Wednesday, November 17, 2021

When Crisler Bragged about Being Shot

Although he has been rather quiet about it during the campaign for Sheriff, Marshand Crisler bragged about being shot as a deputy when he ran for mayor in 2009. The showboating backfired when the media dug deep and discovered he was shot because he busted down the door on a no–knock raid on the wrong home and was shot by a surprised resident. His vindictive partners went to prison for planting drugs on the poor schmuck.  It was almost like the Botham Jean case in reverse.

  JJ reported in 2009: 

Jackson Mayoral candidate (and alleged front-runner) Marshand Crisler makes the point to remind us in his current advertising he was shot in the line of duty. On his website he states:

"In 1992, he was honorably discharged from the US Marines and joined the Hinds County Sheriff's Department as a narcotics investigator where he had several assignments as a contract agent with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, the FBI and DEA. In 1993, he received the distinguished meritorious award for valor for acts of courage and being shot in the line of duty."

 His current mailout highlights his shooting in the bullet points.

While I disagree with using this as a campaign ploy, if Mr. Crisler is going to use his shooting (notice no wound is mentioned) in his advertising, it's time to more closely examine what exactly happened in the Hinds County Sheriff's Narcotics unit back in the early 1990s.

Deputy Crisler belonged to a anti-drug task force in 1993. The task force intercepted a shipment of drugs going to an apartment complex. The deputy and his friends busted down the door of the wrong apartment under the authority of a no–knock warrant.  A surprised Anthony Dixon shot the deputy in the chest. Fortune smiled on Deputy Crisler as he wore a vest and thus suffered no injury. He went home for the weekend and returned to work on Monday. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the fun was just beginning in this sordid tale of police corruption.

Dixon was charged with aggravated assault for shooting the deputy in the chest but was never convicted. The dirty cops almost pulled it off but got caught when some honest poh-lice him him him on the task force reported their shenanigans to the feds.


In 1993, the federal government prosecuted the head of the HCSO Narc unit, Captain Danny Woods, who was Crisler's boss and law enforcement sources (and corroborated a good deal by the attached articles below) told JJ they went to serve a warrant. A deputy was shot as they apparently dressed up in their ninja suits, wore bulletproof vests, and served the no-knock warrant on the wrong home. McMillin refused to name the deputy shot, but Crisler later admitted he was the deputy in question. The Clarion-Ledger reported:

(Former deputy and task force member) Scott Turner, who pleaded guilty Jan.6 to a charge of conspiring to violate the civil rights of an arrested man, said former narcotics unit Capt. Danny Woods put crack cocaine in a matchbox found during an April 23 arrest and tampered with drug evidence in a second case. 

Turner, 28, of XXX, said federal prosecutors have agreed not to charge him in the second evidence-tampering incident "and in a case where my partner was shot and I lied about where the evidence was found." (Kingfish note: The case resulting in the conviction of Woods and Turner was not the one where a deputy was shot. They are two different cases but Turner admits to evidence tampering in both.)

"I stated the evidence was found in the defendant's right front pocket," Turner said, describing the shooting. "The defendant in that case did not possess crack cocaine. All he did was shoot my partner in the chest." 

The shooting occurred April 2 at Metro Manor Apartments... The deputy, whose name was not made public, was wearing a bullet-resistant vest. The vest deflected the bullet."

Turner said he pleaded guilty because he knowingly put false information on the evidence tag, an affidavit, and an arrest warrant.

A federal grand jury indicted Woods with two counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count of possession of crack cocaine, and one count of conspiracy to violate a person's civil rights. Woods was convicted of the possession charge and acquitted of the the rest of the charges despite testimony from two cops that he planted drugs in Lowe's possession.

Make no mistake, Marshand Crisler tried to use a shooting caused by his screw-up to get elected Mayor. He bragged in several mailers that he was shot while trying to bust drug dealers. What he conveniently left out was he got shot because he busted down the door at the wrong home and then his partners tried to frame a guy who was merely acting in self-defense.  He would have been better off avoiding the subject altogether when he ran for mayor in 2009. However, he just could not help himself and had to brag about it and that my friends, is the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

Sad fact: This story won't change the mind of a single person that is currently planning to vote for him in the runoff.

Rick Parry said...


Anonymous said...

Well, if getting shot in Jackson qualifies you for office, wouldn’t most of the city population qualify? With more and more qualifying each day?

Anonymous said...

Crisler is just another shuck & jive huckster, and that's apparently what the residents of Hinds County and Jacktown want as their elected officials. There's that old saying, you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

How this matter ? They rigging it for him anyway.

Anonymous said...

I want be going back to Vote for either one of them. It’s pass time for me to leave Hinds. County with all the Corruption going on here. I feel better starting some in another County where I didn’t know the candidates personally. I’m sure anywhere you go it’s gonna be the same but I’ve had enough of Hinds County. The only way I’ll vote for one of them is if they personally say they’re gonna get rid of Pete Luke and his Cheerleaders then I will vote

Anonymous said...

Marshand and his ilk live and prosper in a world where peop0le like KF do not exist and certainly do not report the facts. They prosper because there is no accountability for anything....unless of course there is a white on black crime. This never happened.

Anonymous said...

He was still shot in the line of duty….

Seems the queen fish doesn’t like Crisler.

Very few people voting in this race read this negative rag anyway.

Anonymous said...

I’d rather have someone as sheriff that’s willing to take a bullet rather than sending inappropriate pictures to your subordinates.

Kingfish said...

I'm sure you took up for that Dallas cop who went in the wrong apartment.

Anonymous said...

I wish the board of supervisors had the power to give the job to Crisler permanently until the next election cycle. The day after the Peter Principal will kick in immediately!

He and the Board of Supervisors President Credell Calhoun deserve each other. A total shit show! David Archie, where you at?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As a current deputy in the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, it pains me more and more as election day approaches that this man (Crisler) will more than likely be our sheriff. Which in turn means Calhoun will be our sheriff. I know Tyree is no better but at least he isnt a puppet of the board of supervisors. But rest assured if you all vote in Crisler, all of the unemployed deputies that he will eventually lay off out of spite will be lining up to say "I told you so"

Anonymous said...

8:09 he is an untrustworthy POS. I know the liar. He knows it too. Bogus with a capital B. Jackson has gone to shit anyway, so it won't actually matter, so phuck it.

Anonymous said...

"He was still shot in the line of duty…"

No, he wasn't. He was shot while on-duty but acting negligently and possibly criminally. It was not "in the line of duty" to kick in the wrong door. There is a marked, material difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

The only person saying 'I told you so' is Spooner. At least twice you people have had a chance to vote for a competent man. You blew it both times simply because he's white and does not attend an MB church. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Tyree is a puppet of the Jackson council.

Marshand is a puppet of the Hinds BOS, or at least Credell.

Pick your poison. Most deputies I know are going with Marshand, which shocked me.

Anonymous said...

Very few people voting in this race know how to read. That's the real problem.

Anonymous said...

The decline of Hinds County is picking up speed…..

Anonymous said...

I'm conflicted:

On one hand I hate the sh*tty politics of this website. I'm here to provide balance so long as I'm not censored.

And on the other hand MC is a bigger piece of sh*t than this article implies. He literally has the reverse Midas Touch, and it's a wonder how he has avoided federal prison. If one observed history they would release that Lee Vance and M. Crissler were always on separate islands in law enforcement.

If he is elected Jackson will sink further into the abyss of lawless, and MC will do what he does best scuttle and run to the next best position.

Anonymous said...

8:09 I doubt that no Detention Deputies will be let go if Crisler gets elected because it takes a special person to work in that lawless, mismanaged Adult care facility.

They are already short staffed! So a long as you can abide by the 3rd grade rules and regulations and come to work as required you will be ok!

Daddy Calhoun will ensure you get the basic tools needed to perform your job.

Anonymous said...

3:29, if Spooner and Tannyhill had not run for the umpteenth time, Seals might have made the runoff. I would speculate that pretty much every vote those two got would have gone to the honest candidate, Seals.

Anonymous said...

I'm here to provide balance ...

You're only providing anonymous opinions. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Having served more than 250 search warrants in my LE career (in another state), I know for a fact that "no-knock" search warrants are for out of control cowboy/bully cops.

I never served a "no-knock" warrant in my career. Why? Because they aren't necessary and are very dangerous. The only possible instance that they could be justified is for a terrorist cell, and that would be extremely rare and on the federal level.

The wannabe sheriff proves my point. He served a warrant on the wrong address (piss poor police work and no excuse) and got shot. He is no hero, but rather a piss poor cowboy cop.

Anonymous said...

Realtor / MMA fighter / law man here

I served no knock warrants for 32 years and am now out of warrants.

Jackson seems to need lots of these warrants and is strangely out of housing stock.

It seems sausages are hard to find as well.

Anonymous said...

@3:29, tanner I’ll has run three times for sheriff and once for mayor, spooner
Has run for sheriff twice so I’m not sure about the umpteenth time but
Your speculation is just that. I think the people to blame are the registered voters that
Didn’t vote, or how about the female that came in fourth, if Leon would have gotten her
Votes he would have won, if Reggie would have gotten everyone’s vote he would have won,
See how that works? Stop making excuses for your boy, he didn’t win get over it.
Or, keep blaming the mean old white man for his shortage of votes, either way, he lost!

Anonymous said...


Pure comedy.
I just checked and Balance is ranked at the very bottom of the what-every-comment-section-needs list, between Grammar Police and Verified Commenter.

Anonymous said...

@10:50. How about the female that came in fourth you ask, she actually had a legitimate shot at making the run off. Spooner and Tannehill however...did not. Definition of crazy is to keep doing the same thing but expecting diff results. Keep running my friends, keep running. SMH.

Anonymous said...

How many races has MC run, seriously?
He's a pleasant enough guy when you meet him on the street, but the man just needs to get a job and stop.
Huge Lee Vance fan here, and Tyree would be his pick.

Anonymous said...

November 17, 2021 at 3:50 PM

"queen" fish? Are you hiding in your closet and projecting on to others?

"Very few people voting in this race read this negative rag anyway."
Then why oh why are you here? I would venture to say that the majority of readers of this blog have a strong interest in this race.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RIP Lee Vance.

Everything you said was true.

Anonymous said...

This probably will get round-filed, but until sensible and thinking people of all races start actually working together to kick these sorry-ass motherfuckers to the curb, it cannot and will not get better for sensible and thinking people or all races.

Anonymous said...

@10:46 PM - that would require some "sensible and thinking" people, and Jackistan has a severe shortage of those in the voting ranks.

Anonymous said...

In the past, voting for a candidate almost solely because they were the same color as you was called racism.

It seems to be openly celebrated now.

Lots of heroes lived long enough to become the villains, indeed.

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