Monday, April 20, 2020

Mississippi: 4,512 Covid-19 Infections, 169 Deaths

Lauderdale continues to worsen. 

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 238 new cases of the Wuhan Virus today.  The total number of cases is 4,512.  The virus has caused 169 deaths.

List of Notable County Infections (Deaths)
Adams: 83 (6)
Bolivar: 85 (6)
Desoto: 238 (1)
Forest: 147 (4)
Harrison: 145 (5)
Hancock: 53 (5)
Hinds: 347 (5)
Jackson: 209 (6)
Lauderdale: 220 (15)
Madison: 140 (4)
Lincoln: 107 (6)
Leflore: 105 (10)
Pearl River: 132 (10)
Rankin: 141 (2)
Scott: 148
Yazoo: 95 (1)

More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 
 The disease continues to afflict the elderly while brushing off the young.

Unfortunately, the number of patients in ICU beds or on vents edged up yesterday.


Anonymous said...

The ICU curve is flat even as the hospitalization numbers keep increasing, but I would have hoped it would be declining by now. I know it lags by 10-14 days after being infected, but we've been on social distancing and work-from-home encouragement since March 16.

We're not doing our part to slow the spread. If we want to reopen the economy we've got to meet the criteria of 14 days of decreasing cases and we are nowhere near that.

Anonymous said...

The governor, who I think has done a good job with all of this, made a mistake last week when he asked for "just one more week." This steady increase isn't going to give him the cover necessary to lift the shelter in place order.

Will he heed the president's counsel's advice to wait until the curve starts to go down to open up or the president's contradictory statements to liberate?

praying for wisdom for him.

Albert Schweitzer said...

The old Monty Python advise is still best:


Social distancing, hand washing, staying home, acting like a turtle hiding in its shell are all parts.

Anonymous said...

Does the SIP order get extended at least another week? Feds guidelines say to enter phase 1 reopening the state should have declining cases for 14 days. Mississippi will not meet that criteria by April 27.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that we went from "slow the spread" a month ago, to "we have to have a vaccine before..."

Anonymous said...

11:24 and 11:25 you can rest assured that I'm blowing the shelter garbage off already and don't give a damn if you don't like it.

Calm Down said...

We don't have perfect information, or anything close to it. The testing sucks. Until that is fixed, I don't see much changing as far as the SIP program.

The one task I'd like to see Trump become more more active in is the use of DPA to ramp up tests and the associated kits, as well as the testing labs using their machines at 100% capacity.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of assumptions that are made in this blog. One of them is that there will be a vaccine. There are 70 or so trials on-going. There are news stories about "Vaccines soon!"

There is no certainty there will be a vaccine. Don't mean to rain on parades, but tell me about the vaccine we have for the common cold (another coronavirus) and the vaccine we have for HIV.

Herd immunity is just about our best bet.

Anonymous said...

Given the numbers we're seeing from Boston, where a third of people have it, but almost none have symptoms, and the extremely low fatality rate for those under 50 (really 60), it's time for a basic paradigm shift:

The elderly and at-risk need to isolate, and everybody else needs to get back to work.

Boomers, think of this as your Normandy/Pearl Harbor. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it, 14 days of decline won't come until Memorial Day. As long as we have enough beds and PPEs we should be able to open up more places. This is the new normal, it isn't going away. We can't hide we have to adapt.

Anonymous said...

The past 3 days do not provide encouragement to lifting the shelter-in-place order in another week. Will Reeves look at these stats, listen to the physicians, and realize that he is jeopardizing everyone's healthy if he "liberates" Mississippi to stay friends with Trump?

Anonymous said...

Time for a gradual and controlled reopening with mask and lots of free soap and hand sanitizer.

Anonymous said...

1202 - You're not a rebel, much less one with honorable intent. You're just soft. You know that if you or one of your loved ones get sick, there are people with more steel in their resolve that will help you.

Same goes for all these pansies protesting.

Anonymous said...

12:47, Do you have a job "to get back to work," or do you just want your parents to get back to work so you can continue to mooch off of them?

Anonymous said...

1:44 - LOL, OK Boomer.

I'm a 40 year old business co-owner, and I'd like the 12 employees we've had to lay off to get back to drawing a paycheck.

But yeah sure, everybody who isn't 60+ and cowering in fear is a millennial living in their parents' basement. Good point, Grandpa.

Madison Rulz said...

Is the healthcare system in danger of getting overrun in the immediate future? If the answer is no, shouldn't we be treated like grownups with everyone free to make their own decisions on how much, if any, social distancing they need?

Anonymous said...

2:02 is 40 years old and talks like he's 16!?!? I guaran-damn-tee you one of the following is true: (a) he's lying about being 40, or (b) his business partner is his daddy and he put zero money in for capital.

I have a 40 year old partner. If he ever talked like this, I'd run his ass out. He wouldn't and won't, though, because no 40 year old business owner talks like that.

Anonymous said...

2:31 - The fact that you think I talk like I'm 16 says more about you than me.

And the fact that you think you can "run out" an equity partner in a business because of how they talk proves you don't have a partner or a business.

Go take your nap.

Anonymous said...

@2:13 Since COVID-19 in many cases shows no symptoms while the infected people are shedding the virus and infecting others, somebody has to do the analysis as to how many other people are likely to experience serious effects including death from the community spread. If it were just their own lives they were risking then sure, treat people like adults and let take whatever individual risks they would like. That just isn't the situation here.

This isn't a decision on whether or not to wear a motorcycle helmet or skydive where only the participant dies if something goes wrong. We can't keep things shut down forever, but a realistic analysis of how many American citizens we are willing to let die is imperative before deciding how much to go back to the way things were.

Anonymous said...

How dare you say something like that Madison Ruiz. Don't you know I have a right to be completely safe from you dangerous people! This is worse than AIDS! Ask any body in the media!

Anonymous said...

1:17 PM rolling back into the economy means that yes, some people will get infected but we DON'T OVERWHELM OUR HOSPITALS. That's the goal. It isn't to be "safe" it is not about "stopping the virus" which can't be done anyway, and if we told the people that they'd have to wait two years before there' is a vaccine and they need to wait in their homes until they, they'd be furious.

It's fitting that the Tiger King has a lot of people's attention. After all, there are a lot of American's trying to be the P***Y King.. Boo hoo, you don't have the right to get sick and infect me with your virus. Whiny *******

Anonymous said...

2:02, so it's your dad, right?

My 16 year old talks like that when he's being a smart ass. No legit business owner says "ok boomer."

Grow up, boy.

Anonymous said...

12:47/2:20: This is 1:44. I am in my 40s, am self-employed, and have paid the additional "self-employment" tax for years, i.e., a contributing member of society.

If you are what you say you are, your immaturity is nothing less than shocking, and I have a hard time believing you have 12 employees and their families who depend on you for their livelihoods. I strongly suspect you fit either category (a) or (b), as set forth at 2:31.

You wrote the following: "Boomers, think of this as your Normandy/Pearl Harbor. Thanks in advance." The idea that an elder generation, from whom we should be seeking knowledge and wisdom, owes us 40-somethings anything at this point, especially their lives, is complete bullshit. I strongly suspect daddy bailed you out of jail one too many times.


Anonymous said...

FWIW, 40 years old is a year or two past middle aged, and easily old enough to be a grandparent, i.e, past time to grow up.

Anonymous said...

I carry a small aerosol bottle of Lysol in my pocket at the grocery store. The first idiot not wearing a mask who rudely invades my 6 foot space and refuses to back off when I verbally request same, is going to get hit in the face with Lysol. A steady stream of it. So sue me. Call the cops. Cry for yo mama or daddy. I don't give shit. I'm a 66 year old grandmother, in good health, and have a lot more insurance and financial assets than you have, so bring it on, jerk. If you want to take it out to the parking lot to settle it, then trot your ass right on out there. I'll be waiting for you.

Is there an emoji for the flying finger? I could sure use one now.

Anonymous said...

40 years old chronologically. 12 developmentally.

Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out, that since the "crisis" began, paid creatures have been trolling this site (and, for that matter, YouTube), employing scare tactics and bullying tactics, to promote this exercise in disinformation and mass hysteria. They're doing everything they can, to silence discourse. I'm tired of reading their slapdowns of anyone whose opinion deviates from the orthodoxy promoted by interests seeking to profit at the public's expense.

Anonymous said...

The way things are today if someone takes a spray bottle out of their pocket and spraying it in another person's face they may not live long enough to make it to the parking lot. Spraying someone in the face with an unknown substance is assault at the least. They might pull something out of their pocket and spray you with hot lead.

Anonymous said...

Agree 8:14am....I will put a royal beat down on anyone who sprays anything at me. That would be assault and one would every right to defend oneself.

Anonymous said...

"Is this microphone on? Bzzzzzt. Craaackllle. Cleanup, Aisle four under the pickles! I just clocked some bastard who sprayed me in the face. He's breathing but you'll need a dolly"

Anonymous said...

The Lysol threat came from a self-described "66 year old grandmother." You guys think you have what it takes to knock out a woman in Kroger? I would think that takes a little something extra, way down deep.

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