Saturday, December 30, 2023

D.L. Gardner: Destroying Democracy in America

It seems like only yesterday that President Biden began destroying America’s leadership in the world. In the Fall of 2021 following the disastrous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, Russia began moving troops and military equipment along the Russian-Ukraine border. At a press conference January 19, 2022, President Biden was asked about America’s response if Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden replied, "I think what you're going to see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It's one thing if it's a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do.” One man’s “minor incursion” is another’s ongoing, hundred billion dollar plus, three-year international war.

At the very beginning of his term Biden tried to destroy America’s energy independence by squashing the oil and gas industry. He also insured our southern border would be completely overrun during his administration. That was how many illegal aliens ago? From nearly every nation on earth including China, Russia, Iran, the Middle East and Africa? Really? The crowds are not coming so much FROM Mexico and South America; they’re primarily coming THROUGH Mexico and South America from around the rest of the world.

Six months into office President Biden drove inflation from 1.4% in January to a 40-year high of 9% in June of 2021! How’s that for speed and executive action? Since then Biden and his team have bragged about how much ‘Bidenomics’ has reduced the record rates he achieved so quickly. Will we ever return to President Trump’s low inflation rates?

Who can forget the government closing down the economy to fight the COVID-19 “emergency” with executive actions that violated personal rights and freedoms? Supply chains shut down. Consumer goods disappeared from store shelves. Manufactured parts were hard to find and harder to ship. How many ways did our children suffer? How did school lockdowns, masks, and mandates affect them mentally and emotionally?

Ronald Reagan probably said it best: “[M]an is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”

All things considered, it’s hard to imagine worse times in foreign or domestic relations. Nevertheless the political-media establishment continued bashing former President Trump after the 2020 election beginning with their inaugural show on January 6, 2021. J6: The so-called “insurrection.” How many political prisoners are still in jail following that event? How many are still in jail waiting for “speedy” trials? How were federal agencies involved in planning and executing the event? Will we get answers in 2024?

“Lawfare” became a new political word and tactic this year when progressive district attorneys and other officers of the courts charged former President Trump with various crimes in four venues. Four trials in 2024? Lawfare reached unprecedented heights when the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump could not run in the Republican primary in Colorado. More than 20 other states are seeking to remove Trump from 2024 primary and election ballots.

Hate for and fear of Donald J. Trump are radically and extremely strong inside the political-media establishment. Americans have never seen such extreme oppression of democracy and rule of law. The woke LEFT is destroying democracy in America.

Daniel L. Gardner is a columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at


Anonymous said...

And just like sheep the Republican Party refuses to do anything... making the "opposition" more of a group of wimps...

Anonymous said...

D.L. aka Captain Obvious!

Anonymous said...

maga cultists need to realize (although they never will) that HALF of the covid stimulus came under trump's administration, which means HALF of the blame for inflation belongs to their mango messiah and his republican sycophants.

As far as Ukraine, trump would have only just praised putin for being smart to invade a weaker country and not sent one bullet to Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

1:05pm languishes under Bidencomics, is excited to have prosperity flowing from Trump again. Patience,patience little one.

Anonymous said...

"Democracy" remains a modern social experiment. It may be too delicate to survive the challenges presented by the far-left progressives, state sponsored terrorism, unscrupulous business interests, D.Trump and his disciples, Democrat politics etc. It simply does not appear to be resilient enough to weather these storms especially with so many young people who are soft and ill-prepared to meet the tough times to come. The coming generation of citizens lacks the dedication and toughness to appreciate democracy much less to protect it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the author left out a few things. Oil is less than $72 a barrel , the stock market just finished the year up 20%, Mortgage rates are falling and Biden has figured out how to fund wars in Ukraine and Israel without the House Republicans .

Anonymous said...

!:53PM, oil is $72 a barrel but gas is still higher than it ever was under Trump. Biden has figured out how to fund wars but it is after spending many billions of our money. Mortgage rates is still higher than when Trump was president.

When Trump was president we had cheap gas, cost of everything was much cheaper, we were not sending billions of $$ to other countries, and our border was not wide open.

Anonymous said...

It’s all fun and games until China invades Taiwan to secure TSMC’s foundries because we stopped Nvidia from selling them the silicon they need for AI.

And TSMC’s US based foundry has been delayed until 2025. That is a long time in that industry.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows Trump survived on the fumes from Obama, I am sure if Trump was president gas prices would not be affected by the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord help DL,

First of all, the economy doesn't react overnight. It's the Trump policies and Covid (remember the supply chain breakdown?) that drove up the cost of goods.

THEN, blame a GOP House for their foolish debt ceiling brinkmanship that affective our credit standing.

And, if DL read anything from any objective source, he'd know Trump was an international joke. We lost respect and frankly made "reliability" a problem for future Presidents as once lost, it's hard to restore and our crazy House of Representatives look like idiots abroad as well as here to anyone with a clue about reality vs fantasy.

And, as usual DL wants his version of Christian for our Nation without any sort of notion of freedom of religion as key to our democracy. Nor does he understand political factions that become too powerful are threats to democracy. He doesn't know that one party headed by one leader that wants to dominate every facet of government is the very definition of dictatorship.

The books and papers and speeches of our Founding Fathers can actually be read in entirety. The same can be read about the aims of the Confederacy and their cause especially those of the Vice President of the Confederacy.

DL has this fantasy that church will save everyone and make society perfect . He overlooks every criminally convicted false prophet in the Nation in doing so.

But a cult is a cult. It doesn't have to be religious.

There are many research papers on brain washing and how humans are so easily drawn into cults. But, again, that requires the actual reading of non-fiction.

For those who like to be frightened or horrified, reality is the way to go these days!

Anonymous said...

And what have you done Daniel, besides spreading lies ?

Anonymous said...

5:22pm, if you would do a little research you would know Trump made the U.S. self supporting when it came to gas. We were exporting oil. No need to import any. Slow Joe stopped that on his first day in office.

Anonymous said...

5:22pm, if Trump were still POTUS there wouldn’t have been wars in Ukraine or the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

11:26am- You might realize that if Trump were still President he'd be worshipped by Russia and reviled by Western Europe as the second coming of Neville Chamberlin.

Or, you might not.

Anonymous said...

All the things pointed out in this article, and other post on this board, are a plan that was laid out in a white paper from an NGO, leaked nearly 35 years ago.

The objective and final result of this plan is to remove the U.S. from its position as the dominate force in global power. This will require the three pillars of U.S. dominance to crumble. These three pillars are military, financial, and the weaker of the three, political.

All three are showing signs of structural weakness. The political pillar is showing the most damage, with the alignment of many of the world's nations with the BRICS trading alliance. These BRICS member nations are voting as a consortium, with Russia, and China, in United Nations matters.

The BRICS assault on the power of the U.S. is two-fold, while attacking the U.S. politically, it is also attacking financially. The BRICS alliance is attempting to circumvent the dominance of the U.S. dollar as the global currency, by trading amongst the BRICS members using other forms of currency. When, not if, this is accomplished, the U.S. dollar will be worthless, causing hyperinflation in the U.S. If you thought inflation was bad in 2022, you haven't seen anything yet.

The last pillar has been the most dynamic of U.S. dominance. There has been no nation that didn't have the utmost respect for U.S. military firepower, and its ability to project that power, anywhere in the world. This is changing.

The world has taken note of the leftest insanity that has infested the ranks of the U.S. military. This infestation is being mocked by unfriendly nations around the globe, while they also take note of unfilled recruiting goals. That's all I will say about that.

I listed the leftest insanity, and unfilled recruiting goals first, but they're not the most damaging. The admitting publicly of munition shortages may be the most damaging of all that I could list. It was unbelievable that this information was given freely by the Pentagon, simply unbelievable. I won't go on, this has been a long post as it is. I encourage you as a concern citizen to investigate what I have written.

Anonymous said...

The US exported a record 3.9 Barrels a day in ‘23, Biden did a poor job of shutting it down.US production was sufficient during the meager Trump economy . Now that the economy is booming again the oil producers can’t keep up. I don’t know much about Chambelin, but I doubt Hamas really taught about much other than their own objectives. As for Putin, Trump is so endeared he probably wouldn’t be afraid of NATO.

Anonymous said...

"Americans have never seen such extreme oppression of democracy and rule of law. The woke LEFT is destroying democracy in America."

No one could be oppressing much less destroying that which never existed. The "founding fathers" did not intend a "democracy," which they saw as unworkable and untenable. They intended, and we have always had, a Constitutional republic. Moreover, "democracy" and "the rule of law" (when referencing Constitutional law and law based upon it) can rarely co-exist. For those curious, do just a few minutes' research into the writings of Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton. Their own writings clearly show they had a very unfavorable view of "democracy" in the sense that most people ignorantly (mis)use and misunderstand the term in recent times.

And if you find, for example, Adams' writings that some might claim to show his favoring a "benevolent monarchy" over "democracy," rest assured he did not mean a self-centered buffoon like Trump. Adams and the rest of the founding fathers would have taken a dim view of a pissant would-be king/dictator like Trump, just as they would have been aghast at Biden and especially Harris. What his writings show is that he viewed benevolent monarchy/ruler(s) as more workable, sustainable, and less subject to failure than "democracy" as he had studied, seen, and experienced it, not that such a monarchy was preferable to the Constitutional republic which they had brought forth.

To get those interested started, see John Adams to John Taylor, December 17th, 1814:

"Remember Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes exhausts and murders itself. There never was a Democracy yet, that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that Democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious or less avaricious than Aristocracy or Monarchy. It is not true in fact and no where appears in history.
What can I Say of The Democracy of France? I dare not write what I think and what I know. Were Brissot, Condorcet, Danton Robespiere and Monsiegnieur Equality less ambitious than Caesar, Alexander or Napoleon?"

Anonymous said...

December 31, 2023 at 9:59 AM, it seems that you, or some other idiot, always comment on this author's article concerning the civil war. That war was fought more than 150 years ago, it's settled. There are more pressing matters before us now.

LoMo said...

DL's blaming of the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco on (solely) Biden is highly inaccurate, as both a matter of fact as well as pre-existing U.S. diplomatic goals and military aims. And before everyone starts screaming that I'm a liberal, I assure you I'm not; I'm a mix of old-school conservative and libertarian (so yes, pretty much fiscally conservative and socially moderate.) But regardless, because of my professional background, I've had to follow the Afghanistan withdrawal closely, and while Biden's administration certainly screwed up the finalization of the withdrawal, it was also certainly not a failure that rests solely on the Biden administration either. In February 2020 (when Trump was president), the U.S. and the Taliban signed an agreement that provided for the withdrawal from Afghanistan of "all military forces of the United States, its allies, and Coalition partners, including all non-diplomatic civilian personnel, private security contractors, trainers, advisors, and supporting services personnel" within 14 months (i.e., by 1 May 2021). Granted, the withdrawal was conditioned on the Taliban upholding the terms of the agreement, including not allowing al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups to be granted safe haven in the country again. Obama, Trump, and Biden all authorized failed policies in Afghanistan. And again, before all the MAGA-heads start screaming at me - I am in no way absolving the Biden administration's handling of the final withdrawal. But - objectively - it's also highly inaccurate for DL to categorize it as entirely the fault of the Biden administration.

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