Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Clinton Police Dispute Facebook Video (Updated)

Post is updated. Two Facebook videos were replaced with Youtube videos. 

 A Clinton woman accuses a Clinton police officer of verbally mistreating her as she tried to take her child to school in a Facebook video. However, the officer said on video the incident was caused by her looking down at her phone and nearly backing into another motorist. CPD responded to the social media fray by promptly posting bodycam videos of interactions with her on Facebook as well. 

The incident took place at Clinton Boulevard  near Kingston Montessori School in Clinton.   The Clinton Public Works Department temporarily closed down the road for spot repairs but neglected to tell anyone it was doing so, including the school and the police department.  Since no one knew about the road closure, no notices or alternate routes were sent to Montessori parents.  Predictably, one parent, in this case Mrs. Jones, got confused and flustered when she came to the road closure and was unsure where to go.  This is where the fun begins for everyone concerned. 

  A visibly upset Mrs. Jones said on a Facebook video (posted below) that she stopped at the road closure. She claimed an Officer Leggett screamed at her and told her to move.  He supposedly told her to use her GPS but she states in the video her GPS doesn't work in that area so she called her mom to figure out where to go.  The police officer allegedly yelled at her because she was not looking at her in the rear view mirror as slowly backed up her vehicle.  She said she was using the rear camera.  She said the officer walked back up to her window and aggressively told her to move her vehicle because she almost hit someone. 


She parked her vehicle and walked her children to the school. She returned to the scene with the school's Headmaster. She posted the video as well as this video on Facebook: 


She claimed in the video she was treated because "I am not white enough."  She reported it to the police department. She claimed his supervisor told her she should not be upset because "at least you didn't end up arrested, jailed, or shot. So, as a black woman who has to craft every word carefully,  so we don't come off as "aggressive", at least I didn't wind up in jail, arrested, handcuffed, or shot. 

The Clinton police department quickly responded to the Facebook video and released two bodycam videos.  The press release stated: 

After reviewing the bodycam video of the incident at the scene and the subsequent interaction with the complainant with he Traffic Division Supervisor, the Clinton Police Department believes that the bodycam video refutes all accusations circulating on social media.

We do believe that this incident could have been avoided had the community, school in particular, been notified of the street closure. We are working to rectify the internal communication issue that resulted in not notifying the City of the road closure for repair.

We have released the bodycam videos in their entirety on our Clinton Police Department Facebook Page. We ask the community to watch them to their completion and make their own informed decision.


The first video is a recording of Mrs. Jones, the Headmaster, and Officer Leggett after the women returned to the police car. 

Officer Leggett calmly told her she was blocking traffic but she proceeded to upbraid him. She repeatedly cut him off as he tried to explain what took place.  He finally said she almost backed into another vehicle but she vehemently argued the point.  Headmaster Flowers proceeded to question the police officer in a  more civil manner (6:45).  The calmly told her "She pulls up right here, she is blocking the traffic, just sitting there, sitting there, inching forward and forward, finally, I pull down to her."  Mrs. Jones heatedly interrupted him and proceeded to argue.  

When able to talk again, the officer said 

When I keep see her inching forward, that's when I pulled up and asked her what she was doing. ... (explanation of road work)... so I pull up to her, ask her what she's doing, tell her she's going to have to find an alternate route around,  then she begins to put it in reverse as a car had pulled up this side street, xxx, directly behind her. When she puts it in reverse, she starts backing up, almost backs into it, he finally puts it in reverse and begins to back up, now there is a car coming down the parkway, almost hits him, luckily it turned off. 

That's when after the second time, when the car was backing up, I pulled up, asked her to get off of her phone, did I not, ask you to get off of your phone, because that's distracted driving, she almost backed into a vehicle. W'e're not going to sit here and argue about it.

Mrs. Jones disputed everything Officer Leggett said.  She proceeded to go to the Clinton Police Department to file a complaint.  CPD posted the video of the interview on its Facebook page. It is posted below.  The video CLEARLY shows the supervisor did NOT say Mrs. Jones was lucky not to get shot.  He observed she was still very upset quite some time after the incident and politely asked why she was still in such an agitated state. 



Anonymous said...

No way I would ever be in law enforcement without body cams. She was just coaxing him to do something stupid. Kudos to the officer.

Anonymous said...

Body cam videos gone

Anonymous said...

CPD--way to go! A liar looking for a lawsuit or an interview on MSNBC...

Anonymous said...

Oh, do I wish we could see and hear the cops version of this encounter!

Anonymous said...

The police are not always wrong, and citizens are not always right. When a citizen files a questionable complaint, it tends to negate and give fodder to those who wish to minimize and dismiss legitimate complaints of police abuse. We need to call wrong, wrong regardless of who the offender it. In this case, it appears to be the Ms. Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Will Howard Balou and Maggie Wade make this liar the centerpiece of a scathing exposé on crying “racism” wolf?

Anonymous said...

A lot of truth comes out in her worded post below the video - ON THE EVE OF GEORGE FLOYD'S DEATH...

Then, the "I'm not white enough" comment...

And followed by the lie, the "black woman, who has to craft every word carefully" should realize that her lies can be exposed once the video of the actual events is brought to life.

She is looking for at least notoriaty, if not a lawsuit.

Yes, bitch, you came off as aggressive, and yes, you do need help. But start with getting help with your veracity.

Anonymous said...

Her voice deserves to be heard. Her interpretation is she could have been shot while driving while black. This officer should be prosecuted for assault and scaring the child for oppressing them. He had no legal right to say anything to this woman. I tremble in fear for her being forced to go through this.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that every time I read, hear or see someone using the race card I now automatically throw it into neutral and start thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am now numb to these things.

Anonymous said...

This lady has been trying to be significant for a while. She sees the whitey boogy man in lots of places. She is gonna keep on till she gets a white man persecuted.

Anonymous said...

The officer had a camera. Let us be fair and watch his (or her) version. I will assure you outcome will be different from her version.

Anonymous said...

There are numerous vloggers, podcasters, and social media influencer types doing their best to instigate a race motivated civil disobedience. I only know this because I have overheard their “calls to action” as they are being played loudly and publicly on the phones of their listeners. What strikes me most odd is why these instigators aren’t immediately deplatformed? I can only assume that would be because the voices I hear calling for such actions sound distinctly African American.

Unknown said...

Someone just wants her 15 minutes of fame

AOC site police said...

8:10 - kudos for being the one totally woke, absolutely pc, in tune to all thats appropriate and proper, person on this site.

Thank you for keeping us all straight and in line.

Former student of St. Andrews said...

"Headmaster Flowers proceeded to question the police officer in a more civil manner (6:45)."

Whoaaaaa Nellie. Hang on a minute. "Headmaster"?! This whole situation could have been avoided if this person were "Head of School"!

Anonymous said...

Abolish qualified immunity. Law enforcement, government employees, and elected officials hide behind qualified immunity to engage in corrupt abuse whether black or white. Look at the news and listen to people in what was once a great country. Take a look at UN reports about the United States.

Anonymous said...

I saw the videos on CPD facebook. That lady was the most argumentative person you will ever find, and so overly emotional as to appear disingenuous. She throws in George Floyd anniversary, her color, and 'lucky I wasn't shot' over an extremely minor traffic matter, then goes to CPD to file a complaint and rant another half hour.

What about the other 50 mothers confronted with a detour? That's right, they dealt with it, then went home or to work.

Expect more and more intentional disruptions...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your professionalism, Clinton P.D.

Clinton Public Works Department, get your act together, do your job or get fired. No qualified immunity for you.

Hinds County authorities did the same thing to our rural community several weeks ago. They abruptly, with no warning or detour signage, closed our road and intersecting roads to repair/replace bridges. How hard can it be to post a sign on each side of the bridge warning that it will be closed for repair?!

Anonymous said...

This is an example of the type of shit people pull when they aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are. In other words, she didn’t think her cunning plan all the way through. It is 2021 and Law Enforcement ALWAYS turns on the EYE OF JUSTICE when dealing with belligerents.

Anonymous said...

I would never take my child to school in a video. I'd demand that they have in-person attendance. What has the world come to. Rather...To what has the world come?

Anonymous said...

The woman was looking for a conflict so she could be a victim of "systemic racism" at the hands of the PoPo. If she wasn't looking for a conflict, she would not have confronted Officer Leggette afterwards. If that weren't enough, she then seeks the admiration and sympathy like all wanna-be social media stars by going live on Facebook to tell how she was "victimized".

The police represents authority. The sooner some people realize that the better off we all will be. Being confrontational with law enforcement is asking for a scenario that does not end well.

Respect authority.

Anonymous said...

drama queen playing the race card-

Anonymous said...

Does anyone but me wonder why HER video is still viewable on Facebook, yet the officer's can no longer be viewed?

In the eyes of the left, since they're clearly on the correct/just side of every issue, you really only need to hear/see their side.

Ok. Got it.

Anonymous said...

She saw her opportunity to join the sisterhood of victims of "systemic racism" and have a nice story that she could tell to the eager mass-media. The fact that she is black means she can add all the racist overtones to every aspect of the incident no matter how unrelated. Imagine if this bullshit is going on all over the country. Now, realize, IT IS.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can contact Facebook and request the take down a video of themselves that is being used without their permission. Facebook is very selective of how they do this. This woman correctly feels safe that Zuckerberg, Inc. will protect her from scrutiny.

if you tried to describe the political atmosphere of today, 20 or 30 years ago, everyone would call you a nazi conspiracy theorist. In fact, plenty of people did accurately predict the future we live in today. And they too were called neo nazi conspiracy theorists.

The elites finally have the demographic edge so they are accelerating. It was all part of the plan when they passed the Immigration Act of 1965.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo very tired of this crap!!!

A grown woman (?) emotionally calling her "mother", frantically trying to figure out what to do? That oughta tell you right there... but then starts throwing in the racist crap to make her case?

So done with that mantra and personality type.

Anonymous said...

Looks the "woke" has made it here. Stay strong guys ! Do not let our country fall to these idiots.

Anonymous said...

She was calling her mother for directions around a school and town she obviously lives in and takes her kids to school there? I'm not buying that one bit. This is a set up 110%.

Anonymous said...

If we'd ALL take a deep breath, recognize that each of us have our own set of issues that are important to us as their issues are important to them, respect each other, and really believe that every thing does have to be a racial agenda... I'm just wondering if City could have been more informative, Officers had been more helpful, lady could had been less aggressive, would be have needed to see ANY body-cam?. Everyone seem to be hanging on the ragged edge, take notice and a little time to consider EVERYBODY just want to get back home safely.

Anonymous said...

She needs help. Maybe the husband can help her understand.

Anonymous said...

None of you mouthbreathers screeching "qualified immunity" even know what it's for. Tell me is it a law or is it a judicial tool without going to Google or Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

What is a mouthbreather? You make that up? Qualified Immunity doesn’t get used much. Keep being mad.

Anonymous said...

My wife was watching one of those dumb shows about rich celebs the other day.

A rich black lady was telling a rich white lady that she had no clue how hard it is for POC in Hollywood.

In the next scene that same black lady was irate because the vacation home she was at did not have a Butler on staff.

Everyone is looking for their own hardship story.

And since we live in a world that has advanced so much in creating equality, but the media keeps telling POC that they are being discriminated against...they are just manufacturing the stories to match the narrative.

Anonymous said...

6:48, your moronic attitude that anyone should be able to do and say what they want is what's wrong in this country today. You left leaners won't be satisfied till the whole state and country looks like the the blue shitholes in Portland and Seattle. If you want that kind of animalistic behavior, then move there. That way decent folks can live in a nice environment and raise children and grandchildren with morals and civility and when they see the likes of dementia Joe's assistant Health Secretary they won't have to try and explain what kind of abomination they're looking at.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kingfish,
Maybe you will allow my post through this time, if not, then I will know it was not an oversight, and I will not post on this topic again. Thank you.

9:23 AM, you nailed it.
Perhaps this person suffers from Dunning-Kruger effect with a little BPD thrown in for good measure.

"It's more important to have character rather than to be one." --Unknown

Anonymous said...

I hope she didn’t sprain her wrist when she whipped that race card out so fast....

Anonymous said...

The "Rev." Al Sharptoon will arrive in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... (to cash in of course).

Hookah said...

The cult of the Montessori Academy plays into this more than you think.

Unknown said...

Well, I am that lady in the video. It’s funny how many of you are making assumptions regarding the situation.As a Believer, I am baffled as to why I came off as aggressive? Was it because I told the officer, he wasn’t being nice? Or was it because I was crying while carrying my son. I don’t know many men who would want their wife in my situation. As you hear in the video, I told the officer “your tone is more pleasant now” (He knew what he was doing, I thought his body cam was on the whole time, but he turned it on when he put his nice face one). Yep, I made the mistake and said his superior said, “I didn’t get shot”. He actually said, “I should be happy I did t het hurt.” All I was doing was praying he wouldn’t shoot me, as his hands where on his holster.
I was very shocked at how easy it was for the officer to lie on me. If I was about to hit a car, I am sure the car would have honked their horn. His directions didn’t make sense and wouldn’t help at all, as what he was suggesting was very dangerous. I asked for help, like stated in the video. I did not know the area well, my GPS wouldn’t load any data, so my mom was directing me on the phone.
I opted out of recording the interactions on my phone, because I didn’t want to provoke the office. After finding a strangers house to park at and telling my seven year old daughter to stop asking questions about the cop, the strange house, and why we had to walk, I SWAER I tried to keep my tears in my head. I was very angry at myself for feeling hurt. I could have dealt better if my children didn’t have to experience this with the officer. I had JUST got released from the hospital after a six day stay and kidney biopsy. I was still in nephrotic syndrome. We had to walk in the streets with my two year old, seven year old while carrying my 9 month old. Yet, the officer refused to help me. He said he didn’t know I needed help. I did. That’s why he told me to use my phone.
Told the officer he wasn’t being nice. I asked for assistance. I was left to resolve the issues on my own.
It’s crazy the officer wasn’t even questioned about not being of an assistance or providing clarity about the closures.
Would the community act differently if this situation happened in the inner city with a woman and her kids that looked totally different than my children and me 😞
My prayers is that no one else would have to deal with anything like this. I would not want the officers wife or his children to be treated like this either.
I regret not recording the interactions with the officer. I wished I had. Especially for my daughter’s sake. She struggled with event later on and couldn’t understand why the officer would help and treated us badly.
I pray the officer is well and this experience provided growth.

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