Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Millsaps/Chism Poll: Voters Want to Free Da Weed

 Millsaps College and Chism Strategies released the following statement and poll. 

A majority of Mississippi voters—over 63%—want the legislature to enact a medical marijuana law that mirrors the one passed by voters last November but was nullified by the State Supreme Court’s recent ruling regarding flaws with the state’s ballot initiative process, according to the latest State of the State Survey conducted by Millsaps College and Chism Strategies. Related to this, more than 20% of the electorate says legalizing medical marijuana is the most important issue that will determine how they vote in the next elections for state positions such as governor, lieutenant governor and the state legislature.

Millsaps College and Chism Strategies have conducted the quarterly State of the State Survey for 15 quarters since 2017 in an effort to provide an unbiased, academic view of current political issues in Mississippi through the response of its citizens.  

The latest survey also finds that 52% of Mississippians favor going beyond medicinal marijuana by legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, an idea opposed by 37% of voters surveyed. The survey also finds strong support for Medicaid expansion in Mississippi, with 55% in support and just 27% opposed. Voters also give high marks to law enforcement, with over 60% reporting they approve of the job police in their communities are doing. Over three-quarters of respondents want state leaders to help local and municipal governments raise the pay of Mississippi police officers, who make considerably less than the national average. 

“Mississippi voters overwhelmingly support legalizing medicinal marijuana, which was actually done by the electorate last November. They also favor legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes and expanding Medicaid by healthy margins,” said Dr. Nathan R. Shrader, chair of the Department of Government and Politics and director of American Studies at Millsaps College. “If you look closely at what the voters are expressing in terms of their policy preferences, you will see they do not appear to be anywhere near the same ideological positions as the majority of the state’s elected officials. The coming months, including the 2022 legislative session, will be a test of how long the state’s elected leaders can hold positions that are greatly at odds with the majority of Mississippi’s voters.”  

Other Key Findings:  

  • 38% of voters believe the state is heading in the wrong direction while 34% think the state is moving in the right direction. Just over 28% are unsure. 
  • A 28-point gap exists between those who approve and disapprove of the state legislature’s performance, with 49% disapproving and 21% approving of their work. 30% are unsure. 
  • 48% disapprove of the performance of Governor Tate Reeves, while 35% approve and 17% are undecided.  
  • 64% of voters who favor expanding Medicaid do so because they believe too many Mississippians are unable to get access to the healthcare coverage they need. 
  • Opponents of Medicaid expansion are almost evenly split between their concern of becoming overly dependent on Washington D.C. and those who think expansion is too expensive for taxpayers. 
  • 55% support Governor Reeves’ decision to opt out of federal unemployment benefits that provided an additional $300 to help Mississippians who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 35% oppose the decision, while 10% are unsure. 
  • Less than a quarter of those who have not already received the COVID-19 vaccination say they are likely to get vaccinated while 61% of those who are unvaccinated say there is nothing that will convince them to get the vaccine. 
  • Nearly 40% of voters want the census-driven congressional and legislative redistricting process this year to be conducted by a non-partisan commission of citizens and experts. 24% would like a hybrid panel of citizens and elected officials, 15% think redistricting should continue to be handled by the state legislature, and 22% are unsure.  

“We salute Millsaps College for its commitment to providing elected officials and community leaders a quarterly measure of public opinion.  It is our hope that policy makers will make wise use of this polling data to strengthen Mississippi,” said Brad Chism, president of Chism Strategies. 


The survey was conducted from May 26-28, 2021 with a sample size of 659, with 48% of interviews conducted via cell phone and 52% via landline. The survey has a Margin of Error of +/-3.82%. Results were weighted to reflect voter turnout for the 2020 Mississippi elections. 


Anonymous said...

Too bad the legislature doesn’t vote based on what their electorate wants. At some point you just throw your hand up and move to greener pastures. We are let in the nation for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I am working with a recruiter Denver right now to secure employment in Colorado. After making several vacations in that beautiful state, the decision wasn’t difficult.

The rest of you can enjoy your life with Tater Tot, Talkin’ in Tongues Watson, Delvert, The Pants Suit AG, and the never ending decay.

The worst parts of Denver still look better than Ridgeland, Pearl, and NE Jackson.

That really says it all.

Anonymous said...

We have 8 publicly funded universities that are all supposedly doing "research". Why Millsaps?

Anonymous said...

Polling 659 people in a state of 3 million and this is supposed to mean something?

Just Wondering said...

So, it looks like medical marijuana if not recreational use marijuana will eventually become law in the State of Mississippi. Will the DUI statutes be updated to include driving while under the influence of weed? I know of no "roadside test" that will show the presence of marijuana. When I was in treatment they either had to collect a urine or blood sample and send same off to a testing lab.

I would hate to be T-boned by someone high on marijuana and the perp is allowed to skate on criminal charges.

And yes, my cuticles used to be dilated a lot of the time (up until about 35 years ago).

Anonymous said...

So we needed a poll to tell us what the voters already told us? Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

Every time people talk about how poor people don't get medical attention I think of a show that real time followed ambulance workers in NOLA.

A Mom, with a car nicer than mine parked at her house, called and ambulance for her daughter who got in a fight with some other girls and got slapped.

The kid was fine but went to the ER via Ambulance.
And there were many more non-emergency examples.

I had a kidney stone around midnight once and I suffered the pain until the walk in clinic opened the next morning, because I cannot afford Ambulances and ER co-pays.

But I guess when you have no intention of paying your bills, you can just treat an ambulance like an Uber.

Anonymous said...

Millsaps/Chism? Based on their track record, one can presume the electorate is against medical pot.

I'm for the idea but M/C polls are wildly inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

First, does ANYONE really put much into a Millsaps poll!? An extremely liberal college that hates all things conservative or white.

Second, free healthcare. Free drugs. Free everything. Where does it end? Who’s going to pay for this? Oh yeah. ME and the taxes I am forced to pay. Sorry, I don’t want to pay for your dumb decisions in life. Take care of yourself.

There is NO such thing as “medical marijuana”. It’s just a drug. A drug that gets you high. The “medical” claims it makes are weak at best.

As for Medicaid Expansion, Tim Moore needs to keep his hands off of our tax money. This is all about hospitals making more money. People need to take responsibility for their own health and invest into themselves. It’s not my problem because you refused to get an education and run a fiscally-responsible life. Stop asking for handouts Tim.

Anonymous said...

5:15 for the win. 5:16 already has access to weed and is between hits.

Anonymous said...

Y'all keep forgetting, Tater went to Millsaps…

Anonymous said...

You sad potheads are more than free to move to Colorado

Anonymous said...

4:43 how do you dilate your cuticles?

Anonymous said...

We have the stupidest state legislature in the USA! And, that includes Puerto Rica. However, they do manage through their relentless thirst of alcohol to keep several high end bars prospering.

Anonymous said...

@4:06 PM

"Polling 659 people in a state of 3 million and this is supposed to mean something?"

Yes. Polling 659 people was polling 100% of their student enrollment.

Anonymous said...

Chism told Espy he could win the second time by running farther to the left. How did that work out?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone here tell me why my fellow “right wingers” who support freedom and Don’t Tread On Me, are anti-pot? Should we be anti-gun? Should we be anti-free speech? Should we quarter soldiers in our homes against our will? When should we decline our 5th and 6th amendment rights to remain silent or to request an attorney? Do we need to carry our papers for presentation upon demand by our government superiors? Why the actual fuck are we bending over for a federal law? A federal law endorsed by (per his recent firing of White House staffers) Joe Goddamned Biden?

Anonymous said...

The popularity of Q-anon amongst your fellow “right wingers” should tell you all you need to know.
That is that they have zero critical thinking skills, and are easily deceived by their own confirmation bias.
For the record I supported Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Trump in 2016. And I believe the Democrat Party committed massive fraud in 2020.
But “Right Wingers” are just as delusional and brainwashed as Left Wingers

Anonymous said...

9:08 with the dumb post of the day. Please offer some reasons for your argument. As has been posted before, labeling all you disagree with as QAnon is lazy.

I do like the way 9:08 endorses critical thinking without offering any of the same.

Anonymous said...

9:08 wraps up with an appeal to an anonymous authority. Sweet fallacy Jesus.

Anonymous said...

It is been reported that the rich haven’t paid much taxes lately, how many of you making 400k a year are paying 10% in taxes like I do on less than 100k. The money is there and if I can pay 10% certainly they can pay 15%. The tax code was designed to be progressive. Is it too much to ask that it really is?

Anonymous said...

" 4:43 how do you dilate your cuticles?"

Well, 7:06 ... you need to sign-up for the Narcotics Training Prevention class in Tupelo,Mississippi.

They will explain everything you need to know about cuticle dilation.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:46, 4:43 here.
Thank you!

I wonder if they still teach that class every six months?

Anonymous said...

Let's get back abord the 'way back' machine. Wasn't it the CHISM STRATEGIES group that told us Mike Espy was going to win (when of course they were on the payroll of the Espy/Biden campaigns0? And didn't Brad tell us a year earlier that Jim Hood would be our next Governor (when of course he was on the Hood campaign tit.)?

How many do we have to go back and look at - my way-back machine ran out of gas now that its approaching the $3/gallon range I cant afford much - but memory tells me that Chism Strategies has not been accurate on a poll for a couple of decades now.

I figure that often has to do with who the principals wer also working for, while selling their polls as independent hiding under the ultra-nonpolitical umbrella of Millsaps College.

Thanks for letting us know what Brad and his loonies want us to buy this time. For myself, I think I will just take my diving rod over an ouija board to figure out what the real pulse of the Mississippi voter is at any particular point in time.

Anonymous said...

If only people were as passionate about quality education in MS as they appear to be for medical dope.

Anonymous said...

2.5 ounces of high grade every two weeks? Give me a break. The med pot initiative was a license to share and deal.

Anonymous said...

"...more than 20% of the electorate says legalizing medical marijuana is the most important issue that will determine how they vote in the next elections for state positions such as governor, lieutenant governor and the state legislature".

Let's not forget that eventually Justices for the Supreme Court come up for election too.

As I heard one attorney say during a conversation with some of his young cohorts "they (Sup. Ct. Justices, Mayor Mary, Philip Gunn, Delbert Hoseman and the Gov.) picked this hill and some are going to die on it".

Nothing could be closer to the truth. It should be legalized and taxed. Not because I'm using it but because this is a non-issue to the young (they all know where to get it anyway) and most importantly I'm tired of the good ole boys ignoring what the voters say. It is a democracy right. I hate that for you Baptists but that's the way it is. Also, this predetermined line of who should be at the top of Mississippi has got to stop. Let's see now, Tater Tot gets another 4 yrs. then it's Delbert's turn and after that Philip's. I wonder what they promised Mayor Mary. Right.........well maybe not this time and they can thank this issue.

Kingfish said...

What truth is that? Stoner reality?

You had plenty of time to run someone at Mayor Mary after she filed her petition last fall. She didn't even get an opponent. Yeah, she's going to just die on that hill.

Hosemann is going to lose because of medical marijuana? He can claim the Senate passed a bill already. So who is going to raise the money and beat him? Got any names? You think some out of state weed companies are going to write million dollar checks to an opponent? Who is closer to the truth?

You think Gunn and Tate are going to lose because of MM if they actually pass a bill in the next six to nine months?

Anonymous said...

919 "it should be legalized and taxed"?

Well then you don't want the legislature to pass something that emulates I65, because Joel and the industry made sure that it would NEVER be taxed.

That's one good reason why the legislature should draft a reasonable bill. Another was pointed out earlier today - 2.5 ounces every 14 days is not medicinal - is a way to legally deal and party.

Anonymous said...

Serious question: How is the Millsaps/Chism poll funded? They are consistently wrong in polling for elections. Do trailing candidates pay them money to prop up their campaigns?

Anonymous said...

The Queen has said no pot in Mississippi. You will bend the knee or you can GTFO.

Anonymous said...

It’s pretty funny watching the old guys thinking they are hurting peoples’ feelings by calling them stoners. They are so out of touch with reality, they can’t even fathom how widespread it’s use is among professionals of every age group. Keep kicking back those whiskeys with your liver spotted hands and maybe your 1950’s fantasy land will appear real to you.

Anonymous said...

@9:25 - let us know who you get your weed from, you must be stoned out of your mind. You actually thing Tater and company are going to pass a MM law? How gullible are you?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

"Chism told Espy he could win the second time by running farther to the left. How did that work out?"

I was debating a staunch liberal on that same point a while back. They were adamant that if Epps would run more to the left it would drive liberals to come out and vote.

But Epps squeezed out every single vote he could get out in this state.

There isn't a large "independent" voter base in Mississippi. It's pretty much 50% conservative, 40% liberal, and 10% of "independents" that leans heavily conservative

Epps probably chipped away 2-3% of that vote. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

4:39 - You mentioned Epps three times, so let's assume it was not accidental. Epps never ran for public office. He's the subject of another thread. Walk away from the hash-pipe.

Anonymous said...

The wording of the questions reveals the bias of the pollsters and renders the results useless. First thing to come out of Millsaps in a decade of irrelevance and silence: Toilet paper.

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