Friday, December 22, 2023

Health Department Puts Hold on Some Medical Marijuana Products

 The Mississippi State Department of Health issued the following statement. 

To protect the health and safety of medical cannabis patients, an administrative hold has been placed on a large number of medical cannabis products until retesting can be conducted to ensure the various products meet regulatory standards. The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program is taking swift action to address the situation, with retesting being done as quickly as possible. 

The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program is committed to upholding the highest standards of product quality and patient safety. Please know that the MMCP is working diligently to resolve this matter and will continue to provide updated information as it becomes available.  As retesting yields results that are within regulatory standards, administrative holds will be lifted with products being made available again through licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.  Patients should stay in contact with their dispensary to see what products are available.”

Kingfish note: There are several companies that test medical marijuana products. One such company is Rapid. The Health Department suspended the license to operate for Rapid Analytics, LLC until further notice. The agency ordered Rapid to stop testing all medical marijuana products pending "further investigation of the laboratory's methods and protocols." All products tested by Rapid were "quarantined." A source said the tests reported lower THC content than was actually in the product.


Anonymous said...

OMG ! It's the miracle drug for all that ails you we need to be smoking. May need to call a special session so people won't be dying in the streets.

Anonymous said...

So fuckin' stupid. Govt has no business in the pot business, the alcohol business or the gambling business (lottery and casinos)

Anonymous said...

I knew this program is just a fad and an excuse for people to hide their Marijuana via a medical card.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that a certain ex-governor and Quintin Whitwell have a testing facility in Oxford.

Anonymous said...

I still get mine on the street, less red tape!

Anonymous said...

Medical marijuana is step one to non-medical marijuana

Just wait

Anonymous said...

@10:14 if you have never tried marijuana (it's obvious none of you posters ever have) you need to shut up about it. The world would be a lot better place if everyone would stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Anonymous said...

Stand by for recreational.

Anonymous said...


Who really gives a shit? Alcohol, tobacco, etc..... all mood altering substances and are completely legal

what's the rationale for criminalizing marijuana?

I mean good sound rationale, not your opinion?

Anonymous said...

The best comment, so far, is by 10:09.

And in reply to 10:01, what could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

@10:14 - do you have the same objection to the abundant availability of liquor, wine, and beer? Or do you sip your drink slowly while condemning that evil weed.

Anonymous said...

9:40, If those products are going to be available to the public, they MUST be regulated by the government.

Otherwise, children would still be trained to smoke cigarettes from a young age with candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars. I am old enough to remember those as a child, as well as smoking on airplanes, lead paint, etc.

Business simply cannot/will not regulate themselves, so someone has to do it for them.

Anonymous said...

10:14 that's true. In every state where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized, said state followed the same path...cannibis oil/products, medical use, and then finally recreation. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

A policy disaster that has led to 16 million permanently impaired with health problems. Some medicine, eh? Who above 14 years of age did not realize that the dope dealers would use it to keep selling but now with impunity, at prices half that of "dispensaries," with NO help to taxes, no reduction in racial disparities in incarceration, huge increases in schizophrenia among heavy users with more potent and heavy use, MORE government dependency, etc.

But, the cool kids want to smoke and look how good they are turning out? Good one. A disaster for America widely predicted, but, then Cletus burped up, "But, but, Prohibition, rights, don't you care about the children (who can get a prescription for the few thousand needing it), it's not really that stinky, it is less cancerous than tobacco (but still cancerious), etc etc.

More Government waste of money on addicts, more Government money for addiction help, even MORE OPOID deaths (which was yet another lie from the Weed Industry types). Yet they promised it was the be all end all that cured 50 diseases, made people harmless cuddly pacifists, and ended crime and taxes. Good one, Cheech!

What a Utopia Weed has brought us! Yes, A Friend with Weed is a Friend in Need! And we'll pay for it forever while they party and have a hand out for disability and medical treatment for abuse.

Anonymous said...

@11:03 Correct-

And that is why you are seeing millions spent on cultivation, growers,retail outlets, lawyers,lobbying and laboratory testing. This amount of capital is not being spent to
only serve the limited number of card- carrying users.

Anonymous said...

11:36 - Agreed. In fact, with the number of people that have invested in this mega-marvel, the only real path forward to make it all sustainable is for legalized recreational to take a foot hold. I honestly believe that if it doesn't, medical will be a temporary thing and none of it will end up working in the long run.

Anonymous said...

If you sat in on any of the investment pitches when it was voted to be allowed, gearing up and being already established, permitted, and rolling for when it goes recreational is the end goal of all of these growers. Their hope was within 5-7 years. There's a ton of outside money being lobbied, I mean spent, on getting it to the recreational level. This is the whole premise behind their "medicine". Get the grow operation fully functioning and through the approval process and once it gets allowed to be recreational, these operations will be gobbled up from California or Oklahoma or the like. It's huge business. It was never about "medicine" in any place they have ever pushed it. It was all about legal recreational use, always has been.

I am not arguing the merits of reefer for or against, rec vs. medicinal, but stating what I know from the business side of things.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap!
And Hardy Case is mad…
Here we go

Anonymous said...

“Medical Marijuana” is about as medical as “Medical Vodka” … it was all just a ruse to get the growers up and running for recreational marijuana. I heard it directly from the lobbyist himself — To get recreational we have to follow the proven parh if the other states, medical marijuana comes first, then recreational.”

Yes, alcohol and cigarettes were legalized — but the lobbyists of the time didnt try to pass those products off as “medical” …

Another post here explains the plan of action, growers get established and permitted, then the big dogs come in a run smaller pups out of business and/or buy them out. Exactly what happened in almost every other state that has legalized for medical.

The ultimate example of the dumbing down of citizenry in yet another state.

Anonymous said...

question - do you think MSDH has handled this particular situation right?

Anonymous said...

"...should stay in touch with their dispensary to see what products are available."

Ah...a patient can't purchase anything if it's not available at the dispensary. So when a patient walks in, gets cleared for entrance into the secret room, if it ain't on the board it's not available.

And this information is not available over the phone or text.

Waiting for the legislature to put a hold on the whole program. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the state controls alcohol content, point of purchase, mail order, taxation, distribution, warehousing and times of which days liquor and beer can be purchased.

Otherwise, we'd have recreational booze running rampant, fishermen buying beer before daylight, stores selling liquor on the Lord's day and beer being sold right up next to bourbon.

Distilleries and liquor stores won't control themselves, so the government has to do it, right.

Anonymous said...

December 22, 2023 at 10:52 AM, I'm not 10:14, but I have a problem with all of it. I don't use any mind-altering drugs. Aren't people stupid enough without mind-altering drugs?

I'm also smart enough to know, that if people want something they will get it, one way, or another. The common curse of the human race, self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

@1:59 you are in the small minority.

Anonymous said...

Safe, right?

Anonymous said...

No increased tax revenue we were promised, street dealers laughing and rolling on the floor (you get weed at 1/2 off from me, I pay no taxes, and you paved the way for normalization of stoners), increased mental illness, increased cancer, developmental disorders, etc etc.

Gosh, what a utopia this "miracle drug" has brought. Just like alcohol medicines in the old days, and doctors advertising the health benefits of tobacco. Boy howdy, what a great great idea.

Who could have predicted these good times? Anyone not burned out and low IQ. Anyone. What? Did you believe John Boehner the Drunk's crying pleas for "the children?" Look at his yellow skin and tell me what he knows about medicine or addiction, please.

Anonymous said...

Rankin County probably has an elected official or chief of police we could get to investigate this marijuana debacle for as cheap as $75k per year. One of these sleuths could suss out the trouble from a table in Biloxi.

Anonymous said...

"It was all about legal recreational use, always has been." -12:55

Finally, the truth. I don't have an opinion on whether or not it's a good idea. I'm just sick of people lying to the public about their true motivations and end goals.

1:59: You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

About Every Third Car That Goes By Has A "Testing Lab" In It. What's The Problem???

Anonymous said...

December 22, 2023 at 9:22 PM, I'm not a K-9, but my nose says you're right.

Anonymous said...

@2:42 - You, actually, are in the minority - those who can't recognize satire.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Diddywahdiddy opines:
What the Wise Sages here, and those others who give a d__n, need to know, is the 'pushing' of medical marijuana by "Pain Specialists" and "Addictionologists".
There is big money to be made, and Cannabis is just going to add to the woes of those at risk of mental instability.
There is still NO "point of contact" test (read: Breathalyzer) to determine 'impairment'.
Pandora would be so proud of the MS Dept of Health and the MS State Board of Medical Licensure.

Anonymous said...

HEY 1:59, It works out pretty good in Louiana! They have nicer things too!

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand how Republicans talk about smaller government and freedom, but just as soon as its something you may not agree with your all for Government control. I had 9 surgeries this year. 2 of them major. They were throwing pain pills at me like candy. Because of cannabis I only took 3 pain pills the whole time. I would have 100% been addicted to pills. We as a state could stop being last in everything if we would look at facts instead of our opinions. Please stop the fear mongering so that we can move forward. Maybe its time that facts matter. If you have never used it or even been to a dispencery then you really don't know what your talking about. We have to start educating ourselves before we form opinions before we can move forward. Come with solutions not only gripes. We all understand how pills have destroyed so many lives, but its like some of you would rather trust the pharmaceutical companies than a plant that grows naturally. I read the comments on other stories and the majority here doesn't trust the government, but when it comes to marajana you trust them completely. Its the greatest hypocrisy ive ever saw. Please go do a little digging then you would see that 75% of studies are payed for by pharmaceutical companies. As free Adult American's we should be able to chose what medicine we use. If you will take the time to study you will see in the 1960s a host of new pills came out. At that point pharmaceutical companies poured tons of dollars into demonizing natural medicine. The fact that we band hemp in 1937 because William Randolph Hearst bribed political figures mainly Harry Ainslinger to outlaw it because his news empire used wood paper and hemp was a threat. Hemp and cannabis are not the same. Hemp has many uses ie: Ford's 1941 bioplastic Model T was made of hemp, flax, wheat, and spruce pulp, which made the car lighter than fiberglass and ten times tougher than steel, wrote the New York Times on February 2, 1941. I say that to say maybe we should rationally study things in a non biased way to get real facts. PLEASE FACT CHECK ME!

Anonymous said...

Interesting the number of ex-officio medical experts, standby attorneys who never graduated and sociologists specializing in group behavior and community organization have emerged on this thread.

All they need now is to elect a leader. But, wait...there's the blog owner.

Anonymous said...

December 24, 2023 at 12:52 PM, I fact-checked you;

" while the man who was instrumental in creating the car, Lowell E. Overly, claims it was "…soybean fiber in a phenolic resin with formaldehyde used in the impregnation"

Lowell E, Overly, said it was a soybean car, not hemp.

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