Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What's Next? Christmas in July?

 The Barnett Reservoir Foundation issued the following information about the annual "Independence Day" celebration at the Rez. 

After missing 2020 due to the pandemic, the Barnett Reservoir Foundation and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District will stage the 10th Independence Celebration on June 26, highlighted by a dual fireworks show at both Old Trace and Lakeshore Parks.

The almost-annual event - thanks Covid 19 - is free to the public and will include activities in both parks. Live music, featuring Brian Smith and Scott Stricklin at Old Trace Park and Mike Mathis and Skip McDonald at Lakeshore Park, will begin at 6 p.m. Gates will open at 5.

Each park will have a Kids Zone, and will have food trucks and beverages, including beer, available. No outside food, beverages, or coolers will be allowed. Dogs are welcome.

A flyover of vintage military aircraft by the Commemorative Air Force will start the evening’s festivities, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem at both parks before the music begins.

Fireworks will begin at 9 p.m. from the end of Red Dot Road near Old Trace Park and from a barge floated off Lakeshore Park. A simultaneous soundtrack of patriotic music coordinated through Miss 103 and IHeart Radio will accompany the show. Red Dot Road will be closed to the public on June 26.

Kingfish note: Eight days early? Seriously? Hell, July 4 is on a weekend this year although it falls on a Sunday.  Madison is holding its "Fourth of July" celebration on July 5. 

Perhaps Madison will hold its Christmas Parade on Labor Day.  Maybe Trick or Treat can be pushed back to Thanksgiving night.  


Anonymous said...

Clearly the work of socialists and woke culture

Anonymous said...

They probably got a big discount on everything.

Anonymous said...

I did see during the last holiday (memorial day), the Pearl river cops gave at least one boating under the influence ticket and took him to the Madison county jail.

Anonymous said...

Someone in charge must have already had a vacation planned for the week of the 4th!

I can just hear them arguing their point that "folks will be able to attend more events if we do ours on this day."

It is bizarre that we continue to normalize NOT celebrating on the actual holi-dates.

Anonymous said...

SMH, Mary must be losing it...that said I’ll be there with my Yeti full.

Anonymous said...

Too much of other peoples money and too little common sense. Gather around the mud hole like slobbering cattle to glorify both.

Anonymous said...

[Yawn] They do this every year. The Reservoir Foundation is a volunteer organization. They schedule this prior to the holiday to allow for volunteers to have this time with their families.

Maybe just say "thank you for the huge, free fireworks show," and go on about your business. (And no, the fireworks are not paid for by the PRVWSD or other tax-funded sources.)

Anonymous said...

Mary is too busy winning cases in the Supreme Court to be worried about a trivial scheduling matter.

Anonymous said...

That to-do on the "Rez", sounds like the Fourth of July Fight Scene, in Brokeback Mountain (a bleak movie about Lower Class white people in the middle of nowhere).

And Madison's version sounds even redneckier.

Before we fled Mississippi, we moved to Madison, in the hopes of living among a better class of people. NOW, the people running "festivities" there, seem to be focused on ATTRACTING the scroungiest members of the Lower Middle Class. Shouldn't aesthetics be calibrated to REPEL such people? maybe they'll buy houses in cheap subdivisions in OTHER counties?

To see an ambitious Southern town doing it RIGHT (and NOT pandering to the Lowest Common Denominator), google (or ATTEND) Lafayette's Festival International de Louisiane.

"Liberty Park", by the way, is not a name which belongs in the richest town in the richest county of a state.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly conservative but tell me this 2:21. Are you saying that you want local governments to exclude certain portions of its population based on economic status? How would you set up this calibration? And if you are leaving MS to go to a more conservative state, good luck and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

pretty crafty. covid is gearing up for the 4th. those little buggers will be caught flatfooted

Anonymous said...

2:08 said free. now thats funny

Anonymous said...

2:08, thank you for your comment. Too many snarky people wanting to bitch and find fault with something good.

Including KF. This has nothing to do with celebrating the 4th on the 4th - which is what I plan to do with my family. In the meantime, I think I will enjoy some fireworks at the res a week earlier. And, while I will enjoy some parties prior to Christmas celebrating the holiday season, I will spend December 25th again with my family at home.

Mama Sally said...

You better hope it doesn't come a hard down pour while you are outside, 2:21. With your nose stuck that far into the air, your obnoxious ass would drown. Wait, hold up, maybe I'm being a little too harsh. Now that I have reconsidered, you do seem to be a little touched in the head, bless your heart. Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:21: Your White Privilege is showing.

Anonymous said...

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the screen door swinging on your trailer. Do you per chance live in that trailer park below the spillway dam?

MeNot KNOWNas said...

I just want to say – you know – can we all get along? Can we, can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids?

Anonymous said...

What's next? “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

Anonymous said...

"I'm fairly conservative but tell me this 2:21. Are you saying that you want local governments to exclude certain portions of its population based on economic status? How would you set up this calibration? And if you are leaving MS to go to a more conservative state, good luck and good riddance."
June 16, 2021 at 2:55 PM

What I wrote, has nothing to do with "Liberals vs Conservatives". I'm amazed you thought it did. No, I was saying that the STATE'S PREMIER COMMUNITY (not just government, but also its civic groups) needs to make its public events attractive to the Best & Brightest (the movers, the shakers, the job-makers). On the other hand, it should make those events UNattractive to people who'd be better-served in communities NOT catering to the Top One Percent. Our new community does precisely what I've described. Events are SERENE & CEREBRAL.

We left, about a decade back: moving to the richest exurb of a pseudo-liberal city in a conservative state. Basically, we moved to "The Madison of ------". We would have chosen Long Island, on the opposite coast, but, back then, couldn't afford a house there, as good as what we had in Madison (which, thanks to Mayor Mary's excellent leadership, sold as a soft listing, WAAAY above appraisal - even at the height of the Obama Depression: THANKS, MARY!!!!). The Obama Depression was depressing home values in our new metro, and so we snagged a big "Modernist masterpiece" - on substantial acreage (and flipped it, a few years later, when property values rebounded - then redoubled). But our kids picked the new state, based on the number of ultrablonds in the region, for them to date (Mississippi has basically NONE), and because the oldest was already in medical school there, and found it "Easy and cheap!".

I thought I was in Heaven, in Madison. But then, people like 4:21 started moving in, and talking in that same threatening sort of way. By the way, all those sports fields at "Liberty Park", seem to be attracting even MORE of the violent Grey-Collar-type "Sports Dads" (and insane "Baseball Moms"). Really, they should move that mess out into the county.... somewhere NORTH of those fine apartment communities across I55 from Canton.

Micah Gober said...

2:21 PM Hey Jackoff I'm from Madison. I'm a member of the Lower Middle Class. I have a dead end job where I try to make the ends meet. I don't live off of government, and I drive a 1995 beat up Pontiac Grand Prix with 275000 miles. I may live outside the gates but I'm not trashy. I'm glad you moved out of Madison to another state because we don't need jackoffs like you make Madison look bad.

Mama Sally said...

That sound you heard, sugar, was Mississippi shutting the door. You have no idea how relieved we were when you departed our dear state. We are so thankful to you and the Greyhound you rode off in for your departure, we just had to throw some kind of party. We are somewhat upset by the fact you know of these festivities. Honey, it troubles us to no end thinking you may get bus fare back. You keep taking your medication and following the doctor's advice, and maybe your record won't be discovered in your new location. Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

The reservoir and Red Dot are in Ridgeland. This has nothing to do with Madison the City and Mayor Hawkins. Looks like her city is having the celebration closer to the correct holiday. The reservoir area has its own jurist and has chosen to celebrate a week in advance. Take that up with them.

Anonymous said...

Lafayette LA is higher-class than Madison? I’ve spent a good bit of time in Lafayette; absolutely not the case.

Anonymous said...

Bruh No body from Lafayette is trying to move to Madison, unless they are going to get paid double. That’s what took for them to get me here 3 years ago .

Anonymous said...

ISO a cerebral Independence Day Celebration. Requirement of only the brightest and best pseudo-liberal guests sitting around wanking each other off, in anticipation of mostly excellent and serene fireworks displays. 2:21, why the hell did you ever think Mississippi was a place you might enjoy. You are way dumber than you look or think. So damn stupid. Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

2:08 Thanks, Bobby C.

Mama Sally said...

We sure hope you enjoy your stay @ 11:08. Alright, which one of y'all left the door open, again? If I told you once, I've told you a hundred times to keep that door shut. Right there @ 11:08 is the perfect example of what can crawl in the door if it's not shut. Now we have this to get rid of. SMH

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Micah.

Don’t you know ok’ 2:21 is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

2:21 is a troll, nothing more. Ignore it, nothing it says is real.

Anonymous said...

2:21. Sir, please put the shovel down. Thank you and good luck on your new venture, but it will be the same wherever you go, trust me on that one.

Anonymous said...

Watch out Miz Vandersnoot! The UToMC (Unwanted Trash of Madison County) know you are talking about ***them***.

Now they are projecting details of their own wretched lives onto **you**. They are experts at that (and not much else).

Careful! Theyuns might say bless your heart again.

Anonymous said...

KMA mama Sally. Enough of you! Go away!

I want Mayor Mary to run a quick poll of city dwellers to see when they'd like to have parades, celebrations, etc. Why should it be up to 'Tammy Faye'? It's not fair for her to decide what's best for everybody. Although I realize she doesn't give a shit about public opinion, as evidenced by her recent supreme court case.

Anonymous said...

Micah Gober - You addressed 2:21 rather rudely. Most folks, even the lower middle class, here in Madison don't act like you. You've posted about your Pontiac before - Who cares? All I've ever known you to do is come up with really bad photoshopped images of routine stuff. You actually make a living doing that? Your parents named you after the sheriff on The Rifleman; but, Micah is a Biblical name. Remember that!

PS: I think you misspelled your own last name. Surely you left out an 'o'.

Let Them Eat Sardines.. said...

If Mayor Mary can decide the colors of police cars, can tell you that peacocks are not appropriate Christmas decorations, can decide exactly how tall the CVS spires can be and can run Public Works from her quaint little office over by the library...surely you people can trust her to designate which night to shoot off firecrackers and bombs!

It takes her awhile, though, to decide which night y'all can trick-or-treat. She has to wait to see what Gene will do in Ridgeland so she can do the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

OOOoooooo there's some serious jealousy going on there... (@7:05)

Obviously butt-hurt you don't live in the #1 city in the state. Guess your vision of a good mayor is... ahhhh... "Chokwe"

Anonymous said...

"...peacocks are not appropriate Christmas decorations... can run Public Works from her quaint little office over by the library... which night to shoot off firecrackers...June 18, 2021 at 7:05 AM

It's clear you aren't writing from Mississippi, since locals consider "y'all" to be irritating and TACKY, when written, unless someone is being quoted. Mostly, we're seeing it from paid trolls and con artists, writing from outside Mississippi. Frankly, we find the cultural appropriation to be less than charming.

So, are you being paid by an out-of-state developer whom Mary is NOT allowing to rape Madison? Or are you working for the Pot Industry? Or, has some local entity engaged one of those services which employ trolls to "control Internet dialog"? In any case, you aren't doing a very good job. I wouldn't pay you.

You seem to have assembled whatever bits of online gossip you could hastily find, into a half-baked and badly worded attack on Madison's beloved Mayor. Had you done your job competently, you would have found Kingfish's own article, right here on Jackson Jambalaya, regarding the blinking blue peacocks. Anyway, those peacocks were bright, they were blinking, and they were a sleazy eyesore. The effect was about like having a police car on top of a roof, with its blue lights flashing: not exactly restful, and it was visible from blocks away. Neighbors were distressed, and ASKED the Mayor to have those lights taken down. Unlike some mayors, Mary actually listens to her constituents.

In any event, the whole thing transpired within three hours. As soon as research revealed that Peacocks had once figured in Christmas imagery (centuries ago, and on another continent, so the Mayor was GENEROUSLY giving these people the benefit of the doubt), the peacocks were allowed to stay. Considering the short duration, and the outcome, this was not newsworthy, and would not have made the news, except that one of the residents of the "The Blue Peacock House" (refer to Kingfish's article, for the scoop on that "family"), had some sort of "relationship" with a local "News Personality". (there are details which are not fit to share) That newsperson leaked the story, as a "career move", despite its not being much of a story.

As for Public Works, whatever Mary is doing, is WORKING. The city runs like a Swiss watch - Rolex, to be precise. In fact, it runs like it's IN Switzerland: perfectly. The big ice storm earlier this year - the one which turned many Southern cities into disaster zones, was experienced by Madisonians, as a non-event.

Mary was able, at minimal cost, to acquire and repurpose an industrial facility, so that Madison now has one of the most magnificent Public Works facilities anywhere - particularly for a city of modest size.

Mary hires great people, and stays out of their way - letting them do their jobs. Sounds easy, but certain other mayors seem not to have grasped that concept. The decision to stage the fireworks display on a certain day, was probably reached by consensus, among the various city leaders/department heads. Public demand probably was a factor, too. Sunday evening church services, and televised sports, surely affect public demand. Again, this was about consensus, logistics, and demand, and not some whim of the Mayor's.

Whoever pays the anti-Mary Internet Trolls, needs to consider that without her, none of Madison County's extraordinary boom would have happened. Killing The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs, is never a good idea. SHE attracted interest from overseas. SHE created the climate which made Madison and Madison County attractive for industry. There are very good reasons, why the King of Sweden presented Madison's Mayor with the highest honor that Sweden can bestow (for building the business relationship with his nation). Mary builds teams, and makes good things happen.

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