Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Ask & Ye Shall Receive. What if You Don't Ask?

Former Mayor Harvey Johnson and NAACP President Derrick Johnson left out a few facts in their EPA civil rights complaint against the state of Mississippi.  They complained in the complaint the Health Department issued only three low-interest loans to Jackson in 25 years, a clear example of the state starving Jackson of money it needed to fix its water system, right? There is just one problem.  Jackson never got more money because Jackson never asked for more money.  Jackson asked for three loans and Jackson got three loans but such details mean little when one is engaged in a smear. 

Congress established the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund in 1996.  The program provides low-interest loans through the states to public water systems.  The Mississippi State Department of Health administers the program in Mississippi.  

The NAACP filed a Title VI complaint with the EPA's  Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights against the state of Mississippi on September 27.  The complaint charges the state intentionally deprived Jackson of the money it needed to ensure its citizens had safe drinking water. 

The NAACP represents several Jackson residents in the complaint.  The plaintiffs are NAACP President Derrick Johnson, former Mayor Harvey Johnson, Frank Figgers, Gwendolyn Burt, Dr. Akemi Stout, Ed Sivak, Deidre Long, Charles Jones, and Jane Doe.  The defendants (#6) are the Governor, DFA, Health Department, MDEQ, and the State Treasurer.  

The plaintiffs claim the defendants engaged in "a long-standing pattern and practice of systematically depriving Jackson the funds it needs to operate and maintain its water facilities.  State agencies did so by diverting federal funds meant for Jackson to majority-white communities.  

The NAACP claimed the Health Department only issued, three, yes, THREE Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund loans to Jackson in 25 years, obviously a case of blatant, bold, and brazen discrimination.  The complaint states:

The condition of Jackson’s water facilities is no accident. The State—including the Office of the Governor, the Legislature, the Office of the State Treasurer, and the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration (“MSDFA”), the Mississippi State Department of Health (“MSDH”), and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (“MSDEQ”)—have engaged in a long-standing pattern and practice of systematically depriving Jackson the funds that it needs to operate and maintain its water facilities in a safe and reliable manner. For example, the MSDH and MSDEQ both received funds from the EPA to provide safe drinking water and wastewater, and were aware of Jackson’s
severe needs, but distributed to the city only a small fraction and disproportionately low amount. Indeed, despite Jackson’s status as the most populous city in Mississippi, State agencies awarded federal funds from the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF) just three times in the twenty-five years that this program has been in existence.⁹ ...

There is just one problem.  To get the money, Jackson has to ask for it and guess what? Jackson only applied three times for the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund loans and the Health Department approved every single loan application Jackson submitted.  

The EPA report cited in the supporting footnote states all the DWSRF loans issued in Mississippi.  However, it does not include any statistics regarding the actual applications.  

JJ obtained copies of all loan applications and loan agreements from the Mississippi State Department of Health through a public records request.  The records reveal several facts the NAACP and its plaintiffs conveniently omitted. The applications, approvals, and 2021 annual report on the program are posted below. 

Jackson did not apply for a DWSRF loan until.... drum roll..... 2016.  You read that correctly.  Mayor Harvey Johnson did not once apply for a DWSRF loan during his not one, not two, but three terms as Mayor.  Not once.  Nada. Zero. Zilch.  Attorney Carol Browner somehow left that minute mite of minutia out of the complaint.  Such an omission is not a surprise (although unethical) as it somewhat betrays one of the NAACP's main arguments.  

The Health Department issued the following loans after Jackson applied for them

* 2016: $10,661,920 (33% of all 2016 loans) The next largest loan was $4.6 million issued to Warren County.

* 2019: $12,903,093 (35% of all 2019 loans) The next largest loan was $11.5 million issued to Grenada.

* 2021: $27,953,300 (70% of loans in 2021) The next largest loan was $2.5 million to Leesburg.

The Health Department loaned Jackson a grand total of  $51,518,313 in DWSRF money.  The interest rate for the loans is 1.95%.  Repayments begin when the funded project is completed.  The standard repayment is a 20 year term but disadvantaged communities can obtain a term of 30 years.  

The 2021 audit states Jackson repaid $10 million of the loans.  

The Health Department awarded $531 million (Table 3 of annual report posted below) since the beginning of the program. 

Kingfish note: Whether the plaintiffs intentionally hid the truth is known only to them.  After watching how the former Mayor and NAACP President have operated for years in Jackson, it is easier believe the critical omission is just plain sloppiness as neither person is known for being thorough. Indeed, we have seen such tantrums out of Election Man before when he raised hell for not receiving $6 million in water bonds in 2010 without realizing he actually had to apply for the funds, right. Such efforts are beneath Hizzoner, you understand, right.  

Apparently the Health Department was supposed to just shower Jackson with millions of dollars.  Such is an entitlement mentality.  

Note: List of all annual reports and audits for DWSRF program.



Anonymous said...


Some people simple can’t tolerate any amount of criticism, or tolerate being held responsible for their actions, or inactions.

Therefore, pointing out their incompetent shuck ‘n jive shenanigans is racist.

These “community leaders” and “activists” are all a bunch of fide buffoons and certified looney toons!

Rukia’s protest activities are all the proof you need of that!

Unfortunately your findings will not be amplified or shared, and will instead be ignored be the democrat operative media.

Anonymous said...

Liars and grifters everywhere. Citizens too stupid and/or lazy to do anything about it. Shit show continues.

Anonymous said...

Thank you KF for providing this info. Lets see how many of our other local “news” organizations publish this info.

Anonymous said...

C.J. LeMaster rips this story off in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

Anonymous said...

Good reporting. My first question when I saw the NAACP complaint covered in the MS Free Press was, did the City of Jackson apply for loans and get denied? But MS Free Press just put out the complaint without investigating whether Jackson actually applied for the loans that other entities were getting.

Kingfish said...

I'm a little surprised Judin didn't. I bet he does now and that's no slight upon him.

Anonymous said...

There you go again....clouding up the story with facts.

Anonymous said...

What you don’t seem to understand is these were LOANS. Loans have to be repaid(usually)
Jackistan wants GRANTS. Give me the money and leave me alone. I will disburse it as I see fit.
Anything else is racist.

Anonymous said...

Treating people equally and having equal expectations of municipal competence is racist in the eyes of the NAACP I suppose. The same people that constantly claim to want equality view being treated equally as a slight and demand to be treated like children incapable of their own independence.

Anonymous said...

KF's point is powerful enough to destroy the race mongers' whole complaint, prima facie.

Kingfish said...

CJ will also call it an exclusive story and claim no one else covered it.

Anonymous said...

CJ is a his own mind. Being a "investigative reporter" in Jackson...what an achievement.

Anonymous said...

If you look at nextdoor so many people have the information wrong
All all calling Mississippi racist and those whites can go to hell they say. Well they forgot the white NE Jackson tax base pays the bills for the city.

Anonymous said...

Having a guy named CJ LeMaster as an investigative reporter covering everything with this administration and the City of Jackson as a whole is better than a war correspondent named Wolf Blitzer.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT Kingfish!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the state have lawyers who could show that Jackson never asked for the loans and actually got everything they did ask for? It looks like there is no one to represent the state. Jackson is always in court for something. No one from the other side ever stands up and tells the truth. Something is very wrong. Either Jackson is telling the truth or the state doesn't have a single lawyer to stand up for them.

Maybe this will wake up a few people. Either prove what Jackson is saying is a lie or admit they are right. That will take someone getting off their ass and doing a little work.

Anonymous said...

"...the EPA's Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if JJ had more than a handful of views from the same boomers each day, then CJ wouldn’t be able to report what he reads here as “exclusive” to the hundred thousand viewers of WLBT. But it is what it is!

Anonymous said...

Jackson's leadership structure and method of governing demonstrate a clear example of "wanting all the power but none of the responsibility."

They are good at talking into microphones and holding 'town hall meetings,' but they are continually absent from the day-to-day responsibilities of their office. It's inexcusable, but the uninformed voters they serve don't know any better than to keep them in office. It's a sad situation, but not one that's easily resolved.

The real irony is that Jackson leaders are trying to make the case against the state that Jackson voters should be making against Jackson leaders. There is no case against the state, but the voters have all the evidence they need to hold Jackson leaders accountable...if they would just do it.

Anonymous said...

10:38 -- there is nothing for the state (and its lawyers, of which it does have plenty) to respond to.

This was a complaint filed with a federal agency, and its newfound Environmental Justice and Civil Rights division. Until the Environmental Justice (and don't forget, Civil Rights) folks make their unbiased decisions after an exhaustive investigation and release the report that is probably already written, there is nothing for the states phalanx of attorneys to respond to.

But I am sure that they have (and had prior to KF's report) this information and will be ready to respond and call bullshit on Derrick Johnson's voice (One Voice, you understand) crying of racism by the state - while ignoring the incompetence of the current administration and that of his co-plantiff.

Kingfish said...

I think the state gets to respond

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately your findings will not be amplified or shared, and will instead be ignored be the democrat operative media."

Actually, those facts should be cited in the answer to the complaint. It seems the only way to definitively debunk the Lumumba administration's BS is to test it in court.

Good work, once again, KF.

Anonymous said...

KF you should ask why no requests were made for the funds and learn how the game is played by the State.

Anonymous said...

The whole f'ng show is designed to strong arm the Legislature in the upcoming session.

Anonymous said...

to October 26, 2022 at 9:41 AM

From the little insider knowledge I have, you are totally correct. Jackson does not want to apply for these loans because they know they will have to pay them back, like the other water associations did.

Anonymous said...

So, since this program was begun, Jackson (which has only 5% of the State's population) has received almost 10% of the total funds disbursed by the State. If we go simply by percentage of population, Jackson has received twice as much of the funds as it should have. But yeah, other cities have gotten more than Jackson and the State is racist, right ? Lord help these people. Not only can they not apply for a loan properly, they apparently can't do math very well either.

Anonymous said...

The real question is what was the $55 million spent on.

Anonymous said...

Where are the financial reports & records of the chosen who were required to pay their water bill to keep the COJ afloat? Right? Second question where are the financial reports/records or the chosen who were supposedly told Not to pay their water bills & NOT fund the COJ? Right? Record & bookkeeping is required of EVERY city in Mississippi; not just Jackson! Right. Please KF file an FOIA for these supporting documents!

Anonymous said...

No matter how many documented facts you roll out on this it will absolutely (as always) be...... somebody else' fault.

Anonymous said...

Well…. Damn, I gotta call it

Kingfish and Tater: +50,000,000 points
Bennie T and Lumumba: -10,000,000 points.

Anonymous said...

@12:08pm - Don’t you worry your little head about that. Also, we need more free money.

Anonymous said...

Smart politicians don't ask for something when they are told you are going to be refused, which is the main reason there were only 3 requests.

Anonymous said...

@2:23 - actually the city would love nothing more than for the state to say no to a loan request so the city could use the denial to grandstand and cry racism.

Anonymous said...

Is it correct that 18 years of the 25, Chokwe Sr, Chokwe Jr and the plaintiff Harvey J were mayor?

Anonymous said...

Document that assertion.

Smart politicians don't refuse a legal, normal request in advance.

Anonymous said...

@2:23 you have no idea how the SRF process works. I would be embarrassed typing such a comment.

Anonymous said...

Everyone under the sun has tried to help Jackson get Federal funding for it's real needs. Jackson can not provide the smallest things as a part of this effort. The Jackson leaders would rather work with con-men who will kick money back than work a real project.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jackson never asked because they knew they would be approved. They don’t want a loan they have to pay back, they want free money.

Anonymous said...

Chokwe should have asked the media per National outlets to tell those coming to Game Day to BYOW (Bring your own Water)!

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