Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Car Sinks Through It

 Update: Gone

The owner of the old Northeast Courthouse can't seem to get any help from the city of Jackson.  The problem? A submerged car in the creek next to the property.  

Northtown Investors President Murray Wikol notified Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of the problem yesterday in a letter: 

I hope this letter finds you well. As the property owner at 46 Northtown Drive in Jackson, Mississippi, I am writing to urgently bring to your attention a serious issue concerning an abandoned vehicle in the City of Jackson’s culvert adjacent to our property.

The vehicle has been abandoned for over a week, and despite notifying the City of Jackson Police, no action has been taken to remove it. This situation poses several significant concerns:

Public Hazard: An abandoned vehicle in this location is not only an eyesore but also attracts
undesirable activities, deteriorating the quality of life for nearby residents. Children are
playing on and around the car, and water has backed up in the ditch, creating additional hazards.

Drainage System and Water Quality: The vehicle obstructs the natural flow of water in the ditch, potentially leading to flooding and water accumulation. This affects businesses and apartments near the City of Jackson’s drainage culvert and can have broader implications for the city’s drainage system and water quality, including contributing to water contamination and infrastructure damage.

Furthermore, the Community is at risk of major flooding during hurricane and storm season.

For your reference and to better illustrate the severity of the issue, I have attached photos
labeled as Exhibit A.

Given the urgency and potential risks associated with this matter, I kindly request that the City take immediate action to remove the vehicle from the ditch and address any resulting damage to the drainage system. Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated by myself and the community.

Kingfish note: No comment.  



Third World City Cynic said...

Any bets that it was originally stolen by some local youths? Right? It could happen, or at least a perception of it being stolen. Right?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Third world cities have third world police departments.

Anonymous said...

He's only been waiting a week? Ha! Not sure if this post will light a fire under Antar, but otherwise he can expect to wait a whole lot longer than that to have the City take interest. Glad the new property owner is holding them accountable!

Anonymous said...

I hope JPD does a thorough search of the car before they tow it away!

Anonymous said...

The property owners should call all local tv stations for maximum coverage of this issue, and then call MDEQ. The State might help, so it is worth a try.

Anonymous said...

These local municipalities love to tell you what you have to do with your water, but when it comes to theirs it falls on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. Its been there a week. JPD doesn't seem to give a crap. Could be stolen. Could be one involved in a crime. Could be a body in trunk.

I appreciate this man trying to go the correct route (police first, mayor next). He needs to call Capitol Police direct. His next call should be to Ted Henifin since it involves waterway/culvert/possible contamination of water.

Glad its on JJ now. It can't be hidden anymore by those who just dont want to deal with it. And Kingfish, dropped some cash in the mail a few days ago. Appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did it get into the ditch. At least someone will know what happened to their stolen vehicle

Anonymous said...

The mayor will probably remove it if you sneak him a few dollars under the table, otherwise you'll be waiting!!

Ben Movinon said...

Talk about wasted keystrokes...Other than mine in this post, there's this:

Kingfish Note: No comment

Anonymous said...

1:37...Kidding? Naw. My wife and a friend of hers found a human skull right off Terry Road in South Jackson months ago. They both called JPD several times that day and the next. No one came to check it out and that area flooded a day later and washed it all downstream. No one cares.

Anonymous said...

I think based on the dead branches on top of it somebody tore branches off and tried to cover the car up. Then branches died of course and went from green to brown. which means there very well could be something inside worth investigating.

Anonymous said...

A half-assed competent PoPo Department would at least cruise by to see if there's a tag on it.

Anonymous said...

In any other of the cities surrounding Jackson, a towing service would have been called the moment this was originally reported to the police.
He should have said he thought there was a dead body. Not sure that would have worked either.

Anonymous said...

The incompetence of Jackson's leadership seems to be limitless.

It boggles the mind that the residents don't riot in the streets and shame the Mayor daily with megaphones outside his home.

The apathy and acceptance of his criminal enterprise is almost as embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Poor fellow. How many of us have been forced through inaction and neglect to write similar letters to the city’s low-down, sorry excuse of a mayor? All you can do is grit your teeth because your first sentence is a bald-faced lie and you damn well know ain’t jackshit getting Antar Chokwe’s attention.

Wow said...

We live in the wild wild west.

Anonymous said...

Some smart kid should drag it out and take it to the Can Man and get $300.

Anonymous said...

Can’t he just call a salvage company and have it removed . Even as scrap it’s worth the value of the Tow! If no wants it, I know 2 companies in Madison County that would do in a heartbeat.!

Anonymous said...

@1:51 PM - The JPD has standing orders from Chowke to take any and all measures to keep the homicide stats low. No skull, no homicide. Right?

Anonymous said...

1:53 PM - A competent officer would check the VIN, but lazy cops rarely do that. In this case someone would possibly get wet checking the VIN, and it's hot/humid outside their cozy $75,000 patrol cars. Right?

Anonymous said...

Radical new city... polluting the waterways, stopping up ditches, falling into potholes, blocked sewer drains flooding houses ... and the list goes on and on... but we have a zoo where the animals are neglected and no one wants to visit

Caveat Emptor said...

Wasn't this property up for auction recently? I feel bad for the simp who bought it. He (or she) will quickly learn some valuable (and painful) lessons.

Anonymous said...

Nice thought 1:37 - but Ted Henifin is not God's answer to all the failings of the City with Soul; drainage systems, which is what a creek is, might contain water, but that does not make them the purview of JxnWater - and Henifin has his hands full already taking care of what Lumumba has f**ked up with the utility system.

But no worry, Chockwe will get to this just as soon as he can get his $40 million bond deal put together and sold, cause he wants to spend it all on cleaning up the storm drainage systems in the city. Just the other night when our fine Council met -- of all places, a church in North Jackson (goes without saying it was not a bi-racial church, but who's counting) -- Baby Chock said that they were 'almost there' in getting his bond deal where the money could be gotten, in answering a question from Councilman Hartley about just doing basic maintenance on these ditches and creeks.

Gotta realize, getting cars out of the ditches is just 'basic maintenance' and once he can sell some bonds, he can pay the towing company to come get this ride.

Horatio Alger said...

Title took me a minute. Thank you Norman Maclean.

Anonymous said...

In any other of the cities surrounding Jackson, a towing service would have been called the moment this was originally reported to the police.
He should have said he thought there was a dead body. Not sure that would have worked either.

June 13, 2024 at 2:05 PM

He shoulda wrote there was a dog inside & the fire dept woulda been right there pronto!

Anonymous said...

I live in a nice subdivision in Madison. P.S. there are houses for sale around here. They are not cheap, but they are safe. And, the schools are good.

Anonymous said...

You folks have no appreciation for modern art. Just think OYO Exhibit, with the new Waffle House addition...near the Hooter's installation, next to the Title Pawn the upscale part of town.

Anonymous said...

Somebody call Locke Ward

Anonymous said...

5:03PM reminds me of fact versus opinion as taught to elementary school students every year, to-wit:

FACT: Ted Henifin is not God's answer to all the failings of the City with Soul . . ..”
OPINION: Ted Henefin is not God’s answer to all the failings of Antar’s Bold /New/City of Soul for the simple reason that he has not been tasked with that feat.
FACT: The mayor of the City of Jackson is Chokwe Antar Lumumba.
OPINION: The mayor is a no-good, low-down, sorry ass con man and grifter whose only pursuit is his own enrichment.

Anonymous said...

Find you 3-4 young guys with trucks and I promise they will have a heyday pulling that POS out of the ditch and leave it right in the middle of the road… they’ll come get it n

Anonymous said...

If he had reported in the initial call to JPD that Rukia was trapped inside, the response would have been significant.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a Junk Car Dealer, I believe his name was John (badeye) Raines, in Starkville that for a decade or more would just drop junk cars land that the city had taken from him to extend Whitefield Street. Take a lesson from Badeye, borrow a forklift and drop it somewhere appropriate.

Lloyd Bridges said...

Imagine the jaw-drop and pearl-clutching going on in the Madison Board Room had this discovery been made in 'The City'.

Anonymous said...

You'd think racist ol' Chuck would be embarrassed that the common suggestion to this problem seems to be, hey let's call Henefin or Locke Ward (ie. Whitey) to save Jackson?

If he were capable of shame...I bet he'd almost be humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Never said Henifin was God's answer to all the failings. Simply thought about veh possibly leaking something into water. That's all.

..he has not been tasked with that feat.. Made me laugh. He's done a good job with the things he has been tasked with.

Love the update, Kingfish. Gone.

Anonymous said...

June 14, 2024 at 10:14 AM; there would have been no dropping of the jaws, or clutching of the pearls in Madison The City, because a responsible citizen of Madison The City would have quickly called Madison PD, who would have quickly shown up. a tow truck would have been in route within minutes of the officer arriving on scene, and the car on a flat bed on its way within a couple of hours of the first call being made.

this is how it works in a city that has citizens that care, a police department that cares, and an administration headed by a mayor, that cares. none of which apply to jackson.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd Bridges said... "Imagine the jaw-drop and pearl-clutching going on in the Madison Board Room had this discovery been made in 'The City'." June 14, 2024 at 10:14 AM

Lloyd, I take it you're unfamiliar with Madison, where society ladies have been conducting all-night stakeouts, for decades. Half the population are retired elite operatives from various tri-letters and military.

There are MULTIPLE boardrooms, used regularly, by competent, HONEST people.

The only pearls being clutched, and the only jaws being dropped, would be by those who FAILED TO TO IMMEDIATELY TAKE CARE OF THIS. In Madison, powerful jaws get CLENCHED, and eagle eyes get focused on problems.

Bigger things than this, happen all the time (With Canton in one direction, and Jackson in the other, that's to be expected), but they get immediate action. That car would have been gone, within the hour, and that would be only the beginning. A broadening ripple of investigations would ensue.

In Madison, a simple 'Public Intoxication', can result in a street-full of responder vehicles, followed by an inspection of someone's premises, resulting in a big, 'Do not Enter' sign on the door, after the house has been condemned as a health hazard.

That's just standard procedure. Madison's a bad place to misbehave.

Anonymous said...

this is for spawning river trout, look away and let men fish

Anonymous said...

What year and model is the car? I am getting tired of buying car parts from the impound lot.

Anonymous said...

Blast it out of the creek.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent example of a story never having follow-up by 'your correspondent'.

Anonymous said...

@5:02 PM What are you talking about. Look at top of the post. Update: Gone. The vehicle has been removed. Did you want more information?

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