Thursday, December 16, 2021

Rules Change for Rez Campground Homers

 It's going to be harder to live at the Reservoir campgrounds. The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District issued the following statement today:

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Board of Directors on Thursday gave final approval to several rule changes and a rate increase effective Jan. 1 for all campgrounds operated by the agency at Barnett Reservoir.

Board President Billy Cook said the action ended a two-year process by the agency to update the rules and regulations, and to establish new fees consistent with the market.

As primarily a self-funded - or special fund - agency, PRVWSD operates on revenues it generates, including its campgrounds. Over the past four years, PRVWSD has spent over $2 million renovating and upgrading its five campgrounds - Timberlake, Goshen Springs, Coal Bluff, Leake County and Low Head Dam.

“There are a lot more improvements we’d like to make to our campgrounds, and have plans to do so, but to fund them we have to raise our rates,” Cook said. “The rates we approved today are comparable to both public and private campgrounds in our area.”

The new rate schedule varies by campgrounds. Nightly rates for RV pads will increase $10 per night at all locations, while the 30-day rates will increase $100. A 10 percent discount will be given to persons 65 and older; persons with a 100 percent disability; active and retired military, including Guard and Reserve members; and active or retired first responders, which includes emergency medical technicians, paramedics, law enforcement, and firefighters.

A key difference in the long-term rate is that PRVWSD will begin supplying the electricity to each pad; campers will no longer be required to establish an account with a power provider. That change will be phased in over the next year.

Mail service will no longer be allowed within the campgrounds beginning in March. Long-term campers will have to make other arrangements for off-site mail delivery.

Beginning in 2022, no campers will be allowed to occupy a single campsite for more than 12 consecutive months. Long-term campers will be assigned a new site after 12 months. “These are campgrounds and were never meant or designed to be permanent residences,” PRVWSD General Manager John Sigman said. “These changes will help return us to that concept. That said, it is not our goal or intention to force our existing long-term campers to leave our campgrounds. It is unlikely that long-term sites will be unavailable, and new sites will be assigned.

“It is the camper’s responsibility to maintain his or her property, like an RV camper so that will it remains as designed - to be mobile.”

Many of the other changes are designed to support the campground concept, including a ban on building permanent structures such as decks, porches, and other similar platforms. However, steps and ramps that allow access for people with disabilities will be allowed with approval from PRVWSD’s Parks Director and Building Department Director.
To see a complete list of the updated campground rules, rates and regulations, visit PRVWSD’s website at


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of much of what the district does, but all of this makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge critic of Sigman and some of his authoritarian rules, but he is correct on this one. The campground at the corner of Spillway and Old Fannin has turned into a glorified trailer park. And the people, especially the old retired people, that live in there think they are entitled to be able to live there or use it for camper storage. You can't hardly get a spot in there due to the long term residents.

Matt Foley, retired Motivational Speaker said...

I don't care WHAT the fees are as long as I can live in MY VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

Anonymous said...

@11:56 For the WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

I consistently rant about Sigman, but I'll damn sure agree with this.

We don't need the riff raff that has been growing there. The Rez Trailer Park it has become.

And trailers don't become better over time. They'll fall to pieces on moving if they've been allowed to rot instead of maintaining them. Long over due. Almost all RV parks do this, and many do not accept RVs over 15 years old (leaks, fires, etc).

The competent and caring will move gladly. The dirtbags who've let their rigs rot will not be able to do so, so they'll have to repair/renovate or upgrade their RVs. Wise move. SIgman moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

If they are going to allow long term residents, don't give them the prime waterfront spots. Save those for short term rentals and charge primo price for them.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good on paper but I'd like to know how they plan to enforce this change, especially with the people who already have the permanent decks, carports, etc. and believe they are entitled to stay right where they are regardless.

Anonymous said...

there are people that have been living permanently in timberline campground for 30 years.

but ,ill say one thing, they keep it clean there, no trash and litter thrown all over the place as in other areas of the reservoir

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see this!!!! My wife & I have been out there several times, and there are HOUSE TRAILERS, NOT CAMPERS in some of theses spots. We never can get a water front spot, because of the people who live there year round. Like some of the post above, I wonder how they are going to enforce this with the HOUSE TRAILERS and other structures that have been built on camp ground property. My personal thoughts, there should be a 2 week max, and either move out to another spot, or just leave!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, if they will do something about the homesteaders on the river it may go back to the way it use to be.

Anonymous said...

Can of worms.

Anonymous said...

3:41 Sigman's reign began with him kicking Eddie off his island.

Anonymous said...

3:41. If you’re talking about upriver, permanent camping has been prohibited for at least 5 years. Eddie’s Island is no more.

Anonymous said...

2:10 is right
...its a stinking trailer park
this is a classic example of how the PRVWSD is nothing but a 3 ring circus.
its been that way since the legislature created it backing the late 60s
prime waterfront property at timber lake campground being taken up by stinking house trailers
it only took 40 years for someone to finally figure this out

Anonymous said...

Kick the long-term residences out once & for all.
Why should a very select few get to HOG 90% the pad for 30 years.
Unjust as Hell!
Sigman is 100% correct on this one.

Anonymous said...

If someone has time, please let us know what Eddie's Island is/was. I'll google it but that seems like a local story.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that there is a RRRV Clarke

Anonymous said...

Eddy's Island is a sandbar between Ratliff Ferry and Flag Island up river (several miles north of Hwy 43). An old man, Eddy, would pitch a tent and set up camp there in the summers. He become a local legend, but was moved out by PRVWSD in 2016 or so.

Anonymous said...

Drive through Timberlake some time. Except for a few Class A’s upfront, most of the trailers are pieces of junk and haven’t moved in years. The car’s parked there aren’t tow vehicles….they have no way of moving them. So, again, how do you enforce the moving of them in 12 months which is 9 months too long.

Anonymous said...

How many of the Timberlake trailers are actually rentals, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I’ve seen a school bus in there picking up kids. Wonder how the district collects taxes for that?

MAIL CALL said...

"Mail service will no longer exist beginning in March..."

Ain't but one person more arrogant than these full-time property-poachers, and that's Genrul Sigmoid.

But I dobt even the Genrul can establish, prohibit or alter the right of the gubment to deliver the mail.

We can now look for The-Agriculture-Hat to call and raise by requiring legislative lawyers to hook up and move they Airstreams at least six feet during every legislative session. Any such trailer not so moved will be set afloat downstream in the Pearl River.

Anonymous said...

The squatters there are NOT entitled to their decks and permanent structures. Those asking how it can be enforced obviously don't patronize quality RV parks. It won't be pleasant to enforce at first, but it certainly won't be hard.

Anonymous said...

Trailer trash living the good life on the banks of the Pearl River. Maybe Jackistan can send their "homeless" up there.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for some enterprising Reservoir-ian to file a writ of mandamus to force the eviction of the holdovers.

By the way, does this new set of rules apply to Barney Fife's residence in the northeast corner of the "park?"

Anonymous said...

Eddy here. I just moved my tent. I still cavort nekkid on the sandbars

Anonymous said...

I'd really love to be woken up each morning early by the illegal alien construction crews and have no view in my 400,000 dollar RV because some hick has a broken down mobile home parked there in the best spots. Most RV parks are going to limit you to 14 days.

How the hell did this become a low rent trailer park?

Next step, clean up the low rent apartments and enforce the Overlay rules on the place where they had the shootout. All those crap duplexes and vacant houses in the old subdivisions.

Heck, the illegals will have their mail delivered to one of those vacant houses all the time. Yards filled with their trucks and crap.

As soon as Brandon was sworn in, they all exploded in population about the old Rez and Castlewoods. Our spec homes builders have brought in thousands. And their spawn and the Jackson refugees are filling up the schools.

At least Sigman is doing something right for the quality of life and fair cost sharing at the Rez.

Anonymous said...

No way I am paying $40 a night to camp there when I can camp at several much nicer campgrounds within a hundred mile radius for half of that.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter how much the reservoir area of ranklin county ''progresses' long as the PRVWSD a stinking administrative agency , run by a bunch of unelected goofballs and staffed with bozos who do nothing but ride around all day in their 60,000$ pickup trucks talking on their government cell phones, there will always be this kind of chaos.
people have lived permanently in that campground for 35 years.
fell free go go cruise the neighborhoods of the rankin side of the reservoir and check out all the ''progress' that has been made.
you will see the following:
blur tarps on roofs for over a year,
open dumps in residential neiboor hoods
junk veichiels parked everywhere
litter and garbage thrown everywhere
enough cigarette butts to fill the reservoir
cars parked in yards
junkyards in certain front yards
pit bulldogs
meth cookers and heroine addicts
rednecks in their jacked up pickup trucks trying to blow pedestrians and cyclists off the road
so called ''code enforcement officers' who refuse to do anything about the the fact that no-one abides by the real property maintain codes
the reservoir police who are the biggest bozos since the keystone cops
junk property neiboor hoods full of trailer trash renters that destroy the property values of other neiboorhoods
commercial construction equipment and campers store in residential areas
people living in campers parked in the driveway of homes
fat ass people and unsupervised children riding around in their golf carts on public streets
all this is proof that the gigantic, bloated stinking bureaucracy of the PRVWSD is fucking worthless
and it gets worse.... you are forced to pay for this type of ''management' by your yearly lease fees
the smartest thing the legislature could ever do is dissolve the PRVWSD and hand those areas over to the counties

Anonymous said...

I think Sigmoids secretary has posted at 9:43 (chuckles).

The only one who has a more 'chump job' than Sigman is the PRV attorney.

Anonymous said...

if you want to see just what type of idiots run the PRVWSD just go look at the decision handed down on dec 9th in PRVWSD v. KALAF.
thank god the supreme court put sigmund and his band of merry men in their place for once.
the stinking government employees of the PRVWSD know about as much about land use and code enforcement as i know about the backside of the moon.
the KALAF case proves it.
don't take my word for it...go read the case
i would never encourage anyone to invest their hard earned money in real property within the PRVWSD when you got people like this running it

Sigman v Common Sense said...

8:55 - So I don't have to go look up a case, how about you typing out a Cliff Notes summary?

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