Monday, November 15, 2021

Crime Stats? What Crime Stats?

 Lying Lumumba is at it again.   After promising in January 2019 to provide monthly crime statistics to the public, the city of Jackson has not published them since June 2020. JJ did what it used to do when his father pulled the same crap: filed a public records request for all monthly UCR reports since June 2020. Surprise,  surprise, the request yielded this response:

The City received a public information request from you on 11/8/2021. 

You requested: Police Records - All UCR monthly crime reports since June 2020. Since they are supposed to be posted on the city website, please waive any fees

The City has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive documents to your request.  

Home where have we heard this before? EPA emergency order anyone? The truth is hiding crime stats is a Lumumba family tradition. The first thing Mayor Chokwe Lumumba did when he came to office in 2013 was remove the crime stats from the city website. Can't have the rubes seeing how bad crime is, now can we?

Mayor Tony Yarber put them back up on the city website when he donned the purple. However, no good deed goes unpunished as Chokwe Antar Lumumba continued the family tradition. The crime reports disappeared from the website for nearly a year after he assumed office.  The weekly Comstat reports returned in November 2018 but disappeared in February 2019.  This website reported the removal of the crime stats.  Suddenly the Mayor rushed into action to announce a new policy:


The Jackson Police Department is in the process of transitioning from Comstat to UCR (Uniform Crime Report) which will contain the numbers reported to the FBI. These reports will be posted on the 15th of every month.

The administration posted the February 2019 report later that day.  The ploy worked as the media went away. The crime stats were not updated again until October - after this website reported their disappearance.  The post must have gotten someone's attention because the crime stats popped up on the website a few hours later.

JPD used to have weekly Comstat meetings that were open to the public.  The Chief would go over the crime numbers with the command staff.  Interim JPD Chief Anthony Moore reduced the weekly meetings to bi-weekly.  The monthly UCR public reviews that were supposed to take place have disappeared.   Little Lord Lumumba just as want people seeing how bad crime really is.

There is also the matter of what information is provided in the crime reports as the Lumumba administration took a butcher knife to the crime reports, severely cutting back the information provided to the public.   The"report" provides no year-to-date statistics, much less YTD stats from the previous year.  This little ommission effectively prevents Jacksonians from seeing the true picture of in the capital city. 

  Check out this page from the Comstat reports that JPD used for years.

The reports were eight pages and usually provided supplemental pages of the streets where each crime occurred.  Crime maps were usually posted as well.  This all changed under Mayor Lumumba.  Compare that one page to what was posted for years to Mayor Lumumba's idea of crime reports:

 Check out the homicide section. The city reported all of 0 murders for March and February but it reports  5 manslaughter by negligence cases in March and another 13 in February.  The report claims NO murders took place in March 2019 while 2 manslaughter negligence cases took place during the same period.  Talk about an unlucky city.

JPD used to include the total number of homicides for the year in press releases on homicides.  Chief Moore stopped that practice and PIO Sam Brown has continued the practice.  One can't determine the number of homicides from the crime reports for the year.  One has to ask JPD for such information. 

Other crimes such as auto burglary and carjacking are not specifically mentioned in the UCRs.

The Mayor made it virtually impossible to compare the crime stats of 2020 to previous years.  After years of watching the Lumumbas hide crime reports, it is pretty safe to assume their actions are no accident are a pattern of hiding crime information.  They simply do not want the public to know the state of crime in Jackson. The question to be asked is why?

Kingfish note:  This is what the people of Jackson desire.  For all their vigils about crime, they reward politicians and judges who are either soft on crime or criminal-friendly in their policies.  The Mayor and his father get away with this because frankly, the voters reward them for doing so.   

This is just more proof that the Mayor does not take crime seriously or is overwhelmed by the problem and does not know what to do. Meanwhile, his little minions go on social media and attack crime victims with nary a consequence.


Locky Loady said...

Maybe more balloons need to be released, and this time in front of Chowke's Real Time Crime Center. A Blue Ribbon Commission headed by Chowke's sister couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

The mass scale mental illness and apathy in the voting base in Jackson is a dream case-study for a budding Psychologist thesis.

You get the government representation that you deserve, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Reports of any deaths are greatly exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

The mayor (rightfully) doesn’t want to give more ammunition to the suburban white supremacists and racist clickbait peddling bloggers like you, KKKingfish. It is obvious that you are an agent of your benefactors.

Anonymous said...

The mayor should be deeply embarrassed by this post. The mayor's honesty and integrity are challenged. Facing the facts is the first way to make any progress. To hide these statistics indicates a combination of laziness, lack of administrative oversight (incompetence), or a vile attempt to hide from reality.

Anonymous said...

10:29 I truly hope that you are a trouble making troll, but if you really believe the garbage that you spew, God help you.

The bible teaches us to care for our fellow man, and I believe that is what is being done here. Whenever someone brings light to darkness, it doesn't matter where the darkness is. Don't you realize that the people that are suffering the most from this Mayor's actions are not white? Kingfish is by no means perfect, but you must admit that he points out everyone's screw-ups equally. It just so happens that Jackson has far more to report.

Anonymous said...

Mayor does care what KKKingfish exposes or has to say, simply because the mayor knows his constituents don’t give a shit either.

Anonymous said...

Acuna Matata
When you reside in a jungle you are subject to jungle rules.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who voted for EITHER lumumba should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

We get the same crap on ND. Anyone concerned about crime is a racist.

Anonymous said...

@10:29a- Your type ALWAYS plays the racism/white supremacy card.

Why is the truth so painful for you? Is your plan to bury your head in the sand and pretend crime is not destroying your community? Or, do you just not care because your Drakey-poo doesn’t care?

FYI- White supremacists are NOT who is killing and robbing your citizens HOURLY. However, I’ll concede that white supremacist Biden’s policies are currently robbing ALL Americans… even the ones too ignorant to understand what they voted for. (Circle back around and give yourself a face palm.)

Anonymous said...

Well, someone needs to teach his constituents math as Jackson has one of the HIGHEST per capita murder rates in the entire nation. Unfortunately, they just seem to accept murder as a fact of life.

Krusatyr said...

We don't need to see the Unclothed Emperor's data in precise Kingfish Format for the common sensical observation that there will be about 150 murders this year in a population of 150,000 +/-.

This means Jackson has one of the very worst murder rates in the USA.

One of every 1,000 people in Jackson will be murdered this year. It may be nearly two per thousand if parameters are confined to West and Southwest Jackson, where 95% of murders occur.

What kill number will be written on your toe tag?

Anonymous said...

What would it look like if the gangs (that my or may not actually exist in Jackson) decided to make sure that that all of their members and associates registered to vote and voted as they were told? If all of their families voted as they were told, shat kind of politicians would you end up with? How would those politicians (and judges) react to criminal activity?

Anonymous said...

Tate and Chokwe have more in common than their respective followers would like to admit. They both willing to trade the well being of their constituents for re-election.

Anonymous said...

10:29/10:53, Does Mayor Lumumba II also know that his constituents don't care that each year of his tenure has set a new record for per-capita homicides?

Does the mayor also know that business investment is attracted by his narrative of "every white person who doesn't kiss my ass is a white supremacist"?

Does the mayor also know that the Republic of New Afrika is a failed, 50+ year-old pipe-dream of a group of militant black nationalists from Detroit? For evidence of the failure in their home town, see

Does the mayor know that black nationalism if every bit as racist as the "separate but equal" doctrine of Plessy v. Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

I had thought that the crime rate was much higher, but it seems like Jackson has been crime-free for a while now based on this data. I feel much safer now. I don't know why I had thought the crime rate, especially murders, were getting out of control.

Maybe it was just the perception of crime?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't local tv media address this issue with stats not being released?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't changing the state flag supposed to solve all problem's?

Anonymous said...

Who benefits most from the stats being published every month? The citizens of Jackson? Or right-wing blogs who would use the reports to trash Jackson for clicks? I’m going with option 2.

I understand why the City should be posting the stats, but it’s apparent why the City isn’t rushing to post the stats.

Are the stats really needed for you to know that crime is high?

Anonymous said...

10:29 - the Mayor might not "want to" do something, but that still doesn't address what he should do; what he said he was going to do; and making available what by law he is required to do.

Granted, he thinks the law doesn't apply to him or the Kush Nation and in today's environment there is little control to make him do his job.

Glad you are happy with his shit - all the while calling anyone who expects normal services from their government (you know, safety, water, etc) are white supremisists and racists. As far as the racism goes, maybe you need to check your mirror.

Anonymous said...


There are good decent people of ALL RACES who reside in Jackson, MS. These GOOD AND DECENT people need and deserve to know the current state of affairs. Not a single soul on God's green earth with a modicum of sense would construe the truth as ammunition to fuel racism or racist banter.

If the mayor (or any politician) starts hiding statistics, you SHOULD be concerned.

I have friends of ALL RACES in Jackson and I would rather them not be in any danger because people like you refuse to see reality and protect these goof balls who are making bank off the backs of your people.

Kingfish said...

The jfp raised hell when Melton pulled this crap

Anonymous said...

Jackson was a great town when I moved there in the 1970s after college. Now, I could not imagine raising a family in Jackson. Each time, we think Jackson is as bad as it can get, it gets worse. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Agencies do not complete UCR reports any more. The feds have changed it to NIBRS reporting.

Anonymous said...

Tate and Chokwe have more in common than their respective followers would like to admit. They both willing to trade the well being of their constituents for re-election.

Give us examples.

Anonymous said...

One state does not participate in NIBRS. Guess which one?

There is a need to know and then there is a complete lack of a desire to know.

Welcome to the Sergeant Schultz State. We hear nothing! We see nothing! We know nothing! (as if our educational ranking didn't already tell you that)

Anonymous said...

1:47 PM
Both of their heads are up their own asses.

Anonymous said...

"The mayor (rightfully) doesn’t want to give more ammunition..."

Public knowledge, right to 'ammunition'? God help you with that attitude. Get your ass off that city computer and go back to your nail filing.

Anonymous said...


Apologies, I was under the impression that you didn’t want to copy JFP. Now that I know that a practice is okay if JFP did it a decade ago, I take back what I said and ask forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

2:46, that's not an example. That's an opinion. But clearly, you don't understand the difference.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is when you racists use it as a bludgeon against African-American leadership.
And your derogatory comment about nail filing is another example of racism.
You suburbanites don’t even have the courage look a Black Man in the eye in public. But you sure are brave with your anonymous online comments.

Wow said...

Worse, in Belhaven police officers will not file a report for sexual gratification / indecent exposure, etc.

The police officers claim "filing the report will not help." How many crimes are being underreported because of this approach by policing in Jackson?

Actually filing a report will help. Because it will hold this administration and your police force accountable for the true amount of crime happening that is being underreported.

Same story with others trying to file reports about being shot at on the interstate, etc.

It makes me sad and angry to think about.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need to perform a little reductive analysis on the unpublished crime stats.

Moved to Jackson in 1986, and the place was still nice. Used to go to a barber at Meadowbrook Road and State Street. Used to go to movies at the Meadowbrook Cinema.
Sold our house in NE Jackson in 2003 (got top dollar) and moved to Madison. Have not regretted that choice for one moment.

Keep up the great work Mr. Mayor.

P.S. Name one institution or city service that DOES work right in Jackson?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Name one institution or city service that DOES work right in Jackson?

The garbage collection provided by Waste Management is quite good. He is working to destroy that now.

Anonymous said...

November 15, 2021 at 4:20 PM
When they do you take it as a threat to your "honor" and "throw hands"

Anonymous said...

Because some are incompetent, the remainder are racists. May reptile aliens made of light, cut us open and pull out all the pain.

Anonymous said...

To 200pm, copied from MS’s NIBRS website:

Mississippi NIBRS Certified Agencies
Currently, Mississippi has 131 Certified NIBRS Law Enforcement Agencies. Click to see which law enforcement agency in your area has earned NIBRS certification:

NIBRS certified and testing agencies through September 30, 2021

Never hurts to Google your post before posting…as to avoid a post such as this one.

Just saying…

Anonymous said...

How do you know when C. Lumdumba II is lying? When his lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

UCR reporting is not necessarily done anymore. It is now NIBRS reporting so you may want to ask for the NIBRS reports. If they aren't generating and sending NIBRS reports then they aren't suppoused to be able to get Federal grant funding. Someone needs to ask why/how the city is still getting Fed money for JPD if they aren't submitting NIBRS reports to the state which then gets sent to the Feds.

Anonymous said...

9:50 AM
I checked the MS NIBRs website and as of September 30, 2021 neither Hinds County or Jackson is listed as NIBRS Certified Agencies, however Ridgeland and Madison and Madison County are. Agencies in Testing are listed as Hinds County, but not Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:47--the medical marijuana bill. this is one, you pipe back up I'll give you more.

Anonymous said...

Funny how when you make a post with facts & figures to rebut a dim-witted Dim-O-Krat on this site ole JJ chokes....

He must be assimilating the lying waves Choke-way is broadcasting!

Anonymous said...

Nov. 15 @4:20, This issue is not about the treatment of Jackson's leadership by critics, or your perception of racism. It's about the Lumumba administration hiding the truth from the people, in order to save face and dodge accountability.

And your comment's undertones of racial violence against white people, in retaliation for criticism of Chokwe Antar Lumumba, did not go unnoticed. How quickly you retreated to that safe ground speaks volumes of your fitness to govern.

That last statement assumes your are either employed, or awarded contracts, by the Lumumba administration, as that seems to be the way he garners vocal support.

Anonymous said...

6:14, NIBRS does not list Mississippi as a participating STATE.

Here's a verbatim quote: "Mississippi is currently the only state without a uniform crime reporting system" (small letters, Cletus).

While individual agencies are attempting to get with the program and have become certified, Jackson is NOT one of them, even if so.

Why? Well, remember the City of Jackistan's comments about "perception of crime"? Well here's a quote from NIBRS on why cities or agencies might not want to have detailed crime reporting: "Apprehension that the increase of detail in crime reporting will create the perception of an increase in crime"

That's right. Gosh, someone might get a "perception of crime" and FBI/CJIS warned them about that godawful Miss.-perception.

Maybe you could not attack other posters and research a little before YOU post.

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