Thursday, June 24, 2021

D.L. Gardner: Can We Learn What We Don't Know?

If one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know, but one postulates questions that raise serious charges against federal law enforcement and intelligence agents, is he or she lying? You may have read or heard that FBI undercover agents had infiltrated groups involved in the January 6th riots at the Capitol. You may also have read or heard that this claim is a rightwing conspiracy theory and a proven LIE. 

Do people/media on the LEFT believe FBI agents investigate groups for suspicious activity without trying to infiltrate them or trying to recruit confidential informants? Seriously, how do law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigate those who threaten our peace? Many of us would hope agents would identify and investigate threats with all the tools at their disposal, including going undercover and recruiting confidential informants.

So, when the Revolver News broke the story and FOX News’ Tucker Carlson investigated FBI agents’ involvement in the January 6th riots, the usual LEFT media cried “pants on fire” LIES! CNN, NBC News, The Washington Post, and other allies labeled the story as a rightwing conspiracy theory and an outright lie.

Think about it: have the media ever lied about government actions? Have government agencies every lied about their own actions? 

Independent and award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson has made a list of media lies about former President Trump. The latest media lie about Trump (No. 156) was exposed June 9, 2021. “The Inspector General found that, contrary to false media reports by NPR and others, and implications by NBC and others, the Secret Service did not clear Lafayette Park in May of 2020 for the purposes of allowing Trump to have a photo op posing with a Bible. The crowd was cleared for a contractor to install a fence and because protesters were breaking the law.”

In the last two weeks LEFT media are scrambling to admit Covid-19 “could have come from the Wuhan lab in China,” after “debunking” that “lie” during the past year. Bottom line: media lie and so do federal agents in law enforcement and intelligence. 

Now that the FBI and CIA have declared White Supremacy Terrorists are the greatest threat to Americans today … or, wait, was it climate change? Well, regardless, the white guys who support Trump are the source of all evil and danger in America today. That’s why undercover agents should have infiltrated the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and Three Percenters when chatter on social media weeks before showed plans for attacking the Capitol on January 6th.

Out of the hundreds of rioters identified on January 6th, why have the leaders of these organizations not been indicted? Rank and file members have been charged with felonies, but not leaders, at least one of which (Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio) has been a confirmed FBI informant in other operations. Tarrio was arrested the day before the riot. Convenient.

Weeks before January 6th, social media site Parler reported violent content by these and other groups to the FBI for investigation more than 50 times. FBI denied that until recently, but now admit receipt of the warnings, and subsequent investigations.

We may not know what we don’t know, but the LEFT media, FBI, DOJ, and CIA have been working overtime to square their own narrative with what they want the rest of us to believe is true.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at



Anonymous said...

Why do you post the rants of this nut job? It detracts from the overall good reporting you do here. His garbage is right up there with 9/11 was an inside job and cannaballistic pedophiles run our government.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Donald G. will lie, to protect Donald T.

WISEOWL said...

What? Wait, there are no cannaballistic pedophiles running government?

Anonymous said...

@10:18 PM

I take it you don’t really know much of anything. You’ve probably never heard of Operation Northwoods, or MKULTRA. You probably have no idea what a small group of powerful people are capable of. A lot of stuff from the 1940s to the 1960s has finally been declassified. Our federal government is a magnet for evil corrupt people.

Anonymous said...

@10:18 PM probably also thinks that the Clinton Administration didn’t burn women and children alive at the Mt. Carmel Church in Waco Texas.

Anonymous said...

DL is a perfect example of why we need to repeal the 2nd amendment. We've got a bunch of crazies running around with way too easy access to weapons.

take your meds dude. have a coffee. and turn off your whack news feed.

Anonymous said...

6:35 am
Operation Northwoods was a proposal by a very right winged Joint Chiefs of Staff that JFK disapproved.
MKULTRA was again ( like Iran Contra, remember that?) created when the extreme right was influencing politics via McCarthy and Cohen.

Then we have the fiascos fueled by racial hatred that again are the "lose brain screws" of the extreme right as well.

Then we have Iran Contra and Cheney's lie about Iraq's WMDs. Worse, Tenet gets the Medal of Freedom!

It's the extreme right who wins on not trusting the American Citizen with the truth.

Every time the extreme elements of the GOP get a foothold in our political dialogue, bad things happen.

The rational people in this country don't get up every morning thinking people are plotting against them and trying counterplot a defense.

Yes, we recognize crazy and criminal exist but think the rule of law and electing people who aren't nuts is our best defense.

Sadly,social media has empowered the nutcases in this Nation on the left and right.

I don't know if Hannity is a sociopath laughing all the way to the bank or nuts, but I know he lies and took forever to get out of third rate schools. I've got more sense than to give credibility much less follow someone with his resume. Nor do I give credibility or follow anyone whose " expertise" is making a purchase of the equipment to make a podcast or put a video on UTube or create a website.

You can engage in all the magical thinking you like. You can have unrealistic expectations of other humans and government. You can be literal in your reading and ignore context, paragraphs, chapters and verses.
But, stop trying to destroy this Nation with your fearmongering nonsense!

That goes for you, too, DL. You are stirring up stuff in the toilet without realizing it's been used more than once and that it stinks.

Anonymous said...

D.L., the historic reason " leaders" are hard to " arrest" is that they are protected and "isolated from the fray". They also are usually good at knowing where the boundaries are.

You ignore that if the Mafia boss is brought down, it's getting the "goods" on the underlings that make that happen.

You continue to ignore who was in charge of federal government when this happened and had been for nearly 4 years. You clearly have no clue how an "infiltration" in the FBI or CIA gets approved.

You still are asking those of us who witnessed Jan.6 live to not believe our ears and our eyes.You want us to ignore the logistics and the financing of your government fantasy...or what it'd take Antifa and any others you'd like to blame.

Jan.6 was carried out by Trump supporters and the extreme groups that support him. And, I heard his speech...not as good as King Henry V's and King Henry V actually had the guts to fight with his followers, but it was good enough to "rally the troops" to be willing to kill.

Anonymous said...

I see that the “Left/Right paradigm” trap has snared yet another hapless midwit.
You might be surprised to learn there is more in the forest than the trees.
Should you choose to see it.

Unknown said...

This nut again??

He needs a job.

Anonymous said...

"What? Wait, there are no cannabalistic pedophiles running government?" Please relax, they are still in control, used to work with a few before I retired. No...I am not one of them, but I do have many as friends.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 9:19. Anyone still pushing/believing the left/right paradigm is either an idiot or an agent. There is only them and us.

Anonymous said...

There is a very large group inside the limits of the extreme left and right, that is getting really tired of this bullshit.

Walter Cronkite said...

If you can somehow send us a coded message of the location you are being held, by the people forcing you to read these articles, we'll have a SWAT team sent to deliver you from the "evil doers". A tip of the hat to Bush 43 for the "evil doers".
There was a time, that if someone accused another of tell lies, that the accuser named the time, the place, and the contradictions in facts. If that accuser didn't, or couldn't, they were branded with the label they sought to place on another. Where I come from, the accuser was labeled a lying SOB and was told so to their face. This day and time any weak willed, spineless, pitiful excuse, for a human being can malign another's reputation with, seemingly, no retributions.
On the other hand, how many times must an organization be caught telling lies to be recognized as unreliable. When an honest entity makes a "mistake" and this mistake is pointed out, the "honest entity" is front and center taking responsibility, there's a word you don't hear much anymore, and making a clarification of the facts in an attempt to correct this wrong. A lying SOB will simply double down. Any statement that the speaker won't put their name on isn't worth the time to read. For those who rode the short bus, that would be an anonymous source. There, also, seems to be those that are willfully ignorant of the truth that certain parts, read covert agencies, that would be CIA, FBI, NSA, or any other combination of the alphabet, that have been lying to, and deceiving the American people the agencies entire existence. Their justification for this is national security. U.S. Senate hearings have proven this over and over. These covert agencies have a partner in these shenanigans that work 24/7 on behalf of these agencies. We call it the news media, with a side order of Hollywood. These agencies called it operation "Mockingbird" among many others. Yes, I know, they don't do that anymore, yes, they don't do it any less, either. If you are naive enough to believe they quit, I have an excellent bridge for sale. Your, pure as the driven snow, government has, is, and will continue to LIE to you, with their cohorts in crime, the news media. That's the way it is June 25, 2021

Too long, didn't read. I understand, you have the attention span of a gnat, which means your cognitive ability is the same.

The inquiring reporter said...

How old are you, 9:06? You heard King Henry V give his speech?

Anonymous said...

"A tip of the hat to Bush 43 for the 'evil doers'."

The Book of Job, actually.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of folks believe DL, just makes you wonder what they teach in schools around here.

Ecclesiastes said...

I thought to keep the message secular. My reasoning for that is most of those leaning left, actually the majority, have fallen left, no longer leaning, become unhinged mentally when quoting the Christian Bible. Since you brought it up, most of what needs to be said can be found in Proverbs 6:16-19. Some should have a slow, careful read.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, when I read screeds from the likes of people like 8:49 and 9:06, I'm reminded of just how divided we are as a country! Unfortunately, I firmly believe the division is by design, but I swear to God I can't see how anyone could believe the main division is coming from the right! That's not to say the right hasn't done PLENTY of things wrong, I'm just saying that the left seems to be an order of magnitude worse.....and wanting to do as much harm to the country as they can in the process! I mean, I think SO differently from the above two examples that we may as well have been born on different planets!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read one of Mr. Gardner's diatribes on this website for a month because his writing seems unhinged and unresearched. I decided to give him another shot. I won't make the same mistake again. I don't understand why out of all of the seemingly endless people one either end of the political spectrum who seem to foam at the mouth, he alone has a soapbox on this website.

Anonymous said...

Most of you and DL are in the majority here in Missippi, but in the mainstream you guys are woefully in the minority, if any of what DL says is true, why wasn’t exposed by Republicans when they were in control of all branches of government? Over 80 million voted for Biden, no one has proven fraud that would cancel even 10, 000 of those votes in. DL and his ilk want you to believe that there is some conspiracy that doomed Trump. It wasn’t anything like that, it was him and the majority had enough and voted him out. It was that simple.

Anonymous said...

Some of you folks seem to know very little about what our government is capable of. Here is some help : WW1 .... Tuskeegee...Covid ....Joe Biden........ The VA .......The 1920's ....Vietnam.....Sadam Hussien .... HRC as SOS......

Anonymous said...

Guess the Canton Elections being screwed up is Kryptonite.

I Never Claimed Biden Is A Cannibal said...

Lost count at either 8 or 9 with the same leftist loon posting his nonsense. Of course this article is 101% accurate. Leftist loons get all mushy in they britches any time somebody shines a flashlight in their kitchen full of roaches.

Instead of the usual knee-jerk about let's point out ONE single thing in this article that's not true. Just one. Tom Head and friends can't play - You've all been red-carded.

Anonymous said...

Yes them damn right wingers. Hang them all. In fact that’s just what the government is doing. Over 500 people who walked unarmed into the congressional halls are under indictment. Not ONE fucking rioter, arsonists or looter will be charged for the billions in damages after Floyd OD,ed in Minneapolis. Not Fucking One!!! Yeah those right wing bastards, hang em all! You clowns wouldn’t know if this government was lying to you if they told you they were!

Anonymous said...

I’ve read some absolute manure in my time but @8:49 you take the award. Where did you get your literary degree from ( What’s A Matter U) It’s is a perfect example of left wing self loathing and tunnel vision someone would normally pick up in a bowling alley. After the crap democrats put the country through in the last four years either you suffer with selective memory or your just despicable. You see that a lot from the Trump haters here. And it’s easy to see why they hated him. Plato once said, No one is more despised than a man who tells the truth.

Kingfish said...

The Canton post is half written. Just got internet service back after being without for two days. One word: Squirrels.

Anonymous said...

Invest in a break barrel pellet rifle and a nice air rifle scope.
Become the urban squirrel hunter!

Remember that they are nothing more than tree rats with a bushy tail and better PR.

Anonymous said...

Why is this QAnon nonsense being posted here?
Do they pay for posts?

Anonymous said...

Good thing God loves everyone because racists like you need someone .

Anonymous said...

Q Anon hasn’t posted on 8chan since 2017

Anonymous said...

7:19 - Where do you see racism in the post @ 3:10?

Anonymous said...

Man @7:19 that was touching. Did you read that in your (How To Be A Good Communist) handbook?

Anonymous said...

3:31 pm
Uh, you got through school without reading Henry V's speech? Never heard where the notion of " Band of Brothers"originated?

10:13am and 10:17 ( Walter Cronkite is rolling in his grave at the insult to his name)
You both missed the point which is that Democrats aren't the only bad actors in government and the dumbest bunny who used Republican " plots" ( including one a Democratic President squelched) is laughable.

And, by the way, it's pretty clear I'm the only one with security clearance to have read classified materials and who reads Intelligence Reports.

Throughtout history there have been good and bad people in governments with terrible ideas. IF you want to minimize the opportunities for that to happen, you best start by understanding how government functions and learn how to discern fact from fictionalized speculation.
You need to figure out why something bad could happen and not just whine that it did.
All of you and DL need to know what you don't know. Like that Northwoods never happened because government did work in that moment. The President was enough of an historian and knowledgeable about the agendas of those proposing that cockamamie plan to kill it before it got off the ground.
This partisan BS has to stop! Yes AOC on the left are just as superficial and naive as you.

Anonymous said...

When you have nothing else, scream racism.

Anonymous said...

George Floyd was murdered by a cop. Blaming it on drugs or a criminal record is willful blindness. That willfull blindness springs from racism. I am white and have lived in Mississippi my whole life. I have heard the majority of whites I know use racist tropes and ideas.- just like in these comments. Not everyone is a racist but please admit it when you see it.

Walter Cronkite said...

Point out where I used the left, right paradigm at 10:13, blowhard, and uh what did 10:17 have to do with anything you projectile vomited. You attacked 3:31 for not having read King Henry V's speech, I don't know, personally, if they have read the speech, or not. You either have blown a gasket, or about to blow one. Maybe this commenting on a blog post is too much for your delicate nerves. Are you taking your meds correctly?

Cronkite, is rolling over in his grave? You lay claim to having access to classified information, but you don't know he was another paid shill. You are ignorant, and very much so. Yes, good ole Walter Cronkite, "the most trusted man in America" it was said, just another paid shill. Those that are in positions of real power have played this game for a very long time, much, much longer than the 60 years we are discussing now. Were you alive when Cronkite was live broadcasting? The Kennedy assassination is when I began to see. "The most trusted man in America" sat there as lying Dan Rather repeated over and over that the kill shot, from behind, had moved Kennedy's head "back and to the left". Never questioning how that narrative came to be from the images of the Zapruder film. Cronkite may as well been working for the North Vietnamese when the Vietnam War heated up. His nightly broadcast did more to lose the war than anything the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong did. No, I did not support that war.

I don't believe you have access to classified information. I think your another idiot on a blog comment board that uses Google, does a little reading, on a subject, and think they are an expert, on the subject. Your government, I don't care which "party" is in "power," will LIE to you. The people that are really in power rule through deception.

That's the way it is June 26, 2021

Anonymous said...

@3:49 Spoken like a true Marxist. Can you please tell us just who said Floyd died of an overdose or a criminal record? Or perhaps you jumped to conclusions based on your communist beliefs. Looks like you’re the one with willful blindness using racist tropes and ideas. George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl the day he died. He had enough in his system to kill him before the police incident. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, you must feel like the chairmen of a Loose Screw Convention

This one guy said...

Maybe hanging out here will get you tightened up, 7:12, glad you're here. We have "ALL" kinds of experts commenting on this board, and "NO ONE" is ever wrong.

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