Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Study: Covid-19 Targets the Fat (Surprise!)

 A recent study* states the Covid – 19 virus targets fat cells. The study is in pre-print form and has not been peer-reviewed but if the findings withstand scrutiny, it would explain the deadly link between Covid – 19 and obesity. The abstract states:

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the viral pathogen SARS-CoV-2, has taken the lives of millions of individuals around the world. Obesity is associated with adverse COVID-19 outcomes, but the underlying mechanism is unknown. In this report, we demonstrate that human adipose tissue from multiple depots is permissive to SARS-CoV-2 infection and that infection elicits an inflammatory response, including the secretion of known inflammatory mediators of severe COVID-19. We identify two cellular targets of SARS-CoV-2 infection in adipose tissue: mature adipocytes and adipose tissue macrophages. Adipose tissue macrophage infection is largely restricted to a highly inflammatory subpopulation of macrophages, present at baseline, that is further activated in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Preadipocytes, while not infected, adopt a proinflammatory phenotype. We further demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 RNA is detectable in adipocytes in COVID-19 autopsy cases and is associated with an inflammatory infiltrate. Collectively, our findings indicate that adipose tissue supports SARS-CoV-2 infection and pathogenic inflammation and may explain the link between obesity and severe COVID-19.

A team of Stanford researchers and scientists from Europe produced the study. The study is posted below.

 Although downplayed by the media, it is no secret that obesity is a major contributing factor in Covid – 19 deaths. In Mississippi, approximately 80% of Covid – 19 deceased patients suffer from obesity and related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems. Those statistics closely mirror those of the CDC.

The study said the virus loooooves fat cells. Adipose cells provide a safe haven for the virus from the body's immune response. 

Kingfish note: Unfortunately, this study will probably be canceled because it will be said it promotes fat – shaming. 

Yours truly asked Dr. Dobbs at a press conference last year about starting a public campaign against obesity to reduce Covid deaths. However, the good doctor said subject campaign would take too long.


Anonymous said...

Government subsidized Liposuction for the masses -- that's what's needed!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we know this, it isn't a surprise, downplayed i think not, nor is it trumpeted as some make like. i don't think the non obese dead ones care either.

Anonymous said...

Main stream media reported on this preliminary study over a week ago. It's old news by now. I have not seen media downplaying the connection between obesity and covid deaths at any time for the past two years, but then I'm not an anti-vax rightwing conspiracy nut, either.

PittPanther said...

What better way to attack america, than a disease that targets the fat. Bravo China!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is the gain of function that Fauci, High Priest of Health, paid them to engineer with our tax dollars….

Anonymous said...

@11:00 Would you kindly explain the difference between a "antivaxxer" and a "vaccine safety advocate" as well as the difference between a "conspiracy theory" and a "hypothesis"? I think you may need a fourth booster shot.

News You Can Use said...

Good thing Mississippi isn’t the fattest state in the country, full of anti-vax morons.

Oh. Wait.

Anonymous said...

The smart non sheep here already knew this 2 years ago. The sheep cannot see that they are being led to slaughter. Just like sheep.

Anonymous said...

It would take a very long time.

Anonymous said...

11:00 : You say you haven't seen the media downplaying ? Right. Because the media for the most part have been in full on FEAR MONGERING you dork !

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher has been saying this for over two years. He gave an hour-long interview with the now-departed Chris Cuomo and about 20 minutes was on this subject.

Anonymous said...

And is why I leave when they say their blue state fared better against Covid than our red state because "they took the virus seriously." No, your state has a healthier population than the fatasses in MS - it has zero to do with your 3 masks and shutting down businesses.

But, you can't reason with folks who still believe 45 is a Russian asset, farting cows cause climate change, etc.

Anonymous said...

If this were accurate why aren't all of those fat-cat politicians dropping like flies?

Anonymous said...

NOW we can sue the Hello out of KFC, Wendy's, Burger King. McDonalds, Coca-Cola & thousands of other businesses that load us up with fat & sugar. One call that's all or For the People.

Anonymous said...

Wait! I still hear and see all these heartstring pulling ads asking for donations to their food banks bc of the "Hunger Crisis" in America.

Such a scam. Show me the skinny people or shut up I say.

Anonymous said...

"This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse" Anthony Fauci. Bill Gate's garden gnome is referring to Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Vaccine Associated Disease Enhancement. A review of all published studies resulted in the conclusion, published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, that it would violate established legal and medical ethics if vaccine recipients were not warned of the "substantial" and "non-theoretical" risk of the injections worsening their conditions and disease severity on subsequent exposure. Did your quack warn you about ADE? Your line-dancing hero nurse? The bloke in the army attire? Look out for the "killer flu", "supercold" and "post pandemic stress related heart attacks" Jabtards! So sadly comical.

Kingfish said...

Actually, the media did downplay it. That is why Bill Maher raised hell about obesity and slam the media for avoiding the topic. The idiotic media Mississippi raised hell about so-called racial disparities when it came to Covid, but if you ever look at the pictures of the victims they published, it was always people who were fat. 40 percent of the state is obese and our own health department reports over 50% of black women are obese. In other words our state was a Covid feast waiting to happen. Greta bully probably killed more people with her cooking than she ever did with the gun.

Have you seen any of this mention in the in the state media? Nope

Anonymous said...

Like I said in a comment on a previous post, nobody wants or likes to talk about the fatass part of the equation when it comes to covid here in MS. We here in MS like our fried food too much to get serious about obesity.

Anonymous said...

"If this were accurate why aren't all of those fat-cat politicians dropping like flies?"

Because, they are being treated aggressively once receiving a positive test and not being told to come back when you get worse i.e, your lungs are so filled with fluid you can't breathe like my now deceased uncle with Type 2 diabetes was told. Hell, just this week, a co-worker of mine who is a high risk smoker was told the same thing by her GP. It's asinine.

Anonymous said...

Many fat people got that way by consuming GMO corn based products like hydrogenated corn oil and high fructose corn syrup. Both if which cause inflammation as well as diabeetus.

Anonymous said...

Why is Bill Maher being mentioned as media ? Bill saw the writing on the wall and just recently started distancing himself from the left. CNN , MSNBC and those like them have done nothing but carry water for I am science Big Tony Fauci . EVERY morning on those shows it's FEAR FEAR FEAR and nary a word about Fat asses. We are being taken straight to hell by wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

It’s depressing to be poor. Depressed people overeat. And they eat cheap processed food. Makes you feel better. More complicated than that but ..

Anonymous said...

3:41 : What's weird is all that processed food really ain't that cheap in mass. Idk, 500 a month food budget .....Iphone with bill.....smoking habit....internet service ..... these folks ain't poor hoss. I know real poor folks and nary one is fat.......SNAP cards will buy healthy good tasting food.

Anonymous said...

Please name some healthy foods that actually taste good to normal people.

Anonymous said...

"It’s depressing to be poor. Depressed people overeat. And they eat cheap processed food. Makes you feel better. More complicated than that but .."

Yes, depressed people do cope by overeating. But, processed food is addictive as hell. The same tobacco company executives that manipulated university health studies under the guise of "research dollar" donations are now at big food corporations. Newsflash: the more you eat, the more profits they make. The foods they make are designed to be addictive and nutritionally void so you will overeat for the dopamine rush and the body's innate search for nutrients. But, their "research" has taught us to eat whatever food as long as it is under a certain caloric amount instead of teaching us to eat highly nutritious and satiating animal based foods, vegetables, and fruits in an unprocessed state as possible (your body will tell you when it is full when you eat the right foods).

Anonymous said...

4:15 : Most all nuts. Dark choc instead of milk choc .. Most vegetables prepared right. Corn chex instead of Fruity pebbles.....bran flakes instead of frosted flakes.....baked chicken baked fish........real butter instead of margarine.......apples...oranges...nanas....pears....peaches.... sweet taters...all healthy and all can be purchased with a g-damn snap card.

Krusatyr said...

Fat passport with BMI could be a more wide ranging indicator for multiple diseases, albeit equally as dictatorial as Vax passport?

Many "C" words contribute to obesity:
Cola, Chicken fried, Chips, Chocolate, Cookies, Cake, Candy, Crackers, Carbs, Cholesterol...

Unknown said...

@4:15 Home grown 'Maters. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Kingfish! Yes, most of us knew, by the summer of 2020, that obesity was an important factor. However, it's nice to have confirmation, from a source widely acknowledged as competent and credible, along with a wealth of specifics as to "WHY".

Anonymous said...

So it’s not the Chinese any more.

It’s not faucis fault now

Now it’s the fat people!

Always easy to blame the victim.

Anonymous said...

Uh, PEOPLE, you don't have to be " obese" to have fat cells.

Indeed, females need to have adequate fat cells to be fertile.

Did Tom Hanks and his wife look obese to you? Was Melania Trump obese?

Not everyone who has died was obese though it's certainly a contributing factor/cause of "underlying conditions". Obese people have a distressed circulatory system, respiratory system and likely diabetes.
DUH...obese people aren't healthy and 37% of all Americans are obese on a BMI scale.

2% of Americans have died from Covid and their major common denominator was being UNVACCINATED!

I wish the media would wait for " peer review". If results cannot be duplicated, they are worthless.

Also, given the way research these days is so poorly designed with ridiculous variables and the obvious often ignored or misunderstood, or it's
"bought", it's no wonder confidence in research is reduced.

When news wasn't 24/7 and was a job one was trained to do, none of it had to be conjured up or speculated about...just the old, " who, what, when".

Anonymous said...

1046, shut up. Tom Hanks didn’t die. Neither did Melania.

Anonymous said...

Way to miss the point entirely,1:45

It was that while CV attacks fat cells, obese people have underlying conditions as well and everyone has fat cells...even the rich and famous who likely have personal trainers and watch their diets.

I was also pointing out that waiting for peer review and other research that has impact on this research is important.

The media seems to publish research without having proper context or understanding of what, if any relevance it has. Then the public cries " liar" when the research is wrong and politicizes including character assassination of any scientist or elected official who thought it was " the best available" information in the moment.

The unrealistic expectations of the speed with which science can be certain about a new, mutating virus is simply mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

1114, this is killing the oldest and fattest among us….primarily. Please stop your shit.

Anonymous said...

So Dobbs said a fat awareness campaign would take too long. That’s laughable. Straight talk from health officials telling people that their bad habits are what put them at risk of health problems is sorely needed. How many of us have known folks like I have who got a wake up call that they were going to change habits or spiral toward death with developing health problems, who almost immediately started dropping weight? It’s not hard. Stay out of fast food joints, convenience stores, and the middle areas of the grocery store. Don’t drink sugary drinks or eat processed food. Don’t go back for seconds. Don’t sit in front of the idiot box all evening. Get your ass up and take a minimum 30 minute walk every day, or at least most days. Unless you have a thyroid disorder or something like that you will lose weight.

The problem is that it is in the interest of the medical/pharmaceutical industry for people to be sick so they can make huge profits treating them. Couple that with silly ass modern ideas like “fat shaming” and the idea that fat nasty women just have “curves” and everybody is frigging beautiful, and here we are, far as shit. It’s ridiculous. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Somehow it has gotten to be ok in America. A certain religious type, though maybe a bit less now than in the past, will preach against alcohol consumption and tote around 100 extra pounds due to their gluttony and don’t see the hypocrisy.

Health officials need to focus on information to help people get healthy and enhance their immune systems, not push useless gene therapies falsely labeled “vaccines”.

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