Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 A fire broke out at the Palace of Versailles but it has been brought under control. Tourists were evacuated from the building. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, no.

Anonymous said...


Kingfish said...

Nope. It's in reruns.

Anonymous said...

who cares. i hope it burns to the ground.

the last great frenchman was napoleon. they haven't produced a good one since.

and he was not even born french. he was a corsican.

the french despise the united states. if you dont believe me , take a trip over there and enjoy yourself.

after haiti won its independence from france in the early 1800s, the french ,under threat of invasion , demanded that haiti pay reparations to france in the amount of millions of francs , dollars, money , whatever. those payments went on until the beginning of WWII when france was invaded and had its ass kicked by germany.

as soon as the war ended france , under that asshole charles degaulle, began once again demanding that the reparations payments begin again, once again under threat of invasion.

by that time , approximately 1945, the duvalle family was running haiti and the county was finally beginning to move forward somewhat.

papa doc duvalle was president of haiti at the time and he complained to president harry truman that france was, once again , trying to cripple haiti with reparations payments.

at that point president trueman got on the phone and told degaulle to lay off and dont mess with that little nation anymore.

president trueman was no one to be trifled with, and degaulle , being the coward and bully that he was, quickly backed down.

those reparation payments which went on for about 140 years, is why haiti remains economically crippled to this day.

the french created haiti, but to this day have never done one damn thing to help those people.

the french created yet another colonial mess about 1950, which the united states got stuck with and had to attempt to clean up. it was a place called vietnam. any of you history majors from your precious SEC universities remember that one?

the people of south louisiana dont even like france. when they want some french culture they go to montreal.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh, 12:09 PM. Glad you were able to get that off your chest.

The Palace of Versailles has some incredible art and architecture. It is amazing to see. Hope nobody was hurt in the fire.

Anonymous said...

Damn, 12:09, I hate “France” is such a sensitive trigger word for you. Sounds like “SEC” is another trigger word you may need therapy over.

Anonymous said...

June 11, 2024 at 12:09 PM, I will give you a C on history, but you flunked English because of capitalization issues.

Anonymous said...

Good grief !

A fire at an international treasure "triggered" a rambling diatribe about Hatian history.

Anonymous said...

to 1:39..........sometimes the truth aint pretty. since no one ever tells the truth about the french i thought id do it.

go back to the grove and take your therapy with you.

Sgt. Hulka said...

Hey, 12:09…..

Alright, lighten up, FRANCES

Anonymous said...

Alright @2:28 and 12:09.
I don’t form all of my opinions of the people of Mississippi based on what I read here. If I digested this blog as my only source of information I’d probably end up hating Mississippians like you hate the French.

I was in Paris not long ago and a stranger helped us out when he saw my wife and I reading a map. He was nice, spoke little English, but tried his best to help. We were also treated well at every hotel and restaurant we visited. The French helped us win our revolution, they sent us the statue of liberty, and they welcomed us with open arms a liberators in WWll.

I know Mississippians aren’t like you. They’re wonderful friendly people, and I’ve liked living here for the seven years I’ve been here. Please stop fucking it up.

Anonymous said...

12:29/2:28, if a Frenchman were to tell the truth about the United States, or any country for that matter, it would not be pretty. Any country with a history has things they’ve gotten wrong and should be ashamed of. Thanks for preaching to us, though. Getting that off your chest is a form of therapy, glad we could help.

Anonymous said...

@12:09 I Haiti to break it to ya but your history lesson left out a pretty important piece of history between napoleon and WW2. That would be the part about how if France wouldn’t have had the backs of our patriot forefathers in the Revolution, your whiny ass wouldn’t be here in America to give your Haitian rant. I’m no fan of the French and we have more than paid them back with beating Hitler and all but they did help us become a country first.

Anonymous said...

Some worship Napolean as a blood relative of Jesus. While in France, I enjoyed all French museums and villages, cheese and baguettes, three of which I am rising at this very moment to accompany a variation on TexMex Chili tonight, made with Carne Asada Flank Steak, a non-French but nevertheless delicious meal.

Kingfish said...

Went to France once. People were as nice as they could be to me and very helpful. In fact, the bakery that was right by where I stayed, if they saw me walking by, they would come out and tell me they had the pastry I'd been buying.

Of course, the Americans often don't know how to act over there. They talk loud, stay glued to their phones at the table, and let their kids run wild. French moms are pretty old skule with their children.

As for the French military, well, the soldiers have been pretty tough hombres. They took the brunt of WWI while England was trying to transform a colonial army. They made the Viet Minh pay a high price in blood at Dien Bien Phi. Problem has been their weak kneed leadership.

Anonymous said...

12:09 you need to watch a little coverage of the Normandy anniversary. I was brought to tears as French citizens cheered our veterans. One was 102 years old. The French president hugged and thanked each of them. One American tourist remarked that America truly saved France, and their guide responded that our soldiers had saved the world.

Anonymous said...

to sit hulka at 3;28...got news for you

people dont come to this site to lighten up.

if that disturbs you, you should go watch joy behar and whoopi goldbug in that show called THE VIEW

Anonymous said...

i spent 5 years working for a french company and 12:09 tells it like it is.

lots of butt-hurt people here. WARNING:

if you get butt- hurt easy , dont come here

Anonymous said...

@12:09 PM - It's the Parisians who hate us, but guess what? They hate the rest of France. The Frenchmen outside of Paris don't like the Parisians. I have worked extensively in France and can confirm that Parisians are jerks.

de Gaulle? A narcissistic jerk but at least he wasn't aligned with the Vichy French.

Anonymous said...

Is BabyDoc in town? ...maybe giving pointers to BabyChok?

Anonymous said...

Any Jackson Airport Commissioners on here care to share your experiences in Paris? Red light district?

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about France, but they need to work on Fire Prevention. I see what appears to be scaffolding on the roof. I hope it wasn't careless hot work that caused this like it did at Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

@12:09, that’s a good bit of knowledge you expelled that we need to know. I’m not an SEC grad…not even a college grad for that matter. I have known since I was a child. I’m 60, and my dad who was in the 1st Cav was asked to be a military advisor in a Southeast Asia country named Laos in 1950 . He refused since he was in a foxhole fighting the commies as the US (I say US and not UN because not many reliable Allies assisted in Korea) was fighting China, the Soviets and many, many Mongolians. France started the war in Vietnam and Cambodia because of their colonialism but didn’t have the balls to keep the fight up. They couldn’t. So, here comes the 1st Cav to assist and well history will tell the rest. We are still at war with North Korea and the Frenchies don’t have to worry about one damn thing. They just say “Kaayyy ssuuurrrah. Suuurah”

Anonymous said...

I’m guessing 12:09 vacationed in France and his sour-ass attitude rubbed the French the wrong way so now he hates them. As that great philosopher Ron White once said, at some point you have to start thinking, “Maybe it’s me”.

Anonymous said...

although the french suck, i do love their spicy mustards. other than that…

Anonymous said...

"I’m no fan of the French and we have more than paid them back with beating Hitler and all but they did help us become a country first."

I don't know whether jerks like 12:09 are ignorant, and don't know the truth of what you said, or are unpleasant jackasses who don't understand when strangers make great sacrifices so our country could be born.

Benjamin Franklin thought they were a great help to the colonists that became the USA - I'll trust his knowledge and judgement over the BS spouted by 12:09.

Anonymous said...

I've been to France more than a dozen times.

Never had a single problem.

Don't start no s__ won't be no s___.

Anonymous said...

@12:09 - You sound angry. Let's discuss. May I ask if your mother made you take piano lessons? Perhaps your dad found the Mad Magazines under the mattress your Junior year at Milsaps.

Kingfish said...

Someone keeps on trying to work in comments about San Domingo and wants to recapitulate the country's history since the revolution. Not getting approved. You made a point, I was nice and allowed it. You've made four or five comments since then, including some trolling. Has nothing to do with subject of the post so not getting approved.

Anonymous said...

The idea that the French, Parisians, in particular, hate Americans is a worn out trope. The French generally like Americans in my experience of spending a good bit of time in France. They do not, however, like it when Americans are rude and arrogant. I have found that, like most people, the French respond quite positively to normal expressions of courtesy and kindness. They expect courtesy, as anyone should. As I am typing this, I am in France. It’s a beautiful country, with great art, architecture, food, and an interesting, if sometimes very painful, history.

Anonymous said...

Did y'all know that France is not a military member of NATO? Their involvement is only political.

Anonymous said...

7:13, you need to start getting your news from somewhere other than Tik Tok conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

june 11 at 3:44
We just got back from France last week and I agree. Most of the bad attitudes I saw over there were from immigrants from Africa and Asia as well as from some Americans we saw. Most of the loud obnoxious Americans sound like they're not from the South. Of course there are some snotty wait staff and museum/tourist attraction staff, but is that any different from the USA?
Paris is a huge city and it is like other huge cities, way too busy and crowded. They have a lot of rules that they expect everyone to follow.
Normandy loves the USA. They still have USA and UK flags on all their homes. France is cleaner than Mississippi in nearly everywhere I went. Very little trash, very little vagrancy and idleness, very few homeless on the streets. The French sweep and mop and scrub and wipe off everything obsessively every day. They're mostly very nice if you speak to them. I don't want to move there but I'd return to visit again.

Wow said...

The ignorance of this thread. 12:09p is the Bubba Gump of bubbas, Good Lord. It is fascinating to see how stupid and ignorant of history some people are on this blog.

Here is the fundamental truth that cannot be overstated:

The United States of America would not exist without France. Period.

The French are the United States's oldest allies. Their commitment of troops and navy was one of the turning points in the Revolutionary War.

The French spent 1.3 billion livres on the war, equivalent to about 100 million pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 29.17 billion dollars today.

Were France's motivations the support of democracy at the time or simply to weaken England? Sure.

However, their role in the Revolutionary War and their integral part in the founding of our country cannot be overstated.

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