Thursday, June 17, 2021

Homicides on Ford and Newport

 JPD tweeted the following statements. 

(#1)  JPD is investigating a shooting that occurred just before 10am in the 300 block of Ford Ave. An adult male was fatally wounded just outside his residence following a dispute with a second male. Suspect fled on a white motorcycle.

(#2)  JPD is investigating a shooting that occurred just after 1:30pm in the 2800 block of Newport St. An adult male was fatally wounded following an altercation with at least two other males. An unknown dark colored SUV was observed fleeing the scene.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here.. move along move along...

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Homicide on Chestnut Alley in Canton hasn't made the news yet.

Anonymous said...

Investigating? hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

You want to know why the Jacktown thugs be killing? Because they can.

Anonymous said...

"You want to know why the Jacktown thugs be killing? Because they can." And, with Impunity. I see that I-220 may be becoming another shooting gallery. Then those two angelic beasts in V'burg having a shoot out at a motel. What is that, Jacktown try outs?

Anonymous said...

Neeeexxxxxtttttt. This is the new normal in the bold new city. It seems it's one or more per day now. Meanwhile the May-uh is still peddling his racist water narrative with several other progressive mayors in the South.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon update: homicide on Newport Street. 66 so far this year, by WLBT's count.

Anonymous said...

Projection @ rate = 143 YE murders in Jackson, Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor, can you say “cease fire”.

Anonymous said...

2:24 PM
Jackson Junior League. I will see myself out.

Anonymous said...

Altercations that lead to succumbing are some bad shit! If you're thinking about moving to MadCo...consider the 'sandwich'. It's real.

Anonymous said...

2:44 You know, you're right. When you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you're doing (and that's assuming he cares at all, because this really has gotten to be pretty normal for Jackson), the only way to keep your constituents on your side to to blame it on the "enemy." "If it weren't for x,y,z, then this would be a Kush utopia already".....or some such nonsense.

5:44 That's a consideration that I'm not sure a lot of people consider, but it's OH so true! It may not be immediate, but it IS inevitable!

Anonymous said...

People say they are scared of Jackson, but it's not random residents going shopping and someone decided to blast them to steal their car or rob them.

Hell, you saw a man get carjacked in Ridgeland the other day.

The shootings have been over personal disputes. What those disputes are over and how serious they are, is as good as a guess as anyone's.

The biggest issue is trying to convince people to stop running to guns to solve their problems!? Whether those problems are financial or personal, once you decide to grab a gun to rectify your problems, you are just headed down the point of no return that ends with you in jail or dead.

Anonymous said...

6:04 is spot on. And, the most intelligent post - although that’s not saying much for this crowd. For all of you “nexters”, what would YOU do to prevent what happened? How would YOU solve this problem? Was it JPD’s job to be on Ford Avenue at that moment? This is a cultural problem. I live in Jackson. I shop, dine, and worship in Jackson. I’m acutely aware of the stats. It’s painful to see the condition of this city. But, in spite of your wishes, Jackson isn’t going away. So, instead of your arm chair bitching, let’s hear your ideas.

Anonymous said...

I would start with a gang taskforce. Jackson has a gang problem, and teaching conflict resolution will not change that. Especially when the mayor and city counsel won't even use the word "gang."

Anonymous said...

7:45 Any ideas offered by people outside of Jackson are considered racist and thus unworthy.

Anonymous said...

7:45PM, you’re young aren’t you?

If so, you might listen to left wing lunatic Bill Maher’s last new rules at 7:04 in the vid (search New Rule: Progressophobia | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO))

specifically when he says in addition to BC and AD, we need a BY.

Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Maybe not insane, but certainly stupid, right?

Until enough of Jackson’s citizens want law and order bad enough to install competent leaders that will give them that law and order, well, you get the picture now don’t you?

To all of Jackson’ so-called leaders: “It’s The Crime Stupid.”

Anonymous said...

7:45 I read this site for the news, and to comment. As it says, Leave Your Comment. Solutions are for the people that live in the city and their elected officials etc. I’m just a regular Retired Joe, reading the news and commentating. I too care about this Country as a whole, however the citizens of Jackson as any other city in crisis must find ways to solve their problems. Maybe some of the citizens in Jackson might not know that shooting/killing another human being is a problem. I’m sorry I don’t have any solutions.

It’s really sad, and I’m truly sorry.

Kingfish said...

We've now hit the number of homicides we had when Vance was chief.

Murders have ranked in the top five of Jackson's history ever since Mayor Lumumba assumed the purple.

So what is different in the last four years than the previous three?

Anonymous said...

The mayor is repeatedly using the phrase “I have put together more recruit classes”. Someone please ask him how many of those officers have left for better opportunities. How many of those have left b/c they hate working under his administration? How many of those left b/c of the lack of pay? How many of those have left b/c they don’t respect the police administration? You don’t have the nuts to get on the news and tell the mommas or dads, if you birthed them come get your kids. Grow a pair and start backing your officers.

Anonymous said...

I remember when y’all used to mock me for proclaiming that I wear my plate armor when I drive through the city limits of Jackson.
I don’t sound so clucking paranoid now, do I?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 8:11. I am young. 66 years young. And nothing you said solved anything. Nor did it make much sense. But you keep it up, bless your heart! Thoughtful, “intelligent” comments such as yours are the meat and potatoes of this website!

Anonymous said...

7:45 is a snowflake who is trying to be a good progressive, so as not to appear racist. One thing you can bet is he doesn't live what he preaches. I'd imagine he lives out in NE Jackson or in the real progressive Fondren area. He wouldn't dare take his butt over into the West Capitol area day or night. You wanted a blue democrat city, well Mr. Progressive, you got one. What are you going to do about it other than vote "blue".

I don't have to give you any ideas, because like every other democrat city, Jacks is a disaster and you and your cronies created it. Every time someone on JJ puts out the facts on Jackson all you can do is cry "racist" That's what liberals and left leaners do when you can't refute the facts.

Me I don't care, because I don't visit Jackson or spend money there so it doesn't bother me to what goes on there. the only thing your woke mayor is going to do is dream up another catchy slogan for tackling the problem. Pretty soon he is going to run out of alphabet to do that. You could find a good school student body and they could run Jackson better than what you have now......but that's what you get when less than 20K voters vote, so embrace the suck, cause it is going the be even louder as every day passes or maybe the pins falling in the new bowling alley will drown out that and the gunshots for the short time it'll be open.

Anonymous said...

I’ve got an idea. How about a conflict resolution meeting? We could hold it in the Tisdale library 📚. Done! Solved!

Anonymous said...

In my honest opinion I will have to say that all hope is lost for Jackson.

Anonymous said...

7:45PM/9:47PM, 66 years old? Really?

66 years old and you ask “what would YOU do to prevent what happened?” You ask “How would YOU solve this problem?” You say “let’s hear your ideas.”


If you are 66 years old and asking these silly questions then at least tell us you’ve not spent your 66 years, or at least the last 40 years in Jackson. Because anybody that’s spent the last 4 decades in Jackson, except for the indoctrinated, should already know the answers to your silly questions.

As to your disdain for this site, the truth is uncomfortable. But remember this, truth is what is. Truth is neither good or bad, ugly nor beautiful. Truth is just what exists – it is reality.

So don’t shoot the messengers 7:45.

Anonymous said...

10:34 - How did you manage to include that image in your post? You have broken the blog-code.

Anonymous said...

10:16PM, your comments are all too accurate and like you I don’t visit or spend money in Jackson…but, this is why I care, and this is why you should care as well.

Innocent children.

When I read about another beautiful innocent child that’s been killed with a stray bullet in these Democrat controlled cities and see absolutely nothing been done, i.e. no “change” at all…it absolutely breaks my heart. And I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND why this insanity is allowed to continue!

And every single Democrat that has and continues to participate in the Democrat Party divide and conquer tactics including the Blacks Lives Matter scam, the Hands Up Don’t Shoot scam, the Defund and Abolish the Police scam, etc., etc., etc.,…has blood on their hands.

Especially the so-called journalists that quote scripture.

Anonymous said...

Well surprise-surprise. Sky News is a Rupert Murdoch enterprise affiliated with Fox News Australia. And Mr Murdoch began his great career in Noooz in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can be clean like other cities. In Madison for example people do a clean up. Most likely the starting time for this clean up is late evening week days or all day Saturday and Sunday. The clean up is called mowing your grass and throwing away garbage in the garbage cans. The cars are parked nicely in the drive ways or sometime along the streets, but never in front yards. This is why the grass is always greener. If people take pride in what they own Jackson wouldn't have the problem it has now. People would be too busy keeping their home up instead of shooting at each other. Idle hands are the devils work shop.

Anonymous said...

6:13, I don't care because in the Democrat cities there are no innocent children. From the time they are able to walk & talk they are given the rhetoric that they are the victims. They receive no responsibility up bringing at home.

All momma wants is for them to go to school where they will be out of her hair for the day so she can lay back and do nothing. If they are disciplined at school them momma is at the school cursing and threatening people to leave her baby alone. It doesn't bother her in the least that they come home with failing grades, can't read or write on a functional level.

If she cared they wouldn't be roaming the streets after midnight and getting shot. It is a disease of not caring. That along with the Democrat mindset has destroyed more cities and all natural disasters and will continue to do so.

You are right, I should care, but I don't and never will because their own families don't care except for the benefits that they'll lose when one is killed, because I was around in the 60's when all of it started and have watched it get worse every year.

Anonymous said...

@8:06...I work in Jackson. I see people EVERYDAY who care nothing about their surroundings. When they finish their fast food, soda, or what have you they just toss the trash out the window. If the city hired someone to come clean it all up (they have plenty of lazy ass city employees that actually get paid to do this job but don't) it would be filthy again a week later.

Anonymous said...

8:06 AM is on the right track. The City of Jackson could start with a few tactics from Giuliani's playbook. Allow stop-and-frisk, assign beat cops to neighborhoods, and encourage pride of ownership by replacing broken windows, maintaining property, and repairing infrastructure. It's not that damn complicated, but the politicians don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Anonymous said...

Until enough of Jackson’s citizens want law and order bad enough to install competent leaders that will give them that law and order, well, you get the picture now don’t you?

It's not that Jackson residents do not want law and order, but it's just the gun culture in Jackson and in Mississippi. Period. People here feel like they just have to have a gun to go about their daily lives. There's the match. Then if someone upsets them or crosses them, some kind of way - then they run to their guns to settle their issues. Or someone is piss poor broke, then guess what - they run to get a gun to go handle some business? We keep making it easier and easier for people to purchase pistols and then sell them without any kind of tracking on who those private sales (or gifts) are being conducted with.

Allow stop-and-frisk, assign beat cops to neighborhoods, and encourage pride of ownership by replacing broken windows, maintaining property, and repairing infrastructure.

This is not a bad idea, but Jackson is not a major metropolitan city where you have a lot of pedestrian traffic. Jackson is technically a large suburban city and that's because we have partial public transit with odd operating hours.

As far as the maintaining pride part in property, a good chunk of Jackson's remaining residents are renters, with the owners of those homes living in the surrounding suburban areas. Just like in Memphis, out of sight and out of mine, many of them (the homeowners) feel like they are not going to reinvest in those properties just so another tenant can tear them up. So they'll just take the HUD dollars until the houses are out of commission and the city has to come to clean up that property.

Jackson is truly an "all hands on deck" matter. It's not going to improve until the people in the surrounding burbs start partnering with the city to see what they can do to contribute to the turnaround.

Outside of all that, the biggest challenge for the metropolitan area is changing the mentality of the people and the visceral hatred of the residents towards the city. And that is a tall task.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Jackson hater 11:06am, and I agree with some of your points.

If I assembled a committee of business leaders and corporations today from the suburbs that were willing to contribute to the gentrification of Jxn, you think the mayor would step back and let that happen WITHOUT him controlling the fund allocation etc?

Be honest.

Also, I know a lot of people who own guns that don't use them to settle arguments.
I would argue that parents not teaching decency and morals, not teaching conflict resolution and empathy is the reason guns become a problem. Not the availability.

Anonymous said...

Unless I see some data, I dispute the premise that rental properties in Jackson are primarily owned by slumlords who live the surrounding areas outside of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@ June 18, 2021 at 12:24 PM

You seem like one of the few that really want to do something. I like you post.

You said, "If I assembled a committee of business leaders and corporations today from the suburbs that were willing to contribute to the gentrification of Jxn, you think the mayor would step back and let that happen WITHOUT him controlling the fund allocation etc?

That's a great question.

I've always been baffled why the mayors and city councils of the surrounding cities/counties have never formed a coalition and sent receipts to the local media showing where they reached out to the Mayor of Jackson and/or the city council, saying they want to help become part of the solution?

That way the onus falls on the "failed" leadership of Jackson to step to the table, and if the citizens of Jackson see that effort, then they will say "o.k. we got these folks in the surrounding suburbs trying to help us get this place turned around, but the people in city hall are too stubborn to listen"

Folks in the surrounding suburbs need to understand that, while yes their property values are increasing imagine what they would be like if Jackson were to get turned around?

I often tell my friends here, that the city of Chicago has its issues with violent crime, but people in the surrounding suburbs will still go to the city for cultural events - like the Taste of Chicago, Venetian Night, 4th of July the St. Paddy's Day Parade, for the museums, for shopping on the gold coast, and to go bar hopping. They still invest in their downtown. While here we literally suffocating our own backyard, not thinking about the long-term consequences.

Jackson is not an easy fix, but it is definitely possible considering how other southern cities are taking leaps and bounds, due to people relocating to warmer climates from northern states.

Anonymous said...

This notion of expecting the burbs to come to the aid of internal dysfunction in Jxn is like a family with out-of-control kids and them saying they need help from "__________?...the courts?______?" to help correct their out-of-hand issues. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

This notion of expecting the burbs to come to the aid of internal dysfunction in Jxn is like a family with out-of-control kids and them saying they need help from "__________?...the courts?______?" to help correct their out-of-hand issues. No thanks.

and that right there is the mentality that keeps the apathy alive and well in central Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

11:06AM, there you lefties go again.

Be assured there are far more households with guns in Madison and Rankin Counties than in Hind County; yet, we don’t, and we won’t ever tolerate the BS crime culture that Jackson lives with.

It really is simple math 11:06.

You and all of the other indoctrinated are so very 100% wrong about guns being the problem. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of crime would go away if enough of the good, decent, law abiders in Jackson would take advantage of the castle doctrine by buying guns and learning to use them accurately and safely.

One would think in a modern world common sense would prevail and most folks could just simply say hey, something on the other side of that property line is working much better than on this side. Maybe we should try what they’re doing over there that’s working so well.

But no, the indoctrinated always find a way to blame something else; instead of what’s going on…on their side of the property line.

Anonymous said...

so Kingfish just what is your hero Vance doing now. As chief the numbers were on the rise. All I have seen is his Chief Deputy putting things on facebook about how things are messed up. Let us not forget that where they all came from and who started this slide.

Anonymous said...

So 4:13 we must assume that you, a Burbite, goes into the fray daily (?) with your intention to settle the dust? Please share what your efforts have proven.

Wow said...

Someone do COVID deaths and compare them to Jackson murders.

Hard to do because probably only Hinds County COVID-19 data available, and some of those deaths are from not Jackson being brought to the specialty hospital, UMMC.

But I would wager similar numbers in terms of COVID-19 deaths and murders.


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