Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Ben Shapiro: The Left's War With Biological Reality

 As the Supreme Court determines whether to preserve the Court-created "right to abortion" under Roe v. Wade, those on the feminist Left have gone into full-blown panic mode. Women's rights, they insist, will implode without granting women the ability to abort their children; only that ability can equalize the natural inequalities of biology, by which women are saddled with the burden of childbearing and child rearing.

    This war with biology is central to the Left's definition of autonomy itself. In the pages of The New York Times, Democratic activist Elizabeth Spiers made this perfectly clear in arguing that abortion ought to be considered the moral alternative to adoption. "When I awoke," she writes, "my son would wake up shortly after and I'd feel him turning and stretching, or less pleasantly, jamming his precious little foot into what felt like my cervix. This is one of the paradoxes of pregnancy: something alien is usurping your body and sapping you of nutrition and energy, but you're programmed to gleefully enable it and you become desperately protective of it. It's a kind of biological brainwashing."

    Biological brainwashing.

    The same people who maintain that your biology dictates that you can be a man in a woman's body and that this represents not gender dysphoria -- truly, a form of biological brainwashing -- but an objective reality to which all of society should conform also argue that biology creates morally unjust connections between mother and child. As Spiers says, "biological brainwashing ... occurs during pregnancy"; mothers cannot "simply choose not to bond with a child she's gestating solely on the basis that she is not ready to be a mother or believes that she is unable to provide for the child." This means that women should consider killing the child rather than putting it up for adoption.

    The language of "biological brainwashing" doesn't stop with the bond between mother and child. This week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the spectacularly dull Instagram star, characterized opposition to abortion as the legalization of "forced birth." In her view, biology itself is an imposition on women (the Left conveniently drops its Orwellian "birthing people" lingo when abortion is at stake); ending a pregnancy by killing an unborn child is a restoration of the natural order.

    Precisely the opposite is true, of course. A predictable result of sex -- in fact, the evolutionary biological purpose of sex -- is procreation. The process by which conception results in birth is continuous and natural. Interfering in that process by forced killing of an unborn human life is definitionally unnatural.

    But so is the entire Leftist worldview by which true autonomy represents an opposition between spirit and flesh. According to the Left, any check on our ambitions -- even a check provided by the reality of biology -- must be overcome in order to establish true equality of opportunity. Women are different than men in biology; therefore, biology must be opposed. 

    The results of this madness are obvious: men and women alienated from themselves, angry at the realities of life, willing to forgo perhaps the greatest joy of existence -- the perpetuation of the human species through the birth of children. But other civilizations are not so suicidal. While we amuse ourselves to death, solipsistically focused on our own subjective sense of autonomy, other civilizations recognize, at the very least, that biology is an inescapable reality. Those civilizations that best conform to the beauty of that reality will thrive. Those that do not will destroy themselves.

    Ben Shapiro, 37, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show," and editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side Of History," and "Bullies." To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.



Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A person from the lie cheat steal party speaks about women’s rights

Anonymous said...

my body my choice!

Anonymous said...

Religion shouldn’t be law. The founding fathers knew that, but unfortunately many today think they know better.

Murderers all said...

@7:37 AM - The unborn have a body and choose to live.

Anonymous said...

My body! My choice! ...until it becomes time to get a job or travel or eat in a restaurant. Then you lose your constitutional freedoms unless you submit to the mRNA shots.

Thankfully, the 5th Circuit stayed some of the nonsense above.

Anonymous said...

4:44 which party is that? The one who wants illegal aliens to vote(key word illegal) and give them free money and all sorts of things knowing who they are going to vote for?

Anonymous said...

If you really didn’t want as many abortions, you would be pushing for free birth control. You aren’t. You just want to impose your will on women. Turning your back on the constitution will be the death of this once great democracy. God save us from these fools.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2021 at 9:22 AM; so, a woman should be able to pay, or have someone else pay, a doctor to rip their unborn baby apart in the womb and then vacuum out the pieces because i don't want to pay for her birth control? fuck that! contraception is cheap enough, and in some cases free, so don't try and argue that it's hard to get. and if it's free from a health department, my taxes are already paying for it.

how about the woman impose her will on the man? she's in charge of the situation.

how are we, those opposed to killing unborn babies, turning our backs on the Constitution? where does the Constitution give a woman the right to pay a dr to kill their unborn baby? when you find it, please post it.

the people that don't want women to be able to pay a dr to kill their baby are the fools? maybe to the mind of a degenerate baby-killing leftist. i'm not perfect, but i'll take my chances at the pearly gates knowing i never advocated for the paid murders of tens of millions of babies.

it's as if the left can't get to hell fast enough. problem is, they trying to take the rest of us with them.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2021 at 8:45 AM; religion doesn't play a part for everyone that decides killing unborn babies is wrong. many of us aren't religious at all, but understand that killing unborn babies is as about as wrong as it can get.

Anonymous said...

9:22 take two Prozac pills and post again tomorrow. Overturning Roe v Wade sends abortion to the states where it should have been all along.

Spare us your hysterical caterwauling.

Anonymous said...

@8:45 If laws shouldn't be based on moral beliefs contained in any religion, (Assuming that's what you meant by "Religion shouldn't be law", since being against babies being killed in the womb is not a the tenet of any religion, but a belief based on the moral code of most religions, specifically: Don't murder) what should they be based on? Just what the majority agrees on? What if the majority agrees on a moral that is also contained in a religion?

@9:22 So it's either free birth control or babies pulled limb from limb while in the womb? That's our only options? You also want to force your will on women by forcing them to pay taxes for every other woman's birth control. What about women that beat their toddlers to death? Should they be allowed to do that because the society shouldn't be allowed to "impose" their will on them?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that no one wants to provide the birth control and actually reduce abortions. Very revealing about the true intentions of those looking to impose their religious views onto everyone.

Anonymous said...

@11:58, where does the Constitution give you a right to bear a gun that did not exist in 1787? It doesn’t. Like the right to bear an assault rifle, the right to privacy (abortion) is an implied right (see the 14th Amendment).

Anonymous said...

Keep it in your pants or self-abuse and you won't need to murder that baby.

Anonymous said...

I love how graphic they try to make these things sound. Pulling babies limb for limb while spitting in their faces and setting them on fire. Oh the horror. Care to write a novel about those poor sperm you shoot into your own hand every night? Do their screams haunt your dreams? They never even got to say goodbye to their mothers. You savages.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2021 at 2:31 PM; it's called the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. "A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed." see, jackhole, there it is. right there, in beautifully penned handwriting.

the founders didn't say i could own an AR-15, which is not an assault rifle, it is a semi-automatic rifle, they said i could own "arms." they also didn't list out all the rifles that were available at the time either. and according to your twisted lack of critical thinking skills, in your example, no gun invented in 1788 or after would be covered by the Second Amendment. let's take it a little further, again, according to your own twisted lack of critical thinking skills, everything addressed in the Constitution would no longer be valid or covered after 1787. are you advocating for a new constitution to be written every year?

there's a big damn difference between "the right to privacy," and the right to kill your unborn baby. just because you have the right to privacy, doesn't mean you have the right to kill an unborn baby. i have the right to privacy, but i don't have the right to pay a dr to kill my 2 year old child in their office.

the right to keep and bare arms is not implied. it is explicit. the right to privacy is not implied, it is explicit. there is no right to kill an unborn baby.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2021 at 3:25 PM; pulling babies apart limb from limb is a nice way of putting it. it's also one of the methods of abortion. using tools to grab ahold of, and twist arms and legs until they are ripped free from the torso. how's that for graphic, and it sounds like something savages would do and support. gosnell would also partially birth a baby, and take scissors and stab the baby in the back of the neck and sever the spinal cord, all while half of the baby is still in the woman and the baby was awake. how's that for graphic, and it sounds like something savages would do, and support.

and who said anything about "spitting in their faces and setting them on fire." no one, except for you.

do you feel the same way about women when they have their period, since that egg wasn't fertilized and was expelled, as you do about sperm in the hand? as for sperm in the hand, that's not a whole new life. that's half of what's needed to create life. sperm don't have mother's, they have fathers. eggs don't have fathers, they have mothers. a fertilized egg, which is alive at conception, has a mother and father. that is a new life. if you can't, or choose not to, understand the difference between preventing a life from being created and killing an unborn baby that is most definitely a life, then there's not much hope for you.

Anonymous said...

Forced BC after first period for ALL women AND men once 16 no matter class until they are certified able and ready to take care of a child. There. Fixed. Aren't we tired of this fugging subject yet ? Bad parenting crosses all lines and abortions cross all classes. Lets just skip right over it and make sure little hard leg junior ain't out knocking up every girl in the trailer park/hood/gated community....

Anonymous said...

It’s a very “Christian” view to be against the right of a woman to chose abortion. Only “Christians” consider embryos or fetuses alive. According to Jewish theology life begins at birth. So outlawing abortion is against the 1st amendment!

I put quotation marks around the word “Christian/s” because not long ago even the Vatican considered the quickening (time at which a pregnant woman can feel the unborn movements) as the start of the new life, not the conception. You see, “Christians” change their opinion if it is politically opportune.

Don’t bother me with your religion!

Anonymous said...

I’m not speaking for myself when I say that I just cannot wait to see what helpful solutions Gov. Abbot, Gov. Reeves, and that asshole with a 64 IQ, Shapiro, has to offer for those children that are carried to term and born with no resources to care for them.

Maybe giving those newborns a lecture on “personal responsibility” will help them obtain food?

Until realistic and helpful solutions are put into place to ensure that these children are taken care of, you can keep Jesus out of it. These people know nothing of Him. They’re doing it for political points, and in Shapiro’s case, for clicks.

Anonymous said...

A fetus/embryo is alive as an appendix is. Both are living cells/ tissue supported by the woman’s metabolism but cannot live outside the woman’s body. A woman’s brain can decide to remove her fetus as it can decide to remove her appendix. Keep your god out of a woman’s decision about her body! Or my god decides that man cannot have viagra.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2021 at 7:51 PM

why do Gov. Abbot, Gov. Reeves, and Shapiro have to be the ones to offer those children resources and care? those aren't their children. that's what the parents are suppose to do. why is it my responsibility to take care of somebody else's child because they were too irresponsible to take precautions to prevent a pregnancy in the first place?

you want to talk about personal responsibility? how about women and men take some personal responsibility, and use any of the many methods of birth control that are out there. birth control pills, iud, condoms, sponge, diaphragm, taking it in the face, anything.

you want realistic and helpful solutions? how about the same ones that have been preached forever; finish high school, go to college or trade school, get a job, get married, then have children. how about that? i guarantee that has a better success rate than anything you have to offer.

even if the supreme court overturns roe vs wade, and it goes to the states to decide for themselves to allow abortion, any woman that wants one will still be able to get one. they can just hop on a plane, fly to california, and have the california taxpayer pay for the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

10:00, just to be clear, your solution for the kid is just to let him/her starve because other people might have been irresponsible. You also seem to lack any solution for women who have an abortion because having the baby would put their health at risk.

Candidly, I’m not uncomfortable with states making on-demand abortion (as opposed to an abortion necessary to protect the mother’s health) illegal after a heart beat can be detected. However, the powers that be in MS and TX have every reason to know that, once their laws are upheld by SCOTUS (which is likely), and as the babies who would otherwise be aborted are born in larger numbers, that the resources that go toward the care of unwanted kids will be stretched entirely too thin. If these states are going to essentially outlaw abortions, then arrangements must be made for those kids. Otherwise, don’t preach to me about how these states are doing the righteous thing.

Also, if a woman can’t afford to have a baby, she likely cannot afford travel to California. And, you’re a fool if you think anti-abortion activists will stop at just leaving it to the states. Saying “just go to California” to have the abortion is one of the most Blythe, let-them-eat-cake responses that I’ve heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

December 16, 2021 at 7:24 AM; oh man, where to start? where, in anything i said, did i say i want the child to starve because others were irresponsible. i want people to be responsible so they don't have a child in the first place if they can't feed it. and how many welfare programs are available to help people not starve?

exactly how many woman are having an abortion because their health is at risk? check the stats and that number is probably very low. as much as i hate abortions, an allowance can be made for that situation. however, the vast majority of abortions are for convenience.

much more needs to be done to try and prevent the unwanted pregnancy in the first place so there won't be a need for an abortion or a need for society to take care of somebody else's baby. the easiest and cheapest of all the ideas and programs is to prevent the pregnancy in the first place, and abstinence only is not the solution.

not sure what news you watch or read, but california is floating the idea of paying transportation, lodging, and expenses for women that want to travel to california to get an abortion, so for those women it probably won't cost them a dime. and not every state is going to make abortion illegal. and if they do, then it's obvious the leftists have been lying about how popular abortion is.

Anonymous said...

What folks need to be worried about is not the possibility of a Roe v Wade reversal but the possibility of giving states the power of nullification. Texas’s SB 8 is a prime example of an attempt towards this ideal. If, by allowing states to have laws which circumvent and/or cancel out federal law (prohibited by the Supremacy Clause, technically) or “nullify” them, it could become be a free for all on every right a person has. Hypothetically speaking: California could come after firearms in a way never before seen, religious freedoms for non-Christians could be stomped on epically, same sex marriages could be cancelled out and once again become criminal sex acts, the sacrifices made by those during the Civil Rights era would now have been in vain, women’s rights laughed at as a joke…the list goes on and on and on.

(Yes, this is a legit worry - take a Constitutional Law class or two and you’ll get it.)

Anonymous said...

Spit a baby out your penis, raise it without help or financial support, have the whole freaking world judge how well you did or did not do that and get back to me.

Adam Lynch said...

December 15, 2021 at 10:00 PM,

First if all, dear lord, dude. WHO would be willing to take your misbegotten splooge to the face? You watch too much porn, but I reckon that's the only sex an incel like you gets.
To the rest of you: it ain't none o' your business whether a woman gets an abortion out of necessity or convenience. It's her body and ya'll creepy thugs need to get your sticky hands off it. When WILL these white men stop tryna tell women--especially Black women--what they gonna do with their bodies. Ya'll been treating Black women like they belong to you for frickin' centuries. Get OVER IT.

Anonymous said...

Ben Shapiro - always pandering to anyone who might be a potential buddy. Sad. Sadder thratyou publish this stuff.

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