Monday, November 8, 2021

Pit Attacks, Jackson Does Nothing

 Incompetence and negligence continue to reign at the dog pound. The Friends of the Jackson Animal Shelter posted  this message on October 30 on Facebook:

In the meantime. . .back at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter, people are still trying to drop dogs off there for the usual reasons. But no one answers the door. They can’t. Nobody is there. Of course, you say, no one is there because it’s closed. Yet, most people don’t know this. Neither the Shelter nor the city of Jackson put a Closed sign up. Many who have visited the facility before know that the doors have been locked during adoption/visiting hours. So they just knock a little louder hoping someone will answer. Finally they give up. They try other facilities which are over capacity.
Who is picking up the stray dogs? Who is handling complaints, neglect, abuse, sick and hurt animals all over the city of Jackson? When will the shelter open? Many people have tried to find out.
Why don’t the mayor and the people who oversee the shelter answer when we call or text?
Let’s find out. So more dogs like these will not roam the streets or live in homes where their needs can’t be met.
Transparency, decency, professionalism-our city needs it.
Please help the community animals by emailing and/or calling city officials and requesting that they provide the citizens of Jackson an update on the status of the repairs, the anticipated re-opening date and the status of the proposal from Best Friends. We NEED YOUR HELP in letting the city officials know that the city animal shelter and the care of the animals is important to you.

This news is not exactly a surprise.  

Meanwhile, don't expect any help if you are attacked by a pit.  A woman (name withheld) posted on social media yesterday:

 Apparently Jackson Animal Control does not care when a pitbull attacks a dog and a human! They have been contacted several times and no action has been taken! Seems like even the police department should be involved at this point, if anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed please let me know thanks

 The victim called JPD but was told to call animal control. Predictably, no one answered the phone when he called called that department.   The attack took place on Reddoch Drive.


Kingfish note: You are on your own when it comes to dealing with dangerous dogs in Jackson. Animal control will do nothing unless there are multiple attacks by the same dog. If attacked, don't bother calling animal control. Just shoot the dog. Problem solved.  Some people may get mad at this advice, this is what happens when a city refuses to do its job. It shouldn't have to be that way but such is the state of affairs in Jackson today.


Anonymous said...

I’d shoot the dog regardless of whether or not animal control was doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Probably the best thing that could happen to the dog. Sad

Pits are lovable, until they are not said...

Pit bulls should be exterminated. There is a reason why many municipalities prohibit them. Dozens of children have been killed by pits across the country, but I have never read of a golden retriever killing a child.

Bring it on all of you red-neck pit lovers.

Kingfish said...

Totally disagree. I've known several very friendly pits that died of old age and never did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

My sweet pitbull furbabies wouldn’t hurt a flea.

Anonymous said...

We have lots of animals running loose in Jackson.

Some are four-legged but, most are two-legged.

Anonymous said...

KF, no doubt, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some "no show" jobs exist in this department.

Anonymous said...

8:34. wrong. owned one. biggest baby of a dog ever. now my dominant female labrador- she would kill an intruder to our house. stone cold.

The Only Good Pit is a Dead Pit said...

Friendly pit? That's one in a row.

MeNot KNOWNas said...

IMHO, Pitts are 99% reflection of the owners

Anonymous said...

chowke and the gang don't give a rats ass about human black children being shot and killed. why the fuck would they care about some white lady and her dog? get a gun, get lessons, practice, carry, shoot the dog next time. they make bullets that will disintegrate when they hit the pavement. no ricochet. get some for when you walk the dog.

Anonymous said...

Spot on!!

Anonymous said...

Owning a pibull is like owning a Taurus 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a pack of hungry PITS roaming around after the fall of man. These "problem" Pits ARE JUST EXTENSIONS of the owners who abandoned them and ANY dog can attack when motivated by bad parenting. PSA : Teach your children the proper behavior when being around dogs ! Don't go near them when they are eating. DON'T pull their tails ! Old dogs HATE being picked up...that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can't even control all the feral Homo sapiens running around killing, assaulting, or otherwise harassing law abiding human beings....why would anyone be surprised by this?

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick was imprisoned for killing pit bull dogs. Don’t kill the dog, simply dial your local animal shelter to arrange for the dog to be picked up.

Anonymous said...

Human beings are the real Animals.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on all of you red-neck pit lovers.

Your ignorance on display again.

Anonymous said...

Apparently serving as Mayor of Jackson is a "no show" job as the person who was elected only shows up when it means an opportunity to flap his gums or to participate in some national interview where he gets to puff and preen to the rest of this country that he's some sort of success.

Anonymous said...

Most people would not know a pit bull if they saw one. They were bred for one purpose. Hundreds of years they have been bred for one thing. Some people think they can make a dog who was bred for one purpose go against all of those years of selective breeding and become warm and fuzzy buddies to all.

Pit bull comes in almost every color and the size varies. Now days people think all pit bulls are blue. The blue ones are crossbreeds. In other words the blues are curs. If a dog bites anyone or anything it is automatically called a pit bull. It may really be the neighbor's lab. Do not worry about packs of pit bulls running lose. If there is more than one running around you can bet it wasn't a pit bull or they would already be fighting each other. But since people do not know what one looks like all dogs that you do not like is a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

10:55 : Ummmmmm, did you read the article ?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,4.5 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year and 6-12 thousand require hospitalized.

Pit Bulls lead the lists with both most attacks and deaths. A not so close second is mixed breeds and the German Shepherds.

Only so much can be done to overcome genetics in dogs that were bred for protection or attack.

Even small Lhasas that are were bred to guard food and be attached to one person. Ours was and did not try to remove food or "surprise" his favorite family member.

Unfortunately, they are also used for dog fighting and for protection or as a macho symbols and are not cared for with their breeding in mind. And Pits , like all other dogs can have aging issues that affect behavior.

Dogs are wonderful additons to our families. But, too many of us pick dogs without knowing anything about what to expect from the breed or what the dog needs to be healthy and well behaved.

You can look at the fatalies for 2020 and so far in 2021 in your search engines.

I don't know the solution, but many of the deaths are toddlers who cannot be expected to reliably approach a dog safely.

Anonymous said...

November 8, 2021 at 10:55 A; ahh, ignorance on display. you either don't know what you're talking about cause you don't know anything about the Vick case, or you actually think the killing of these dogs in these situations would be the same. the list of offenses against Vick was quite lengthy, and not one of them was for killing a dog in self defense. Vick did not go to jail for just killing dogs. nor would someone go to jail for killing a dog that was actually attacking you and your own dog. self defense and cold blooded murder both end up with a killer and a killed, but one is justified, one is not.

you need to work on your reading comprehension too. folks are complaining about no one answering the door, or the phone or their texts. and calling or texting animal control while a pit bull has your leg or your dogs head in its mouth is not an option. instead of grabbing a phone to make a call, grab your gun and put that vicious animal down.

anybody walking the streets of jackson should be carrying a gun. for the 4-legged animals as well as the 2-legged.

Anonymous said...

10:55, did you even read the post? No one answers the door or phone at the animal shelter. Ther thanks s no animal control. The police won’t help.

Justice for Pits said...

Pits are a dangerous breed and should be exterminated. Statistics don’t lie. Also, I really cant stand the term “furbaby”. Those who use it sound pathetic and lame.

Anonymous said...

"Jackson Animal Control". Now that department should have about 1000 employees. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dang, That used to be a pretty nice area. What happened ?

Anonymous said...

9:26 Thank you for posting the truth!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if the Chi-coms have made an offer on Jackson? If they did, better take it before they sober up.

Anonymous said...


Ummmmm, did you
Read the article?

And I'm A Serious Dog Lover said...

The usual pit-apologists show up to claim their fur-baby would not harm a flea. Maybe not. Who gives a shit. That's not the situation here.

Then we have the personality-disordered Kingfish suggesting, out of one side of his mouth, a victim should shoot the dog while from the other side of his mouth he 'knows a friendly pit' and you're wrong for generalizing. Reminds me of those who say, 'I like black people...I have a black friend at work'.

Meanwhile, blast away. If you have one in the neighborhood, whether or not he has proven to be aggressive, be forewarned. Arm up and be prepared. Defend yourself, your pets and your family. Blast the beast. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick told me personally that he was imprisoned for killing pit bulls.
Also, unlike you, I don’t believe everything I read. I called the animal shelter yesterday to pick up a dog.

Anonymous said...

We’re supposed to read the posts? I can’t comment without reading the post?

Anonymous said...

Kill a dog in front of the police department and let me know if your self-defense rant worked.

Krusatyr said...

Pit Bulls and their half breed versions are all muscle, claw and teeth: their whole body is just a jaw muscle to rip and ravage with.

I have punted one with heavy boots to the neck, lifting it off the ground, to keep it back and it thought I wanted to play so used claws and had a great time shredding my legs. Only a water hose finally drove it back under the fence whence it had burrowed.

That is a nasty breed of instinctively savage animal. No other type of dog kills and maims as many humans as a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

November 8, 2021 at 2:38 PM; again, there is a difference between killing a dog just to kill it, and killing a dog that is attacking you or your dog. but even in front of my local police department it won't be an issue. i live in rankin county. not hinds. flowood pd won't have a problem with me shooting a dog that is attacking me or my dog. nor would they have a problem shooting a dog for me that was attacking me or my dog.

the only thing they might charge me with is discharging a firearm within the city limits. but then again, its rankin county, they might just say nice shot and send me on my way. zip codes have consequences, some better than others.

Anonymous said...

If a dog is in your space and attacking you, kill it.

The fact that many think this is debatable, is a problem.

Anonymous said...

3:46 - Wise up, pal. It really matters not what 'the PD' thinks. If you have enough sense to secure an attorney, you'd skate in either jurisdiction.

If you shot a man who was crawling into your bedroom window, do you really think the PD would arrest you for discharging a firearm in the city?

Anonymous said...

Just toss the unwanted animals over the gate at the Mayor's subdivision. I presume it's fenced.

Ophelia said...

Now, I will say right up front that I am not a “dog person,” and have a healthy fear of strange ones. That probably classes me with a good percentage of the population. And I tend to agree with those who would outlaw the pit bull breed, for all the reasons cited above. I, too, loathe the idiotic term “furbaby”—yeccch. But, to each his/her own. Just KEEP THE DAMN CRITTERS IN A FENCE, whatever the breed, and whatever you call them. How hard is that, really?

Anonymous said...

"Just KEEP THE DAMN CRITTERS IN A FENCE, whatever the breed, and whatever you call them. How hard is that, really?"

Numerous studies have shown that it is 2.7321 times harder than washing your hands and 11.8734 times harder than wearing a mask, but only .0000021 times as hard as bitching about anything online. In fact, noted scientist Dr. Wood I. Lytayall, PhD, has commented extensively on FaceTwatterGram about the data. And he knows about this stuff - his dissertation was on the basket-weaving techniques of the middle 19th century in New England and he is now Rolls Royce's director of sales for the entire Chunky, MS metropolitan area as well as the winner of Subway's "Fastest Lettuce Slinger" award for August, 2017 AND March, 2019 (for locations in Mississippi gas stations located off major highways and receive at least 8" of snow in the summer).

I'm sure the data and the good Dr. PhD will be cited by any number of people in the next few moments.

Anonymous said...

Problem solved. Now, you and whomever can open a business where whomever else calls you to come kill a dog attacking you. Put flyers in all the pit bull neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

1245 :ummmmm no 😘you really shouldn’t

Anonymous said...

2:33, You can believe this, if you read it:

Michael Vick pled guilty to one federal count of "'conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.'” He also pled guilty to state dog fighting charges.

Anonymous said...

Listen to me. Vick was indicted by a grand jury of KILLING DOGS.
He PLED to a lesser charge as part of a plea agreement.

Anonymous said...

Who gives two fat rat's asses about Michael Vick? Nothing but a has been football player.

Anonymous said...

7:12 a.m.: I heard you the first time. Vick went to jail for the crimes to which he pled guilty.

He was accused of a whole lot more than just killing dogs, including, but not limited to, financing and operating a large-scale, illegal gambling operation across state lines.

Anonymous said...

"Zip codes have consequences"

What a priceless phase.

(And so true).

Anonymous said...

Pitbull owner here.. and redneck I guess.. all you boneheads saying to ban the breed are just simpletons who fear what you don't understand. The dogs aren't the problem. Sorry owners are. I have a pit and a mini daschund. They both sleep in my bed every night. Of course I raise and handle them differently. There is a huge size and strength difference. Too many bad owners get the dogs for the wrong reasons and then neglect and or abandon them. So we are left with injured starving dogs roaming the streets in self preservation mode. Recipe for disaster. The worst people in the world are the ones that prefer the pitbull breed. The dogs suffer from the ignorance and lifestyle of the owners. They are also easy to obtain cause there are so many backyard breeders. You don't see that with shepherds or Rottweilers or any other strong breeds that have to be raised different than cocker spaniels. I suggest all you haters google Lilly the hero pitbull and read her story.. you will find many more like her. They are highly intelligent and easy to train but the majority of them start life with rotten owners. You cannot expect strong dogs to just dog like small breeds.hold people accountable for how they treat these dogs and you will see a major difference. But the farmers fight animal cruelty laws tooth and nail because they don't want to be held accountable. They are boneheads too.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Vick was INDICTED for killing dogs. Killing dogs was the ARRESTING charge. He was arrested and JAILED for killing dogs.

What part of these statements do you not understand? Under plea agreements, there’s usually a lesser charge which allows the defendant to serve less time than the indicting charge, so.

For example: If you were indicted for being a fucking idiot, you’d plea to being “slow.” Were you indicted for being slow? No. So, to anyone with common sense, you’d still be considered as a fucking idiot. Whatever else you’ve been ACCUSED doesn’t mean anything. The grand jury INDICTED you for being a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Its an issue of frequency vs severity. While pitbulls may not be the most frequent offenders (although still comparatively frequent), the severity of their attacks is a much more relevant marker for this discussion. Yes, we know chihuahua's bite more frequently, but the severity is so low it is reasonably "worth the risk." Because pits' attacks so disproportionally result in severe outcomes, there is really no good reason to consider them domesticated. Yes, your pit would hurt a fly, and a human it wrongly perceives to be a threat. No your pit is not representative of all pits. Why is this breed in particular so sensitive to "bad owners?" Does the breed not attract a particular demographic of owner? What does that say about the purpose of owning one? Its pretty simple. Keep em away from neighborhoods and families.

Anonymous said...

10:44 - Nothing in your post refutes the fact that so-called pit-breeds maim and kill more people than all other breeds combined. Say what you will, and sleep with what pleases you....overall, the facts support that they are dangerous as hell.

Anonymous said...

@10:44 PM - Denial is not a river in Egypt. Many of the deaths and serious injuries by pits were followed by the owner stating, "I don't understand. He is such a gentle family pet and wouldn't hurt a flea."

Anonymous said...

A pit bull terrier is a dangerous animal.
A pit bull terrier isn’t a dangerous animal.

Both things are true.

The end.

Anonymous said...

@250am &11:10am Have either of you ever owned a pitbull? If the answer is no as I suspect then I'm not interested in your opinions. Meanwhile this mini daschund is driving me crazy misbehaving as I'm typing this cause she is hard headed, disobediant and totally untrainable while the pitbull is sitting beside me being the perfect angel she always is, she listens and learns and obeys every command.

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