Friday, November 5, 2021

Mississippi Challenges Vaccine Mandate

 Attorney General Lynn Fitch and Governor Tate Reeves issued the following statements. 

 Attorney General Lynn Fitch

Yesterday, Attorney General Lynn Fitch, with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, filed a lawsuit to halt President Biden’s vastly overreaching vaccination mandate for federal contractors.

“In an effort to check the box on universal vaccination,” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch, “President Biden has vastly overreached his authority, putting the jobs of one-fifth of the American workforce in jeopardy and violating vital principles, including state sovereignty, the rule of law, and religious liberty.   The very fact that his own Administration is contradicting itself in directives carrying out his mandate is strong evidence of its lack of any foundation in fact or law.   State Attorneys General asked the President to halt the mandate, and in the absence
of any response, we are taking this legal action.”

The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, asks the court to find the federal contractor vaccine mandate is unlawful and enjoin its implementation.   Amongst other claims, the complaint notes that:

• The Administration failed to even try to connect its mandate with any statutory language that might authorize taking the action.

• The mandate violates the Nondelegation Doctrine by taking actions not authorized by Congress.

• The mandate violates the Tenth Amendment by encroaching on States’ traditional police power, again, without any clear Congressional authority to do so.

• The mandate violates the Spending Clause by asking contractors, including many State agencies, to comply with highly ambiguous guidance applying to contractual relationships already in place.

• The Administration failed to follow even the most rudimentary public protections for notice and comment publication in the Federal Register and rulemaking under the Administrative Procedures Act.

• By failing to even attempt to provide a reason or explanation for its conclusory actions, particularly on a matter of such significant economic impact and with overwhelming reliance interests at stake, the Administration’s actions are arbitrary and capricious.

Governor Tate Reeves

 Mississippi today announced the filing of a lawsuit to stop President Biden’s unconstitutional, unlawful, and overreaching federal contractor vaccine mandate. The lawsuit seeks to declare the contractor vaccine mandate unlawful and prevent its enforcement. The Governor’s Office is working closely with the Attorney General’s Office to file a second lawsuit shortly, challenging the OSHA vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more workers.

“The Biden administration has time and time again shown a total disregard for Americans’ individual liberties,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Their previous lie about not forcing vaccine mandates on the American people was just another example of their lengthy track record of not telling the truth. With this lawsuit, Mississippi is stepping up to defend its people against the Biden administration’s relentless attacks on freedom and personal choice. We will continue to use every tool at our disposal to stop President Biden’s flagrant abuse of power.”

Key arguments in the lawsuit include:
  • President Biden has exceeded his authority by mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees of federal contractors and subcontractors.
  • Federal agencies failed to follow the required procedures to adopt a federal contractor vaccine mandate and their actions were unlawful, arbitrary, and capricious.
  • The contractor vaccine mandate is an exercise of nonexistent federal police powers over matters of public health and violates the 10th Amendment.
  • The contractor vaccine mandate violates other provisions of the Constitution including the Nondelegation Clause, the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine, and the Spending Clause.

“The Biden Regime has used World War II Era procurement laws to impose a vaccine mandate on one-fifth of all Americans,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “The unprecedented and clearly unconstitutional contractor vaccine mandate is the desperate act of a fading tyrant frustrated by Americans exercising their fundamental rights of freedom and self-determination.”


Anonymous said...

Might as well be suing China, waste of money. Oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Took them long enough. Could have avoided this years ago had Gunn and Tater voted on vaccine rights. As we already know, Rino gonna do Rino things. Tate has taken the money....he's not really giving two squats about those who can vote. We will not forget.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Lynn, the Masta has spoken.

Anonymous said...

This is not just ill-informed, but legal incompetence.

Not only is precedent been in effect since 1905 but the Supreme Court has refused to hear or dismissed other challenges.

Moreover, these vaccines are the most " tested" now in history in that it's been put in more arms and even with ages 5-11, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have approved usage and been dispelling all the crazy misinformation of harm. The approval of comparable academies in Great Britain and India have done the same.

This vaccine has been tested on animals and tracked in all the children and women and men and pregnant women who've received it worldwide.

It does NOT cause infertility or alter genetics and the inclusion of "tracking" devices is the stuff of those out of touch with reality.

These folks did not think it necessary in every instance to point out that the vast majority of children 5-11 have not gone through puberty. It's a gross misunderstanding to think the infertile ( no puberty) can be made infertile by a the disease of CV 19 damaging the reproductive organs is a far greater risk! HINT: Guys who get mumps after puberty can be left infertile but not males who haven't gone through puberty. It's why you grandmothers used to try to get their sons exposed early and were distressed when one of them seemed resistant.

Far more tests are indicating ( not replicated as yet) that CV19 may be able to penetrate the brain. You don't have to know you have had it to be at risk from the virus.

The virus is LIVE, the vaccines do NOT contain a LIVE virus! Be glad!

When are some of you going to face the fact that your sources of information keep proving to be wrong?!

Doctors can become mentally ill and get dementia just like laborers can! You want someone who has a relevant specialty in the area and is still active in it! A specialist in orthopedics who hasn't focused or kept up with virology or fertility etc. in the last decades is not the best source of information and if it's your shrink, they may be gaging how in touch with reality YOU are!

Anonymous said...

The Governor is suing, yet state agencies like the Public Utilities Staff which he oversees is still working from home. Double standard?

Anonymous said...

Shad should investigate for wasteful spending of tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

It’s a smokescreen. How do we know? Look at the hospitals and universities firing people for not getting jabbed.

Lynn, if you are reading this, let it be known this observation has not been missed.

Anonymous said...

The CDC admits to 16,000 deaths caused by the “vaccine” and it hasn’t even been out very long. We used to recall vaccines if they even killed a handful of people. Animal testing was done and they had to halt the tests because it killed all the animals. We now know the shot doesn’t keep from catching or spreading the virus.

Anonymous said...

11:24 : Well written and credit to you for being so ummmmmmm on point with the agenda. Now where do you stand on our God given rights to choose ? I would note you didn't mention heart issues in teen boys who took this EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE that we wouldn't even know about had it not been for Big Tony and his GoF research ! Is the obvious lost on you ? This was no accident.

Anonymous said...

Can we just buyout the attorney general’s salary and not have one for a while? It would leave us with the same results only with less embarrassment for the state.

Anonymous said...


Rest assured, the vaccine existed waaaaaaay before Faucis GoF research

He’s on camera saying it

Anonymous said...

12:51 Source it! And not from your fake conspiracy sites!

1:02 What about God given rights for the rest of us who don't want to share your virus! You have your rights as long as they don't affect anyone else.

And Tate, come on, focus on what matters to this State! Help our Capitol City. Govern. Lead.

And 10:59 He is no "Rino". He's about as far right and up under Trump as you can get.

Anonymous said...

I know this video is over three hours long but I would encourage everyone to watch as much of it as they have time for. Or perhaps pick a point at random and give it 10 minutes or so and see what you think.

this is a roundtable discussion earlier this week hosted by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin discussing vaccine injuries and the vaccine mandate.

The Takeaway is that currently there is no compensation whatsoever for people who have become injured by the vaccine and Congress should either fund the program or designate a different compensation program if they are in the business of forcing the vaccine on everyone.

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

Freedom was not just a song by George Michael! Suck it woke mob!

Anonymous said...

Pro-Pharma and Uncle Sam have blanket immunity for alll vaccines

Anonymous said...

What you all worried about? We are all gonna die regardless. Wonder when they will get around to mandating Flu vaccines and such. You all need to be doing what the Master says.

Anonymous said...

"We now know the shot doesn’t keep from catching or spreading the virus."

BINGO! We have a winner!

Anonymous said...

12:51, source?

Anonymous said...

And in other news, Target sues Walmart and Burger King sues McDonald's because neither will let the other tell it how to run its business.

Here's a prediction: the district doesn't matter unless Lynn gets bench-slapped and takes a hint, if not, hammered at the 5th, and if she is as big an idiot as she seems, it gets very short shrift at the SCOTUS. Here's another prediction: the sun will rise in the east and set in the west for the rest of the weekend AND all of next week. These two pandering buffoons would be embarrassments to this state if it were actually possible to embarrass this state.

Anonymous said...

1:54 is funny.
"He's up under Trump".


OMG, what ignorant use of the English language.
And I'm not even a grammar nazi.

But regarding the Vax, I'll just follow the Marxist progressives:

"My Body, My Choice"

Anonymous said...

If you read the complaint, go to the "respectfully submitted" page, you will see that, actually, Lousisiana filed this suit with Mississippi joining in it. Apparently a law firm in Salt Lake City actually drafted the complaint. Lynn Fitch has not filed suit; Lynn Fitch joined a suit filed by Louisiana, a suit begun with a complaint drafted by neither attorney general.

Anonymous said...

Then we have Gerard Gibbert yacking mindlessly about who can and who cannot be mandated to take a vaccine and who cannot be told by the governor to support the AG's 'efforts' to challenge. Tate is in a fog. So is Gibbert.

Does it not occur to Gerard that Tate's mandate regarding 'support from all who I manage and control' is a violation of the Federal Hatch Act? And before Gerard bolts up out of his recliner and spills his hot chocolate, let him be reminded that many of 'those whom the guv dictates to' are partly or fully federally funded as are their superiors and The Act applies to those folks.

Gerard needs to hold off on demanding that Ryno immediately Google shit for him and admit that there are some things about which he has no clue. I know that's hard for a man of his success and ego...but, hell.

Anonymous said...

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

"Freedom was not just a song by George Michael! Suck it woke mob!"

You sir are a fiend! By what right do you presume to reveal Lynn's cunning stunt to play a cut-rate Hamilton Burger in this unsettled and important area of constitutional law? My good man, there can be no doubt that she, as a well-respected Constitutional scholar and by virtue of her hallowed position as the AG of Mississippi, has the clear authority to dictate the employment policy of the federal government to the federal government. To quote her entire rebuttal argument on a public forum is beyond the pale.

With her victory here, good Lord willing, Little Lord Tateleroy can assume his rightful place as Il Douche (that's pronounced "ill doo-sh") and let them sorry money-supplyin' bastids in DC know what's what.

And from a medical perspective, oh, shit, here we go again...

PS - didn't George Michael get popped in a shitter for trying to get popped in the shitter? Freedom's one thing, but that seems...ill-considered...and people doing ill-considered things, that brings us full circle to Lynn and Tate...

Anonymous said...

It’s really hard not to be a mean girl reading the comments. My kid’s football team got their clocks checked in Rankin Co. They were bigger, faster and way more Brandon.

Anonymous said...

The mandate will not survive. Biden is pushing this down , eventually to smaller businesses, which will be it’s death in red states. Only way to enforce is through martial law. Companies will not fire people, will not pay fines. Enough is enough. Rich business owners will finally tell Obiden where he can stick it.

Anonymous said...

Lynn joined a lawsuit filed by a dude from Utah in a Louisiana court.

This will
Be dismissed before Lynn figures out how to pro hac into the case.

Lynn is a stooge.

She should concentrate on suing her buff comm director / body guard / buttercup Nick for the 200k he stole from TANF funds….some of which was donated to Lynn so Nick could get a job! Get that….Nick stole money to donate to Lynn to get a job with Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Who the fig is Nick? He's not mentioned in any of the Shad dossier on Miz New.

Anonymous said...

Look again, Nicholas Coughlin .

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Knowing not all the players, never made the connection. Do she call him St. Nicholas when he's under bridle?

Anonymous said...

@12:51 PM (wearing his tin foil hat) has likely been following one of the wacko docs. Maybe Dr. Peter McCullough?

Imagine Dis Here.. said...

"Lack of Deliverables..." (Is this a bottled milk route or what?)

"Coughlin was not immediately available for comment."

"Coughlin's date of employment coincided with the date Fitch took office"

me said...

So is suing to stop schools from requiring vaccinations as a condition to attendance next? What about objecting to tests to get a driver's license? And why should you have a license to practice medicine?

Anonymous said...

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A recent audit shows a company with ties to a deputy director in the state attorney general’s office received nearly $169,000 in TANF money as part of the state’s largest embezzlement scheme in history.

Findings released recently by the Mississippi Department of Human Services show that nearly $69 million in federal dollars earmarked to help needy families was misspent, including millions that were steered toward companies on behalf of the agency’s former executive director.

TANF is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, a program that is designed to provide benefits to children and their caregivers “who do not have enough income or resources to meet their everyday needs,” according to the DHS website.

One company called into question is NCC Ventures LLC, which was co-founded by Nicholas Coughlin, a deputy director in Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office.

Coughlin has been working in the attorney general’s office since January 2020, the same month Fitch took office. Prior to that, he was a director for Butler Snow Advisory Services LLC, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Coughlin’s LinkedIn profile does not list his involvement with NCC Ventures.


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