Thursday, May 20, 2021

Trademart to Host New Outdoor Expo

The Hat issued the following press release. 


The first annual Mississippi Ag & Outdoor Expo, the largest outdoor show to ever be held in Mississippi, will be held August 6-8, 2021, at the new Mississippi Trade Mart located at the state fairgrounds in Jackson, Miss. The show will be hosted by The Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks and presented by Southern AgCredit.

A concert featuring three musical acts will take place on Saturday evening, August 7, in conjunction with the new Ag and Outdoor Expo.

“We are thrilled to bring a brand-new show in a new venue to Mississippi,” said Don Brazil, CEO of The Foundation. “This show will highlight the incredible hunting, fishing, agricultural and outdoor spirit of our great state. The Foundation is proud to be a part of this show and look forward to the great time we will have together in August!”

Mississippi’s premier outdoor show will feature large displays of everything for fishing, hunting, agriculture and outdoor recreation, a Big Buck contest, and activities for the entire family including Fetch & Fish High Flying Dogs and Ax Women Loggers of Maine.

“After almost 18 months of COVID-19 and staying home, we know people will be thrilled at the opportunity to get out and celebrate the Mississippi outdoors,” said Andy Gipson, Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce. “Agriculture and the great outdoors go hand in hand, and this provides a great opportunity to bring those enthusiasts together at one event. We are excited to partner with the Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries and Parks Foundation and look forward to hosting the largest agriculture and outdoor show in the state.”

Show Hours

12 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Friday
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Sunday


Adults – 13 years & older … $12.00
Kids – 6-12 years old ………. $6.00

Kids – 5 years and under ….. Free

Saturday Evening Concert

A concert will be held Saturday evening featuring Travis Denning and Walker Hayes and headlined by Tyler Farr. Doors will open at 6 with Travis Denning taking the stage at 7:00 p.m.  Combo tickets for the Expo/concert will be available as well as separate concert admission.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love to come to that (i'm in S. MS) but there is no way I'm parking off high street and running a 50/50 chance of the violence. Why would they have not held this somewhere in madison or rankin co?

Anonymous said...

Who writes this crap? It can't be called an annual event until it has been held at least once, so it's simple the first expo. Second, it can't be the largest expo of its kind if it has never been held before - save the hype until there are attendance & exhibit numbers to support the claims.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Steven Hutton in conjunction to provide “adult entertainment”.

Anonymous said...

Hard pass

Anonymous said...

Hard pass - y'all have fun ya hear.

Anonymous said...

Good for them. You can’t pay me enough to enter the city limits of that fetid hellscape called Jackson.

Anonymous said...

At least it’s during daylight hours. At night, Jackson becomes the hunger games.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they just made a stink about the pumps a few years ago to hijack the MS Wildlife Extravaganza and make their own identical event (and $$$).

Anonymous said...

@8:02 - gotta show off the new trademart.

anonymous said...

It looks like the original Wildlife Extravaganza has moved to The Refuge in Flowood and will be held the weekend before this hootenanny. I share the same sentiment of the area as 8:02 and I've seen the clips of how the Crawfish event turned out. It's going to be tough to decide which event to take my family to...

Anonymous said...

18 months of staying home? wrong state. we ain't scerd

Anonymous said...

Ax Women of Maine!

Anonymous said...

9:52, well that is smart on their end! They will be so glad to be out of Jackson and in a much nicer area.

Anonymous said...

No gun shows, no wildlife expos. Jackson gets no more of my money. I will spend mine in Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of any of these bands. Let me guess, either they are country or gospel singers?

Anonymous said...

"It can't be called an annual event until it has been held at least once, so it's simple the first expo."

Of course it can. It will be the first annual event.

Anonymous said...

If The Foundation & AgCredit are private entities, shouldn't they be promoting this event using their own resources, rather than using state/public resources? I realize Ag Commissioner Gipson runs the Trademark, but if he represents all of Mississippi, shouldn't he also promote the Wildlife Federation's event too, since both events seem to have the same goals - promoting hunting, fishing, outdoor activities for state residents, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Fire inspection fees paid in full and covid shot card necessary prior to entry....

annonymus said...

Some of y’all are the biggest chickens I’ve ever seen. Hunker down in your “ Safe Rooms” and eat your about to expire Apocalypse food. .... Jeff

Anonymous said...

If you rednecks were half as scared of COVID as you are of crime in democratic cities, white Republican men and Trump voters wouldn’t have among the lowest vaccination rates in the country. This is far from the first time you’ve sounded so ridiculous. Probably won’t be the last either.

But no, that’s not what your Q-god ordered.

Anonymous said...

"Mississippi's premier outdoor show" - Really? Even before it has even been held? I like you Andy, but keep it in your pants until something actually happens.

Anonymous said...

Our Ag Commissioner is one of the weirdest dudes I have ever met. Bar none!

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait until all the facts come out about how they aquired this show. There is a lot of impropriety going on at the fairgrounds and its coming to a head soon! I love how Mr. "Genuine Mississippi" hires a Louisiana promoter to run the "MS" Ag and Outdoor Expo! LOL Ive been following the Ganza's move to Rankin county and I can't wait to check out the new venue. Done with the fairgrounds!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find a single thing MS Ag-related that Andy hasn't plastered his name and face on since he was gifted the commissioner job. When you go inside the coliseum, there's a three story picture of him in his new cowboy hat on the wall. Such a strange person.

Anonymous said...

Check this out. There are 5 restaurants at The Refuge.

Anonymous said...

I just love Andy voice. He needs to lose the Hat.
3:41 PM - You didn't name em!
They are

Open for dinner Dress code: Casual

Open for breakfast and lunch

Sandi Trap
Enjoy breakfast and lunch before and during your next golf outing.

Open for breakfast and lunch

Missy Sippy
Rooftop bar offering drinks and light bites.

Open for dinner

Joe Joe’s
Pool bar and restaurant.

Open for lunch

Anonymous said...

“ Sounds like they just made a stink about the pumps a few years ago to hijack the MS Wildlife Extravaganza and make their own identical event (and $$$).”

CowboyAndy and the Wildlife Czar are so subtle. It’s not obvious at all that they ripped off the location, the hours, and even the term “state’s largest outdoor show” to describe it. They must think we taxpayers are stupid. Back room dealing in Mississippi never stops.

Anonymous said...

" He needs to lose the Hat."

No doubt.

Andy seems like an OK guy, but while (in his mind) he thinks that goofy hat makes him look legit.
He's actually transformed himself into a cartoon character.

" I just love Andy's voice."

I hope you meet Trace Adkins some day.
Even in a normal conversation, Mr. Adkins makes Andy sound like Prince singing "Raspberry Beret".

Anonymous said...

Is no one on here, or in the Press, going to point out that Commissioner Gipson, MDWFP Executive Director Polles, the Foundation for Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, and the show Promoter Jack Fisher are all in a Federal lawsuit over their very questionable dealings of how they wound up with the "largest Ag and Outdoor Show ever" by taking away the lease of the Trademart from the Federation, who had had that date in that location for 30 something years?

Who actually has the lease? How did they get the lease so quickly? (Within 2 weeks of the 2019 Extravaganza) Who authorized it? How much are they paying for it? Why is the Dept of Ag and The Dept of Wildlife suddenly involved the Outdoor Show business? Just how close are Gipson and Polles? Who benefits? The Foundation. Where does the Foundations money go? The MDWFP. Seriously, are there no real investigative journalist anymore?

The untouchables truck right along, for now, proudly announcing their grandiose plans! However, this cast of characters will eventually have to answer some tough questions about ethics and legalities. Unfortunately, justice is slower than Show schedule dates. And we may have a couple of more of these "annual" Outdoor Shows before justice is served. But, it's coming...

Anonymous said...

The man in the hat suffers form a narcissistic personality. He would put his face and name on every brick in that new building. Now for his money for the event he can't lose because he only puts up the States money best way to be a promoter. The man has never run a business, been a preacher political or a lawyer always living off other peoples work or problem. He stole this show and it will come out

Ghost of Jim Morrison said...

"Entertainment...The Doors will open at six."

WTF - The Doors ceased to exist fifty years ago. Last performance was in New Orleans. I was there.

Anonymous said...

5:35 - don 't know why you used "anonymous" for your post since you are clearly the former promoter/operator of the Extravaganza that got booted.

But, basic business here. Yall had a LEASE. You didn't own the facility and had no continued right to it. You LEASED it every year to run your deal. And, because you pissed off the folks who sign the other part of the LEASE, you don't get to have it again.

Where oh where do you find a perpetual right to continue to lease the facility just because you had done so in the past? Where oh where do you think that the Dept of Wildlife, Fisheries isn't supposed to be promoting the outdoors? Do you think that the only way that they should promote it is with you and yours? When you take positions contrary to theirs, they have a right, nee maybe an obligation, to sever ties with you, your organization, and its position on a hotly debated political issue.

Yes, the State of MS, operating through its Ag Commissioner, and through its Dept WFP certainly have within their operating charter the promotion of the state's outdoor assets. And the promotion of the Fairgrounds. The AG Commissioner has no reason to be promoting a private organization that is operating an event at a non-state owned facility.

Know you don't like it but hey - competition is a good thing. If you put on a better show, then folks will gather at your place rather than at the Fairgrounds. But - God didn't grant you a perpetual right to something just because way back when you cut your deal with jim Buck and think that gives you a forever use of the state's facilities.

Anonymous said...

I’m not a promoter, but as a taxpayer, I can see that state funds are being used suspiciously. Sounds to me that YOU might be involved in the process of a state agency playing dirty to take over an event from a private organization.
Maybe you’re even making money off it yourself.

Not all of us are stupid. Looks like we have people representing Mississippians that must be.

Anonymous said...

To 7:58AM
“If it looks like a pig, and smells like a pig”, it must be wallowing in the mud at our state fairgrounds. And the guy in the Big White Hat must be involved somehow.

Anonymous said...

Andy, Dr. Crooked A_s Sam Polles, The Devineys and more were all apart of this corruptive take over. They have slandered and lord on numerous occasions and it’s gonna come back to bite them. There’s so much here that the public doesn’t know about this whole Liberal game plan on how to steal the Ganza after 33 years. MSDWFP were always in bed with MWF until the took a message and distorted it and ruined the Ganza two years ago. These culprits need to pay for this elaborate scheme the set forth in motion. The MSDWFP/ The Foundations board should all be removed along with sorry A_S Dr. Polles. Did y’all know he’s the only executive director in the state that is not an “at will” position? Meaning he can stay in power regardless of the executive branch’s decision to keep or fire. The legislature wrote into law back in Fordice days to remove this position from the Guvs control. Polles has been there over 4 decades. He’s the most corrupt person in the state controlled by money from big high fence owners. Billy Deviney is one of the biggest turds ever who controls the MSDWFP agenda on certain issues. This is one of them. Regular Mississippians need to stand up and voice this concern to their legislators. MSDWFP has done nothing to preserve the deer & turkey populations in our state. Only saying wipe out more does as much as you can. They don’t educatthe people that once a doe is three years or older she has a greater chance of dropping twins or triplets than ever. And we are killing these for meat. . Makes sense right? I’ve also been told by numerous folks that work at MSDWFP that many many times they have to take State equipment to go to Polles and Devineys farms to put in labor work. Imagine that. We are using state employees to engage in an old turds land projects. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these clowns unless you need a tip from Andy on how you need to tilt your hat to the right! 😂😂

This show will fail because of it being in Jackson and because of the legal ramifications coming soon!!! Spread the word Flowood is the place to be.

Good luck to the turds who stole and conspired behind others back to get a temporary show.

Anonymous said...

Uncanny how Andy resembles Roy Rogers (not just the hat)... just saying.

Regardless though, he's one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

8:43 anonymously complains about 5:35 posting anonymous.........lmao! You can't make this stuff up! Sounds like ol' white hat himself!!!

Ashlee Ellis Smith said...

Hi guys, this is Ashlee Ellis Smith, CEO of the MS Wildlife Federation. There are a lot of entertaining comments on this thread for sure! We are hosting the 34th MS Wildlife Extravaganza / the original wildlife and hunting show in MS, on July 30, 31 and August 1st at the new Refuge Resort and Convention Center in Flowood, MS. I want to make clear that regardless of what has happened in the past, we do not see our show as “competing” with the new AG & Outdoors Show that Commissioner Gipson is promoting above. There is no reason why both shows cannot be successful, and we hope they are. They are on different weekends in different locations. Our show will be focused on hunting, fishing & kids and will be hosted in Rankin County. Theirs is the following weekend and will be focused on AG and the outdoors and held in Hinds County. We wish them well, and hope everyone in the state can attend one, or even better, both of the shows! It looks like there will be something for everyone. For more information on our hunting and wildlife show, visit

Anonymous said...

8:43 sure knows a lot of inside info. Did Cowboy Andy get you to write that, or The Wildlife Czar?

Anonymous said...

Can I purchase a new gun there?

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Ashlee Ellis Smith at 12:12.

Anonymous said...

The ED from MWF has a point. There’s a show happening in Rankin County that’s been around over 30 years, and a new one coming to Jackson. Been a good number of one time “premier outdoors shows” that have come and gone, but the Wildlife Extravaganza people apparently figured out what the public likes a long time ago.
I personally don’t care for a new Ag Show. Isn’t there a museum on Lakeland Drive that does that stuff?

Anonymous said...

@8:43 OK. Are you going to get into the Christmas Gift show business and kick Mistletoe out, as well, when they disagree with your political rhetoric? I hear they make a lot of money off that Show... You could partner with Dept of Tourism on that one. Could be a Cowboy Christmas! The largest ever Ag and Christmas Show! Yee Haw and Giddy Up!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that’s a show I’d love to see.
Cowboy Andy and Yosemite Sam Polles trying to take Mistletoe Marketplace from the well-equipped army of women in the Jr.League of Jackson? Talk about hunting season. They’d put heads of rednecks on their stylishly decorated walls.

Anonymous said...

I honestly hope this City of Jackson event is successful.

But I will go to the Rankin County production instead.

Anything in Madison/Rankin County is much safer .

Anonymous said...

All I want is to go to a good show. Which one is going to have the most stuff to see?

Anonymous said...

The Ganza in Flowood will have a better lineup of speakers and exhibitors. And it will definitely be safer than Jacktown!

Anonymous said...

This is a positive event. Something you can bring your family to with no vulgar language or alcohol being displayed. Yet all these people want to be negative. To all the complainers…. You are either part of the problem or you are part of the problem.

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