Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bill Crawford: Koch Network Hopes Nikki Haley Can Turn Page From Trump

The final battle for the Republican nomination for President has begun … maybe.

The powerful Americans for Prosperity Action network backed by billionaire Charles Koch announced its support for Nikki Haley last week. Months ago the network said it would not support former President Donald Trump.

“When we announced our decision to engage in our first ever Republican presidential primary, we made it clear that we’d be looking for a candidate who can turn the page on our political dysfunction – and win,” AFP official Emily Seidel told CNN. “It’s clear that candidate is Nikki Haley.”

As the field of GOP candidates diminishes – former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott have pulled out – maybe AFP’s endorsement and considerable resources can help Haley emerge as the top challenger to Trump. Although she is moving up in national polls as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stumbles, none of the Trump opponents has yet to show strength with actual voters in a Republican caucus or primary.

The Koch-backed group is not alone in seeking an alternative to Trump. Earlier this year David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth helped launch the Win it Back PAC which wants an alternative to Trump. Whether McIntosh and his related groups will now turn to Haley remains to be seen.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s “enthusiasm” for Haley could have impact in money circles, Politico reported last week. And Ray Dallo, the founder of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund said, “a lot of money is already being gathered to put behind the ‘Trump alternative’” and “Nikki Haley is the most likely contender.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Party sponsored debates have shed some candidates. Eight participated in August. Only four have qualified for the December 6 event, excluding Trump who refuses to participate. Besides Haley and DeSantis, the participants include former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Anticipated debates in January may deplete the field further.

A clear top challenger needs to emerge soon. Republican voters will begin choosing a nominee in January – the 15th in Iowa and the 23rd in New Hampshire.

Haley appears to have the clearest path to success. Strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire would set up a showdown with Trump on February 24th in her home state of South Carolina. If no clear alternative emerges prior to Super Tuesday on March 5th, Trump will likely have the nomination in the bag.

“Nikki Haley represents a new generation of leadership and offers a bold, positive vision for our future,” said Seidel.

Still and all, Haley will be a hard sell in Mississippi where turning pages is problematic.

“The wind blows where it wishes” – John 3:8.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


Anonymous said...

The only people thinking Trump can actually WIN are the "Trump Kool Aiders". Haley will win. Trump will not. I can't not see what I saw. I will not vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

Charles Koch, is not a friend of the average American, neither are those that make up this PAC. That should tell you where Haley is in relationship to the majority of Americans. This article is very telling, as if it wasn't already apparent, of Crawford's elitist position.

The U.S. government began a crusade against the citizens of this country nearly 55 years ago, while under the supposed leadership of a right-wing, conservative regime. This authoritarian, liberty robbing, prosperity stealing, process, continued regardless of which fascist wing of the political elite was in power.

The laws that have been implemented since then have only strengthened the grip of the surveillance state. How misguided is someone to think we have leaders, instead of rulers? Do you really think you have a say in the direction of this nation?

Our laws aren't written by those that hold the 535 elected offices that are “voted” on. No, they are written by the nameless, faceless bureaucrats that have been in the government for 25, to 35 years. That is the deep state that rules this country. They are the ones responsible for its direction. Do you have eyes to see?

Anonymous said...

Bill Crawford, you are obviously a hack..This last ditched effort to legitimize an incapable candidate is quite frankly pathetic. Ranaswamy was the only one with vision , intellect and political reach to have a chance but he was snuffed out by the RNC for not supporting endless wars and ideological virtue. Trump win win these upcoming contest in never before seen landslides. Even South Carolinans will through her out with the trash which is where she belongs! She is bought and paid for and is incapable of leading us out of this quagmire of endless ads bankrupting the nation and endless vote buying and systematizing destruction from within! Trump is our only chance to survive as a nation!

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Trump given the opportunity.

And he will win, given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

When I hear erstwhile literate people make statements like 9:57 "Trump is our only chance to survive as a nation!" I stop and pray that divine intervention will save this experiment in democracy we call the United States. We have lost many, many, great men and we still survive as a nation. It's sad that some think it's over without some rich egotist.

Anonymous said...

I think Haley would make a very good president. But it hasn't been about electing a very good president for a loooong time. Just look at the nominees on both sides for the last several elections. Geez

Anonymous said...

It is people like 11:52 that frighten me, by call our republic, a democracy. It has been a constitutional-ruled republic, built on laws, that has allowed this country to remain this far.

The rule of law is being destroyed at every turn, to bring in mob rule, which is what democracy is. That destruction of law is being witnessed at every level of government. Can you not see?

Elizabeth Willing Powel asked Benjamin Franklin the form of government they would receive, Franklin replied, a republic, if you can keep it.

The poorly schooled kind, such as 11:52, are trying to take it. Will they succeed, only GOD knows?

Anonymous said...

9:21’s post sounds like that of a Democrat troll…and the fact that a leftist Democrat lap dog writer is pushing Haley tells all we need to know; that Crawford wants his Democrats to run against Haley.

Jamie Dimon was a big PPP proponent…wanted the second round like the first with no requirement of need for businesses to get millions, 10’s of millions, 100’s of millions of government welfare that many did not need or deserve. The vast majority of Americans are so dumbed down now…they have no clue how many beach homes, airplanes, etc. have been bought and paid for by the federal government…then added to the nation’s debt…all so those closest to the print press could get richer…including bankers and hedge fund managers.

Trump is no conservative…but conservatism is dead. Democrat and Republican voters alike melted down over the 2008 bank bailouts…bailouts that pale in comparison to the trillions given away to people that didn’t deserve it since the Wu virus came along (let no crisis go to waste).

This country needs no more child killing capitals…so we better figure out which candidate can take down Biden then pray that candidate wins the primary. And with the morality records of bankers and hedge fund managers, listening to them doesn’t seem like a prudent move for the commoner that gets stuck paying via currency devaluation/inflation while the rich get so much richer.

Anonymous said...

Proven leaders DeSantis and Trump remain independent of swamp pimps like Koch, but Haley is scornful and bought.

Anonymous said...

Rich Egotist? With her meager federal employment jobs, how did she become a multi-millionaire in 8 years?

Anonymous said...

America needs President Donald J. Trump now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

1:50 So Trump is the answer? The only answer? If so, you are right, we ARE doomed.

Like 11:52 said, maybe he's just a man and there are other answers.

Anonymous said...

Trump has the same problem as all Republicans, Dobbs!

Anonymous said...

I hope Gov. Haley wins the nomination. Otherwise as an independent I’ll have to stay at home Election Day- can’t stomach Trump or Biden!

Anonymous said...

5:46, I didn't say anything about Trump. Do you need a remedial course in reading comprehension?

In all likelihood, this country doesn't have long in its current state, and I say that with a heavy heart. There have been other times in history where a government, similar to ours, didn't last past 200 years, give, or take a few. We have passed that age.

All the prior governments, similar to ours, collapsed from within, from fiscal matters, and moral failures. Now, be honest, look at our debt, and the immorality that is rampant.

A known debt of over $33 trillion dollars, and climbing, that is a grave danger to the republic. Notice, I said known, because there is a strong indication of more than one debt ledger. Nikki Haley, isn't the answer.

The corruption of our politicians is legendary. Their greed knows no bounds. They lie repeatedly, and without shame. It goes from the very top of our federal government, to the lowest level of our elected officials. Trust and fidelity have become outdated, archaic notions, that are scorned by the every-person-for-themselves crowd. Can you see?

Can you not see, that the fiscal matters, our trillions in debt, is killing our republic? Can you not see, that the moral failings of our elected officials is killing our republic?

The lack of respect for law, and order, by our elected officials, has oozed down like a poisonous slime to infect the citizenry, and it's killing our republic. Have we passed the point of no return?

From where I stand, it's the golden rule, whoever has the gold makes the rules. Charles Koch, and his ilk, are would be king, or queen, makers. They have no allegiance to this republic, they are globalist. All I have posted is true, so what does that say about Nikki Haley? What will replace this form of government when the republic is dead?

Anonymous said...

If Donald's not on the ticket, I'm writing-him-in.

If Donald's on the ticket with Nikki, though, I'm writing-in Kennedy.

Haley's THAT scary.

Anonymous said...

8:45 Apologies to you. Thought you were one of those lemmings who say that out of a country of 350 million plus people only one Donald Trump can save us. Like a messiah from Krypton or Flash Gordon type. But you're probably right, we're toast. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Nobody thinks Donald Trump is the messiah. But he has been anointed by God the save this nation from the demon worshiping vampire leftists.

Anonymous said...

Until the corporate media is neutralized so that truth is allowed to flourish, the republic is lost to the coming communism (self-murder) its children will vote for. Prepare accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Trump and JFK Jr!

Only way to go!

Anonymous said...

So much interest in the top of the ticket. Yet, most Mississippi state legislative seats went unopposed and most congressional seats will be uncompetitive. Sure, president matters but the legislative branch needs much more attention from voters.

Anonymous said...

8:45 same.

I cant vote Trump again and loathe Biden.
I think we are doomed. These candidates are atrocious, our debt and corruption is out of control, and our government won't last much longer.

Anonymous said...

@11:52, We need divine intervention to save us from Biden/Harris/Obama/Mayorkas. Are you that blind? What jobs are the illegal immigrants applying for? What skills do they have? How are they being tracked? Not interested in getting social security cards and proper ID. How does an employer screen them? They have nothing to offer but drugs. Donald Trump will send them back home and clean up the homeless encampments in our cities. Haley won’t do this. I like her but she can’t cleanup the mess the current administration has made. I’m not a MAGA Republican either but a moderate Republican who will gladly vote for Donald Trump. Screw climate change and ESG, we have bigger problems to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Trump has made clear that his next presidency ,should it happen, will be all about revenge and he also actually said he didn't take an oath to defend and preserve the Constitution.

Are all of you Trump loyalists suffering from hearing issues?

1:50 pm Dec 3rd, please stop nitpicking quotes and ignoring time lines and context and read the entire history of our founding. The Constitution as originally signed was not considered " finished" by any of those attending. It was written to get a basic structure for government so we could make agreements with other countries including loans. Everyone who signed knew there would be more articles written shortly thereafter. You should read EVERYTHING Franklin said. In the end, we are a democratic republic.

What our Founders , all of them, feared most, "political factions" forming and becoming too powerful. They imagined them being like the Protestants vs the Catholics or the vying of wealthy families for control.

Sometimes, I suspect far more time was spent in Mississippi schools studying the Civil War than our Revolution. And, more time studying Cowboys and Indians in the Mid-West and West.

And, unlike every other Supreme Courts, we now have one where the judges have no experience in life or government. They went from a classroom to a courtroom.

The GOP seems determined with the Trump faction to make our Founders' worst fears come true.

PS When one political faction gerrymanders it's way into power by diluting or preventing opposition voting and has one party control of every branch of government and favors one religion only it is NOT a REPUBLIC. It's either a fascist or communist government. Fascists favor the wealthy and Communists favor the poor initially, but both end up being oppressive governments that put party loyalty above intelligence, talent, efficiency, productivity and success.

Thank God, our GOP representatives in the House aren't trying for camera time and don't see temper tantrums as a winning strategy ! The House of Representatives looks more like an insane asylum where patients never matured emotionally passed the " terrible twos" and staged a successful take over.

Neither Trump nor most of the GOP in the House could survive an MMPI without a recommendation for treatment.

Anonymous said...

"...JFK Jr!..."

A great choice...especially since he's dead and couldn't serve.

Anonymous said...

10:33 Dam Dog you ripping them a new one!

Anonymous said...

December 4, 2023 at 10:33 AM, do you feel better, young one? I am very familiar with what Mr. Franklin had to say, all of it. A democratic republic is a very long way from being a democracy, thank GOD.

There are those, like yourself, in government, now, that overstep our rights protected by our constitution. The protection, of those rights, is the defining difference between a republic, and a democracy.

The reason prattling fools continue to use the term, our democracy, is that they what the protection of the constitution, the restrained power of government, to cease. That is the power, and difference, of a republic.

I laugh at the rest of your post, for you rant against the very thing the Democratic Party is doing, but you deflect it towards Trump, and his supporters. For the record, I have never voted for Trump, and will not in the future.

I am an old man, now, and have forgotten much that I once knew, but I wouldn't be afraid to discuss this subject from the standpoint of history, with you, are anyone else. Then we can see which has the better education.

One more thing, name one of our Supreme Court judges that went from classroom to the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

You blind followers of Trump will help to put the final nail in the coffin of this once great nation! Why can't you see that he cares nothing about the country or any of you??? Ramaswamy is INSANE, DeSantis has almost as big of an ego as Trump, with a big helping of immaturity! Haley has my vote. I'd even strongly consider Christie at this point!

Anonymous said...

December 4, 2023 at 4:06 PM, Crispy cream Christie, or young Hillary Haley, so, you like losers?

Anonymous said...

Unlike Conservatives, Liberals will vote for any Democrat. That is the only criteria. So they will win no matter what. Love them or hate them, the blind loyalty to the party of subsidies will not be defeated again in my lifetime.

The GOP is too divided. I voted for Trump twice and I appreciate his time, but I am no longer interested in his candidacy.

Biden will skate back into office and we will all pay for the embarrassment the Republicans have become.

Anonymous said...

Nikki Haley has my vote - she would easily beat Biden if she can just get the Republican nomination, but I'm worried some Republicans don't have enough foresight to see that. Trump is not the answer this time.

Anonymous said...

5:06 hahaha you're definitely a Trumpster, even coming up with stupid immature nicknames for people. Speaking of losers, reminder, TRUMP LOST, legally, and couldn't accept it, even going to the extreme to try to bribe officials.

Anonymous said...

In a poll released today, it was a beautiful poll by the way, I lead DeSantimonious by 73 points, and bargain store Hillary Haley by 75 points. No one can beat slow Joe like I can. It was a beautiful poll, as I said, and I made them pay for it. Those two are simply fighting to be first loser.

Anonymous said...

4:47 The way you beat slow Joe the last time? No thanks. Your idea of winning looks too much like loosing to everybody but you.

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