Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Favre Still to Repay State in Full

 Brett Favre hasn't repaid all of the TANF funds he received through Nancy New organizations.  The Clarion-Ledger reported: 

A year after promising to pay back $1.1 million in welfare money he received, Brett Favre has yet to pay back $600,000 of that money — and he's not under a formal agreement to do so.

Favre voluntarily repaid the state of Mississippi $500,000 in May 2020 after the state auditor's office found that a nonprofit paid the retired NFL quarterback welfare money for speeches he never gave.

Logan Reeves, spokesperson for the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor, said no one in the office has spoken to Favre since he made his promise and paid the $500,000.

"There is no update to provide," Reeves said. "He made the commitment which was in our press release a year ago today. He made the commitment to continue repaying the remainder of the $1.1 million after he made the $500,000 remittance."

Reeves stressed that Favre is not under any formal agreement to pay the remaining funds. Reeves added Favre hasn't been charged with a crime. Rest of article. 

Stay tuned. 



Anonymous said...

Maybe he’s waiting for the state to send him an invoice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cash is tied up in Doge coin.
Does the State of Mississippi accept payments in cryptocurrency?

Anonymous said...

The guy has so much money it's not really his fault if he doesn't realize he didn't make a few speeches but also didn't realize he got paid anyway.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre is a "Real Man".

Not only is he a tough masculine Man, but also very smart as well.

(He can pay whatever he owes with pocket change).

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Mr Favre charged for receiving monies ($1.1 million) under false pretenses (failed to perform contracted for services)? He has defrauded the people of Mississippi and should at least be sued civilly. This is a clear double standard applied to a "celebrity" millionaire who is well connected to the powers that be in Republican politics. We are the poorest state in the country and we badly need these monies to truly help the poor people in the state. This failure to act by Ms. Finch shows she is not interested in taking any actions against her rich friends.

Anonymous said...

He’s waiting for Congress to provide another round of stimulus payments at $600K per qualifying person. People need the money.

Anonymous said...

It's not like obvious crime like when people steal gas from the government to put in their personal vehicles.

It's not like when people steal from the government by cheating on their pay and the taxpayers pay them for work they didn't do.

It's not like there is a culture of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Brett! Be a leader & set an example! Pay up!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Shad has met his match. Your superhero image is getting tarnished Mr. Auditor. Wonder why Brett wasn’t indicted like the others???

DoTheRightThingBret said...

He may have done the commercials but the money he was paid should have gone to the children's programs. He is too big a guy in most Mississippians' eyes not to step up and pay this back.

Anonymous said...

They know where he lives. Go arrest his ass.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on the DMR criminals?

Last thing I remember was the judge wasn't very happy.

Are they still on the gravy train slow pay plan?

Anonymous said...

He did perform for what he was paid for. It's not his fault the money was stolen.

Anonymous said...

Put Shad White on his “entitled” A** !!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Sixpack wants to know where he can get a job like this!

Anonymous said...

They don’t teach business ethics at USM?

Anonymous said...

Same thing Brett DiBiase was indicted for by The Shad "Almighty." Wonder how much has been donated by Favre associates to Shad's next campaign, or the MS GOP? Surely MS wouldn't have any backdoor politicking going on...
H' the town, but there have been shady dealings coming out of that city for years. No doubt Favre learned from his handlers.
Favre always on the periphery of some shady sh.., yet here he just commits a crime...Double standards for those in politics and celebrity status.

Anonymous said...

"Messing with my money is like, playing with my emotions"....

Anonymous said...

Maybe I have missed it but have we gotten to the bottom of WHY the non profit paid Favre 1.2 million for a speech he did not give?

Anonymous said...

He will never pay a dime.

Anonymous said...

8:14 - I don't know who 'Mrs. Finch' is, but if there is no proof of non-performance and there's no written agreement or enforcement language on paper between the Auditor's office and Mr. Favre, Brett owes nothing. The state does not enforce contracts between two parties neither of which is a branch of state government. Mrs Finch (sic) has no authority to enforce a contract between two parties, one of which was a criminal enterprise.

If the state wants to claw-back money, there's a legal process for doing that. It's all on the State Auditor if his office farted around and mishandled this whole thing.

It's been reported numerous times that Favre did indeed make either commercials or speaking engagements for the fraudulent company, so I'm unclear as to why he would pay the first dime.

You people who quickly jumped on the bandwagon assuming his guilt are in a special category of stupid. Do you think the man doesn't have attorneys looking after his financial (and other) interests who have advised him to ignore this whole thing?

Anonymous said...

I used to think Farve was a good person and great ambassador to the state. Now I think he's a piece of shit. I know he probably doesn't care what other people think, but this put a black eye on his legacy, at least for me anyway.

Anonymous said...

What crime has he committed? Yeah, he was paid in advance just like most celebrities. Yeah it was a lot of money. The guy was paid for work done, and was still working when the rug was pulled out from under it all by Shad White. The Auditor initially lied about Favre not doing any work until Brett pushed back and then the Auditor acknowledged some work had been done. It seems like Favre should have had a better understanding of who was handling his business, but the worse thing he did was allow himself to get played by the Auditor and agree to pay money back. He earned it, and was earning it. Don’t be mad his going rate is higher than ours.

Anonymous said...

6:21 (AKA, "Friend of the Favre Family")

If he never gave the speeches, then he didn't perform.

Anonymous said...

Facts don’t matter to most on JJ (and other reporters “reporting” on this situation), but this money wasn’t stolen. Misused, maybe, but not stolen. The fact is it probably wasn’t even misused as these type of funds can be used for a very wide range of services. You or I may not like it, but that’s the truth. DHS gave both these non-profit groups tons of money and apparent free reign to use it as they saw fit. That’s the bigger issue. Here’s another little fact for you....$500k of the money paid to Favre apparently came from the Family Resource of North Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Brett has always been a bad person. Maybe it was the years of getting hit in the head or maybe the constant fawning from politicians and fans went to his head at some point, but I’d be surprised if he ever pays another dime without the threat of legal action. Maybe Shad can be the one to do something, but I doubt he’ll put out another press release on Brett unless it’s one Brett will be happy with.

Anonymous said...

How this looks to Favre fanbois and fangurlz:

Look it's magical rainbow unicorn farts! What local retired NFL star isn't entitled to get paid more than a million dollars to help prevent child poverty in Mississippi? You can spend the money with him or spend it helping people.

How this looks to the rest of the world:

Mississippi ?!

Didn't Nina Simone have a song mentioning Mississippi?!

Anonymous said...

"DiBiase received $48,000 in welfare funding to 'inform, update, and education MDHS staff and partners in identifying opioid abuse' as well as teach 24 training sessions on opioids. Those sessions never occurred."

"Latimer Smith, John Davis, the Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services,"and others known and unknown to the grand jury, falsified documents, invoices, books, reports, ledgers, and concealed and covered up by trick that Brett Dibiase, doing business as Restore2, LLC, failed to complete the requirements of his professional service agreement with the Mississippi Department of Human Services and that the invoices submitted to the Mississippi Department of Human Services reflecting the same were false, fraudulent and untrue all for the purpose of defrauding the Mississippi State Department of Human Services into paying Brett Dibiase, doing business as Restore2, LLC, forty-eight thousand dollars, $48,000.00 in payment from the public funds of the State of Mississippi, for work that Brett Dibiase, doing business as Restore2, LLC, failed to do, all occurring within the jurisdiction of this court and in violation of Section 97-7-10, Mississippi Code Annotated (1972, as amended)."

- Pulled from JJ article.

The fact that Favre gets to pay the money back for the same conduct that Dibiase was charged and convicted of shows the double standard.

Anonymous said...

8:32 AM: you are correct I incorrectly referred to Lynn Fitch as Ms. Finch (I had confused her last name with that of Cliff Finch, a former governor).

The Attorney General of Mississippi is the chief legal officer under the state constitution. Her responsibility is to represent public officials and government agencies She acts as counsel to State agencies and defends them or brings suit on their behalf.

The Constitutional duty of the state auditor is to ensure accountability in the use of funds appropriated by the state legislature by inspecting and reporting on the expenditure of the public funds.

It is Ms. Fitch's duty and responsibility to pursue the collection of these monies improperly paid to and received by Mr. Farve. This is the proper forum for Mr. Farve to defend himself. The making of statements to the media does not suffice. I trust our State Auditor who has thoroughly investigated all of these matters. His office has determined in their audit that Favre Enterprises was paid $500,000 in December 2017 and $600,000 in June 2018, and Mr Favre was supposed to make speeches for at least three events. The auditor’s report says that “upon a cursory review of those dates, auditors were able to determine that the individual contracted did not speak nor was he present for those events.” Further, the audit report lists the payments to him as “questioned” costs, which Mr. White said means “auditors either saw clear misspending or could not verify the money had been lawfully spent.”

At this time, there are no criminal charges pending against Mr. Favre. Based upon many factors, it is unlikely such charges will ever be brought unlike with the other parties in this matter. Nonetheless, Ms. Fitch should do her job for a change and file a civil suit on behalf of the State Auditor to get these monies. It should be noted that all of the defendants in these matters claim they are innocent. This is why we have courts and trials to get to the truth.

Anonymous said...

@11:12, get back to work, Shad. Quit wasting the taxpayer’s money.

Anonymous said...

If you expect Lynn Fitch to show any backbone here, then you may have less brain cells left than Brett.

Anonymous said...

8:33 - You are a classic example of a common stooge who jumps to conclusions based on what you read on facebook. Favre has been charged with nothing, no evidence has been presented to any court of law to support what you think is factual and all you've done is jump to the command to dance and fart.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that Favre gets to pay the money back for the same conduct that Dibiase was charged and convicted of shows the double standard."

Actually, that's not true. Dibiase, based on the evidence, was charged with a crime. Favre was not as there was no evidence upon which to base a charge, much less a conviction.

It's not your opinion that matters. Had the State Auditor had sufficient evidence upon which to base a charge, he would have charged him. I'm sorry this is not what you want, but, please...calm down.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this Mr 6:37...

Why exactly would Mr Farve in fact 'stroke a check'(lol -maybe 'cut a check'...stroking is for um well...never mind!) for $500,000 if there was in fact nothing to this?

"Speaking to the Associated Press, a spokesman for Mississippi Auditor Shad White revealed that despite Favre making a verbal commitment to return the money, he has not returned the rest of it. Of the $1.1 million he received from the state that went unused, $500,000 was returned but another $600,000 remains unreturned.

“After the initial media dustup, he stroked a check for $500 grand and gave a commitment, a voluntary commitment, to repay the rest in the coming months,” spokesman Logan Reeves said, via ESPN. “And then, that didn’t happen.”

Real simple analysis here about the $500,000, likely also applies to the rest of the money: Either Mr Favre made a tax deductible donation for $500,000 or he didn't.

Anonymous said...

You clowns think Favre does not have lawyers who are locked and loaded should Shad or Lynn advance this thing?

The real guy behind the curtain in this whole criminal enterprise is Phil.

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