In the forums Smith is repeatedly accused of being a puppet of Frank Melton. Ms. Peterson's new ads are prominently posted. A list of cases tried by Ms. Peterson as well as endorsements are highlighted. Mr. Smith is not completely ignored: the names of criminals defended by Mr. Smith are mentioned. In an attempt to inflame readers to vote for Ms. Peterson, incidents involving smear tactics by associates of Frank Melton who is a scumbag for not correcting them, or preventing them from slandering Ms. Peterson, are repeatedly published. (They are so blinded by their hatred for Melton, which I can understand, that they lose sight of the fact that few people knew about the slander when it occurred. They are NOT doing her any favors when they keep bringing it up in their forums and stories as it merely keeps it alive, thereby hurting Ms. Peterson even more). The fact that Mr. Smith has nothing whatsoever to do with this trash is immaterial. All that matters is the reader is enraged in such a manner that he will vote for Ms. Peterson simply because of a possible connection to Melton.

Meanwhile, Faye's treatment of a school shooter is ignored. See, where that post discusses how Ms. Peterson did not prosecute the JSU Shooter for possession of a gun on a school campus, which did not need an indictment, and did not call the victim and prosecuting officer before the grand jury. The thug who shot the other student was a convicted felon in his early 30's who used a stolen sanitized gun and who just happened to be the nephew of Credell Calhoun. Read the earlier posts for the rest of the story as the reasons for my rage will become quite clear. The same JFP tossed softball questions to Ms. Peterson about this case on the radio. Ms. Peterson claimed it was self-defense, ignoring the fact that the law for possession of a gun on a school campus provides NO exception for self-defense and that Mr. Mack, who's mother is a Dean at Jackson State University, took the gun to school instead of seeking help from campus authorities.

The coverage and the comments on the JFP website concerning this race have crossed the line and I am perfectly within my rights to call out their methods in this forum. "In bed with criminals?" THAT is a headline? That is straight out of Smear Tactics 101. I can hear it now, "Oh, we were just covering what a candidate said about another..." Uh-huh. I am tired of the shameless attempts to slant the truth in favor of Ms. Peterson and inflame voters against Melton, and thus by extension, Robert Smith. I am outraged by the JSU shooter case and how it was handled. A letter I authored in The Northside Sun discussing the case drew no response from the D.A.'s office. One person said that those backing Mr. Smith, such as former District Attorney Ed Peters, were not without sin either, to which I agreed (I haven't forgotten how Peters made a deal with someone who murdered a Millsaps student and someone else separately that left the killer eligible for parole after serving only ten years) but then replied that this case was too important for me to ignore. I am also disappointed in the non-coverage of this race by The Clarion-Ledger. It has virtually ignored this race even while it reports on the skyrocketing crime rate. (In this instance Ms. Ladd is correct: the local newspaper needs to step up to the plate in this election.)

With all due respect to the readers who are disturbed by my choice of photos, I take school shootings very seriously. I haven't forgotten the kids at Pearl who ran for their lives as Luke Woodham used them for target practice, a Holocaust survivor at Virginia Tech sacrificing his life to a scumbag so his students could live, or other school shootings where students have been sheep in a slaughter house. For whatever reason, Ms. Peterson did not take the shooting at JSU seriously enough. If they can run around saying Robert Smith is in bed with criminals (he IS a defense attorney), then I can put up these photos in an effort to show how Ms. Peterson handled a school shooter and remind everyone how serious such a crime is.

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The Mafia in New Orleans

Carlos grew into a squat, tough and muscular image of his father. He was always the leader of the pack among his siblings, who learned to accept the fact that he was the boss and gave him their untiring loyalty and support. He left school at the age of fourteen. By then, he was entrusted by his father to deliver the farm produce over the ferry to the market in New Orleans, and fight there for the best prices among the produce dealers and wholesalers. The vegetable and fruit markets had long been under the control of the Mafia and it was inevitable that young Carlos would become involved with people connected to the dreaded secret society that was already well established in this part of America.....

Although it cannot be stated with absolute certainty, it is highly probable that the Mafia established itself here in America for the first time. In the years to come, men of a similar nature and criminal predilection would form into clans, or borgatas, in the major cities of America such as New York, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and even smaller urban areas such as Denver, Minneapolis, Rochester and San Jose. But in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the "honoured society" was growing and consolidating its power base in Louisiana. ....."

Pour yourself a drink, relax in a comfortable chair, and enjoy this article. It is long, but it is a fascinating read. If you like this story, read Murder, Inc.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well well well, Separate but Equal alive and well at NW Rankin H.S.

Apparently in the interest of diversity NW Rankin H.S. is going to have a Black Student Body President and a White Student Body President along with corresponding vice-presidents.

I wish I were making this up.

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OK, DWF Wants To Know

Why is it, when I voice my opinion at the office to a male, I am labeled a “b” word, when moments later, he states the same exact opinion to another male, and it is readily accepted.

I recently read an article in the paper, Clarion Liar, I mean Ledger, about how some women are constantly torn in their careers between being assertive and moving up the corporate ladder, and at the same time, trying not to appear as a “b” word to their cohorts and upper management. I SO understand the problem, as I experience it on a daily basis in my own office.

I am probably older than 90% of the males in my office and I’ve worked for over 20 years. Needless to say, I’ve seen all kinds of personalities and behaviors. One behavior never ceasing to amaze me is how women are so quick to draw criticism for just doing their job. Offering suggestions and even stating the obvious makes her a witch on a broom.

There is no answer or solution to this I know. It still remains a mans’ world in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Now, when I am assertive and ask a guy out, even a younger guy, I hear NO complaints. In the bedroom, I have never had a guy complain when I am assertive. Would YOU complain if you are male? How many Southern belles have you been with who still believe in the old missionary standard? I won't even venture into the oral debate.

In those assertive times, I’m called no bad words and I even get a smile offered back to me, and yes, several callbacks. Perhaps that is why I will wear the Cougar label proudly, because at least in the dating and relationship world, I am allowed to be myself and I am accepted for it.

It’s your turn. Answer the poll and let’s see what YOUR favorite female personality type is. Also as always, let me hear from you:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor Guy

You know things are wrong in Astro-land when even a wedding proposal can't go off smoothly.
During Monday night's 7-0 loss to the Nationals at Minute Maid Park, a fan failed in his public attempt at asking his girlfriend to marry him, the Houston Chronicle reported on its Web site.
With the couple on display on the stadium's jumbotron, the male fan got down on one knee to present the ring. The woman, wearing a replica Astros jersey, appeared to dump a bag of popcorn on the man before hastily making her way up the stairs amid a chorus of boos, the newspaper reported.
The man left after the top of the sixth inning, cheered and consoled by an apparently sympathetic crowd.
"If it was an act, she put on a good one," Astros manager Phil Garner was quoted as saying after the game. "She looked totally surprised and then totally mad. We couldn't even get a proposal right down here tonight.
"We lead the league in marriage proposals, and we couldn't get that one right tonight."

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The Milky Way over Old Faithful

You don't have to be at Yellowstone to see a sky this beautiful, but it helps. Only at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, would you see the picturesque foreground of the famous Old Faithful Geyser erupting in front an already picturesque sky. Old Faithful Geyser, visible in the foreground, is seen propelling a stream of hot water over 30 meters in the air. This happens predictably for a few minutes about every 90 minutes. Also predictable are the brightest orbs that populate the nighttime sky, although those visible at any one time keep changing. Visible far in the background sky of this mid-July image are the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy on the left, and the bright planet Jupiter on the right. Jupiter is the brightest celestial object in the entire image. Old Faithful has been erupting at least since the late 1800s.

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The New Threat: Home-Grown Terrorists

The New York Police Department recently issued a study on U.S.-based Islamic terrorism that is worthy reading by serious-minded people:

The NYPD’s understanding of the threat from Islamic-based terrorism to New York City has evolved since September 11, 2001. While the threat from overseas remains, terrorist attacks or thwarted plots against cities in Europe, Australia and Canada since 2001 fit a different paradigm. Rather than being directed from al-Qaeda abroad, these plots have been conceptualized and planned by “unremarkable” local residents/citizenswho sought to attack their country of residence, utilizing al-Qaeda as their inspiration and ideological reference point.....

Where once we would have defined the initial indicator of the threat at the point where a terrorist or group of terrorists would actually plan an attack, we have now shifted our focus to a much earlier point—a point where we believe the potential terrorist or group of terrorists begin and progress through a process of radicalization. The culmination of this process is a terrorist attack.

Understanding this trend and the radicalization process in the West that drives“unremarkable” people to become terrorists is vital for developing effective counterstrategiesand has special importance for the NYPD and the City of New York. As oneof the country’s iconic symbols and the target of numerous terrorist plots since the1990’s, New York City continues to be among the top targets of terrorists worldwide......

An assessment of the various reported models of radicalization leads to the conclusion that the radicalization process is composed of four distinct phases:
• Stage 1: Pre-Radicalization
• Stage 2: Self-Identification
• Stage 3: Indoctrination
• Stage 4: Jihadization....

The NYPD’s understanding of the threat from Islamic-based terrorism to New York City has evolved since September 11, 2001. Where once we would have defined the initial indicator of the threat at the point where a terrorist or group of terrorists would actually plan an attack, we have now shifted our focus to a much earlier point—a point where we believe the potential terrorist or group of terrorists begin and progress through a processof radicalization. The culmination of this process is a terrorist attack.....

However, as al-Qaeda’s central core of leaders, operatives, and foot soldiers shrunk, its philosophy of global jihad spread worldwide at an exponential rate via radical Internet websites and chat rooms, extremist videotapes and literature, radical speeches byextremist imams—often creating a radical subculture within the more vulnerable Muslim diaspora communities. This post-September 11 wave of militant ideological influences underpins radicalization in the West and is what we define as the homegrown threat..."

The study also contains a report by the Rand Corporation that is worth reading as well. The NYPD study contains some very valuable insights, focusing on how Al Qaida has shifted its tactics and seeks to radicalize Americans in order to further its jihadist goals. The way to deal with this threat is to bring it out in the open as the NYPD has done, making society aware of the threat instead of ignoring it as CAIR would prefer.

One may wonder why the NYPD issued such a report. As Peggy Noonan wrote:
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told me, "I want a better understanding on the part of all law enforcement as to how radicalism takes place. This report connects the dots." It is also meant to heighten awareness. If the terror of the future is homegrown, local eyes will see it first. Cofer Black, former director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, told me that an important message of the report is similar to the signs on New York subways and in train stations: "If you see something, say something.".....

All who follow American antiterrorism efforts closely wind up looking to what they call "the New York model." The city consistently seems more advanced than the feds in this area. There are reasons New York is so good. They've already had a catastrophe, which sharpens the mind. They know they're still and always a target. .."

They are still a target. That pretty much sums up the reason for the study and why we should pay attention to it.

Additional commentary by Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal:

Related article written by Counter-terrorism expert:

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Need to find a crooked lawyer? Good luck

Just looked through the Mississippi Bar's website:

There is no section publicizing disciplinary actions taken against lawyers, which are published in the Bar's magazine. Is anyone surprised?

Update: Well, credit this to Mark Lyon, who gave the proper links below:
http://www.msbar.org Opinions: S.Sct. Opinions for "Discipline":

Now, I could have just deleted the post altogether or just left the post alone along with the comment. However, the site does have the jackassery label on it and sometimes being a jackass also turns you into, you guessed it, a dumbass. I went to because that is the publication where the opinions are printed. Credit to Mr. Lyon for showing me up and posting the proper information. I stand corrected and offer my sincere and public apologies to the legal profession. Unlike other pundits, I don't ban posters or offer some logical labyrinth worthy of a 200 year old yogi playing twister to justify my mistake. Nope, I offer the apologies and take the ass-whipping.

Now, what is brown and black and looks good on a lawyer?
a Doberman. ;-)

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Sunday Night Musings...........

I was surprised as everyone else at Congressman Pickering's decision to not run for re-election. One thing that caught my attention was his statement reported in the August 18 edition of The Clarion-Ledger:
" Republicans lost power in Washington last November and Pickering became the assistant minority whip.
The change had "some" influence on his decision.
"It is different being in the minority," he said. "For my temperament and personality, probably being in the majority and building the coalitions to govern - I'm more suited for that."

This is a perfect example of why Democrats beat the Republicans in Washington on a regular basis. Politics is in reality a street fight. It is about serving the public and the national interest but too often it is a fight requiring brass knuckles and the willingness to use them. Compare Congressman Pickering's statement with Newt Gingrich. Gingrich served in Congress when the mere idea of a Republican Congressional majority was considered to be proof of insanity. Gingrich didn't care as he spoke out every night on CSPAN during the special orders period, went on the cable news shows, taking on the Republican establishment, the Democrats, and the media. Can anyone imagine Gingrich making such a statement? Better yet, can anyone imagine Pickering taking the path of Gingrich?

Then there is this gem from Mr. Herring, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party:
"(Democrats) will say they're like you. They'll say, 'I go to church with you,' 'My kids go to school with yours,' " he said in the McComb Enterprise-Journal. "But when they go to the Legislature, they'll vote with the black caucus and support Hillary Clinton."

What Mr. Herring said was pretty stupid. He will probably claim he was referring to liberal interest groups. However, there are plenty of liberal interest groups that are not Black. It makes him look like he is engaging in race-baiting even if he didn't intend to do so. Someone as experienced as he is in politics knows better, which makes any denial suspect. As one can see from the linked thread, it merely gives the conscience of Jackson, Donna Ladd, and her allies the opportunity to beat you up with the race card.

However, before The Jackson Free Press gets tooooo carried away in bashing Mr. Herring, it STILL has not published any criticism of the Black Wizard, Democratic Party Committee Member Ike Brown for his letter to The Clarion-Ledger in which he declared war on all White Democratic office-holders:
"As a result of Judge Pepper's ruling, progressive Democrats will control all statewide and local Democratic nominations; they constitute 85 percent of the party base. "Blue Dogs" like Eric Clark and Jim Hood, Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, Barbara Dunn, Jack Gordon, etc., have won their last Democratic nomination.'

Ike Brown, recently found guilty in court of racial discrimination, made quite clear his intention to run out of office all White office holders in his own party. While the JFP has criticized him for his antics in Noxubee County, it has remained silent on his letter. It is somewhat hypocritical to sit there and accuse Herring of race-baiting while giving Ike Brown a pass when he explicitly does the same. However, I am sure there is some logical reason for it. They are a local paper, they don't cover all state issues, they have criticized Ike Brown on other things, they _______________ (fill in the blank ye trolls).

What is this about Frank Melton traveling around Jackson like Idi Amine or some other two bit dicatator? This is from
"Last Tuesday I was driving north on Ridgewood Drive (a few blocks from Lakeland) in Jackson about 6:30 pm. There was little traffic.
Suddenly, from over the rise, there appeared--a cavalcade, an entourage, a procession of police cars with blue lights ablazing. There were either 4 or 6 police cars; 2 (3) in front, a black sedan, followed by 2 (3) behind. Like big ducks in a row, single file.
The police cars were dark. They were NOT black and whites, or blue and whites. The car in the middle appeared to be a sedan, not an SUV (although I was so startled by the lights I could have been mistaken). At first I thought it must be some really important dignitary in town on his/her way to the airport. I knew it couldn’t be Haley--it was too foolish and fussy and self-important for his style. Could it have been a really important witness in a criminal trial, or worse, a prisoner on his/her way to jail?
I just couldn’t figure out who would require all this manpower, lights, cars, gasoline, and silliness in the middle of the day on the way to where?????????
I described this scene to many folks who rolled their eyes and said, “Don’t you know, you silly goose? That’s Frank!”
I’d heard mention of this nonsense by Kim Wade on his radio show, but I thought Kim might be exaggerating (who, Kim, exaggerate?).

Anyway, these are just some musings on a Sunday night while listening to the Requiem.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Thoughts on the Paddling in School Debate:

start at 3:58

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What IS Jackson Jambalaya?

While looking for a good Jazz article to post, I discovered this passage by Nat Hentoff:

"I write a weekly column on civil liberties, international human rights and other endangered species for the United Media Newspaper Syndicate. The column reaches about 250 papers. Not all run it every week, but many do. In those papers I see, jazz does not appear to be covered regularly, if at all.
But in one of them, the Port Folio Weekly in Virginia Beach, Va.—among its lively reporting and commentary on local and national politics and the arts—there is jazz reportage, about the area and beyond. In a recent "Editor's Notebook,"
Editor in Chief Tom Robotham wrote: "Jazz, needless to say, does not have mass appeal, and if I were to choose stories based solely on what we think large numbers of readers 'want,' jazz stories would never see the light of day."
This attitude by a newspaper editor is becoming less frequent. "It's always been my belief that a good publication doesn't simply give readers what they want," Robotham wrote. "It brings readers into new worlds. It says, in essence, listen: You may know nothing about this subject; you may even find it distasteful. But it's full of light and wonder—and if you open yourself up to it, you may add a whole new dimension to your life."

By contrast, a good many daily, and even some weekly, editors are interpreting a fairly recent journalism philosophy—community journalism—to mean that editors should go out into the community, find out what readers want and give it to them. That's why you'll find little of the horrors suffered by citizens in Zimbabwe, Sudan or Tibet being reported in most American papers. Those dictators get a pass. And for that matter, how many Americans know, in depth, the significance to their own lives of key United States government decisions?
But to Tom Robotham, jazz, while not thriving according to jazz record sales, is something his readers ought to know about. Jazz may, he notes, be getting "scant media coverage elsewhere…but somehow I can't bring myself to give up on a musical genre that expresses so many nuances of the human spirit. When I listen to the best active jazz artists—to Jacky Terrasson, Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, Dave Holland, Roy Hargrove, Terence Blanchard, Jason Moran, Cyrus Chestnut, David Murray, Jane Ira Bloom and others—I always ask myself: 'How can anyone not love this stuff?'"

There are many thoughts that come to mind when I read his quote about how newspapers should not just give people what they want, but try to bring readers into new worlds. I would have said that newspapers try to give people what they think they want. I could shred The Clarion-Ledger with that philosophy as it publishes restaurant reviews written by the owners themselves, eschews book reviews, changes the editorial pages from a collection of writings by nationally respected columnists to a primarily "talk-back" focus that is really just a fancy named for Bubba's barroom bullshit, and so on.

I will not go down that path and focus instead on Robotham's philosophy. His ideas spell out the purpose of this blog. True, I am a jackass to alot of people in my posts. My favorite writer is Voltaire and my favorite philosopher is Nietzsche. I served in the military around people who wore Ranger and Special Forces tabs; guys who were tough, realistic, and had seen real combat. I took classes at Mississippi College School of Law under Professor Page, a true genius who could argue your side better than you, even while opposing you. What does this mean? There are not too many people I actually respect so I feel just fine being the jackass at times.

However, I want this blog to be something more than just taking potshots at everyone. I think newspapers should bring people into new worlds as shown in my jazz posts. Hopefully those posts are written in a way that will encourage people to try jazz. I've inserted a "Book of the Day" feature. Books are rarely discussed in the media anymore. I applaud The Jackson Free Press for including regular coverage on books. How often have we read a good book because someone else pointed it out to us? Sometimes astronomy photos with explanations are posted as this is a subject usually ignored by the media except in case of disaster. I have found it catches people's interest as they wonder about what goes on in the skies above.

Although at times I have scooped the media but this is not really a news blog (I will post scoops when I discover them.). Reporters are so busy covering the story itself that they don't always have time to sit back and connect all the dots, which a few stories here have done. Humorous Youtube clips are posted because lets face it, we don't laugh enough. I've also tried to put together the best list of links for both the Jackson area and the media and blogosphere. Links are added to those lists based on how good and relevant they are, not just because of their philosophy. That is one reason advocacy groups usually are not linked even when I agreed with their ideas.

Iraq and terrorism are covered because these issues will dominate our lives for quite some time and are literally matters of life and death. The websites and stories linked have been from true experts or reporters who are actually in the field, not simply articles written by left- or right-wing rags sitting in air-condictioned officers while sipping bourbon in the ivory tower. Hopefully when you read the posts about Iraq and terrorism, you have learned something, not just had your thoughts validated.

A blog such as this is not bound by the same rules as the media. As it has changed from its beginnings 11 weeks ago, it will continue to grow and change. It is very much like Jazz: changing, improvising, adapting. You may not always like the coverage. However, you might find yourself loving the coverage the day after you were cursing it, even if you were the target.

Jambalaya means that anything and everything can be added, seasoned, and served. There is not an agenda here as there are at some websites or blogs. There are no consitutient groups or political allies to please. I am just as likely to bash a Republican as a Democrat. The only agenda here is that I hate stupidity and don't mind calling it out when I see it. That and trying to give people a different way to look at things even if the tactics I use seem extreme at times. This blog is about pointing out stupidity, having serious discussions, learning new things, and last but certainly not least: having fun. Hopefully it has done the same for the reader as well.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Footnotes from DWF

What a week! Weill Won. Ditto Dived. McMillin McMedia'ed. Peru Pelted. Utah Unbelievable. Hurricanes Hurry. Pickering Parting. Weather Wilters. School Schedules. Friends Falter (you know who you are). Hillary Hoping. Jenna Joined. Playground Pyre. Beckham Bends.

AND, last but not least, DWF Done.

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Giuliani on Terrorism

Foreign Affairs just published an essay by Giuliani that outlines his approach to fighting terrorism.

"The defining challenges of the twentieth century ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Full recognition of the first great challenge of the twenty-first century came with the attacks of September 11, 2001, even though Islamist terrorists had begun their assault on world order decades before. Confronted with an act of war on American soil, our old assumptions about conflict between nation-states fell away. Civilization itself, and the international system, had come under attack by a ruthless and radical Islamist enemy....

The next U.S. president will face three key foreign policy challenges. First and foremost will be to set a course for victory in the terrorists' war on global order. The second will be to strengthen the international system that the terrorists seek to destroy. The third will be to extend the benefits of the international system in an ever-widening arc of security and stability across the globe. The most effective means for achieving these goals are building a stronger defense, developing a determined diplomacy, and expanding our economic and cultural influence. Using all three, the next president can build the foundations of a lasting, realistic peace.
Achieving a realistic peace means balancing realism and idealism in our foreign policy. America is a nation that loves peace and hates war. At the core of all Americans is the belief that all human beings have certain inalienable rights that proceed from God but must be protected by the state. Americans believe that to the extent that nations recognize these rights within their own laws and customs, peace with them is achievable. To the extent that they do not, violence and disorder are much more likely. Preserving and extending American ideals must remain the goal of all U.S. policy, foreign and domestic. But unless we pursue our idealistic goals through realistic means, peace will not be achieved.
Idealism should define our ultimate goals; realism must help us recognize the road we must travel to achieve them. The world is a dangerous place. We cannot afford to indulge any illusions about the enemies we face. The Terrorists' War on Us was encouraged by unrealistic and inconsistent actions taken in response to terrorist attacks in the past. A realistic peace can only be achieved through strength........"

Additional commentary:

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

WJTV: You are getting rather obvious. (WJTV Story) (McMillin ad)

Now that the election for the Hinds County Sheriff's race is over, I can say what I really think about something that occurred recently. On August 1, WJTV aired a report on Sheriff Malcolm McMillin that was definitely a hit piece. The Sheriff, who has an impeccable record of fighting crime, was the subject of an attack by the leader of the Axis of Melton (WLBT being the other member). Mr. McMillin has some patrol cars appearing in the background of his ad and some deputies appeared in the ad as well (Any identifying characteristics of the officers and cars are not visible except for the colors).

In the interview (which is worth watching),, the reporter, Carole Carr, is clearly out of her depth as McMillin takes her to task, accusing her of setting up the interview under false pretenses. Ms. Carr begins the interview immediately asking when the ad was made, who was involved in its production, and the time cards for the deputies. An ignorant Ms. Carr asked McMillin if the deputies could volunteer to appear in the ads of his opponents. Ignorant because, as a sharp friend of mine pointed out, Ms. Carr apparently did not know that all deputies serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff and he can fire them at any time if he chooses to do so.

An exasperated Sheriff finally lays down the law (pun intended), telling her that she had called to request an interview so they could discuss the campaign, not the use of deputies in his ads. A shaky Ms. Carr lost control of the interview even further as McMillin chewed her out for setting up an interview under false pretenses while not reporting that JPD officers were passing out handbills, which would be a violation of the law. WJTV said it would pursue McMillin's allegations about these actions by JPD officers, but never reported its findings.

One would think that if McMillin's allegations were unfounded, that WJTV would have jumped at the opportunity to prove him wrong. Since this story fell into a black hole at WJTV, one assumes that the Sheriff was correct.

It is obvious that this story was a hit piece on McMillin. WAPT, WLBT, The Clarion-Ledger, and the other Jackson media outlets ignored this story. It was mentioned briefly in some local internet forums. One should not be surprised by WJTV's tactics. They have earned the nickname The Axis of Melton for a reason. They have consistently ignored prominent stories that were less than flattering to Mr. Melton. McMillin's opponent, Tyrone Lewis, was backed by Mr. Melton, who hosted a fund-raiser for him at his home. Some of the more recent examples of WJTV's bias are:

The lack of coverage when Melton hosted a fund-raiser for Tyrone Lewis at his home. WLBT, WAPT, and The Jackson Free Press all gave coverage to this story. One would think that the Mayor hosting fund-raisers for an opponent of a popular Sheriff, a popular Sheriff who arrested him, would be newsworthy for WJTV. (See for commentary on the coverage of this story.)

The lack of coverage concerning Michael Taylor, Melton's young soljah who likes to display guns on Myspace, and his recent bouts with the law while associated with the mayor. (See for additional commentary and coverage.)

Of course, while WJTV tries to take down the Sheriff for Mr. Lewis, it completely ignored Melton harboring Michael Taylor when he was a fugitive from the law (there were outstanding warrants for his arrest, see When the Sheriff sent some deputies to pick up Taylor, who was at a gathering with Melton and JPD officers, Melton had JPD officers take Mr. Taylor away. There was no mention by WJTV of Mr. Melton keeping a suspect from the authorities while it tried to attack Sheriff McMillin.

One must ask how long this broadcast blanket of Melton by WJTV will continue. As its bias becomes more obvious, it ignores stories that are not favorable to Melton covered by the rest of the local media, while promoting stories that help Melton. It must be noted that the stories covered by WJTV are minute in terms of being newsworthy in comparison to the ones that are not favorable to Melton. These are the more recent examples of WJTV's bias as it has earned a reputation for pro-Melton Pravda-like coverage on several local internet forums. I didn't comment on this interview during the election because it was obvious it was a hit piece by WJTV on the Sheriff. The Sheriff was probably right when he said someone made a phone call to WJTV. The proof is in the pudding: no other media in Jackson covered this so-called story and WJTV did not provide additional coverage of the Sheriff's allegations concerning JPD officers.

One last question for WJTV: How thick are your kneepads?

Update: Just watched the interview again and noticed something. When McMillin twice said that his opposition had put WJTV up to these allegations, the info-boob didn't deny it either time. Interesting.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Latest News From the Field in Iraq

Michael Yon, providing the best coverage from Iraq, posts his latest dispatch:

"Almost everyone (by now) must have heard about the “lazy” Iraqi parliament members who, like so many Neros fiddling while Rome burns around them, are taking a month off. Yet comparatively few Americans will ever hear or read about IA Scorpion Company Commander Captain Baker; or Iraqi entrepreneur and community catalyst, “Tonto”; or the Mayor of Baqubah, who summoned the courage to step out of the shadow of al Qaeda and fight to get his constituents a warehouse-sized stockpile of food.......

There may be little progress on political goals crafted in America, to meet American concerns, by politicians who have a cushion of 200 years of democracy. Washington might as well be on the moon. Iraqis don’t respond well to rules imposed from outside their acknowledged authorities, though I have many times seen Iraqi Police and Army of all ranks responding very well to American Marines and soldiers who they have come to respect, and in many cases actually admire and try to emulate. Our military has increasing moral authority in Iraq, but the same cannot be said for our government at home. In fact, it’s in moral deficit because many Iraqis are increasingly frightened we will abandon them to genocide. The Iraqis I speak with couldn’t care less what is said from Washington but large numbers of them pay close attention to what some Marine Gunny says, or what American battalion commanders all over Iraq say. Some of our commanders could probably run for local offices in Iraq, and win. To say there has been no political progress in Iraq in 2007 is patently absurd, completely wrong and dangerously dismissive of the significant changes and improvements happening all across Iraq. Whether or not Americans are seeing it on the nightly news or reading it in their local papers, Iraqis are actively writing their children’s history......

In the interests of balance, I offer this dispatch about an Iraqi Army mission I observed earlier this year and Mosul as concrete evidence of the dramatic improvement in Iraqi Security Forces that I have seen firsthand........

While the violence in Mosul is serious enough to impede the full restoration of most of the basic city services, it has not slowed the progress of the Iraqi Police and Army toward a high level of self-sufficiency. High enough to make Mosul an unsafe place for terrorists to live. Because the violence continued, clearly some terrorists had moved out into surrounding villages, and were commuting to work in Mosul.
The Iraqi and American commanders wanted to swoop out and surround three of the villages this morning, to look for bad guys. In fact, the Iraqis planned their own mission. I recall LTC Eric Welsh telling his subordinate commanders not to interfere with the Iraqi commanders. Welsh wanted the Iraqis to make their own mistakes and improve by doing.
The mission we were about to do would have been impossible in early 2005. Impossible because the Iraqi Army would have been incapable of doing their part and probably would have done something very bad, like show up two hours late and without gas in their trucks. They would have been like the Keystone Kops, only shooting each other on accident. It would have been impossible even late in 2005, because they lacked the equipment and seasoned manpower to pull it off, although by late 2005 they were doing missions and raids independently......"

Large numbers of Iraqis detested us after the prisoner abuse stories, and some over-the-top attacks on Fallujah, for example. But through time, somehow the American military has managed to establish a moral authority in Iraq. It’s not the only authority, but the military has serious and increasing moral clout. In the beginning, our influence flowed from guns, or dropped from the wings of jets. Later it was the money. Today, the clout still is partially from the gun, and definitely the money is key, but there is an intangible and growing moral clout and it flows from an increasing respect among Iraqis for our military. Washington has no moral clout in Iraq. Washington looks like a circus act. The authority is coming from our military. The importance of this fact would be difficult to overstate." (Seems like the Iraqis have figured out that REMF's are worthless)

Read the rest of Michael Yon's dispatch (He has a good write-up on Iraqi Colonel Noradeen):

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Congrats to Jeff Weill, New Councilman for Ward 1

We now have a replacement for the highly respected Ben Allen. Congratulations to Mr. Weill for winning his election against John Ditto. They both ran clean races and gave voters a good choice, a luxury that is not always available on the ballot (see Hinds County Tax Assessor's race).

I supported Mr. Weill because he was a prosecutor and lawyer. Since Jackson has a mayor that has shown repeatedly that he will blatantly lie to a City Council that is facing an FBI investigation, I think he was best suited for helping the City Council avoid the minefields that lay ahead. At this time what is needed is someone who is a battle-tested veteran such as Mr. Weill.

Mr. Ditto was a good candidate and I hope he runs for office in the future as he would be a credit to Jackson. One of the failings of government all too often is that it doesn't attract many people like Mr. Ditto who went to prestigious schools such as Vanderbilt and have a good understanding of business. While I do not have a favorable opinion of Mayor Kane Ditto's tenure in the office, that does not extend to his son. If Mr. Ditto ran for an office such as Transportation Commissioner, Supervisor, State Senator or Representative, or similar, I could support him.

Once again, congratulations to Mr. Weill. Now its your turn to represent us. Good luck!

Update: That didn't take long. The Jackson Free Press scooped the local media again and is reporting that the Jackson City Council was advised by City Attorney Sarah O'Reilly-Evans to get its own attorney in response to the current FBI investigation. It appears the City Council will need Mr. Weill's expertise sooner than I thought. Kudos to the City Council as well for choosing the law firm of Phelps Dunbar, one of the most expensive law firms in Jackson (I have a copy of a bill from Phelps ten years ago and in terms of gouging, oops I meant billing a client, it is truly a work of art.).

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Monday, August 13, 2007

How much cleavage is too much?

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BREAKING: John Ditto, Crimefighter?

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A short one-minute video questioning the qualifications of John Ditto in his quest to win Tuesday's special election for Jackson's Ward 1 City Council seat has surfaced on the Internet. The video from a previously unknown group calling itself "Viral Jackson" challenges Ditto's claims that he has the experience to help solve Jackson's crime problem.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kane Ditto: Crime Fighter Extraordinaire. NOT!

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One of the main arguments you hear in support of John Ditto is that his father served two terms as Mayor of Jackson. The major issue facing Jackson right now is the crime epidemic. However, if one is supposed to support Mr. Ditto because of his father's service, one must ask what exactly was Mayor Kane Ditto's record on fighting crime? The above chart (click on chart to enlarge) is a compilation of crime statistics since 1981. Mayor Ditto's term was from 1989 to 1997 when he was defeated by Harvey Johnson.

As shown in the chart, crime skyrocketed under Mayor Ditto's watch, including the highest number of homicides ever recorded in Jackson in a single year and then decreased during Mayor Johnson's term.

Homicides went from 40 reported cases in 1989 to 91 in 1994, never falling below 60 a year until after his term was completed. Auto theft shot up from 1,080 reported cases in 1989 to 4,952 in 1994. After 1992, the number of reported cases of auto theft was at a minimum of 3200 was at least 3,269 a year. Before Mayor Ditto's term, there was never more than a thousand reported cases of auto theft in a single year. Larceny, along with other categories, skyrocketed as well and stayed at a high level for the remainder of his term. There was some improvement in crime during at the end of his term, which coincided with the service of Police Chief Robert Johnson. If one looks at the chart more closely, one can see that crime decreased steadily under the Johnson administration.

Mayor Ditto's record also consisted of hiring incompetent police chiefs such as David Walker and Jimmy Wilson along with endless turmoil in the JPD. The City Council, led by Credell Calhoun (recently seen trying to get his nephew, the JSU shooter, off the hook), Kenneth "I didn't know I owned crackhouses" Stokes, and Louis Armstrong (last seen taking bribes from strip club owners and being involved with the man who firebombed The Jackson Advocate while toking up with his son on tape) became a weekly circus disgracing the City of Jackson while Mayor Ditto sat meekly in chambers watching the circus (at least Melton walks out when he has had enough even though he is usually wrong.).

Mayor Ditto was a fairly weak mayor as crime exploded under his watch. Jackson is facing some very serious problems. The last thing I want is the expertise that brought us nearly 100 homicides a year and Jimmy Wilson.

Having said that, I do not know John Ditto and have only met him once. I thought he was nice as well as being very intelligent. He might be perfectly qualified to sit on the City Council. I am usually not one to count someone's parents or relatives against him when I enter the voting booth. I am also not going to vote for someone because I hope he might just be like his relative. There are too many problems facing Jackson right now. We need to elect leaders on their merits, not on a false hope based on who their parents are.

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Its 3:00 AM: One of the Best Songs Ever:

Sax solo is killer.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

GREAT letter to the editor about Powe in Clarion-Ledger

"As the former publisher of I've been as involved in Ole Miss athletics as one can be without drawing a paycheck from the University. Now that I'm on the outside, I'm so glad I'm no longer there. Watching the event unfold has been sickening and I'm thankful I'm not there to have to cover it as part of my job.
People have completely lost sight of what's important here.
It's a game, they are all games...played by young men
The sad truth is were the majority of 'fans' of Jerrell Powe to see him in a dark alley in Oxford, Waynesboro or Jackson they would put their hand on their wallet and move to the other side of the street. .........
So Jerrell Powe, in the last three years, has attended Waynesboro High School, Christ Missionary and Industrial College High School, and Hargrave Military Academy all the while taking classes via the Internet through BYU and a school called Penn Foster High School.
Five schools and he can't gain eligibility.
Why not champion a cause that makes sure it never happens again? Rather than holding Khayat accountable, what about the Mississippi public schools, his parents, his high school coach, or his guidance counselor? They're the ones who have truly failed Jerrell Powe. He was allowed to float by for 13 years without anyone so much as raising a finger to help his learning disability.
And the only reason we're aware of it is because of his abilities as a football player. How sad is that?
For every Powe there are 100 unnamed children who aren't in college now and working some minimum wage job because their education system failed them.............."

Its nice to see someone take this approach. I think Powe has been failed by everyone in his life. His idiot mother told the Clarion-Ledger last year in a story that she was unaware that he didn't know how to read (He was diagnosed with dyslexia.). Yeah, I cannot imagine any halfway decent parent being ignorant of the fact that her 17-year old son could not read. Where has she been all these years? He was failed by the teachers who were passing him along and should have been screaming about his illiteracy.

Mr. Powe should go to a community college where he can improve his ability to read and write. At this point, the goal should be to help this kid become a functioning member of society who will have a decent chance of providing for himself instead of barely surviving as an illiterate adult. However, everyone seems to be more interested in his playing football than being able to actually survive in life.

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DWF Presents: What WOMEN Really Think


In response to Kingfish's video clip regarding what men really think on a date, etc., I offer the following for all you guys who think you are "all that", to get the female's point of view. Hey, it's my duty to take up for the other side!

Send all rebuttals, high-fives, comments to:

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Repost: Kingfish's Notes from Election Night

Read the election coverage that the media has completely censored and does NOT want you to read:

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How To Tell What He is REALLY Thinking....

(NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! ADULT HUMOR!!! You've been warned!!!)

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Preparations for the October 19 blietzkrieg are underway. Website is:

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Freedom of Religion is Apostasy

An Egyptian converted from Islam to Christianity. The state refused to issue him new identity cards specifying his new religion. He sued the state, seeking an order directing the government to make said changes. The court refused to do so for several reasons:

"The court explained its actions by stating that Egypt's constitution guaranteed the principle of equality of public rights and obligations and freedom of belief and worship, which are also anchored in the international conventions, without discrimination as to gender, origin, language, religion, or belief, as long as this did not harm the public order. At the same time, the court decided that shari'a law took precedence over international convention and the Egyptian constitution in establishing freedom of belief, stating that "there is no coercion in religion [Koran 2:256]." ......
Another explanation presented by the court ruling was: "The laws of Islam, to which anyone who joins it agrees, forbid someone born a Muslim, or someone who [begins] to believe in Islam [at some point in his life] of his own free will, to rebel against Islam and to move to any other religion... Anyone who leaves his Christian religion in order not to return to it and enters the religion of Islam entirely of his own free will and without coercion is committed to its laws and principles, including not harboring any intentions to deny Islam or to leave it afterwards... Islam does not permit anyone who enters it of his own free will to leave it... for the sake of a particular aim or to change his religion as the wind changes direction..."
Senior officials in Egypt's religious establishment stated that the issue must be examined with an eye to the extent of the damage caused to society by the transition between religions, and that such examination must be carried out by an Egyptian court. Egyptian Mufti Dr. 'Ali Gum'ah explained that shari'a forbids a Muslim to change his religion, but that the punishment for this crime cannot be meted out in this world, rather by Allah on Judgment Day - because this is a matter of conscience between the individual and his God. He said that only if the apostasy constitutes a danger to the public must the matter be brought to the court, which will determine the required punishment."

In Islam, there is nothing worse than an apostate, for he knew Allah and rejected Allah. The apostate is worse than the infidel. This is why one sees such violent reactions towards Muslims who dare criticize other Muslims or authors such as Rushdie as they are considered to be traitors to Islam and under the commands of the prophet, are to be dealt with rather harshly. One asks why there is no major Reformation movement in Islam or an Enlightenment in the Arab world. One of the main reasons is the Koran's deadly pronouncements on those who are guilty of apostasy, as this Egyptian discovered.

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If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

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