Sunday, April 26, 2020

Covid-19 Update: 5,911 Cases, 227 Deaths but Vents & ICU's Drop

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 193 new cases of the Wuhan Virus today.  The total number of cases is 5,911  The virus has caused 227 deaths. The number of patients on ventilators fell to its lowest level in three weeks while the number of patients in ICU beds fell to its lowest level in 12 days, truly a dose of much-needed good news.

List of notable county outbreaks (deaths)
Adams: 113 (7)
Desoto: 261 (4)
Forrest: 190 (7)
Harrison: 158 (6)
Hinds: 415 (7)
Holmes: 105 (5)
Jackson: 238 (6)
Jones: 118 (1)
Lauderdale: 295 (19)
Leake: 158 (1)
Leflore: 136 (15)
Lincoln: 136 (9)
Pearl River: 152 (14)
Pike: 136 (5)
Rankin: 167 (5)
Madison: 194 (5)
Scott: 249
Yazoo: 122 (1)

 More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 

 The Health Department reports there are 67 patients on ventilators and 146 patients in ICU beds.  This is the lowest number of patients on ventilators since April 3 and the lowest number of ICU beds since April 12.  These are the real numbers the Governor and State Health Officer are reviewing.  The aggressive testing will undoubtedly cause the number of cases to rise for some time.  However, the number of patients requiring special treatment at the hospitals is declining. 

 Kingfish note: No Covid-19 news was posted for a full 24 hours on this website.  Happy?


Madison Rulz said...

Seems like this is about as good as we can do at this stage of the outbreak. Unrealistic to think the numbers can go to 0 anytime soon. Among other reasons, some people are too stupid to social distance properly. Go to Dollar Tree if you need examples. Looks like Land of the Lost.

The measured re-opening seems appropriate. Now we wait and pray.

Anonymous said...

No worse than the flu. Open up and lets go!

Anonymous said...

Today's society is the most pansy-ass in the history of history. Too damn scared to live. Sad times.

Anonymous said...

@10:46 said, "No worse than the flu. Open up and lets go!"

I hope that was a facetious opinion.

Even the most conservative modeling is a 0.1% case fatality rate. That is being born out in NYC. That corresponds to 325,000 Americans by the end of the year. That is 2,500 Mississippians. That is seven times the flu. And the difference with the flu is striking in other ways as well: The flu is across all populations. This disease hits just the older vulnerable. The flu has a therapeutic. This disease does not.

Anonymous said...

Of course they dropped. Clinics are closed on weekends. Haven’t you caught on by now? Numbers pop back up Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

What's going on in Scott County, with less than 1% of the population and more than 4% of the cases?

Anonymous said...

10:49 am Even in the Middle Ages, humans had enough sense to social distance from those who had the plague, or spotted fever ( aka measles) and pox.
As a result of avoidance, the humans who were sick were no longer making others sick.
Then, as now, the wealthiest and most educated, isolated themselves immediately in their " country" compounds and allowed no one from an " infected" area inside.
The really rich often have full " in house" services including their own salon and staff living on the premises including security to keep you out.
When the White House and Governors Mansions and Congress are open for tours, you'll know they aren't worried.
You really should read unbiased non- political sources about the virus.

Anonymous said...

@10:46 and 10:49, y’all win the prize. First place tie for the Darwinism Award.

Anonymous said...

Leake County and Scott County ae small counties with high rates of infections. The Mayor of Carthage spelled it out with an order asking people to snitch on people who are supposed to be in isolation but are roaming around Walmart and Dollar Tree in packs. The natives are restless.

Anonymous said...

@10:49. Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

@12:07- Stop pushing death rates. The numbers are not accurate. It has been stated by many in the medical profession (and the state of PA) that many deaths not truly due to Covid-19 but are being listed as such. Stop believing the hype.

The virus, like all viruses, can sicken any age or condition, I think you meant to say it is “harder” on old folks than it “just hits” old folks. At the point someone has multiple preexisting conditions and is of a certain age, it’s realistic to state that any illness could take them down. Same with younger folks with preexisting conditions. It’s awfully sad, but should not paralyze the world. If the reaction to this virus had been based on FACTS, and not HYPE and false models, there’d have been no shelter or stay in place orders at all. EVERY SINGLE model was overstated. It’s 75% (or greater) fear-based.

I can’t wait for the antibody tests to be widely implemented. The large majority of us will show to have had it with ZERO knowledge or effect... likely BEFORE the chaos ensued!!

Anonymous said...

so...when will the zoo reopen? it’s an outdoor venue with plenty of space to keep 6 feet apart from others...

Anonymous said...

Maybe 5% of the population has contracted the disease and over 50,000 have died. Nobody has any immunity. We can open most things back up and still ensure a reasonable level of assurance any outbreaks will be identified and controlled, but opening everything up will result in 60%-75% infection rate and 500,000-750,000 deaths. This is much worse than the flu.

Vents and ICU is down very slightly even as hospitalizations continue to climb. Maybe the doctors are figuring out which treatments are working more effectively.

Anonymous said...

@12:23p- chicken plant?? We should be tracking the WHERE versus relying on stupid numbers.

Anonymous said...

Today's society is the most pansy-ass in the history of history. Too damn scared to live. Sad times.

Covid-19 is literally a boomer holocaust. It is by far killing your generation the most. Every precaution is being taken to protect the vulnerable, including boomers. You should be thanking the younger generation for saving your ignorant ass instead of constantly insulting them.

Anonymous said...

Being devil's advocate here, but hasn't the flu, during the same length of time as covid19, hospitalized or killed more people than covid19? (Source: CDC) Think about it, the flu is still holding strong with a vaccination, social distancing, and shutting down over half the country. Because of covid19. Aren't we going a little to far? For added discussion, doesn't the flu show more severe symptoms (Non asymptomatic) and/or kill regardless of age or race in more people? I'm no denier of covid19 and what it has done, but I would like someone to rationally explain why we should continue doing what we are doing? An example would be we know the sun can cause cancer, but we take the risk anyway everyday. We are not locked in the house til the night comes. So why can't those that are willing to take the risk with covid19 do the same? Probably not the best analogy but my point is, let people make their own decisions as to the risks they are willing to take.

Anonymous said...

@1:48p- Too bad there’s no accurate information to discern how many “boomers” typically die in America during any given three month period and how many “boomers” have died in the last three months... have we really lost any more people? Stop hyperventilating and use that thing between your ears!!

Anonymous said...

@12:07 You are ASSUMING that 100% of the population would become infected , and you are ASSUMING that is the true death rate. Assuming everyone would become infected is a major assumption not rooted in any fact. That is like taking the fatality rate from car wrecks and applying the percentage to the entire population assuming they would all be in a car accident saying X Americans are going to die if we don't stop driving cars. Stop the hype and emotion.

If you are at risk or scared, stay home but allow the rest to get back to work and life if they so choose. The virus is not going to be eradicated by staying home or social distancing. The question for those promoting staying the course is when will you be supportive of going back to work/school? What will be your all clear sign?

Anonymous said...

2:08 Yep, probably same #'s, just reclassified these latest to Covid. All other causes of death have amazingly declined during the last 3 months.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of time to listen to radio and lately there have been far too many guests and analysts laying out very frightening predictions for the American and global economy.

Supposedly, it is already worse than 1929 but we haven't started to feel the effect. Sort of like how the tide rolls way out in a tsunami but the huge flood is still on its way back toward us.

Basically the side effects of treating Covid-19 are going to turn out worse than Covid-19.

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

"Covid-19 is literally a boomer holocaust. It is by far killing your generation the most. Every precaution is being taken to protect the vulnerable, including boomers. You should be thanking the younger generation for saving your ignorant ass instead of constantly insulting them". Complete fucking insult to the 6,000,000 that died in a real Holocaust. You need to stay in your closet and let us save ourselves. Sheep, fucking sheep.

Anonymous said...

To 3:25, Here are some clear signs for you to watch out for:

Anonymous said...

200 - the answer to your first question is:


The answer to your second question is:


If you want to believe the idiotic posters on JJ that either absolutely know nothing, or else are just trolling to try to cause a stir - then believe their stupid hype.

But if you want some real facts and numbers other than repeating what you have 'heard' from somebody, do some research.

COVID has in the last month killed more people in the US than all strains of the flu killed during 12 months. And at this point, the number is almost twice as many in the past month.

Also, 'the flu' (there is no such thing as 'the' flu, there are multiple strains) is not transmitted as easily as COVID; it doesn't have as long a half life in the air or on surfaces; and there are vaccinations against the flu.

1:23 -I'm damn glad you are not in charge with all your 'knowledge'. (1), the numbers that have been posted here have nothing to do with Pennsylvania - no idea what they are or are not doing, but in MS it has been shown that they are not inflating or conflating the numbers and adding in any death and calling it COVID; if you have proof otherwise, show it. MDOH has shown that is not the case, so prove them wrong rather than your blathering crap. (2) There are plenty of people with compromised immune systems that are not 'elderly'. And there are plenty of people over 65 that are not 'elderly' in the sense that they have one foot hanging in the grave already. Yes, in any situation, those folks that have compromised immune systems from whatever cause (recent surgery, cancer treatments, blood issues, etc.) they try to avoid being around areas where regular diseases could and are spread, and in the current situation, they are trying much harder than many of the stupid people like you are doing.

But they are not all able to stay inside their homes 24/7/365 and never have any contact with anybody. AND they are not the only ones that can catch this crap and suffer/die from it.

Yes, the SIP orders are onerous - just as they were during blackout days in WWII (although you not caring about older folks, probably have never heard, or care, about those days.) And they are certainly hurting everybody via the hit to the economy. But, those 'elderly' folks that you are willing to kick to the curb are the same ones you probably referred to a decade ago in railing against the 'death panels' that were part of OBAMACARE. Just as then it wasn't appropriate for others to decide who gets to live and who dies it isn't appropriate today.

And the purpose of the SIP orders was NOT to protect folks from getting COVID, it was to keep the healthcare system from being overrun so that whoever did catch it would be able to be treated. It appears that in that respect it has been successful.

Anonymous said...

Nice try @4:46p- The healthcare system was never in danger of being overrun. I personally know of MANY healthcare providers that have had hours significantly reduced or even been furloughed. The hospitals were NEVER fuller than normal. You’ll never see the truth because 1. you don’t want to, and 2. now the powers that stir have to make the numbers (try to) match the chaos to some degree.

Unless autopsies are performed, they can’t accurately attribute a SINGLE death to this virus... period. If you’ve ever been in a hospital for any period of time, or exposed to healthcare for any major issues, you’d know that the large majority of their work is hypothetical and based on conjecture. They are making assumptions, period.

I continue to wonder why we aren’t pinpointing the sources of the continued positive tests. Throwing numbers out daily helps NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

@4:46. Thank you for your response. Even though you make assumptions, I was simply asking questions to which no one seems to have a respectable answer. No is not enough to convince me in believing your case. I have the same data you do, but I see it quite differently. Respectfully, lets agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Data is pointing to a 0.1% mortality rate for anyone who isn't over 65 and has no serious preexisting conditions.

In terms of total deaths, there was likely nothing we could've done to keep total fatalities under 100,000. If we see 300,000 deaths, the net difference (200,000) will represent a 7% increase in the total number of deaths we see every year (about 3M).

Awful though it is, a slightly higher death rate for about one year, mainly for the elderly, is just something we have to accept. We can't keep asphyxiating the economy, jobs, and education, and destroying people's businesses and savings anywhere near long enough to get to a vaccine in mid-2021, assuming one is even possible.

A slow, year-plus-long economic suicide was never an option. It's time for the "everybody stay at home forever" pseudo-religious zealots to yield to reality.

More specifically, it's time to focus on providing help for the elderly and at-risk to hunker down for the long term, and to get everyone else back to work.

Anonymous said...

It's been 23 days since a shelter in place order went into in effect in Mississippi. We're only two days past the tree-week mark, yet many of us talk about it like we've lost years out of our lives to this thing. I marvel at how impatient we, as a society, have become.

Anonymous said...

@8:35p- That timeline may be true for the official order, but many people have been “in place” since early March.

Anonymous said...

I continue to see that those touting Darwinism are doing so , not surprisingly, based on the phrase" survival of the fittest" without having read Darwin or those who continued to research his theory.

Overlooked or not known by most of you is that survival depends on the ability to adapt and evolve to a changing environment.

For humans, the evolving of brain function was key.

Try exercising your brain and read the whole book rather than relying on a one line "catch phrase".

Anonymous said...

If you haven't taken advanced statistics, please stop trying to interpret them.

Most of you continue to compare apples to oranges. But, even worse, you can't identify obvious variables.

The number needing vents and ICU would fall simply because the public is better informed about the symptoms and will seek treatment sooner. Doctors treating patients have had a learning curve as well. One thing certainly reduced is repeat exposure in a hospital.

What we want to see is the number of new cases fall. That reduces everyone's chance of exposure.

If everyone would cooperate with guidelines, this would be over sooner.But, some of you are bound and determined to prove your instinct is worth more than decades of research on viruses.

And, worse, in your arrogant reliance on your " gut", you pass along dangerous misinformation and outright lies.

Anonymous said...

"The healthcare system was never in danger of being overrun."

Posted by another expert who sits in the lobby watching nurses walk by. I suppose he has a reason for ignoring all of the projections, assumptions and possibilities stated by medical professionals and repeated by governors and others.

This guy really needed to be in the picture-in-picture screen along with the signer - telling us the governor's statements as to possibilities of hospital crises was sheer madness.

Anonymous said...

8:32 - I'm not sure how I can make this plainer.

The number of cases IS NOT GOING DOWN until we burn through most of the population. This is so far beyond containment it's not funny.

As soon as things open up, the number of cases WILL go back up. And that's fine. The alternative (hiding out for a year or more until a vaccine is widely available) is not an alternative at all.

What we want is for the increased number of cases to be overwhelmingly in the under 65 population with no preexisting conditions. And you accomplish that by having the elderly and at-risk isolate, not by shutting down all of society.

Anonymous said...

"Even the most conservative modeling is a 0.1% case fatality rate. That is being born out in NYC. That corresponds to 325,000 Americans by the end of the year. That is 2,500 Mississippians. "

How many people live in a typical square block in Mississippi as compared to NYC? It makes a tiny difference in how fast an infection spreads.

Anonymous said...

9:17, It sounds like you have come up with your own plan for reopening. FYI, the Trump Administration already has a plan, which is published at the link below:

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