Sunday, April 19, 2020

Covid-19 ICU's & Vents Decline

The Mississippi State Department of Health just started posting some really useful information on its website. A graph (posted below) shows the daily number of Covid-19 hospitalizations, ICU units, and patients on ventilators. A review of the new graphs shows the severity of the pandemic is actually improving. 

Click on image to enlarge.
This graphs show the number of patients is either staying flat or actually declining.  There are 20 fewer patients on ventilators than a week ago and 50 fewer than on April.  ICU units are following the same trend.  The number of ICU beds utilized for Covid-19 patients peaked at 210 on April 8 but is now 138.  

Thus while the state is recording its largest increases in Covid-19 infections over the last few days, the number of patients requiring the use of ICU beds or vents is actually decreasing.  Let us hope the trend continues.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Tate and Thomas put all of us surgeon's and the anesthesiologist out of work for 5 weeks. Hey, Tate if you extend this non essential case mandate any longer I can assure you a force of fury will be unleashed from outpatient surgical centers and physician groups alike. Let's not forget the Hospital association. Lift it now. Not on the 27th. Now!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the world's smallest violin playing hearts and flowers for the overpaid medical specialists. Boo hoo.

Take out a loan against your Gulf Shores home and y'all will get by.

Anonymous said...

2:55, let me say this. On the first Tuesday in November, voters are going to unleash a "force of fury."

And that's directly related to Covid failures. Rushing back to non essential plastic surgery is NOT a great idea for your future.

No one is going to shed a tear over PS money grubbers who stuff bags of silicone in the chests of gold diggers.

Folks are clearly sympathetic to ER/ICU/pneumos/RTs/peds/dentists, RNs, and other worker bees.

Folks are clearly fed up with money grubbers like you. And patients are NOT going to be knocking the door down for boob jobs or dental veneers. Not for a long time.

If your business plan and finances can't absorb 5 weeks of reduced revenue, you are in the wrong business. In fact, it seems like you chose the wrong field of study to begin with.

Anonymous said...

All of you rich professionals are part of the problem with the spread of Covid 19. You have a JA grad who has a wedding at The Country Club and dozens test positive for Covid 19. There are students and graduates having birthday parties during a Pandemic with A Stay At Home Order. Your egos are getting the best of you. No one feels sorry for you complaining about not being able to perform boob jobs and Botox . The world has bigger problems than your inability to make payments on your North Jackson Homes,,Oxford retreats and beach houses. There are people that can not afford to buy food. It’s time for idiots to prioritize.

Anonymous said...

Between the pain management guys (legal drug dealers) and the plastic surgeons, I have never seen so many shysters cry.

Anonymous said...

To anyone who is slamming any business that wants to re-open, you are part of the problem. You are on the side of COVID-19 and the Chinese Communists who introduced this contagion into the world. We are setting a horrible precedent for the future. This is the biggest assault on freedom to date since our country's founding.

Anonymous said...

My observation during the stay-at-home order has been taken seriously by only one group of people...the middle class. Those on the upper end of the financial spectrum don't follow the order because they think they're too good to give up their go anywhere do anything lifestyle. Those on the lower end of the financial spectrum don't follow the order because they just don't think it's that important. Also, many of them are living in multi-family housing where it is harder to distance themselves from others.

Anonymous said...

@3:56. Do you realize that many “non-essential” procedures include cardiac and cancer surgeries? Plastic surgeons are not the only physicians who are out of work during this pandemic. I hope you or your family members don’t need a malignant tumor removed, or a cardiac bypass surgery. This unnecessary shutdown of all primary care and specialty clinics will have a negative impact on the health of all Mississippians for many months.

Anonymous said...

6:01, no one is skipping essential procedures. Puhleeze. Heart attacks, trauma, scheduled essential procedures are still being done. Talk about emotional drivel.
The money grubbers are whining about Botox boob jobs and other superficial high profit electives.

Hospitals are making less on scans and other cash cows, but they are getting relief in part and not posting here.

Anonymous said...

"Do you realize that many “non-essential” procedures include cardiac and cancer surgeries? "

Bull, uh, droppings. I had a patient dissect a coronary artery delivering a baby and had surgery that night. Against all our recommendations, she came to visit the baby in the NICU the next day.

Some patients are remarkable. It's a shame you have never been privileged to take care of one of them.

Anonymous said...

If the red line in this graph is confirmed new infections then it is not the same as what the health dept is releasing in other areas. If that's not correct then you can't believe anything else on this graph.

Anonymous said...

To 2:56 - I happen to be on your side, but until you can get all the docs on board, you are wasting your time here.

To 7:02 - you have no idea how wrong you are.

For-profit health care said...

Wah again

The Lady Sibyl said...

You raving, jealous maniacs who boringly repeat “money grubbers” in your lambasting of you have any idea how difficult it is to become one? Think about it. Four undergrad years of biology, chemistry, biochem with all the labs, then more years of medical school, then yet more years of residency, possibly yet more if a fellowship is done...before these folks see a penny of that big fat income you so bitterly begrudge them. Many have borrowed the money for all this schooling. Why is it so dreadful, in your exalted opinion, that these professionals make good money? Believe you me, if your kind one day reduces doctor’s salaries to the level of a car mechanic, you will find applications for med school dropping so fast your hernia will rupture. And there will be nobody to fix it.

Kingfish said...

Ok, while you are bashing doctors, step back and take a look at a practice.

A practice has 5-10 doctors. Ok, assume they have savings and investments. Student loans are paid off.

How many nurses probably work there? How many radiology techs? How many PA's? How many receptionists and other employees? Those aren't employees rolling in dough. Putting them out of work is what shuts down an economy and causes a depression.

Now throw in department after department at hospitals. It might surprise you to learn the majority of employees at hospitals are not doctors. They need those paychecks. They don't have second homes on the beach. They are worried about staying in their actual homes. That is just real estate. Multiply it out to other goods and services.

Anonymous said...

KF @ 9:26 - you are right on those points. Have you noticed, though, that none of the doctors whining about their drop in income seem to have mentioned those other people even once?

Anonymous said...

7:02, you’re DEAD wrong. My Brother in law’s last bladder cancer treatment was canceled due to the pandemic. He previously had a kidney removed and 2 bladder procedures. You know not of what you speak.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of Monday Morning QB's would be the first A-Holes to call Tate a idiot if he kept everything open. God forbid our doctors and nurses would have to pick which one of our neighbors lives and dies because of an overrun of the hospitals. Hindsight is always 20/20 and if so many of you are geniuses then take your ass to the party headquarters and run for Governor. Otherwise, STFU and know your role!

Anonymous said...

King - good point about real restate.

With 22 million out of work, what happens to the mortgages of homeowners or the landlords?

Anonymous said...

If they allow all the businesses to open, what makes people think that we are all going to rush into them to shop or eat? As long as people are dying at this rate from this virus, a lot of us are going to stay away from public places. I've been ordering take-out some just to keep some of my favorite places in business, but I'm not going in there to dine. I don't know if I have the virus or not, but I definitely don't want to make anyone sick nor do I want to get sick from someone else. Also, I've heard that the test for this disease is horrific with a swab going through the nostril and almost to you eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

7:02 states "hospitals are making less on scans"
So, you agree that hospitals are not doing routine scans. "Scans," otherwise known as MRI, PET, cardiac stress testing, endoscopy, etc... All of these scans are diagnostic. Thank you for making this point! No scans = no diagnosis, treatment, or maintenance of disease.

Anonymous said...

I would be shocked if any of the anonymous posters claiming to be doctors pissed at the stay at home orders are who they claim to be. I know quite a few in the medical field around town and haven’t heard a single one who is as easily manipulated by tweets and extreme right Facebook group rhetoric as the posters here. They all got into medicine because they are good, smart people who worked harder than most in order to help people. Lots of people are frustrated they can’t work, but understand the bigger picture and don’t want people dying for no reason.

Anonymous said...

I would be shocked if any of the anonymous posters claiming to be doctors pissed at the stay at home orders are who they claim to be.

I'm not shocked at all that you claim to possess superior insights than others who are anonymous here.

Anonymous said...

Those suggesting the "rich" as a group aren't following guidelines is just not true.
I'm rich and a very few I know are not following guidelines and the vast majority are disinfecting everything that comes into their house.
Frankly, the minority who aren't, have never been seen as the brightest among us or else we've suspected dementia or adverse effects on their brains from other illnesses, accidents. sport concussions or treatment or past drug use that either damaged their brain or interrupted flow of oxygen to their brain.

And, the reason some of those rich haven't been seen as " bright" is because they are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise or business or a side interest or two, but learned not much else about anything else and failed to recognize that fact.

Anonymous said...

The flat line or decline of ICUs and vent use is not anywhere close to being a " sign" of anything.

Nor is any other statistic. Both the hopeful and alarming early statistics are not definitive.

Knowledge is increasing rapidly, and those countries who were hit first have the advantage of more time in as will the States here hit hardest first.

The amount of supplies on hand and testing vary from State to State so comparisons have to account for that.

One has only to look at information coming out of China and Italy and Britain and New Zealand to see that this virus isn't like other viruses and MAY have far reaching long term negative effects on our brains, other organs and neurological systems.

There is panic and dismissal(often is the guise of false hope). Neither of those emotional responses result in good decisions. Realism and factual information and objective assessment to increase understanding will make for good decisions.

This virus doesn't care about your opinions on anything or your politics or who you like or don't like or what , if any religion you embrace.

This virus needs your body to feed on to survive. Even, if your body survives or has already survived, the virus may have damaged something. We don't know yet about YOU, we do see that it has permanently damaged some who survived. We just don't know how many.

Anonymous said...

Kafka says,

Why are people railing against physicians. Corporate medicine and insurance companies are the the ones who need to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

11:00 for the win. if we remove the for-profit health care insurance companies, providers/hospitals could get paid more for each procedure and people could pay less for the care. just check out how much health care insurance companies profit from premiums...

Anonymous said...

11:00. Just what do you think the profit margin is in the health care insurance industry? Also how much more do you think a government plan pays? Looking forward to your answer and the source of your information.

Anonymous said...

The declines happened because more people died.

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