Sunday, June 2, 2024

Bill Crawford: War at Hand, Wicker Sounds Alarm

War is at hand, preferably cold but potentially hot.

The guardrails for peace established after WWII and the Cold War have deteriorated.

The incidents of real and potential conflict have burgeoned – Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its growing war economy, China’s preparations to invade Taiwan and its surging military capacity, the never-ending conflagrations in the Middle East, the state-backed hacks of U.S. military (and civilian) infrastructure, and so on.

Our major enemies see us as weakened. And our commitments have over-extended our capacity.

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker, the lead Republican on the Senate Committee on Armed Services, has sounded the alarm.

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, Wicker told the Associated Press, “nobody took a chance against the United States because we were powerful enough to keep the peace. We are simply not anywhere near that right now.”

Wicker last week called for an extra $55 billion in military spending (on top of the $844 billion currently programmed) to begin a multi-year expansion of U.S. might, a “generational investment” he described it. He said such a long-term and robust increase is essential to deter growing threats from Russia, Iran, and China.

This followed a NY Times article that noted, “the Pentagon is rushing to expand its capacity to wage war in space.” Again citing growing threats from Russian and China, the article cited the need for a more “extensive capacity to fight battles in space” to protect U.S. satellites and ground-based military assets. Both countries have developed systems that can attack U.S. space assets, the article said.

“The concern has only escalated with reports that Russia may be developing a space-based nuclear weapon that could broadly wipe out satellites in orbit, both commercial and military,” the Times reported. “Russia’s use of electronic jamming tools during the war in Ukraine – which have at times disrupted advanced American weapons systems – is cited by Pentagon officials as another reason the United States must intensify its defenses in space.”

Wicker’s full military expansion plan is set forth in a 52-page paper he said he worked on over the past year. In it he “urges a national war footing appropriate for a long, drawn-out conflict with a major world power,” reported the Associated Press.

“I think that the fact that we’re in a new Cold War is self-evident,” Wicker said, calling this “the most dangerous threat environment since World War II.” An analysis feared this “tinderbox moment” may “turn hot.”

Over time Wicker’s plan would increase military spending to 5% of GDP, up from the current 3%.

“Scatter the nations who delight in war” – Psalms 68:30.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


USN Cold War Veteran Sixties and Seventies said...

Even though the "military industrial complex" lobbyists are close to Wicker, there is some validity to these concerns, likely not shared by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, nor the puppeteer behind the curtains (Obama).

Anonymous said...

I can assure you, Wicker has no earthly idea of what he speaks. He is merely reading from the MIC crib notes and voting accordingly. At the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this lunatic simpleton was calling for the USA to prepare nuclear strikes on Russia. He’s an unintelligent yet useful fear mongering mouthpiece for the MIC and the billions of dollars that always need to be spent to further the cause of continuous wars. He was and is still nothing more than a vacant minded cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

Wicker needs to go home and stay there. Problem is home is not Mississippi nor who he serves and represents today.

Anonymous said...

Who are we borrowing that money from?

Anonymous said...

@12:56 PM - Mostly borrowed from China to prepare for war with....China?

Anonymous said...

The military powers intimidated by Roger Wicker are Liechtenstein and Monte Carlo.

Everyone else giggles.

Anonymous said...

Wicker is just like John Bolton. Warmongers.

Anonymous said...

The warmongers are never satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Wicker has never held a 'real' job. A day the required work and sweat would kill him.

Anonymous said...

More money on the same o same o is not going to fix our military. The next war won’t involve bullets. It will be a cyber war and we can’t even get people to stop clicking on cat videos.

Muad’dib said...

What did USA do when Russia tried to put missiles in Cuba?
Has NATO moved 1000 miles closer to Moscow since 1991?
Does NATO want missiles in Ukraine?
Do the sellout politicians in D.C. want a piece of all this action and be able to say
that they “helped their country” at the same time?
We’ve been at war. We are just now being allowed to slowly find out.
“Thanks Obama”.

Anonymous said...

“War is at hand, preferably hot but potentially cold.”

There you go, Bill. Fixed that for you. Because all you legacy media types, all you blues and reds, all you libs and phony “conservatives,” you all lllluhhhhrve being at war somewhere, anywhere. It makes for just-see TV, doncha know. For over 200 years of the country’s history, the US has been either at war or standing over the stove on a conflict somebody else is cooking up. And for what? Because we got to kill ‘em over there or they’ll come over here. It’s as if the entire rest of the planet is rubbing its hands and slobbering over the prize that is America with its fat tattooed freaks and ghetto gang bangers, its trash-filled streets and sheet metal convenience stores on every corner. Such a prize!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Many opinions but it’s entirely possible that every single commenter here is wrong.

Anonymous said...

3:34 for the win!

Anonymous said...

Want to bet that neither Wicker nor his staff authored the document. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

Let China have Taiwan. Just move their chip scientist and infrastructure here. They control some 80% of the chip market and build the most advanced chips for military use.

Anonymous said...

Let China have Taiwan. Just move their chip scientist and infrastructure here. They control some 80% of the chip market and build the most advanced chips for military use.

Anonymous said...

Wicker served in the military & served MS well!

Anonymous said...

Raytheon Roger speaks.....

Anonymous said...

Just Remember: When it comes to military spending, the terms "offensive" and "defensive" mean nothing. Smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

We need massive cuts in military spending not more graft.

Anonymous said...

Our enemies once feared the US. Those days are gone. Between Obama and now Biden we are weak and all countries know it. Thanks to Wicker and others that are trying to build our resources back to where they need to be. It starts at the top. Does China or Russia worry about what Biden will do? Say what you may about Trump. But they feared what he may do. The hate the left has for Trump blinds them of the reality of our current world events.

Anonymous said...

To " Wicker served in the military."
He was a lawyer. Which is not mu
ch. He has never worked, nor sweated not risked anything!!
NO basic training.

Anonymous said...

June 2, 2024 at 5:03 PM, and now he's serving his masters in the Military Industrial Complex.

What of the blood, lives, national treasure, that was expended in the war on terrorism in Iraq, and Afghanistan, Mr. Wicker, only to leave these countries in worse condition than before our incursion.

We have the humiliation of leaving Afghanistan, in a scene worse than the retreat from Saigon, Vietnam, while leaving behind over $7 billion in equipment. That retreat was a sad display of our woke military on the world stage.

We tucked tail from Afghanistan on August 30, 2021. Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. After Putin saw the way we had to leave Afghanistan, there's no wonder he invaded Ukraine.

It will take much more than a reload of war material to improve our image on the world stage, much more. No one is looking at our military personnel, and saying there's a fighting group of war dogs. No, not hardly.

Anonymous said...

How do these dips, Wicker solidly included, think they can try to extend NATO up to the Russian border and not increase tension?

Anonymous said...

War will start here at home as ISIS has been entering our open borders. When they get the word it will hit the fan. Lock and load. Check six.

Anonymous said...

"Wow. Many opinions but it’s entirely possible that every single commenter here is wrong."

It is also entirely possible that every single commenter here is correct.

Anonymous said...

Raytheon Roger has to keep his handlers does his staff for their next job as a defense lobbyist.
No wars mean no 7 figure jobs after " their public service on the hill"

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea--take a good, fast, hard look at the DoD budget. There's plenty of total bullshit like alternative sources of fuel because climate change, paying for abortions and gender changes and DEI education that should IMMEDIATELY cease and be reassigned to actual defense.

Wicker Understudy said...

Solution: Nuke Russia, Iran, and N. Korea back to the stone age. That alone should shut up China.

/s/ Wicker Understudy

Anonymous said...

The Whitfield residents are being allowed computer time today!

For the "Nuke 'em " folks, so you want to end life on the planet? Limited nuclear warfare is the fantasy of those who never passed a science course. It's " Geez Bubba, let's blow up some stuff" without any clue of even short term consequences much less long -term consequences.

And for Bubba, those movies are science FICTION!

And, those of you who think President Bone Spur wont' side with the Russians and Chinese and Iran in a heartbeat are crazy. And you are either in a Lala level optimist or LUNATIC if you think that keeps us out of the conflict for very long or a war won't " affect us".

The leaders of those countries do NOT LOVE President Bone Spur! EVEN if they did, they have to continue with others in their government who Bone Spur never MET! They all think Bone Spur ( being the only US President EVER with neither a military or government background . They know he's totally ignorant of the complexities of war or statesmanship. Worse, he's a sucker for praise and addicted to gold and a certain type of woman.

Instead, Putin gets Alaska back for nothing( Putin repeatly acknowledges his intent to regain all of the territory of the Russian Empire). PS Catherine the Great pre-dates Washington. PSS get a MAP

And, NONE of you have a clue of the contamination that currently exist. Indeed, IF any of you had ever had that level of security clearance you'd be shaking in your boots. Hell, I just hope DOD and DOE kept copies and those classified documents aren't already " misplaced".

God safe us from ignorance!

Anonymous said...

Nuke @11:54 AM back to the stone age.

Anonymous said...

"God safe us from ignorance!", it may be a little too late for you, safe us indeed.

Anonymous said...

11:54 AM, I did have the security clearance. I was in ADM in the military. I will tell you what ADM stands for since I know you do not know. ADM stands for Atomic Demolition and Munitions. Got news for you, none of the lifetime politicians knows a damn thing about it either. At least Trump will not be paying both sides in some war.

Anonymous said...

June 3, 2024 at 11:54 AM, this may come as a shock to you, but Bubba doesn't have the nuclear codes. I know who would have thought that?

Those codes are in Washington D.C., along with the idiot in chief in the White House, not far from the Pentagon, the war room, and the joint chiefs of staff. All I just listed are pushing to start a nuclear war with the only nation on the planet with a bigger nuclear arsenal than we have.

You, along with most everyone else, probably think this agitation of Putin is over the money laundering, gain of function chemical warfare labs, or the spying stations of the C.I.A. in Ukraine. You would be wrong. This is about something much bigger, this is a fight for the world reserve currency.

The status of the U.S. dollar, as the reserve currency, is under attack, with Russia, China, and the recent adding of Saudi Arabia leading the way. This threat is great enough, in the minds of those in the Pentagon, and White House, they are willing to risk the unthinkable, nuclear war.

The paragraph below was taken from a presentation by Dr. Theodore Postal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The Russian nuclear Early Warning System (EWS) at Amir was damaged by an attack. The decision to attack the Russian EWS was made in Washington. The drones were guided to their targets using US aerial and satellite reconnaissance (they have to take multiple evasive actions in the course of their flights to evade Russian radar systems, and this can only be supplied via real-time targeting information provided by the US). The operators of the drones were likely mercenaries trained in the US or out-of-uniform US troops. Russia knows this and so it considers this a US attack on its nuclear Early Warning System.

We are living in dangerous times.

Anonymous said...

Why do people vote for Wicker?

Anonymous said...

German: occupational name from Middle High German, Middle Low German wicker 'soothsayer, magician'. German: from an Old High German personal name composed of the elements wīg 'battle, war' + heri 'army'.

About right.

Anonymous said...

I think we all vote for the slightly less horrific option on the ballot these days 8:15.

Any sane person who proudly votes for or stumps for any current leader on either side of the aisle is suspect in my humble opinion. That is how sad our nation has become in very short order.

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