Friday, July 23, 2021

Covid Hits the Sheriff

 Hinds County Sheriff Lee Vance and Captain Tyree Jones contracted the Covid-19 virus.  Captain Jones announced on Facebook: 

I’m fully vaccinated since March. Tuesday I started feeling sick, sore throat, chills and banging headache. I immediately went into isolation and quarantine away from the family at the other house. Wednesday morning I got tested, rapid results came back negative but I was still very symptomatic so I remained in isolation. Got the results Thursday from the PCR test which also showed I was negative. Ok, well maybe I’m just dealing with a bad sinus infection that wasn’t treated and it’s getting worst because I was still symptomatic. Again, I remained in isolation because I just didn’t feel right. 
This morning I lost my taste and smell along with the nagging and pounding headache. I knew something was wrong. I got tested again this afternoon and tested positive for COVID-19. This delta variant ain’t no joke, and thus far the science seems to be accurate as it relates to people fully vaccinated not experiencing bad symptoms and keeping down hospitalizations. However, science is also telling us the vaccination isn’t performing as it should because these aren’t just a small percentage of “breakthrough” cases as stated by officials. There are a lot of fully vaccinated people still contracting COVID-19. This sh*t is real! Go get vaccinated!
Guess I’ll get some rest and enjoy some westerns, other good movies and finish my seasons of In the Heat of the Night!

Get well, guys.  



Anonymous said...

So the vaccine doesn’t work, but GO GET VACCINATED!

Why do people think they should never get sick again? Every little sniffle is cause for panic and hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

Get a life 6:29. It might have killed him if he had no antibodies. He is not the young healthy Lee Vance of the 1990’s.

Anonymous said...

I love that he is watching "In the Heat of the Night" while he's sick. Best wishes for speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

So 6:29 I take it you are unvaccinated. I would not want to be around you then.

Anonymous said...

The vaccine is destroying your natural immune system

Anonymous said...

You can't outrun death. It's gonna get your ass one way or another and this BS anxiety makes your immune system go even lower. Day to day folks, only way to live. A shot won't make you live forever.

Anonymous said...

Great to see a police report absent the word succumbed.

Anonymous said...

If only there were a shot available to prevent one from catching COVID.

Anonymous said...

Another Facebook Medical Doctor at 2:57.

Anonymous said...

Teaching your immune system to respond to a new antigen is far from destroying your immune system. It’s what the system does. At some point we need to consider requiring testing before turning people loose on the internet. Some of you are not mentally fit enough to be on here.

Anonymous said...

to be clear, the vax taught your immune system that covid is 'bad'--it does not protect you from breathing it in (or breathing it out)

and just think, about 90% of people who took the vax can get covid..and can breathe it out freely in stores, restaurants, school, church...

no wonder it's back with a vengeance.

your choice..personally i'll make my choices based on the fact i don't want to be intubated...

Anonymous said...

To the unvaccinated: get vaccinated ASAP so everyone can return to normal. Otherwise you and yours stay in your houses and away from the rest of us who are vaccinated. We don’t want you around us.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all these vaxxers don't realize that they sound like bots. Like borgs in a collective repeating the programming they are receiving into their nannites via the 5G carrier waves.

Anonymous said...

"If only there were a shot available to prevent one from catching COVID."

There are all sorts of "shots" that will absolutely prevent one from ever getting any illness ever again. Some can be administered with a syringe, while others can be administered with a firearm, but the result is the same - one are dead and therefore one will never get sick again. If one's doctor is too busy treating unvaccinated idiots with COVID complications to euthanize one, one could go to many nightclubs in Jackson long about 2am and stand around in parking lot. The odds are good one will get the latter version of shot in short order.

Now if one wants something that will greatly reduce one's risk from catching COVID as well as greatly reduce one's risk of serious illness and long-term effects if one does catch COVID, well, shit, that's available at damned near every drugstore, Walmart, etc., etc., in the country. It's called a "vaccine." Perchance one has heard some talk about it.

Anonymous said...

" be clear, the vax taught your immune system that covid is 'bad'--it does not protect you from breathing it in (or breathing it out)..."

A slight correction and it is an important one. The mRNA vaccines don't teach your immune system that "COVID" is "bad." What they do, in basic terms, is teach your immune system to recognize the unique spike protein case of SARS-CoV-2 virus ***of the form originally observed*** and fight it. If the "wrapper signature" mutates too far away from what the vaccine taught your immune system to recognize then your immune system would need further "teaching" (i.e., another vaccine) to recognize the new threat. As an aside, this why the mRNA vaccines aren't and cannot teach your immune system to attack "good" things in your body - it simply hasn't taught your immune system anything other than a unique SARS-CoV-2 spike protein case is "bad," which is good.

Anonymous said...

6:29 am It does work...1-80% of the time.

I know 6 high risk , vaccinated Mississippians people over 75 who got the Delta variant about 12 days ago after being exposed to some jerk like you ( they thought everyone at the meeting had good sense...they were mistaken) .
And, while had symptoms as the Sheriff described ( you can add stomach problems), none of them needed to be hospitalized and they are all over it now with no lingering symptoms.

Your age protecting you and imagining you are fully immune because you "think" you had the first CV 19 has worse odds than Russian roulette.

You brought us the Delta variant and no doubt, thanks your poor understanding, we may well see a worse new mutation.

Of course, jerks like you robbed them of time enjoying life.

All of them now hope, you'll and those like you will be begging for the vaccine after it's too late for you!

Even Alabama's old lady Governor gets it now. Floridas Yalie always has but he figured early on, he could be safe, make money off you and get a chance at the Presidency. I'll be you didn't know he was Ivy League through and through.

Anonymous said...


You said it so I wouldn’t have to say it.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The pro-vax trolls are out in force today. Every person I know right now who has COVID was vaccinated. Please, if you've been vaccinated, stay the hell away from me.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish is a coward and his censorship of the truth about the nanite gel injections is the most cowardly act I have ever seen on the internet.

Anonymous said...

2:57 So your study’s inclusion criteria was “every person I know right know who has COVID”? Wow, the statistics on that sample musta been hell.

Anonymous said...

VAERS Covid Data

11,405 deaths to date from covid vaccines

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's just another topic to divide people, how many different ones in the last year and a half now?

Who here believes we can actually ever "go back to normal"? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

4:38 from your own referenced website…” VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused a health problem”

You are misinterpreting the data and contributing to the confusion.

Anonymous said...

Here is the ultimate Covid-19 gotcha

Does anyone remember the current Speaker of the House taking a stroll through San Francisco Chinatown and calling POTUS-45 a fascist xenophobe for saying that we should stop all incoming travel, especially from China?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Anonymous said...

How am I misinterpreting the data when it says 11,405 deaths. There is no other way to interpret that.

Are you suggesting that the CDC data could be wrong? Are you suggesting that VAERS data is unreliable for tracking adverse events associated with all vaccines or do you find the data is confusing only for the covid “vaccines.” Are you suggesting that the CDC does not tally breakthroughs since May and only counts breakthroughs where hospitalization or death occurs? Are you suggesting that the number of positive cases are extraordinarily skewed because the test cycle threshold was so high it wasn’t even remotely correlative to actual infections? Are you suggesting that the goal is no longer herd immunity and if not, why are there no studies published or funded for those who have natural antibodies…. you know, the ones who are truly immunized

Are you suggesting an intelligent person should only consider the data that supports their personal viewpoint?

The “confusion” is being caused by the obfuscation and outright lies of the politicized medical community. Logic and consideration are not utilized as parroting from down on high is widely done and accepted while telling others they are “misinterpreting the data.”

Anonymous said...

@5:03pm - 4:38pm and ignorants like him “find a thing” that they think validates what they believe and go no further. No point in arguing with them. Facts don’t matter.

Micah Gober said...

The Hinds County Sheriff has good taste in tv shows. Get well Sheriff Lee Vance.

Better Than Ever said...


Agreed. I've been on the net long enough before there was AOL/Prodigy/etc. It was all academics. The difference between then and now is indescribable.

Better Than Ever said...


Yup. Point of hope... there's no consensus, but from what I read... if covid mutates enough that the current vaccines are no good, the spike will have mutated enough as to be ineffective as a tool to enter our cells. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple my brother received the shot in Feb. He had a history of heart trouble. One morning last month he had 2 heart attacks back to back, he died. He’s on that list . He died of Heart failure not Covid. He is on the VAERS list.

Anonymous said...

6:17 You are clearly misinterpreting the data if you try to assign meaning that the data collectors clearly state is not applicable. It says 11405 people have died out of the millions who have received the vaccine. It does not say they died because of the vaccine. Adverse event reporting does not prove causation, never has. People die all the time. Thousands of people who drink milk will die this year. Milk did not kill them. I am suggesting you are trying to assign causation to those numbers to support your predetermined viewpoint. An intelligent person would understand that they do not know everything and sometimes the experts are just that, experts, as opposed to Joe Rogan disciples such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Micah Gober said...
The Hinds County Sheriff has good taste in tv shows. Get well Sheriff Lee Vance.

Try to pay attention Micah Gober. That was not written by or about the sheriff, but one of his direct reports. Concentrate while reading.

I'll be here all week said...

You know what they say about experts? An "ex" is a has been, a spurt is a drip under pressure. That makes an expert a has been drip under pressure.

Anonymous said...

6:59 - Hope there's no charge to get into your show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 10:31pm. That is a very obtuse take on “misinterpretation.” You are suggesting that VAERS is collecting data on everyone who dies and then just tags the ones who had a vaccine? You do realize the point of the system is for healthcare to track adverse effects of vaccines in the general population so as to be able to react. Healthcare professionals only report suspected causation, they don’t just report because someone died. In fact, one can read the information provided by each and every report from the doctor reporting.

VAERS is the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System. How can you even suggest it’s misinterpretation when the CDC reports every single death as a Covid death, regardless of actual cause of death if the person simply tested positive with a test the FDA says is inaccurately producing too many false positives?

Please refrain from spreading misinformation based on your political beliefs. Because you certainly are not opining using logic, knowledge or facts.

Anonymous said...

A scientific study has been published which has found the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, used in the Covid-19 vaccines causes major vascular damage inducing strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.

This report on the results of a study carried out by the SALK institute shows that the spike protein used in COVID-19 vaccines is itself, even without any of the virus attached, capable of causing a range of vascular diseases (strokes, heart attacks and blood clots).

The Salk Institute study proves the assumption made by the vaccine industry, that the spike protein is inert and harmless, to be false and dangerously inaccurate.

“A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it’s really a vascular disease,” says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study. “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

Anonymous said...


Yup. Point of hope... there's no consensus, but from what I read... if covid mutates enough that the current vaccines are no good, the spike will have mutated enough as to be ineffective as a tool to enter our cells. Food for thought."

SARS-CoV-2, like any other virus, has and will mutate many times. Most mutations are unsuccessful (from the POV of the virus' proliferation and survival). There is no way know the future of it but educated guesses based upon extensive research and observations of other viruses can offer likely scenarios. One of my oldest and closest friends is a MD/PhD who was, basically, a virologist for most of his post-grad life (I was a thoracic guy). Quite a bit of this is pretty straightforward application of long-known and -understood science and medicine, but again, there are a lot of variables in play, from idiots refusing vaccine to past failures with masks and social distancing (both from the standpoint of the public and those "in charge," to use that term loosely). Unless behavior changes significantly soon, the virus will likely mutate enough to make the current vaccines ineffective while concurrently becoming more contagious and successful (from the virus' POV).

The good news is that modifying the vaccine isn't difficult or time-consuming - the mRNA vaccines currently in use were largely developed within weeks of virus samples being received by the teams working on it. Regardless of what some are claiming, mRNA isn't "new" technology - it has been around for over 40 years and it is well-understood by those whose job it is to understand it. Not that it will likely change any minds, but literally every medical and "science" professional my wife and I know, and we know a lot of both, got vaccinated as fast as they possibly could. But if folks won't take the current vaccines there is little reason to assume they will take any others without the refusal to do so being worse in their minds than the vaccine, i.e., they aren't allowed into Walmart, bars, sporting events, etc., without a "vaccine certificate." There are already numerous vaccine requirements and have been for many years - ask any parent whose children are or were in school at any point in the last 50-plus years or anyone who has been in the military. Nearly every US-born and educated person reading this has been vaccinated under a "mandate" promulgated by "the government." Most of the things that those vaccines immunize against are either very rare or largely eliminated - how many polio victims does anyone know or has even heard about in the last 50-plus years? Why this particular vaccine creates so much controversy is both strange and horrifying to see.

People of all professions and vocations, from plumbers to attorneys to doctors to engineers regularly see and hear people with absolutely no training, education, or experience in that person's field utter all sorts of nonsense. Mostly they ignore it because it just doesn't matter. But things like this - COVID, SARS-CoV-2, vaccines, masks, etc. - plainly have a monumental effect on society worldwide. To see and hear the utter nonsense surrounding it is incredibly frustrating for those with relevant training, education, and experience and since it does matter in this case, at least try understand why many are not only speaking out in frustration (and fear for society), but continue to do so when it appears they are simply beating their heads against a wall.

TL/DR - read it. And get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

9:55AM posted utter nonsense, which contained the following:

"...says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study."

Not surprisingly, Uri Manor has heard about people completely distorting the study and has issued statements about it. He first tweeted about it in May. Here is his exact first tweet:

"i’m going to give a full response asap. but quickly for the record:
1) the (relatively) small amount of spike protein produced by the mRNA vaccine would not be nearly enough to do any damage
2) i happily got the mRNA vaccine, FWIW
3) i encourage everyone to get it"

Also not surprisingly, the misreading and misunderstanding of this study has been widely covered by numerous medical and science publications. For those with no understanding, let's assume that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein case was deadly and being injected with even a single "live" virus would kill you (which is not true and not how even the vector vaccines work, much less the mRNA vaccines). If that were the case, if a single virus landed on you, it would kill you.

To put it in redneck terms, it is like saying that because an AR-15 can kill a person if it is fired at them by someone, the instruction manual for one would be fatal to anyone who even sees it. Yes, saying that would be nonsensical and if you heard anyone say it, you'd think to yourself, "Dayum, that there moran shore is ignernt."

Now you know what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

My regular doctor got the shot. My knee doctor got the shot. My heart doctor said he got the shot. But some people on the internet say the shot is bad and they don't want it. Who do you think I'm going to listen to?

Anonymous said...

Your doctors probably got an actual vaccine. Not the same cocktail given to the cattle/sheeple.

Anonymous said...

159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases

Anonymous said...

@9:55 -

an article from the Salk Institute says that virus spike proteins behave very differently than those safely encoded in the vaccine. The natural spike protein is a vascular disease....the vaccine's spike is not.

Anonymous said...

@3:35pm - Imagine how many more would be dying if it weren’t for the vaccines. Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine, just look at the death numbers pre-March 2021. I guess it’s like Ricky Bobby said though, it’s binary. Either you’re first of your last. Either the vaccines are 100% or they are garbage.


Anonymous said...

"My regular doctor got the shot. My knee doctor got the shot. My heart doctor said he got the shot."

If someone's doctor tells them he or she refused vaccine and they should too, find another doctor.

And for the pedantic, yes, there are very, very rare cases in which a vaccine could be dangerous for a particular individual for very, very rare specific reasons discreet to that particular individual. In the case of mRNA vaccines, none of those very rare legitimate reasons are because of the mRNA aspect. The viral vector vaccines are slightly different, but the same basics generally apply. It would be related to the "inactive ingredients" of the carrier medium of that particular vaccine. For anyone interested, do a little research on "PEG allergies." PEG is a common ingredient in many things and if someone had such an allergy, they would almost certainly have long since known about it. If your doctor knew he or she had such a condition, he or she wouldn't be discussing any of it with patients unless a specific patient also had that very rare condition. The bottom line is that no competent doctor would give patients general discouragement against vaccines, especially against mRNA COVID/SAR-CoV-2 vaccines. It would be akin to them suggesting starting smoking, eating more fried foods and less fresh vegetables, and putting on a couple of hundred pounds.

Fruitcakes Are On The Loose said...

'Your doctors probably got an actual vaccine. Not the same cocktail given to the cattle/sheeple.'

Jeepers, Batman! Now we have the rumor that doctors are receiving legit vaccines and the rest of us are receiving something sinister.

Anonymous said...

Vaccine DOES NOT WORK. The dog is off the leash and pooping in the neighbors yard !

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