Tuesday, June 22, 2021

CONNECT JXN Rolls Out Tuesday

 The city of Jackson issued the following statement. 

CONNECT JXN Partners, along with the Jackson City Council and Planning Commission, invite the public to “Connecting with You: Community Engagement Update” on Tuesday, June 29 at 6 p.m. at New Horizon Church International (1770 Ellis Avenue). This town hall meeting will provide an update on the city’s new comprehensive plan. The CONNECT JXN team will present a summary of the first phase of engagement and reveal the draft CONNECT JXN Vision.  Participants will work collectively to validate the vision and shape the playbook for achieving that vision. This town hall is a direct opportunity to shape collective solutions for our neighborhoods, housing opportunity, mobility, and environment.

CONNECT JXN is the city’s new comprehensive plan. It is the highest-level expression of the city’s vision and the playbook for achieving the vision. The comprehensive plan process provides the opportunity for the community to guide land use, development, and policies to meet the future needs of our City. During the June 29 town hall meeting, residents will make comments, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

“We aren’t just connecting Jackson. We are progressing Jackson. We need all hands on deck as we collectively develop solutions to transform our Capital City for the next 25 years,” said Council President Aaron Banks.

“We are looking forward to meeting with city residents and listening to their vision for the future of Jackson,” said Jordan Hillman, director of planning and development for the City of Jackson.

“It is really important to make sure that we heard you correctly as we create the vision from our phase one engagement focus groups and surveys. We also want to develop the solutions and tools to achieve that vision together. So we invite all of Jackson’s residents, community leaders, business owners, students, and other interested parties to take part in this process.”

This kick-off event will also broadcast live on the City of Jackson’s Facebook page. Alternatively, the community can send feedback via the CONNECT JXN website by clicking on the “Connect with Us” tab.

Other engagement activities include pop-up meetings across the city during the months of July and August. For more information, visit www.connectjxn.com.



Anonymous said...

Can I get bread sticks with that word salad?

Will There Be Snacks? said...

As a long-time 'vision validator', they almost had me at 'shaping the playbook'. But, I got lost for a moment at 'collective solutions'. Put me down for a 'pop-up meeting' on Raw Boo Boo. I'm down for the struggle.

Anonymous said...

". . .and policies to meet the future needs of our City."

Does "future needs refer to more potholes? more litter on I-55? more abandoned buildings? more people leaving? lower student population? I have more - didn't even mention crime, lack of police; lack of 9-11 dispatchers; and something, something about water problems.

Anonymous said...

" Community Engagement Update”

What the hell does that mean ?

"Cocoa with the Po Po" makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Haven’t these same people been running the failed city of Jackson for years? Why do they need to hold an event to “listen to the people” when they can simply look around for themselves. If they can’t IMMEDIATELY find a dozen or more things to improve they are complete morons.

This is just more “show” for the ignorant folks to feel “included” and to give the fake appearance of progress.

What an absolute waste of time and money!!

All in a single word said...

So now they are going to call it the "Comprehensive" Plan. Catchy. And much easier to address than the "This city is so f*cked up with piss poor leadership that couldn't pour piss out of a boot with an arrow marked on the heel" Plan.

Anonymous said...

"listening to their vision".... awesome play on words

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus…what a load of horse hocky.

Anonymous said...

More talking. Just what the city needs

Anonymous said...

What a load!

Anonymous said...

When you don't know what you're doing, obfuscate

Keynote Speaker said...

A new focus group partnership collective for collectively shaping and validating a high level expression of a phase one playbook vision, and to connect opportunity and mobility engagement to progress the comprehensive process of providing tools for achieving a community focused environment through guided land use.

StarRider said...

These people are mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Just so long as Kingfish shows up with his really poor video and sound equipment. And please footnote the point on the tape at which the recently dethroned Pelahatchie Mayor appears.

PT Barnum said...

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Filthy, Filthy, Filthy leadership!
(1.) To stop the volience. Put up checkpoints & search for guns than check to see if the driver is a convicted felon.
If caught with a gun throw them in jail. Period!
But, No that goes against the Democrats ideals.
(2.) Have a spare water pump for the Jackson water towers.
(3.) Have more presidents & Vice presidents wisit Jackson. You see a lot more potholes being fixed depending on the route the leader takes.

Anonymous said...

When in doubt Chowkey find another shark to jump.

Anonymous said...

Its all about virtue signaling, and appearances.
According the voters, this is fine.

Addressing the real problems and the real source of the problems does not make for a pretty photo op. So, why bother.

Anonymous said...

I just wish someone could connect a little asphalt with a lot of pot holes.

Anonymous said...

In short...

1) Blame Whitey

2) Demand more State and Federal funds

3) Name a few more things after Medgar Evers


Anonymous said...

What a load of horse shit!! The ass clown 'leaders' of Jacktown can't provide basic services (protection, water, sewer, etc.) to its residents, and they want to talk about a plan for the next 25 years?!?!

Anonymous said...

The time is right for a monorail between the downtown train station and the airport!

What better way to CONNECT JXN? Come validate the vision during our pop-up meeting at the Battlefield Park Tennis Courts.

SailRabbit said...

That loud sound you heard was StarRider hitting the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Here's your plan:
a) Attract support for existing resources: Convention Center, Zoo, Fondren, Civil Rights Museum, International Ballet, State Fair, Rodeo, etc.
b) To succeed with a), fix the infrastructure, significantly reduce crime, and clean-up the streets and vacant buildings.
c) Hire a City Manager who actually knows WTF to do and how to get it done.
Before you put the lipstick on the pig, you must make sure that the pig is healthy and ready for the show.

Kingfish said...

Mayor Omari would never agree to that last one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ...but thats just marketing BS.
Pure and simple.

Kinda sad that this is where we (yes, I live IN jxn) are now.
Listening to this drivel.

Anonymous said...

I forgot all these city planners visit Jackson Jambalaya. Thank you for your service! Now, please enjoy your Soma’s while you contemplate suicide because the inheritance is getting thin.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, MS is a hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Another half-baked Democrat plan by Lying Lil' Lamumba and his "woke" socialist planners and PhDs. A "comprehensive plan" created by a room full of dimwits that will be filled with big words and pretty pictures but won't do a damn thing to fix the real problems in our capital city.

Anonymous said...

Talking about nothing is a lot easier than doing something

Anonymous said...

Kenny we want you to read this out loud.

What we should have said...


Anonymous said...

Remember the "peoples assembly"? This is just a new spin on the tired concept of "collective governance" which most people in Jackson never gave a damn about in the first place. They just want their streets fixed, clean water, real schools, and not to be shot dead at any time. What they get is a song and dance designed to convince them that the clowns they elect are only following the "will of the people" so they cannot be blamed for failure. Those same clowns will thump their chests if and when something good ever happens in Jacktown. Free the Land!

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be interested in attending something like this, but there's NO way I'm going to miss my "direct opportunity to shape collective solutions." I can't TELL you the last time I had a direct opportunity to shape collective solutions, but it's been FAR too long!

What. Absolute. Horseshit! 7:30 hit the nail on the head!

anonamouse said...

Will they give out trophies & plaques?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of buzzwords for nothingness.

"We aren’t just connecting Jackson. We are progressing Jackson. We need all hands on deck as we collectively develop solutions to transform our Capital City for the next 25 years...We are looking forward to meeting with city residents and listening to their vision for the future of Jackson... So we invite all of Jackson’s residents, community leaders, business owners, students, and other interested parties to take part in this process."

It would be great of the constituents of Jackson step up and eat the leaders lunch about infrastructure, crime, etc. Really show up and bust their ass. Have tv and news there to record it.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of words that’s onto say anything or even try to explain what the consultants are being paid some obscene amount of money to study. Got to get our synergies and team oriented goals blah blah blah. Who’s the consultant and how do they know the mayor. Will likely get shot or destroy your car just trying to attend the meeting.

Anonymous said...

so now we are mad because elected officials are ACTUALLY trying to get citizens involved in regards to their municipality!? SMH

Kingfish said...

A city is supposed to have a master plan.

Hell, at least wait to hear the details before you start throwing grenades.

Anonymous said...

KF, Jackson has had a master plan for 25 years. Where has it gotten us?

I recognize that legally the city must have a comprehensive plan to justify its zoning and land use decisions. But Jackson's problems run far deeper than anything these "woke" planners and Dim-o-crat politicians can fix with a pretty little pie-in-the-sky planning document. So while I'm sure the planners will pat themselves on the back for a job well done when its completed, "Rome/JXN" will continue to rot.

Anonymous said...

Hear you KF but tying up limited staff cycles to create another plan has all the appearances of another -- and the next -- exercise in futility. Jackson's last formal 'comprehensive' plan, Harvey's FABRIC, was back in 2001. A publicly released report of achieved progress using the goals and objectives of that plan should be the first order of business. Short of that this is little more than Lumumba laying the groundwork to spend another four years doing absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

"I forgot all these city planners visit Jackson Jambalaya."

Since there clearly is ZERO city planning talent employed by the current administration, the cumulative private sector experience participating on JJ is more than capable of advising on critical path actions.

All in a single word said...

10:56 a.m. said:
"KF, Jackson has had a master plan for 25 years. Where has it gotten us?"

Bingo. Roll tape since the Yarber administration discussing the "Master Plan" during the 1% sales tax commission meetings. Other than Pete Perry, you'd be hard pressed to hear anyone using the term "Master Plan". In a city that's 85% African American, with African American leadership, do you actually think a "Master Plan" could be developed much less followed? It's all in the semantics folks, that's why it's now the "Comprehensive Plan", and that my friends is the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

A city is supposed to have a master plan.

Hell, at least wait to hear the details before you start throwing grenades.

@ Kingfish - thank you! It's easy to point out how fucked up the city is.

But no one really wants to admit what has gotten the city to this point.

People rave on the success of Mary Hawkins Butler - but she had a blank slate to work with and the tax revenues to implement every little thing to her heart's desire. That goes for all the mayors in the surrounding suburbs - none of them had to go in and fix a broken city.

You can bring in any of the so-called "best" mayors in Mississippi and they would have a challenge with addressing all the major issues in Jackson in a short window of time. To get Jackson turned around it's going to take partnerships/initiatives with the surrounding burbs.

Anonymous said...

1. Fire Judges and hire new one
2. Fund the Pd and put them on the streets with authority to stop fleeing criminals
3. Bill and collect your damn utility bills
4 Quit hiring consults who tell you the obvious
5. Pay me $750k consulting fee to tell you the obvious

Should be comical said...

"So, tell me Mister Mayor, will there be anybody from the water department on dis connect jackson panel of partners?"

Well, first off, let me assure you, no one is going to get their water disconnected, right."

Anonymous said...

Gentrification. Jackson’s last hope before receivership.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, there are people who believe this will matter. Symbolism over substance. The to do list are things thriving cities do routinely, everyday! One more attempt to cover incompetency.

Anonymous said...

"The sad thing is, there are people who believe this will matter."

True. 13,160 Jacksonians for certain.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that some years ago there was discussion of Northeast Jackson seceding from the city and forming its own municipality. I don't know if anything came from that or if it was just chatter, but it points out a real problem with Jackson and that is that no matter how appealing a "return to Jackson" effort may be, you still subject yourself to Stokes and other such people to run the city. It's not just about crime, police, safety, etc. because you have incompetents running the city. Everyone loves to hate on Mayor Mary, but she built a place where people want to live - where the power and water work and the other city services are reliable. Not like Jackson where mayor after mayor has ignored the basics of city management and pissed away dollars on things like Farish Street and the Convention Center and Blues Festivals that have lower attendance than a Sunday church service, all while ignoring water sewer power roads public transportation police fire etc.

Lost in Translation said...

Hmmmmm . . . our "city leaders" took 7 paragraphs to say absolutely NOTHING about doing absolutely NOTHING. Who on earth thinks and talks like that?
Best I can tell they're having some kind of event, which I suppose is really just an election campaign party for all locally elected officials . . . hope the food's good.

Forked Tongue said...

It's not that 'a city is supposed to have a master plan'. It's that cities are required by law to have them. So are the unincorporated parts of the counties. But, as usual, Kingfish throws raw meat out into the center of the coliseum, stirs up the masses and then comes to the rescue of the plan. So typical.

Anonymous said...

Most municipalities and counties depend on and contract with the Planning and Development Districts to use their boiler-plate processes to arrive at these required documents.

Those folks have been in this business for almost half a century, all over the state. But, will Jackson do that...or are there too many white folks on staff at Central Mississippi PDD?

Kingfish said...

You'll have to try harder than that, Forked. Jackson issued a press release. All I did was post it. I even defended the master plan to some degree when some readers started going to town on it but yeah, I'm trolling. Ok. Have it your way.

Krusatyr said...

"Collective progression to validate the vision"

Sounds like a fake blind preacher who was caught stealing the collection basket, splaining that his motives were to benefit the congregation's future solutions for a unified salvation.

Even as the floor rots, bills pile up like the waste in the bathrooms and the preacher's assistants steal from cars in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

" A city is supposed to have a master plan".

Well 12:26, not anymore.

Using the word "master" makes one a racist.
Real estate agents can't even talk about the master bedroom when trying to sell a house.

But this nonsense is brought to us by the same crowd that spend hours contemplating the
sex of "Winnie the Pooh".

Anonymous said...

@Forked Tongue - you are misinformed on planning law in Mississippi. Cities and counties are NOT required to have a comprehensive plan. The law states (17-1-1) states that land use controls must be based on a comprehensive plan, but there is no requirement to administer land use controls either. It’s all a local choice.

Say what you will about the process, at least they are offering and opportunity for people to have their say. It’s hellava lot better that not asking. And if you think Jackson has more than its share of problems now, I wouldn’t recommend trying to go forward without some effort at planning for better days.

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