Friday, July 30, 2021

Breaking Points Calls Out CDC's Mask "Clown Show"

 Breaking Points called the CDC a "clown organization" after the agency recommended wearing masks indoors even if vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.  

The CDC flip-flop on something? Shocker.

Posted below is the Dr. Aaron Carroll's New York Times op-ed on the "new" Covid-19 wave that Mr. Enjeti refers to in the video.  He is the Chief Health Officer for Indiana University. 

to suggest that Covid-19 is an escalating emergency in the United States is not quite right. The truth is that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics right now. If we don’t confront that, the nation can’t address either appropriately.The C.D.C.’s announcement will lead many to believe that the pandemic is getting worse. But if you and most of the people in your area are vaccinated, things are substantially better than they used to be....

 Because the vaccines are not 100 percent effective, some vaccinated people will get infected, some will get sick, and in rare cases, some may even be hospitalized. The success of the vaccines has long been predicated on preventing severe illness, which they do, rather than on preventing any infection.....

Across the country, the vast majority of severe illness and deaths are among the unvaccinated. Fewer than 1,200 vaccinated people have died of Covid-19 as of July 19. Over 97 percent of people who are hospitalized for Covid-19 are unvaccinated, according to the C.D.C.... (KF: This is true in Mississippi)

Even the Delta variant is not a major threat to everyone in the United States. It is largely a threat to the unvaccinated. It’s more infectious, it’s spreading more quickly, and most people aren’t being as careful as they were months ago. Delta is therefore causing the unvaccinated to get sick, and they’re still going to the hospital, and they’re still dying.

Despite this difference, reporting on the relative percentage of Delta cases every day is causing vaccinated people to panic and sowing some doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations. But it’s clear from the data on hospitalizations and deaths today compared to when the Alpha variant was on the rise at the beginning of the year that the United States is in a much better situation now..... 

Leaning heavily on masking and distancing is what we did when we didn’t have vaccinations. Today, such recommendations are less likely to succeed because they are more likely to be followed by those already primed to listen — the vaccinated — and to be fought and ignored by those who aren’t.

Hospitalizations and deaths are rising in some areas not because someone didn’t wear a mask at the ballgame. They’re occurring because too many people are not immunized.... Rest of column.

Kingfish note: The Breaking Points show is produced by the team of  conservative Saagear Enjeti and liberal Krystal Ball.  Their show, The Rising, was The Hill's biggest draw on Youtube, garnering millions of viewers.  Tired of the corporate handcuffs, they struck out on their own as more true journalists and commentators are doing.  It was a huge loss for The Hill as it the traffic went from several million views per video to a few hundred or thousand.  Ouch. Breaking Points posts clips on Youtube but the bread and butter shows are on Supercast. They state on their website:

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti are proud to introduce Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar. A fearless anti-establishment Youtube show and podcast debuting MONDAY JUNE 7TH, 2021

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are ripping us apart and making millions of dollars doing it. We don't have soulless billionaires or corporations backing our high end TV production, but we do have YOU. We took a big risk going independent and we need your help to fulfill our mission of making everyone hate each other LESS and the corrupt ruling class MORE

 They must be doing something right because their Youtube channel had over half a million subscribers in only a few weeks.  WebsiteYoutube channel


Anonymous said...

WTF is Breaking Point?

Kingfish said...

If you don't know then you are not in the know and if you are not in the know then you don't have a need to know.

Anonymous said...

Bingo. VACCINES are not WORKING as a real vaccine should. This has been a money grab gone wrong from the get go and WE THE PEOPLE regardless of politics need to realize this quick.

Anonymous said...

10:56, that's actually not what the video or corresponding description said, but feel free to take away the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Biden and Fauci are sending the clear message, "Why bother with the vax?" The low vax rates are their fault. Especially true with candidate Biden attacked the efficacy and safety of the vax which President Biden pushes as effective and safe, but you still need a mask.

Anonymous said...

Why can people not understand that every time a virus mutates, the research has to begin again?!

And, when it does, the new research means new ways of dealing with the latest mutation.

IF these " pundits" actually read the research as it emerges, then they'd know there is no inconsistency, just new information.

And, they'd also understand that there is no point at trying to get refusniks to cooperate so policy is about incentives or raising the price of being a bad citizen.

And, make no mistake, that's what those helping the virus mutate are.

Anonymous said...

The virus keeps evolving in the unvaccinated ignorants. And it will keep doing so. CDC has to change guidance as the virus changes.

Ignorants are too ignorant to grasp this.

New medical policy: if ICUs are full and someone needs an ICU bed for a non-Covid related illness/injury, the unvaccinated Covid patient gets kicked to the curb. Go get vaccinated or take your chances.

Anonymous said...

Until we know which Covid test is being used to diagnose these cases, we can't know where we stand. That's the bottom line. What is a real case and what isn't a real case.

Kingfish said...

You do not have to start over when a virus mutates. Stop the fear-mongering.

Anyone see Guanochump today? Screaming about children dying in Mississippi. All of three have died in 18 months. Dr. Dobbs said Wed. only one was healthy with no underlying conditions (although he then spent a minute saying many kids have underlying conditions. Um, no duh). Dr. Byers finally said after yours truly pressed several times that 9 children have died in Mississippi since 2016 of communicable diseases. So we really aren't off the statistical norm when it comes to child Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

There were 9 kids in Mississippi on ventilators due to COVID just a few weeks ago. That strikes me as 'out of the norm'.

Anonymous said...

When the vaccine was released it was for the original covid version. There is now version two, three and version four. These variants might be resisted by medications in the first shots. Think of it in forms of drag race cars. The shots were street class. The variants are stronger and faster than the stock street car. Version two might be equilivant to police package setups. They are faster, but pro street is faster than the pp setup. The rail and funny car set ups are even faster. The street car does not stand a chance against the police package, street pro or the funny cars. Plain and simply there are no verison four medications, , , , YET. Until they have one you are at risk. Having had cv19 i can say it was very rough. Mask up and sanitize your hands or wash often. Sanitize yo shopping buggy. We aint over this yet.

Anonymous said...

When this is all over there will be a lot of people needing some serious psychotherapy due to the trauma caused by sustained psychological abuse perpetrated by the MSM and the democrat party. What they have been doing is akin to MKUltra on a global scale. Both children and adults are victims.

Anonymous said...

Just because things are substantially better than they used to be does not mean that the pandemic cannot be getting worse. The simple fact is that Delta is far more infectious and the vaccines are far less effective at preventing infection by the Delta variant than they are with other variants. Yes, the vaccines make you less likely to require hospitalization, but you can still get very sick and can still spread it to others, vaccinated or not.

I was fully vaccinated but was still infected by an asymptomatic carrier. I didn't have to go to the hospital but I lost taste/smell and had really unpleasant body soreness, fatigue, brain fog, and cold/flu symptoms for over a week. Three weeks post-infection, I still don't have full breath capacity back. Yes, that's certainly better than having to go on a vent (and obviously better than dying) but it's not something I want to go through again and not something I'd want to put anyone else through.

So I'm back to wearing my mask indoors. It's really not that much of an inconvenience and if everyone were to do it, we wouldn't be seeing these new spikes.

Anonymous said...

11:07 ....The video is an opinion piece and he is right. He doesn't go into WHY this is with us in the first place which is where I am. Once folks realize this virus was created to generate money !! David Martin has already proved this..more or less. This won't end until WE THE PEOPLE know the why's. Bill Gates/Fauci et al created a virus and it got away from them ! Then the media made it 1000 times worse. Unlike sars back in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Delta variant discovered in October 2020 in India?

Just as roaches become resistant to bug spray, and bacteria to antibiotics, is it not be plausible that viruses find new and creative ways to evade the means used to eliminate them? With the multitude of different vaccines being applied, would this not give a virus all sorts of ways to evolve/change/recombine? So, is it the unvaccinated or is it the vaccinated that are causing the virus to mutate?

Anonymous said...

@12:31 - easy answer - the unvaccinated

Anonymous said...

How many black helicopters chasing you around town today, 12:20?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about COVID duuuuude. Toke away with compassionate medical pot and there is no need to worry about the COVID monster.

Anonymous said...

11:46, that number was incorrect.

Kingfish said...

vents do not equal deaths.

Kingfish said...

Yup. Only 2 at the time.

Fix the Pipes and Fill the Potholes said...

They can push the vaccine and masks until blue in the face but the virus is the clear winner as long as there is division. Imagine if we were still arguing over measles, smallpox, polio, etc...

"There's an old study of measles transmission between 1999 and 2000. It's going to sound counterintuitive, what they found but if you think about it, it makes sense," Offit, a vaccine adviser to the FDA and director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, told CNN last week. "Obviously, you were least likely to get measles if you were vaccinated living in a highly vaccinated community. But you were actually more likely to get measles if you were vaccinated living in a highly unvaccinated community than if you were unvaccinated living in a highly vaccinated community," Offit said.

Anonymous said...

Black Helicopters are so last century. They have these quadrotor craft colloquially called “drones” and winged craft called “UAVs” that are much more difficult to detect.

None of that is necessary in the USA since nearly every man, woman, and child willingly carries a wireless surveillance device with them everywhere they go, including the bathroom.

It is bristling with cameras and microphones and has a very powerful processor!

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:17 .............Keep on believing and wanting your leaders to set you free. Enjoy the bread lines and Covid variant Zulu. All one needs to do is listen, look and study to see what is going on. Now I gotta go, these blackhawks are back.

Anonymous said...

2:39 It's Zeta not Zulu.

Anonymous said...

@1:41p- How about you do some research before you make statements like this...

Imagine if we were still arguing over measles, smallpox, polio, etc...

1. Measles was around for CENTURIES before scientists began working on vaccine. It took about 15 years to develop and vaccinations began in 1968. It wasn't until the year 2000 that measles was declared eliminated.

2. Smallpox was also around for CENTURIES before a vaccine was developed. Vaccine studies began in 1796 and it took TWO CENTURIES to eradicate the disease.

3. It took about 65 years to develop the polio vaccine from the time of the first outbreak, and it was over a decade later before polio was completely eradicated from the US.

Coronaviruses were first found in humans in the 1960s. Since we are less than two years into COVID-19 and less than 60 years into human coronaviruses AT ALL, please do tell how our arguing is slowing the vaccination process compared to the diseases you outlined?

BTW, our good pals over at the CDC have a website that will verify all of this.

Anonymous said...

We will all die and have no say how we do that. Enjoy life and drink up my friends.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, you’re a bitch. Bitch.

Anonymous said...

CDC Info behind the new guidance

Very Interesting

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that Mississippi is once again at the very bottom of the list.(Snick) Mississippi has the lowest vaccination rate. I'm sure that has something to do with also having the lowest graduation rates etc.

I'm all for a mask mandate with criminal penalties for non-compliance. I've been vaccinated but being in very good health good shape and having o positive blood my physician tells me I could contract covid and be totally asymptomatic and spread covid. When people are too stupid or obstinate to do the right thing they must be forced. I have no problem in our leaders taking the steps to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kingfish, at the next MSDH press conference, why don’t you ask them to implement the following statewide ICU policy:

If ICU capacity is full, any non-Covid serious illness/injury takes precedence over unvaccinated Covid patients (those with no excuse not to be vaccinated only). These Covid patients must give up their beds to any non-Covid patients that require ICU beds/staff.

At the point the stupidity of these people start affecting others, they should have to bear the consequences, not the folks that made the right choice.

Choices have consequences. Too late for regret in the ICU.

Anonymous said...

"But if you and most of the people in your area are vaccinated, things are substantially better than they used to be...."

Glares at Mississippi's 32% fully vaccinated rate.

Fix the Pipes and Fill the Potholes said...

@3:23 Thanks for the history lesson! Let me help you with reading comprehension: We are not arguing about those diseases. Why?... Because they were eradicated! How?... Because people took the vaccines (or died)!

Anonymous said...

@5:30p- Well, that flew right over your head! My comprehension is just fine!! Yours… not so much. @1:41p brought those viruses/diseases to the conversation. It’s only fair to compare the development and effectiveness of those vaccines to the COVID vaccine.

The point was, those vaccines weren’t perfected or even effective for MUCH LONGER than what we are currently dealing with. Even today, I read a study that the Pfizer vaccine’s decline in effectiveness after 4 months is massive!! (Hello, Delta breakthrough cases!) I also read today that 60% of the U.K.’s hospitalizations are of vaccinated people. There are obviously HUGE issues with this vaccine! The medicine or science or whatever you want to call it is not correct to eradicate COVID, yet there are people screaming incessantly to jab everyone!

Obviously, the large majority of Americans are NOT anti-vax. They are anti-RUSHED-INEFFECTIVE-UNDER STUDIED-vax.

Anonymous said...

@6:14pm - This is also 2020s with supercomputers and shit. This ain’t the 1900s with black and white TVs. Technology has advanced exponentially since then. Get with the times boomer.

Anonymous said...

@7:50p- First off, I’m not a boomer. Proud Gen X here, but I do respect the boomers… they’ve endured way more than anyone born after them. Your “supercomputers and shit” line makes you sound like a bratty millennial.

Yes, technology may be more advanced but the constant flip-flopping of the CDC and news/cases/studies released daily proves science hasn’t found a truly effective vaccine… yet.

So, what exactly are you contributing to the conversation? (Besides a failed boomer slam.)

Anonymous said...

@3:58 you can thank ole KF for protecting you lefties yet again from truth via his legendary censorship.

KF allows you to post your demeaning comments about Mississippi’s “lowest” graduation rates i.e. how stupid all of us are but blocks meaningful debate in a manner that would make ole Zuckerberg and Dorsey envious and giddy as schoolgirls.

And don’t go believing all that BS about racists and trannies and threats etc. as the reasons for his protecting you all with his censorship as we have a log of censored posts that are clean as a pin.

One might think ole KF is just moody allowing insulting post towards one group while censoring another but its almost certainly always the non-leftists being censored.

So be sure and thank the KF!

Anonymous said...

WAPT news just said equal numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated are being infected.

Howard said...

9:58 - Immediately thereafter, Governor Reeves told that anchor, "I'll whip your ass!" (You switched channels too quickly)

Anonymous said...

There are therapeutics available to treat Covid and they’ve existed since the beginning of the pandemic. Literally, everyone who was symptomatic and needed outpatient treatment could have been treated in the two weeks they were told to sit at home and quarantine as their symptoms got worse. HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D, Budesonide Inhalers, Steroids, etc. Thousands of people did not have to die.... but instead were murdered through negligence because—

The vax manufacturers can’t receive an EUA (emergency use authorization) if there is effective treatment available. There was a lot of money to be made and lot of experimental testing they wanted to do to get these vaccines into people, after developing them over a long period of time. These weren’t developed in 6-9 months.

The truth sounds like a nightmare, and it is.

I have friends and family that have been successfully treated, but not everyone is lucky enough to “know someone.” Most docs say “go to the ER” if your symptoms get worse... because they feel their hands are tied. All the (cheap and readily available) treatments were demonized by the media.

So here we are a year later, still infighting about masks and the compromised CDC’s “guidance”... when the pandemic could have been under control and so, so, so many more lives saved. I have been heartbroken for the last year watching this play out. I pray to God people’s eyes will be opened.

Anonymous said...

I ain’t seen this high level of stupid since the Viet Nam war.

Anonymous said...

@6:35am - So you’re the one causing the tin foil shortage.

Anonymous said...

Delta is Bad news for you.

Super fit?
Delta may be bad news for you.

Delta can infect you but you won’t go to hospital or die. Plus you can spread it to others.

Delta can infect you and you can spread it too.

Anonymous said...

@9:27a- 6:35a is right. I don’t know why you cannot do some research to learn this for yourself.

Many people would have survived, had the government not threatened doctors and prevented the use of some of these treatments. There were some doctors who chose patients over politics and actually healed their patients. It’s almost comical that drugs used for decades were deemed “unsafe” because of potential side effects, yet they authorize for emergency use (not even approved) a new vaccine with even worse potential side effects.

You remind me of my alcoholic neighbor who posted this morning that if you ate a potato chip today you should get the jab, because they are equally as dangerous. She conveniently left out the dangerous effects of all her liquor, just like you cannot see the dangerous effects of greedy Fauci, Gates, and all the others pulling the puppet strings.

Anonymous said...

The CDC continues to be the whipping boy of the Right. The NRA paid big bucks to buy the GOPs in congress and expect to get their monies' worth. When the CDC long ago made efforts to get law enforcement nationwide to report all firearm deaths and the circumstances the NRA saw a week spot in 2nd Amendment's support base and trashed any efforts of such reporting. Wayne LaPierre will continue to live the good life despite the massive death tolls from firearms or pandemics. Lives really are cheap among Billy-Joe Baddass Gun Nutz.

Anonymous said...

So, now the MSM say the vaccinated can spread COVID as well. So, why is being unvaccinated selfish? Both can spread Covid and the vaccinated no longer quarantine after exposure. I guess that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Anonymous said...

Maybe since this is a headline today on KF won’t censor it in an attempt to protect the snowflake leftist Democrats:

Pelosi and White House blame Republicans for fueling spread of COVID but fewer than half of young people and 36% of black people have had shots while 92% of older Americans are jabbed.

Nancy Pelosi has attempted to blame the spread of COVID-19 on unvaccinated Republicans.

However, data that shows many key Democrat groups are also not signing up to be immunized.

Young people aged 18-24 - who are reliable Democrat voting bloc - are among the most hesitant groups; almost a quarter say they'll never have the shot.

Meanwhile, more than half of black and Hispanic Americans have not had a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

One survey revealed that one-third of black Americans would not have the shot even if it was determined safe by scientists.

Anonymous said...

@1:08PM, after reading the @4:29 post, here’s a pop quiz for you:

Rankin county has more households with guns than Hinds county has but Hinds county has exponentially more violence, murders, etc.; so what’s the difference (answer at the bottom)?

Democrat controlled areas (where innocent little children die from stray bullets with hardly a mention but thugs like George Floyd have 700-pound bronze statues installed).

Ben Watchen Yu said...

You know when Kingfish posts TWICE on one thread, he considers himself super informed and knowledgeable.

You should also know that when Kingfish posts THREE times on one thread, he considers himself an expert and authority on the subject.

It's a fact that when Kingfish posts FOUR or more times on one thread (as above) he not only views himself as highly educated, expert and borderline genius, but with a medical degree (in this case) with a specialty in the subject field.

Anonymous said...

@Ben Watchen Yu-

So according to your idiotic logic, KF should maintain a blog, that obviously interest you because, well, here you are, but he isn't allowed to partake in the conversation without being admonished by you? Regardless of the nonsense hurled his way or ridiculous statements made?

You know those posts that go around that say "tell us you're a _______ without telling us you're a ______"? Welp, you just told us all MULTIPLE things about yourself!

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