Monday, October 3, 2022

Corps Budgets $221 Million for One Lake Plan (Updated)

The One Lake Plan is one step closer to fruition.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers budgeted $221 million for the project in a budget addendum issued today.   The Corps announced: 


Today, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works announced additional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers studies, projects, and programs funded by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These actions will invest almost $800 million to address urgent issues facing Americans, including supply chain resilience, flood mitigation, and coastal storm damage protection.

"The transformative investments of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will continue to meet the President’s priorities of strengthening supply chains to bring down costs for working families, protecting American economic competitiveness, combatting climate change, and promoting equity by prioritizing underserved communities," said Michael L. Connor, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works....

 Additionally, the spend plan invests heavily in flood mitigation and safeguarding coastal communities by funding the construction of 31 additional projects and 11 previously announced projects that will reduce riverine and coastal flood damage, assist economically disadvantaged communities, restore aquatic ecosystems, and provide a down payment for future bridge replacements. The spend plan includes a total of $60.6 million to be provided to the storm-ravaged area of Rio Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, to assist with flood damage reduction. The plan also includes $221 million in construction funding for a comprehensive flood damage reduction plan for the Pearl River in Jackson, Mississippi, contingent upon the Secretary’s evaluation that the proposed project will meet environmental and other criteria. Funding to perform the evaluation is also contained within the spend plan....

Update (7:00 PM): Senator Roger Wicker issued the following statement. 

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today praised the announcement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that the agency would be providing $700,000 to finalize a pending federal validation study of the Pearl River Flood Control Project. The agency also announced that they were prepared to provide $221 million for the project from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, pending a favorable record of decision.

“This is an outstanding announcement for the many Hinds and Rankin County residents who have to fear for their homes and businesses every time waters rise along the Pearl River. Finalizing this final federal study will bring us one step closer to breaking ground on this meaningful flood control solution,” Wicker said.


“As I have emphasized repeatedly to the Administration, each year that the Jackson metro area lacks adequate flood control is another year when we risk repeating the disaster of the Easter Flood of 1979. I am glad to see that this important project will be funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law I supported. This is the exact kind of hard infrastructure that our state needs.”


Wicker hosted Michael Connor, the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, in Mississippi in August. Connor toured the Pearl River basin in Hinds County and Rankin County as it was flooding. As the highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Secretary Connor will use the results of the pending study to make a final determination on the project.


Wicker helped secure $300,000 for the Army Corps to complete the study earlier this year. Today’s announcement would provide an additional $700,000 to complete the study.

The flood control proposal would widen the Pearl River, enlarge levees, and remove chokepoints that have caused upstream flooding. The plan would protect Hinds and Rankin counties from more than $1 billion in potential damages, shielding homes, roads, hospitals, rail, and other infrastructure from a future flood.

The Army Corps also announced today that the agency was prepared to provide $221 million of the project cost pending a favorable record of decision.



Anonymous said...

They can do this, but not complete the Steele Bayou pump project? Where is the Sierra Club to protest this?

Anonymous said...

It says "Pearl River Flood Control". Does that necessarily mean One Lake? Or does is it broader than that?

Anonymous said...

Down with big government except when it suits me. I guess the billion dollar pumps will be next?

Anony-moose said...

The USACE are only approving a study, with the potential for channel improvements and other means of flood reduction. This does not necessarily mean that a lake will be the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can ultimately survive and grow in the future IF One Lake happens and Lumumba gets fired.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 PM - No, it says "Initiate design AND CONSTRUCTION."

Socrates said...


Anonymous said...

Let's see, we can build in a sewage soaked flood plain, below a dam in earthquake country, and afford to subsidize the homeowners with flood insurance, but we can't reduce tuition, pay a living wage, or hire a water plant operator. Makes perfect sense.

And they say that Wall Street and the real estate industry are re-creating a feudal system to further enrich the already rich.

RINO Roger spends more tax dollars to benefit the rich. What a surprise. It's 200 million here and 20 million there and before you know it, the rich will pay no taxes at all!

It's MatheMagic, RINO style.

Anonymous said...

If one square inch of this is within the city limits of Jackson, it will fail miserably.

Anonymous said...

Fine, but what are we saving from flooding? Jackson's few remaining residents? Too little, much too damn late. Put a wall around the city.

Anonymous said...

@2:01 - as Juliet said, "A Rose by any other name smells as sweet". Yes, it is One Lake, but now titled to be a flood protection plan - amazing what a little water can do at the right time during an election year.

@2:36 - what a damn stretch to say the dam is in earthquake country, but I guess it is like the Clarion Ledger finding traces of lead and making headlines out of it.

And, with the expenditure for the flood protection, it would eliminate the need for flood insurance for the homeowners.

Guess you missed your guy Biden's again delaying any payments on those tuition loans (kinda like Lumumba not requiring payment of water bills) and now trying to write them off.

AND, the city has been able to hire water plant operators, prior to this administration. We've had plenty of good ones - they just all left due to the incompetent management they were given by the one at the top.

How in the hell does spending dollars give you a way to comprehend - in the same sentence - that the spending will result in the rich paying no taxes? Amazing mind, or lack thereof, that you must have.

Anonymous said...

This is a plan by the billionaires in Eastover McGowan family to enrich themselves and his new mega Manitoba with boat houses bigger than most houses at end of meadowbrook

Anonymous said...

But guys (meaning everyone) just marvel at the speed govt moves - let's see . . . was I even born when McGowan proposed One Lake?

Anonymous said...

Please please please put it north of the waste water treatment plant. That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is typical democrats being democrats. Get one group excited by putting it in a document but appease another by never allowing it to pass environmental review. Everybody wins right? Except for the tens of millions of dollars wasted talking about it and studying it for decades.

Anonymous said...

"Jackson's few remaining residents." Might want to check the 2020 Census or the subsequent estimates. Jackson is more than twice as populated as the next biggest city.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will the One Lake be under the control of the PRVWSD and will the Rez fun-police have jurisdiction?

Just asking for a friend!

Anonymous said...

3:03, let's spoon feed you jus' like Mama. "The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) Earthquake of 1811 and 1812 was felt in Mississippi as far south as the Gulf Coast and caused the waters of the Mississippi to run backwards as far south as Vicksburg."

Yeah, we are in earthquake country, but if a flower pot fell off the tallest building in your neighborhood, it wouldn't cause any brain damage. And not just because those double wides are just one story high. That was 200 years ago, and hazards are rated in 100 year, 500 year, 1000 years. But we keep getting 1000 year events every other year. But the developers are betting on 100 years for bonds and insurance. And, NO, Cletus, they won't be exempt from flood insurance.

Here's a report that's available: "The Ross Barnett Reservoir Dam is owned, operated and maintained by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD), an Agency of the State of Mississippi. This dam meets the established criteria for the Rehabilitation of HIGH HAZARD POTENTIAL (RHHP) Dams Grant Program"

From an actual 2020 Rez request for money to study the hazards to LIFE and PROPERTY.

"The Ross Barnett dam meets the established criteria for the RHHP Dams Grant Program. In January 2019, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Dam Safety Division identified studies and planning required to comprehensively address and prioritize repairs needed to reduce potential consequences to life and property."

LIFE AND PROPERTY. HIGH HAZARD. Failure. Etc. Same DEQ who tried to warn about the water system. Part of the same water system.

But go ahead and build in the Swamp down there, with more Swamp Money from taxpayers footing the bill, as always. What could happen? Say, aside from 50 million gallons of raw sewage filling your pool on a regular occasion. The developers will be covered by legalese in the funding, as always. And the Big Ole Bad Ole Gubmint will say, We tried to warn you but....


Do ANY of the state and Federal elected officials read these things and ask questions about why we are going to subsidize subdivisions in Flood Plains and have to spend a Billion Dollars on the refit of the bridges and roads and so on???

At least the Texas Con Artist Developers built UPSTREAM....

Anonymous said...

The most impressive thing for our Metro area is Elected officials from both Rep/Dem, Black and white , Rankin/Hinds working together to make a difference. Well done.

Kingfish said...

One comment should not have gone through. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

No 4:57, my trailer is a double wide, not a single, and it is three stories, not just one.

Yes, I'm well aware of the New Madrid fault and the history from 1811. Just like I'm well aware that the Coliseum is built on the top of a volcano dome.

But - if all decisions were made under your theories, there would be little to nowhere available for the construction of anything in the entire United States.

By your theory, I guess we should go demolish all dams in Mississippi, no matter their purpose - since we are in an 'earthquake zone' - and while we are at it demolish all buildings over what - 2 stories, or should we go all the way down to one?

There are hazards involved in most everything; hell, I drove on I-55 through waterworks curve today, which is much more of a danger than worring about the potential earthquake and the failure of the dam at the Rez - much less any future dam that might be built downstream from it. Fact is, under your doomsday scenario the dam for the PR Flood Control Project might help ameliorate (p.s. - you can look that up in a real Websters, although it might not be in your third grade reader dictionary) some damage your earthquake would do to Rez dam, since it will be built under today's knowledge rather than those of the 60's.

And yes, the PR Flood Control structure would eliminate the need for flood insurance for most all of NE Jackson residents, along with many in Flowood. But thanks for your thoughts - I'll file them along with my peanut shells.

Anonymous said...

There may be money spend of studies and plans but this will never, never get built.

Anonymous said...

Will they consider this body of water navigable? Perhaps there's a casino in Jax's future? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the engineer’s report? One Lake stops just north of Lakeland. What will One Lake do in far northeast Jackson? The houses that got 6-8 feet of water in Easter flood probably only get 3-4’ with same flood! Best thing to do is buy and demolish all the houses in the flood plain!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 5:58, but that's a flat out lie. There would be NO elimination of flood insurance in a modified flood plain along the banks of a river. It might mitigate some risk and change its rating a small level, but no, building on the Pearl is not going to be out of the flood plain, just perhaps above the 100 year rate. Come on, dude. And, again, please show us this in writing.

Second, you DELIBERATELY leave out the "special assessment" TAXES, the extra taxes for the 340 MILLION at the very least in taxpayer money for this and the other costs of us subsidizing private real estate development.

Again, WHY do taxpayers under Uncle Roger the RINO and Brandon's Pork Filled Infrastructure Bill have to pay for private real estate deals? PORK.

Anonymous said...

Damn 714 - did you get your engineering degree from that school up north?

The lake does not have to be WHERE the flooding occurs - the purpose is to give the water somewhere to go OTHER THAN those houses

Yes, it stops basically at Lakeland - and it extends downstream several miles. That means - see if you can follow this, it isn't really that complicated - there will be lots and lots of land available to receive the water that today overloads that area and ===== walllah ===== spreads out all over those houses.

Actually, that is how 'flood areas' can be mitagated. Let the water go somewhere that is designed for it to keep it out of the areas where it is not wanted.

Anonymous said...

We should leave the swamp alone. There are turtles there that are literally invaluable. Plus, somebody might make money from the deal. Buddha knows, we don’t want anyone to make money. Like when a highway exit is built and somebody opens a gas station. Nothing makes me more sick than a public improvement that benefits the public and makes money for its citizens. I’d much rather read the comments section for hours on end with poor people exhibiting their covetousness.

Anonymous said...

8:25. Are you a McGowan engineer? The proposed lake is basically a wide ditch right? New structures etc. will have to be located 10’ or more above normal pool so the floods can pass through, right? 100 year reduction near the Country Club area is zilch, right? The 100 yr reduction at Hwy 80 is minimal, right? Enlighten me wherever you were schooled?

Anonymous said...

When Wicker talks of chokepoints, I know Professional Engineers who are hydrologists who have told me that if the old city dump which is located about a 1/2 mile south of I-20 and west of the corner where McDowell Road and Gallatin Street meet was removed that it would have lowered the 1979 flood by 2 feet. Could be that, but I don't see them trying to relocate a dump.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does not provide money; money is provided to them by Congress to perform the work that Congress authorizes.

Anonymous said...

I just want a quiet spot to park my house boat and drink my social security money and smoke my Medicaid cannabis with no bad odors besides my own!

Anonymous said...

So let me make real sure I have this straight......they have secured all of this money to mitigate the risk of flooding such as the one that occurred 40 plus years ago, but these folks are having to fight and claw to secure the funding necessary to mitigate risk of water with shit in it, such as the event that happened 4 weeks ago? This right here is some BS.

Anonymous said...


Maybe they should change the name to Lake Lott-a-Dookie .

Anonymous said...

Will be tied up in court for decades-

Anonymous said...

I hate to see all those beautiful wetlands on the Pearl River destroyed. I thought the Feds wanted to preserve wetlands.

Anonymous said...

Mr kF - could you post a Map of the lake & what jxn area business (if any) would be under water.

Anonymous said...

Madison mad!

Anonymous said...

From reading commits I can tell most of you haven’t been keeping up with this project. This project has been proposed for a long time and McGowan himself put money from his own pocket for this development just to get off the ground. This will be a good project to protect Jackson and Rankin County from flooding.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly 8:41 is right.
I don't know much about the details of this project.

But if history is indication of our future...I would be willing to bet that a lot of already rich people will get even richer.

And if the project happens to offer some good things in the process of that ultimate goal, that is as much as we can hope for.

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