Saturday, December 2, 2023

Ex-Laurelwood HOA President Charged with Embezzlement & Drug Possession

Flowood Police arrested former Laurelwood HOA President Emary Walker for embezzlement and possession of a controlled substances. 

The police report states a "local attorney" notified the police of possible embezzlement of Laurelwood HOA funds. The report accuses Walker of using HOA funds to purchase personal items from Amazon.  The police report includes a list of items allegedly purchased by the defendant.  The arrest warrant states police also found controlled substances and edibles at her home.  The warrant was issued Tuesday.  JJ obtained the police report through a public records request.  

The arrest is the latest episode in the controversy surrounding the Laurelwood Homeowner's Association. The drama began in 2022 when member Jennifer Coney and her husband asked the Board to provide copies of minutes, tax returns, financial statements, list of vendors, and all insurance claims from 2017 to 2022.  Ms. Walker was President of the Board.  

A wee bit of stonewalling took place as the HOA only gave a copy of the by-laws to Ms. Coney.  Ms. Coney sued the HOA and Ms. Walker in Rankin County Chancery Court.  The HOA fought back as it responded a month later with a motion to dismiss and a motion for sanctions, arguing the petition "contains insufficient specific facts nor state why the alleged violations qualified for a lawsuit."  They claimed refusing to allow a review of the records was not grounds for a lawsuit.  In other words, the HOA said the petitioner was out of luck if the HOA decided to violate its own by-laws and keep her from seeing its records.   Walker and her Laurelwood Norns asked Chancellor John Mclaurin to sanction Ms. Coney.  Attorney Thomas Bellinder represented the defendants.  

Chancellor McLaurin ordered the respondents on July 26, 2022 to produce the records within thirty days with the exception of the request for written correspondence.    Ms. Coney asked the Court to hold the defendants in contempt because they allegedly refused to produce many of the records.  The case settled and the Chancellor dismissed the case.  Earlier post. 


However, there might have been a reason why the Board President strove so strenuously to deny Ms. Coney access to the records.  The HOA leadership changed and the new Board accused Ms. Walker of embezzling over $20,000 in a lawsuit filed in Rankin County Circuit Court on October 13.  The complaint states:

8. The records produced to Coney reflect that Defendant Walker embezzled at least $20,000
between 2019 and early 2023. More specifically, between 2019 and early 2023, Emary Walker, the LWHOA President, committed several acts of conversion, converting for her own personal use at least $20,000 of LWHOA funds. The other LWHOA Board members and representatives had no knowledge that Walker had committed these improper acts until the records were discovered due to the Coney lawsuit.

The HOA accuses the Ms. Walker of fraud and gross negligence.  It seeks recovery of $200,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages. 

Attorney John Holaday represents the plaintiff.  The case is assigned to Circuit Judge Steve Ratcliff.   Ms. Walker is 38 years old.


Anonymous said...

Look closely at item #2. Bwa, ha, ha. (2 paddles, 3 whips, 1 ball gag, bondage items, gential (sic) vibrators, platic (sic) handcuff set, anal plugs. That former board knew how to have a good time. It reads like the survival kit in Dr. Strangelove.

Does this HOA issue credit cards to their board members? If so that is major stupid.

Bwa, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Note to HOAs. Do not issue credit cards to board members. That is seriously irresponsible. If they have to spend money, they can do it with their own credit card, after the purchase is approved by the full board, and then submit proof of the purchase and receive reimbursement.

Otherwise, after approval and before the purchase, obtain a check from the board made out to the vendor.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi - staying last - one HOA at a time.

Anonymous said...

What? No extra batteries for that vibrator? No lube?

Anonymous said...

Why would they confiscate the anal plug, plastic cuffs, ball gag, whips and vibrators? This reminds me of the FBI going through Mrs. Trumps underwear drawer, as charged by a Trump attorney.

Two hydrocodone tablets and two gummies is pretty damned insufficient for a charge of possession.

Anonymous said...

We often hear this about Jackson perps, so let me say this: She Appears To Be A Nice Person...

What a year 2020 was. I look back at December 31, 2019, and my anticipation to start fresh in 2020. I would have never in my wildest dreams fathomed that our country would come to a screeching halt. That we would be fighting the invisible monster known as Covid-19, and toilet paper, of all things, would be as good as gold.

However, I believe firmly that during times of adversity and distress, there is always a path that leads back to prosperity and blessings. I look around this wonderful neighborhood that I am so fortunate to call home and realize that even though we need to “social distance” we are closer than we have ever been before. The willingness of our neighbors, friends and family to help each other is abundantly alive and thriving.

The love we show through simple gestures or participating in neighborhood activities stretches far in spreading goodwill and HOPE.
When I was appointed as HOA president, I adopted one motto “let’s be more neighborly, get involved and invest back into this community.”

What I have witnessed over the last year exceeds all of my expectations and to that I say “Thank you,” from the bottom of my heart. This country will prevail, we always do, but the rebuilding starts in the local communities.

So, I encourage you to not forget your local businesses, to remember the neighbors that might not be able to be out in public settings, and to always put your faith in our God. 2021 will be our year, we just don’t realize it yet. A wise friend once told me to always TRUST the process, and I challenge you to TRUST that this is just the beginning of a wonderful new world.

~Emary Walker

Anonymous said...

you can bet dollars to stale donuts that the laurelwood HOA is set up as a not for profit corporation.

a not for profit corporation is a gold mine for embezzelers, and its the easiest legal entity there is to steal money from.

just ask nancy new and that ridgeway - lane outfit ..............both of which are now in federal prison.

Anonymous said...

KF sez: " The police report includes a list of items allegedly purchased by the defendant."

Let's just say that the list of items seized in the attached police report DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!!


Anonymous said...

Well well well, it was looks like there were some interesting items found in the search!

Great work by Flowood PD following a constitutional process of obtaining a warrant based on probable cause. Interesting how smoothly this process works. Tough guy, Bryan Bailey, should take some notes.

Anonymous said...

This HOA hot mess could be eligible for the smoking gun!

Anonymous said...

check the report to see what she "embezzled" with HOA funds

Anonymous said...

A fella could have a pretty good time in Vegas with those items.

Anonymous said...

From the shopping list it would appear that the residents of Laurelwood were subsidizing some S&M activities. Woo hoo.

Hotty said...

She is definately a party girl with all of those S&M toys. //blush//

Anonymous said...

The drug charges are bs. A gummy? 2 or 3 hydrocodone pills? I've got some hydrocodone here from the dentist - been in a drawer for 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she would’ve enjoyed a visit from the Goon Squad.

Anonymous said...

Whoever produces those reality T.V. shows is really missing a great opportunity when they don't feature Rankin County Mississippi. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Only a moron would serve on a board, or do any work, for free. Get paid for your labor, especially when incurring liability.

When the whip comes down said...

The Rolling Stones - When The Whip Comes Down (Live) - Official

Anonymous said...

So what is the maximum penalty?
Who is her lawyer?
This will cost her the same in legal fees.
What an idiot and any past / current board members who knew or suspected and didn’t deal with it asap.

Anonymous said...

Hold that thought on what funds are missing, note that the search warrant was for financial records, the sex toy items seized were also apparently listed on the search warrant.

There could well be additional charges based on the records seized and additional investigative efforts.

Something interesting previously mentioned on JJ:

"Ms. Emary and the HOA apparently did not comply with the order because Ms. Coney moved for contempt on October 3, claiming the respondents refused to produce:

* The names and addresses of all HOA Board members

* List of all bank and credit accounts for the HOA

* List of all electronic payments and receipts from Mr. Walker's personal Venmo account for HOA expenses collected from January 2019 to December 2020.

* A list of all vendors with their contact information.

* Copies of all bids for construction projects

* Copies of all insurance polices.

* Incomplete copies of HOA tax returns

* Incomplete copies of HOA's financial statement.

Anonymous said...

If she bought sex toys with the HOA credit card or even stolen currency, she's either a complete idiot or she was on a hell of a lot more than a couple of pot gummies (or both). Even if they were some bizarre board-approved purchase, which would not surprise me at all since it is Rankin County. If she used her own funds, the detective who seized them is either a complete idiot or on a lot more than a couple of gummies (or both). And what is it about Rankin County folks and crimes that somehow involve sex toys? Do y'all get extra credit on the mandatory felony thing if you manage to include them?

PS to the Dr. Strangelove reference above - you must be pretty far out there yourself if you take financial records, a desk, a chair, and TWO tricycles along for a "what happens in Vegas..." weekend. "You've been a naughty, naughty little ride over here and cook Mommy's books REAL good, baby..."

Anonymous said...

You all up here judging cause she get her freak on. Yall jealous. If you aint jealous, then y'all either bland AF or scared somebody gonna find out yall a freak. She was letting her freak flag fly....On another note, exactly how freaking stupid do you need to be to embezzle money to buy sex toys and ball gags and get caught? As the song plays in the background, "Oh I was in to whips and chains and she was into pain..."

Anonymous said...

is anyone else curious about the unknown brown substance believed to be a narcotic? if it was collected was it tested? What were the results? dear reader, inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory related to her, ah, past-time. And it involves the Board Members who protested any investigation of her practices.

Let's connect some dots here and ask which board members didn't want an investigation and if maybe, just maybe, they were too, ah, close to her.

And since the cuffs were pink....Wait...That's the thread about the MHP officers.

It Could Happen in Rankin said...

Was she the party girl for the Goon Squad? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you've heard it all, they open a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

"You all up here judging cause she get her freak on. Yall jealous. If you aint jealous, then y'all either bland AF or scared somebody gonna find out yall a freak. She was letting her freak flag fly....On another note, exactly how freaking stupid do you need to be to embezzle money to buy sex toys and ball gags and get caught?"

Judge not lest ye be a dominatrix with a cat-o-nine-tails.

And speaking of other notes, lessee here...RCSO has a goon squad, the Rankinastani MHP has a poon squad, the high school band has a tune squad, and what with the butt plugs, this Rankinstafarian HOA has....a MOON squad. Stankin' Rankin may be a bigger mess than a toddler trying to eat a gumbo taco but at least it rhymes. History, Benjamin, it's the future.

Anonymous said...

This will not end well, but it will be fun to watch, no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

The residents of Laurelwood are trying hard to move forward while holding the previous HOA president accountable. It is a shame that ONE person/couple in the subdivision seeks to splash the neighborhood's dirty laundry all over the news. As soon as this behavior came to light, the board immediately turned it over to law enforcement and initiated a civil lawsuit. The person(s) fanning the flames all over social media have their own personal agenda that, unfortunately, does not benefit the neighborhood at all, but rather, their own egos.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wonder if she kept a list of her "friends with privileges."

Anonymous said...

Goon, Poon, Tune, Moon...That was funny!

Somewheres they's a Loon.

Anonymous said...

"The residents of Laurelwood are trying hard to move forward while holding the previous HOA president accountable. It is a shame that ONE person/couple in the subdivision seeks to splash the neighborhood's dirty laundry all over the news. As soon as this behavior came to light, the board immediately turned it over to law enforcement and initiated a civil lawsuit. The person(s) fanning the flames all over social media have their own personal agenda that, unfortunately, does not benefit the neighborhood at all, but rather, their own egos."

Ahhh, sounds like someone from the lifestyles of the wannabe rich & shameless is upset because they wont be getting their weekly freak on, or that their upside down pineapple party might get postponed, or better yet, posted. You could be next JS

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones my break my bones…

But whips and chains excite me!

Kingfish said...

Yup, 6:16, reminded me of the RedFruit comments.

Anonymous said...

"Somewheres they's a Loon"

It's RANKIN-flockin'-County. The place is buttplug-deep in 'em.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a common practice with all HOAs. What other reason would people have for being a member of a HOA?

Anonymous said...

There were several boxes of HOA materials at her house. Someone brought those boxes to the current HOA members. There was also a credit card in another board member's name which this lady signed (not the card holder's signature). This has a lot of levels to it. Its not just stolen money. We do not know the scope of what was turned over to the police.

To December 2, 2023 at 9:05 PM: Just stop. This is public information because of the lawsuit. It started because the board members at that time refused to turn over the items that they were suppose to. A Judge said turn it over and they didn't. I will say that the current board is doing a great job of keeping things transparent.

Anonymous said...

1:37 - You are right that much of this is public knowledge (although I’ve yet to see the list of items confiscated during the search in any public forum), but I don’t see the benefit of sharing this with the greater Jackson area (and beyond), especially since, as you say, “the current board is doing a great job of keeping things transparent.” What true purpose does this serve, other than making our neighborhood the laughingstock of central Mississippi? Was that your goal? I suspect not, and I further suspect you were so motivated by a deep need to feel important that you didn’t care about the damage you have caused…to our neighborhood, community, county, and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Did the Amazon purchases include any pineapple statues? Madison HOA’s may sue for copyright infringement…. LOL

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how to get to this neighborhood???
-Reunion Resident-

Anonymous said...

@ December 3, 2023 at 11:16 PM
I'm not sure who you think I am. My sister has lived in Laurelwood for years. That's the only reason it caught my attention. I'm at a loss at any "damage you have caused". I read the post and posted a comment.

Hate for anyone's mistakes to be public. I screw up too. All of us do. But its a lawsuit. Its not the "laughingstock of central Mississippi". It will blow over in time just like they all do.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:27 a.m., you must be one of the current board members that sat on the Walker board. Your comment is riddled with lies. But, in reviewing some of the comments made by your illustrious new board towards members in your community, I encourage everyone to go to the FB group Laurelwood Line and see exactly who their new board members are. The new president is dumb as a door nail, the current VP took thousands from the HOA, given to her by Walker, to which she gladly cashed in, the other board members claim “how we had no idea,” while the HOA paid for personal maid services, pool upkeep, and other items. Remember, these new board members claimed “there were no missing funds or financial records.” Oh, but now, they state they got them? Yeah, Laurelwood residents need to get rid of anyone on that board who even knew Walker. Laurelwood has a known track record of sexual deviancy, it is not new news. However, one of the ring leaders got lazy and broke and failed to cover her tracks. As stated, the issues with community are and have been deep for years. Looks like some folks may be joining Walker on her perp walk very soon.

The new board members claimed, in their open meeting on September 17, 2023, that they had no financial records for 2021. However, Mrs. Coney posted these on the Laurelwood Line. So which is it new board? You see, many can see through the lies the HOA board insist on selling to their members. But, why lie when you that know that Mrs. Coney will always set your asses straight each and every time.

Anonymous said...

@9:34- your word riddles are obnoxious, just like you. You have been banned from the Laurelwood FB page for months for your constant berating of multiple neighbors. Even though you try to blame it on one post with a certain Mr. North. Not to mention you have been banned multiple times from other neighborhood FB pages. It should be quite humiliating that even as of this morning you are still asking you neighbors why you haven't been reinstated on the Laurelwood FB page. From an outsider looking in, it is very clear that you have not been reinstated due to your character and the type of person that you are. Is Ms. Walker being arrested and charged with embezzlement not enough for you? Are you looking for a key to the city or possibly be crowned the investigative queen of Laurelwood. Not sure what else you are wanting, considering your neighbors made sure that you did not sit on the HOA board. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!! GET OVER YOURSELF NO ONE CARES HOW MANY SEX TOYS OR BLUE AND RED GUMMIES MS. WALKER HAD IN HER HOME. The only thing that should matter is that she unlawfully misused HOA funds. But you have to make a Mochrie of her on nextdoor, laurelwood line, and your personal FB page. GET A LIFE or a REAL JOB. You have way too much time on you hands.

Anonymous said...

So what's the deal with the sex toys? Why were they included in the property records along with the xbox cord? Are they relevant to the stolen funds or were they listed to embarrass Mrs. Walker? Sex toys aren't illegal. I just don't get the relevance as to the crime unless she bought them, the xbox cord, the gummies and the pills with HOA funds.

Anonymous said...

From a real outsider looking in, several cities away from Flowood, sounds like this Coney lady has handed them their asses and some people close to president butt plug are butt hurt about it. Sounds like this board had zero oversight for their neighbors hard earned money they are forced to give. Good on her.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:45 a.m. they should be when purchased with HOA money which is called conversion of funds. That is a crime! Secondly, I do not know of what page you are referring to. You seem like you have too much of a vested interest in these “toys.” Who is “Mr. North?” I am confused. Was there another person involved in the “Moon Squad” that should be looked into here? Where did this guy come from? I do not know these people but you seem very much invested in Laurelwood’s former board president and her “party favors.” You must have been a part of those illicit parties funded by HOA dollars. Tell me, why so many anal plugs, brings a whole new light to the phrase “brown noser.” But, good luck Laurelwood with bringing down the worst HOA board in Mississippi history.

Anonymous said...

When will the Laurelwood reality TV program be released?

Anonymous said...

Emary Walker made a choice, not a mistake. Not once, not twice, but over & over. She used MY dues that I, as a homeowner, paid while the remainder of the board looked the other way & never questioned her actions nor brought it to the homeowners' attention. Emary Walker CHOSE to use my money for her personal gain. She did not mistakenly use the homeowners' dues. She benefited from the dues of every homeowner who paid dues into the HOA. Shame on her !!! I damn sure don't feel sorry for her. I just hope she is made to pay our HOA back for every penny she took !!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Walker played the Laurelwood HOA for a fool - till she got caught. Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

@ 11:16 p.m. December 3, 2023
I don't think this being on social media makes the subdivision a laughing stock. How could it when those living in the subdivision did nothing to be ashamed of or laughed at? I think the ex president and prior board are the laughing stock in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Whether you want to be nice or naughty try Romantic Adventures….(hey, it’s that store located in No Man’s Land in Stankin Rankin that had a nice little jingle on Z106.7). And I’m just wondering about the booty plugs. Nevermind…..maybe she shared them with the gals up at Reunion? Ooohhhh beeehaaaavvve! That’s shagadelic bayyybeee!

Anonymous said...

That's a bold move buying those things with the HOA credit card. Down to get freaky in Laurelwood.

Anonymous said...

It appears from some of the comments here, that there are some Freaky Deaky Laurelwood swingers are a little upset that their Mistress has been caught. You know who you are. Everything might get exsposed. What if Freaky Deaky time got recorded. Wow. That would be Cray Cray...Right?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Harvey whose administration made the sale of dildos illegal in the city of Jackson? Romantic Adventures can't sell them, legally.

I see now that she has been referred to as MRS Walker. No other mention of a husband. What role did he play in this saga?

Anonymous said...

December 5 @4:55 - That reads like a threat from someone holding the recordings to the people in those recordings. Maybe you should release a teaser to make sure that they know you're serious, and, of course, for public entertainment.

Anonymous said...

December 7, 2023 at 10:24 a.m. - I hate to disappoint, but NO-ONE in the neighborhood is worried. Some people have wild imaginations and love conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Hot DAMN! This is gettin' interesting! I'm finna put on some overalls and hurry back. Hold on, get me a dip, then ima...Aight, I'm back.

It's becoming clear, now...The reason the law took possession of the naughty items. They already had proof of her purchases. The search warrant mentioned 'search of all bedroom areas, including dressers, between mattresses and attached to the ceiling fan blades. So the PoPo now has not only copies of receipts for her buying this stuff on the HOA credit card. Now they also have those items.

A devious minded person might ask, "What if the proof of purchase shows that another board member or officer actually bought this merchandise?"

Anonymous said...

You need to scroll down on the Incident Report to see page 2. The last item states, “One pack of brown substance, believed to be unknown narcotic.” Inquiring minds want to know: What is the “unknown narcotic?”

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