Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"Stay Out of the Way"

Six young savages armed with AR-15-style firearms robbed the owner of Miketown Comedy Club recently.  You read that correctly.  Six little punks busted into his business and shoved their rifles against his chest, threatening to kill him if he didn't give it all up.  Give it up is what he did.  The victim is just a working guy trying to make a living. Unfortunately in Jackson today, being a good guy merely makes you a target and a target he was that night.  

The victim discussed his experience on Facebook in a rather poignant video.  Actually, the word "vented" should be used instead of "discussed" because he was still in shock as he recovered on video.  He kept saying over and over how he tries to "stay out of the way" but said the thugs now go out of their way if you try to stay out of the way.  Frustration, anger, resignation, and even sorrow are on display.  Unfortunately, the video is a story of what life is too often like in Jackson today.    


Anonymous said...

Should I say 'yawn' or 'next'?

Anonymous said...

OMG, but let's not do anything sensible, like have more capitol police because these thugs have rights.

Anonymous said...

Having an AR shoved into your face is realy scary. He needs to relocate out of Jackson, along with every other business in town. This will only happen mor often as time passes.

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t he have an AR?

If he had his guns out then this would be a better story.

Buy more guns

Shoot more people

Kill kill kill

Anonymous said...

@12:33 C’mon!! He was obviously outnumbered!! Even if he had more guns, there’s no way he could have shot all six. Would have been lucky to shot one, when there’s six pointed to your chest! He did the right thing to give it up and still be here to tell about it.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of an acquaintance who always said the reason he needs his AR is to defend himself against the thugs in Jackson. I guess he mistakenly thought the thugs in Jackson would just keep using straw purchased hipoints and stolen .22 revolvers forever!

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - why is more pressure not being put on Mayor Lumumba to illustrate to the public of the irony of his campaign? He touts himself with "transparency" in his speeches, yet by his hand and under his direction JPD has ceased to produce any crime reports (either under COMSTAT or the UCR)?

This point needs to be yelled from the rooftops. He is hiding behind big words in his speeches and repeating, "right?" at the end of every sentence.

His supporters need to see that the emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

Your mayor is holding crime meetings talking about the Capitol police is a bad thing. I bet you wished you had some Capitol police right about now.

Sorry not sorry

Anonymous said...

January 31, 2023 at 12:06 PM "Should I say 'yawn' or 'next'?"

Here's what you should do: You should not comment AT ALL. This is a very serious matter, and if it is boring to you, you need to wake up from your safe haven in your little bunker, while awaiting some "good gossip" that will feed your need.

Anonymous said...

Security cameras at the entry way outside see them coming be ready

Anonymous said...

Bet he supports the capitol complex bills now....huh...

Anonymous said...

compare this guy to baby-chock. this guy is talking truth, not the crap that baby-chock is talking. Maybe he should run for mayor. Baby-chock, if you want people to see your way, where are you on this event? Where are your police on this? give us a perp walk and show you can "add" to this city like this club owner.

Anonymous said...

Has a state capitol ever been moved? Is it possible to move one? Please relocate state employees and move meetings to zoom or out of Jackson. The rest of the State should have to fund capitol complex police force because Jackson fails

Anonymous said...

Did he vote for Lumumba? Does he vote for Democrats? If yes, then he got exactly what he voted for.

Anonymous said...

1:31 is it a "serious matter" to the city leaders?

Perhaps in lieu of "good gossip" those leaders focus too much on "race bating", no?

But sure, hold rando commenters to a higher standard than your highly paid leaders.
Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

1:31PM The poster was only repeating what the city council said when they we asked to help the businesses who were being robbed. Maybe you should send the same reply to them.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Sheriff is focused on getting harmless plants off of the streets so it will look like he’s working against “crime”.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why we have to have a " Capitol " police and JPD.
Frankly, the Capitol Police lack the training and Jackson lacks the money for more officers.
I'm happy for a Capitol Police force if they are they are trained better than the current force and better than Sheriffs.
We don't need those who can't protect a crime scene showing up. Nor do we need the "the gang who couldn't shoot straight" showing up.
If the Capitol Police want to serve ALL of Jackson, they can apply for a job and the legislature could allow the money for their current salary plus JPD follow them specifically to JPD's budget.
Grow up people and stop falling for "created" issues that exist only to serve one political party.
An ethical discussion could fix the lack of officers and equipment immediately.
Is Reeves saying his party members in the legislature too damn dumb to figure out how to write a bill that will help the residents of Jackson without helping the Mayor?
They can imagine self-serving, party serving recommendations without difficulty.

Anonymous said...

Guns = answer

People who enter the business should be required to have at least one gun.

The guns should be off safety and pointed at everyone else.

One wrong move and everyone dies.

The solution is clear to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Colonialism at its finest.

EFGAlterEgo said...

January 31, 2023 at 1:31 PM
I will continue to comment "yawn" and "next" until the so called "administration" deals with crime in a serious manner. Do you need a refresher as to why people would always comment "next" on crime posts? You know what don't answer that because I'm sure you carry water for Lumumba. I'll link you the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0w_-gUc30E.

Anonymous said...

2:52 - wrong, wrong and wrong.

Capitol Police are trained just as JPD is trained. Their officers (today, not the 'old' CP who were nothing but security guards) go through the same academy, most were hired from other police departments from throughout the state, so your repeating of Lumumba, Sister Lumumba, and all the sheeple that follow them, is worthless as an argument.

The state has no business funding JPD, just as they have no business funding Tupelo's PD, or Starkville's, or Gulfport's - etc, etc. Why should the state provide dollars to Jackson for Jackson to do what their tax dollars are supposed to be spent?

The problem is two fold - Jackson's policies (set by the Mayor) have made it where many LEOs don't want to work there; if the state did send them dollars, there is no assurance that the dollars would actually be spent on policing - experience has proven that.

And, Jackson evidently has plenty of money for its police department - they just sucked money out of the JPD personnel budget to spend on another of their failures and had to pay fines.

If Jackson had an interest in actually running a police department for the security and safety of its citizens and visitors to the Capitol City, there would be no need for expanding the Capitol Police. But the proof is in the pudding - crime in the city has exploded under this administration while the city has left hundreds of JPD positions unfilled - for years.

Just as Jackson cannot run its water department, its sewer department, maintain its roads, operate its zoo, stop the trashing of its streets and neighborhoods, ------ should I go on ----- it has failed in providing appropriate security and addressing crime through operating its police department.

Its not the state's responsibility to bail out this one city, of a thousand in the state - Jackson has the highest tax rates of any city in the state - it just chooses to spend its money in the wrong places, and sets its policies to ensure the results they are getting. Because it is the Capitol City, the state has to step up and protect the folks that work here for the state while they are working in the city - and the state is smart enough to not pour the money into the never ending dark hole of the City of Jackson as per your suggestion; instead it will address the problem directly.

And besides, we want those police officers to get paid. Currently the city has the (deserved) reputation of not paying its vendors resulting in many contractors and professionals no longer willing to work for the city.

EFGAlterEgo said...

2:52 PM
You actually think JPD is better trained than Capitol Police? The same JPD who has relaxed standards so much that gangbangers are on the force?

Anonymous said...

1:57 - 'Has a state capital ever been moved?'

Do a little research. Jackson has not always been the capital city of this state.

Anonymous said...

Surely 2:52 was satire?

Anonymous said...

There is only one way to address this and that is to leave Jackson and never come back . Most of the voters in Jackson will allow this to increase until the City is burned to the ground and totally gone for ever. This is now a simple numbers game and the numbers are just too great and past the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

Florida has been debating moving their capital to a more central location for years. Comes up all the time. A search shows dozens of articles. The argument is a more central location, like Orlando. Problem with MS is that Jackson could be considered fairly central, unless you want to move the capital to Grenada. Good luck with that.....

RIP Jackson (Detroit v2.0) said...

Jackistan needs to hit rock bottom so that it can rebuild in 5-10 years. None of the 100s of well meaning suggestions on this blog will make a difference. It's already beyond the point of no return.

Sadly, the only often penned suggestion that is worth considering is to sell/move. The longer y'all wait the more you will lose on the sale of your home.

Anonymous said...

Detroit's rebound started with their bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

They will just boogie man the assault rifles

Anonymous said...

Where is Chuck when this poor man gets robbed. Oh yea, he is complaining about the effectiveness of capital police. Not sure how he will weave racism into this armed assault on a tax paying black businessman. But give him time. He will find a way to make this a plantation issue.

Anonymous said...

Those who repeatedly post “Jackistan” and “Lamumbla” lack intellectual creativity. It’s not cute. It’s not even funny. At this point, it’s boring and predictable.

Anonymous said...

While they may not move the whole capital out of Jackson, the state is working on moving a lot of things out of Jackson. Look at the state owned agencies that are relocating to Rankin County by MELOTA and the Prison. Rumor has it another "big" Jackson state owned complex that hosts events around this time of year may be moving across the river as well. Time will tell but if so, Lumumba is going to be big mad and use all the buzzwords and call people all sorts of names. Doesn't matter, no one but his sister and their crew takes the guy serious...no one.

InsertSarcasmHere said...

Thank you @3:48. Saying the Capitol Police are "untrained" is laughable. Surrounding suburban departments are losing people consistently to the Capitol Police and, trust me, they are not rookies.

Anonymous said...

A "claymore" would have removed the threat. Click.

Anonymous said...

@8:24 I respectfully disagree. I've read a lot of comments on NextDoor parroting Lumumba, saying this bill represents colonialism and its racist. Way too many people.
I thought we'd be rid of Lumumba after much of south Jackson went without water for 28 days in the 2021 water fiasco, but no, he was voted right back in like it never happened. Too many people worship the ground he walks on. That's the problem here.

Anonymous said...

I’m with 1:31. “Yawn or next” and “perception of” are either one and the same or doppelgängers. Either way, his or their input is a vapid and pointless waste of space.

Anonymous said...

5:24 is saying what I've said for years.

I left in 2001 when I could see that the sane people who want a safe city were outnumbered.

You cannot fix this without gentrification, and you cannot gentrify with racist leaders at the helm, and you will never vote non-racist leaders into existence with the overwhelming majority in agreement with Lamumbles racist policies.

Its an endless cluster f*ck that simply wont end in our lifetimes.
Walk away. And let them enjoy the city they worked hard to create and work even harder to prevent anyone from fixing.

That'sMisterDeplorableToYou said...

@6:45 It'll never happen. There's not enough flatbed trucks in the country to move the capital to Grenada.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a vapid and pointless waste of space, thank you much for posting, February 1, 2023 at 9:27 AM


Anonymous said...

@5:11 your first post was neither funny nor clever. Your second post was neither funny nor clever. Ditto your third. But hey, if repeating “yawn, “next,” and “it’s just the perception of (fill in the blank)” is your idea of fun, and you don’t mind being humiliated by serious people, then by all means carry on.

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