Thursday, June 9, 2022

Cowards of the Day

The New York Times reported more sickening details of what took place during the Robb Elementary massacre.  The NYT's J. David Goodman reported: 

Heavily armed officers delayed confronting a gunman in Uvalde, Texas, for more than an hour despite supervisors at the scene being told that some trapped with him in two elementary school classrooms were in need of medical treatment, a new review of video footage and other investigative material shows. Instead, the documents show, they waited for protective equipment to lower the risk to law enforcement officers.

The school district police chief, who was leading the response to the May 24 shooting, appeared to be agonizing over the length of time it was taking to secure the shields that would help protect officers when they entered and to find a key for the classroom doors, according to law enforcement documents and video gathered as part of the investigation reviewed by The New York Times.

The chief, Pete Arredondo, and others at the scene became aware that not everyone inside the classrooms was already dead, the documents showed, including a report from a school district police officer whose wife, a teacher, had spoken to him by phone from one of the classrooms to say she had been shot.....

Among the revelations in the documents: The gunman, Salvador Ramos, had a “hellfire” trigger device meant to allow a semiautomatic AR-15-style rifle to be fired more like an automatic weapon; some of the officers who first arrived at the school had long guns, more firepower than previously known; and Chief Arredondo learned the gunman’s identity while inside the school and attempted in vain to communicate with him by name through the closed classroom doors.

But with two officers who initially approached the door shot at and grazed, Chief Arredondo appeared to have decided that quickly breaching the classrooms without shields and other protection would have led to officers possibly being killed. He focused instead on getting other children out of the school while waiting for additional protection equipment....

 Much more information is reported in the story.    Good job, Times



Anonymous said...

cue the “back the blue” bootlickers in 3…2…1

Anonymous said...

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Much less 10 year olds and your own cop's wife.

Damn, Chief. Do the right thing. You have no honor.

Anonymous said...

This was their moment to earn the respect they always demand. Risking their lives sitting in their cruisers with a radar gun while munching a burger, doesn’t earn respect. Risking your life saving kids does. That’s why firefighters are still the top hero first responders.

Anonymous said...

Keystone cops at Keystone PD in Mayberry RFD.

Anonymous said...

Every single one of those officers should be charged and made to face the families of all the kids they let down in court. Respect is earned hence the current public opinion of our nation’s police. Every person I know has a story of an asshole cop on a power trip, these are not a few bad apples.

Anonymous said...

How many of the officers on the scene entered the school and rescued their own children during the time that thumbs and heads were up azzez?

Anonymous said...

God it makes me sick to think that children were bleeding out while these pus*ies were waiting. Be a fucking man.

Anonymous said...

How much sense would it make for the officers and man in charge to bust in on him knowing full well they, too, would have been slaughtered had they breached the door and faced this guy without proper equipment.

It would have been like firemen not equipped with oxygen, protective gear and fighting equipment jumping out of a helicopter onto the collapsing roof of a building destined already to burn to the ground. You fart-sniffers would call them cowards and accuse them of doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

@8:00 PM, how about lining them all up and shooting them? Would that satisfy you?

Anonymous said...

@9:00 - sounds like they had multiple men with rifles, shotguns, handguns, and vests. They don’t need to wait for a tank and air support to take on a lone gunman. I don’t think I know too many people who could listen to elementary kids getting shot and not try to do something.

Anonymous said...

Defund the police, no wait fund them, now defund them.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when the more that educators fail, the more money we pour into education based on the premise that you need more money to attract better teachers?
Conversely, why is it the more police fail, the more we cut police budgets based on the premise that the cops are lousy so the less money spent is better?

Note the real issue with education is not teacher pay but bloated administrative pay.

Jeff said...

"We're paid to go in, not to come home." - Paul Howe, Blackhawk Down Delta soldier

Anonymous said...

And im supposed to surrender my best means of protection for my family for this to ptotect mine?

Anonymous said...

9:00, you must be smelling your own flatulence, eeking out of your stupid piehole. At Fort Hood, two Army cops, one a female, rushed the shooter and took him down. Yes, the woman got shot, but continued to do her duty.

BUt I guess in your cowardice, a 19 to 1 ratio of cops to bad guys is insufficient, and you'd hide around the corner like the UISD Uteruses and the Coward of Broward.

Most cops would have set the Coward Chief to the side, or had him "go to the command post" and taken care of business.

Been there, done that, even unarmed.

Your analogy is idiotic because firefighters run into burning buildings, especially for kids. Sometimes they know they'll die, too, but at least they'll die trying, punk.

Since Columbine, we gave up on the wait for SWAT heroes with the cool guy gear and letting helpless kids die.

Anonymous said...

Remind me again why no police press conferences in Uvalde lately?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if James Madison could speak to us what he would say about modern day 18 year olds being able to buy certain guns, keeping in mind contextual maturity. My guess is that Madison would not support banning any gun based upon cosmetics but he would support banning immature people being allowed unfettered "rights" to possess them. Since Madison, like the other "founding fathers," had a tenancy to write, speak, and act rationally, such objective rational thoughts would get them "cancelled" by both fringes nowadays. That is a problem.

Anonymous said...

9:00 pm - proper equipment is a firearm. I don't care if these cops had long guns or not. They carry pistols because while a rifle or shotgun is better, one can easily ALWAYS be armed. One guy with a semi -auto rifle cannot defeat multiple trained men in a gunfight. Their job was to go kill him even if they were killed in the process. Risk of death is part of the job. It takes a bullet to the spine or brain to instantly incapacitate. Even if shot, a good shot could have ended this immediately within the close confines of a classroom.

"To protect and serve" is a lie and always has been. "Officer safety" takes precedence. It's sickening. Yet another example of why it is critical that the citizenry be armed, including responsible teachers and school staff. Cut some bloated administrative costs and pay for some gun training for some staff.

Anonymous said...

Lots of opinions based on NYTimes reporter facts- settle down & admit lots of training, equipment, redesign to school other critical facilities & more stringent gun control needed. So let’s get started instead of going ballistic off a NYTimes report!

Anonymous said...

I bet if the shooter was trying to open his small business during Covid they would have gone in hard

Anonymous said...

hellfire don't have a problem with guns in this country.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:09 - That works for me.

Unknown said...

I have wondered did the classroom not have any windows through which they could neutralize the shooter? Most school classrooms have at least a few that face outside, seems like you could distract him by hitting the door with something to sound like you are breaking in and have someone pop up from outside and shoot him when he is turned looking at the door.

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea.
Let's ban guns from civilian ownership so that just law enforcement possesses them.

The. Police. Will. Protect. Us.


(who in their right mind would voluntarily outsource their personal defense to the state/feds/cops??????)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for keys, unable to break down doors: Uvalde schools police chief defends delay in confronting gunman

Criticized by law enforcement experts for slowness in taking out the shooter, Pete Arredondo described an agonizing wait for a key that would work. In an interview with The Texas Tribune, he said he hadn’t spoken out sooner because he didn’t want to compound his hometown’s grief or point blame.

by James Barragán and Zach Despart June 9, 2022

Anonymous said...

11:44 pm
You must not have read much about Madison.
He was well read enough to have red history, realistic and pragmatic and knew the world would change beyond what he could predict.
He knew that Washington's wasn't interested in an archery unit of his own but welcomed Indians who were archers just the same.
But, really, studying and reading about our Revolution would have been more useful that all your focus on the Civil War.

Anonymous said...

"Arredondo assumed that some other officer or official had taken control of the larger response. He took on the role of a front-line responder."

Anonymous said...

Heroes only die once
Cowards die a thousand deaths

Anonymous said...

10:43, just another keyboard bad-ass, sez: "Most cops would have set the Coward Chief to the side, or had him "go to the command post" and taken care of business."

All of your post is bull-shit, but, let's just take that one comment, posted above. If that's true, wonder why not a single officer or other in proximity did what you suggested 'most' would do. Oh, wait, let me answer for you...because your comment is bull-shit.

Local firemen and school police officers are not trained (conditioned) to jump into fires while ill-equipped or sacrifice their lives against terrific odds when they might or might not even have a pistol and hear the fire of a semi-automatic rifle (that's arguably been modified).

Anonymous said...

If ONE cop would have done the right thing. Apparently all the cops on scene didn't have the fortitude to ignore the chief and do the right thing. Chief, this is directly on you and the rest should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

What is complete bullshit is this quote here, "Arredondo assumed that some other officer or official had taken control of the larger response. He took on the role of a front-line responder."

In a critical situation, you never assume anything. That is an excuse, not a reason.

Anonymous said...

Liberals who expect conservatives to blindly back the blue need to understand something.
We are capable of rational thought process.
Most of us (with the exceptions of the Maga Zealots) don't worship any politician or group.

Our brains afford us the ability to look at individual situations on merit alone and agree this was unacceptable. We don't condemn or canonize a profession. Our IQ allows us to understand that its not that black and white.

Your lot would be well served to give it a try for once because your Democrat overlords don't care for you anymore than our Republican masters do us.

Anonymous said...

@1:58. I would like to set up a podcast video format to speak with you about your statement. I’m not defending any actions mentioned here, but if we videoed an interview between you and I on your outlook/statements, either you would obviously inspire the world with your personal story, or you would (as expected)quickly cower away in red-faced utter shame at my line of questioning on conversation with you.

Anonymous said...

Many small town cops are not hired because of their background in law. they are hired because they are the friend of the right person. You will find that in many cases they are of absolutely no use when things go bad. They are great at stopping kids with beer but do not show up quite as fast as that when the going gets tough.

Anonymous said...

"In a critical situation, you never assume anything."

Yesterday was surely the day for bullshit posts. There's another one. In any situation when two or more agencies are on the scene, one is ASSUMED and known to be in command. It's a well-known pecking order among all of us first or second responders.

For example, if a contract guard, the local PD, a volunteer fire department, the sheriff, the highway patrol, the FBI and ATF are all on the scene (which is normal in many cases), you'd damned well better know which agency is in the command position with command authority. Otherwise you don't know who the fuck is on first or which commands to follow.

And if you've not been in a meeting 'roadside huddle' or radio broadcast to announce the fact, you'd better make a quick assumption as to who you know to be on the scene.

5:31 has watched too many Hawaii 5-0 episodes.

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