Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Ever-Shrinking JPD

 The number of Jackson police officers continues to fall as the streets become more dangerous. The Northside Sun reported this week:

 Less than two years ago, the number of Precinct Four officers was not quite double the current number of officers....

 Precinct Four had about 52 officers in April 2020, according to an April 3, 2020 Northside Sun interview with then Precinct Four JPD Commander Tyrone Buckley. He is now deputy chief of JPD....

 According to a March 1, 2018, Northside Sun story with the headline “Jackson Crime Drops More than 25 Percent in 2017,” Precinct Four at that time had about 56 sworn officers, down from more than 70 in 2015....

 JPD currently has 285 sworn officers out of a total of 380 employees, according to records received from the records request. ... Reset of article.

Meanwhile, murders continue to break records in Jackson.  It is not uncommon for shifts to only have four or five officers, leaving several beats unmanned.  This is what happens when the police is defunded. 


Anonymous said...

Will you provide a link to the budget numbers showing the defunding of JPD?

Or just post the pdfs?

Anonymous said...

More police=safer streets. It's a no-brainer, even in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

There are 184 officers in the city of Jackson. The mayor is Anti Police in jackson.

Anonymous said...

So, Precinct 4 had 70 officers in 2015, and now has 30. That's not the result of "de-funding the police" over the last year and a half.

That's the result of intentionally and systematically gutting JPD in the five years since Lumumba II assumed the throne. Each of those years has, not-coincidentally, set a new per-capita homicide record.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is that the Lumumba administration cut a deal with the gangs that now seem to be in charge of the streets of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Shots are fired every night in many Jackson locations. JPD could utilize technology to dial in where these shots are fired immediately but refuse, unlike surrounding municipalities. Just last night, many shots were fired on Westbrook by the elementary school per the nextdoor app and a women was shot in the face....nothing reported on local news.....I digress.................

Anonymous said...

Lumumba continues his quest "to make Jackson the most radical city on the planet."

Anonymous said...

JPD isn't defunded. Why would a Jackson (or any other) LEO risk their life when the catch and release system takes over after JPD officers do their job?

Anonymous said...

Nobody is pushing to defund the JPD. That’s a bogus, right wing talking point. In fact, Mayor Lumumba has been strongly pushing for raises for JPD officers, not “gutting JPD” as falsely alleged.

The JPD Academy is producing new officers on a steady basis. Our federal law enforcement partners are working hand in hand with JPD to combat crime. In the District, where I live, a significant number of state police are fighting crime with JPD.

Is the crime problem solved? Of course not. But it’s not from lack of hard work of all these law enforcement agencies I just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

9:43 - just heard 6 gunshots literally 2 minutes ago...explain your crap again?

Anonymous said...

@9:43 PM - Thanks Chowke.

Kingfish said...

wah wah wah. Having the money and not spending it is still the same thing. You can Yep all you want but there was not a staffing problem when Lee Vance was the police chief. The mayor went through three chiefs in six months. JPD keeps graduating classes as he keeps shrinking. You can blame so-called right-wingers all you want but the numbers are the numbers but then you are the one who hides the crimes that so people don't know about the crime problem is don't you?

Oh, I be glad to go through the numbers with you except the mayor is over nine months past due on the CAFR. Hides crime stats, hides EPA orders, and hides financial reports.

Anonymous said...

9:43 / Mayor Lumumba, you just spent $500,000 to produce five grads from the Jackson Police Academy.
And your point is...?

Anonymous said...

So you have no financial information to substantiate your allegation that JPD has been defunded.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter the debate. The results are what they are. You got people shot and killed every day, bullets flying, and working people getting robbed on their own streets. And that’s when they don’t have to stay at hotels in the suburbs for running water.

It’s only a matter of time until the remaining retail leaves Jackson. And no one there cares to recognize that.

I only care about Whole Foods. I hope it moves to Madison where there will be police in the parking lot where I can feel safe at the store and running water continuously to keep everything functional.

Kingfish said...

Three were just fired a few minutes ago. Sounded like behind Canon motors.

Anonymous said...

Pay raises don't patrol streets.

Anonymous said...

If only there were a person in charge like a mayor or something that could control issues like these…it would be radical to create a safe place within the borders of a community. It’s time for the mayor and the state legislature to work together to solve this and the related issues. It’s time for the state to step up and provide funding for a large a modern jail facility and staff it with properly with folks who are paid a living wage. I live and work in Madison county. I’ll be discussing this issue with my representative before the upcoming session. I ask you to all do the same.

Anonymous said...

I always liked what Judge Lynn Toler told her litigants on Divorce Court on her show.

“Know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.”

That speaks the truth no matter where your day leads you.

Lumumba = Anti-JPD said...

“If you cannot understand why someone did something, look at the consequences—and infer the motivation.”

― Carl Jung

Anonymous said...

I hope they mean that there are 10 officers per shift, with 3 shifts that would mean 30 officers are assigned to the precinct. If it is 10 per shift, on a 5days ON 2 days OFF schedule, you would have 6-7 officers working per shift. If officers are out sick or on vacation, taking comp time off, off for court appearances, etc. obviously there could be fewer than 5 working per shift. This validates what I was told by a precinct 4 sergeant, that at times he has just 2 officers working his shift.

Anonymous said...

"Three were just fired a few minutes ago. Sounded like behind Canon motors."

Those were Christmas fireworks. The tents have been up in Gluckstadt for two weeks.

But, back to the numbers...

A comparison, if I may: What happens when certificated teachers either leave or avoid applying at a district where there is zero parental involvement, total lack of discipline, poor administration and rampant nepotism?

Look no further than Canton Separate, JPS or any district in the Delta for the answer. You wind up with the worst of the worst, the dregs of the profession, those only interested in a retirement package and those protected by relatives up in the administration building. Granted, you'll have a meager handful of dedicate teachers holding on and holding up for the sake of the students. Just as Jackson will retain a few good cops.

The comparison is that this is exactly what we will have remaining in the law enforcement profession in places like Jackson. Chockwe will be setting up recruiting tables on Eminence Row, Paden, Woodrow Wilson and West-Northside.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was thinking the commenters who repeatedly criticize Chokwe should apply for the position. Elected city officials and sworn law enforcement can’t solve the crime issues. Anonymous commenters can.

Anonymous said...

Explain to me how you don’t know the difference between an explanation and an opinion. Not sure if you realize but gangs don’t kill people. Guns do. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Catch and release system? You sound like a robot repeating it was told to say.
If so, then explain how Parchman exists?
If I let you tell it, there are no former Jackson, MS residents in the penitentiary.

Matter of fact, how do you prove that you’re not a robot before sending a comment?

Anonymous said...

Chowke is either one of the most incompetent mayors in America or he really wants to destroy Jackson.

Pick one.

Anonymous said...

When Lumumba calls the DA and insists that he indict three officers for murder of a drug dealer and the charges are so bogus the judge throws them out, you can't expect people to want to work for JPD. Lumumba is against policing. I don't care what bs comes out of that moss-covered mouth. Actions speak way louder than words. Jackson is so lawless now that a huge percentage of residents don't even obey traffic signals. It gets worse daily.

Anonymous said...

December 2, 2021 at 6:07 AM
I would, but nobody would vote for me. I'm the wrong color.

Anonymous said...

6:11 AM
Nobody blames a hammer used in a murder. They blame the people. Thus you don't blame the gun when used in a gang murder. You blame the gang. You must be using Democrat logic.

Lumbubbles the Marxist said...

It's no wonder who many chiefs have been appointed and then quit under Lumbubbles. They are likely true professionals who opposed the irresponsible and orders given to them.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. If JPD really starts to hammer the outlaws in Jackson they'll just migrate more into the surrounding counties to commit their crimes. I say just leave em alone and let nature take it's course.

Anonymous said...

6:07 - Get back to filing your nails and please straighten the 'next window' sign. One day your cousin won't be there to protect your job. It's 10:23. Only one more hour til lunch break.

Psych 201 said...

Some of us hated our daddies and some of us admired and emulated them. I'm of the opinion Chockwe, the younger, is so beholden to the old man that every step he takes and every action he makes is viewed his prism of 'Daddy would approve'. To do otherwise, he believes, would be a failure.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can find that those salaries of lost officers made it into The Mayor and his cronies paychecks ?

Anonymous said...

"Chowke is either one of the most incompetent mayors in America or he really wants to destroy Jackson.

Pick one. "

Hmm - to steal from Saturday Night Live: floor polish or delicious dessert?

Embrace the power of "AND" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Think about it. If JPD really starts to hammer the outlaws in Jackson they'll just migrate more into the surrounding counties to commit their crimes.

Contagion theory. FALLACY.

Anonymous said...

To all the Lumumba apologists responding: It's really not that complicated so quit making excuses. You equip law enforcement to combat crime. You don't just talk about it - you do it. It's your job. The worst part is that the COJ community who voted for the current administration is suffering disproportionately. The majority of violence is black-on-black. That's not racist - that's reality. Quit wringing your hands and hold your leaders accountable to take responsibility. If it takes martial law, so be it. A man once said, "By any means necessary." He was referring to white oppression. But what happens when the oppressed becomes the oppressor?...

Anonymous said...

6:11 a.m., As you requested, let me explain.

Explanation: "the details or reasons that someone gives to make something clear or easy to understand"

Opinion: "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge."

I wrote "Precinct 4 had 70 officers in 2015, and now has 30," and that each successive year of Lumumba II's 5 years in office has set a per-capita homicide record.

Because it was based on facts and posits a reason for the almost 60% reduction in the number of police officers and the 5 consecutive homicide records, my speculation "that the Lumumba administration cut a deal with the gangs that now seem to be in charge of the streets of Jackson" is an explanation, rather than an opinion.

To answer your questions: I do know the difference between an explanation and an opinion, as demonstrated above. I do not "realize," nor do I believe, your opinion that "gangs don’t kill people." And no, your comment does not make sense to me.

-8:43 p.m.

Edwin Finley Taliaferro aka Antard Ladumba aka Gum Flapper aka Libitard said...

But wait, what about all my programs and conversations...

1. violence interruption programs
2. conflict resolution classes
3. orange colored police cars
4. community policing
5. conversations
6. 3 million dollars for cameras
7. credible messagers
8. Emptied out waste treatment plants
9. Got rid of gun stores
10. Bought a zoo for 6 million

Anonymous said...

What about the whopping FIVE, yes FIVE, new officers that were hired last month?!?

I thought with that news, the crime problem would be over by now.

Kingfish said...

the mayor's first two years in office didn't see any homicide records broken. That didn't happen until last year.

Anonymous said...

The first two years set per-capita homicide records. The last two were out-right numerical records.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:07 -- I already have a job, that I do well. The mayor and chief have jobs that they need to do well...but, aren't. And, as a voting and tax paying citizen, I get to criticize those officials that have sworn to serve the public, but are failing to perform as promised when they took said oath. Honestly, as beaten-down as Jackson is right now, you'd think that a complete nimrod could show progress and improvement. And, yet...

Anonymous said...

"The mayor's first two years in office didn't see any homicide records broken. That didn't happen until last year."

Key word 'see', dummy. If homicides don't make it to the 'reported stats' columns, you won't SEE them. You constantly bitch about lack of reporting, yet you seem to accept the homicide numbers spat out by the city.

Anonymous said...

KF, is mayor chowke flapjaw lumbubles subbing for you today?

Anonymous said...

3:53 - I vote YES.

Anonymous said...

The JPD Academy is producing new officers on a steady basis.

Another example of the Emperor Mayor's 'less is more' crapola that he thinks Jacksonians can be duped into believing.

Emphasize the number of recruiting classes being churned but don't let the gullible public (and inept local media) know the dirty little secret that the class size is sooooo small in actual new officers that JPD doesn't come close to matching the number of officers leaving the department.

Here's a story idea for all the lazy ass "media" who read JJ every day for story ideas or stories to outright rip off. Submit a simple FOIA for an accounting of the number of officers graduated by JPD recruiting class. Go back to Ditto or Harvey's first term.

It didn't take me more than a few seconds to find that the 48th class graduated 33 new officers while the 49th graduated 24 recruits (JFP reporting I'm not linking). The Emperor Mayor's 65th? FIVE new officers graduated.

So local media person if you decide to get off your ass, I'll bet you the Emperor Mayor will drag out giving you that data for a long time because it will expose another of his responsibility deflection soundbites as complete and total crapola. (Or, his administration will outright lie and tell you they don't have the data.)

Jackson media = Lumumba enabler.

Except Kingfish.

I Be Impotent said...

JPD may be shrinking, but the boy mayor chowke lumbubbles still has his palace guard - driver, officer across the street from his gate behind the church, and 24 hour protection wherever he goes. He is a legend in his own mind because no one would waste the cost of one bullet on his sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

7. credible messagers


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put up a billboard that simply says this : Jackson leadership sucks....keep driving.

Anonymous said...

Let’s look at the pay for starting with no experience:
JPD - $30,000
Clinton PD - $37,500
Flowood PD - $42,173

Go north and you see this:
Southaven PD - $44,000
Olive Branch PD - $55,278
Hernando PD - $45,600
Oxford PD - $39,713
Tupelo PD - $41,500

Go south and you see this:
Gulfport PD - $39,000
Ocean Springs PD - $41,040
Biloxi PD - $41,310

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