Saturday, April 18, 2020

Savage of the Day

A hoodlum walked up to Greenbrook Flowers last night and slashed the tires of all delivery vehicles just for the fun of it.  The video is posted below.

Here is he walking up to the store, whipping out his knife.

Readers may remember this post from two years ago.

The owner of Greenbrook Flowers went to City Hall Tuesday night and pretty much spelled out why businesses leave Jackson.  Watch the short video for yourself.

What is really sad is not one of these goldbricks sitting in front of her said a word.  Not.a.word. The Mayor was silent.  No promises to fix the problem were offered to Mrs. Dearman.  The City Council just sat there, unified in its silence.  They all bitch about businesses leaving Jackson, the need for tax revenue, and how much we need jobs in Jackson.  However, none of them could say a word to a business owner pleading for help on basic government services.    None of them have a clue about leadership.  None.   Meanwhile, Mrs. Dearman left  City Hall even more frustrated.... and probably more likely to leave Jackson. 
What I didn't include in that post was what transpired immediately before and after Mrs. Dearman's comments.  A Jackson resident complained about the fire department.  The Mayor discussed the complaint with him and put him in touch with the fire department.  Commenting immediately after Mrs. Dearman were the activists who want the city to identify officers involved in shootings.  The Mayor discussed the issue with them for another ten minutes after their  time limit tolled.  Meanwhile, bums proliferate on the streets because city attorneys tell JPD they can't do anything about them.  The Mayor can gripe all day long about businesses leaving Jackson but these videos show why businesses leave Jackson.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame, but they should have taken their business to Madison or Rankin counties many years ago, as many of us did. I don't regret it at all.

Anonymous said...

I live in Jackson. NE Jackson. My kids attend JA just around the corner... all 4 of them. My neighbor has his plastic surgery center near prep in flowood. I drive to flowood at my ortho group. The mayor of Jackson is a laughing stock to those that know what he does verses the other areas. He's a total nitwit. He's a arrogant small minded person that destroys anything he touches.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be openly racist and say that ever single white person that tried to be civil and supported civil rights and called your ancestors racist deserve every fucking misery you suffer.

You childish stupid liberal assholes did this to yourself and have led this country down the path of destruction.

You too Kingfish. You censor the truth for your dirty judas shekels but you're spineless "journalism" is part of the problem

fed up in Jackson said...

the mayor of Jackson is a idiot.....but what baffles me, is how surrounding suburbia just can not accept that the further Jackson declines (and it can go down more), it will affect surrounding suburbia. You want your small town suburbs to thrive like never before, you better start praying and being a part of the change for the better in Jackson. As a life long resident, I know that it will take suburbia as part of the component of positive change, and in stopping the downward decline

Anonymous said...

I'm 3:30 and I'm sorry I dont want to hurt nobody but I'm angry and drunk. I know too many people hurt in Jackson because they just wanted to stay and make a difference.
I'm sorry for calling you a Judas, Kingfish. I feel ashamed now.

Anonymous said...

At this point businesses stay in Jackson at their own risk. She already knew what she was dealing with as far as the administration being openly hostile to businesses. Several other local municipalities would be more than happy to get the sales tax revenue and will actually provide her with competent services.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but there are a lot of mean people full of hatred in this world.

Anonymous said...

The city counsel said nothing to the lady, but next! Total assholes!!!

Anon-E-Mouse said...

When democrats rule the city, this is the result.

Crap like this is why I avoid Jackistan as much as I can.

I quit shopping there years ago, including eating at the Good’s.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do they still own the property on Old Canton Rd. in Ridgelamd across from Amerigo's? If they do they need to be packing up Monday morning and get the HELL out of the cesspool called Jackson. I'm now ashamed to say that I spent the first 50 years of my life in Jackson. I will no longer say that Jackson was my hometown.

Anonymous said...

Do you poor fools really believe that there's no crime in Madison and Rankin County? Please visit your local courthouses. I think you will all be surprised. And most of you work in Jackson every day.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to 3:30 and 4:20 for being drunk before 5! A wise old Deke fraternity brother once told me that if you start drinking in the morning don't make any plans for the evening. Saaaaaalute!

Anonymous said...

4:12 unfortunately, if you don’t live in Jackson, you can’t vote in Jackson. What do you suggest we do? They do not currently tax the Sale of dope. We do, however, utilize the hospitals near State Street.

Anonymous said...

Ole Chuck will continue with his new world order that does not include the whites. It is obvious to everyone. Sad for his own people. They will never have a chance to enjoy the American dream that is available to everyone. All the resources wasted on projects like the zoo. He has a plan for everything. Not one of those plans has hit fruition.

Anonymous said...

So they complained two years ago and are still operating in jackson? Sorry but that’s on them if they choose to stay there when they know there’s a crime problem.

Anonymous said...

@7:25- You want to sound justified and intelligent, but you sound so dumb!

Obviously, there’s crime everywhere. The DIFFERENCE is the law enforcement, and, even greater, the court systems in Madison and Rankin counties. And, despite your best efforts to make folks look like hypocrites, many no longer work within the city limits or even Hinds county. There are a few corporate and law offices left downtown, and a few at Eastover, but the rest are government jobs. Further, ask any healthcare worker and I GUARANTEE you they’d prefer to report to a hospital in Madison or Rankin counties.

It’s sad, because Jackson was once a great city. The current truth is the city is ruined. Politics/government can’t fix people. As long as these sleazy folks keep “promising” the uneducated they will continue to win elections. People depending on government is a travesty and Jackson, actually, most most inner-cities, are shining examples of why! Giving people more and more wont fix their culture or behavior. It will take hard truths to fix people, but the churches and elders aren’t willing to be blunt enough with their people. It’s truly sad to watch happen...

Anonymous said...

at least he is up and at 'em early! Early bird gets the worm, or the tires in this case!

Anonymous said...

Fed Up in Jackson provide SPECIFICS what you want suburbia to do. Don't give us high level bullshit, provide actions and anticipated benefits.

Otherwise, you are full of it.

Anonymous said...

At least this culprit wasn’t home having to watch a my pillow commercial oh maybe he watched too many and it drove him to this deplorable act!

Anonymous said...

So what's the deal with the racing on the Water Works curve. I must have heard at least three races today. What is JPD doing? Aren't there MDOT cameras?

Also, did nobody call the Mayor out on plagiarizing his first stay at home order?

Anonymous said...

I give 3:30's post 5 Reichstars. Can't wait to hear about his ultimate solution.

Mad Money said...

George Jones has a great song called "Choices". We are in fact the result of choices made. This company is dealing with the result of that. Wish them luck!

Anonymous said...

Healthcare worker here. I do live in NE Jackson and I practice in both flowood and Jackson. Most of my groups physicians live in Jackson but work in flowood. Cap ortho in flowood has alot of there doctors living in Jackson as well. It's easier for us to drive to flowood. Most live in fondren belhaven and Eastover so it's within 5 min drive. Mayor Lumumba is clueless a person I've ever encountered. He plays to the non tax paying crowd. He leaves NE Jackson and fondren alone bc it's not his base of voters. We just pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

7:18, not entirely true. I am a Law Enforcement Officer and our command staff will not let us work in Jackson. They don’t want you stopping cars and when something happens the mayors tries to hang the officers so we just go to work and do nothing. It keeps us out of trouble. Do I personally like that no, but what do you do when your bosses are suspending and firing officers everything they are proactive.

Anonymous said...

Leadership in Jackson, isn’t that an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

How long will Jackson leaders use racism instead of common sense and logic to make their decisions? They are a picture of hatred and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

7:40 am Could you be more specific? In what general area of law enforcement are you employed?
Why is there not publicity about the officers " hung out to dry" and " hung out to dry" how? This doesn't strike me as good command if your commander acted like a two year old and just took home his marbles. Are you speaking of police chases from your jurisdiction into another jurisdiction?

I'm sorry that Greenbrook's profit margins don't allow for securing their vehicles at night. I would want to remove or fence them at night no matter where I was located. In the end, this is a business issue and doing business in a city requires realism about security. Frankly, I'd have gone to nearby businesses of a different sort with secured parking to plead for help first. I can think of a few that have space that is not rented to others but would perhaps be sympathetic to her plight.

I'm not sure what exactly the response should have been other than " I'm sorry this happened to you" or " How can we help you?"

I get that apparently, there was interaction with others who may have also just wanted to complain without a suggestion of how the council might act to solve the problem.

I would wish the council to be better organized and have agendas that put some responsibility on the shoulders of those who wish to speak and seek action. Most could be given a written response. A council meeting shouldn't be a place to vent but in which to receive proposals or problems that within a city's power to solve.

But, then we are now having to cater to the ill informed about what government can and cannot do or what how good government and organizations function. It is the citizen's responsibility to be well informed to start and only go to seek information, explanation or propose a better way to operate or propose a new idea or opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me?
I have noticed, since the lock down, that some folks driving on I-55 in Jackson are even more prone to disregarding speed limits and engaging in indiscriminate lane changes than before said lock down? Driving skills around here have never been great but the speeding and cutting in and out seems to be worse now. Add to that the running of red traffic signals. I suspect the thugs are even more out of control due to the lack of law enforcement.

I DO notice that Madison and Ridgeland cops are still running radar check points.
Jackson, little or no police presence.

Finally, I certainly understand the mind set of April 19, 2020 at 7:48 AM. If I were in his shoes I would probably do the same thing, keep my head down, don't rock the boat, and skate until retirement.

Anonymous said...

The empty, long-winded hot air at 11:17 sounds like it came straight from Jackson City Hall: high-sounding rhetoric with zero substance, and the final point being a denial of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same thing, 11:45. I suspect the ratio of lawless drivers to lawful drivers has gone up. After all, I have no reason to expect those with no regard for traffic laws and the Rules of the Road would have any more respect for a shelter-in-place order.

Anonymous said...

To those who question why they haven't moved - many businesses have been in jackson 30-40 years (like ours)... We face the same dilemma. Real estate, whether leasing, vs new mortgage vs currently owning property, makes that option difficult to 'just move'. Not all businesses have a large enough profit margin or to do that easily.

Best of luck to them.

Anonymous said...

This mayor is only concerned with race. He reminds me of the current mayor in D.C. ... only bitches the low income need more resources. By the way how many majority black cities in this country have white mayors? Look at D.C. it's 46% black... Chicago is 27-30% black and has female black mayor... despite these mayors elected in majority white cities they're all consumed by race! Look at chokwe... he doesn't show up to eastover HOA event when invited to speak he won't show up to PGA event in CC of Jackson when invited. Won't meet with McGowan on lake plan... he could care less about tax revenue until he needs money. He promotes idiots to surround him and preach race hate.

Messick said...

April 19, 2020 at 11:17 AM

Anonymous, your obsequious posts are laughable. Just too much drivel, as one may hear at Jackson City Council meetings... assuming one of them bothered to respond to a genuine concern by a taxpaying citizen.

You need a name, so come up with one. Not that we can't spot you.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before Baby Chock wants to be a "national player" (playah?) so bad he can taste it. (I'll bet he has dreams of a fancy office and fawning staff in the Longworth or Rayburn HOB.) Too bad being same is way out of his league. Let me make a modest proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift):

Mr. Lumumba put all your efforts into turning Jackson around. Build coalitions between black and white. Fix the streets, enforce the laws, fix the schools.
Vociferously support a DA and judges who actually wish to prosecute crimes and put the bad guys away. Once these projects are completed successfully then you might have something relevant and helpful to say to the national audience.

By the way, even without doing anything meaningful to turn Jackson around say hello to your next Representative from Bennie Thompson's district.

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