Thursday, July 15, 2021

Censorship, Mistakes, and Resurgance

The Mississippi State Department of Health banned comments from its posts on Facebook.  The daily Facebook Covid-19 update now includes this message: 

Mississippi State Department of Health limited who can comment on this post.

The Health Department said it was trying to prevent the spread of misinformation.  Hmmm.... remember when the courts ruled President Trump could not block Twitter users? Will that ruling come back to haunt the Health Department? 

The Delta variant of the Wuhan virus is definitely on the prowl in Mississippi.  The Health Department reported 641 cases and 5 deaths. The charts posted below show the troubling trend. 

The Health Department made a mistake that contributed to no small amount of hysteria around Mississippi. 


Actually, only two children were on ventilators. 

With great and personal apologies - MS with 7 children in ICU with 2 on the ventilator (life support). A hospital has corrected it's report to us from last evening. And yes - 7 children with COVID.

Dr. Dobbs strongly recommended getting vaccinated. He tweeted:

>90% of all deaths 

>95% of all cases and hospitalizations in UNVACCINATED



I was there but I don't remember said...

I'm sure the Scientologist will be along shortly to tell us how there is no recovery from this. Unless the great high priest Fauci intervenes on our behalf, we are doomed. Why it was only back in March 2020 that the great Fauci said he only needed 2 weeks of lock-downs to..... what were we doing to the curve?

Anonymous said...

My question is always the same... yet no one answers it. Are these people that are getting infected healthy? (and by healthy, I mean no other medical conditions) Is the survival rate still 99.4%? If it is, or even close to that, what is the big freakin' deal? It will be a cold day in hell before I will be vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

both trump and biden got the vax.

viruses don’t care about your personal beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? If they weren't constantly ramming this down our throats, the large majority of people wouldn't even know it exists.

Anonymous said...

Does this surprise anyone?

Anonymous said...

Dr. David Martin video highlighted earlier this week by the Radio Strongman Kim Wade.

Anonymous said...

Covidiots in 3…2…1…

Anonymous said...

Lucky to say I’ve had COVID and for being old and overweight, only experienced a sinus infection level sickness. It really does just come down to individual make-ups and how comfortable you are with your mortality. Not so sure about an experimental drug that the pharmacies were granted a liability waiver on. Wonder why that was important for them to have.

I do think the powers that be would have been more successful in having more people getting vaccinated if they just allowed access to those who wanted it and let it go at that.

The heavy handed sales tactics that they are using only makes my antennas go up and up. If I were on a car lot looking to buy, I would have left as soon as the heavy pressure began.

Plus, the states low in vaccination rates are, in a way, building a moat against liberals fleeing the craphole cities they’ve created. That’s a silver lining right there...

Anonymous said...

Misinformation: Any information that might contradict or call into question the official narrative.

Calm Down said...

Trump and Xiden are 146 years old. The vulnerable should get the vaccine, if they want it. Let everyone make their own decision.

Anonymous said...

If anybody is wondering why Mississippi is the dumbest, poorest, and unhealthiest state, look no further than these comments.

Anonymous said...

Love it when conservatives go to such links to “own the libs”. Skipping the vaccine and getting corona virus is an all new level though lol.

Better Than Ever said...

@11:00 Your questions have been answered many times, in great detail, by more reputable sources than I can name. So that begs the question... where are you getting your information? Seems your choices/habits are steering you toward lack of info sources or misinformation sources. This stuff was literally covered a year ago.

That said, here come the answers you are seeking.

1) Moot. have you _seen_ the average Mississippian? Not many healthy.

2) Survival is high. However, this ignores numerous very important things:

a) higher chance of worse mutation the longer this drags on

b) survival means just that, survival. It does not address such things as covid-related gangrene and amputations

c) swamping of healthcare system... it came within an inch of collapse around Christmas.

In addition... seems recovering from covid does NOT impart protection against Delta variant. This is the prelim data published by 5 countries so far.

Anonymous said...

12:32 pm

Congrats on being published by the covid sponsor of this site!

He’s an anti vaxer thru and thru!

He loves conspiracies because he’s nuts and it brings clicks!

Unvaccinated deserve and need covid today! I can’t wait for the long interviews on wlbt…”gosh…we wuz at the church and pastor Jones said we culdnt get nothing from da air….and then momma…well she fell out and we thought it was the devil….turns out….it was a covid!” How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Vaxed in first grade and again in Boot camp and again overseas. THIS VAX I will not take ! 1. Variants 2. Variants 3. Variants see folks ? The already vaxxed ARE STILL GETTING COVID !! Why ? Because it's no different than a FLU VAX from year to year. A guessing game to decide which VARIANT will be the dominate then that is the one they give you. This MAN MADE virus has now broke free from it's handlers and there is nothing but your IMMUNE system left to protect you. So invest in garden grown veges ....ZINC , VIT C , B12 AND GET YOUR BUTT OUT IN THE SUN !!

Anonymous said...

Been told by an RN from one of the larger metro-area hospitals that their ER is mostly full of people that have had covid and are now experiencing blood clots.

Anonymous said...


Yes, healthy people get infected, like the 24 year old Georgia man with no underlying conditions that had to get a double lung transplant. He will survive COVID, but his life will never be the same.
Don't forget the 23% of survivors that are still dealing with COVID symptoms more than a month after diagnosis.
Do you wear a seatbelt in your vehicle? If you like playing the odds, why bother wearing a seatbelt? Odds are less than 1% of dying in a car crash.

Anonymous said...

@12:32 interesting that people on the left just can't say please get the vaccine. Instead they start making fun of people who go to church. If you want someone to take a vaccine or do stuff you think they should do, the last thing you want to do is make fun of them. Basically it just boils down to people on the left hate America and anything that helped make it what it is including religion.

Anonymous said...

@11:32 Do you actually KNOW, not know of, a single person that has died from Covid and Covid alone? Do you actually know, not know of, a single person that has gangrene? (that is a new one on me)

There are so many diseases and illnesses out there. Why is everyone so freakin' scared of this one? I will tell you why, leftist propaganda.

Anonymous said...

To answer your First Amendment question, KF, it depends on how the limit on comments is imposed.

A public entity normally is not constitutionally barred from shutting down a public forum entirely, or converting it into something else, provided it's done in a way that is viewpoint neutral.

For example, if a public university wants to limit its athletics Twitter account to sports comments, it can delete all political comments. It just can't selectively delete Republican or Democrat political comments.

Similarly, if MSDH wants to convert its Facebook from a free-for-all discussion into a one-way information source, it can do that. So if they are prohibiting nearly everyone (save maybe their own employees and some public health experts) from commenting, that's likely fine. OTOH, if they are blocking selected individuals based on their views on vaccinations in what is otherwise a free-for-all, that's probably unlawful.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:43 FU. The media and celebrities have convinced 1/2 the population to get the shot. Good luck. I'll take my chances with the virus vs a vaccine that alters your RNA. Where does that stop? The folks are saying changing your RNA and DNA is the future of medicine. Not my future no matter how much you call me stupid. Unlike you wishing ill on me I hope you don't develop one of the several life changing side effects. Ever seen anyone with Guillain-Barre? I don't care what the odds are I will take my chances with the virus before Guillain-Barre. Johnson and Johnson admitt its from the vaccine (just 100 people out of 12 million though) My biggest concern is are the few cases of heart problems, blood problems, GB syndrome just a few that came early and in 6 months or a year its sweeping through the country. I know, I know, Don't even say it, That's not going to happen and I'm a dumb redneck.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest fear the bureaucrats, media, elected officials and power brokers are witnessing and can’t speak of is that anti-vaxers are populated across party and identity lines. It really must be screwing up their political strategies. You have health nuts, rednecks, military, potheads, old, young, blacks and whites that all have a problem with this due to distrust of government, media and corporations. It actually is unifying groups that have recently been pitted against each other.

Anonymous said...

@1:15 I wear a seatbelt because it is a law (and that is the ONLY reason) I am 55 years old. We didn't have seatbelts, car seats, bike helmets etc.... etc.... back in the day. We also didn't let pansy ass liberals or anyone else dictate how or what we should do with our lives. I still live that way.

Unknown said...

RSV is going around like crazy among children. I would be willing to bet a house payment the kids in the ICU have RSV. They may also test positive for Covid, but we have a year and a half worth of data to teach us kids aren't at risk of covid alone. RSV kills more children every year than Covid did in 2020/2021. It is all fear porn.

John Doe, biological Male, unvaccinated, said...

Whoa Nellie. Hang on a second. For the first time in my life I've been given a legitimate reason to subscribe to the "my body my choice" lifestyle and I'm being given a hard time for that stance? It's not like I'm directly killing anyone, right?

Anonymous said...

Please learn the difference between its and it's and learn to spell resurgence!

Better Than Ever said...

@1:56 Yes to both. They were one and the same. Healthy, no co-morbidities and personally known to me.

Covid is causing tons of micro-clots in many people. People are focusing on the lungs, but blood clots are behind a LOT of issues.

Survival == unscathed.

Delta variant spreading like crazy? Check
Schools re-opening soon? Check
Fall/Winter approaching? Check
Countermeasure fatigue? Check
MS critically low vaccine rate? Check
MS population unhealthy overall? Check
Hospitals filling up again? Check
Testing positivity rate going through the roof? Check
Ignorant populace? Check

See the macro trends?

Kingfish said...

1:56: Actually I do know someone who did.

12:43: You are nothing but a scumbag liar.

Anonymous said...

Dang LibRuls with their helmets, body armor, ABS, airbags and sich!!!

Soap! They want us to use Soap, and Learn to Read!!!! Tyranny!!!


Anonymous said...

BTE pompous blowhard? CHECK.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can create a vax for the pervasive mental illness that seems to make so many adults think they can police other peoples medical histories and that the most effective way to do that is via name calling.

I got the shot and could not care less if anyone else does.

My health is my concern and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Fauci and Dobbs just love being interviewed by anyone that
has a camera phone (which we all have).

I'm still laughing at one Dobbs' press conferences from last year.

The dude actually got "teary-eyed" when he talked about getting a haircut and eating a gyro for the first time in months
.... in The Fondren.

Call an idiot out said...

I don’t understand why so many on the right are scared to say vaccines are good and point out that those who question their efficacy almost universally don’t have the brains to to know their ass from a hole in the ground. At some point, the GOP has to stop listening to the absolute idiots and start catering to the functioning members of society that for some inexplicable reason still side with their party. They made such a big deal of calling terrorists Muslims, and yet they can’t call the idiots in their party idiots. This pandering to the morons has left the GOP as respectable as any other conspiracy minded cult.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, the only ones looking like a cult in this discussion, is the pro-vaccine crowd. I admire your devotion to your faith, even if you do sound stupid while hawking the efficacy of your cure all. I imagine you look like a wild, wide-eyed street preacher behind that keyboard, telling those nonbelievers they are going to die, unless they repent. Yes, sir, telling all those unvaccinated heathens there's safety in the needle.

I've been around for a few days, will probably be around for a few more. In a long enough timeline, everyone's survival rate is 0.

Better Than Ever said...

@3:25 Your denial of the facts does not negate them.

And so far, my projected numbers, for over a year now, are running less than 1% off from actual numbers.


Anonymous said...

I've seen probably a hundred or more distinct Corona patients, at least, and not one has yet had an amputation or gangrene , due to the viral infection. A few ALREADY had amputations before getting the virus. It's pretty much a respiratory and blood-clotting virus, not a limb-killing virus.
And from what I've seen, there isn't a need to get people under 25 vaccinated, as they aren't getting seriously ill at all due to the virus. Save the efforts for the old, fat, heart patients, smokers, diabetics, people with kidney disease and lung disease already.

Anonymous said...

KF, we all know your dislike of Dr Dobbs but to say "HE" made a mistake in reporting th3 12 kids on ventilators is deceptive on your part.

You go on in the next sentence an put up Dobbs' quote that "a hotpital misreported the cases" - all Dobbs and his minions at the DOH do daily is report the totals they receive from the various hospitals and other providors across the state.

Dobbs himself doesn't go out and personally count the cases - the system at DOH reports what information is sent in to them. For you to put the blame on Dobbs for reporting information that was later corrected by the hospital just shows your personal opinion of the individual.

Kingfish said...

I do?

Anonymous said...

@ 2:10pm i.e. "dumb redneck" - The vaccine doesn't alter your RNA (lol) or DNA for that matter. Turn off Newsmax, good lord.

Anonymous said...

Momma always said, if they don’t listen, it just be more cornbread for you .

Dr. Faucette said...

"The vaccine doesn't alter your RNA (lol) or DNA for that matter."

Neither you nor anybody else knows that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that recent studies have shown 2 out of 5 deaths from COVID were people with diabetes. MS has a larger segment of the population suffering from diabetes than other states, hence it would follow that our deaths may be a larger number due to diabetes. The COVID deaths I know of were of people with diabetes. Seems to me one additional approach would be for the DOH to try and lower the number of diabetics in our State.

Anonymous said...

And so far, my projected numbers, for over a year now, are running less than 1% off from actual numbers.

You've been projecting the numbers for over a year? Little wonder why you are so insanely starved for attention. Get a life man.

Anonymous said...

"Do you actually KNOW, not know of, a single person that has died from Covid and Covid alone?"

Yes, several of my friends in the local area have passed from COVID. However, I neither know nor personally know of anyone who has suffered any significant adverse effects from any COVID vaccination.

Anonymous said... you are saying these were healthy, young people with no other issues? How many is several? I don't know a SOUL and I am an older gentleman and I know a lot of people.

And that gangrene thing is BULLSHIT

Anonymous said...

The real question is how many vaccinated couples have been able to conceive and how many vaccinated women were able to carry to term? Because the unvaccinated population is not showing any significant changes in fertility from prior to Covid-19. And cable news isn’t really talking about it either.

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