Friday, June 18, 2021

New Summit Teacher: We Are Getting F****** Over & Over Again

A legacy of helping the disabled will soon disappear in Mississippi, doomed by greed and scandal.  The New Learning Resources School District laid off all teachers at the Oxford and Greenwood schools yesterday. The New Learning Resources serves special needs and gifted children. Teachers at the Jackson campus have not been paid since May 15 and there is little hope of receiving their last three paychecks.   


The New Learning Resources operates New Summit School in Jackson.   Nancy New and her son, Zach, own New Learning Resources.  Federal and state grand juries indicted them for embezzling millions of dollars in welfare and education funds.  Their cases are pending in court.  A conservator, Gary Herring, took over New Summit June 1.  He was the Headmaster of First Presbyterian Day School for 30 years. 

Several New Summit teachers told this website yesterday they have not been paid since May 15 although that check was a late payment for April. The teachers are paid bi-weekly for twelve months.  Such an arrangement is a common provision in teaching contracts.They said they have not received their last three paychecks.  

Unfortunately for the teachers, they can not file unemployment claims.  One curious teacher said she tried to submit an unemployment claim only to be told the school denied her claim.  New Summit has not released any of the teachers from their contracts, thus they are in limbo.  They can't get paid but they also can't collect unemployment benefits thanks to the school's refusal to set them free.   A New Summit teacher, "Mary", said "We are getting f***** over and over again."


One teacher said the indictments prevented the school from receiving any Covid-19 relief funds.  One teacher said:

We were also told in said email that we could be terminated and file for unemployment, should we choose to do so. One employee did just that and was then told that the claim was denied by NLR because they were no longer "financially liable" for NSS employees. She is trying to use the custodianship for that excuse, but that is not how it works. Our contracts are still with NLR and they are still legally binding. We were also told in that letter that should you choose to be terminated, you would not be able to receive any of the federal money, should they get it so it would be a "big risk" to choose that route. There has been some debate on if that is really how it works. xxxxx said he believed it would just be that you would have to pay back unemployment, but xxxx told me that it was correct that if you filed for unemployment, you would not be eligible for any future funds. That means we are left with the choice of (maybe) collecting a few hundred dollars a week for unemployment and gambling what for me is over $11k (before taxes) that they owe me. 

We also received a letter that our insurance premium was paid this month and we would have insurance through June 30th, but after that we would need to seek out our own insurance. We cannot pay cobra because the policy is being dissolved and there is no "surviving entity" policy to pay COBRA for.

 Several teachers confirmed this statement.  "Amy" said "without money, we don't know what to do."  She said "we have worked about a fourth of our contracts without getting paid."   She said New Summit closed early on May 18. A very upset "Mary" said "we are getting it over and over and over."  

The New Summit school earned a sterling reputation in Jackson as it did the Lord's work in helping the disabled.  Many a child flourished in life because of New Summit.  Many parents saw their anguish relieved by teachers who truly served.  Unfortunately this good thing came to an end as once again virtue is betrayed by vice.   


Anonymous said...

I also was denied unemployment under the same excuse! The most frustrating part is finding an employment attorney to help us. Paying an attorney would have to come at the end if we were to get the money we are owed. Without the paychecks we expected, most of us are left struggling. Meanwhile, the News and executive director, Roy Balentine still live their elaborate lifestyle. It's beyond ridiculous. We completed our contractual obligations. We kept the school together this year under a roller coaster stressful situations and emotions. Had the teachers not had an amazing headmaster that stood up for us, we wouldn't have survived until May. New Learning Resources have not fulfilled their end of the contract. Some teachers are now emotionally exhausted and struggle with severe anxiety due to all this. Others have secured employment for next year. Even these teachers will not receive a paycheck from a new teaching contract until the end of August. What are we supposed to do? We have children, bills and responsibilities! I have dedicated my entire life to teaching. I have taught 30+ years, I have my Masters in Ed., and am Nationally Board certified. Never in a million years would I have believed I would be in this position at my age. It's not acceptable. Surely there is someone out there that is willing to step up and help us!

Anonymous said...

10:59: Sucks that your contract was broken but you can either moan and woe is me or you can get a new job.

Anonymous said...

How do you not have a 6 month savings safety net?

Maybe sell some of that stuff you wasted your money on, instead of saving.

No responsible adult lives paycheck to paycheck.

Anonymous said...

@11:30 and 11:40

Do you two douche bags understand this lady probably makes 40 grand a year? How on gods green earth is she going to save a half years salary? No eat for 6 months?

Judgmental pricks

Anonymous said...

Could you be any more condescending! I certainly hope you never have to go through any hardships in your perfect life.

Anonymous said...


In what world do you live in that you think a responsible person should not live paycheck to paycheck? No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck but the reality is sometimes you have too. Wages are too low and the price for everything goes up. I live off the bare minimum of most things yet it's still a struggle. Oh, by the way, I am a Responsible Adult.

Anonymous said...

I do have a safety net BUT shouldn't have use to use it when I signed a contract and agreed to be paid over 12 months. Regardless of other allegations, they are guilty of not paying teachers what was agreed and signed in a contract! Teachers completed their part of the contract. You can't hire someone to build a house, move into the house upon completion then decide you just aren't going to pay the builder.

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'd run up a Mstr's Degree to be making $40K after 30 yrs

But then again, he/she's probably already retired from 1st gig and hopefully drawing on that retirement.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad deal all the way around. And the saddest part is the kids and teachers will be the ones that pay the biggest price.

Anonymous said...

It’s Mississippi, not Manhattan. You don’t get to go eat at The District if you make $40k. You eat homemade salad and watch over the air TV.
You people always have excuses too. “Mug cable bill” you don’t need cable “muh netflix/hulu/disney” don’t need that shit either. How many credit cards are you paying off?

It’s not how much you earn that’s the problem. It is how much you spend.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with 11:52 with the possible exception that most likely she never sniffed 40K per year. Easy(and just plain wrong) to judge when you're not in those shoes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not well-informed on the day-to-day logistics of running these schools, so I would appreciate knowing whether classes were still being held during the last few months. Were these teachers working in the classrooms every day during this scandal? How many students were affected when schools closed? Usually teachers will play on public sympathy for the needy & deserving students who aren't getting the help they need. So far I haven't seen any information about the number of students affected by all of this chicanery or how much teachers Allegedly care about them.

It would be a relief, to some extent, to see these teachers show some concern about students who won't get the help they need - if ever New Summit & the News ever cared about them anyway. If it's really all about the students, as school teachers always claim, why isn't there the least bit of care being shown for them? Again, I've followed the scandal from a distance & may have missed information about how many students were affected. By the way, teachers, the Jackson Public Schools district is hiring.

Anonymous said...

@11:40 sounds just like the comment L. Lampkin verbally made to another teacher! Guess your still sitting back there drawing a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

There could be an entrepreneurial venture for these teachers, giving remedial math and reading retention instruction to some of the posters on this blog.

Anonymous said...

OMG There are some entitled vaseline-asses on this thread.

Anonymous said...

@12:18 it must be hard to be so stupid. But let me help break this down for you since you've been "following from afar" but still asking dumb AF questions. The school operated on a regular schedule the ENTIRE 2020-21 school year, thanks to those dedicated teachers and administrators and DESPITE the drama created by the News. So yes, the teachers came to school and worked in classrooms every day as their contracts required. However, they have not been paid as promised by their contracts.

How exactly are these teachers not showing concern for their students? Because they want to get paid for their jobs?

And thanks for the JPS tip. Please elaborate on how that helps with the current situation in which these teachers already-worked contracts and health insurance are being cancelled. Teachers who have jobs or get jobs elsewhere still won't be able to start until August.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I can give you some of the information you mentioned in your post. Yes, the teachers worked every day in the classroom, just like any other school year. The Jackson campus served just shy of 200 students this school year. I am not sure what you mean about teachers playing on public sympathy, let alone where you got the "usually" qualifier.

As for the teachers "allegedly" caring about the students..... I am not sure what you do, but would you continue to come to work and give it 100% if during the days leading up to almost every pay period you were told there was a high chance of you not getting paid? Because the teachers at NSS did. I also don't know how any person could show up during not only a pandemic, but embezzlegate as well with a smile on their faces, if it wasn't FOR THE STUDENTS.

Quite simply, if you were not there, please just shut up. You clearly are, as you stated, lacking a wealth of information. Where in the world are you getting that the teachers did not care about their students? Were you the one there trying to calm their fears about the fate of their school? I assume not. You have absolutely no idea what it is like to show up to work, a place you used to love, under the stress of a pandemic and complete uncertainty about your job with the added weight of the responsibility of those student's education also falling on your shoulders.

WE, the teachers, held the wheels on that bus this school year. Shame on you for even implying that the teachers did not care about the students. That is the only reason that any of us stayed in that living hell of a place as long as we did.

I do applaud you though for working for free. You must based on your comment. It would be selfish and uncaring of you to expect to be compensated for any work you do. I mean... do you care about your employer? If so, you wouldn't dare collect a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI- I don't eat out. I don't go out. I do not get my nails done! I do not have cable. I do not have a house note. I do not have a car note. I do have children, electric, gas, water, insurance and grocery bills.I do have a job for next year. In case you have been misinformed, teachers in MS are not paid very well. So, the fact that I alone have succeeded in owing no one anything is a feat in itself. The issue is not whether I have a safety net nor my financial status. The issue is the teachers have not been paid for the work they did. The teachers were at work and teaching until the last day of school. They did this to ensure the students would receive credit for attending school this year. We did everything possible to protect the students from all the allegations surrounding the school. I also question whether the News cared about the students but the teachers and our administrators still do!

Anonymous said...

@12:18 Every teacher that stayed at the NS schools worked the entire month of May for free BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT THE STUDENTS! Have you ever gone to work for an entire month and then not gotten your money?... That is doubtful!! The students are what made us get up and go to work! Since you admitted that you have followed the story from a distance, then you need to 1. Be quiet or 2. Educate yourself. If you want the information about "how much teachers allegedly care about them", then look at the articles where parents have written about what the school has done for their family.

Anonymous said...

What a load of manure! Of course the teachers care dearly for the students! Who do you think continued till the bitter end to “teach” those kids!!! Dedicated teachers that’s who! And if you jack asses remember, we worked in person during the pandemic! We literally took our lives into our hands to do what we felt was right for these children. How dare you have such a condescending and flippant attitude. Parents have been left in the dark as well. When you jerks work and COMPLETE a job and then take an $11,000.00 dollar unexpected hit then your mean spirited comments would have credence!

Anonymous said...

Need a knight in shining armor to ride to the rescue!

Where's Deppity Pheel or Bart Farve when you need 'em?

Cause I don't think Tater has it in him.

Anonymous said...

Count me in with 11:52.

Anonymous said...

11:52 The commenter at 10:59 said they had 30+ years, a Masters degree, and National Board Certification. In a public school that person would be making at least $65,000 on a nine-month contract.

Anonymous said...

Y’all... seriously??!!
How am I living in a world where people will jump on this blog in a heartbeat to defend the News, but can only seem to attack the teachers??? Only one of those two parties are in breach of contact due to nonpayment. I honestly do not understand how people can be so selfish and cruel. What happened to all of that early pandemic “teachers are heroes” sentimentality??

They did a job and under impossible circumstances. They want money that is OWED to them. They are not asking for a handout. What in the world is wrong with you people??

Anonymous said...

@1:21 right, but this wasn’t a public school. I can assure you that most private schools, including NSS, pay far less than public schools.

Kingfish said...

You have to remember, many of the readers are JJ ballers. They eat at Koestler Prime or Char every night, usually with not one but two women hanging from their arms. They live all summer at Orange Beach and Christmas in the Big Apple. Their kids all go to private school and on weekends, they either live in The Grove or The Dude.

Anonymous said...

What a jaded group. Most teachers don't do it for the money. I say most because you should never say never. (I was taught that by a teacher) My experience is that teachers really feel like they can make a contribution to society, not on a global scale, but in their community. Teachers play a very vital role in children's lives. Teachers are the beacon of hope for children who come from broken homes, drug dealers, sexual abuse, mental abuse, come to school hungry because Mama is strung out, Hello, it's black and white students! BTW, I'm not a teacher or anyone in my family is a teacher. Teachers have compassionate hearts. I could not do it!

Anonymous said...

well KF - I guess I need to give up reading your blog, since NONE of those factors apply to me.

Eat at Koestler or Char (yes, I know you do, but not me) every night.
Two women hanging from arm - not even one.
Orange Beach - never been there
Big Apply - last went in 2004, does that count
Don't go to the Grove, but would love to be at the Dude, but haven't been able to do that -- because I am living from paycheck to paycheck.

And I have been in a situation where the company was going broke and paychecks became fewer and further apart.

Blame these lost paychecks on the News? Hell, I thought they were removed from the NSS months ago, and that it was operating under a receiver. So yes, the News who created this school that these teachers are acclaiming, are also the ones that took it down. But they are not the ones that have defaulted on the contract - that's on the NSS which they are no longer affiliated with.

If your story is true that the school 'laid the teachers off' then they are entitled to unemployment. Just because the school 'denied' the claims does not mean that unemployment will not be paid. Simple process - the agency holds a hearing (doens't require that expensive lawyer that was referenced) just show up and give the agency your 'laid off' notice. The school probably will not even bother to show up, giving the agency no reason to deny the benefits.

Or, go join with Nancy Loome - she has this whining and moaning thing down pat for teachers.

Anonymous said...

@2:32.. I almost have no words for the stupidity you just spewed in your post. I am not even going to address 90% of it because it is irrelevant.

You clearly know absolutely nothing about what went on at NSS this year. Not the News fault? Who do you think owns, yes still owns, that school? That would be Nancy New. The custodianship was put in place THREE WEEKS ago. AFTER the first paycheck was missed.

Yes, perhaps they were supposed to be away from the school but that is FAR from what happened. Why do you think the school was unable to pay its teachers? Because of the mess Nancy and King Baby Zach created. The school did not receive anywhere near the funding it typically does to make payroll because of what they did. So it is 100% on them. The teachers contracts are with New Learning Resources so yes, it is the News that are in breach of contract.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear this. Maybe things will get worked out.

Anonymous said...

The teachers at this school have done great jobs and deserve to be paid. I'd like to know where all the tuition money the parents paid in all school year went? If the school needs to they should start selling off property in order to pay these teachers the money owed to them. The employees of this once very good school should not suffer due to the actions and greed of its owners. I feel for the teachers and the kids. What are the kids going to do next school year? It is sad that someone does not step in and take create a new school for both the kids and the teachers. Just do NOT call it "New" Summit!!

Anonymous said...

@1:21p- I know for a fact one of the teachers speaking out is a retired Rankin County teacher. She EARNED those credentials while teaching in public school. Our country allows people to work beyond retirement, but I highly doubt she could teach in public school and still draw retirement; hence, she became a private school teacher. Many, many retired public educators do this.

NONE of the teachers’ education credentials and/or pasts have ANYTHING to do with not getting paid under their current contract. It’s ludicrous to me that the state hasn’t made some stipulation to meet payroll, with frozen or liquidated accounts, given their ARE contracts involved. If the state viewed the contracts as null and void upon filing their indictments, they or someone in charge should have immediately shuttered the school. I know it’s sad regarding the children involved, but life is a real bitch sometimes.

Now, if the teachers and administrators were made AWARE of the possibility of not getting paid/questions about validity of contracts and continued to show up, then it’s just a tough lesson in kindness. Many times, those situations where we try to help or do good bite us all in the butts! It rarely fails!!

But, if the teachers and administrators were in anyway threatened or intimidated with legal action for not fulfilling contracts, that’s a whole different problem. In their defense, teaching contracts are serious business to teachers. Break a contract, without a dire need, and you likely won’t teach in the state again!! Education is a backstabbing and petty circle.

What a shit show!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are under the false impression, as most people are, that NSS was run like 99.9999% of other private schools. It was not.

Almost all private schools (I think it actually is all, but I don't know that for a fact) have a board and are run by said board. They are not privately owned because it leads to things like what happened with NSS.

NSS was NOT organized this way. There was NO BOARD, and thus no oversight. Nancy New OWNS New Summit School. Owns it. There is no separation between the two.

It is not as if she was hired by a school and then fired and told to separate herself.

NSS = Nancy New

They were told to step away from the school, but all she did was appoint a puppet to take her place and then just played from behind the scenes. She still came to work in the same office behind the school every day and ran everything through her puppet. She didn't even try to hide that she still had her hand in it until the FBI came knocking on teachers doors this year.

This is a common misperception and leads to a lot of confusion about what happened with NSS.

Anonymous said...

1:47 Then if the OP was retired with 30+ years of experience at Masters salary plus National Boards then they are getting $40K or more in retirement PLUS whatever they got paid by this school.

Either way, it's not like they are first-year teachers. The poster at 11:40 is not unreasonable to ask why a person in that situation doesn't have a six-month savings plan.

Anonymous said...

WTF! The teachers showed up and did the work as the contract specified, so they should be paid in a timely manner. Period. This bullshit about whether they have a rainy day fund or whether they are retired from a public school is just that--bullshit.

Raise Your Right Hand, Please.. said...

Kingfish got exactly the response he wanted by posting this thread.

The only thing I'd like to add, in reply to the very first post is this: Attorneys (and others) who represent claimants in Unemployment Insurance appeals hearings are limited by state law as to what they can charge the claimant for that representation. They're on every corner. Even some who you'd think are much too prissy to get involved in this level of case-work.

So, please, let's not pretend you're without the ability to afford legal counsel if you're claim has been denied. Cry on another shoulder.

Anonymous said...

She was not referring to an attorney for the unemployment issue. She meant one to take on the entire case. Breach of contract etc.

Where does the corruption in our society end? said...

You tell 'em NS Teachers. . .

I have a buddy with an autistic child. They started the child off in Jackson Public Schools where the young person was placed in Special Ed. Next they moved to Rankin County and their Special Ed. program. Both JPS and Rankin schools were merely baby sitting and warehousing services. There was little effort to get the kids to explore their abilities, at least up to the level possible by each individual child. I am willing to bet that the Special Ed instructors and administrators filled out reams of paper work and reports attesting to the "progress" of each child. There was little to no progress.

These parents put their child in New Summit. What a difference and what a miracle.
The kid, now past 21, grew up to be a mostly independent, fully functioning grown up. The young person holds a steady job and has exemplary manners. The child does not cruse the streets of Jackson looking for (and finding) trouble.

Anonymous said...

'@4:56 She was not referring to an attorney for the unemployment issue. She meant one to take on the entire case. Breach of contract etc. June 18, 2021 at 5:25 PM'

Let her speak for herself. What a concept. If she had not been addressing UI, she probably would not have mentioned it. You reckon?

Teachers, if they so choose, take out an insurance policy that covers legal representation. If they opt not to, that's their problem. I know this for a fact.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! It’s obvious there’s some people commenting that have NO idea how teaching contracts work, what it’s like to actually live on a teacher’s salary and what has actually gone on at NSS. First of all, most private schools do not pay teachers what they’d make in public school. That’s a fact, and while the News may have misspent millions, as a former employee, I know they weren’t spending it on the teacher salaries! They poor mouthed us at every single turn- far before embezzlegate. Imagine reading the audit and seeing what they were spending money on! Teachers sign a contract to work 187 days. The NSS teachers worked that- in the middle of a pandemic while dealing with the hurt of what the owners did I might add. They spread the payments over the course of 12 months. This isn’t just a broken contract where they were paid up to the point of broken contract. They are owed the money for work completed! They could never get straight answers on pay- all year! If not for the love of the students and families, they wouldn’t have stayed all year! Let me also add that MOST of the “responsible adults” I know live paycheck to paycheck, especially teachers! It’s a sacrifice made to do a job you were called to do! This is why there areteacher shortages! Good teachers get tired of working several jobs to pay the bills, getting no respect, and they leave for other professions! Many NSS teachers have found employment elsewhere for next year. But as someone else posted- they’ll start work the first of August and will not be paid until the END of August! It’s a shame but also, shame on some of you!

Anonymous said...

@4:05 There are first and second year teachers affected by this. There are young staff members at NSS who began their career making less than they would at a public school because they really wanted to make a difference and they’ve gotten screwed. But really, what is your point? Whether it’s a first or 30 year teacher, they didn’t get paid what they were owed. I seriously doubt you’d be good with not getting paid what you were owed. But clearly, you’re a douche so I’ll stop wasting time trying to explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

So…they can’t pay the teachers but Zach can allegedly take his family on a 10 day vacation in Destin?

Anonymous said...

" Unfortunately for the teachers, they can not file unemployment claims. One curious teacher said she tried to submit an unemployment claim only to be told the school denied her claim"

I hate what has happened to these teachers.

But that statement has some misleading assumptions.

A couple of facts:

1. Anyone can apply for unemployment benefits. (but approval is a different situation)

2. Employers do not make the "call" regarding who receives benefits or not.
The Mississippi Department of Employment Security makes that decision ... and no one else.
( unless one's case enters into the judicial system).

Now a couple of tips:

Read the "fine print" of any employment contract ... or better ... have an attorney read it.
In many situations, a contracted worker (under the law) is exempt from Unemployment Insurance coverage
They may be considered "self employed ".

This is also true for any one working for a religious institution.
School teacher, Sunday morning day-care worker, ect.

Employment laws are far more complex than most people realize, so again it's worth having an attorney take a look at the contract.

And no ... I'm not an attorney.

Anonymous said...

3:29 - what you suggest is not a state 'job'. It might be the job of the courts - but the state's bitch is with the News, not with the school. The mess at the school is due to the News. The state did provide some funding to the school but it does not control the day to day operation of this private business.

Its a bitch that this will be litigated in order to reach a resolution - on probably many more legal contract issues than just the teacher's contracts. But just as in any other business dispute (not getting paid on a contract is just that, a business dispute) gets resolved somehow or someway through the courts.

Seems like lately everybody wants 'the state' to jump in and fix all kinds of problems that are not in the state's (or in some cases, no level of governments) bailiwick. Guess that is the new society norm under the national Democratic governmental model - the feds are here to fix everything, to take care of everything. Bernie's world of socialism where everything should be controlled by the government to equalize everybody.

Anonymous said...


I actually happen to know, for a fact, that she did not mean a UI attorney, or were you also present for that conversation? Also, as a former NSS employee, I can tell you, for a fact, that whatever insurance you speak of was not available.

If you are referring to legal shield.. guess what? They will not cover any of the teachers legal fees because the News also have a policy with them.

So you can take your facts and bad attitude and shove them up your ass!

Peyton said...

We had a child at NSS and were impressed by the composure shown by the staff and headmaster this year. It was our first year at the school and I'm sad that it'll be our last. The progress shown by our child was incredible and I'm heartbroken that these teachers were treated so badly. The headmaster greeted us each day at drop-off and was in tears on the last day- yes they made it through the full year- to see our children leave- as I'm sure he knew it'd be the last time he saw them at that school. My child's teacher was a recent graduate of Millsaps who also worked through the entire year and I'm appalled that she didn't receive her full pay. She showed patience, understanding, and a spirit of hard work throughout the year- right up to the end. These teachers showed incredible care for students in a situation that many would flee from- due to concerns about their own financial security and future. This was a brave crew and I admire the grit they showed during the past year. I do hope they get some justice and receive the pay they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Does Nancy still own the school?

And, double damages under the FLSA, plus attorney fees. Mike Farrell & Louis Watson are good attorneys who know the employment laws.

Anonymous said...

@8:17p- I actually prefer not to have the state out there meddling and fixing things, but if the government is going to indicte in a situation involving a specialized school they should have either shuttered the school or arranged for the contractual completion of the school year. I’m well aware of the contracts being private contracts, but this is a more than unique situation.

I’m perplexed about the school’s assets and accounts not being immediately frozen. If they were frozen, the acting school administrator should be answering the teachers cries because he or she chose to keep the doors open. Who in their right mind thinks you can run a school with no assets or bank accounts!!

Anonymous said...

8:16 - I have news (no pun intended) for you. Having a contract (common for many, many jobs) does not exempt one from UI coverage. Many professionals are employed under the terms of a contract (of one description or another). The two are NOT mutually exclusive. Methinks you are confusing the term Independent Contractor with employee with a contract. Independent Contractors do not have 'Employee Contracts' since they are NOT employees. Learn the difference.

@9:03...I am 6:41. Not sure why you refer to my earlier post as 'bad attitude'. You have a potty mouth. That can't be denied. I bet you're a hoot on playground duty.

Anonymous said...

This is what you get with privatization of essential services.

The " business" was badly managed and went broke.

Moreover, with privatization, the initial savings of the " contract" disappears rather rapidly and the costs climb far more rapidly than if the " service" had remained in government hands.

One of the dumb things those who won this political fight did was "give away" plant and equipment. Not the case here, but certainly the case with other privatizations.

Kyle Nobles said...

It’s so easy for people who know nothing, except what’s in the news, to make false judgments. New Summit School was a place where students that struggled in other schools found acceptance and success. The success was because of the incredible compassion and love for the students displayed by the staff! If anyone thinks that it is somehow selfish for the teachers to expect to be paid for their work, that’s just silly. This is America and each is entitled to their opinion. In my opinion, the comments by some on this issue are ridiculous and insensitive towards a group of teachers that struggled through a year of Covid and financial uncertainty to provide the best for their students.

I am proud to have spent this past school year with the staff at NSS and stand by them...and would do so again if given the opportunity!
Kyle Nobles.

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally see a few positive posts in support of these teachers!! Perhaps we could focus on ways to help instead of tearing them down.

Anonymous said...

8:16 What does happen is the employer gets sent a letter notifying them an employee has filed for benefits and gives the employer a chance to refute their entitlement for benefits. The employee won't receive any benefits immediately and the case gets kicked into the appeal process, and that takes time.

I'm dealing with a COVID claim at work from last year where the employee quit before the pandemic even got started and then claimed because their child's school closed a month later that they were due benefits. The case isn't going to be heard by the MDES judge until next month. If they prevail then they will get retroactive benefits, but for the last 15 months they have gotten nothing.

Anonymous said...

@Kyle Nobles... While your statement makes for warm and fuzzy feelings, it has zero bearing on the completion of contracts that your fellow teachers are crying out about.

Since you are directly involved, can you explain WHY you stayed after the indictment? Were you told you HAD to stay because there was a contract? Were you ever MADE AWARE the school didn't have the funds to complete your contract, yet you chose to stay? Did the teachers seek an attorney's advise on their contracts after the indictment? Did you have working knowledge the NSS equaled Nancy New? Obviously, your were all aware of the scope of the indictment. Help us understand the logic for staying, beyond "it was for the kids."

If you made your decision to stay and work "for the kids" with the knowledge you would likely not be paid, while very noble, you cannot expect to garner much sympathy for not being paid. There came a point where you made a conscious decision to become a volunteer, and as you state above, you'd do it all over again.

@8:16a- You are slow to catch on here...

The teachers are arguing they have "contracts in place"; hence, they are not technically unemployed. It has already been stated most of the teachers have contracts at different schools for next fall. When teachers are off during the summer months, they are not unemployed in the traditional sense. Those who need to do so get summer/second jobs during those off months. These teachers seeking unemployment are arguing out of both sides of their mouths.

@6:15a- "... Learn the difference." There is not a teacher employed anywhere collecting unemployment benefits during the summer months. This is not an unemployment issue. The teachers view and are arguing themselves as "employed" through the contracts they are raging mad about. School being closed for the summer does not constitute unemployment, if this were true, you could say the same about Christmas break, Spring break, all the days schools were shuttered for COVID (WITH PAY), etc. Teaching contracts are uniquely based on a number of days worked during a period (average of 180). The payment for those days worked is then spread over a 12 month period so that the teachers' income remains steady.

Anonymous said...

@6:15 am-bet you’ve never been much of a hoot on the playground or anywhere else. Keep clutching your pearls, you’ll be fine.

Kyle Nobles said...

@8:16...if it were any of your business, I would tell you!

Kyle Nobles

Anonymous said...

If people would quit worrying about drawing a damn Unemployment check, and get back to work ... everyone would be in a better financial position.

I'm so glad Governor Reeves opted-out of those goofy enhanced "extra money" Unemployment programs.
from the Feds.

Friends of mine were very serious when they told me:
"I have no plans to return to work, I'm making more money per week than I ever have in my life".

(No doubt).

But I think such attitudes will change very quickly within the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

@6:15a- "... Learn the difference." There is not a teacher employed anywhere collecting unemployment benefits during the summer months. This is not an unemployment issue.

12:50 - You're wrong. Teachers can and do indeed draw unemployment 'during the summer months' if they have been informed that their contract will not be renewed. And, depending on individual circumstances, that teacher can continue to draw unemployment insurance for the remainder of their benefit year if they are unable to find or return to suitable employment. At the end of the contract year (even though earned income continues to be spread out), if a teacher has been advised that her contract will not be renewed, they are technically unemployed through no fault of their own and (all things considered) are eligible and allowed.

Anonymous said...

@6:22p- These people are not without contracts for the current year or, as has been stated by the teachers, next school year either. They’ve ADMITTED they worked out their contract, and most have new contracts in place for the fall. They are NOT unemployed, they are unpaid as a result of alleged criminal activity.

You’re stretching your argument to people who essentially choose to leave the teaching profession. No decent teacher in MS is ever left without a contract if they truly want a job. Now, if they’re picky and only want certain districts, they may be jobless, but that’s their own choice and fault.

Anonymous said...

@Kyle Nobles, thank you for your services at NSS Jackson this year. Actions speak louder that words. God bless you for your actions.

Master of none said...

What is wrong with people? These teachers have signed a contract and actually expect the other party, that signed the contract, to honor the contract? Why the nerve of these people. To expect someone to abide by their promises reeks of privilege. If you haven't figured it out, that is sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the confidence, and you are partially correct but have obviously failed to read some of the comments that laid out the actual way this works.
Teachers with contracts are with different schools. Not NSS so that has nothing to do with this. Contracts with NSS go through July 31st, which is how teachers count as being employed through the summer. When NSS defaulted on pay on May 31st, they were in breach of contact. The contract was broken aka teachers are NOT under contract anymore. I really don’t understand why this is so hard for people to grasp.

Teacher contracts typical end in the end of July for the previous school year and resume at the beginning of August for the next. THAT is why teachers are not “unemployed” in the summer. That is not the case here. There is honestly not a simple enough explanation for the details of this case that could be outlined on this blog. It is a very, very complex case which you do not fully understand. So PLEASE leave your “I know everything” comments on some other blog or ridiculous Facebook political post.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Anonymous said...

What teachers have ADMITTED (as if they did something wrong??) to is that they fulfilled THEIR contractual obligations. That does NOT mean that NLR/NSS fulfilled theirs.

Anonymous said...

(By 11:12) was meant to read “teachers with contacts for next year” in the first part .. typo. Didn’t want to cause more confusion

Anonymous said...

@11:12a- You wasted your time typing all that because I DO understand the situation. As you recapped, yet again, this is a contract issue, not an unemployment issue. Your own argument would only allow the teachers, if eligible (but I firmly believe they are not) to collect unemployment for 2, maybe 2.5 months, depending on last working day at NSS.. (Since you know unemployment so well, you can calculate how little that is yourself.) Not to mention, if they are successful in their attempts for payment under their NSS contract, THEY’D HAVE TO PAY ANY UNEMPLOYMENT RECEIVED BACK.

I’m still waiting on one of these teachers to explain why they stayed beyond the sympathy-seeking “for the kids” argument. Surely, given the KNOWN gravity of this indictment, they were advised by someone.

Ironically, had the school been immediately shuttered when the shit hit the fan, they would have all been eligible for unemployment. There’s your “loss of job through no fault of their own” situation. The current situation of delayed pay (because they DID work) is NOT the same.

Anonymous said...


What exactly is your argument? That teachers are not owed the money they earned because they knew about the financial problems? Man, these teachers can’t catch a break. It is either that they are greedy and don’t care enough about the kids or that being “in it for the kids” was a stupid mistake on their part.

Also, you seem terribly concerned on if the teachers were advised and by whom.

Anonymous said...

@2:31p- I NEVER said they weren’t entitled to their pay. BUT, if they willingly worked knowing they may not get paid, then their cries seem ridiculous. You cannot have it both ways. That’s why I continue to ask why they continued (beyond “for the kids”) and try to understand their logic.

I feel the school should have been immediately shut down given it is solely owned by Nancy New, and it’s beyond obvious she will NEVER be able to open and run this school again.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:23 (part 1)

Ok this I might be able to help with, as far as why the teachers stayed, other than their love of the kids and loyalty to the school. This response is not meant to be confrontational, but will hopefully instead shed light on the realities that were teaching at NSS.

The uncertainty about pay was not as black and white. More of a roller coaster. Also, please keep in mind all of the other challenges going on this year when these decisions were made. At first, it was fear of not being paid, but without anything being confirmed. It was just radio silence and holding your breath until your paycheck was put in your hand at 3:30 on payday. This kept a lot of us hanging on. We were afraid we wouldn't be paid, but they continued to deliver.

Then there were rumors that other campuses weren't being paid on time, but we continued to be paid on time. Please keep in mind the misleading statements and flat out lies that were being made to the teachers at this time to string us along. I want to make sure that event the people in the back hear this one: at NO time were Roy Balentine or the News open and honest with the teachers. It was all either lies or complete silence. We sent emails, asked them face to face... NOTHING. All. Year. Long.

Anything we knew we had to dig up on our own.

It was not until this spring (about halfway through 2nd semester) that we were FINALLY told what we all suspected.... it was unlikely we would be paid. Again, please keep in mind that we were now

1) Weeks away from finishing our contracts (which we had a responsibility to complete)
2) Schools were not hiring for positions that started at that time
3) We could have gotten a job outside of education, but few want to hire someone knowing they will leave in August. I guess we could have lied to a potential employer? Additionally, any job we could get like that (I looked into being a secretary etc.) was likely going to pay less than IF the school was able to pay us.
4) there were things such as benefits and retirement plans to consider
5) rumors were flying everywhere. At this point no one knew WHAT to believe.

THEN miraculously our paychecks were put in our hand on pay day. This continued for the remaining pay periods. Every two weeks we just rode the rollercoaster. "Yay we got paid! Let's keep going. Oh no here comes payday. 'We probably won't be able to pay you this pay period'." Checks magically arrived.

There was one pay period that I found out early that morning we would not be paid, but miraculously some money appeared and we were. At this point, we didn't know which end was up. It was like living inside a tornado.

The May 15th pay period was paid on time. The teachers then had about two weeks left in school. So the same roller coaster ride started. Many of us strongly suspected that once students were out and our presence was no longer needed, the magic money would stop appearing on pay day. But after weeks and weeks of hearing that and then it appearing, would you have taken the gamble and taken the risk of breaking your contract with just shy of two weeks left?

We knew there was a possibility of nonpayment. A very very strong possibility, but we had already made it 99% of the way through the school year. What would you have done?

Not to play the "in it for the children sympathy card", but had all the teachers walked at that point, NONE of the students would have received credit for the year, including the seniors. And again.... radio silence from the powers that be. So we rode out the last two weeks...... and then you know the rest.

It was not as black and white as people make it seem. Like everything else, it had many complicated layers. Are we angry? YES. But not just for not being paid. For everything. I promise you I am not being dramatic when I tell you that you simply can't imagine what it was like to be there.

Anonymous said...

There was one pay period that I found out early that morning we would not be paid, but miraculously some money appeared and we were. At this point, we didn't know which end was up. It was like living inside a tornado.

The May 15th pay period was paid on time. The teachers then had about two weeks left in school. So the same roller coaster ride started. Many of us strongly suspected that once students were out and our presence was no longer needed, the magic money would stop appearing on pay day. But after weeks and weeks of hearing that and then it appearing, would you have taken the gamble and taken the risk of breaking your contract with just shy of two weeks left?

We knew there was a possibility of nonpayment. A very very strong possibility, but we had already made it 99% of the way through the school year. What would you have done?

Not to play the "in it for the children sympathy card", but had all the teachers walked at that point, NONE of the students would have received credit for the year, including the seniors. And again.... radio silence from the powers that be. So we rode out the last two weeks...... and then you know the rest.

It was not as black and white as people make it seem. Like everything else, it had many complicated layers. Are we angry? YES. But not just for not being paid. For everything. I promise you I am not being dramatic when I tell you that you simply can't imagine what it was like to be there.

I am one of the teachers that has a contract with a school for next year. I will receive my first paycheck at the end of August. My final paycheck from NSS SHOULD have been August 15th. Teachers stretch their salary across 12 months because we need a steady paycheck. Yes, many of us have summer jobs to SUPPLEMENT our income. Not replace it.

So, what are we supposed to do? Just go quietly into the good night? What is wrong with pursuing every option available to us? WE did not create this mess, but we continue to be slapped in the face at every turn. I could go on for days about all of the wrongs done this year. Please know that this post only describes a few of them as it relates to pay.

We did nothing wrong. Nothing. People either want to blame us for not caring enough about the kids, or using them as an excuse, or caring too much. It is a lose lose situation for teachers.

The truth is, just as the article says, we keep getting F****d over and over again.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:23 (part 3)

I think most rational people would assume that there was at least SOME level of communication from those in power with the teachers. That was, unfortunately, not even a little bit the case. With the exception of our direct administrators (who were EXCEPTIONAL) we had NO communication.

At one point, we (the teachers) held a meeting amongst ourselves to draft an email from us all to Mr. Balentine asking many questions that I believe people here assume we got answers to. I would assume that if I had not worked there. Things like can we have a meeting with administration to ask questions, what will happen to our benefits if we don't get paid, can we please be told what is going on as far as the future of the school, what should we tell parents, if we don't get paid will we be penalized if we do not come to work the following day(s).

Guess what the response was? There wasn't one. Not even a, "I got your email and am working on it."

Nothing. Complete radio silence. In a meeting that followed a few weeks later, this issue was addressed with Mr. Balentine. Guess what our answer was? "Email me your questions and I will answer them."

This is after countless emails went unanswered. We tried desperately to get answers. To anything. If you only knew how many times I had to ask "are we going to get paid on such and such day?" only to be answered with a shoulder shrug.

We may have worked there, but we knew next to nothing. I think that the perception is that this was treated like it would be in most normal situations: open and honest communication.

That was not AT ALL the case. We literally cried and begged. Nothing. So we were left with the choice of taking the gamble of breaking our own contracts, walking away from payment that *might* come, leaving our students, or riding it out.

So imagine that you had been through all of these ups and downs and it comes down to two weeks. Just two more weeks and then you made it! You fulfilled your contract! They now owe you around (depending on the teacher) 10k pre-tax. Or do you take the risk and break your contract before they do so that you can go somewhere else and hopefully make $10 an hour? Risking not being entitled to the money they owed you, should they be able to pay it.

I hope this helps shed some light on the realities that were working at NSS this year and provides some insight into why we stayed. I could probably write a best selling novel at this point titled, "Why we stayed." Too bad the royalty checks would come in far too late to cover my bills I have do NOW.

The teachers were not the bad guys in this situation, but it certainly seems that is somehow the perception.

Anonymous said...


I can also assure the grammatical errors (do vs due) are DUE to my poorly calibrated autocorrect feature and do not adequately reflect my written communication skills. Please do not let it detract from the sincerity and information in my post.

Anonymous said...

Teachers were lied to. We were the last to be told anything. It was an emotional roller coaster after the March indictment. Teachers were afraid to not show up for work. They were led to believe if they breached their contracts the News could and would have their teaching license revoked. We were told by Roy Balentine he wanted all questions directed to him. The end of April we again heard there was no money to make payroll. Roy finally respond to an email on April 30th stating, "If you weren't going to be paid, you would have already been have not had to work without pay since you've been here." Checks we're ready after 3 that afternoon. Once again magically there was money. Teachers were never told we would have to work without pay. Keep in mind, at this point we are weeks away from the end of the year. If teachers walked out, students wouldn't receive credit for the school year. So let me clarify, teachers continued to work under the assumption we would be paid. It has been explained in detail how teacher contracts work.

Yes, teachers care about their students. We build relationships with parents and families. We teach, mold and guide students to become contributing members of society. However, teaching is a profession. Many teachers work other jobs to supplement their pay. This is not about our salary nor about having a safety net of funds for a rainy day. It is about a breach of contract by the News.

Here is my challenge to all the anti-teacher people commenting on here. Put your money where your mouth is. Go to work a Monday morning and inform your employer you do not wish to be paid for the $10k you earn. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, you need to shut the hell up!

Anonymous said...

For all you people, if it was not for the teachers, EVERY student at NSS would not have gotten credit for this school year. Can you imagine your child going to school for almost the entire year and then being told they would have to repeat the same grade next year, I bet you would be a bit more compassionate if that were your kid,

Anonymous said...

@6:53p- I’ve seen no one make comments that are anti-teacher (my own child is a teacher), but I have seen people try to process the facts. Facts do not make us anti-teacher. What you all need is an attorney, not the media. It’s an awful situation, but you’re not due unemployment, you’re due pay for hours worked from a private, indicted party. You all were not blindsided, you were well aware of the situation.

Is the school not accredited? The state just graduated and promoted hundreds of thousands of students, public and private, not 12 months earlier who didn’t complete their school year. Who said they wouldn’t get any credit?

Who was funding the school and meeting payroll after the indictment?

Anonymous said...

At this point, every attorney that has been approached (that I know of) has declined taking the case. Some because of personal relationships with the News and some Bc they simply don’t want to get involved.

“You all were not blindsided” ... I am genuinely asking you to explain this to me. This sentiment seems to continue to be repeated. It may not have been a complete surprise, but for 18 months we had been led to believe our paychecks were in jeopardy, but we were still paid. This “you weren’t blindsided” idea very much communicates that we are either not entitled to our contractually obligated pay or were somehow at fault.

The school is accredited. The number of days students had to attend in our case was determined by MDE. Administration contacted MDE, discussed the situation thoroughly, and that is what was decided.

The “who was funding” part is beyond complicated. Take your pick. Private tuition, money from the state, dyslexia scholarship money, ESA..... etc.

I would sincerely like to know how you recommend we proceed. Legally, we have gotten nowhere. AG’s office and DOL say they can’t touch it. What should we do? We have tried everything we know.

Anonymous said...

6:53, I have a wonderful idea. All those that choose to forgo $10,000.00 tomorrow can adopt a NSS teacher and donate it to them. And while they are feeling so altruistic, they can go ahead and cancel their insurance just to show good faith!

Anonymous said...

@10:06 Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the state did graduate those students. Inability to pay your teachers/having to close unfortunately does not merit the same level of response as a global pandemic. Perhaps, if it did, the teachers might have been paid by someone.

Anonymous said...

@8:25.. or anyone else that shares this sentiment..

Please fill in the blank:

You weren’t blindsided so _______.

You knew this was coming so _____.

You knew they might not pay you so _____.

Anonymous said...

@9:30p- I suspect the attorneys without conflicts won’t take it because they know this will be tied up for years and the likelihood of seeing money is beyond minuscule. I’m pretty sure the state and feds will recover any stolen/misappropriated tax dollars before they start paying out any other claims, such as these contracts. The corporation that held the school literally has a status of “intent to dissolve-taxes.”

I’m stunned the state, and any federal grants, continued to provide funding after the arrests and/or indictments. I believe the school should have been shuttered upon arrests. There’s NO WAY the News are winning their criminal cases. I’m honestly SHOCKED any teacher signed a contract for the 2020-2021 school year given all the info about the arrests and the fact the she is the sole officers/owner of the corporation that runs the school. At some point, we all have to learn to protect ourselves. You don’t have to be an attorney to have understood after the arrests that this school was not surviving this situation. I don’t even believe it could have been sold because the assets will be used to contribute to efforts to recover stolen taxpayer dollars.

Someone with access to the bank account(s), whether it was the acting administrator or someone else, KNEW the funds were gone. THAT is who you should be pissed at right now. If that administrator agreed with MDE that the students had to wrap the year and KNEW the funds weren’t there to do it, you should want that person’s head on a platter. Someone, at some point, actively deceived you all to complete your working days. This sad part is proving that will not get you your money.

Honestly, if I were in your shoes and trying to think outside of the box, my next step would likely be contacting Favre, and maybe the Dibiases, to seek help raising funds to cover outstanding teachers’ pay. They’ve got wealthy friends and connections. It is very likely that unless someone steps in with fundraising, you will never see any money from this.

To those challenging folks to go without $10k of pay... you aren’t recognizing that all of us taxpayers were also bamboozled by the News. We aren’t responsible for paying or suffering any more loss due to their criminal activities. My advice is for you to own up to YOUR choice to stick around for the school year. No one FORCED you to sign that 2020-2021 contract.

Anonymous said...

@9:30p- No one has said the News’ corporation doesn’t owe you. Surely you realize the party obligated to pay you has been indicted and will have a LONG list of stolen/misappropriated taxpayer dollars to repay first and foremost. The reality is, there aren’t enough assets to cover all the damage they caused AND these contracts.

Drama Part 8 said...

This has gotten beyond high-drama. The facts laid out above in Parts 1 through 12 are beyond repetitive. ENOUGH. It can't be true that every labor-law-attorney in the metro has a relationship with the News. It COULD be that most of them know there can be no recovery from a broke, corrupt and defunct organization.

One question I keep having, while reading through the drama is this: Where was the money supposed to come from? What, who or which funded this organization in the first place and how did those funds dry up? I'm sure you'll say you wondered that too and if you asked, you got only a shoulder-shrug.

This is not much consolation, but, YES, you will be able to draw unemployment insurance. And, yes, there is such a thing as constructive discharge which allows you to walk even though there may be a (unenforceable) contract in place. Even the so-called 'judges' that hear UI Appeals know that.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one who realizes the same person has responded twelve times on behalf of the f***ed teachers.

Anonymous said...

Were state student vouchers given to and accepted by New Summit this school year (20-21)?

If this was allowed after all of the indictments then we were all screwed.

Anonymous said...

MDE has made some major mistakes which directly impacted these school’s ability to survive. This entire situation is going to get very interesting before it’s said and done. It’s terrible that the teachers, students and their families are stuck in the middle of this, but I think we will all soon see that much of the angst is directed in the wrong direction, or at least partially so.

Just like DHS, MDE isn’t coming out of this situation squeaky clean.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently school teachers are a dime-a-dozen in Mississippi. I hope a great many excellent but foolishly loyal teachers across the state find more secure positions or move to states where they will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

@2:43p- You’ll be pleased to know that teachers are NOT a “dime a dozen” in MS. We actually have a shortage; hence, a certified teacher that WANTS to work CAN work. Now, as I stated earlier, their personal choices regarding districts may limit them but it won’t be because the jobs don’t exists. The legalities of this situation have NOTHING to do with appreciating teachers.

Anonymous said...

As stated several times already, this situation sucks for these teachers. When you teachers go to apply in JPS, Hinds County or other districts, ask for signing bonuses. These districts need certified teachers in a bad way, and they all probably have a little PPP/COVID/Whatever money left over. Maybe a signing bonus, can help offset some of the losses.

Anonymous said...

It's also important to note that the unemployment insurance rules do not and will not mandate that a teacher accept another similar position if it requires relocation or anything else that is inconsistent with common sense. So, please stop with the silly nonsensical posts that 'there are jobs to be had and work is available'.

We always need to back up a few steps and consider where Phil Bryant was in this large circle jerk. Oh....and his wife.

Anonymous said...

Those of you that want to continue with your “you chose to sign a contract” argument, PLEASE go troll someone else and don’t even continue reading.

I wanted to remind some of you people that teachers sign contracts in the spring. So the 2020-2021 contracts were signed in March/April of 2020. You know... right when that whole global pandemic thing happened.. no one knew what was going to happen. Any job was better than no job. We especially didn’t know what was going to happen with schools. Also, at that point, no one wanted to believe the charges were true and they were adamantly professing their innocence.

Anonymous said...

@4:32p- Serious questions...

1. If the contracts weren’t signed by choice, who forced the teachers to sign them?
2. Did ANY teachers actually think for themselves and leave, or did every single teacher from the 2019-2020 school year sign on for 2020-2021?
3. Do you really expect us to believe the teachers couldn’t read the February 5, 2020, press releases and comprehend the scope of the investigation and seriousness of the charges? No reasonable person could have possibly believed the school could survive.
4. Did any teachers actually BELIEVE the bullshit cries of innocence? I mean, the News were hanging by less than a thread, what did you expect them to say?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:38 You are clever. I will give you that. ..."who forced the teachers to sign them?.. so I guess the only response is, "no one forced them". Which I assume you think will play to your point of exactly that, no one forced them.

As for the rest, I won't even give it the time of day. What is it that you are arguing exactly? It very much sounds like you are just a bitter, entitled person. Perhaps you shoved that last tampon just a little to far towards the north end.

No one is taking your, "it is their fault bc they chose to be screwed by the News" bait. G'day mate.

Anonymous said...

@8:13p- No bait, intended. I was simply asking questions based on @4:32’s statements.

I’m far from bitter and entitled. I prefer reality and the truth. It appears you prefer name calling and tampons. To each their own...

I fully understand the situation sucks for these teachers, but the victim game is ludicrous. The News have been a dumpster fire since February 2020 and the whole world was aware. That’s my point. Period.

Anonymous said...

@9:38PM "I prefer reality and truth."

Yet, here we all are on JJ apparently looking for it. We're all suckers. KF is good at piecing together bits of information and passing it off on this site as though he actually has a clue what's going on. And, we continually soak it up.

Anonymous said...

@8:58a- I truly hope you’re joking. My reality and truth don’t come solely from KF, and I don’t understand why you are attacking him for sharing news and other information. I’ve never seen him claim to know it all. He provides solid info, with court docs when applicable, shares articles written by others, and sometimes funny clips to make us laugh. And, as you obviously know, he allows us to converse on HIS blog.

The teachers sought out the media/public. KF shared the info. We all have the ability (if you don’t want to view what KF has previously shared about the News) to research this case through other sources and court docs. When facts are considered, rather than emotions, it’s easy to find the reality in this mess.

KF didn’t cause this chaos. Your left-field attack makes YOU look like a sucker.

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In order to help clean up the legal profession, Adam Kilgore of the Mississippi Bar will be giving away free, round-trip plane tickets to the North Pole where they keep their bar complaint forms (which are NOT available online). If you don't want to go to the North Pole, you can enjoy Brant Brantley's (of the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance) free guided tours of the quicksand field over by High Street where all complaints against judges disappear. If for some reason you are unable to control yourself, never fear; Judge Houston Patton will operate his jail where no lawyers are needed or allowed as you just sit there for minutes... hours.... months...years until he decides he is tired of you sitting in his jail. Do not think Judge Patton is a bad judge however as he plans to serve free Mad Dog 20/20 to all inmates.

Trollfest '09 is a pet-friendly event as well. Feel free to bring your dog with you and do not worry if your pet gets hungry, as employees of the Jackson Zoo will be on hand to provide some of their animals as food when it gets to be feeding time for your little loved one.

Relax at the Fox News Tent. Since there are only three blonde reporters in Jackson (being blonde is a requirement for working at Fox News), Megan and Kathryn from WAPT and Wendy from WLBT will be on loan to Fox. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both and a torn-up Obama yard sign will entitle you to free drinks served by Megan, Wendy, and Kathryn. Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required. Just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '09 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS.

Trollfest '07

Jackson Jambalaya is the home of Trollfest '07. Catch this great event which promises to leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Sonjay Poontang and his band headline the night with a special steel cage, no time limit "loser must leave town" bout between Alan Lange and "Big Cat"Donna Ladd following afterwards. Kamikaze will perform his new song F*** Bush, he's still a _____. Did I mention there was no referee? Dr. Heddy Matthias and Lori Gregory will face off in the undercard dueling with dangling participles and other um, devices. Robbie Bell will perform Her two latest songs: My Best Friends are in the Media and Mama's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be George Bell. Sid Salter of The Clarion-Ledger will host "Pin the Tail on the Trial Lawyer", sponsored by State Farm.

There will be a hugging booth where in exchange for your young son, Frank Melton will give you a loooong hug. Trollfest will have a dunking booth where Muhammed the terrorist will curse you to Allah as you try to hit a target that will drop him into a vat of pig grease. However, in the true spirit of Separate But Equal, Don Imus and someone from NE Jackson will also sit in the dunking booth for an equal amount of time. Tom Head will give a reading for two hours on why he can't figure out who the hell he is. Cliff Cargill will give lessons with his .80 caliber desert eagle, using Frank Melton photos as targets. Tackleberry will be on hand for an autograph session. KIM Waaaaaade will be passing out free titles and deeds to crackhouses formerly owned by The Wood Street Players.

If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS