Wednesday, July 28, 2021

State Med Association Wants All Health Care Workers Vaccinated

 Mississippi State Medical Director Dr. Claude Brunson issued the following statement.

As we confront this dreaded “fourth wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must make decisions that help preserve and protect the health of patients and healthcare professionals and ensure our healthcare system is able to respond to the acute and chronic health needs of Mississippians. We believe one of those decisions must be for all healthcare and long-term care providers to require their employees to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

This most recent surge, fueled by the highly contagious and dangerous Delta variant of COVID-19, has dealt the state a crippling blow. COVID-19 cases are at their highest point since January–before vaccines were available for all adults. Hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units are rapidly filling up. And sadly, more Mississippians are dying. 

We wholeheartedly agree with the American Medical Association and more than 50 other national healthcare and public health organizations that requiring healthcare and long-term care professionals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine “is the logical fulfillment of the ethical commitment … to put patients first and take all steps necessary to ensure their health and well-being.”  

Healthcare and long-term care professionals have been leading the way from the very beginning of this pandemic. Now is the time for us to lead by demonstrating the importance of vaccination. We also cannot risk losing any more healthcare or long-term care professionals to this virus. These workers are the foundation of our healthcare infrastructure, and if this infrastructure fails, every Mississippian suffers.

We understand some workers will not be able to receive a vaccination due to specific medical conditions, and in those unique cases, employees should be exempted. However, those cases represent a very small number of workers, and we advocate for the majority of healthcare and long-term care professionals receiving a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

We did the hard work to flatten the curve. Now it’s rising again. Like we have done for more than a year, it’s time for healthcare and long-term care professionals to rise to the occasion and get vaccinated.“



Anonymous said...

Why? The vaccine doesn't stop anyone from catching or spreading the virus. Why are they so insistent about everyone taking the jab?

Anonymous said...

In a hospital meeting discussing unvaccinated employees that are required to get tested for Covid twice a week, I suggested requiring those employees to pay for the test as an incentive to get the vaccine. Administration responded that they couldn’t afford to loose any employees. Many had quit when the government checks arrived.
Claude is correct. It is irresponsible for doctors to refuse the vaccine. The facts are that many doctors nurses etc will unnecessarily get sick because others don’t get vaccinated. It’s not just an individual freedom issue. You will expect others to take care of your selfish dumb ass when you get the virus because you didn’t get the vaccine. You expect them to risk their health for you. Get vaccinated!

Anonymous said...

The "health care worker" situation is something for folks to note. For example (and it's the only Mississippi example I have at hand), reports say that 99-100% of the doctors down on the coast are vaccinated, but only about 40-50% of the total staff is vaccinated. That's scary from a doctor's POV. Of course, "staff" covers a lot ground but if 100% doctor vaccination rates don't tell you all you need to know, you're an idiot.

And even if you ignore the doctors, nurses aren't doctors, and if it were not for nurses no competent doctor could find his (most female docs are different) ass with a map. If they wind up down because of idiots and asshole, you folks are plain ol' fucked.

I've picked shit out of a lot of chests. Know even more people that make me look like an intern. I respect most of them but not all. Get a fucking vaccine and if for no other reason than even the asshole doctors have gotten it. If you think you know who I am, you may be right. You're welcome but that was my only job and I had a whole lot of support. I hope I did my part well.

I'd like to close with an old story:

There are no unicorns anymore. When God set up the flood, Noah started gathering a pair of all the animals. When Noah went to the unicorns, they laughed at him and talked about how special they were, and that how God would always protect them. Noah kept sending folks to convince at least a couple of those stubborn unicorns to get with the program. Finally, hoping to save the species, Noah told God. God sent a message to the unicorns that at least a couple of them should get their butts on the ark. No dice. Now you know why when doctors hear hooves, they ain't thinking about unicorns (or zebras). And why there aren't any unicorns.

Anonymous said...

People like 9:16 p.m. are absolute idiots who will spout their uneducated opinion as fact despite hard evidence to the contrary. Can we true Christian conservatives -- who care not only about ourselves but our fellow man -- once and for all banish these imbeciles from the Republican Party? It's just embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

12:21 - If my fellow Republicans continue to refuse to get a shot, there won't be many of us left.

Anonymous said...

Can everyone post language without all the profanity please. There is no need to use this fowl language on public sites!

Anonymous said...

10:23 - Obviously you don't work in Human Resources. If your suggestion were adopted, one complaint to the EEOC would get it reversed. Such a policy and practice would negatively affect a disproportionate number of minority employees. Otherwise, I can't imagine an employer penalizing employees for their personal healthcare decisions.

Can we assume you also suggested the hospital fire employees who choose to use tobacco off-campus?

Be quiet and quit raising your hand!

Anonymous said...

Serious questions for the doctors posting on here in support of the shot:

1) Can you provide evidence that there will be no long term side effects or health issues from these experimental shots?

2) Are you willing to be personally financially responsible for long term side effects should they occur?

3) Can you explain why everyone should take a shot that does not prevent COVID but only reduces symptoms?

4) Why should we take a shot for an illness that has an over 99% survival rate for those under 70 who are reasonably healthy and not obese?

5) Aren't you essentially pushing for everyone to get these experimental shots to protect mostly a small percentage of very elderly and obese people?

6) Given the unknown long term side effects of these shots, why should healthy, non-obese people take them because many people already near or past the average age of life expectancy are afraid of death, and because lazy gluttons won't get off their rear ends and exercise, or eat healthy?

7) How do you know that there will not be negative long term effects of the shots on those who have already had the virus?

8) Why should people who had the virus and who had mild symptoms take the shots? Shouldn't people be able to choose to opt out of a medical experiment?

Anonymous said...

@12:21 AM
You should go form a Christian Democrat Party like they have in Germany. It is Angela Merkel’s Party. She cares about everyone in the world more than she cares about Germans.

Anonymous said...

@10:23, That makes you a tyrant and coincidentally, my enemy.

@12:21, It literally doesn’t prevent transmission, Pfizer and Moderna both said that THEMSELVES

Anonymous said...

So when a huge portion of the population got vaccinated, a new, more deadly strain spread faster than the


Anonymous said...

Still not vaccinated
Still never wore a mask
Still not coughing or dying
Still nothing you sheeple can do about it
For I am a free man and control my own destiny
I don’t watch cable news so the fear isn’t real to me

Anonymous said...

What I love the most is how all I have to do is live free to make you libtards and RINOs seethe.
That is all it takes!

Anonymous said...

You WILL get vaxxed!
You WILL eat the bugs!
You WILL own nothing!
You WILL be happy!

Anonymous said...

12:21. agreed. vaccines, masks—choosing to protect thyself and thy neighbor. i vaguely hearing something about a “Great Commandment” in a VBS many years ago..

Anonymous said...

12:21 AM,
This plague is the will of God Almighty. And just like in Egypt, the Angel of Death will Passover the servants of God.

Anonymous said...

A) If the vaccine works, then the vaccinated doctors don't have to worry about getting infected with COVID from unvaccinated patients or nurses.

B) If the elderly are already vaccinated, since the elderly population were among the first to get vaccinated if they so chose, then if the vaccine works the elderly vaccinated population don't have to worry about contracting COVID.

C) If the vaccine works, then the vaccinated don't need to wear a face mask.

D) If the vaccine works, then only the unvaccinated can infect other unvaccinated with COVID.

E) If the survival rate from contracting COVID is 99.5% in the population, and if the vaccine currently has known short-term side effects that can be devastating and debilitating for life, and unknown long-term side effects, then shouldn't every person have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to risk contracting COVID with a 99.5% of survival versus suffering from the possible side effects of the vaccine.

If A, B, C, D and E are all true, then why are the vaccinated required to wear a mask by the CDC, and why is the government so overbearing in their desire to make the unvaccinated become vaccinated -- if the vaccine works, and does what the government claims that it does.

Anonymous said...

LOL at all the fake doctors showing up from Reddit.

Anonymous said...

So many talk about freedom. But freedom does not come without responsibility. Unfortunately many people forgot that.

Anonymous said...

"Paint It Black (Vaccinated)" by the United States Government. Taking their cue from the Rolling Stones, no red or other different (non-vaccination) choices permitted.

Big Brother has arrived in the form of a U.S. government controlled by liberal democrats who now seek to stamp out the very diversity and ability to choose that permitted the coalescence and rise of the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

@6:40am & 6:45am - Please free yourselves of this mortal coil.

Anonymous said...

Why play games, just fire these fools. They have no business working in the medical field. As soon as they inevitably catch it, they will sue the hell out of their employers anyways so mine as well save money and do the right thing. Same should go for school teachers and anyone else who works in a high risk environment.

Anonymous said...

@7:04am - So you’re saying of the 611,000+ people that have died in the US so far, none of them were Christians?

God created humans with a brains. Therefore, your brain is one of God’s creations. I believe God expects us to use our brains instead of sticking our head in the sand and believing He will protect us from everything, but if He doesn’t, then it was His plan. Such a lazy and foolish way to “be” a Christian.

Anonymous said...

I think all of the ER and ICU nurses in every hospital in America should make more dance videos again to show us how they are struggling to keep everyone alive and remind us to all do our part to flatten the curve of the Deadly Delta Variant and stop being stupid and get vaxxed right away!

Anonymous said...

The message is to get vaccinated. The FACT is that the experimental vaccines are temporary relief at best. As each day goes by that will become more apparent until they finally admit it. At that point you will be directed to phase two...the "boosters". Phase three will come sometime next year when Fauci and big pharma announce that you will need the new modified vaccines which have a more permanent protection. You will also need to get a yearly shot to ward off the perpetual Covid variant "caused" by the unvaccinated population, and on and on.....

People who don't trust the experts are so ....

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, have you thought about adding the points one of the inventors of the vaccine has made. He is making the argument that the way the vaccines are structured, they could end up increasing the amount of virus someone could get and, subsequently, make them more contagious and symptomatic. It is pretty interesting science behind his arguments and could be the reason the rise in cases is almost half from vaccinated patients.

Anonymous said...

6:23... You come near me without a mask on I consider that an unprovoked threat to my personal health and safety and you bet there's something I can do about it.

Anonymous said...

It is truly sad how the global media has psychologically abused the weak minded sheeple of this planet for nearly 2 years now. It also helps to demonstrate how susceptible humans are to groupthink and manipulated fear response.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the truth has been hidden from many people, who are eager to do the right thing and get the shot to help their fellow man. Actual outpatient cures for Covid were suppressed in order to get this experimental treatment into people’s arms, which was developed over the last 15 years. It sounds unfathomable, but the virus was the cover to get people injected. This mRNA technology has never been successfully used in people until now, and all kinds of side effects are being reported (but you won’t see them often on local news or national news). Blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, pericarditis, myocarditis, neuropathies, numbness, tinnitus, nausea, etc. Lasting, debilitating side effects for some. Women are miscarrying, and over 1,000 miscarriages have been reported through VAERS which as of last night the site was down. Maybe it’s live today, I’m not sure. Remember that we are all part of the experimental trial.

It is now the vaccinated causing the spread (which a handful of media outlets have casually mentioned) and if you don’t believe me, wait until they start pushing the booster and mentioning new “variants” that keep appearing. Maybe a gamma or an iota. They will talk all about how the booster will now save us. Then it will be we have to have shots every three months, or every month. The goal is to get people and their bodies addicted to the vax and to get us to fight with each other over who is vaxxed and who isn’t. In the past no one worried about if others weren’t vaccinated because our own vaccinations protected us. They’ve warped the truth in order to keep us fighting with each other and not looking behind the scenes to know what’s really going on. They want the emergency to go on forever, because in a constant state of fear for survival we can’t think clearly.

As if that’s not enough, when we realize that the man/institution who funded the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab (which makes a wild or animal virus more adaptable to infecting humans) — Fauci/NIH — is the same man who is pushing adamantly for vaccination at all costs — you realize there is a massive conflict of interest. The architect of the virus is also the promoter of the one and only “cure”... the vaccines.

We have to hope and pray not every healthcare provider will get this vax, or that some received the saline placebo, or we will be in for a shortage of providers and a world of hurt. I believe many placebos were issued initially to allow people to feel safe, and the true vaccine was gradually introduced and that’s why we’ve seen the uptick in side effects.

The media is lying, as it always does. I’m not a science denier and I don’t deny there is a bad virus that can affect some people horribly. But the panic and hype was overplayed for a year in order to get everyone to comply with the vax. The virus has a 99% survival rate and that hasn’t changed. Google “Covid deaths United States” or “Covid deaths Mississippi”. Look at the chart where they have tracked all the numbers since 2020. There is no massive uptick of deaths from the delta/UK/Indian etc variants, only an uptick in cases.

Trust your inner voice and your discernment. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom to understand what’s going on and to research below the surface. There is a world of information out there but it’s been suppressed and “fact-checked” off the web. There are many reputable physicians and scientists who have sounded the alarm on the vaccines. Even the inventor of the mRNA tech himself has sounded an alarm.

I don’t mind being thought of as crazy or a “conspiracy theorist”. Being called those names bothers me not at all. My message is for the person who feels in their gut something isn’t right with all that’s going on. Trust your instincts. Do your research. And pray!!!

Anonymous said...

You could easily say that this spike is the result of the ‘vaccinated’ people no longer adhering to precautions. ‘Vaccinated’ stopped wearing masks and stopped social distancing and acted like nothing was happening. But it’s been proven over and over that the ‘vaccinated’ can still contract Covid, and can still spread Covid. They just are less likely to be hospitalized. It was the ‘vaccinated’ that has been the super spreaders.

Anonymous said...

For all of you anti-vax and anti-mask folks, I support you 1000%. This will help clean up the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

ER full

Good luck if you need emergent care. Expect 12-18 hour waits.

All unvaccinated

Who saw this coming?

Anonymous said...

People that can't back their position with facts and haven't looked at a single point of data that undermines their faith in their cult-of-Experts-they-agree-with and whose only arguments are name calling and/or character attacks in 3...2...1....

Good questions @5:26. Why is natural immunity being completely ignored? Why is a therapeutic injection being forced on us but other therapeutic medicines are either completely ignored or outright banned?

John in Brandon said...

I spent 8 hours in the emergency room with my daughter last week. Saw 5 cases of Covid come in and it wasn't pretty. The ER was backed up because of a shortage of nurses and housekeeping staff. In other words not enough clean rooms to put people in.

Went to get a CT 3 weeks ago, and the nurse that did the test hadn't been vaccinated. At 74 that really gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. When we're shut down again, all I can say is stupid people brought this on themselves.

Better Than Ever said...

And again, for the idiots in the audience...

Covid, or any highly infectious pathogen, has the ability to overwhelm the healthcare system... and it's happening right before our eyes.

So when your cousin/uncle/grandma has a heart attack, instead of receiving immediate, top-quality care, they will die.

We are worse off NOW than this time LAST year. Delta is spreading like wildfire, mainly in the ignorant.

Buy y'all are stupid, and mighty proud of it. You will wreck the system for us all, and then be too stupid to realize (or cowardly to admit) that you did it. Bet you consider yourself a Christian also.

Better Than Ever said...


You're unafraid, not because you are brave, but because you're too dumb to realize what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Kudos @6:45. This poster is familiar with the plans of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. Klaus has published The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Shaping The Fourth Industrial Revolution and COVID-19:The Great Reset. I might recommend two books by Patrick M. Wood, Technocracy Rising and Technocracy The Hard Road To World Order. You'll see that The Great Reset is the same as the older Technocracy movement.

Anonymous said...

@10:22am - Amen.

Anonymous said...

He said no masks!
He said covid not a big deal!
He refused to get vaccinated!
He owned the libs!

He’s gonna die

Anonymous said...

99.9% survival rate
Over 1 billion people have recovered from Covid-19.
Not even 10 million have died.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who has been posting the threads on /pol/ about Klaus and the WEF that you have been reading. I am glad you learned something.

Kingfish said...

I would say that for 7 or 8 out of ten people, the virus is like a cold or the flu. They get it, suffer a little, and keep on going.

But for those remaining 2 or 3, it is pure hell. It's put several friends in the hospital. Yes, I know people who died from it. However, I'm not going to freak out over it either.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:54

correlation does not equal causation. You could probably also say something totally random like "those who drink more than a liter of water per day are less likely statistically to contract the virus because of higher levels of self care."

that doesn't make it true.......

that's what you are doing with your statement

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good way to get rid of medical staff that are incompetent to do the job.

Even the lowest level of hospital staff should be observant enough after a few years on the job not to be duped by misinformation.

And, they should also understand that mutations of viruses means the research starts over and understand in pieces as mutations are many now and it's now suspected they don't act as singularly as thought.

The amount of virus one person spreads has 1000 times more viral content than when the virus first appeared.

Anti vaxxers should also been known as mutant fodder.

Anonymous said...

@10:58. I have read, or read from, all of these books. I also have Jonas Salk's "The Survival of The Wisest". Unfortunately, the last on I saw available on Amazon went for $2,400. I love my antibiotics, love and appreciate medicines that have been on the market for decades, but after reading Salk's book (as well as Schwabs) and peering into this truly sick mind, I'll never take ANY vaccine.

Better Than Ever said...


It's not about the gross numbers. It's about the rate. The healthcare system can treat every single person on the planet, given enough time.

But when Delta comes through like a freight train, driven mainly by unvaccinated people, it overwhelms the system.

Think of Delta creating a run on hospitals/ER/ICU/vents/personnel/O2/etc just like the TP shortage. Except I can live without TP... a critically sick person can't live without healthcare (covid, heart, stroke, trauma victim, etc).

And how many of those 10 million didn't have to die?

The US is the richest on earth, with resources others can only dream about. But you can't buy good health... it takes good decisions to drive that.

Anonymous said...

Not even 10 million dead

Sounds like a failed McDonalds slogan

Covid has ramifications other than death….chronic lung problems and brain issues….

Go to ER now and see what these people deal with right now

Think a mask and shots and this suffering of medical staff doesn’t have to work

Silly fool…you and not a Christian

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump. Get a vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I get it. You are scared. Your supply of dry diapers is running low.

And I also saw the dance videos on TikTok last time you pearl clutchers were having your fits.

I have bo doubt that this time will be even more of a nothingburger than last time.

Not a Christian

Anonymous said...

@10:56am wrote: “Not even 10 million have died.”

Yet. So Mr. Who Cares, how many have to die for you to care? My guess is that there is no number that would make you care as long as it isn’t you that is dying.

If we make it to 20 million, that would match global WWI deaths. 75 million would match global WWII deaths.

Hell let’s add those both together for 100 million deaths. That’s only 1.4% of the world’s over 7 billion population. No big deal, still a 98.6% survival rate right?

Go get vaccinated you ignorant piece of human garbage.

Anonymous said...

"Serious questions for the doctors posting on here in support of the shot:

1) Can you provide evidence that there will be no long term side effects or health issues from these experimental shots?"

Yes, lots of evidence that indicates there will be essentially no long term effects but not a single thing that absolutely guarantees that.

"2) Are you willing to be personally financially responsible for long term side effects should they occur?"

Are you willing to be financially responsible for the long-term effects of people refusing the vaccine or to do other things to help stem this pandemic? On one level both are idiotic questions but on another level I, along with all other taxpayers, are being made to be "financially responsible" for all of this already. Even if I were to pay lip-service to the question and answer, "Sure - why not?," there would be no way to collect from any particular doctor, plus I cannot think of a single doctor whose entire net worth would cover very much of such a thing anyway.

"3) Can you explain why everyone should take a shot that does not prevent COVID but only reduces symptoms?"

4) Why should we take a shot for an illness that has an over 99% survival rate for those under 70 who are reasonably healthy and not obese?"

Reasonable questions. These two are easily answered with a single answer. First, the "survival rate" isn't the really important number. Most folks "survive" all sorts of life-altering medical events and conditions, from openly-visible things like the loss of multiple limbs and paralyzing spinal cord injuries to "hidden" things like debilitating heart, joint, and back issues. Anyone who has spent any time dealing with COVID can tell you numerous stories about unexpected outcomes, both "good" surprises and awful ones. Just like the aforementioned things, many survive COVID but have life-altering (short- and long-term) issues. Basically, anything that will reduce viral loads, help an infected person's body fight the myriad potential effects, and reduce transmission to others - all with essentially no side effects - is a great thing. Why wouldn't anyone be willing, even enthusiastic, about such a vaccine? In other words, why shouldn't you take such a shot?

"5) Aren't you essentially pushing for everyone to get these experimental shots to protect mostly a small percentage of very elderly and obese people?"

No. The vaccine is being "pushed" because of the overall benefits to society as a whole. Sure, it will protect some more than others, both immediately and long-term, but it will protect society's health nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

"6) Given the unknown long term side effects of these shots, why should healthy, non-obese people take them because many people already near or past the average age of life expectancy are afraid of death, and because lazy gluttons won't get off their rear ends and exercise, or eat healthy?"

There really aren't long-term side effects possible with the vaccines being offered in the US. Basically, it's like a wasp sting - a very small percentage of folks will have a negative reaction, which can be treated (especially in a clinical setting) with little or no long-term effect.

"7) How do you know that there will not be negative long term effects of the shots on those who have already had the virus?"

No one "knows" the future. What can be said is that neither mRNA or viral vector vaccine technology and science are new and quite a bit is well understood about them. No doctor can guarantee that a particular person won't die from a broken arm, but any competent one can easily and honestly say that it would be a very rare thing for anyone to die from one. In broad terms, all mRNA vaccines do is give your immune system some basic instructions to recognize and fight a particular thing - in this case, a specific "wrapper" of SARS-CoV-2 virus. If you had COVID, your immune system may already know how to recognize and fight it but it might not (or it might not be quite as "educated" as it could be). Whatever the case, more information may be redundant but it cannot be "negative" in a harmful way.

"8) Why should people who had the virus and who had mild symptoms take the shots? Shouldn't people be able to choose to opt out of a medical experiment?"

See above, but also, most folks have had more than one cold in their life. Some were worse than others. Someone who had mild symptoms could be reinfected and have severe symptoms (or die). As to the specifics, the mild symptoms could be because of a small viral load, a particularly robust immune system, or a combination in varying degree. Again, whatever the case, the vaccine might be redundant but it wouldn't be "dangerous."

Vaccines, including these, aren't medical experiments - it is well-understood science and technology. But yes, people should be allowed to make their own medical decisions as long as the person making it is competent and their choice doesn't affect the health of others. However, when those decisions affect the public health, the individual's right to choose is diminished in relation to the effect their decision has on public health. Many public health controls and mandates have been in place for many years. Children have to have certain vaccines, specific transmittable diseases can result in forcible quarantine, siblings cannot legally marry and have children, you cannot urinate or defecate in the street, etc., etc., etc. Compare going to a store with a cold versus attempting to leave a hospital with small pox. In the former case you'll be thought of as an inconsiderate jerk but the latter case you'll be held in quarantine, by force and court order if necessary.

Anonymous said...


Mississippi: First in stupid, last in everything else.

Anonymous said...

11:46 = 2 weeks to flatten the curve right, brother?

Anonymous said...

When a company states that w/o full indemnity it is just too risky to sell 1 billion units of their product, listen to them. They must be aware of an insane amount of risk and exposure to willingly forego $35 billion in revenue. And whom do you think absorbed that risk?

Anonymous said...

How many recalled drugs had FDA approval?
These experimental gene therapies aren’t even FDA approved!
And you can sue a pharmacorp for any liabilities besides a “vaccine”

Covid-19 is not worth this. Turn off CNN. You people sat in front of the TV for months and let then psychologically abuse you to the point that now companies are offering therapy to ease their office employees back into the workplace because they claim to be too terrified to work!

Meanwhile law enforcement, liquor store, fast food, and convenience store workers never stopped working and nearly all have have survived.

Anonymous said...

12:15pm - Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully and eloquently rebut the idiotic questions that were asked. Unfortunately, the people that need to hear it won’t read it. See 12:34pm and the like. They just come up with more stupid questions that they think are intelligent.

That’s the thing about stupid people, most of them don’t know they’re stupid.

As 12:18pm said: “Mississippi: First in stupid, last in everything else.”

Anonymous said...

@12:25pm - That was the best course of action at the time with the given information. As more information is discovered, course of action may change. The amount of information that has been discovered about how this virus works since last April is bigly, yuuuuuge. And as the virus continues to evolve, so will the guidance to slow down infections.

That’s literally the scientific process. I’m sorry if you were too busy playing with yourself to pay attention in 7th grade science class. New thing comes along or is discovered. You have very little information about the new thing. Decisions are made based on current information. Masks don’t work, masks work, certain masks work, two weeks, two more weeks, vaccinated folks don’t need masks, vaccinated folks need masks, etc. until this is under control. And much of the guidance changing is because ignorants won’t go get vaccinated. The 5G Bill Gates Dr Fauci chip along with the gene therapy DNA altering mRNA in the vaccine will hopefully change your DNA to make you less stupid.

I’m sorry if you haven’t changed a single thing you’ve done since the 1950s ignorant boomer. The rest of the world evolves, with or without you.

Go get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone that is pro vaccination acting like the vaccinated people can’t spread the disease? It’s very well documented that vaccinated people can still get Covid, and can still spread it. Some studies suggest the vaccinated are spreading it more than the unvaccinated. I had Covid in November. My whole family did. Luckily for us it was a breeze (I believe eating healthy had a lot to do with it). Studies have shown im safer than the vaccinated people. Yet all these nut jobs are screaming I need to get the shot. Threatening my employment and what not. The people that have gotten the shots believing they are done with it are the ones spreading it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Libtards,
Your long winded screeds won’t convince me. I believe in the laws of nature and survival of the fittest.
They will let any quack be a doctor these days!

And remember kids,
1 in 5 Doctors recommend Chesterfield Filters for that “Less Smoked” Feeling!

Anonymous said...

Hi 1:02. 12:25 here.

I'm in my 30s and I have been vaccinated. But your hate fueled tone would do nothing to win me over if I weren't.

I also am not a Trump voter as you imply but enjoy your assumptions while you eat your overpriced hipster, non-GMO, Free Range avocado toast.

Well whadda' ya know.

Stereotypical assumptions are fun indeed!

Anonymous said...

Pro Golfer VAXXED TWICE and has had Covid now HAS IT AGAIN and he's been at the damn house !!!! 4 NEGATIVE TESTS THEN POSITIVE WITH ANTI BODIES !! IT'S THE VACCINE !!!! WAKE THE HELL UP !!

Anonymous said...

The same government begging people to get vaccinated is the same government that allowed nearly 200,000 illegal border crossing attempts in America in June alone, immigrants carrying unknown communicable diseases. They are being shuttled throughout the US. This same government, that cares so much for your health, allows cigarettes and smoking to remain legal, killing thousands each year. This same government does not provide free chemotherapy to cancer patients or free insulin to diabetics.

The government/FDA/CDC are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, who love nothing more than the idea of a perpetual consumer base constantly needing mandated vaccines and drugs to counteract their side effects.

Side effects that you can read about here if links are permissible:

Anonymous said...

"There's an old study of measles transmission between 1999 and 2000. It's going to sound counterintuitive, what they found, but if you think about it, it makes sense... Obviously, you were least likely to get measles if you were vaccinated living in a highly vaccinated community. But you were actually more likely to get measles if you were vaccinated living in a highly unvaccinated community than if you were unvaccinated living in a highly vaccinated community..."

Anonymous said...

Hi 1:33, 1:02pm here. Yes, they are fun indeed.

Anonymous said...

If you are not vaccinated you will catch this.

If you are fat it will hurt you.

If you are a diabetic it can / may / kill you.

If vaccinated and you get it….it’s mild and zero chance of death.

This isn’t hard.

Get vaccinated - that stops it from growing and creating new strains.

Anonymous said...

You are facilitating the spread of disinformation by permitting debunked documents @2:04
Please delete that comment or else the deaths they cause will be on your hands.

Anonymous said...

How does it stop new strains when the vaccinated can still catch the virus and spread the virus? Isn’t it more logical that the vaccinated people spreading the virus will eventually cause a mutation which renders all spike protein mRNA therapies more useless than they already are?

See that is the problem with regurgitating shit you read on CNN and Huffpo. You don’t really understand it yourself but you feel smug and superior because you think you’re in the majority and better informed. When you are nothing more than sheeple suffering from the same confirmation bias you accuse people of suffering when they disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

@4:41pm - Jesus you’re dense.

If the vaccine slows the spread of the virus and makes it less contagious by allowing most vaccinated people to shrug it off and be a lot less likely to pass it on. Then the virus will eventually burn itself out due to bigly less transmission. Who gives a shit if I get it and it mutates in me if the mutation doesn’t go anywhere because I’m vaccinated and much less likely to pass it. Even if I do, the vaccinated people infect will likely not pass it. However, if I infect unvaccinated bubba gump over there exercising his freedumbs, then all bets are off.

Go get vaccinated. Stop resisting. You’ll soon be saying “I can’t breath” if you keep resisting (see what I did there)

Anonymous said...

Too many CCP shills to address directly, so I’ll do a mass addressing

To all those here, pushing (in fact, some threatening) the vaccine. Why can’t you believe your own ears and eyes? The people who funded and founded this “pandemic” (if you want to call it that, a tiny subset of the population catch this, since most people are immune, and an even smaller subset die from it) have LITERALLY told you that they did it, why they did it and that they did it to destroy economies, set up a social credit system and tie everything you do, say or have to said social credit system. They TOLD you outright that they did it and that they did it to make you a slave. Klaus Schwab literally told you the plan, yet you line up to take the shot, which you WILL have to take every 6 months to a year, in order to participate in normal society. That is; if you don’t die from the heart inflammation or blood clots first.

When pure evil tells you that it is pure evil and that they intend to commit pure evil, why don’t you take them at their word? Since when do governments, schools, corporations have to incentivize and in many cases BEG you to take a shot if there is a “deadly plague” rampaging across the world? Since when do governments have to threaten you to take an untested, unapproved (it IS unapproved, per FDA themselves) messenger RNA platform gene therapy injection that WILL cause cardiac and neurological problems down the short road?

How do you even justify telling people “get the vaccine, bigot” when you have done exactly ZERO research and read 1/10 of nothing before you made a decision about your own health, much less screaming, threatening and crying to others to make the same mistake you did?

Fuck each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Your Enemy

Anonymous said...

Why? The vaccine doesn't stop anyone from catching or spreading the virus. Why are they so insistent about everyone taking the jab?
July 28, 2021 at 9:16 PM

My "Real Daddy" was from a large island in the Mediterranean, although he immigrated from Tunisia, where the family had olive groves. American members of the family, used to tour restaurants, offering a special olive oil. This 'OO' had special properties (maybe it was all the cottonseed oil with which it had been cut). It was almost like a holy oil, because it protected the purchaser's business from all manner of catastrophic events, in addition to adding years to the purchaser's lifespan. That's why it cost so much.

I'm thinkin' the various vaccines and associated products, operate on the same general principle as my Real Daddy's HIGHLY-PROFITABLE olive oil. "It takes the needle in its arm, or else it's in for grievous harm."

Anonymous said...

Arguing is not a motivator. Unfortunately our society is now such that someone is always to blame, and now it is time to gang up and ridicule, belittle, cuss, and effectively wish death on ones whom disagree with your position.

This whole thing is a mess, and neither side is right or wrong, for the truth probably lies in the middle. If ones calmed down, and logically reason on matters, then they might have an epiphany.

Anonymous said...

Present your evidence, 3:10. Let us see the facts. Don't come on here saying something has been debunked without proof.

Better Than Ever said...


Agreed. Nice ending touch also.

It's a numbers game. We vaccinated the whole world for smallpox... and guess what... no more smallpox. Funny how that works.

Better Than Ever said...


Looking at your example... if someone (not you personally) thinks it's counterintuitive... then they really don't understand the fundamentals of how vaccines work.

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof that the vaccine slows the spread of the virus? Where is the proof that anything you say is true? Do you ever question anything? Are you just always submissive and obedient?

I already had Covid-19 before there was a “vaccine” so your constant attempts to attack the messenger are pointless.

Anonymous said...

Millions and millions of people who caught the virus before there was a vaccine “shrugged it off” as you said.
You are really bad at making an argument for your personal beliefs that you formed via media programming.
You chicken littles really have formed a new religion.
Reminds me of another religion you people created called global warming.

Better Than Ever said...

And for everyone...

The local Jxn metro hospitals are filling up.

Elective surgeries are cancelled as of Aug 1.

Most, if not all, have a very significant number of patients holding in the emergency dept waiting for a room on the regular floor or an ICU room. Note: these poor folks are NOT all covid, but covid has pushed the occupancy over the top.

Testing positivity rate is as high, or higher, than was seen during the worst of last year's data.

We have not nearly seen the worst of this.

Anonymous said...

@4:41 (and all the other arm-chair MD's)
You don't know anything about mRNA therapies.
You don't know anything about spike proteins.
You don't know anything about virus mutations.
You don't know anything about transmission.
You know only how to Google words.
You are focused on logic and ignoring statistics.
You enjoy a life-span afforded you by modern medicine.
Vaccines are not intended to be a cure - they are a preventative countermeasure.
C19 vaccines prevent hospitalization and death in +99% of infections.
The infection rate among the vaccinated is less than 10%.
Vaccinated account for <1% of new hospitalizations.
Unvaccinated account for >90% of new infections
Unvaccinated account for >99% of new hospitalization and death.
Please don't become another statistic...

For real said...

The cult is strong on this one, the article, I mean. The cultist is all over this type of news. They're all about imposing their will on people. Exalting their perfect leaders. Carrying the water for the church, I mean science. Attacking any that should question their edicts. Giving out threats and slandering to any naysayer.

There are some serious questions raised above this post, none of the cultist bother to answer. They continued, unabated, not even acknowledging these serious questions. All I can say to them is, get off of the phone, and get those bed pans changed.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this:

If the tests work, why the false positives?

If the masks work, why the 6 feet?

If the 6 feet works, why the masks?

If all three work, why the lock down?

If all four work, why the vaccine?

If the vaccine is safe, why the no liability clause?

Anonymous said...

Are all these new cases of Covid being confirmed with the faulty test that is being recalled?

Anonymous said...

"If the vaccine slows the spread of the virus and makes it less contagious by allowing most vaccinated people to shrug it off and be a lot less likely to pass it on."

Not exactly. The virus isn't "alive" so it cannot be "killed" by the vaccine, your immune system, or anything else. Better to think of it as "stopped" or "blocked." Think of it like a load of #8 shot (a common dove load) fired at you from 30 yards - you can't "kill" the shot, but you might be able to slow it down with thick clothing, block it with a piece of thick plywood, dodge as much as possible, etc.

Imagine two people out in a field, one in nothing but a swimsuit and the other wearing heavy padded jeans, a heavy coat, and holding a 2-foot square of 3/4" plywood. The person wearing the clothes could hold the plywood in front of their head, double the coat up on their torso, and almost certainly survive even though their legs might be a bit sore for a couple of weeks or so. The person in the swimsuit, well, their odds aren't as good and their injuries will probably be more severe. BUT WAIT! There's more! Let's add a twist - the person firing at the clothed person is an OK but not great shot and puts the pattern on the clothed person, but the person firing at the person in the swimsuit can't hit the broadside of a barn, or this case, a person in a swimsuit, so that person doesn't even get hit with a single pellet. BUT WAIT! There's more! Another twist - the better shooter, seeing the miss, quickly snaps off a shot, but this time, only catches them with the pattern off center-of-mass. Now it becomes a matter of how much and where. If the pattern center is on their head, it's going to be a mess but if the pattern center is a foot in front of them into the ground, it'll hurt like hell but they'll probably survive.

In the case of vaccines, to continue the example, it gives you, or your immune system, the "instruction" to put the plywood over your face, double up the coat, etc. It doesn't stop everything, but you easily survive with little serious damage.

Let's turn to viruses. The amount of the virus you get "hit with," just like the pellets, matters a great deal, as does your defenses. Yes, vaccinated people can be infected and therefore, shed some number of the virus and infect others. But since a vaccinated person's immune system is attacking the virus from the get-go, they are much less likely to transmit as many or be as badly hurt by the smaller amount of the virus before being able to fight it off. An unvaccinated person is like the person in the swimsuit - if they get hit with a lot of the virus or the pellets, it's going to make a mess. On top of which, they will likely shed a lot more of the virus while their immune system attempts to figure out what is going on and begins to fight back, which increases transmission to others, and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

Why, what a bunch of sissies!

Back in the Good Ole Days, we had 10 million folks die every day from horrible diseases, and no one whined about it!! Who cares if life expectancy dropped as much as World War II from a preventable disease!!1

Dying and having amputations makes you a Man!!!!

A dead man, maybe, but a FREE dead man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At this point, if you’re unvaccinated and in the ICU for Covid and someone needs the bed for a non-Covid medical condition, you should be SOL and kicked out on to the street to die.

Anonymous said...

The Mississippi Medical Association is planning to hold a gala the Healthcare heroes. Well what about the spread of the Covid Delta virus being spread to other doctors and nurses. They are having the Neshoba County fair this week what about the covid Delta virus that might be spread about by the people attending this event. If this delta virus is so bad why are they having a gala to honor doctors and nurses, and why are they having the county fair. You would think this would be a super spreader. It seems the only people spreading is bull shit.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Diddywahdiddy said:
Get your vaccine.
Stop the divisive and ill-founded anti-vaccine arguments.
This is a resurgence THANKS to the unvaccinated.
Those that are vaccinated CAN pass it on, then to unvaccinated, where the virus mutates and makes you sick as hell.
FYI, any of the "ANONYMOUS" geniuses out there, when you get to the ICU, I will pray for your ill-informed soul.
Stupid is as Stupid does.
The Governor of Alabama put it succinctly:
"You can't fix stupid".

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I thought you were going to delete all the "Covidiot" talk. Instead, I see the usual paid Covid Industry trolls, insulting people, as usual.

Anonymous said...

One more time with feeling, what damn test is being used to diagnose these new Covid cases? Come on, one of the cultist know this answer. You don't mind repeating the church, I mean, the scientific statistics, when you are trying to convert someone.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be a "free dead man" than a walking, breathing slave. If you don't feel this way concerning freedom, you're already a slave.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how all of the vaccine pushers seem delighted/excited for those who aren’t vaxxed to end up in the hospital and suffer. Nearly every pro-vax comment makes threats and suggestions along those lines, wishing that those who haven’t been vaccinated will end up suffering and dying.

Has it occurred to them that not everyone CAN get this vaccine? Some people are contraindicated to take it. Some people have blood clotting disorders, autoimmune issues or inflammatory disorders that the vaccine can aggravate and do more harm than good!!!

Maybe stop with the HATE and ask why over the last year and a half, did we not use all that government Covid $$ to build more hospitals and fund more physicians to come to our state??? Why haven’t we strengthened our system instead of pushing it to the brink because we only have one Level 1 center in the state that all bad cases are funneled to???

Instead UMMC FIRED hundreds of employees, including nurses and docs, because they lost so much money from shutting down preventative care and services last year. And now everyone is panicked about crowds and shortages. Well gee....

Anonymous said...

To me the real blessing is that a good percentage of the libtards that got vaxxed are now sterilized.

Anonymous said...

@6:51 AM
The only freedom anyone needs is the freedom to consume products and get excited for more products. Your outdated ideas of “freedom” have no place in the 21st century. Shut up and take the vaccine. Accept the scientific consensus.

Now, how about those new Dune and Ghostbusters movies, fellow goylents? I already preordered my Funco Pops!

Anonymous said...

Ditto that brother.
The NPC botnet is real and it has been activated.
Just look at them parroting one another so smugly. Truly botnet.
Note how they are so insistent that the free thinking peoples should be persecuted.

Anonymous said...

Of course hospitals in Mississippi are filling up.

We are over-run by morbidly obese, diabetics who spend more time at McDonalds than they do at the gym and there is a highly infectious flu going around.

But that headline does not put billions in the political and pharmaceutical pockets.

Anonymous said...

The words “Conspiracy Theory” should be renamed “SPOILER ALERT” because those of us who have been following everything from the coming out of the WEF, including Agenda 21, already knew that the depopulation plan since 2011 has been sterilization by forced vaccination. Also, the movie Contagion was released in 2011 and portrayed a bat-borne coronavirus that kills people in 78 hours.

Anonymous said...

Covid is, and will remain, a great money making venture. See it going away in 2024 either way.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

One gets a vaccine and gets a mild case… is sucking air from a machine.

If he lives….bet he doesn’t act so stupidly again.

Better Than Ever said...


You can't 'grow' your way out of a pandemic. It's mathematically, financially, legally, logistically, etc impossible. Prevention & countermeasures are the only path through.

Anonymous said...

"Has it occurred to them that not everyone CAN get this vaccine? Some people are contraindicated to take it. Some people have blood clotting disorders, autoimmune issues or inflammatory disorders that the vaccine can aggravate and do more harm than good!!!"

This is why EVERYONE ELSE needs to get the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I can't get one of the cultist to answer my question of which test is being used to diagnose all of these new COVID cases, I will assume the answer would put a negative view on the church, I mean science.

Surely, they aren't using the defective PCR test, are they? I guess they could read the tea leaves, or see what the cards say. From my reading of the CDC memo, either one of those would be just as good as the PCR test. An Ouija board, that's the ticket.

Better Than Ever said...


Any test that's used incorrectly will be bad. The PCR is just fine when run correctly. So your attempt to paint PCR with a broad brush is irresponsible, ill-informed, and in bad faith.

And again... you can stick your head in the sand, but hospitals are filling up to overflowing levels. We need to mitigate (mask, vaccine, etc) immediately.

Anonymous said...

@10:56am - I know you think you’re smart and on to something because you found a Russian troll article about “PCR tests,” but if you dig a little deeper (I know you won’t), you’ll find that this guidance only applied to the CDC’s early PCR test, and that there are many FDA approved PCR tests on the market now. Therefore the CDC’s test is no longer necessary. One out of many, does not mean all PCR tests are useless. Get off Facebook simpleton.

Anonymous said...

Imagine still thinking “Russian Trolls” are a thing in 2021.
Rachel Maddow’s daily histrionics must’ve really done a number on you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - 12:15 pm for your info and explanations. I hope all opposed to vaccination will reconsider and get vaccinated. I hope the unvaccinated people will consider the possible bad outcome of that decision.

Anonymous said...

" Think of it like a load of #8 shot (a common dove load) fired at you from 30 yards "

This stuff is just too funny.

(Now Covid vaccines are being compared
to shotgun loads at a dove hunt) ?

Diddywahdiddy said...

Interesting observation today.
Went to the "Wildlife Extravaganza" and walked the premises and visited with some old friends. I was wearing my mask, FWIW.
Two TV cameramen, two young couples, the mature couple at the booth making fishing lures from Canton, one of the mature knife makers-all wearing masks, one mature gentleman wearing a mask while making a purchase at one of the turkey-call booths.
No other masks in sight and I was there for over two hours.
There was a stack of masks on the table as you bought your entry ticket. There were hand-sanitizer stations.
I walked and visited amongst the 700-plus people inside and the 300-plus folks outside.
I hope this is not a weekend super-spreader event. Folks from MO, AL, FL, TN, MS, TX, KS, OK...even an elk outfitter from WA state who had been to an outdoor show in FL and then AL in the past 10 days.
Time will tell.
Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live in such fear. To be conditioned to be so afraid. Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

You say there are plenty of FDA approved PCR test? How about an FDA approved vaccine? Hell will freeze over before I take your witch's brew.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Your response is acknowledged @ 5:53AM.
My observation, as stated, leads to your "Ad Hominem" statement. Please be safe and may you make wise decisions going forward.
Excerpts (in quotations) from this morning's WSJ: "vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant might be as contagious as those who are unvaccinated" (a sound reason to wear a mask, if vaccinated, to protect others)..."in Barnstable County MA, local officials there have said at least 430 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been linked to one cluster following festivities over the July 4 weekend on the tip of Cape Cod"..."High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus" a higher rate than the original has already been shown the original variant typically spreads via respiratory particles (blocked by an N-95 mask or well-placed surgical mask) in a 1 to 3 ratio, but the Delta variant spreads in a 1 to 8 or 9 ratio...
The CDC noted earlier this week "the Delta variant described as infectious as chickenpox, which used to sicken some 4 million Americans/year before a vaccine became available in the mid 1990's. The Delta variant is more transmissible than the common cold, seasonal flu and smallpox, but less contagious than measles...The war has changed".
The game of Russian roulette, as one goes about without mask/washing hands/distancing, increases the odds by a factor of three as you spin the revolver's magazine...
My associates will give you 110% effort, and are sworn to the oath to help those in need of life-saving care. My heart bears no fear for myself or others, but concern for you, yours, and our community.

Yes, we live in interesting times.
"Adapt, Evolve, Compete, or Die"-Paul Tudor Jones.
Time to move on down the road for my morning bike ride in this insufferable heat..."The road goes on forever, and the party never ends"-Robert Earl Keen.
Pardon any errors in spelling or grammar.

Best and Good Health to you and yours,

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