Friday, January 13, 2023

Medical Marijuana: By the Numbers

 Posted below are the statistics for the medical marijuana program as of January 6.  JJ obtained the statistics through a public records request.

Business Licenses
Issued: 91
In-Process: 16
Returned for Action: 10
Denied: 4

Cultivation Issued: 67
Processing Issued: 10
Transportation Issued: 7
Waste Disposal Issued: 3
Testing Lab Issued: 3
Research Issued: 0

Work Permit
Issued: 875
In-Process: 81
Returned for Action: 83
Denied: 4


Issued: 144
In-Process: 15
Returned for Action: 23
Denied: 6

Issued: 1518
In-Process: 805
Returned for Action: 203
Denied: 12

Issued: 0
In-Process: 0
Denied: 0

*Caregivers will not be able to submit applications until patient cards are activated, as the caregiver application requires entry of an active patient ID number. Anyone wishing to serve as a caregiver should contact

Applications are "Returned for action" when upon review it is determined an application does not yet meet the requirements for approval outlined in the MS State Regulations. This function allows MSDH to reopen the application for remediation by the applicant. In the case of RFA, the applicant receives an email detailing the necessary corrections or supplementary information necessary for approval, department contact info, and instructions for resubmitting.


Anonymous said...

wow there isn't enough patients to support these businesses.

Anonymous said...

All this for a fucking plant that the Lord, who people use as an argument against this, designed to grow straight out of the ground as a gift to humanity. For the Government so loved the world, they gave their singular and limited permission……

Anonymous said...

ah! Good info KF

Anonymous said...

It takes about 100 customers a day for a dispensary to break even. Massive losses ahead.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Must be a LOT of "sick" folks in MS, huh? (Strange, because I know more than my share of people in this state, and not only do I not know anyone who has a "medical need" for pot, I don't know anyone who knows anyone who has a "medical need" for pot. It's almost like this is all being done for a different reason.........)

Anonymous said...

67 'cultivators' to support 1518 patients. ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

6:50 - I know a limited amount of folks, but several of them have glaucoma, fighting cancer, anxiety, etc..., i.e. they demonstrate a "medical need" for pot. I agree that "a different reason" might be the primary motivation behind this, but that train has already left the station.

4:48 & 6:29 - The phrase that comes to mind is "Build it and they will come". The Business and Practitioner licenses should stabilize pretty quickly. The Patients number will continue to climb forever, as long as its legal.

Anonymous said...

How long can those dispensaries last ? That patient count is very low

Anonymous said...

Transportation licenses... that's gonna get interesting.

Anonymous said...

I should have never doubted that posters on JJ would be experts at medical marijuana economics.

Anonymous said...

It has never been about medicine and patients.

Carpet Baggers All said...

Hundreds of gullible Mississippi suckers bought into this get rich quick scheme being sold by out of state grifters. Bwa, ha, ha, ha. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Question that maybe you cannot answer, KF, but maybe a medical practitioner will weigh in:

By denied, regarding an applicant for the product, does that mean a practitioner or doctor denied them or do all of these applications have to be sent (by the practioner) to the Health Department for their review. If so, that will create a horrible bottleneck and would require a hundred additional health care employees.

A friend said he spent several hours at a practioner's office. He said the NP interviewed him and took a urinalysis, filled out a lot of papers, got his medical records from several doctors and said somebody would be in touch. That was several months ago.

I guess the question is, what's the process. Red tape and lack of approved product testing sites is just what the legislature hoped for.

Anonymous said...

Wow, man, what a numble jumble. Hahahah. No, man, I mean what a nungle jungle. Hahahah. No, man, I mean, man, that’s cool and all that. But can you look at those numbles and know when I can have my legal weed, man? ‘Cause I have a lots of stress, man, and I need to have me some kind of way to just chill, you know what I’m saying?

Anonymous said...

My back is beginning to hurt more each day.

Anonymous said...

"It takes about 100 customers a day for a dispensary to break even. Massive losses ahead."

Oh really? You seem to be a street-expert. Maybe you'd like to recommend a 'haircut'.

Anonymous said...

Transportation licenses... that's gonna get interesting.
January 13, 2023 at 11:08 PM

Why will it be any more interesting than getting a license to haul liquor out of the state-controlled whisky warehouse in Gluckstadt? Or a license to haul opioids to drug stores? Put your brother's thinkin-cap on there, Luther.

Anonymous said...

Lots of cultivators with few "patients" means that their pot will be diverted to the black market, just like Kalifornia and Oregon.

Billy Boomer said...

Too many cultivators and not enough "patients" (aka stoners) = reefer madness.

Anonymous said...

Not really 10:15. I suspect most will wait awhile before walking out into the deep end. I remember '66 when liquor was approved, it took a while for 'customers' to feel comfortable with walking into a storefront with blacked out windows to buy a pint. Then it took off to where it is today.

Be patient. Don't judge.

Anonymous said...

9:03 gets this site, I don’t care what side you are on.

Anonymous said...

This has never been about medical. This has always been about recreational.

Berto said...

Comical that in 2023, alcohol is legal and marijuana isn’t. Nevermind that alcohol has a hand in 95,000 deaths a year in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Comical that I’m 2023 there are so many losers that need to have weed.

It’s a pathetic crutch.

And remember, there is no such thing as “medical marijuana”. It’s just legal weed. No FDA approval.

Loser stoners.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol, 95,000
Marijuana, 0

The scores don’t lie, sports fans.

Just Another Entrepreneur said...

I've not read whether or not the 'cultivators' will be able to market across state lines. But I guess 'other states' will have enough of their own cultivators.

Will they be able to set up roadside stands on I-20 in Rankin and sell to the white vans passing through?

Anonymous said...

January 13, 2023 at 5:13 PM, poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all grow out of the ground, also. Let's not forget tobacco, which has become a no, no to smoke. Your point is weak, kind of like your intellectual ability.

Anonymous said...

My physician is waiting for dispensaries to open before referring patients.
Why be in a rush when the state is still fucking around getting the product available.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am waiting to get my card until there is a dispensary open near me. The card has to be renewed annually, and I don't want to have a card for months and not be able to use it. Between the visit to the doctor and the state fee, it's not an insignificant cost, and I want the maximum benefit for the money. I suspect that is the case for many others also. I'm curious to see what the price of the medical cannabis is. I have no problem with the cultivators, dispensaries, etc making a profit, and I hope they do. But, in many states the price of legal cannabis is so high due to taxes, regulations, etc that the long established black market is still the preferred source for many users/patients. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered as they say.
Someone posted that this is about recreational, not medical. I tend to agree. My two questions for those opposed to legal cannbis are (1) why should it be illegal (2) do you apply that same standard to everything else? I have no doubt that the opposers could list several reasons as answers to the first question, but I suspect most of them would answer a resounding "NO" to the second if they were being honest.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact that none of you seem to know how much marijuana has to be grown for one glaucoma patient's needs, I remind you that not all the people " you know" tell you their medical problems or medications taken.
I know I sure as hell wouldn't confide in anyone as knee jerk and obviously ignorant as some of those commenting.

Anonymous said...

WOW!6:50 Can you please let me know what clinic/hospital you are a doctor so I can be sure to avoid going there

One of the three dogs said...

Will the maryjane cult ever make it to Shambala? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

@7:55 AM Liar, liar, pants on fire. You left out the deaths caused by marijuana impaired drivers.

Yo stoners said...

This has never been about patient care; it's about money, politics, and recreational marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Where is Biden's Cartel Amigos street dope to undercut the expensive marked up regulated weed, like they have elsewhere mj was legalized?

Anonymous said...

We've never been told what a card will cost, what the product will cost, how much it will cost to renew a card, what kind of security these outlets will have, Whether store hours will be daylight only, who will decide whether the approved customer will get loose weed or buds or gummy bears and whether or not those approved will, upon FOI request, have their names released to media outlets and blogs. (Remember when New York media published the names and address of firearms owners?)

Imagine hoodlums scoping these outlets and following customers who leave holding a bag (pun unintended).

Diddywahdiddy said...

* From DWD: Sorry for the late (and detailed) post, but have been blessedly without internet access while on a hiking trip.
* Some “light reading” for the Wise Sages here
* About 22 million Americans used cannabis in the past year, use doubled in past 10 years (Hasin et al. 2015), 10% of users use for medical purposes. (Compton et al. 2017) 

* Development of Problems:
 About 9% of users may become dependent; 17% (1 in 6) who start use in adolescence

Youth past month use increased 20% in 2y average following legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, compared to 2y average prior to legalization.
Cerda et al. JAMA Pediatrics, 2016

What is Today’s Cannabis?
* 140+pharmacologically- active cannabinoids. (Palozzoli 2018) 

* THC: euphoria, anti- inflammatory, psychosis. 

* CBD:non-intoxicating, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic properties. 

Potency Rising
• 60s, 70s, 80s: avg THC content 3-4%.
• Now: avg THC content 12% (ElSohly 2016).
• BUT – you can get cannabis (plant not oil) in the 20s and low 30s.

* Wax, shatter, butter– dabbing. 

* Plant matter distilled into 80-90% THC. 

* Worst effects of THC more likely to occur at high concentrations- psychosis, hyperemesis.

Treatment Thoughts
• Complex interaction between cannabis and anxiety!
• Many users highly knowledgeable, may work in industry.
• Risk: perceived (or real) benefit.

Cannabis and Depression (Observational Studies)
* Cannabis use: increased risk for depressive disorders Dose-dependent, Cannabis OR 1.17, 
Heavy Cannabis Use OR 1.62 (Lev-Ran et al. 2014 meta- analysis) 

* Cannabis worsens existing depression. (Degenhardt 2003, Feingold et al. 2017) 

* No interventional studies of MMJ on depression, but one observational study in cancer patients showed symptom reduction. (Anderson et al. 2019) 

Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder
* Those with lifetime BD have 7.2% past-year rate of CUD vs. 1.2% in general population. Those with lower age of onset more likely to have CUD. (Lev- Ran et al. 2013). 

* Those with BD use more frequently in higher quantities. (Feingold et al. 2015) 

* Cannabis worsens existing BD- more symptoms, co-occurring SUDs. (Lev-Ran et al. 2013) 

Cannabis and Anxiety Observational Studies
* No increased incidence of any anxiety disorder, nor anxiety (except panic disorder) assoc. with initiation of cannabis. (Feingold et al. 2016) 

* Cannabis use worsens existing anxiety. (Crippa 2009) 

* Reduction in use associated with improvement in 
anxiety (also depression and sleep quality). (Hser et al. 2017) 

* No interventional studies, but one observational study found MMJ reduced use of anti-anxiety medications.(Piper et al. 2017) 

Cannabis and PTSD
• Mechanism plausible, perhaps more so for CBD. (Haney and Evins, 2016)
* At least one RCT ongoing in AZ, but positive results 
mostly anecdotal at this moment. 

* In longitudinal cohort of 2276 US veterans with PTSD,cannabis assoc. w greater PTSD symptom severity, violent behavior, more alcohol and drug use. 

* Initiating cannabis use worsened outcomes. (Wilkinson et al. 2014) 

Cannabis and PTSD, cont.
* Retrospective study of NM residents who obtained medical cannabis card for PTSD reported decrease in sxs. (Greer et al 2014) 

* Past 6-month use associated with other drug use, hazardous alcohol use, PTSD and depression symptom severity. (Gentes et al. 2016) 

* Quitting or sub-moderate use decreases likelihood of future PTSD symptoms. (Lee et al. 2017) 

* Also see Steenkamp et al. 2017, for review

Roach Clip said...

Lordy mercy, 8:47. You must have sat in that doctor's office waiting room for hours. They've replaced the dieting magazines with medical journals.

Diddywahdiddy said...

Wise Sage @ 0533: It's called "attending CME" and not surprisingly, there was NOT a single MD/DO/NP from the great state of MS in attendance.
Science tells us "we don't know enough other than when it gets worse (PTSD, Psychosis, Bipolar, Depression, Suicidal Behavior) really gets worse, especially in those who start usage in teen years, when the brain damage is most-documented in teen humans' developing brains. Perhaps a politically-incorrect phrase, yet true IMO, it is "retarded development", "Failure To Launch", "stunted development", "failure of adulting".
There is a "YUGE" risk in the fact that the potency has exponentially increased as compared to the pot we smoked at the BeBop Productions' concerts (Yes, Jethro Tull, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Johnny Winter) back in the '70's/80's. Additionally, there is no standard nomenclature for measuring the amount of the 140-plus psych-active components, e.g. in mg, mcg, or gm etc.
Other than use in oncology patients, the data continues to conflict, and the physicians' creed is
"First, Do No Harm"...not "It's All About the Money".

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