Saturday, January 21, 2023

D.L. Gardner: Don't Store Classified Documents Out in the Street

 Two weeks ago corporate media portrayed the fight over Speaker of the House the mother of all stories in 2023 Washington. The Speaker story would replace the January 6 story that has anchored corporate media news the past two years. Then discovery of classified documents leapt into the lead again, and again, and finally a third time last week and counting, but these documents were all classified during the Obama-Biden administration.

Readers may remember something about former president Trump storing classified documents inside his Mar-a-Lago residence last year. The story began some time around the end of 2021 when the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contacted representatives of Trump about missing potentially-classified information. In January Trump returned 15 missing boxes of classified documents from his term in the White House. 

When the 2022 mid-term elections began to heat up, the story of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago burst into a conflagration when armed federal agents raided Trump’s home looking for classified documents in every room and crevice of the home, including the First Lady’s private areas. None of Trump’s lawyers or representatives were allowed inside the premises during the August 8th raid.

As a former president, Trump had his own personal security as well as Secret Service security protecting him. Anything he brought with him from the White House was very secure inside his residence. It’s not like he stored boxes in a garage facing a public street. 

Nevertheless, President Biden did not miss his opportunity to take advantage of a crisis. Last September CBS’ Scott Pelley interviewed Biden on “60 Minutes” about Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents. Pelley asked, "When you saw the photograph of the top secret documents laid out on the floor at Mar-a-Lago, what did you think to yourself looking at that image?”

Biden replied, "How that could possibly happen, how one anyone could be that irresponsible.” Biden continued, ”And I thought what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods. By that, I mean, names of people helped or et cetera." Then added, "And it's just totally irresponsible.”

Last week we learned about the discovery of three stashes of classified documents under Biden’s watch. On Monday an announcement disclosed some of Biden’s classified documents were discovered last November 2. Tuesday NBC reported discovery of another stash of classified documents. Wednesday Biden’s attorneys announced discovery of other classified documents, in Biden’s garage beside his corvette. 

Biden had asked some very pertinent questions in his interview with CBS 60 Minutes. Last week White House press corps began asking the same kinds of questions about who saw which Biden classified documents when, and how that might “compromise sources and methods …names of people helped or et cetera.” So far, the White House is refusing to answer those questions. 

Guarding what Biden says has been a primary security challenge from the day he launched his latest bid for president in 2019. Reporters have generally treated Biden as a nice respectable old man. But, last week FOXNews’ Peter Doocy asked Biden a typical Doocy-question. “Mr. President, classified material next to your Corvette – what were you thinking?” To which the President replied, "By the way, my Corvette’s in a locked garage, OK? So it's not like they’re sitting out in the street.”

Lesson #1: Don’t store classified documents out in the street.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at


Anonymous said...

Is this NEWS from Gardner? This article is nothing more than a copy and paste from some other sources. What did you add Gardner?

Anonymous said...

And people still think we have honest elections. We have been shown many times who controls the country. They are free to commit any law they decide they want. We have seen them control the elections by using the FBI to put out false information. We have seen them use the FBI to stop the real truth from being told. When they are caught doing something against the law they just cover it up and the news media will not allow the stories to be published. How do people look at themselves in the mirror when they allow this to happen in our country? How can they sleep at night knowing what they are doing to our country? Why do we continue to let our politicians become rich from stealing from our country?

Anonymous said...

Trump and Biden are both low life people. Both broke the law.Trump's flagrant obstruction will lead to a criminal conviction,Biden will probably get a civil penalty... The security of your home is irrelevant; the lack of cooperation with National Archives officials is very relevant.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the FBI raid teams to go after Joe. Should I hold my breath?

Anonymous said...

It's all political dirty tricks and misdirection. The Mar-a-Lago stunt was to influence the mid-terms. This current revelation (by the alleged offender's lawyers no less) is to take attention away from Hunter's influence peddling.

Anonymous said...

Poor JB...his own people are ready for him to he should have done years ago!

Anonymous said...

H: "Dad, where are the Vette keys?"

J: "Have ya looked in the garage on toppa that crate of files we sold the Chinese?"

Anonymous said...

If the root word of classified "@$$?"

If so then you just know the man from Starkpatch has it all covered for shore!

Anonymous said...

Real deal DL Trump had a mountain of classified documents in in secured locations , Biden had a Mole Hill.

Anonymous said...

I have to give it to Democrats, they know how to downplay everything, blame others, and take care of their own.

Anonymous said...

All designed to get you distracted by the next big story while they launder your tax dollars through Ukraine to enrich them and their lobby buddies.

Stuff About ZeroBear PolyBear said...

Pres Biden likely saved X-pres Trump from any criminal responsibility when hey discovered he did the same thing.

No one can now say he isn't a nice guy.

Maybe they should go search X-pres Obama's closet.

Is Jimmy Carter still alive? Then do him too. Ms. Carter has probably thrown all of Jimmy's stuff out in the trash. She always struck me as a smart woman.

I bet Ms. Bush threw out George Jr's bad papers, too. She comes from smart folks too.

Bill likely sold his to raise money to buy pretty pants suits for hillary.

Anonymous said...

Don’t know how long it’ll take, but Sniffer Joe is going down. His usefulness is done, and he’s been set up and will be disgraced and discarded like an unneeded husk to make way for a candidate more palatable to Deep State and, you know, a few others.

KZ said...

Well let’s add another batch to the group of documents. After just reading an article by a self declared liberal in the CL “it just not right to compare this to Trump”. Biden self reported his findings. I call BS. I am so sick of liberals always saying it’s not the same thing when they are caught doing anything wrong. The hypocrisy of the left is insane. Why were Biden officials allowed to be there in his search and Trump officials locked outside. RULES FOR THE AND NOT ME has to stop

Wakened Willie said...

Oh my, the woke snowflakes on the far right have discovered their voice regarding classified documents. They must have been asleep, “not woke” or unconscious as T Rump stole, hid and lied about thousands of pages that he obstructed justice to keep. Oh the hypocritical whiners, oh the the humanity. And now this poor black far right Congressman has had to endure someone sending him a copy of “Uncle Tom”. Oh, the racism. Oh the Critical Race Theory infecting our children. At least he isn’t the subject of assassination plots, traitors wanting to hang him and fascists shooting up his house. Man up you brood of vipers.

Anonymous said...

That men take "work home" is hardly a surprise.
Nor is it a surprise to any wife that they "forget" to take it back "to the office" or that in a move, movers will randomly pack it if they haven't " needed" to see it again after the work was " done" at home.
Professional movers "outnumber" the most diligent wife supervising and occasionally the "head honcho" on the move.
So, we might could have gone back further to find classified documents for Presidents.
It's not that they are found that shock me.
I suspect Presidents trust their secretaries and aides to " pick up after them".
It's Trump's "excuses" and lack of cooperation and volume and lack of personal security and the difference in access to homes and official offices vs a resort where money gets you access.
Men, you have left over 50 years, ladders, tools, and drop clothes at the end of " jobs" and if you own the business you didn't come check.
Professionals, you have left briefcases and papers at home or couldn't find " important" things " after vacations and had to call the place you stayed.
Many of you are far too reliant on your wives, girlfriends, secretaries and employees and absolutely take for granted you just " deserve" their help.
Friendly, advice, " when you screw up, own up" and be glad for your wife or the FBI to help you clean up the mess you made!

Anonymous said...

8:13 am
Do you have memory problems? Trump's lawyers did "two" searches and said they had turn over " all".
No doubt the Archives and the FBI are doing the same due diligence to be certain AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Republicans break law = rain down the hell fire
Democrats break the same law = well, c'mon...we only broke it a little bit

I loath both sides and anyone that blindly defends either is doing you a favor by showing you they are also a moron/sheep/shill for the master of their choosing and incapable of critical thought.

Anonymous said...

"Real deal DL Trump had a mountain of classified documents in in secured locations , Biden had a Mole Hill."

What a goofy analogy. So, if I shoot a man with my .45 and you shoot a man with your .22, I'm more guilty than you since my gun makes a bigger bang.

Or if we both enter Mr. Patel's Quick Pac and I steal a case of Bud Light and you steal a six carton of Bud bottles, I'm more guilty of theft/robbery than you are. Got it!

But even though you engage in false analogy, you were right about one thing - The documents at Mr. Trump's house were 'in a secure location'.

Anonymous said...

Those of you claiming that Trump had "thousands" or a "mountain" of documents, seem to forget the picture that the FBI took for promotional purposes. Meanwhile, they're still finding documents at Biden's house(s). Then, there's always the issue of an acting President being able to declassify documents, whereas a Vice President cannot.

Anonymous said...

That both Presidents were careless and SHOULD face the consequences is not disputed.
That the GOP was defending Trump and not appalled then is telling.
That the reaction by Trump vs Biden's is obvious.
That at least one of the commenters thinks that ONE photo at Trumps is the total number of documents when the actual number is well publicized in disturbing.
Who has had access and where the contents of any empty folder are matters for both.
Only a damn traitor or someone who really needs daily supervision would NOT want both Presidents to be held accountable and responsible in harsher consequences IF their carelessness has given access to highly classified data our enemies!
If any of you are so blinded by partisanship that you would defend either Trump or Biden or want them to ever again be President again if these documents were accessible to or shown or given to foreign agents without clearance or citizens of enemy nations or convicted felons are not and never will be Patriots! Your real loyalty is not to this Nation and its people but to a party or a man that you allow to do all your thinking and you fail in taking responsibility for being a good citizen.

Anonymous said...

Look, people, you must have forgotten that Joe previously drove an 18-wheeler. He simply mistook these manila folders for old driver log-books, knowing you're supposed to retain those for six years.

That's defense strategy number 1.

A person suffering from mental incompetence cannot be prosecuted.

That's defense strategy number 2.

Anonymous said...

Pence too!
Premature aging or the " guy" thing?
I think y'all will have to go with conspiracy theories with no evidence again and look risk seeming like fools.
Oh wait! Do " Aren't we grateful Trump pointed out a serious breech in National Security and was just pointing out and behaved like a criminal or idiot so we'd all see the danger of electing or appointing incompetent officials, criminals, crazy or spies to office.

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