Friday, April 24, 2020

The Confessions

Steve Hutton sent out a rather interesting email to a group of people recently.   MBI and Madison police recently arrested the former Mississippi Fairgrounds Executive Director for promoting prostitution.   The email is posted below with several names redacted.

First just let me say how terribly sorry I am for the embarrassment I have caused you.  There are no words I can come up with other than to say I am sorry.  

This will be a very long email, so if you don’t have any interest in reading it, please just know I am very sorry.

For most of my adult life, I have done a very poor job in honoring God and honoring my wife, although that’s been my greatest desire.  I’ve lived a life filled with secrets, and have been in utter torment for years.  How can someone love the Lord, attempt to follow Him in every area of his life, but then have this one area that he blatantly disregards everything he knows to be true.  Everyone has small areas of their lives that they refuse to surrender to the Lord, but for me, it was blatant.  I would wake up every day and go to bed every night praying that I would have the strength to surrender my entire life to Him.  I would have seasons of surrender, but then would repeat the same destructive pattern.  I lived outside of my marriage vows for years.  I knew one day God would put an end to this.  I had dozens of opportunities over the years to reveal my secrets.  I was gutless, and chose not to.  I knew my family would forgive me, but I was so scared that the process of surrendering my life, revealing my sins, would require me to lose income, or lose a position, or lose whatever.  So I was gutless, and continued to live a secret life.

My indiscretions have all been with like minded consensual adults.  It’s my understanding that what I am charged with is introducing two adult acquaintances who potentially would enter into an illegal arrangement.  I personally have never entered into any type of illegal arrangement.  Never.  But I understand the charge and what they are basing it on.  I don’t feel that I am guilty of that charge, but it makes no difference at this point.  I will need to go through this process and will need to accept whatever comes my way.

Morally I deserve any hardship that comes my way.  Legally I don’t feel that I do, but that is totally out of my control.  

I’m struggling with wanting to move forward and go through this process.  The only thing keeping me going right now is knowing I need to liquidate everything I own to make sure xxxx is taken care of.  She is sad, obviously, but she is my biggest supporter, along with our boys.  They have known all along that something wasn’t right with me, but they couldn’t put their finger on it.  While they are scared and embarrassed, they are happy that my secrets no longer control me.  I now have a chance to do what I have wanted to do all along, and that is honor God and honor my family in everything I do from this point forward.  So that drives me to choose to wake up one more day for now.  

I’m also motivated by the thought that its possible others could learn from my failure. (KF: Uh-oh) There are so many others in the world that have not surrendered themselves fully to the Lord in all areas of their life.  Part of me knows that if I can develop the courage to see this process through, that others may realize that they can surrender and experience restoration as well.  But I’ve been gutless for so many years, it’s hard to imagine having the courage now.

Some things I would like you to know about the Fairgrounds.

I can’t think of a single thing I ever did down there that was inappropriate.  I tried so very hard to make some great changes there.  I never made a purchase or spent a single dime in an inappropriate way.  However, because of the turmoil I was experiencing personally, I failed to be humble.  I was so very angry inside, but I was angry at myself.  I wasn’t me.

I’ve been angry for years, and its gotten worse and worse over the last 4-5 years.  That’s not me.  But it has become me.  I’ve developed this attitude that “I’ll show them” or “Nobody will ever again tell me what to do”.  It’s sickening, and I don’t know why.  I could easily choose to become even more angry through this process, but my desire is to use this time to get back to what God has always wanted me to be.  When a person refuses to depend on God, sometimes it becomes necessary to strip that person of everything in their life, so they have no choice but to depend on God.  

As I think of things that are things that only I might know, I will pass them along to you.  For instance….xxxx, xxxx in xxxxxx owes us money.  The PO we did for the equipment was for certain items, then when they couldn’t provide some of those items, so we made a change.  So they owe us a few thousand dollars, which I was going to use for two new popcorn machines for the new Trade Mart.  They also have an invoice they sent us for Popcorn, and that is xxxxxx invoice.  

I was in the middle of negotiations with a few promoters, one being xxxxxx in xxxxxxx to bring a Christian act during the Fair, and basically giving them the building to some extent.  xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is who I always worked with at xxxxxxx.  

There are dozens of examples like that which I will forward as I recall them.  If anyone needs a question answered, please don’t hesitate.  I again am so sorry I’ve put you in this situation, and I’m happy to help if I can.

Also, I have about 35 shirts which I bought personally and had logo’d.  I’ll get them to you somehow if any of the guys would like to have them.  

Let me also say you are in good hands with Andy Gipson.  At the end of the day, he wants that place to shine.  Andy noticed my anger and my demeanor, and knew it didn’t line up with who I was.  He asked me on a couple of occasions how my walk with the Lord was.  Which at the time made me even more angry.  Andy, thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve.  I’m so very sorry I failed you.  If I could have surrendered my personal life, we would have made in incredible team.  

As you can imagine, nobody has any interest in hiring me while I walk through this process over the next few months.  If any of you know of anyone or anything I can do, work in a warehouse, stocking at night, or anything where I might be able to provide xXxX a few dollars per month, I would greatly appreciate you sharing with me.

I know I need to get my personal items out of my office at some point, and my boys could come do that for me if that would be helpful.  

Please pray for me and my family.  For me…would you pray that my spirit be softened, that my surrender to the Lord be complete, and that my punishment allow me to still somehow provide some revenue for my family while allowing me time to heal.  For xxxx…would you pray that everything I do from this point forward honors her.  xxxx is a saint, a real life saint.  Her only desire for me is healing.  For xxx and xxxxxx…would you pray that our relationship is strengthened through this process, and that they learn life lessons from my pain.

It was an incredible honor to work alongside each and every one of you.  I wish you could have known the real me.  


Anonymous said...

Cue the godless atheist scum to equate one man's sin with an entire religion. Thankfully for you, the power of the Blood of Jesus can also wash away your sins if you accept him.

Anonymous said...

It's still all you, huh Steve?

Mike said...

Lest we forget. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Anonymous said...

Whoever leaked a letter like that to this website is pure scum and should be ashamed.

Albert Schweitzer said...

Narcissism runs deep

Anonymous said...

That bastard is shady.

Rebekah said...

Whatever happened to just owning it and apologizing....after owning it. And owning it without trying to take others down as well? 🙄

Anonymous said...

Bleh. Flaming narcissist. Typical manipulative efforts when caught red-handed. The unmasking of a narcissist is a rarely observed phenomena but here it is for all to see. His defense attorney must be squirming with discomfort. I hope his family has professional counseling support. They're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

How many of us have a:

Public life
Private life
Secret life?

My secret life is that I like.... Ha ha, it's a SECRET!

Anonymous said...

KF why are you posting this? He got caught and will go to jail (probably) and is going to have a hard time supporting his family here on out. Why kick a man when he’s down?

Anonymous said...

I hope this is a genuine reflection of who he is now and how he’ll be going forward.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jimmy Swaggart

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when Swaggart and Bakker got busted with prostitutes.

After an hour of crocodile tears, both were trying to get their sheep to buy their prophecy books for a $200 "donation".

Most of their sheep wrote yet another check.

Anonymous said...

He's a good writer. Nothing more need be said. Period.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh yes..............the poor mans defense...........''your honor i have now found the lord''. good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for him and his family. he ruined his life and very likely ruined the lives of his family. What a tangled web we weave ….

Kingfish said...

It was also sent to Ag employees

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do I get my money back that I spent buying his book? I don’t see anywhere in this statement offering to repurchase it?

Anonymous said...

in paragraph 4 of his manifesto he admits setting a hooker up with a john. understand something stevie, when the prosecution has a confession they can enter into evidence at a criminal trial, thats better than having a video of the entire transaction .

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the man's candor and contrition. He probably has a sex addiction. Regardless, he'll have to suffer the consequences of his actions. The legal consequences will not be nearly as bad as the humiliation and financial ruin he has brought on himself and his family.

Of course, some of the commentators on here love to eviscearte the man and pile on. They would NEVER cheat on their wives with a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

9:29; how can it be a confession when he says he didn’t do anything illegal? Law enforcement overreached on this one and that will come out in due time.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish said...
It was also sent to Ag employees

April 24, 2020 at 9:00 PM

And? That’s your excuse? That’s like when my 10yr old son gets caught doing something wrong and then saying but his friends did it too. Stop kicking this man when he’s down. His life, and his families life, are changed forever.

Anonymous said...

What a freak. Gibson was told not to hire him. The man who appointed Gibson asked him to hire someone else for the Fairgrounds Commisioner. What’s the common denominator?

Translation said...

"It’s my understanding that what I am charged with is introducing two adult acquaintances who potentially would enter into an illegal arrangement."

I knew a whore and a man who wanted some on the side. I arranged for the two of them to hook up. Hey, now, these are adults. I didn't do anything illegal. Maybe THEY did, but not me. The only reason I knew this whore is because I was trying to bring her to the Lord. The man? Well, I was thinking maybe he could help. I'm all about heppin' folks.

Mad Money said...

A bit earlier than I expected but page one of his proverbial playbook has been presented. He's now gathering his flock of sheep....Anyone want to try and guess the title of his next book?

Anonymous said...

Good call on all of you showcasing that he's a Narcissist. The whole blathering thing is (in his fractured mind) meant to sound remorseful, but it's really just a diatribe expressing to the world, "You don't understand me, and never will. It's all of you who have it wrong. I AM a good person."

You had better believe that there are quite a few more of these in Mississippi leadership.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Christian. I am a non-believer. I don't thrust my lack of belief upon others. I try very hard to do well and not hurt anyone. I don't always succeed. When I don't, the blame is on me.

I have a number of friends who are Christian (and Jewish and Muslims). These are some of the best people I know. And not one of them tries to convert me or throw their religion in my face or demand that we need to put "In God We Trust" all over the public square.

And I have friends that do try to cram religion down my throat. And why does it seem that these are the ones who always end up in public spectacles like this poor man?

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny how KF picks and chooses who he goes after. Here’s hoping I never do anything to tick him off. But if I do I can start paying to advertise in this blog and I bet that will change KFs tune. #paidforfakenewsblog

Anonymous said...

@6:01 PM

Mr. Hutton should not of even written this apology letter. I and others likely forogot about the incident and don't know and do not care about this guy anyway.

Anonymous said...

Just as a thought

Heaven is full of imperfect souls/people!

Anonymous said...

On one hand you have a thief (Lamar Adams) and he Steel’s close to $200 million and on the other hand you have this guy who like the poster above said that he has already been forgotten about. Now, both knew what they were doing but Lamar Adams really hurt a lot of people will the intent to do so. I honestly think Hutton didn’t go into this trying to hurt anyone. Hell, we are all guilty of lust. If you’re an adult and haven’t had lust in your heart then there is something different. I’ve seen more women dressed alluring at church than I have in the general public. Lamar lusted to hurt and damage people. That’s the difference. And don’t tel me you haven’t looked at that lady at church with the tight dress and say you didn’t have dirty thoughts. I have.

Anonymous said...

to 10; dont know much about criminal law , do you?
criminals confess all the time , all the while contending they are not guilty of anything. that email will be prosection exhibit -1. but dont take my word for it. when the case gets called for trial go to the courthouse and watch your puny little legal opinion get destroyed in court.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is most of you people are 1 more bad stock market crash away from turning tricks for breakfast meats yourself.

Anonymous said...

to 10;30 wow.....what church do you go to? that sermon of yours my well attract some new members. prostitution is not a ''victimless crime''. hookers and their pimps constantly roll and rob johns. wow, i didn't know lust was a crime. guess ill have to go back to law school.

Anonymous said...

to appreciate his ''candor''? gullible you are. this guy has been a con artist his whole life and you expect him to suddenly change now? and you have also diagnosed a sex addiction???? got news for you mister, were it not for a sex addiction you would not be here now.
i hope to god you stock shelves at walmart and are not allowed to release your psychiatric talents on the general public.
his religious conversion is just his new con.
permit me to educate you on con artists. along with pedophiles , they are the most unreformable people on earth. conning people in in their DNA and the con follows them everywhere they go. they can never go straight.......just like stinking pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

5:40 pm I'm so tired of the idea of redemption being interpreted as instant forgiveness and an excuse.

It certainly lowers our expectations of human behavior.

From a practical standpoint, it is important for a society to make clear that some behaviors are intolerable and not condoned. Social shunning doesn't have to be violent or hostile to make that clear.

The idea is that we can be saved and redeemed, but we have to atone for our sins and " go forth and sin no more".

Asking for forgiveness was not ever intended as an instant pardon of transgressions , just the first step on the road to forgiveness and a return to social acceptance from other humans.

I can pray for and " love " the sinner without condoning what he has done or accepting him into my social graces.

It would be foolish for anyone to trust him unless and until, he demonstrates with his behavior that he understands what he has done, tries to make amends to those he has hurt and can be counted upon to lead a decent life going forward.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was some fine writin'!

I haven't had such a good time reading, since 'The Tennis Court Missive' (AKA, Courtenay VS Ginger) (AKA, "Can I Have a Hug?")

Special minds write alike. And truly, many of the comments here, are similarly special.

Anonymous said...

Hope no one asks for his paperwork in the pen.

Anonymous said...

Funny how he tries to control his wife and children with his narrative. Tries to convince his audience that his sons are just used to all this shit and if the audience needs him to clean his office, his sons will come pick it up. If this was my dad, I would beat his ass and teach him something about humiliation. Hope they learn from his mistakes and are better for having to deal with such a weirdo dad. He has obviously brainwashed the wife and she doesn’t know how to leave. He has probably threatened to kill himself and everyone else if she leaves.

Does he really believe that he will be able to control everyone’s thoughts? Nobody wants the shirts you personally had logo’d. You may go through life fooling yourself, but your time is up. The people who have felt sorry for your childish bullshit, can’t protect you now. The real you is a liar, not a secret keeper. You are correct when you say you can’t control the legal ramifications of your weak morals. Eye for and Eye, buddy. Hope you get your ass handed to you and your boys become real men, unlike you.

Anonymous said...

Always thought it was better to have a dad around to help complete the family... but, in this case no, the boys would've been better to have not been exposed to him as a figure.

Anonymous said...

I am saying this as a long time Madison resident. This kind of response is very typical of the mentality around this area. It will be accepted by many and used as a tool for “forgive all who sin.” We should forgive and i will not sit in judgement of this man. But I can observe that he made and continues to make really bad choices. I’m so tired of passive-aggressive responses by him and others. Most people own up to their problems. And do something about it. Reading this crap is useless unless he really has a plan to change. Hope he does.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, April 24 at 6:01 PM.
And everyone needs to remember that your sins, and we all have them, are no less than his.

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