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D.L. Gardner: Using Crises to Gain Power & Control

Apparently, all the kerfuffle over wearing masks was due to experts and authorities following political science, not medical science. Paul E. Alexander wrote a compelling article, “Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence,” February 11, 2021, in the American Institute for Economic Research, documenting research findings from 2020 that proved neither surgical nor cloth masks were effective in preventing the spread of Covid, but also that masks endangered those wearing them.

To be sure, no one is denying how infectious and deadly the coronavirus has been. Too many of us have lost dear friends and family members to this virus. But, we should learn a valuable lesson from politically motivated media and authorities who perpetrate crises of fear. Make no mistake, these perpetrators of lies intend to create crises among us that divide us into identity groups.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been around for decades, but hadn’t gained much following outside progressive academia. A CNN article earlier this month said, “Critical race theorists believe that racism is an everyday experience for most people of color, and that a large part of society has no interest in doing away with it because it benefits White elites.” 
The LEFT have been using CRT like a cudgel to beat racism into teachers and school children. The central idea is that skin color determines who we are. The LEFT have already created a racial crisis manipulated with lies and fear. CRT is their “solution” or “mask” to fix the problem. 

The LEFT has built up the LGBTQ movement into another crisis, demanding “rights” for those whose gender identities are mentally and emotionally fluid. Nowadays we have biological men who have periods and birth babies. We need sex education in K-12 schools so our children can decide their own gender. One of President Biden’s leading educational priorities will guarantee the rights of biological boys who identify as girls to compete, shower, and sleep with biological girls. 

President Biden opened our southern border during his first week in office. Hundreds of thousands of migrants from more than 75 nations are crossing the border each month. Authorities estimate more than 2-million migrants will cross the border by the end of September. Border states have been begging Washington for help. In this case, the LEFT created a real crisis that will adversely affect America for generations. 

Not all crises are contained within our borders. President Biden reversed former President Trump’s policy of withholding money from Palestinians, and authorized more than $200 million to go to Palestinian authorities. A few weeks later Hamas shot more than 4,000 rockets into Israel. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization. 

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system destroyed more than 90-percent of Hamas’ rockets. Israel’s air and artillery strikes focused on destroying launch sites and Hamas strongholds even though terrorists hid behind innocent civilians. Israel went so far as to notify targets in advance to prevent civilian casualties.  

More than half of all Democrats support Palestinians over Israel according to a poll last week. The LEFT is essentially supporting Hamas when criticizing Israel for defending itself. The war is not between the Palestinians and Israel, but between Hamas terrorists who attack Israel and the Jewish democracy. 

Former President Trump led negotiations of the Abraham Accords that produced agreements between Israel and two Arab states, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Trump’s administration was working with at least three other Arab states on similar peace agreements. 

Why would ideologues in politics, media, and academia band together to create crises and manipulate the masses with fear and intimidation? They want power and control over lives. 

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkvpatch, MS. You may contact him at


Anonymous said...

DLG once again twists everything up and makes little sense. If Critical Race Theory means people of color face racism everyday, it has great credibility, given that it’s more like every minute or hour. I hate to throw all of you into one pot. Some of you are not but you know your brothers like DL better than me, most aren’t openly racist. they don’t wear sheets so much as they spread falsehoods and hate in editorials and social media post.

Sigmund Freud said...

It must be really hard when the world is out to get you. You can't trust people that look different from you because surely, man you know, they are out to get you. The ragged edge you stand on fearing at any moment the enemy, which are pretending to be your friend, may strike out and injure you. What dastardly deeds have they devised against you. The whole system layer by layer, piece by piece, designed carefully to misuse and abuse you. At one time in a more sane era, there was a word that was used when this thought pattern was exhibited in individuals. That word perfectly fits the individuals that exhibit these same thought patterns in this insane era we are now experiencing. That word is paranoia, paranoia to the point of not bordering on schizophrenia, but with full-blown schizophrenia. Totally losing touch with reality. The thought pattern is the same, or should I say the symptoms are the same. But, it isn't the sane time of the past, is it? No, it's 2021 and the thought pattern that once was labeled paranoia, mixed liberally with schizophrenia is now called systemic racism. The time when everything, everyone, the past, the present, and the future is inherently racist and without redeeming value. Mental health should be made a priority.

Anonymous said...

@11:06 your right I am paranoid that a cop will shoot me because I am black it’s happened all over America, It happened in Grenada and Monroe, La. I guess if they were white they would still be alive.

Anonymous said...

So 11:06....The 2020 election was influenced by Big Tech paying off corrupt local districts will many millions of dollars (proven), and silenced millions of conservative voices on their platforms (proven) to manipulate the vote numbers to swing the tally to Biden. All of this with the support of corporate media giants and the Socialist Leftists in America going all in to create a cultural revolution in order to unseat a duly elected president (and many others) by a majority AND electoral landslide....soon to be fully illuminated. Oh, and the C19 virus was deliberately released as subterfuge to distract away from all of this skulduggery, which will soon show that the Left was willing to kill many millions merely to regain control and power.

Or is this just paranoia?

Karl (Gus) Jung said...

11:06 - You were about to make sense but you fucked the whole diatribe up by suggesting systemic racism is real and, prior to your nuttiness, another poster held up the imaginary flag of 'critical race theory', yet another fictional creation in the realm of Kwaanza. All of it is hockey. Freud would tell you that.

You know who said...

It's a good thing cops never shoot white people, or I would be paranoid, too. Wait a minute. Cops have shot white people, yellow people, red people, am I leaving any others out? As the old saying goes, it's the noisy wheel that gets the grease and no one makes more noise than the crying you know who. Ain't that right Jessie and Al? The pay is good, though.

Anonymous said...

@11:06 How do you know? Your focus is in the miniscule numbers of police intervention with deadly force on black Americans instead of the massive numbers of black on black killings. Why not devote resources to the real big problem?

Anonymous said...

It’s too bad if white folks don’t complain when they are racially profiled, abused or killed by LEO’s. Remind me, when and where did it happen, shame on you if you didn’t speak up.

Anonymous said...

As I stood outside this morning, the sun in my face, the wind blowing softly at my back, the grass and the trees bright green with life, the squirrels running nearly everywhere, and the birds singing their sweet songs. I realized this was the world GOD had made for mankind, and I was glad to be alive. After a while I returned to the indoors to "catch up on the news" as they say. The bombardment of negative connotations as each word of each news article was carefully chosen to disrupt my mind. As each talking head on the screen, with proven tone inflection, attempted to move me in a desired direction. As each presenter, either written or spoken, declared the dangers, the miseries, the torments, the hatred, the deceitfulness of the human race, this is the world mankind has made. What have we done?

Homer said...

Old folks used to say that when you throw a rock in the middle of a pack of dogs, it'll be the howling one that got hit. 11:06 must have thrown several rocks and hit several dogs. Hehehehehehe. Howl on, Rover, howl on.

Sigmund Freud said...

It is always good to have your hypothesis questioned, even if it is by those of lower intellect. Is it indeed paranoia, with schizophrenia liberally identified, also? Or, is it something even more insidious and widespread? Yes, we must also include the possibility of mass psychosis. When the actions of the mass protest of this past year are studied, these actions have the markings of mass psychosis, driven by paranoia and schizophrenia. With the human mind being bombarded from every direction by the very devices that they assume to be essential, it is a medical wonder that the human race isn't more broken than it is. What will bring the next out break of this psychosis. Will it be the paranoia of systemic racism, or the continuation of Trump campaign rallies? Maybe the rallies at the Capitol building? Should I point out the resumption of full ball stadiums? All of these things, and many more, are examples of mass psychosis. Some of the examples I used are considered to be "normal and safe". It was once considered to be a community affair to gather for the hanging of a criminal. Bring the family, bring a picnic lunch, "normal and safe". How long did it take for that "normal and safe" crowd to become a raging mob? Maybe the coliseums will make a return, after all we do so love the ancient Greeks. Is it paranoia, schizophrenia, mass psychosis, or something more? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I think we have seen over the years that formal education is not the best measure of intelligence. We all know some really dumb smart people. Additionally - mediocore people often rise for reasons I can’t understand. See 45. See DL.

Anonymous said...

D.L. It's much harder to win the trust of any minority than it is to win their gratitude.

And, if you never learned about the Tulsa, Wilmington or Tybee Island massacres, it should be a hint about why teaching those events and acknowledging the evil of the failures to bring justice to the murderer of Medgar Evers in a timely fashion or the multiple of other corrupt injustices are important.

You clearly never read the Sovereignty Commission report which still redacted the names of evil doers.

So, it begs the question, why haven't you ever become close enough friends with a person of color for them to share their examples of experiencing prejudice?

Why haven't you read how the Klan controlled your life and what you learned and the crimes they committed?

And, why in the name of God, would you expect a person of color to trust you or feel secure when you've 1) never acknowledged their mistreatment beyond " slavery ended" and 2) excuse excessive force today knowing full well your "traffic stops" go very differently than that of the Black Lieutenant 3) Still don't socialize at the home or invite to socialize at your home a single minority unless it's a work related event?4) And, that YOU , as a human, do not ignore the past insults or mistreatments by others unless and until they acknowledge and atone?

Before you criticize anything, perhaps you should start with actually reading the 1619 series and doing your own homework to see whether or not it was accurate.

You enable racism if you fail to acknowledge it exists and exact at least, a social penalty for those who are racists.

And, just to keep you from easily dismissing me as a person of color (which I expect is your first reaction) or a Democrat, I qualify for all Revolutionary War and Confederate organizations and not related to Jefferson and every generation since The War of the Regulators defended this Nation including a split in the Civil War. And I helped get the first Republicans to hold office in decades elected with my time and money. Democrats here then were as self-serving and disingenuous as the GOP has now become with few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo the civil war ended in 1865? That’s about 150 years ago. We’re only about three generations removed. Then there were black codes. Then several massacres where black were killed for no other reason than they were black ( see Tulsa massacre, Seneca Village etc.)Then segregation, Jim Crow and a lot of other racist laws on through the sixties which was in my mother’s lifetime and only about 50years ago. If you think the voting right act and civil rights act ended slavery you don’t know history, are willfully ignorant, or racist.

Anonymous said...

10:06, correction, I Meant to suggest the civil rights act did not end racism. Hope everyone understood that.

Anonymous said...

2:59 Xanax is effective, so is Thorzine.

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