Friday, July 20, 2012

The Illuminati takes over MDCC

This is the latest anonymous letter that is floating around the Delta right now. Needless to say, its tied in to the Doctor and the Lawyer. I've removed all names except for the actual presidents. The reason for publishing it is to show you what type of unsubstantiated trash is being spread in the Delta because that is exactly what this stuff is. Read at your own risk.

__________ Community College
(Formerly Known as Mississippi Delta Community College)

Followup to the Document of Concern-2

Since the previous A Document of Concern was circulated in April regarding recorded conversations among MDCC Board of Trustee members ____ of _____ County and ______ of ______ County, ______ with _____ and ______ member _____ of _______, little has changed with these people. In fact, they have all continued to engage in further conspiracy and subterfuge. And now with thee assistance of _______, who's being paid $3,000 a month, the take-over agenda of MDCC led by ____ continues. More on all this later.

We had previously published in "A Document of Concern" that the above people resign from their board of trustee positions or staff positions at MDCC. That has not happened. In fact, this gang of conspirators has been even bolder in taking over control of both the board of trustees as well as the college. The board may as well change the name to ___________ Community College because that's what's been happening since Dr. Larry Bailey announced his resignation as president in April, and the appointment of Dr. Steele as Interim President at MDCC.

Many have been waiting for the release on Youtube and the Internet of the recordings of these people as we stated we would do after May 25 which was part of the basis of "A Document of Concern". But legal counsel has advised us that doing so would create an electronic trail that can be tracked back to our group. And given what happened last month in the law offices of Lee Abraham, ________, where two alleged hit men were set up by Lee Abraham and agents with the Mississippi Attorney General's office. And with a "shoot to kill order" by agents with the Mississippi Attorney General's office, we are confident, a is our legal counsel, that the _____ would track us down and have us killed within 24 hour or less. What's another three dead black students to theem? And with the ____ "mob" connections inside and outside of Mississippi, two black guys and a black woman wouldn't have a prayer against this thuggery in order to get what they want. And we certainly can't trust the Attorney General who conducted the investigation of the incident himself into the Lee Abraham/Dr. Smith incident. And with the "shoot to kill" order from the AG's office, that doesn't give much ope for black residents when the AG's office and personnel are hooked up with the likes of _____ and _____. And why should it given the considerable campaign contributions to Jim Hood over the years. The _____ and ____ along with attorney ____ have already shown their contempt in board meetings to blacks, maintenance workers at MDCC, representatives of the NAACP, black students involved in thee PBI national education grants and blacks in general, a well as others they don't like or don't go along with the subterfuge.

So under the advice of legal counsel the recordings previously mentioned that were not reported in "A Document of Concern" will now be presented in written transcript form- printed- and will be distributed to selected MDCC Board of Trustee members, all board of trustee members at all 15 Mississippi community and community colleges, selected MDCC staff, all members of the boards of supervisors in the MDCC service area, selected elected officials, national NAACP and like organizations, media sources outside MIssissippi, national media sources who already have expressed interest in this followup information, the FBI in Washington, DC (Not in Mississippi as ________ already has his tentacles into that organization too) and as many black churches as possible served by MDCC, and others who have expressed outrage at the antics and hateful actions by this group of people.

By way of reminder, as previously stated in "A Document of Concern" ____ and ____ and _____ have their "hit list" of people they want out or demoted or punished. And they have continued to implement the hit list. They got ________ of ______ off of the board. ____ in particular coerced ____ into retirement by blackmail and engaging in threats to expose him on trumped up scenarious ___ created (much like ____ doing to others in ____ County. Can you say _________ _________. And now ___ wants to get others out at the June Board of Trustees meeting using _____ to do ___ dirty work. ____ has decided who stays and who goes and who gets demoted and who gets promoted with new responsibilities within their tight group of people.

SO where is the rest of the MDCC Board of Trustees in all this? Where are the black board members as the white board members (next line is unreadable)? And why is it that ______ send (Next line unreadable) that she knows when she goes to a board meeting she has the votes already lined up. Just a further example of contempt by _____ to black board members and blacks in general. And why does MDCC even need either an interim president or a permanent president when _____ calling the shots and then informing only selected board members of ___ actions This shows outright contempt of the process and the board of trustees as a group.

Since "A Document of Concern" was distributed many have been able to verify much of what was recorded there. Many have verified facts and details that they knew to be true and have passed that information along. SO while many have heard the recordings but only read some of the selected printed comments from the transcripts of the above people, actions speak louder than words. And in the case of "A Document of Concern" almost all they talked about doing has come to pass. So who's lying now?

Thank goodness for some MDCC department heads and faculty who just couldn't wait to brag about what's been going on since "A Document of Concern" was distributed and since Dr. Steele arrived on the scene to do what ____ has outlined for her to do. Bless their hearts for being so stupid in commenting so publicly as we are almost everywhere listening, recording, and documenting. Just sit and listen and takes notes and a clearer picture emerges as to just what has been going on since the ______ regime took over. To these people its all about power, punishment, revenge, and control.

Now once again thanks to loose lipped department heads, faculty and staff aligned with the above people let us pass along some other interesting information that has come to light and then ask the questions where is the rest of the MDCC Board of Trustees in running thee college?

1) _______ has allowed certain MDCC board members and some staff at MDCC to have direct access to personnel files of MDCC employees. ___ has allowed others to have access to files in the president's office when Dr. Bailey was out of the office or off campus. For what purpose we wonder? This was a topic of conversations over lunch in the MDCC cafeteria before school was out. Confidential personnel and financial information contained in certain MDCC employee files have been compromised in clear violation of state confidentiality laws and regulations. Every MDCC employee should check his/her employee files to make sure something hasn't been added to or deleted from those filed by unauthorized people. In the private sector, this kind of behavior and activity would be grounds for immediate dismissal and disciplinary action. An investigation should be launched into this shameless and unprofessional behavior.

2) ______ has seriously violated MDCC policies by not reporting or taking appropriate disciplinary action in August 2011 against ______________. ______ engaged in actions of inappropriate sexual behavior with females on the _____ campus and touching them in a most inappropriate way. _____ was aware of the serious nature of these actions/charges but took no disciplinary action other than moving _____ from ______. No firing. No disciplinary action. No reduction in pay. In the private sector, _____ would have been fired and even taken to court. ____ has shown his/her lack of integrity to hold his position.

3)______________ was aware of these incidents and also did nothing. ____ did not report the incidents as one would expect such an person would and should do. ___ would have further been aware of the transfer and the nature of such a transfer. His/her incompetence in this matter shows further a lack of a sense of duty and should be grounds for immediate dismissal. (By way of reminder, (KF note: Inappropriate reference to children of people mentioned)).

4. ______ engages in selective documentation of "favorite" employees when it comes to leave time, sick time, absences, a administrative leave and so forth. He/she does not dock certain employees for sick time when they are sick or personal leave when certain employees need more time, or always follow the signed documentation of vice president, department heads or other supervisory personnel when it comes to such persons keeping track of the various elements of time accountability. So when a department head says publicly that "I'll just tell ___ to give me a break and it'll be OK", then something is wrong. ____ determining who gets docked and who doesn't based on his/her favorite scale or who calls to save give me a break on my time. More examples of unprofessional behavior that should be investigated.

5. ____ has told Dr. Bailey "hours" before the May MDCC Board of Trustees meeting that the MDCC 2012-2013 budget was not ready for presentation to the board. That was not true. At that time, and prior to thee board meetings, _____ already had a copy of the preliminary budget which he/she then shared with ____ following the May board of trustees meeting. So who directed _____ to hold up the budget for thee May meeting when that is the normal meeting to make such a presentation? ____'s actions in this regard shows further unfitness for position as he/she did this upon instruction of ____ to prevent Dr. Bailey from presenting his rehire list- one which ____ wanted to stall so they could continue with their "hit list". You got to just love a certain department head for laughing about this action.

6. Responsible members of the MDCC Board of Trustees need to meet with Dr. Bailey in private without the presence of thee _______ and ____'s in order to find out just what _____ threatened Dr. Bailey with, the clabkmail scheme he/she was up to, and the other hateful things he/she has been engaged in for the last six months.

7. From Greenwood and Indianola sources it has come to light that it is the intention of _____, the ____ and _____ to keep Dr. Steele in as the permanent president of MDCC despite her being appointed by the board as only the interim president. A bogus presidential search committee with carefully selected and aligned board members has been set up to get the process going of selecting a permanent president. However, it is fully the intention of this committee to interrupt th process in a month or so- but before September - to stop the process and say that Dr. Steele is doing such a wonderful job that she should just be appointment as permanent president which was the intention all along. This despite a printed and distributed news release to the media that the person appointed as interim president would not be a candidate for president. The presidential search process has been short-circuited from the start by ________. And further ____ contacted Dr. Steele as soon as Dr. Bailey announced that he was going to "retire." A simple check of phone records of ____ and Dr. Steele would verify this fact. SO where is the rest of the boar of trustees on this matter? Are they going to roll over and play dead on this issue, too?

8. The MDCC Board needs to talk with the MDCC CHief of Police about what ___ and ___ has said to him and members of his department. They need to talk to each MDCC maintenance worker about the racist attitude and comments ____ has made since he assumed thee position as ____. Case in point. ____ told Dr. Steele to direct ___ to tell ____ that he was being demoted back to just a maintenance worker. He/she has been supportive of Dr. Bailey so no one black or white is safe from these people. They need to talk to individual students involved in the education grants through the U.S. Department of Education and see just how meaningful, helpful, and hands- on Dr. Bailey and others have been to make sure these students succeed. This is the program ____ want to take control of along with its $3.6 million in funding. And that appears to be what is going to happen. We will be asking elected officials to contact officials with thee U.S. Department of Education to pull funding from these grants and stop further programming if the ________s take control. These two PBI grants should be stopped immediately or at least until an investigation is conducted.

9. Dr. Steele was selected to implement a wholesale takeover of MDCC led by ___. It will become very clear in the near future- just as "A Document of Concern" pointed out- that Dr. Bailey supporters and those loyal to Dr. Bailey will be demoted, pushed out, reassigned, and other wise punished at _____'s direction. Just watch what is presented at the June Board of Trustees meeting by Dr. Steele under the direction of ____. The actions will speak for themselves on this administrative restructuring ___. ____ - who does not have a terminal degree and limited education experience but only a political background- plans on restructuring the administrations to he/she and Dr. Steele's liking and hire their friends and punish others so that when a new president is selected, that person will be locked in with a structure that he/she may not like. But wait. Not to worry as Dr. Steele will be staying so whats the issue? Right? So where is the rest of the MDCC board of trustees in all this? Are they going to roll over and play dead, too, on this fundamental shift in administrative structure where those who have been loyal and supportive of Dr. Bailey will now be punished while those who have supported ____ and the _____s will be rewarded? Just watch and see what is presented. The facts will bear out this statement.

10. And MDCC isn't the only power grab the _____s are engaged in. Just ask Dr. Donna Oliver, president at Mississippi Valley State University. Dr. Oliver has locked horns with ___ and ____ a number of times over the past year. ____ has directly both challenged and threatened Dr. Oliver and vowed to get her out as president. Dirst Dr. Larry Bailey at MDCC and now Dr. Oliver at MVSU. In this regard please see the following recorded comments by ____ was so recorded and referenced in A Document of Concern:

"Who does that bitch thinks she is (DR. Oliver)? And that mayor (Former Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson). Who the hell does she think she's dealing with? We run Greenwood. I run the ____ foundation.. I"ll screw both of them if they move those games to Greenville.... Well you know they want a second building at GHEC. I'll f--- them over on that... I'll make sure the (MDCC Board of Trustees) board doesn't support the project... We can screw Greenville in Jackson.. I don't give shit who they are. Willie Bailey, John, Hines... give me a break... Greenville ain't got no respect in Jackson... Yeah I'll screw that mayor... Weill if (Current Greenville Mayor Chuck Jordon) wins... I'll deal with him... yeah, he won't play with us unless there's something in it for him..______________________. You know he had to have known what was going on m, yeah well he'd better play ball 'cause I ain't going let no God d___ building go up over there... screw with the ____'s and we'll screw right back (laughter) yeah just intimate people and they'll back off or play ball (more laughter)... I do it with the ____ board of supervisors all the time. Stupid thats what they are."

Where does it end? Where is the MDCC Board of Trustees in all this Some investigative body needs to check into the various contracts, leases, and real estate deals that the ___ are involved with when it comes to MDCC and MVSU. And while you are at it, check and see ___ and ___ financial interests in a hospital company wanting to buy the Greenwood Leflore Hospital urged on by ___. Conflict of interest? And even better why does the MDCC Board of Trustees allow ___ to be the ___ over MDCC's Greenwood Center when its also ___ who owns thee proeprty and get over $90,000 in annual lease payments? Its all public records. Just more conflict of interest with these people. An investigative agency needs to check into this matter as they are making money off MDCC by hook and crook and intimidating people along the way.

11. And the following recorded phone conversation by ________ tells the real story about just what their ultimate agenda is for MDCC:

"(Laughter)... oh power is great. I have it here (______ County) and no one screws with me... Well the board screwed me over with Dr. Honeycutt and put Bailey in so his ass was grass from then.... Oh you can just stack the board (MDCC Board of Trustees) with your friends.. ones that you have something on... Yeah like "the Sopranos"..(laughter)... Anyone gets in my way they are dead meat... Well I'll get Bailey out any way I can... yeah even lies who will know... you just do your part.. you know what to do... (laughter).. I got your back _____ and give you what you want... yeah we'll get them all out..."

MDCC has over 72% black student enrollment but a majority white board of trustees and a white board chair who has already shown her contempt in board meetings to blacks and issues they present. Race was never an issue when Dr. Bailey was president. So why are black board members silent about what is going on? Why are black board members not challenging _____ or the _____s? When are black board members going to remember that phrase spoken by Fannie Lou Hamer right here in Sunflower County when she said "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!" The board can't let this wholesale slaughter go forwared by Dr. Steele and ____.

We will be asking the boards of supervisors in MDCC's service area to withhold funding until either these people resign from the board of trustees or as staff at MDCC or until a thorough investigation has been undertaken to expose the actions of these people.

And when we say we are in fear for our lives form these people you can rest assured that from what we know about this alliance of _________ and ____ no one is safe. If they go after a white president and vice presidents and staff people like they are now then no black person is safe. And you white folks at MDCC who have stood up to these people or supported Dr. Bailey and his progressive efforts to educate black students and move MDCC to one of the Top 100 community colleges in the nation, you better watch out too. The longer these people stay in power and the rest of you say little or noting and remain silent then it will be mockingly known as ____-____ Community College as it was sneeringly dubbed last week at a restaurant in Greenwood.

There will also be a Follow up 3 Document in two weeks after we see what happens at the June MDCC Board of Trustees meeting. By then their true colors will be exposed and more information will be released. Only by exposing the darkness with a beacon of light will these hateful people be stopped. And maybe the black board of trustee members and thoughtful white board members who aren't afraid of ____ or the ______'s will join together to stop this madness before it goes much further.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All this over a COMMUNITY COLLEGE?

No offense to any CC graduates, it's just that this kind of nutty ranting is usually identified with international consipiracies designed to hide the existence of extraterrestrial life, not the goings on at a small two-year school.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am just speechless. I would suggest that a mental evaluation might be on the agenda....

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that ______ and ________ had anything to do with ________'s kidnapping and subsequent resignation. Do you think this goes all the way up to __________? IF it does, then _________ and ________ have GOT to be in on it.

Anonymous said...

Do any of these people wear big floppy hats?

Anonymous said...


Ironghost said...

Holy Cow. Dan Brown has nothing on these guys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's true.

Anonymous said...

To 1:36. No, more like tin foil hats.

Anonymous said...

You know they make a pill for that shit!

Anonymous said...

First... There are no tapes of _____ and _____ saying anything like what the first so called "Document of Concern" reported or they would have been released by now.

Second... Who wrote these two documents? They need English 101 in a bad way! Thee? Really? Who can take these two documents seriously when they are so poorly written that they are laughable?

Shadowfax said...

11:53; Actually, it's pretty well written. Not sure if this is a transcription of something handwritten or what. Several parenthetical references were made to 'unreadable', so it appears that KingFish has given us a transcription. In any event, I am going to suggest that this was not written by a black person. While the writer too obviously attempts to describe the group as two black men and a black woman, I'm going to suggest it's nothing more than one pissed off white board member who feels he/she has little or no voice. Delusional? Yes. Nutty? Yes. Creatively bizarre? Yes.

I agree that no tape exists and no lawyer is involved (our attorney has recommended). That's obvious bullshit.

As to this situation existing on the campus of an obscure 'two year college', the letter could just as easily (and understandably) come from one of Shelby Thames board members a few years ago at USM or could next month originate from Ole Miss which suffers under the hammer of the infamous Dr. Jones.

To learn the identity of the writer, there's no need to employ polygraphs or have a team of sleuths looking under rocks and in broom closets. Just look for the malcontent in the board room. He'll out himself.

Kingfish said...

I typed the letter into the post myself. There were two lines that were just plain unreadable as they were at the bottom of the page. I tried to just black out the names but the printer the letter was copied on was simply too good and you could still read the names.

Anonymous said...

As a former instructor at MDCC, I find it difficult to believe that the administrators of that fine institution could properly dress and feed themselves at times let alone have the where with all to carry out a scam on par with the NY mob.

Anonymous said...

We really need to change the law so that once again, family , friends, and concerned neighbors can involuntarily commit someone BEFORE they hurt themselves or others.

Not only would this kind of nonsense cease, but the parents of the mass murderer and the school administrators could have prevented the movie massacre by getting that young man institutionalized and on medication.

We cannot continue to wait until a person who has had a psychotic break actually hurts themselves and others or makes that rare clear and recognized threat that may or may not cause the legal system to react.

Legislators can draft a law that would protect individual rights without endangering the public.

Anonymous said...

Here's the really curious twist: When the first "Document of Concern" began circulating around the Delta back in the spring, the assumption was that this was another of Dr. Arnold Smith's shenanigans. Surely he doesn't have access to a computer or a printer......And if he didn't do it, who's behind all of this? You can tell when it's getting too hot for rational behavior up here.

Shadowfax said...

It's true that the good doctor is locked away from the computer room. But, to advance the conspiracy theory, perhaps he has co-conspirators. If he's the diabolically nutty genius some suggest, he could easily have told one of his minions to download and mail the letter. We won't know until Alan Lange writes the book.

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