Sunday, April 19, 2020

Bill Crawford: Pandemic Not Ending in 2 Weeks

Call with doctor’s office last week: “The doctor is not taking new patients at this time. Call back in two weeks when this pandemic is over.”

Gov. Tate Reeves: Friday Reeves extended his shelter-in-place order for a week until April 27, saying the state is not ready yet to re-open its economy. He did allow more small businesses to provide curb service.

Latest stats: Mississippi coronavirus cases and deaths have not yet peaked. Reeves said he believes we’re near that key turning point which will allow him to phase-in more economic activity.

President Donald Trump: Ready to re-open the national economy, Trump announced new guidelines states can choose to follow to phase-in economic activity as certain criteria are met. He did not include widespread testing.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “We’re not there yet,” said The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and key public health advisor to the president. He added that the U.S. does not yet have in place the critical procedures needed to re-open the economy.

Hmmm, which way is up?

Perhaps some facts would be useful. First, the COVID-19 coronavirus is not going away. Shelter-in-place, school and business closures, and social distancing have slowed its spread but is not stamping out the highly contagious virus.

Second, clusters of contagion continue to pop up, particularly in elderly care facilities. The Mississippi Department of Health reported 66 outbreaks in nursing homes in 36 counties last Wednesday. Meanwhile, a Smithfield pork-processing facility in South Dakota became the nation’s biggest single source of infections with 644 cases reported. The CDC was called in to determine what safety procedures must be put in place for the plant to re-open. Other major clusters identified so far include the U.S.S. Roosevelt aircraft carrier (585), Cook County Jail in Chicago (524), Soldier’s Home in Holyoke, Mass. (194).

Third, Gov. Reeves wisely cancelled in-school classes for the remainder of the school year, acknowledging that school closures have been a key reason Mississippi cases have not escalated. How to re-open schools safely has not yet been determined. Issues include sanitation, teacher protection, class sizes, and how to handle sports, food service, assemblies, and busing.

Fourth, the testing capacity, protective equipment, and sanitation supplies needed to re-open much of the economy, as Dr. Fauci said, are not in place. While companies are developing new and faster tests, the materials and equipment needed to provide the tests across the nation are not yet in place or fully available. For example, guidelines in the works for food processors (including Mississippi’s poultry plants), truckers and other food transport personnel, and food handlers at grocery stores and restaurants will likely require extensive testing, aggressive sanitation measures, and daily supplies of protective gear. Kroger has called on public officials to make access to protective masks and gloves for grocery workers a national priority.

Fifth, respirator masks, sanitizers, and virus tests for the general public remain scarce.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic will not end in two weeks. Instead, it may rebound if prudent steps are not taken as states re-open economies. But even the most prudent steps will fail without rapid production and distribution of testing materials, sanitation supplies, and protective gear.

“Do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight, preserve sound judgment and discretion” – Proverbs 3:21.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Seeing tweets and posts today that generally argued" If the Governors on TV can get their hair cut and reporters can film people on a beach, why can't I play golf or fish by myself?"

Before the the " Liberators" get started, here's why:

For starters, the rich can buy things we can't, like paying one hairstylist to work only for them. Some even have residences for employees they want at their " beck and call" on their properties.

You could have done most all those things if you hadn't behaved irresponsibility in the beginning.

You didn't stay 6 feet apart, you congregated at the boat loading places. You got too close to those at the golf courses and on the beaches. You touched things without washing your hands or pulling hand sanitizer from your pocket while you were there.

Your business didn't work out a plan like some businesses did so everyone gets punished. How did you get through life without knowing that's how it works?

And, if we had testing and PPE, your barber or hair stylist could still be working and simply stagger and space appointments.

But we sent 18 tons of PPE to China. I suspect those making that decision never flew commercially or hadn't since the '60's when not so many did, or never had to be with the masses at any airport so never envisioned how many people flew in and out of China before the virus was known. Of course, if they were competent , they would have had to imagination to stop to consider that their life experience might not be everyone's life experience!

What did you miss about hospitals and nursing homes and even a military ship, lacking the equipment to care for those with the virus?

How did you miss the lessons learned from cruise ships? Maybe you've never been on one and think everybody gets to meet and see everyone else on board. That's not the case. You actually don't even get as much contact with others in the passageways of these large ships. They tend to function in sections and with scheduling of activities. Everybody can't be in the same place at once.

We'd be over this by now if we'd been prepared and had good decision making and responsibly behaved.

Anonymous said...

Quoting the Bible doesn't make you a prophet and me wanting to go back to work doesn't make me a martyr. Stay in your lane.

Cynical Sam said...

I don't receive my medical advice from Crawford, anymore than I eat gas station sushi.

Anonymous said...

We would be over this by now is on the next level idiotic. You stuck on Stupid. Kingfish you allow some real morons to show their ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Let them work and let nature take its course. We’ve been interfering with natural selection for too long!

Anonymous said...

No, we will not be OVER this until we have a vaccine or herd immunity. We are just delaying it. We have, however, kept the hospitals from being overrun.

Anonymous said...

April 19, 2020 at 10:03 AM


Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I wish politicians would stop giving specific future dates as to when they know we will reopen the economy. Listen to the scientists and physicians. However, Reeves will probably do whatever Trump tells him to do. Sadly, if there is a second wave of COVID-19, and I pray there is not one, individuals and businesses will pay a heavy price that will last for years.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know anyone who says they know anyone that has this, the doctors I know say they have heard of some but it doesnt seem to be that widespread.

Anonymous said...

Beck and call? You mean the minor prince of scientology dude that had the hit song about being a loser?
Or do you mean beckon call?

Anonymous said...

Is Crawford still working and getting paid? If so then he should shut up

Anonymous said...

I wish politicians would stop giving specific future dates as to when they know we will reopen the economy. Listen to the scientists and physicians.

I certainly won't be listening to someone whose only solution appear to be tanking the country into economic oblivion and violence.

Anonymous said...

Actually there IS no Crawford. Can't you people recognize it's the alter-ego of Kingfish, although one of them is a bit dumber than the other. I'll let you figure that out.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I noticed your home county, Lauderdale, has topped the state's list with the number of COVID outbreaks in long term care facilities. May I suggest you, or another local leader, commentator or journalist, take a look and see why that is so. While I don't personally have a loved one in any of those facilities, if I did I'd be asking why a county like Lauderdale with roughly 77K people has so many COVID cases per capita and why it has by far the most long term care facilities infected. (If I'm not mistaken, you sit on the board of Meridian's largest hospital, so you'll have some unique ability to gain insight into that question.) My guess (and it's just that) is that the management of these facilities is lacking in some way. Some of these outbreaks had to have happened even AFTER it became generally known that COVID was a threat. I'll bet families with loved ones in those facilities would certainly like more information or accountability surrounding that subject. With regard to the opening of the economy, it MUST be done. We cannot continue to be locked down much longer, COVID or no COVID. It is obvious to anyone with a modicum of understanding that COVID will not end anytime soon, at least until there is a vaccine or cure. The lockdown only helps slow the infection, not stop it. We must find ways to go back to work and live with it, albeit with some mitigating measures continuing short of closing three-quarters of the economy. All of America, Republicans, Democrats, Black, White, Liberal, Conservative ... you name it... could not have prepared or predicted this crisis. For instance, I believe it was a long forgotten Governor that you supported, Mr. Ray Mabus, who closed the state's only charity hospitals years ago, including the one in your home town. Of course in hindsight, we all question that decision. We would all do well to study our past mistakes and learn lessons from this pandemic, short of letting fear lay waste to our economy. As a former MDA employee, I know you will be the first to cheer on Mississippi's economy after Governor Reeves, President Trump and our political leaders deem it safe to begin cranking America's economic engine. After all, this is a decision that must be made by elected officials in concert with medical professionals, but certainly not solely by unelected experts from one field of study. With your background in economic development, I know you'll be the first to call out anyone who, once this economy is restarted, tries to retard our progress for political gain, particularly as an important election approaches.

Anonymous said...

Oh, things will loosen up, because, by golly, the PEOPLE MUST HAVE WHAT THEY WANT. Restrictions will relax, and the nature of this virus will work its way through the populace, and you know what? There are many of us who think that will be just fine. So a great many very old people die in nursing homes. Wow. Those people are pretty much finished being of any use anyway, and are costing their families thousands each month, just to prop their wizened old asses up and delay the inevitable. Obese, diabetic, hypertensive idiots, who have failed spectacularly at managing their own health by stuffing their fat faces with crap food and parking their adipose asses on the sofa for hours will be dropping dead, too. How grave (ha ha) a loss is that to society? Come on, you soft-hearted ninnies. This total halt of the economy is going to be worse, by far, than saying ta-ta to demented old grannies and some already half-dead lowlifes. What we’ll save not having to support the latter the rest of their existences (on the dole or in prison, or both) might help the rest of us power back up and get on with life.

Kingfish said...

So how can Mr. Crawford get that info? The Health Department refuses to release that information. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to get that info as well so I'm all ears.

Louisiana was releasing that information until the nursing home lobby screamed bloody murder so Edwards had the health department stop doing so. The nursing home industry was his second largest group of contributors, after lawyers.

Anonymous said...

So to be a syndicated columnist all you have to do is regurgitate the old news other produced, throw in some nasty pessimism...and somebody will give you money and spread it as a meaningful product?

Anonymous said...

8:54 says "Obese, diabetic, hypertensive idiots, who have failed spectacularly at managing their own health by stuffing their fat faces with crap food and parking their adipose asses on the sofa for hours will be dropping dead, too. How grave (ha ha) a loss is that to society?"

Here's the flip side to 8:54: Greedy, lazy, uneducated, unemployed, underemployed idiots, who have failed spectacularly at managing their own financial wealth by stuffing their stupid lives with non-essential plastic crap made in China, $8 cups of imported coffee made by barristas, designer fashion wear, overpriced houses and cars, and now whining anonymously on a blogsite about their personal financial woes, will be dropping dead, too. How grave (ha ha) a loss is that to society?

It's all about perspective.

Messick said...

April 19, 2020 at 10:03 AM

I know you've been posting a lot lately. You might be doing it as Anonymous but your style gives you away. I will tag your posts, henceforth.

Anonymous said...

It's a good point about were one might obtain that info Kingfish. And, like many, I'm not really sure that the Health Department keeping that info confidential is in the best service to Mississippians, even though there are some good pros and cons to both sides. I think the short answer to that question is to have someone in Lauderdale County do some legwork and ask around. It's likely common knowledge among those who live there which facilities are impacted since the families would have been notified. To be sure, it's a job for a local media entity. However, local media in the traditional sense is almost gone. But I would think with Mr. Crawford sitting on the board of a major hospital, he'd have a good feel for where to start or he could suggest some folks to contact. I just think it is troubling for one county to have so many infected LTC facilities. It's a situation that surely must serve as an instructional moment for those facilities moving forward to ensure it doesn't happen again.

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